The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Trevalin.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a metal bound tome on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Trevalin' scribed in glowing grey ink.

Author:  Trevalin
Date    Thu Feb 21 13:12:30 2002

Subject  Darkness Beckons

It was a long journey to his destination and Trevalin had been travelling
longer than he cared to remember, but something inside him always kept saying
that stopping was not an option.  It was very apparent to him that he was
being followed.

He was ever alert with the sense a warrior was trained to know, and he thrived
on the knowledge he would turn these "hunters" to the hunted.  Tired and
angered at such an annoyance he  saw a place that would make good for camp
during the night.

He began mapping out their positions in his mind from the faint hints they
gave. "They are professionals" he mused to himself, "perhaps they were not
properly briefed on who they were set after".

He loosened his feintly glowing swords from their sheathes as he used his will
to lessen the light they gave off.  "Soon my loves" he muttered.  He could
feel the hunger the blades eminated and his own hunger for a decent fight.

He started a small fire and set out his other equipment all the while leading
these "hunters" to believe he was a fool.  He laid out his bedroll, ate a
ration, and took a small sip of his waterskin.

That "voice" inside him always urging him forward finally agreed with his
action, he would dispatch his would be hunters and give the glory of the
battle to his Queen.  "Let them come" he mused.

I will make an example of these fools for any who dare follow in their
footsteps.  He figured there to be close to 3 men, perhaps 5 if they were

Then he heard it clear as night, bushes rustling to the south.  Trevalin was
deeper in the forest so he figured them to be close to 10 yards off, He lay on
his bedroll with his swords still loosed in their sheathes, he listened

Action began running through his mind, then he heard a snap of a twig to the
east, It was obvious they were trying to surround him.  Not even a moron would
make that much noise.  Then it struck him, they were setting a trap.

Suddenly the "quiet" broke.  He heard heavy footsteps run his direction from
all around him. Trevalin immedietely doused the fire leaving himself, and his
attackers into the unforgiving  darkness.

He jumped up and unsheathed his swords his will making them flare into a
maleovent glow that reflected his own hunger for the fight. With a silent
prayer in honor of Takhisis he faced his first opponent with a sneering,
challenging, grin.

The man ran at him with a sword and dagger expecting to catch Trevalin by
surprise, he was dead wrong on his assumptions. Trevalin, almost casually
brought his boot down into a knee shattering kick that dropped the man to one

Trevalin didnt waste a second in ending the man's misfortune.  Then another
man, and another, when suddenly there were close to 5 men surrounding
Trevalin. His malicious sense of war taking over in the swords, grew brighter,

Trevalin was already weary from his travels but the thought of being in a true
fight was as refreshing as cold water from a stream.  He arced his swords into
a challenge to whoever chose to die next.

When they didnt attack he asked in a sneering tone: "Whats the matter?  Has
your fear overwhelmed your senses?" Then one man who could only be their
leader spoke up.

The leader said simply: We demand you drop your weapons and return with us to
Palanthas.  Trevalin looked at him and raised a mocking shrill laugh. "Im
never going back to that hole in the ground lest it be in Her Majesty's
gloried triumph.

The leader replied: "I have permission to bring you back through force if
necessary." To which Trevalin again just laughed.  "You must be insane."  If
you believe this rabble you call a war party will take me back by force I have
a nice place in.

the Abyss with your name on it.  "Who sent you after me anyways?  My parents? 
Tell them if my actions have shamed them that I'm sorry, and that I love them.
 But I serve my Queen now."

The leader of the group didnt seem to happy by this answer and said: " Your
father said to bring you back in one piece.  He will pay us the rest of the
commission upon your return. Please come peacefully."

Author:  Trevalin
Date    Thu Feb 21 13:50:21 2002

Subject  Darkness Beckons *complete*

Trevalin replied "I would gain no honor in killing any of you.  But you wont
be leaving here with me in tow." A look of cold malicious belief in those
words sent a chill down their spines.

The leader said to his men: "We have no choice men, just sedate him, he is not
to be hurt..badly that is." Trevalin look almost amused at those words. "The
first man to try will be meeting with their God face to face.  And I will see
to it personally he doesnt recognize you when you appear before him."

The men looked at each other and then, the leader shouted: Attack!  Trevalin
stood at the ready and said yet one more silent prayer to Takhisis, he thought
to himself "The glory of this battle is yours my Queen.  May your blessing
guide my hand.

The first man lunged at Trevalin as the other 2 crept around the other sides
of his flank. the first attack was not meant to "sedate" Trevalin.  It was
aiming directly at his throat with the intent on taking his head from his

Trevalin parried the clumsy attack easily with his swordwhile at the same time
giving a well placed kick to the mans rib, throwing him completely off
balance, and with a bloodlust born of hatred and rage Trevalin spun on his
other 2 attackers.

His swords at the ready, he gave a grin that seemed almost inhuman.  the 2 men
hesitated when they saw their comrade laying on the ground coughing, blood
spasmodically, ribs broken and most likely puncturing a lung.

Then both men lunged at Trevalin with attacks born simply out of fear, There
was one on his left and right aiming blows that depicted their skill as
warriors.  Not very disciplined warriors to say the least.

The leader apparently had no intent on getting his hands dirty as he watched
the grisly scene.  Trevalin fended off his clumsy attackers blows with
precision and timing, one of the men landed a gash on his right arm from which
the blood flowed, unchecked, Trevalin didnt have time to notice it as he
fought for his life. Then his will hardened into steel. His arrogant demeanor
giving him insight into his view of this battle, pain and rage welled inside
of him.

His swords growing so cold it burned to be within 10 feet of them..Trevalin
blocked the next 2 attacks from his adversaries and quickly regained the upper
hand.  He disarmed one of the men and bashed him in the face with the pommel
of his sword, at the same time spurting blood over his own face and a few
teeth left laying on the ground while simultaneously deflecting a blow from
his other adversaries mace.

Trevalin didnt even look human, he smiled grimly as the blood hit his face, he
reveled in his battles, like he hungered for them, needed them to sustain his
life.  He showed no mercy where it was not due and lived to best an opponent.

Trevalins eyes glowed with a dark black glint.  Like they sucked the darkness
in and chased the light away.  He no longer cared about life or death, the
people around him were just ashes waiting to be blown away in the raging storm
of his fury.

The opponent give another attack meant to club Trevalin's leg, it glanced off
his plate leaving a dark black bruise beneath, but pain was no longer in
Trevalin's vocabulary.  He was where he belonged, in the sweet madness of

And so, the next attack would be the man's last.  He swung hard at Trevalin
attempting to break his guard but Trevalin sidestepped it and brought his
sword down on the bridge of the man's head cleaving it neatly into halves like
a rotten melon.

When the blood red haze began to recede from Trevalin's vision as he turned
around there was no sign of the Leader of the group.  Their weapons were
laying in a neat pile where they were standing as they watched the battle, but
there was no sign Trevalin looked about the darkness for some sign of them. 
He restarted his fire and resettled his bedroll.  tended his wounds a bit and
gave prayer to Takhisis of thanks for her generosity of such a battle and
deemed the glory in her name.

Author:  Trevalin
Date    Wed Mar  6 20:32:53 2002

Subject  My Vision

I sat in silent prayer to my Queen, I always knew something horrible yet,
righteous in it's own nature would be my fate.  And I embraced it, not as just
any man may have.

The gratification from it came to me from the fact that I would serve my
Queen's purpose to the fullest extent that I was meant for.  I would serve my
Queen in humble silence.

The Vision came to me during my silent prayers to her.  I sat in the boat
heading to Sanction in my own quarters and prayed.  She answered, the grace I
was granted by her answer was enough to bring tears to my eyes.

My Vision was filled with fire that froze everything in its wake, the darkness
was sweet and bitter all at once...And I loved it.  I embraced my Queen's gift
to me with an utter determination to use it in Her name.

The fire consumed the Light, it sucked it in and gave it new birth as
exquisite darkness...I was awed beyond all plausible thought.

I vowed that when this future came to pass that it would be used in Her name
and Her's alone. Not in my own greed, nor lust.

I awoke from the Vision to find I had been in meditation for a day solid.  I
woke in a sweat, the beads frozen solid to me like ice drops.  And I knew it
would come to pass.  Coldfire was the name given such a gift.

I told no one of this and in respect to Her never will.  I woke with a
determination unknown to me before, I will better her armies with the skills I
am granted.  And I will better Her name through the words She preeches of my
own voice.

Author:  Trevalin
Date    Thu Mar 21 20:49:45 2002

Subject  Studies of the Soul.

I heard stories once of my grandfather, a mage of unknown backgrounds, and his
studies on how one can draw power from their very soul to serve their cause.

Now according to the stories I studied time and again, there was no magic
involved.  The effects of the power one drew were all due mainly the the souls
true "colors".

Also stated was that the reactions were also very unstable and hard to map
out, thus the reason, I believe for his disappearance. (Will get into that
shortly) So, I read the notes he himself wrote upon his experiences and

Within I found numerous and rather explicit descriptions of his experiments
and the effects afterwards..From what I was told he was a renegade mage, thus
his soul was not anchored to Good, Evil, or Neutral.

That also in turn meant the reactions were very erratic.  Stated on his final
note were as follows: "The reactions have been costly to my body and very
soul, Ive felt my strength waning more and more by the passing minutes, the
key to unlocking-- this mystery must be through complete control of one's
Will, one must have faith in themselves fully and submit totally to the power
their souls possess to tame this wild power."

"Also, The effects will have a direct reaction from the power their souls
reflect, Good gaining power to defend, protect etc. Evil..perhaps to destroy? 
Discipline over their faith is the deciding factor."

That was his final note before he was never seen or heard from again.  Its
been close to 100 years since last he was sighted, as always, working with
straining effort on his findings.

Also contained therein was the steps to focussing one's mind through
medititive and trance-like states, also other steps less desirable to achieve
the ultimate gain one can from themselves.

That was all I was able to decipher so far, still so many less recent notes
and diagrams to study..When I have, perhaps I can achieve what my grandfather
had not?

Trevalin uth Relevar, Knight of the Lily

(This is ooc knowledge for those who may not be able to figure that out.)

Author:  Trevalin
Date    Sat Mar 30 13:07:21 2002

Subject  Studies of the Soul. (cont)

Months have passed and so far the only thing I have to show for my time in my
grandfather's studies are meagure at best.  Ive spent the rest of my days
training my body to handle the stresses that these experiments cause.

Soon when I deem myself ready I will then begin training my mind, to focus my
will and bend it to my standards.  Once I have finished... I plan on a
self-experiment to test the effects and see what else I can do to prepare.

My grandfathers collection of notes is at my disposal, completed.  Yet a part
I cannot find still remains.. What befell my grandfather himself.. I have
searched for any records that may give me a clue as to his whereabouts..I went
over the notes and still I have no clue to show for his disappearance.  I will
return to my parents' home in palanthas and seek anything they may know about
it, some artifact he may have left behind, a scrap of paper.. Anything that
could tell more of his story I also know that Palanthas is no longer under our
control, so the journey may be a dangerous one.  I am confident I can handle
whatever future events may hold for me.  Ive prepared too long, spent too much
time to quit now.

I will uncover the mystery that caused his vanishing, and I will succeed where
he failed.  Soon...All I have to do now is but wait.

Author:  Trevalin
Date    Sun Mar 31 16:51:55 2002

Subject  The Fog of Mystery.

It has been close to over a months since I first began my journey to
Palanthas... My pace  slowed often by all matter of beasts, thieves, and many
other bloodthirsty wretches that inhabit Krynn.

I was nearing my destination, weary of the perilous events that had taken
place and also with a slight injury that slowed me even more.

My passage through the High Clerist Tower could be a good explanation for
those injuries, as I was made for a man of evil by one of the Knights guarding
the area.

I do not have a clue as to who this man was but his fighting prowess was equal
if not more refined than my own.  I drove him off just long enough so that I
could escape unseen by the rest of the guards whom were undoubtedly alerted--
by the sounds of a fight, I managed to lose myself in a crowd of people at a
town close by.  After I was sure I was no longer being followed I stopped in
the woods near by to stop and bandage myself up enough to continue moving.

The pain was nothing to me, it was a driving force that would harden my
resolve to reach my destination and nothing would stop me now.  Once I could
see the gates o fthe large city I slipped off the path to change clothes to
hide any indications- That I had been in a battle recently, straightened my
hair out a bit and hoped that my wounds had not been deep enough to bleed
through the bandages I had hidden under my long cape and expensive clothes.

I was stopped at the gate and asked my business, I told them the truth, I was
here to see my family.  Once they asked whom I was I stated in a toneless
voice that my name was Trevalin uth Relevar.

They let me in immedietly and I wasted no time in going straight to my mother
and father's house, it was late at night so they were undoubtedly asleep.  I
knocked silently and one of the servants opened the door and beamed a happy

My homecoming meant nothing more to me than one step further to completing my
objective.  I did not wish to hear of my parents usual bickering over
political events going on about the city and it's miniscule problems.

I was escorted to my old room where I slept like the dead for 4 hours or so.
When I awoke  I entered the dining hall of our house, and once the formalities
that my family hold so dear were completed I requested exactly what it was I
came for.

I wanted to know the complete story of my Grandfather this time.  No bits and
pieces, no bed time stories, the cold truth. My mother then paled visibly, she
didnt like speaking of her Father, I didn't have the patience to wait any

Finally my father rose, a large sturdy man, now withered and stooped by age,
brought me to a secret room even I did not know existed in the house.  It was
in the basement behind a huge wine cask, and it was also my Grandfather's

Inside were many books, a few ornate chests and many other things that held
little interest to me.  I scanned the room over silently, thoughtfully, then I
saw something that drew my attention above all else, a sword.  My father
noticed me eyeing- the sword and grimaced, there was a story behind that sword
and he knew it.  I asked him very quietly what the circumstances behind this
sword were.  What I was told was simple, basic and no run-around conversation.
 He said simply that; "We assume is your grandfather himself."  "One night
after he had been in here a solid week workin on an experiment he said he must
not be bothered on, a huge light beam from this door, then a stifling
darkness..All we found was this sword.

I stated simply more as an answer than a question, "And none have been inside
since." (he nodded slowly in rememberence)I said; Leave me,  I must study this
room, I must know what happened...

And thus I continue my search.

Author:  Trevalin
Date    Thu Apr  4 19:49:46 2002

Subject  Studies of the Soul. (completed)

I've sat for close to an eternity it seems... Studying, practicing, even so
far as to experiment on my own.  I've found the key I believe to the mystery
behind my Grandfather's disappearance.

I am also confident I've found key to completing the task he was lost to yet
the effects still remain a mystery.  The only way to truely know is to go
through with it myself.

My Grandfather's last diagram stated that he wishes to imbue a sword with the
essence of his very soul, thus enchanting it with his magical abilities and
personality as well.

Instead he must have entrapped himself inside the sword itself, not just
giving the essence of his soul but the whole of it.  I can hear the sword
calling to me it seems, as if it calls out to those of his blood to use it.

I should say "use Him" as the sword now possesses his very essence inside. 
The sword freezes at the touch, perhaps desiring me to warm it with the blood
of my adversaries..

Another different sword sits in the corner as well, It is made with supreme
skill, Ive not seen it's match other than it's sister sword in which my
grandfather is trapped.

My parents have fussed over the fact that I have not left the studies for
longer than the time to sleep or eat.  But I cannot worry about their feelings
towards me right now, I am ready to complete my mission.

I've begun the preparations to focus the power of my will and spirit and
combine them as one, I will draw this power in my Queen's name to give me the
power to slaughter her foes in vast Glory.

Now is the time to complete what seems like eons ago I set to uncover.  Now I
will avenge my Grandfather's folly by completing it for him.

*Begins the chants and process in which to combine his soul to himself as one*

Author:  Trevalin
Date    Thu Apr 11 13:26:30 2002

Subject  Bitter Harvest.

A simple scouting mission turned out to me more than even I expected, my own
former Highlord, Lanfer must have guessed at what I'd attempt.  It wont happen
twice, cause now I'm going to attempt something he will live to regret.

I've had the preparations complete for quite some time now, and here is where
I will bring all my walled emotion to surface, damned off like a river, angry,
flowing, unstoppable once unleashed.

And when they resurface I will invoke my Grandfather's studies, it will appear
as nothing more than silent meditation until the time is right.  The effects
could take my life as it did my Grandfather's but I've practiced long days,

I will bring together all these emotions, use my will to force them together,
then at least focus from my very soul to unlock the powers it holds.  I do
this for you My Queen, no one will dare make an attempt on my Queen while I
live.  No one.

So get ready Lanfer.  The temperature seems to be dropping. Prepare for a
Bitter Harvest.

(This is stricly ooc knowledge for anyone but myself.  This is all based on
what my character is thinking to himself.)

Author:  Trevalin
Date    Wed Apr 24 13:00:24 2002

Subject  Winter's Heart.

Winter's Heart.

It would seem that time has flittered past, unseen, unheeded.  I've spent most
of my life training, my body is stronger than it has ever been and I feel that
my spirit is one with me now.

Yet I have not managed to master the art I have tried so hard to attain.  I
have noticed my kinship to the Cold, reveled in the ice that runs through my

Yet still have not attained my standard.  I can feel the power brewing,
flittering just out of my reach and yet laughing directly in my face for my

It is with this all in mind that I push forward even harder, expanding my
limits further than I ever thought possible, and nothing will stand in my way.

I have decided to take the studies of my failures to the lands far south,
where the ice never ceases.  I will begin a new form of training in an
environment that suits a warrior of the freezing depths.

Seclusion is what I need, power what I seek, and perfection the tool to
achieve it.

Taking the sword with my Grandfather's soul encased in it I will attempt at
unlocking it's secrets as well as the secrets to my power.

Laugh while you can, failure, for when I defeat you it will not be pleasant. 
*packs his gear and weapons* *thinking of a companion who would share his
goals, Trevalin seeks out the greatest of the white dragons for a friend,
comrade in battle, and soulmate at heart.*  Perhaps a kinship with the Great
White Wyrms of this land would be the best way..

*looks to the white gem imbedded in his forearm, kneels and whispers a prayer
to his Queen.*  I will hand this world to you one day my Queen, in life or
death, my service to you.  *stands and leaves for his "Pilgrimage"* *begins
devising the best route for his quest in his mind while going over a map*

Author:  Trevalin
Date    Fri May  3 04:14:26 2002

Subject  The Library.

My journies for the search of my Queen's Will was extensive, I spared no
energy or bodily harm to gain what I seeked, what She seeked.  With pain comes
reward, and also information.

My vision was intended to give me information into my objective.  That
objective was to find my Queen's Proof of her Mercy, and intentions in this
world, the elimination of chaos and the redemption we call Order.

I have travelled this world longer than many could comprehend, in the same
instance would even bother to try.  Using my common sense, financial
background and tracking senses, I came across a scroll that even the ancient
few had the priviledge-- to read, yet a piece was missing, and I could only
know but one of my queen's workers had the other piece... Call it a sense, a
yearning, the willingness to continue.  And I wouldnt be stalled nor stopped.

I will search this person out, beginning with the drunken woman I met in a
tavern times passed.  My squires, any of my compatriots in the KoT and other
allies I have managed to gain..

We will find this because it is there to be found, and our Queen demands it. 
Let opposition get in the way, we will crush it with our faith, (my training)
our skills in combat, and the will to achieve what we set out to do.

The scroll had the title writings called: hijokkolk, a language I was not
familiar with, and so I sent for a scribe to bring the writings to daylight.

The scrib is due anytime.. .and with his entrance, the key to my findings.

(This is ooc info) Lord Trevalin uth Relevar, Coldfire Knight of the Lily.

Author:  Trevalin
Date    Fri May  3 04:29:38 2002

Subject  The oracle of the gem. (Library Quest)

The oracle of the gem. (Library quest) (Im drunk so bear with me on this one)
Knowing orbs were mentioned in the objetives I had no luck in finding any, so
I resorted to trusting in my White dragon Gem.  I sat long hours studying it,
reading it, and just plain trying to draw the power from within to figure out
my next-- direction to my clues.  I was emblazoned with a location in my mind,
high snowy mountains, subzero temperatures.. and many dangers.

So I began searching many locations with the same terrains and animal life,
plant life etc.  Soon I will be givin the knowledge which will act as the key
to my destination.  I will achieve my Queens Will and use the powers within to
further-- Her cause.  Pain be unto our enemies and opposition.

Lord Trevalin uth Relevar, Coldfire Knight of the Lily.

(Ive been gone for a bit so I hope this will suffice.)

Author:  Trevalin
Date    Tue May 21 16:40:22 2002

Subject  Coldfire.

The last Trevalin could recall he was in "hole in the ground" tomb of his
Queen's personal historian.

He was accompanied by one of Her High priestesses known as the Lady Kaelay,
Turning to check down a hall at the sound of "prey" as Trevalin saw it.

He began edging his way down the hall as his swordarm tensed reflexively
around the hilt of his angered blade.

A large group of undead rotting corpses were surrounding a form inside the
chamber, Trevalin, surrounded in blue flames, raises his sword in salute to
the dead, began cleaving his way through the current of animated bodies.

As one dropped 2 more came in to take its place, and to Trevalin's grim
amusement he was hopelessly outnumbered. With a rage born of absolute pain
from the numerous wounds adding up on his body, Trevalin spun his sword in a
perfect circle taking out the closest bodies surrounding him and at the same
time a stone pillar.

This pillar, happened to be holding the ceiling up, and in the last instant
before the roof collapsed in a thunder clap of dust and rocks, Trevalin
gathered all his remain concious energy and released his Coldfire abilities
beyond any extent..

He had before thought possible. And then....The room came crashing down around
him, darkness overtaking his sight, the red blood tinge in his eyes slowly
fading to the exstacy only darkness can bring one of it's own.

(OOC) This may or may not result in the death of the one known as Trevalin.  I
havent yet decided if his usefullness is headed anywhere IC'ly so... Use your
imagination, which few of you truely ever do..)

Author:  Trevalin
Date    Fri May 31 19:59:54 2002

Subject  Coldfire (Consumed)

Trevalin, being buried under tremendous amounts of rubble was surprised he was
even still alive.  He could not even move, his body, shattered, was useless
now.  His breathing came in ragged gasps of blood frothed agony.

As the life seeped from Trevalin, his rage only began to grow.  The coldfire
in his veins, his soul, flared destructively, out of control.

And as he breathed his last and sank into the darkness, he prayed silently to
his Queen.  "I only ask one thing, that I still be allowed to serve You, my
Queen."  A quaking shudder wracked Trevalin's body-- And Trevalin finally gave
in to death's mercy, his coldfire burning him to nothing but an imprint burnt
into the floor.

(It was fun while it lasted folks.  I can do no more.)

Trevalin uth Relevar, Servant to Takhisis.

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