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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Vilakreth.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Vilakreth' scribed in yellow ink.

Author:  Vilakreth
Date    Sat Aug 21 20:00:54 1999

Subject  "Home Again" starring Bob Vila


Vilakreth stormed through the secret volcano lair, causing the Thulak
Soblium agents to literally dive out of the way. He was snarling and
growling and in a rage rarely seen by anyone on Krynn.

Dead. His son, dead. Auschmal...everything...taken from him. Or perhaps I
took it from myself, thought Vilakreth as he looked around him. There were
times he wished for a normal life. Wished to be a warrior in Mithas and not
care about anything else. But...that wasn't his life. He was leader of the
Thulak Soblium. Vilakreth sighed and sat down heavily in his chair,
massaging his temples, signs of his age cracking through his seemingly
immortal exterior.

This day cannot get any worse, he thought, when he looked down at the paper
before him. It was a simple message, written in a handwriting he didn't

"Illythorak Dimarhin I Es-Kalin has been found. -A friend."


Lockpick looked up at the moons, and at the Orlouge. He thought he could
still see blood dripping off the figurehead of Illythorak, almost as if the
former Cap'n was crying tears of blood.

But, perhaps it was his overactive kender imagination. A symbol of unity.
Unity which had been shattered. He sighed, could things ever be the same?

Suddenly, something bumped into him, tripped over him. He heard a startled
cry, and looked directly into the night sky, sighing.

"What're you lookin' at, Locky?' Lienkai asked, sitting down next to him.

'The Orlouge' he stated, simply, although his eyes were facing straight up.

Lienkai frowned. 'But the Orlouge is over there...' she motioned towards
the docked ship. 'Oh, see it? Right up there...the stars. That
star connects to that one, and that one, and it looks just like the

Lienkai looked up and saw only a mass of stars in the night sky, but, she
allowed herself a smile. 'Yeah...Lock...I can see it.'

'Yup...there's Illythorak, standing on the deck, waiting for everyone to
get the work. And look...' the kender's voice started to crack...

'There's Sansagroth...and Usha is with him. They're arguing...just always. `Aren't you gonna pick trash with that harpoon of
yours, Sags?`' the kender did his best Auschmal impression.

'And there's Forte...he's yelling at poor Sorinjin. Threatening to throw
him overboard. And Selec...Selec....drunk as usual, passed out again. And
Elenna, she's there, of course, flirting with Roman.'

'Poor old Roman, he never liked Elenna much. And...and' Lockpick held back
tears, ' son....polishing his armor...and his Sword
Tumbleweed...that Throrin made for him. Kilarolyth is trying to teach him
how to do it right.

They'll always be up there...always watching over us. I know it...I just
know it...right Lienkai? Lienkai?' Lockpick looked over and found that
Lienkai was asleep.

-=Notorious LCT=-

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