The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Ursula.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a pamphlet on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Ursula' scribed in unearthly maroon ink.

Author:    Ursula         
Date:      Sun Dec 14 04:27:38 2008
Subject     My story for the Conclave

She always thought there was something about her that was different.
Feeling like some energy inside her wanted to break free. It was something
she could never put into words.

One thing she could put into words? She was horribly bored.

"All I ever do is see the same thing over and over again." she muttered.
She let her webbed hands glide gently over the coral that grew across the
ocean floor. "There is never anything to do!" she groans.

A shadow began to creep across the water, a large object floating on the
surface. "A boat!" her face lights up.

"Finally something I can do." she giggled thinking about the trouble she
gives to the fishermen that fish in these parts.

"Lets see how many of your fish I can scare away today!" she laughs. She
slowly creeps to the side of the boat making sure to not been seen by the
men inside.

She peeks into the side of the boat, seeing three men sitting inside. "My
boy is going to take that test, those mages take. Leaving tomorrow he
is..his mother is just crying her eyes out." The man rolls his eyes. "He
does'nt seem to have the farming blood in him. He has always been a bit on
the weird side.."

One of the other men shudders. "I tell you those mages just give me the
creeps. With all that hoopla and wearing robes...."

She hears the third man laugh. " You better watch your tounge, Harry will
have Micca turn you into a toad!"

"Maybe he could magic us some fish." The man frowns.

Ursula puts her hand across her mouth to stifle her laugh.

Harry lets out a low chuckle. " I don't know about that.. they told my boy
it will take years to master his....."craft". Thats if he can pass this
test. They say some die"

Ursulas eyes grow wide as she listens. "But my boy is bound and determined.
No stopping him."

Ursula slowly goes back under the water, with barley a ripple. She thought
about what she would tell her family, but she was old enough now for a life
of her own. To go to the surface! She had heard so much about it. The many
things she could see!

This school of magic, could this be what she has been seeking? Could magic
be this odd feeling inside of her? Quickly she began to swim back home to
gather her things. To make her journey to the surface.

Author:    Ursula         
Date:      Mon Dec 15 23:13:04 2008
Subject     *A letter written in fine lettering*

Dearest Mother and Father,
I have reached a city called Palanthas. No luck yet on finding anyone
involved with the school. I wish you could see this place! Everything is so
different here.

Some people are very nice, and some are very mean. I get very odd looks
from almost everyone. Im beginning to think that our kind is rare around

It smells horribly here, I will have to get used to it I suppose.

Everyone seems to be in a rush, they have things called "horses" and they
pull "wagons".

Horses are very ugly and they make digusting noises! But I guess that is
the way of the world up here. I hear people talking about a huge library.
Im going to try to find it. You know how I love books.

Im staying at a pretty nice inn. The man that owns this place helps me
greatly with trying to fit in. Please do not worry about me. I am ok. Not
all of these people are cruel.

I can not tell you when I will be back, for my adventure had just started!
Please know that I love you both, and I will keep in touch.

Author:    Ursula         
Date:      Wed Dec 17 00:07:30 2008
Subject     *a tightly rolled scroll*

Dearest Mother and Father,

Many interesting things have happen to me today. 
While sitting at my table in the inn, a curious man came to me.
He was very kind and asked if he could join me. Normally I would not
let strangers sit with me. Cautious, I allowed him to sit.
He went on to introduce himself, come to find out he is a teacher
at the school. I was excitited! But I remained calm.

He asked me many things. Did odd things ever happen around me?
Did I feel a pull or energy in me?
He also said the strangest thing, he said he could sense the energy
around me. I was relived to know that I was not crazy. That what I 
felt was real.

He grew very serious after that. He went on to tell me that if I did
not learn how to harness this energy, I could hurt myself or others.
It would take me some time, but I can go to the school and learn.

One day I could take the test. It is dangerous. But with the right teacher
and dicipline I could accomplish this task.
Im writing you this my dear parents to tell you that I have agreed
to go with this man to the school.

Fear not. I will take every percaution. I will learn every thing
that I must.
I will write to you again when I arrive. 
With love,

Author:    Ursula         
Date:      Tue Dec 23 14:52:41 2008
Subject     *written on a scroll of paper*

Dearest Mother and Father,
I have made it to the school!
I found a man named Atael to help me get there.
He was a nice man... at least to me. I fear that
he does bad work.
He carried many weapons. To many for just protection.
He left the city in a very quick manner which tells me
he did something that was not good.
But that is his burden to carry.

The school has been a interesting journey. Some people here
are nice, some are not. Alot of people keep to themselves.
My room is pretty simple. I have a bed, desk and candle.
Kind of plain, but I am grateful just to be here.

My Master has been working with me on reading scrolls.
I am sorry to say that I mispronounced a word. Which lead 
to setting the room on fire, along with my robe...and my
Masters eyebrows where singed. I've been on chamber pot duty
for about a week now. I think my Master it ready to work with me 
on scrolls again. I will have to ask him.

I wish you could see the things I have seen while here on the surface. It can be mind boggling.
It would be a lie if I told you that I didn't miss home. I do with all my heart.
I miss our home, and the comfort it brought me.
I will make sure to come visit as soon as I can. Until then I will keep writing.
With love,

Author:    Ursula         
Date:      Mon Dec 29 15:13:21 2008
Subject     *a tightly rolled scroll*

Dearest Mother and Father,
Things have been very odd around here.
It seems that the Master who was in charge of the Red Order has stepped down 
from his position.
Me and the rest of the apprentices hear the murmurings of the old and young Masters.
They whispher about who is to stand in this new position. Some say the change will be good.
Others do not agree.
As a student it is very exciting to see this all unfold. The others agree with me.

Today I get to go out and collect spell components. This way I learn 
the different ways each one can be used.
It will be good to get out of the tower, it is shall we say cramped and cold?
I wonder if I will run into my dark friend, for all I know whatever he was 
running from has caught up to him.

Other then that my dear parents, there is nothing to write about.
My life is filled with my studies, and the teachings of my Master.
Boring sounding I guess, but it is what I must do. 
I have seen what those who have passed the test can do.
I long for it.

With love,

Author:    Ursula         
Date:      Sun Jan 25 20:45:35 2009
Subject     The Test of Ursula

"It is time"......

It was the last thing she heard Mistress Jenna say.

The wind whipped her hood back from her head. Sand stung her
face and throat. She cupped her hand above her eyes
trying to see ahead of her.
"Where am I?" she muttered. She began to walk across the 
the land. 
Sand was everywhere as far as she could see. It did
not make much sense to her.
The landscape began to dip down beneath her feet.
Soon she came across a circle of rocks. A small smile
formed on her face. "That reminds me of the cove back home."

As she entered the cove she could see something shiney and round.
"Is that a mirror?" she asked herself. Bending to pick it up
she let out a short breath. It was a small mirror. Tiny seashells
decorated the outside of its smooth suface. A surface beaten into a
oval shape. A shape made by the hands of her father. Then given to her
for her birthday. A mirror that she left back at home.

A dark feeling began to grow in her chest as she looked around.
She saw a table and some broken chairs laying about. She looked out of where 
a door might have been. She saw the many differnt coves, familar shapes and sizes.
She whisphers " can't be."
She stumbles slightly out of the cove. She realizes this place is her home.
Once a thriving ocean, with plants, fish and her people. Now a barren sand filled desert.
Watermere was no more.

"You see how Randoril'thi has failed us my child?" 

Ursula jumped at the sound of the voice. Quickly she turned. A small groan escaped her lips.
"Mother?" she whisphers. 
Her mother once beautiful, with long green hair and a bright face. Was now reduced to wearing rags.
Her hair looked like it was falling out. Her face grey and aged.
"You have failed us as well Ursula. You who ignored our letters, who ignored our call."

"You who ran off on some silly little girls dream!" her mother screamed at her.

"Wh...what are you talking about mother? I never recived any letters! Tell me what has happen!"
Her mothers eyes grazed over her face. "We are being punished."
She walks towards her mother, placing her arms about her. "Punished?"
Her mother lays her frail face against her arm with a sigh. "It is ok now,
you are back. We can go to her now, you can join her. She will set everything right."

Ursula places her hands around her mothers face. "Who mother? Who are you talking about?"
"Zeboim of course." her mother then smiles. "She told me if I bring you to her
you will be her personal mage. Then all will be set right."
Ursula held her mother out at arms length, then slowly shakes her head.
"I can not do that mother. We will find another way. I promise we will find another way."

Her mothers face twisted in anger, her lips peeled back in a snarl.

Ursula began to back away. "You are not my mother." she said in a calm manner.
Her mothers laughter turned into a high pitch cackle. "Come here child! Give me a kiss!"
Her mothers form melted away, in her place was a rather tall Sea Hag.
A Sea Hag told to small Dargonesti children when they where bad.
The Sea Hag raised her hands. What looked like bolts flew from her hands.
Ursula moved to dodge them, but one still stuck into her leg. With a grunt she skidded
across the floor.

Author:    Ursula         
Date:      Sun Jan 25 21:05:24 2009
Subject     The Test Of Ursula II

Propping herself against the wall, she began to feel the poison flowing up her leg.
The Sea Hag began to walk towards her. An evil toothless grin on her face.

"I can cure that you know." she stops right in front of Ursula.
She bends down toward Ursulas face. "Join me. All will be well."

Ursula looks the Sea Hag in her face. " I will never join you Zeboim. My loyalty lies with the moons."
The Sea Hag points a finger towards Ursulas shoulder. A blade shoots out into Ursulas shoulder.
Ursula screams out in pain. Squirming against the blade in her shoulder.
"Join me or die!" the Sea Hag hisses.
"Then.. death... it will be..." she shudders from the poison.
The Sea Hag pulls the blade from Ursulas shoulder, then aims it for her heart.
In that moment Ursula closes her eyes.....

Her trembling lips form words. The spell opens before her mind. She raises her good hand. A web shoots forth into the Hags face.
The Hag lets out a terrible shriek, falling back cursing.
"Avatar of!" Ursula calls out.
Another spell forms on her lips, this time the Hag is in flames.

Ursula blacks out.

 You have passed.......

Author:    Ursula         
Date:      Sun Feb  8 22:52:27 2009
Subject     The new beginning....

She began to finally walk around. The nightmares ceased.
She was reasured over and over her home was still there.
A letter from her mother arrived promising her that she did not follow Zeboim.

Sometimes she found it hard to belive that she passed her test. That she was alive.
All she had to do was look at her arm still in its sling.
The cold sweats, the shakes had passed. She had to now pull herself together.

Her mother scolded her. Her note and angry tirade of how mad she was that she was not told.
How could she tell her mother that she left to take a test that could kill her?
Enough of all that.

Now comes the real learning.

Author:    Ursula         
Date:      Sun Feb 15 20:44:26 2009
Subject     What is and what shall be...

She was up on her feet these days. Her arm still useless.
Her face did not show the anger she felt at this.

She tried to hide the sling as well as she could, within the sleeve of her robe.
"Miss...please. You shouldn't go out yet!" the schools maid exclamied as she hovered around Ursula.
Ursula turned, placing her good hand on the woman shoulder.
"Shanna....please. Stop. I am going, no matter what you say. I need to be out of these walls, and this room."
Shanna leaned against the wall, twisting her apron around her fingers.

"I will be fine, I need to search for spell components. I have to find someone as well""
She turns to face the woman, with a small smile. " I do thank you for your help these past few weeks, you have been most helpfull."
The woman smiles back, and nods. 

Ursula begins packing one handed, shoving as much as she can into her bag.
Paper, a quill, and vials. She then pulls the string shut, and tosses the bag over her shoulder.
She turns back to the woman. "If an emergency arises, or if I am needed I will be in the town of Solace. Please pass this message on."
She pulls her red hood over her head and face, placing a hand on the doorknob she stops.
"I am looking for a man named Atael. So far he has been ok to me. But somtimes I wonder. If I do not return. Seek him out."

She quickly exits out the door before the worried maid can say another word.
She stands on the other side, and pulls in a deep breath.
Nodding to herself, she continues on her way.

Author:    Ursula         
Date:      Tue Feb 17 02:50:11 2009
Subject     A Meeting

She made her way into Solace. The sun was shining down, children where playing.
She smiled. She loved the sound of the childrens laughter. She wondered if there would be a day when she heard her children laugh?
She sat down on a nearby bench, letting her hood fall from her face.

The children stopped playing, then looked at her in silence.
She smiled at them, waving a webbed hand at them.
One walked near her, his mouth slightly ajar.
"I do not bite you know...." she said with a small laugh.
The little boy raised a hand to her face, she did not stop his touch.

"Why is your face blue?" he asked, a little in awe.

"I am Dargonesti....a sea elf I think you would say."

"Whoa." the little boy said as he let his hand drop.

"I need to ask you something. I will show you a trick if you answer."

The little boy looked at her wide eyed, then nodded his head once.

" I am looking for a man. He wears all black. Kind of tall. His face looks like this."
She made her best Atael face. "He looks a little mean."

The little boy thought for a moment. The nodded and pointed to the Inn.
Ursula nodded and smiled at the boy.
"He had a room there?" she asked.

The boy nodded again, his face looking very eager.
She laughed again, using her good hand she made a fist.
She closed her eyes, her lips began to move silently. She slowly opened her hand.
In her palm was a ball size, perfectly clear bubble.
She placed it in the little boys hand.
"It shall never break on you." she exclaimed.

The little boy gasped in amazment as he ran to show his friends.
She looked toward the inn, and thought about how she would explain things to Atael.

Author:    Ursula         
Date:      Wed Feb 18 16:17:13 2009
Subject     Travel.

He lied straight to her face. She knew it. She didn't trust him, but she did consider him a friend.
How is that possible? She thinks. Then again she learned that sometimes friends come from the oddest places.
Anyways she needed him. She knew that she could not do this alone.
She was just a beginner at the ways of magic.

She needed him to compensate what she lacked with her useless arm.
She knew that this could all be for naught. The dwarves could very likely turn her away.
She needed this gem, needed it to make the staff.
She would promise the dwarves that is will never be used in the ways of evil.
The staff.
It would take her time to forge it, but in the long run it would be worth while.

What is it with him and this stupid horse of his? She thinks.
I do not understand this human attachment to such a foul creature.
Disgusting thing, making its business wherever it walks. Hair all over it....
He enjoys sitting on it. *she shudders slightly at the thought*

She looks over at Atael from under her hood.
I would have never guessed he had white hair. She thinks to herself.
Born with it. I guess its possible.

She sighs slightly, adjusting the pack over her good arm.
She continues next to Atael walks down the path.

Author:    Ursula         
Date:      Fri Feb 20 04:10:44 2009
Subject     Ambush.

Who the hell does he think he is?

Pure terror is all that she could feel. The horse was blazing down the trail.
She had to put her mind together.
The straps he always holds unto when he rides. I have to stop this horse.
Her webbed hands grab the strap and she pulls as hard as she can.

She flew backwards, landing on the ground very hard. She couldn't breathe.
Arrows, the sound of a sword. Fighting. She opens her eyes.
"I swear to Lunitari, Im going to kill him."
She pushes herself up with her good arm, then falls to her knee.
"Dammit! she yells. Looking down her robe is torn up the leg. A gash is bleeding from her calf.
She pushes herself all the way up with a painful grunt.
She turns, seeing the scene unfold.
She lets her pack fall from her shoulder, with her good hand she opens a pouch she keeps tied to her belt.
She removes some sand from her pouch, she begins to recite a sleep spell.
Hopfully all it hits is the bandits....

Author:    Ursula         
Date:      Fri Feb 20 14:05:06 2009
Subject     Ambush.

She grins towards the fallen soilders, before turning to Atael. The spell work. It really did.
She looks at him. "Do not yell at me Atael. Yes you are here to protect me. You will not make my decisions for me."
She points to his shoulder. "You really look like you have it under control. Now you are going to let me get it out."

She looks down at her torn robe. "This is just great, I don't have a spare with me........"
She reaches into her bag that is on the ground. She takes out some herbs and a dagger.
She look to Atael."I'll put that horse to sleep next time it runs off with me."
"You are going to have to learn to work with me Atael." she says as she lays out a cloth.
She wraps the cloth around her leg with her good arm.
"Tie this off for me. Then we will take care of your shoulder."

Author:    Ursula         
Date:      Sun Feb 22 20:00:41 2009
Subject     Help.

She saw the gaurd face drop in shock as they thundered into the city. She heard him yell to stop.
As she did Atael fell from the horses back. She threw herself off of the saddle, stumbling with one arm.
"Somebody get a cleric! Please my friend is hurt!" she yelled out as she kneeled down to Atael.
She wrapped her good arm under his head, holding it up slightly.
"Come on now open your eyes...." she murmured.

The gaurd rushed over to her, his eyes growing wide at the blood pouring from Ataels shoulder.
Three men came running up to them, one with a medallion around his neck.
"Please help him, my magic will not heal him." she said to the man.

The cleric knelt down beside them, placing a finger against Ataels neck.
"His pulse is very faint, I will try. But it is in Gilean hands child....." he said quietly.
She nodded quickly to the cleric, then looked back down at Atael.
The cleric placed his hand over the medal he wore about his neck. His lips moved quietly in prayer.
After a few moments, the medal began to glow. Ursula let out a small gasp.

Ataels eyes flew open, he took a deep ragged breath. Then they closed again.
The cleric touched his neck again, then smiled at Ursula. 
"Praise Gilean. He lives....but he will need to sleep. He has lost alot of blood."
The cleric motioned for the other two men to pick Atael up. "Take him GENTLY to my house, place him in the bed there."
The two men nodded and did as they where told.
The cleric ran his eyes over Ursula, taking in her ripped robe and her bad arm.
"I should be able to heal your arm, I think it was more of his blood on you then yours."
She slowly shook her head in shock.

"There is nothing you can do for it{." she says choking back a sob.
She placed her face into her good hand, staying quiet for a moment.
The cleric knelt down beside her, and patted her back softly.
Nodding he says to her "I think I understand...." he looks at her robe. "I have come across a few damaged from the Test."
Ursula regains herself, then looks to the elderly man. "Thank you for helping him, I could not have forgave myself if he didn't make it."
He just smiled back at her kindly. "Let me get you to the Inn, you can get cleaned up. Get yourself some clothes. I will watch over your friend."
She nods and follows him toward the inn.

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