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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Viceryn.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Viceryn' scribed in maroon ink.

Author:  Viceryn
Date    Fri Feb  7 13:59:36 2003

Subject  Watch where you chase

Loosening the strings on the small black pouch, Viceryn pulls the top apart
and glances briefly inside. Weighing the pouch in his hand, he draws on the
strings and closes the pouch.

'This is good, but only half of what I wanted...where is the rest of it?'
The other man, clad in expensive wools and linens embroidered with gold and
silver trim, cowers away farther into the alleyway.

'You were a day late...I didn' ttthink you were commming Iii I sold the

off it to someone else.' After slipping the pouch inside his tunic,
Viceryn's left hand slowly falls to rest upon the hilt of his dagger. The
merchant gulps and backs farther into the alley.

'You disappoint me. Now I must fix your mistake by finding this person you

sold the rest to and killing him. Give me his name and I'l' A blond haired
elf comes darting around the corner and takes down the alley. Watching the elf
run down the alleyway, he barely turns his head before the elf's persuer
collides with him and they go down in a tangled mess.

Throwing the man off the top of him, Kiran stumbles briefly before taking off
after the elf who now is gone from sight. Pushing himself off the ground,
Viceryn points to the merchant as he starts running after the man.

'Don't move!' and with that he turns and chases down the alleyway after
the man who bumped into him. The merchant leans against the wall and looks
down at the black pouch and its contents, overturned and ruined in a pile of

Several minutes later, after chasing the echoes of the two running ahead of
him, he turns a corner and comes across the man standing over the fallen body
of the elf. A large smear of blood marks the wall where the elf was slammed
into the wall and collapsed to the ground.

Running up behind the crouched figure, he grabs the man by the shoulders and
slams his head into the stone wall. Growling he continues slamming the mans
head into the wall until the man ceases to struggle and his body goes limp.

Dropping the mans body to the ground, he looks over at the elf and then back
down at the man under him. Kneeling over the unconscious man, he pulls his
dagger and cuts the strings on the mans coinpurse and slowly opens it up to
count the coin.

'Not even half of what you cost me with your little escapade. You are

I didn't kill you....well...perhaps you would have been luckier if I had

killed you. Perhaps you might still die from your wounds. A price you will
pay for not watching whose toes you step on.' Standing up he slams the
bottom of his boot into the mans face and spits.

Slowly pacing back and forth, he stops and looks over to the fallen elf.

Without hesitating he kneels beside the elf and removes his coinpurse as well.
Slicing through the drawstrings, he pulls back the pouch and starts counting
the coins.

'hmm...perhaps this wasn't so unfortunate as I had thought.' Patting the
elf on the chest with his coinpurse, he chuckles before standing up and
heading back down the alley, leaving the two unconscious people lying beside
one another. Sliding his reimbursment into his tunic, he sets off to rejoin
his merchant friend.

Author:  Viceryn
Date    Fri Feb 14 17:28:45 2003

Subject  How to run for freedom

Swatting a mosquito on the back of his neck, or just dealing with them in
general became favorable to what was tagging along at his heels.

'You know mosquitos don't bother us down here much, maybe they just

like humans better then kender. Though I can't imagine why they do.'
Another highpitched voice picks up 'Well maybe but I think its cuz

humans in general tend to smell. Well maybe not "SMELL" smell but they
definately tend to be a little ripe. Take our new friend for

example, he definately needs a bath if you ask me...

Finally Viceryn managed a minor victory in ignoring most of what the two
kender were talking about. Now he just needed to find a way to get rid of the
two before they took an interest in rifling through his bag again.

Letting his mind wander just enough, but still keeping the block in place, he
started exploring possible ways of how he might lose his kender company. He
started running the ideas over in his head looking for one that would let him
keep his dignity and yet meet the ultimate goal.

His first idea included him pretending to have dropped something of value over
the ridge off to the right of the path, and when his company joined him on the
ledge, pushing them over. It was a good plan except it was a long drop to the
trees below, and he really didn't want to waste the time he would have to
spend climbing down after the bodies to retrieve any of his misplaced

His second idea had him crushing both the kender over the head with the flat
of his axe, tying their topknots together and dangling them over a branch. It
would let him get his things back and possibly be far enough gone before they
woke up to follow. However he knew far to well how hard it was to hit a kender
with anything, let alone hoisting two bodies, however small. No, he would have
to think of something else.

Slipping on some gravel, he briefly lost his concentration and the two high
pitched voices immediately flooded through, hammering at his ears once again.
'lets...funny....yea we should......oh yea

I bet...heh' After several deep breathes, he was able to
push those high pitched voices out of his head, but not seal them out
completely like he had before. If he was going to do something, it would have
to be now before he lost it completely.

Thrusting his right hand into his pouch, he began feeling around for
everything and anything that might catch a kender's eye. His pouch produced
three silver coins, a bronze chain, and a roughly wound ball of leather
string. Spinning around to face his unwelcome traveling companions before
pulling back his right hand, the two kender staring at him with mouths hanging

'You want to play a game? Here is a game thats play where I come from

See I throw these things, and you have to go find them!' Pulling back his
arm, he hurls the objects into the trees off to the left of the road. The
kender, still with their mouths hanging open, follow the flying objects
through the air with their eyes.

'Don't you have to count to ten?' Aslon turns around from the trees and
looks down the trail at Viceryn running as fast as he can.

Turning to Kloud, Aslon raises his eyebrows before asking, 'Should

we follow him or go after what he threw?' Giggling Kloud shakes his head,
'I already looked through that pouch

earlier, only some silver coins and some leather string. Lets follow

him and ask how long we have to find it!' Laughing the two kender run down
the gravely path after Viceryn who is already out of sight.

Author:  Viceryn
Date    Mon Jul 28 13:04:23 2003

Subject  A tied roll of papers

To a Lord Silis of Palanthas,

The following accounts have been requested of me by a man I once knew as a
child. His story was related to me by his mother and father nigh on ten years
ago. While vague I assume that his reasons for needing this are important for
his having traveled here to claim them. It's for this reason that I will spare
no more time with formalities.

Scholar and Historian of Keep Nirshen, Heran Grawp

Retired is a term that means little to some men. Stepping down from the seat
of High Justice Korvin looked grudingly forward to the same fate as many who
had retired before him. The life of methodically drilling squires through
their sword forms did not bode well with him, so he opted for commanding a
post in the remote regions to the southwest of the continent. Near the coast,
many of the civilized inhabitants of the region were Egrothian. Centralized in
several small fishing communities, the knights regularly stopped and visited
these settlements during patrols. A handful of knights had fallen for local
women, some starting families which became a permanent sight around the fort
as it expanded to house families. As his months there turned into a year,
Korvin found himself in the loving embrace of Tarna, a red haired widower
still many years younger than himself. They were later married and continued
living in the fort for another seven years and few things changed. One of the
things that did, a child of his began his training as a page helping a close
friend of his father, a Sir Jaur. Another change over the years had been the
fort itself. As more people began moving nearer to the fort, the fort slowly
began growing to protect them as well and grew into Keep Nirshen as it's known

The knighthood becoming aware of the changes to this fortification, replaced
Waydolson with a younger knight then transfered him as he requested not back
to Palanthas but on to another remote fort. It was then that father and son
were split up, Viceryn who stayed with Sir Jaur heard the news of his father's
passing later that year. Sir Jaur noting that Viceryn's skills eventually
began exceeding those of a page, sent Viceryn to Palanthas to seek out

That was the last I had seen him until he returned to the keep and after a
small reunion with old friends made his way to me.

I hope this will help clear up any questions as to Viceryn's origins. If
further accounts are required, contact me and I will see what else I can

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