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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Valker.

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Astinus gently places a thread-bare book bound in cloth on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Valker' scribed in faded maroon ink.

Author:  Valker
Date    Wed Aug  4 18:32:31 2004

Subject  --Crystal Scrollcase--

--A crystal scrollcase, laden with grey leaves. Inside, a delicate scroll  
documenting the History of Valker D'Vascus--

As request by Lady Maire, The History of Valker D'Vascus-

Valker D'Vascus was born to the Qualinesti elves, Malathron D'Vascus and
Silina Willowleaf. The two parents paid no mind to their son, he was the
youngest of four.

Valker grew up distant from his parents, close only to his nearest sibling,
his sister Silina Willowleaf, named after their mother. The two frequently
spent time together, venturing deep into the woodland realm.

On his fiftieth summer, he and his sister ventured the deepest they'd ever
been. Silina was fatigued so returned to their humble abode. Valker continued
on, when he stumbled upon a small cave.

It was here that he had his first encounter with the Art. Inside this cave was
a frail, very old hermit. Piled around him were dozens upon dozens of books.
As Valker entered, the hermit did not stir.

Valkar approached the hermit, only to find the elf did. With a start, he
jumped back, causing the dust upon the books to stir. He sneezed, and as he
did so, he read a small warning the hermit had inscribed upon a parchment:

If you are reading this, then I, former Archmagus of the Conclave of
Wizardry am dead, and the books are undoubtedly still in the cave surrounding
me. Novices beware, you may read ONLY the bright silver binded ones. No

Looking up from the parchment, Valker picked up the brightest silver binded
book he could find. As he looked at it, the words seemed jumbled and
incomprehensible. With a sigh, he picked up another, and another, and another.

After searching for some time, he was finally able to understand a book. The
first page read: Magic For Dummies. Do you have the Art? He cursed at the
twisted humor, and sat down to read.

Before long it was sundown, and he closed the book and headed back to his
home. He told none of his findings that day.


Over the next fifty years of his life, Valker returned day after day to study
the books. He learned little that interested him, but a myriad of basic
necessities. The hermit, whom he'd laid to rest, had obviously worshipped

By no choice of his own, so did Valkar worship Solinari, else he would not
have been able to read the books. After completing the last of the silver
binded books, he attempted to open the light blue bound books, but his fingers
burned at their touch. As his one hundreth summer advented upon him, he set
out to the world.

He did not get far in his travels before he met the Lady of the Thorns, Maire.
It was she who told him of the Dark Queen, and the powers She granted her

He agreed to the failings of the Conclave of Wizardry, and talked about the
Order of the Thorn. After some discussion, he agreed to meet with her on the
next setting of the sun.



Valker D'Vascus, Grey Elf, Formerly of the Qualinesti Woodland Realm

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