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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Vinzentius.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Vinzentius' scribed in earth-colored green ink.

Author:  Vinzentius
Date    Fri Dec 14 21:36:59 2001

Subject  More of a Background

Vinzentius, once young squire of Solamnia, now Dark Knight of Takhisis, and
slave to the curse of vampirism, sits in his chambers, adding the first of
several entries.

Linaris, 1st day of Yurthgreen, Entry 1:

This is now the 43rd day of my curse and my first entry in this journal.  One
day, someone may read these entries, and wonder who wrote this.  So I guess I
start this journal in hopes that one day someone will find it and maybe learn
from my life, and unlife, and not make the same mistakes that led me to an
eternity of torture.

Reflecting back on my life, I wonder how this all came to be.  I was the son
of a Solamnic Knight and a noble of diluted elven blood.  We lived in
Solanthus and had a pretty good life.  Lord Vinsaron and Tylnessia Tivas, my
parents, had met 3 years before I was born.  They met in Palanthas during my
father's knighting.  It was classic "Love at First Sight."  The courted for a
year before marrying.  My father was stationed in Solanthus so my mother moved
from her villa in Palanthas to be with him.

The War of the Lance was underway at this time and my father was recruited
into the Golden General's army.

He saw little of my mother during that time but their love held true.  He
would visit her from time to time as the army passed through the city.  It was
their love that gave birth to me.  Named after my father, I grew up the son of
a knight.  I was taught the Oath and the Measure and could recite much of it
from memory by the the age of 5.  The War of the Lance eventually ended and my
father came home.  I was 6 at this time.

I find myself remembering a girl by the name of Ksyla.

We met in school at the age of 7.  She was half-elven and daughter to a
resident noble family.  We used to sneak out of our rooms at night and meet in
the gardens.

We would lay there, looking up at the stars and talk about what we wanted to
be when we grew up.  I wanted to be a great Knight of Solamnia, like the
legendary Huma.  She also wanted to be a knight, but tradition made it quite
difficult for her.  Not only because she was female, but also half-elven.

She was inspired though by the great Tanis Half-Elven.

Who became an honorary Knight of Solamnia after the War.

I remember sneaking back to my room each night after spending time with Ksyla.
 I knew my father saw me sneaking back, but he never said anything about it.

I must end this first entry.  My Lord Delve requests my assistance at the High
Clerist Tower and I must move to join him.  Sanction is quite a distance away,
but I should be able to get there using these new found "abilities."  I will
continue upon my arrival at the Tower.

Author:  Vinzentius
Date    Sat Dec 15 23:02:42 2001

Subject  Journal Entry 2

Entry 2:  Kirinor, 4th day of Yurthgreen.

I have been at the Tower for a couple nights now.

Things are going well in the knighthood and we are growing stronger with each
passing day.  Something is troubling me though.  My partner, Murder, the
Shadow Dragon who appeared during my hesitant attempts at experimenting with
my..condition..has begun attempts at urging me to open myself up to my new
abilities and indulge in them.  He seems to think that I have been given a
gift.  I on the other hand only see this as a curse.

Murder's attempts remind me of a time when my good friend, Szarzak, spent
weeks trying to get me to talk to my father and get him into squirehood. 
Szarzak was far from a "good boy."  And in fact he was more of a bully than
anything else.  He wanted to be a knight not for the honor, or opportunity to
serve Paladine, but instead he wanted to use the skills of a knight to grant
him glory and money.  Constantly he would push me, taunt me, and try to trick
me into helping him.

Eventually poor Szarzak tried to bite off more than he could chew and when we
were both 10 years of age, he challenged a hobgoblin youth to a dual.  His
intent was to prove his superiority.  The hobgoblin though, to Szarzak's
surprise, had friends who did not take kindly to a human picking on him, and
they jumped him one night.

They beat poor Szarzak to near death.  He spent six weeks in the infirmary and
when he got out, he was never the same.  He left Solanthus when we were 12 and
I never saw him again.

Soon m'lord Delve will have me assist him in an upcoming battle.  This battle
may be second only to the one that happened here at the High Clerist Tower.

I do hope to prove honorable and worthy of m'lord's faith.  Paladine cursed me
with vampirism, I don't want to think about what Her Majesty would do to me if
I fail.

For now, I end today's entry and hope to be around long enough to make

Author:  Vinzentius
Date    Wed Dec 19 02:41:11 2001

Subject  Journal Entry 3

Entry 3:  Bracha, 7th day of Yurthgreen.

Today was not a good day.  The Shadow Dragon, Murder and I have been having
conflict of late.  He seems to take me for foolish.  His constant attempts at
making me indulge in my condition are growing night after night.  I have yet
to realize his reasons for these attempts, but they cannot be good.  If I
still were able to feel anything, I might fear what he is trying to do, but
alas, I can't even feel fear these days.  Or anything else save misery.

I have been thinking a lot of times before all of this when "life" was
something I took for granted.  I specifically recall a day spent at the faire
that comes to Palanthas every few months.  My parents took me there when I was

There was so much to do.  And all of it was fun.  There were games that tested
your knowledge, strength, agility, and even games that challenged skill in
swordsmanship. This one I enjoyed the most I think.  They also brought in all
sorts of exotic foods, drinks, and all sorts of foreign merchandise.  They
even had a giant lizard, nearly 3 stories tall that they allowed the kids to

It was here that I met my first dragon up close.  Of course I had seen a few
during the War, but never had I seen one this close before.  It even spoke to
me.  It was a young gold dragon named, Glimmer.  She was very polite and
seemed to almost enjoy the faire as much as I did.  A far cry from this
twisted evil being that I have now encountered.  She offered to give me a ride
on her back.  My parents agreed and she took me for quite a trip.  We flew all
around the Palanthas countryside.  The feeling was one that I will never
forget.  One of the few memories that I seem to be able to hold onto these

Lately I have had trouble remembering the good things of the past.  I must
constantly fight back the darkness that threatens to consume me.  I cannot
allow this curse to to control me.  So little humanity left.  I can't afford
to lose it.

Daylight arrives.  I must be retiring to my chambers for the day.  Oh how I do
miss the sight of the sun rising over the mountains.

Author:  Vinzentius
Date    Fri Dec 21 15:00:24 2001

Subject  Journal Entry 4

Entry 4:  Majetag, 10th day of Yurthgreen.

An interesting even happened to me upon this day.  I was meditating at the
graves of those who fell in our taking of the Tower when a familiar presence
stirred me from my prayers.  The darkness that had granted me not only life,
but now unlife, my mother, was near.  Though not in the Tower itself, her
presence was strong.  Taking my leave of the tower, I set out on her trail,
intent on her destruction.

The trail led me to a nearby village.  It was here that I stumbled upon a
horrific scene.  The bodies of serveral villages lie strung about.  I had
arrived too late.  She had already escaped me yet again.

Then, before I knew it, a white-robed figure appeared and from the look on his
face, I knew that he thought I was responsible for the deaths of the people. 
With little word he engaged me in combat.  During the battle, I felt the
thoughts swirling around the surface of his mind.  Not only did he feel I was
responsible for the deaths of these people, I also found that he regarded me
as a "renegade."  Because I refuse to accept my condition, I was not prepared
for such a conflict.

Though he did not possess the knowledge needed to destroy me, he was able to
drive me into a strange mist-like form.

My studies have shown that this is the final defense of a defeated vampire. 
It took no more than a half of an hour to restore myself, but this
confrontation has raised many questions.

The Conclave of Mages, mortals who hold the delusion that they command all
things magical, be they living, non-living, or un-living.

Though I have had little experience with these self-proclaimed masters of
magic, I have learned that even though I possess absolutely no talent in the
arts of magic granted by the Moon Gods, my very condition curses me yet again
in the form of being labeled "renegade".

Even my own order regards me as a "mage".  This all is rather confusing for me
at this point since what spell-like abilities I do seem to possess, have
nothing to do with spellbooks, magical incantations, or the Moon Gods
themselves.  It seems that this condition of mine has not only cursed me with
nightly torment, but also has cursed me with a rather inappopriate label by
not only my fellow Knights, but also that Order of delusional magic users.

Labels.  My father told me of many a person regarded the Knights of Solamnia
as rich, pompous nobles who shunned the poor and felt superior to all others. 
A label placed upon them by those who did not understand.

People fear what they do not understand and thus wish control over it in hopes
of erasing their fear.  As the son of a Knight, this is a fact I have had to
live with all my life.  And now, it seems something I must continue to endure
even in unlife.

has begun to build a strange coldness in my un-beating heart.

I fear that this may be the beginning of the end for what humanity I still

Author:  Vinzentius
Date    Sun Dec 23 00:25:01 2001

Subject  Entry 5

Entry 5:  Bakukal, 14th day of Yurthgreen.

Renegade.  The term is one I have heard many times in the recent days.  My
fellow Knights have granted me access to their Tower of High Sorcery.  Though
not a mage per say, I must say there is a part of me that is intrigued by the
knowledge held within this tower.  The very walls of the tower itself seems to
call to the magic in my blood.  Do I dare open one of these books and learn
what secrets it holds?

Lately the call of darkness grows louder in my mind.  Each night I feel the
urge to give in to the darkness and each night I fight it.  The song of evil
fills my ears and its all I can do to muffle its sweet tone.  I will be
leaving the High Clerist Tower in a few days to return to the Keep.

I can hear the call of its magic even from here.

The same song played in my mind when I was a child training to become a Knight
of Solamnia.  Yet now the volume is much louder than it was then.  Before, my
heart drove me to strive for excellence in hopes of one day becoming a great
knight like Huma himself.  Now, it is the cursed blood that drives me to seek
out power.  The Tower of High Sorcery in Storms Keep holds that power.  I feel
myself falling to the dark urges of drinking from that power and furthering my
downfall.  Goddess help me if I choose the wrong way.

Author:  Vinzentius
Date    Wed Dec 26 01:06:03 2001

Subject  Entry 6

Entry 6:  Misham, 21st day of Yurthgreen.

The battles have slowed and the land begins to quiet.  We have taken control
of the High Clerist Tower and rebuilding continues.  The Solamnics have
retreated to smaller cities and the mage, Aurin, still holds protectorate over

For now, it would seem that our quest for order has endured and grows.

As for me, I have returned to Storms Keep where I have answered the call that
the Tower.  I must say that my empty heart would have stopped if it still
lived for the power of the place was intense.  I slowly approached the gates
to the Tower.  The call rang in my ears, more a feeling than words.

Standing before those gates, I was reminded of the first time I went to the
Temple of Paladine in Palanthas.

It was just after the War of the Lance.  I was still rather young at the time.
 The war had ended and the crowds had lessened.  The temple was quiet.  As I
passed through the gates, and walked the path through the grounds, my soul
felt more at peace than ever before.  When I reached the temple entrance, I
was filled with a feeling.....that I couldn't describe and still can't.

Now as I stood at the gates to the Takhisis' Tower of High Sorcery, the
feeling was similar to that at the Gates of Paladine's temple, yet vastly
different as well.  The call finally ceased, and as it did, the gates opened. 
I stepped inside.  Since entering the Tower, I have spent much time in the
Great Library.  I cannot begin to describe the knowledge held on those
shelves.  I have been unable to gain access to most of the Tower.  There seems
to be some sort of magical barriers blocking many passages.  I am not
egotistical enough to think that my curse would protect me from the dangers in
store for those who are not welcome beyond certain areas.

I must admit that I never thought myself ever capable of understanding, much
less learning anything involving the art of magic, but in the days I have
spent in the Library, I have discovered that my curse seems to grant me an
understanding of what is written in these books.  I must admit the concept of
wielding magic as well as the sword is tempting.  Do I allow myself to learn
more?  Would it perhaps show me a way to end my curse and save my soul?  That
alone may lead me to open the next book.  In my days of sleep, of voice breaks
the torture of my dreams.  It reveals a peace that I may find by opening this
one book.  That one book will start the path to salvation.  I have found this
book in the Library.

It was as if it answered my thoughts and appeared on the table I was at.  Its
cover reveals it to be a Spellbook.

Author:  Vinzentius
Date    Thu Jan  3 21:34:52 2002

Subject  Journal Entry 7

Entry 7:  Palast, 2nd day of Fleurgreen.

I have spent the past two weeks or so here in the Tower of High Sorcery at
Storms Keep.  I have pushed my body past its cursed limits.  Locked deep in
the confines of the Tower, hidden completely from the deadly light of day, I
have poured over the magical tomes within these walls.  The great magical
knowledge held within the pages of these books has taken a toll on my undead

I have toyed with the ability to draw upon my own curse to help add to the
power of the spells I have learned thus far.  Combined with the magic of the
Moons, some interesting effects have been discovered.

The magic of the tomes combined with the magic of my blood has awakened a
strange ability based on my curse.

On the first day of experimenting I opened myself to the magic and was able to
call upon a pair of powerful gargoyles.  For nearly 20 minutes they were under
my complete control, then after that time they regained their free-will.  Even
at this point they seemed to be rather docile towards me.

The magic of the tomes awakened yet more abilities associated with my curse. 
It appears as though I have the ability to take other forms aside from
humanoid.  It was a strange experience, the first morphing.  Allowing the
magic now awakened in my blood to release itself, I quickly, almost instantly
felt my body twist and reshape itself.  Before I knew it I was standing not on
two legs, but now four.  My senses were increased even more so than my curse
initially allowed.

The form of the wolf was strange at first but as if I were born as one, it
became more instinctual.

I have also noticed that simple magic such as the "Magic Missle" have been
amplified and the power seems to grow the more I study and experiment.  The
taste of this power is more than tempting and I feel I am fighting a losing
battle to retain control over my fading humanity.

Author:  Vinzentius
Date    Sun Jan  6 19:38:58 2002

Subject  Entry 8

Entry 8:  Majetag, 10th day of Fleurgreen.

It has been almost a month now since I arriving here at the Tower of High
Sorcery in Storms Keep.  The knowledge I have gained has been invaluable in my
understanding of what I have become.  The tomes held within the walls of this
tower have revealed some form of peace that I now know I may obtain.

One particular book, brought from the vaults under Neraka, reveals the
existance of a place where I can find what I have longed for ever since this
curse overcame me.  An ancient temple lost long before the cataclysm held a
pool of blood.  This pool was said to hold amazing healing properties.  The
dead were layed in this pool and were reborn into life.

The lost temple was set somewhere in the northern reaches of the Khalkist
Mountains, just south of Kalaman.  If were to find the ruins of this temple,
perhaps the pool would still be there and......a possibility for rebirth.

I will be taking my leave this night.  I know not how will get there as of yet
since the cursed Shadow Dragon, Murder, will no doubtably try to stop me. 
Hopefully I can sneak by him and make it to a ship.

Hopefully when this is all over, I can not only regain my humanity, but
perhaps retain my honor as well.

Author:  Vinzentius
Date    Sat Feb  9 22:05:54 2002

Subject  Setting it straight

One night while exploring the caverns that I was dwelling in during my
negotiations with those that lived their, my scrying spell sent to find my
mother, the one who introduced me to life and undeath, revealed her location
to me.  It was some distance away, but having taken a break from my
negotiations, I had time to investigate.  Removing a small gem from my robes,
I spoke the command word and pictured the location, instantly being taken

Immediately sensing her presence nearby I began my search.  The hunt took me
to a nearby ally.  I silently made my way down the street, my attention solely
on my prey.  Then I saw her, hidden in the shadows, a body clutched in her
grasp as she drained the life energy from it.  Raising my sword, I prepared to
dispatch her while she was lost in the extasy of the feeding.

I underestimated her and she dropped the corpse and locked gaze with me.

As my master, she still held sway over me and locked me in her charming gaze.

I was helpless to resist her control.  Then out of nowhere something hit me
over the head.  This distraction interrupted my preys charm over me and I
turned to face the source of the physical attack.  The fool thought to knock
me unconcious as he would a mortal.  As I prepared to dispatch this whelp, and
return to my conflict with my mother, she regained her control over me and
forced me to go into a premature day-sleep.  Leaving me to this foolish
mortal, she retreated into the darkness, evading me yet again.  Not fully
unconscious, since the day-sleep only weakens me to the point of
immobilization, I heard a struggle between this mortal and another.  Soon it
was over.  Several moments later there were more voices and I felt myself
being moved.  I can only hope whoever was foolish enough to interfere with my
business, is not foolish enough to leave me out in the sun.

The Gods help the fool when I awake the next evening.

*From the mind of Vinzentius Tivas, Vampiric Master of the Thorn*

Author:  Vinzentius
Date    Sun Feb 10 19:03:56 2002

Subject  An Escape

When I finally awoke the evening after my defeat at the hands of the one who
created me, I found myself encased in stone.  I had no idea where I was or
where those who stole me were.  Still groggy from the day-sleep forced upon me
by my creator, I attempted to punch my way free of my stone prison.

Not at full strength, I was unable to physically free myself and was still to
weak to take the form of the mist.  Knowing I had to escape soon, I reached
into one of my pouches, hoping that I still had a gatestone left.

Fortunately the theives did not take it.

There was one remaining.  Summoning up what strength I had remaining, I called
out to one of my gargoyle servants many miles away, gaining his attention.

Then, speaking the powerword, I activated the gem.  I felt the portal open
outside of my stone prison.  A few seconds later the stone box trembled.

In but a short time, the stone around me crumbled as a massive winged form
tore its way in.

Speaking in a deep, bestial voice it said, "Are you safe, Master?"

"Yes, Rlidtas'nar, but my strength fails me, take me back to my coffin so
that I may recover and continue our mission." Slowly I sat up.

Lifting me from the stone sarcophagus, Rlidtas'nar carried me to the portal.

Looking around me, I found myself in a secluded graveyard.  There was a still
smoking campfire nearby.  The thieves must have thought me defenseless and sat
out for food or supplies.  As we entered the portal, returning to our mission,
I couldn't help but think how close I was to finally destroying the one who
granted me this curse.

The portal closed behind us.

Vinzentius Tivas, Master of the Thorn

Author:  Vinzentius
Date    Wed Feb 20 22:10:32 2002

Subject  Entry 9

Entry 9, Kirinor, 12th day of Darkember.

It has been many months since my last entry and much has taken place.

I have spent the past several months in the company of the dark dwelling
Zhakar dwarves.  Having aided the Dragonarmies in the War of the Lance, I
figured they would be a valuable ally if their aid could be gained again.

I travelled to the deep Khalkist Mountains where the ruins of the ancient city
of Thoradin was said to rest.  During the trip, I made a stop at the city of
Gargath, location of the Tower of Gargath where the Graygem once was held. 
While there I experimented with a strange new ability that I had discovered
weeks earlier.  Reaching out with the power of my curse, I touched the minds
of a race of creatures that dwelt in the ruins of the once mighty tower.

For the next couple of nights I was able to gain the aid of a small force of
gargoyles who made the ruins their home.  After several nights in Gargath, I
felt it was time to move on.  My initial reason for coming to the mountains
was to find a lost temple where my salvation awaits me.

With the call of the war all around, Zhakar seemed to be a more urgent
destination since my brother knights were in need of forces.  The search for
Zhakar took over a week but I was able to uncover its location.

Entering the ruined city in the form of mist, I spent a few nights searching
for the Thane who ruled.  Once found, I studied his habits so that when i
finally appeared to him, I had some ground to work from in convincing him to
aid me and our Queen's cause.

He refused after many hours of debate.  I acted with honor and sincerity but
to no avail.  This was not acceptable.  Hesitantly, I tapped into another of
my newfound cursed abilites and enacted the charming affects of my undead
form.  His mind, though powerful, eventually fell to my power.

Though under my control, I could not act without honor towards him and the
entire time I played puppetmaster, I was always trying to do things that would
not inconvenience the Zhakar more than was necessary.  My gargoyle servants
worked towards raiding nearby ruins and delivering the treasure to my new
dwarven allies.  I now work on gaining their aid in rebuilding our precious
keep that I have now been informed has been destroyed.

Honor and sacrifice will, in the end, prevail.  Our new allies will hopefully
come to an understanding and then I hope to be able to release the Thane from
my control.

I hope to record in my next entry more good news.

My Honor Is My Unlife

Vinzentius Tivas, Master of the Thorn

Author:  Vinzentius
Date    Mon Apr  8 20:57:09 2002

Subject  Journal Entry 10

Entry 10, Bracha, 4th day of Deepkolt.

It has been nearly four months since my last entry.  I have been spending
great amounts of time attempting to unify my allies under the flag of my
order.  The leader and some of his closer advisors have been dominated for
some time now.  I wished not to have to do it, but they were without honor and
would not listen to reason.  My efforts with this have taken much more time
than I would have initially wished, but my progress cannot be overlooked.

As of a few days ago, I decided to use this curse of mine for a good cause. 
The leader of this nation that I have been working side by side with, suffers
from a strange curse.  A curse that affects many of his people.  As a gift to
him and his people, a show of how dedicated I am to the unification of this
nation under the flag of the Knights, I cured him of his curse.  By allowing
him to injest a potion made from my very blood, I have granted him the gift of
health and power.  I refuse to grant him my curse in order to remove his, so
instead I bonded him to me with the power of my blood.  His health and
strength will serve as an example to his people.  An example of my Queen's

Shortly after the granting of this gift, I received word from the Tower. 
There was trouble.  Activating the portal I had constructed many months ago, I
travelled there to investigate.  It seems a wildmage had found entrance to our
library and was attempting to steal a book.  Not wishing conflict, nor giving
up the book, I struck a deal.  A copy of a spell held within its pages, in
return for the mage's aid in gaining access to the inner sanctum of the ruins
of the Tower of Gargath, one-time home of the Graygem.  With his aid, I was
able to get into the ruins and find the object of my search.

A book detailing many secrets of undeath that Gargath had discovered in his
studies.  A book that may hold the secrets I need to unify my curse, to return
me to life or atleast remove the pain of this existance while still retaining
life.  The mage and I escaped the tower just before the wild magics within
trapped us.  Parting on as close to neutral terms as we could, I returned to
my mission of unification.  My test for lost humanity as well as my test of my
Goddess continues, perhaps both may never end.  But by my honor, I will not
give up.

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