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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Verant.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Verant' scribed in orange ink.

Author:  Verant
Date    Thu Jul  4 11:09:33 2002

Subject  Bastard Solamnics

I was born to Alieaea in a small village right outside of Palanthas.  My
father was a farmer and I would only see him for a fews each day.  As I grew
older my father took me with him out to his farm to help.

As we walked down the path, I couldn't help but seeing all the other children,
training to become Solamnic Knights.

We were almost to my father's fields when a patrol of Knights rode up behind
us.  My father bowed low while I just sat and watched in wonderment.

The Knight bringing up the rear pulled on the reigns and with horse prancing
turned around.  He looked at me for awhile, shook his in disgust, and started
after the patrol.

"When we get home you're gonna get a whoopin' son!" my father yelle at me
as we started towards the fields again.  "Respect your elders, especially
the Knights who protect us."

"Father, why am I not training to be a Knight like all of the other
children?  I don't pay respect because of you.  If you had the decency to ask
me what I wanted to do with my life, you would know it ISNT farming."

My father stopped walking and turned to look at him, his face become hard and
cold as ice.

With great effort, he said (not yelled) "Go home Verant, and you better hope
that I doe today, because when I get home you're gonna wish that you were
never born."

With that, he turned and walked into his field.  I started back home and I was
slightly worried.  It wasn't that I was afraid of my father, but I feared that
I had ruined my chances, however small they were, at  becoming a Knight.

As I walked down the path towards my home I once again saw the other children
training with their swords and daggers.  I decided to sit in the bushes and
watch.  "Maybe I could learn something by watcching..." I said to myself.

I Hid their for hours, watching and soaking up all of the information that I
was hearing and seeing.  I finally realized how late it was and I quickly
jumped up and started running for home.

When I walked through the door my mother was crying and some of the my
father's friends were sitting around her.

Upon entering, one of my father's friends came upo to me and told me in a low
voice that my father was murdered.  "How?" I replied.

"Well, a small patrol found a thief that they have been looking for for
quite awhile.  I guess it put up a good chase because it came sprinting
through the farms followed by the Knights.

Your father stepped in the way of the thief as if to stop it, but it pulled
out a weapon and struck him down."

The man continued.  "I'm sorry Verant, your father was a good man, he tried
to do the right thing."

My face became hard as stone.  I wasn't the least bit grieved, but extremely
angry at the Knights.  I blame the entire thing on their ignorance.

I stormed out of the room and begain packing immediately.  I was going to go
find a job working against the cause of the Knights.

I left the house without anybody noticing and travelled towards Thelgaard, the
nearest city I knew of.  Travelling alone wasn't all that bad.  I saw many
people who just glanced at me and kept going, without a second thought.

On the road I met someone travelling in the shadows of the night, adorned with
dark emblems of what appeared to be a dark god.  He spotted me, and seeing
that I was young, came over and started talking to me.

I told him of my story, and how I blamed it all on the Solamnic Knights, and
asked him if he knew of some place that I  could do to publicly display my
dislike for the order.

He told me of the Knights of Takhisis, which is the first I had ever heard
about them, and gave me directions to a city known as Neraka.

As I got closer to the city, I saw more shady looking characters, but I wasn't
in the least bit frightened.  Mephisto told me to seek him out when I got
there, and that he would have a meeting planned for a me.

When I get there, I shall see what this order is all about and what it takes
to join their ranks....the Solamnic Knights will pay for what they did to me,
and my family....

Author:  Verant
Date    Sun Jul  7 16:39:08 2002

Subject  Neraka Arrival

(storyling continued from previous story entitled Bastard Solamnics)

Finally, I had arrived in Neraka.  The city was bustling with all sorts of
activity when I first entered the gates.  All around me I saw creatures I had
never seen before, even in my worst nightmares. What appeared to be walking
dragons were all of the place.  They weren't as big as what I've seen drawings
of dragons, but they had the same scales and piercing eyes.

Later I learned they were referred to as Draconians, and there were many
different species.  As I walked down the streets a lot of the children gave me
evil looks and even some of the grownups.  I looked in my pack for the map
that Mephisto had given me, when I noticed staring off my pack being shown to
the world was an insignia of the Solamnic Knights.  I quickly reversed the bag
so that the symbol was pointed towards my body and made a mental note to get a
new backpack as soon as possible.  I took out the map and looked for the
Temple of Takhisis, where Mehpisto said I would be able to find information on
the Knights of Takhisis.  I followed the maze of roads towards the temple, but
the going was a little easier than before.  I wasn't getting as many evil
looks and as soon as I figured out how to blend in with the crowd I was barely
noticed at all.  As I passed what my map called Emperor's Court I saw a sign
on a building that read Neraka Bank.  I decided it might be a good idea to put
all my money in the bank.  I deposited my 113 steel, which is all I had saved
up since I first started obtaining money, under the name Verant D'uthar and
went back out onto the street.  I prided myself in choice of last name as I
walked the remaining distance to the temple.

I arrived before the steps and was amazed at the size.  I had never seen
anything like it.  I walked up the stairs and counted the steps on the way up.

I could never keep countint like that very well, and I lost count before I was
even halfway up.  I entered the temple and looked for anyone that resembled
what I knew to be a knight.  I didn't see any of the bright silver or gold
armor on any of the creatures in the Temple.  To be honest, I had no idea what
I was looking for.  I walked up to a man standing by the door looking like he
was waiting for somebody and asked him if he knew of anyone I could speak to
about the Knights of Takhisis.  It just so happened that he was one of them! 
He introduced himself as Aurius and explained that he was a member of the
Thorn, one of three orders of Knights.  I told him that Mephisto sent me
in search of a recruiter.  Aurius told me to go rent a room in the city and
that he would notify the Lords of the Knighthood of my wish to entry.

I thanked him and walked back out of the temple.  I felt as if this was almost
much too easy.  Just as I was pulling out my map to look for the nearest inn I
heard a shout and someone ran by me.  It jumped in the alley around the corner
as 3 men went running after it.  The didn't see him jump and hide so they ran
right by.  I walked over and peered down the alley to see what was going on,
but whatever it was that hid there must have climbed one of the buildings,
because there was nobody there.  I looked down the street and low and behold
there was a sign for the Gossamer Inn.  I had heard someone talking of it
while I was in front of the temple, so I decided to walk in and inquire about
sleeping quarters.  They innkeeper was nice enough and showed me to a fine
room.  The cost was 20 steel a night, so I was hoping that the recruiter from
the Knights would not take long in contacting me.  I hunkered down and started
to wait for the most important decision of my life.

Verant D'uthar, Follower of Takhisis

Author:  Verant
Date    Wed Jul 10 00:11:19 2002

Subject  The Letter

(storyline continued from story entitled Neraka Arrival)

I awoke with a start.  I thought that I heard scuffling outside the door to my
room.  I slowly, silently picked my sword up from its spot next to me on the
bed.  I dared not move or breath for minutes.  I didn't hear another sound, so
I laid back down preparing to fall asleep again.  All of a sudden I felt a
presence directly behind me.  I jumped up and swung my sword towards the
intruder.  Just as I was about to make contact, I recognized the man and
stopped my swing short.  It was Aurius, the man from the temple.  I felt
slightly embarrassed and apologized quickly.

"No need for apologies.  It is good to see that your awareness and reflexes
are in such good condition.  That will be useful in your induction process."

"Do you have word from the Knights?  I would assume so if you would disrupt
me at such an odd hour of the night."

"Yes, I have news for you, the likes of which I'm sure you shall enjoy."

"So... what is it?  Tell me!" I replied after a moments silence.

"I have spoken to Wulfgar, a cleric of the order of the Skulls.  He is not
of the order which you will be tested for, but he was the most readily
available Lord, and a recruiter yet.  He told me to give you this letter.  I
have not been granted permission to read it, so I know not what it says."

Aurius finished, handing me a letter sealed with the symbol of the Skull
imprinted in white wax.As I looked up to thank him, there was nobody there.

Slightly bewildered and very much nervous, I broke the seal and began to read:

To the new recruit Verant D'Uthar, It has come to my attention that you would
like some information regarding the Knights of Takhisis.  A fellow Knight has
also informed me that you wish to join our ranks.  I must warn you, this is
not an easy task, nor an easy responsibility.  If you feel you are up to the
challenge meet me in Queens Market at dawn.

Wulfgar, Cleric of Takhisis and Protector of the Skull

I became extremely excited.  The time had finally come.  I laid back down and
and tried to get some rest for the day to come.  It was almost certain I
wouldnt be able to sleep, however.  So much had just happened, it was all

Verant D'Uthar, Follower of Takhisis

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