The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Versivius.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a leather bound tome on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Versivius' scribed in earth-colored red ink.

Author:    Versivius      
Date:      Thu Jul 23 14:33:23 2009
Subject     A Thrist for knowledge

As a boy Versivius would wonder into the librbary to escape all the chaos
of the city. as the son of the court Jester no one ever truly took him
seriously adn as he had inherited his fathers dress sense he was always
being picked on. In the library he was safe just him and all the wonderful
stories of ancient forbidden places. 

His thirst for knowledge dragged him from the childrens stories to the
historical stories of Krynn. Here he learned of the true heroes of Krynn,
not the sword wielding princes or the backstabbing thieves. No he realised
the true power lay in learning to wield magic. That knowledge sparked
something in him. A desire to rise to power and one day restore the balance
between good and evil that was getting out of control. 

One late night when he was leaving the library he was set on by two of the
school bullies wanting to rip up the books they still couldn't read. He knew
he was to weak and too slow to escape the older boys and imagined them
insulting each other, he was just as suprised when the Big Jim said "Hey
Stew your sis is almost as hot as your mom!" During the fight that ensued he
was forgotten and slipped away to ponder what had happened. 

During the following months he search the library constantly trying to find
more information on what had happened but each book he was looking for he
was told was in a library not open to the public. 

Author:    Versivius      
Date:      Fri Jul 24 07:49:45 2009
Subject     In search of the Library

Versivius thirst for knowledge had grown since that night he escaped the
bullies out side the libtary. By reading vast numbers of tomes and history
books he had come to realise that it was not a "devine" power that he
wielded but rather something innate. The power he wielded came from within.

Having exhausted all the local sources of knowledge he decided to move on to
Palanthas and see if that great library held anymore knowledge about his

Getting out of the castle was easy now that he could hide himself and so he
set off with his favourite tackle box to find the Library in Palanthas and
study what he could about magic. 

The Palanthas Library was vast and full of other students and scholars and
time quickly passed. He gained much knowledge and further improved his
abilities but also made sure to go out and fish regularly as he needed the
money to sustain himself in this large city. 

Against the many dangerous people who preyed on normal citizens in the
peaceful city he got to practice his offensive spells and learned the value
of defensive ones too.

The stories of far away places and strange lands sparked a desire to travel
adn the fact that there were many great fishing spots out there to discover
led Versivius to become a wanderer. 

Author:    Versivius      
Date:      Mon Jul 27 14:01:53 2009
Subject     A chance meeting?

Versivius had been travelling for months now. Going from town to town and
city to city looking for the library that contained the knowledge he was
looking for.

He had heard rumours of a group of mages that governed magic but his
attempts to contact them or find them were proving futile. Finally while in
Solace he met a haughty elf named Frelquen who seemed to know something but
couldn't be persuaded to divulge any useful information. 

Talking to the local people he found out that there was a section of the
forest that the Wildrunners patrolled to keep unwanted guests out of and
that it was past the Wayward Inn.

The journey south was uneventful until his sixth sense warned him that
danger was nearby. Deciding that discretion was the better part of valour he
caused himself to go invisible and scanned around. He realised he'd stumbled
onto a marauder camp but that he would need to move through it to get to the
Wayward Inn.

He was on his third cup of tea, trying to prolong the time he spent talking
to the young barmaid, when he noticed somehting different about the Elven
woman who had just entered the Inn. She moved with a grace not uncommon to
the elves of this forest and he dismissed the tingling sensation.

He noticed her again when she ordered something from the young barmaid but
only because his eyes had been following the barmaid as she seductivly sways
her hips while moving around.

Quickly invoking a minor cantrip of magical detection Versivius scans the
room again just to satisfy himself that there are no other mages present.

To say that Versivius was startled by a hand being placed on his shoulder
would be unfair, that it belonged to the Elven woman who had entered not
that long ago is what almost stopped his heart.

"I see the roomers of a young magi where not wrong, I am Meriele may i join
you?" she said in a quietly.

Trying to gather his whits Versivius stammers his reply "Of course. Please
do join me, I'm Versivius"

Gracefulyl as only an elf can be she sits across from him, smiles serenly
and asks "Have you practice the ways of magic Versivius?"

Feeling more at ease but still a little confused regarding the elf sitting
oposite him he replies "Not for very long as everything I've learned has
been story books and by accident but my research has shown that there is a
greater organisation that teaches Magi how to expand and control these
powers I have" 

A smiling Meriele nods repsonding to the unasked quest "How would you like
to learn from the greatest mages in the world today and from years gone

Not able to contain his ellation Versivius quickly questions her offer "Is
that possible, even for an inexperienced wonderer like myself?"

An obviously bemused Meriele smiled, nodded and continued "If you wish to
keep on the path of magic and work hard there is a place for you but it will
not be easy as you will have to face the test of magic."

Versivius looks at his empty cup of tea and continues "I do wish to continue
on the path of magic and any challange a long the way will be welcomed"

Meriele nods.

He continues "It cannot be any worse than the bullies i have faced and the
ridicule of being a jesters son" 

Finishing her drink Meriele says "Very well look for the path to show its
self to you and walk though the Wayreth Forest." before standing and
uttering some arcane words before stepping through a rift in space that
suddenly appeared.

Trying to decide if the whole incedent was a figment of his immagination
Versivius forgot all about the barmaid and settled his bill.

Gathering his possesions he set off through the forest in search of the
Tower of Wayreth to meet Mistress Meriele.

Moving quickly through the forest in the remaining daylight he soon came
into view of the Towers of Magic. Reaching up into the sky out of the forest
he realised that this would be his new home.

Author:    Versivius      
Date:      Tue Aug 18 13:55:18 2009
Subject     A wealth of knowledge

Life in the tower was not what Versivius had thought it would be. It was
busy all the time with masters and apprentices coming and going

There were so many books to see and learn from and often, while taking
breaks from the laborious task of learnign his spells, he would find himself
lost in a history book describing places far away. 

As he descivored these places were real and the people and their actions
were just as real. Often lost in a story unrelated to his studies he would
find himself heading out to explore those areas to better understand the
world he lived in. 

One such adventure almost ended badly when a fellow mage mentioned the Vale
of Gryphons and Versivius decided to go exploring. Unknown to him there were
several crevices from which it was impossible to escape by normal means and
the howling winds made the casting of spells impossible. 

He and Nestos sat shivering in the crevices unable to speak to each other
but both realising they were doomed to die like the skeletons that littered
the floor below them. It was then during their darkest hour that Versivius
reached into his tackle box and removed a harp he had gotten as a gift from
a bard in Garnet. The howling wind seemed to resonate with the cords of the
harp and suddenly Nestos vanished and seconds later so to did Versivius. 

Staring around him Versivius soon recognised the place he was in and prayed
to Lunitari for delivering him from a certain death. 

Versivius made his way back into the library and this time did not pick up a
story book but instead started practicing the magick Mistress Meriele had
assigned him. 

Author:    Versivius      
Date:      Sat Nov 14 08:57:36 2009
Subject     Grounded by his Mistress

Time seemed to pass Versivius by as he spent days studying in the towers
library, pouring through magical manuscripts with descriptions of arcane
spells interspersed with research on ancient cities and civilisations.

Ever curious Versivius spent as much time doing field work, which was made
easier by the mastery of travel by arcane means, as in the librbaries and so
his studies did not advance as quickly as Mistress Meriele wished them too.
On his travels Versivius started to appreciate the need for a balance
between good and evil and between chaos and order.

Magic he realised was both a Science and an Art balancing the forces at work
was not precise but had to be done by feel and the phases of Lunitari were
starting to affect how well his magic worked.

On returning from his last expadition Mistress Meriele was waiting for him.
She marched him to her office and explained that he'd better be ready for
his test. No more expeditions or he'd be tracked down as a renegade.
Versivius had never seen this side of Mistress Meriele before and realising
she was serious went straigh tothe library he'd adopted as his study and set
about preparing to survive the test of magic. 

Author:    Versivius      
Date:      Thu Dec  3 08:11:18 2009
Subject     Versivius is tested

I was lying down after supper resting so that I could once again spend
the evening working on my spells in the quiet of the library when there was
an unexpected knock at my door.

Surprised by the disturbance I roused myself from my evening nap calling to
the person at the door 'Enter.'

Meriele slowly opened the door and gently moved into the doorway with a
smile on her face.

'Mistress, What a pleasant surprise.' was my joyfully greeting.

'I hope you are ready Versivius, I have come to take you to your test.' she
replied more gravely.

Glancing around and gathering my meagre possessions I replied 'I am as ready
as I will ever be.'

Smiling and nodding she continues 'then let us go, I am sure you will do
fine, after all I have done.' she turned not waiting to see if I was
following and headed to the tower.

Buoyed by this comment I made sure to stay just behind her as we headed to
the tower.

Stopping before a lone door in the tower Meriele pulled a key from around
her neck and unlocked the door. Beyond here I can not help you, if you have
a question now is the time to ask.'

'I have no questions Mistress well none that can't wait till afterwards.' I
answered truthfully.

'Very well, said Meriele, 'go ahead Versivius I will follow and may the
moons watch over you.'

Filled with trepidation I slowly opened the door and entered not knowing
what to expect.

Meriele followed closely behind me and announced loudly 'I bring Versivius
my apprentice before you to take his test. I stand here to witness.' 

Two other voices speak out ' Then let him take his test and prove his worth
to the moons!' 

Meriele touched me on the shoulder and then took her place next to the red
robe and black robed figures.

Meriele says 'Come forth, Versivius and be stead fast what happens here is
real and yet not real, let the test begin.'

I strode forward knowing that only my inner strength would determine whether
I succeeded or failed.

The room started to spin as I walked forward and the last thing I heard was
Meriele say 'May the moons protect you.' 

Slowly the room stopped spinning and I found myself standing in a small
village scanning around I realised it was no where I had been before, just a
small farming village.

A heated discussion, from the town square, escalates into a shouting match
and I decided I needed to intervene and made my way towards the village
square mindful of an escape route should one be needed.

In the town square three men, the first a priest the second seems to be
wearing the garb of an office bearer and the third definitely a beggar,
stood arguing about something that had gone missing. 

The mayor starts yelling at the beggar. How dare you steal such an item, it
belonged to the people.

The priest yells Do not blame him it is not for the people but for the

The bum looks scared yet a twinkle is in his eye.

Realising this is not the time for fleeing steps forward and asks 'What is
the problem that can not be solved calmly and logically?'

They all turned and gave me a look before returning to yelling at each
other. The beggar looks more and more taken back from the other two.

'Silence!' I forcefully demanded.

My first thought was to charm them into cooperation but thinking about it
realised they would just tell me what they thought I wanted to hear and we
would never get to the bottom of this argument and so I decided to take the
less intrusive path.

The priest was the first to respond and said 'Who dare demand a man of the
cloth to be silence.'

The mayor gave me look that would kill at a hundred paces but I was not
intimidated by him and the beggar looked happy that I had interrupted.

'I am just a passer by who wishes to maintain the balance of things.' I said
calmly now that things had quietened down.

'Very well then you figure it out where the church's Holy symbol is said the

You mean the towns symbol' said the mayor.

'Yes yes so I can go free' expressed the beggar.

I started by asking the beggar. 'Tell me what this item is that they have
misplaced?' while glaring at the other two as they start to interrupt.

The beggar thought for a moment before saying ' I am not sure, the priest
says it the symbol of the church but I have not seen it, though I did see
both of them in the area.'

Quickly chanting a simple cantrip I tried to determine the truth of the
statement and it was revealed to me that the beggar words about not seeing
the item were a lie yet his words at seeing them both there were true.

Turning to the priest I asked 'what where you doing here when the Relic went

The priest raising his eye brow at the question answered I was making my
rounds in the church as I always do.'

'And you Mayor?' I asked curtly again trying to discern the truth of the
mayors answer.

The mayor smiled and said ' I was on my way to talk to the priest about the
towns up coming harvest.'

It was obvious to me that he wasnt going to talk to the priest about the
harvest and so I turned to the priest and asked 'What is this relic that has
been lost?'

The priest answered softly 'The golden leaf of Zivilyn.'

Turning to the Mayor I asked 'and what is the town symbol that is missing, '
while concentrating on the Image of a golden leaf trying to determine its

The mayor smiled and answered 'The red gem that anointed the town.'

While concentrating on the items described it was clear that the golden leaf
was here with one of them but that the gem was further north of us in the

Looking around I tried to discern what buildings lay to the north of us and
was surprised to see a red sparkling light coming from one of the building
up ahead.

Turning to the beggar I stated 'you have seen one of these items recently!

The beggar says 'Yes I have seen one of the items.'

Follow me, I want to take a look around, I said before heading north towards
the light.

As a group they agreed to follow.

Making sure I didn't lose sight of the sparkling light while walking towards
it I was surprised when the mayor, realising what you're leading to, started
speaking arcane words to call lighting.

The speed at which the mayor cast his spell caught me by surprise. Before I
could cast the spell to silence his magic I felt the rush of electricity
passing through me. Every hair stood on end and I barely managed to maintain
control of my bladder.

The priest screamed and made the fatal mistake of turning to look at the
mayor and the beggar, not waiting for the priest to join in the fight, drove
the blade of his dagger into the priests chest.

There was nothing I could do to stop this murder as I was still
incapacitated by the affects of the lightning bolt.

The beggar pulled his blade free and wiped it on the priest's cloak before
saying 'You had to let him see you Ami didn't you ... take care of this
trouble maker.' 

Looking at the mayor I realised he looked surprised that his spell hit and
not wanting him to interfere while I dealt with the beggar I cast a silence
spell upon him while making sure I didnt turn my back on the beggar.

He tried to utter the words of his next spell but was shocked as his own
words were gone.

The beggar snorted ' I see Ill have to take care of this my self.'

Glad of the long hours working with Liam I prepared to fight the beggar.

The beggar seemed to move with more speed than it was possible to and swung
his dagger at my midsection. I fell back from the attack with a gaping wound
to my stomach and my vision blurred from the agony of the puncture wound.

I reached deep within the well of magic that enveloped him and could see the
spark of fire glowing and hurled it towards the beggar.

The beggar rolled out of the way of the fire ball letting it hit Ami and a
small curse slipped his lip as he took another swing at me.

to be continued

Author:    Versivius      
Date:      Thu Dec  3 08:13:40 2009
Subject     Versivius is tested part II

My vision started to clear and I once again drew on the power of fire.
Determination steeled me and I hurled another fireball at the beggar this
time hitting him. The beggar screamed out as the fireball slammed into him
leaving him stunned and badly burned, he dropped his dagger from his hand
along with a golden leaf.

Deciding to end it as quickly as possible I took the opportunity presented
to repeat my previous spell and launched another fireball at the beggar
again hitting him. The beggar screamed out in pain as the flames engulfed
him, Ami, taking his time, pulled forth a vial and hurled it at me while I
was busy with the beggar.

I screamed in agony as a vial of acid broke against my back searing my flesh
and filling the air with the acrid stench but also reminding me that Ami
still had to be dealt with. I turned to face Ami and snarled at him as the
inner beast started to surface.

Ami smiled and slowly made his way toward me. I raised my staff and started
to chant while drawing on the last vestiges of magic enveloping me. Ami
silent scream was his last action as a bolt of lightning slammed into his
broken body. 

Picking up the golden leaf and I said a quite prayer to Lunitari.

The world once again begins to spin and change and I once again found myself
in the room I started out from in the tower Sorcery.

I slumped to the ground wracked with the pain of the test but slowly stood
up again as straight as my scarred back would allow. I knew that this was
the mark of Lunitari that I would carry with me for the rest of my mortal
life but that is was also a sign of Lunitaris acceptance of me as a mage.

Meriele smiled at me as I stood up. 'Welcome brother to the folds of the
tower. Lunitari has gained a great person. May her light shine on you.'
Meriele stood and left the room to allow my new order to take me to my new
home in the red tower.

Author:    Versivius      
Date:      Fri Dec 11 17:49:21 2009
Subject     Versivius gets his own room

Versivius stood before High Archmage Lynx who reached into his bag and
pulled out the one thing Versivius had been working for. His own set of Red
Robes. As Lynx slipped them over his travelling clothes the responsibility
he was charged with settled on his shoulders too.

Versivius now understood that the balance of good and evil is what was
important. Without the bullying he had received as a child he would never
have had the need to draw on the magical ability that lay dormant and yet
without the tempering kindness shown by Mistress Meriele he would have
become a beast like those he had fought against.

With the fresh scar on his back still distracting him he was very glad when
Lynx led him to his new room. A room, one that would offer a view of the sun
rising over the surrounding forest had come free on the 3rd floor of the
tower, had come free and all that needed to be done was for Versivius to
find some furnishings for it. A bare bed, much like the one he had grown
accustomed to in the apprentice hall, a wardrobe and a desk were all the
furnishing in the room.

It didn't take Versivius long to unpack his meagre possessions into his new
room but unpacking made him think of all the places he could go to order
some exotic furniture for his room. 

Author:    Versivius      
Date:      Sun Jan 10 08:25:39 2010
Subject     A Master starts his true vocation

I was tinkering in the in the lab waiting for my new apprentice, my first
apprentice, when a bit earlier than expected there was a knock at the door.

'Enter' I said, trying to calm my nerves. Was I really ready for the
responsibility of an apprentice. I knew that High Archmage Lynx thought I
was and that was enough to calm my nerves.

I was pleased that it was Pike who entered and that he was early showed he
was as diligent as was needed to succeed where many failed.

Before I could properly greet him Pike said 'I came like you asked.'

Looking up from the apparatus I was adjusting I smiled at the young
apprentice and said 'Good morning apprentice.'

Pike remembering protocol said 'Morning master, ' before bowing deeply to
which I bowed too and then he continued 'anything for me to help with?'

'Yes there are some components from Solace that I need you to fetch for

'I've been working on a new potion and it seems the store rooms don't have
the ingredients I need.'

'What are they?'

'The first is a leafy plant called Wintergreen but I also need some brown
mushrooms as well as the black and red ones.'

'Yes master. Right away.'

Pike left quickly and expecting him to be a while I set about brewing some
strong coffee I'd acquired from a contact in the Pirate Isles. I'd barely
finished my coffee when young Pike returned. I realised I needed to find out
exactly how far advanced his training was.

Taking the ingredients from Pike I continued 'Ahh well done for finding
them. I hope it wasn't too much trouble.'

'Not at all.'

Carefully I added the ingredients to the flasks and muttered some arcane

'Ahhh yes that is just what I needed.'

'Good, anything else for me master?'

'Now tell me what did they try to teach you in the "school" you were at?'

'They taught spell after spell... and taught little about the conclave.'

'So nothing of the moons and how they influence the magic we use?'

'Moons can influence magic?'

'Oh yes you should already be noticing how the moons affect the spells you

'Yes, I see moons one way I cast easily and the next moon it doesnt.'

'Yes when Lunitari is waxing and in High Sanction we find it easy to use our
magic and the affect is stronger.'

Pike nodded

'But the opposite is also true. When Lunitari is waning and in Low Sanction
it is difficult to cast spells'

'So that is why it is hard sometimes and easy others times. Thank you for
telling me that master'

'There are said to be enemies of mages who can also sense the phases of the
moon and they will only hunt us when the moon is against us.'

'Like who?'

'Well Ive heard it say that some rogues and even rangers can sense the
phases of the moon but anyone outside can look up at the sky and determine
when Lunitari is waxing and waning.'

'I have a present for you but you have to look away.'

'Very well' and turned away from Pike who then as quietly as he could called
forth a rose by magic.

Turning back I was pleasantly surprised to see that he had succeeded and
took the rose he offered saying 'That is most impressive'

'I 'bought' it'

'I think a young lady would better appreciate it?'

'True. So about moons do clerics get affected as well?'

Versivius carefully put the rose in a vase and chants a few arcane words
filling it with water

'No luckily they do not get affected by the moons but if they stray from the
path of their god they are forsaken.'

'The three moons are physical incarnations of the gods that rule magic.'

'Lunitari and?'

'the bright Solinari and the dark Nuitari'


'It is said that only those who follow Nuitari can ever feel what aspect he
is in but that is enough about the moons for now.'

'What next master?'

'It seems you have had a lot of practice before you even got to the towers
but I see you need some decent equipment.'

I reached into my money pouch and pulled out a few steel pieces.

'For me?'

Carefully I weighed them before handing them over to Pike.

'Too kind of you master'

Pike put them in a safe place.

'Yes that should be enough to get you some decent equipment for the next set
of errands I'll be sending you on.'

'Thank you master'

'You'll need to master the gate spell before you go on your next assignment
as it is a long way you need to travel'

'That was one of my first ones I have mastered.'

'I'm glad to hear that as it is the most useful spell for a travelling


'Now go practice your spells young apprentice the sooner you have mastered
them the sooner we can test you for your robes.'

Pike bowed deeply and I returned his bow.

'Yes master' Pike said as he left me to my work. 

Author:    Versivius      
Date:      Wed Jan 13 09:24:26 2010
Subject     In need of a little rest and relaxation

I was sitting in my office staring at the bare walls when it struck me. I
really needed some time off from teaching the apprentices. They were all
advancing well with the lessons I'd given them. There was one who was still
too dependent on me and I'd need to get him to realize he was capable of
greatness on his own or he wouldn't survive the test of High Sorcery that he
was soon to face.

I'd promised myself after my test of High Sorcery that I'd gather things
from all corners of the world to decorate my room and since my apprentices
where in the final part of their preparation, now would be a good time.

I carefully read the reports from our informants spread wide across the
lands of Krynn and chose selected a few locations where there currently
wasn't war brewing. Throwing the bits of paper with the names into a bag I
chose one and stepped through a gate towards my destination.

The sound of the waves breaking, the warm sunlight on my face and the smell
of freshly brewed coffee greeted me as I stepped out of the gate on the
idyllic island of Mithos. 

Author:    Versivius      
Date:      Fri Jul  2 12:56:40 2010
Subject     Inspiration born from disapointment

After my first promising student had walked out of the conclave after his
test and I was rather disheartened by the whole experience. He was a fine
student who could have been something more than just a mage. He hadn't even
spoken to me about the reasons for him setting off and that is possibly what
hurt most. I promised myself that I would not take another apprentice.

Now five years later I felt the pull of a wild young mage out there
somewhere, still young but with so much potential. I realised they needed to
be found before the Black robes got wind of their presence and sent a squad
of mages to bring them back to the tower or burry them where they fell.

I remembered fondly the first meeting I had with my Mistress. I know now
that Meriele knew all along that I was a mage and the courage to admit it to
her was what convinced her to be my Master.

It was time to get over the dissapointments of the past and look to the
future. I owed it not only to Meriele but to the conclave too. 

Author:    Versivius      
Date:      Sun Jul  4 08:32:25 2010
Subject     The Search Begins

The sense of a new powerful mage out there kept pressing on my senses,
tickling the back of my brain, the part that sizzles and zings when you cast
a really big spell. I knew the only way to stop the itch was to find the
source and bring them here for training.

Despite the hour I headed off to the scryeing pool and started the
meditation and cleansing process needed for the task ahead. Without knowing
their name or even what they looked like I knew it would take a while to
find them.

The first night of scryeing was fruitless and I finally dragged myself off
to bed as the sun rose. By midday the nagging itch was back again and after
raiding the well stocked larder I headed back to the scryeing pool to try

It was dawn before I gave up again. I still had no idea where they were or
who they were and so decided a trip to the library would be needed for
research but only after I got some sleep and my eyes stopped feeling like
the Plains of Dust were lodged in them.

The hours spent in the library were most frustrating but also instructive as
I finally found a long forgotten text on the art of scryeing. Deciphering
the originals writers codes and hand writing led me to a series of
techniques I would require to complete the task at hand.

Since i couldn't picture the person responsible for this itch it was going
to require some dowsing to narrow down where they were and then some leg
work to physically find them. Once I'd found them I'd be able to use more
traditional scryeing techniques to keep and eye on them and gauge if they
were ready and suitable to join the conclave. 

Author:    Versivius      
Date:      Tue Jul 13 17:48:22 2010
Subject     It's you!

Trying to dowse for a person you don't know and the location any where on
Krynn proved more trouble some that one would think. I'd start with the
large globe the Library had and slowly turn it with the crystal suspended
above the globe until the crystal started reacting. This gave me a rough
area to look in and I then moved on to maps drawn on velum to refine the

It seemed my subject was moving all the time. Just when I thought I'd
narrowed down the search area it would move again. Today the crystal was
almost erratic in its movements and I thought it was due to the high volume
of traffic in and out of the library.

Getting up to go and ask the librarian to please cordon off this part of the
library I was really startled when the crystal started wildly swinging
towards and approaching initiate and then on the top of the swing the
crystal stopped and pointed straight at the startled elf. Startled, because
I yelled in jubilation, "It's you!" 

Author:    Versivius      
Date:      Sun Sep  5 15:24:28 2010
Subject     Stinky green mist and not a goblin in sight

There were few mysteries that didn't intrigue me and despite my heavy
work load with apprentices at the Tower of High Sorcery in Wayreth this was
one mystery I was not going to ignore.

Looking at the jar of green sea water I had collected from the Palanthas
docks I think back to the chance meeting I had with the poor distraught
young lady on the Palanthas docks.

It was only when she pointed out the stench coming from the sea as well as
the green fog covering it and the colour of the water that I noticed all
that. I'd been distracted by the complete chaos of all the stalls, their
goods lying everywhere and some of them still toppled over.

It seems the strange mist had blown in, and along with it the strange colour
to the sea, just after everyone had experienced a cold shiver. Having been
in the city that morning, at the time she said they felt the cold wind and
not having noticed any thing strange in the city itself, I knew that this
was part of the mystery and not unconnected as some would surmise.

I started the process of alchemical analysis of the gas and water specimens
I had collected and two sleepless days later thought I might have my first
clues as to the real nature of this problem. 

Author:    Versivius      
Date:      Mon Sep  6 12:52:10 2010
Subject     It's smelly, its green but it's just water.

I carefully wrote up what I knew about the water and it's properties from
the extensive research Id conducted over the last week and also kept in mind
the strange note that had been delivered to me from an unknown source.

The green in the water all though not magic definitely was created by a
magical source. That took the longest to establish as their at first seemed
no hint of magic but then I looked more closely for signs of the water being
affected be magic.

The water was not toxic unless ingested. My first few experiments on newt
and frogs made me think it was but then I tested more thoroughly and instead
of leaving them immersed in the water I just dipped them then put them into
uncontaminated jars.

I then converted one of the apprentices snake tanks, she seems to be
enamoured by be the jungle pythons of Silvanos, into a semi-aquatic
environment with water on two side of a dividing mound, the toxic water from
Palanthas on one side and some clean sea water from the western coast of
Qaulinost. Not surprisingly the crabs I put into that container all stayed
in the clean sea water but seemed to suffer no ill effect from being in a
confined space with the stinky green water.

Now that I have all this information and the information on the note I'm
ready to start my investigation out side of the towers as I feel there is
little more I can learn here. 

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