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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Volath.

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Author:           Volath
Date    Sat Jun  3 07:58:54 2006
Subject  Mage of the quartermoon PART 1

Volath walked throught the brightly lit streets of the city Tarsis at night,
walking unseen with his spell of invisiblity Cast upon himself. Still not
convinced of his own safety Volath kept to the shadows of the buildings and
walked as silently as he possibly could. Volath could still sence the renegade
Grey Robes Still on his tail trackng him. He had sence them since he left the
conclave meeting in te forest of Wayreth.

The meeting was called due to the more frequient attacks on the conclave from
the Thorn Knights, hence why Volath was in Tarsis. He was to asure the safety
of his parents (Especailly his mother) and also to secure the many arcane
objects in the renewed library of Tarsis.

After a quick trip through the streets so familiar to him ,Volath was finally
at the begging of the street in which his parents lived. It seemed way to
quiet for tarsis this night, not a soul was anywhere to be seen or heard.

This was extreamly odd for Tarsis, normally a very active city even during the
night. So many of these thoughts shot threw Volaths head, Giving him a queer
feeling in his stomach... none the less Volath continued down the street,
thought not without removing his katana from his sword sheeth and increasing
his own guard. The few minutes it took Volath's parents house felt like an
eternity. Quickly taking a glace around he silently removed a platinum key
from one of his hidden pockets. Volath unlocked the front door of his parents
mansion, Then entered closed the door silently without a sound and stalked
quickly down the main hall. Before he noticed it, it seemed to dark,
un-naturaly dark... magically dark... Volath quickly enchanted the detect
arcane spell, The whole room illuminated a Blood red colour. Fear gripped
Volath, Knights of the thorn, maybe fifty of them Volath couldnt tell. It
didn't matter to volath. He knew he was about to face death ...

Author:    Volath         
Date:      Sat May 16 07:01:51 2009
Subject     Reborn

His eyes closed he breaths in the cool night air. Not for the first time,
first time as a free man after many long years. An evil grin crosses his
face. Although it was meant to be a punishment for his crimes. These
included going against the ways of his people and straying from the paths of
light, resulting being forsaken by Solinari himself. Volath had been
banished to the darkest parts of the abyss struck down by his own people.
Many years I had spent in darkness wanting my life to end but I was visited
one day. The god of dark magics, Nuitari. He stood before me not saying a
word just looking at me. I fell to my knees and started to worship. He had
never spoken to me, but he took me from the abyss one day. The Trails
started Shaking his head not wanting to think of what he had endured, the
very trails that had shaped his weak miserable form into a strong sword of
darkness. Thinking of his past he had so much he had once been an Arch-mage
in the conclave. Beloved by his people, yet still weak. Now I have nothing,
nothing but my faith in Nuitari and my newfound confidence in magic. Walking
through the dark forest Volath smiled. I will have my revenge on my people,
but first I need to reunite myself in a brotherhood that has thought to of
lost me. Better off not being a renegade these days you wouldn't live long.
Smiling once again and bowing his head Volath Continued stalking forward in
the forest.. 

Author:    Volath         
Date:      Thu Oct 22 00:59:43 2015
Subject     A long overdue return

Volath pulls his cowl low across his forehead, treading slowly Wayreth forest. Small beams of light pierce through the cracks in the trees, the forest mute of sound apart from Volath's slow steady breaths and the occasion snap of a twig in the distance. Volath finds the solitude, the smothering humidity and the chill of long lost souls of mages who had perished in the forest more soothing than the warmth of his quarters. Volath raises his gaze from the overgrown undergrowth to peer at the tower not so far in the distance. This would be his first return the tower in years. Silent pursuits long completed, his return overdue. Volath Walking at a more brisk pace Volath approaches the tower. How much easier it would have been to just magic himself to his dwellings, but the elf in him ever present required the walk through the forest. Coming to frail looking metal gates Volath pushed them aside and walked into the courtyard. Empty yet teeming with bodies. Mages and their familiars to his left and right and then again not a soul to be seen. The tower had the effect to disorient newer mages and the occasional "guest". Not wanting to dwell in the courtyard any longer Volath muttered a few silent words and flickered out of existence to only appear in a dark room covered in cobwebs and mouse droppings. Volath with another flick of his wrist an iron wrought fireplace flared to life and warmth slow consumed the chilled chambers. The cobwebs and droppings would have to wait. Sitting down in a firm tall vallenwood chair Volath stared into the fire for long moments before conjuring a familiar. Volath eventually raised his gaze to look at the dark wolf standing beside him, 'I have a task for you my ever faithful pet. I am sure there has been plenty of correspondences and requests left for me since my last occupation of the tower, please go inform the other Archmages of my return and have all my reports brought to me. I will see no one tonight, or tomorrow for that matter. Make it clear that I am not to be disturbed.' Volath cuffed at the wolf's head, the animal not moving fast enough to the Archmages liking. Yelping the animals hackles raises and it strode off into the darkness of the room growling. OH how that animal hated him, and Volath had no doubt given the chance he would go for his throat. Volath cannot stand creatures or people for that matter with no ambition, no drive, no murderous intent. How could you trust someone who wanted nothing. Volath eyes closed slightly the stifling heat from the fireplace. Slowly Volath fell into the world of dreams, to sleep long hours before again waking to see the wolves eyes gleaming in the darkness. A pile of parchment and scrolls scattered beside him. mutter Volath snapped his fingers at the wolf who dropped to the floor unconscious, its chest raising and dropping slowing in a magical slumber. Volath gathered the communications from the ground and walked over to his bleached white wooden desk, delicate in appearance, fortified with many runes and enchantments to withstand almost any kinds of magics. Volath started to unseal several scrolls addressed to him from the other heads of the conclave. Snorting at several of them crumpling them all and tossing them into the fire. He hated the petty feuds and bureaucracy of his fellow mages. Next came the reports from his spy's, agents and fellow mages. These interested him more. Several possible locations to arcane objects. Blackmail, death's and assassinations. Volath paused at one correspondence, more of a news report from a Sea-mage. Volath read aloud to himself, 'High tide - Off the coast of the blood sea - Bad weather, one sailor lost overboard, 4th one this week, I found this odd given the experience of the crew.'

Author: Volath Date: Thu Oct 22 01:04:11 2015 Subject A long overdue return II

(Cont...) Volath scanned through the report, the details boring him until near the end, 'Discovered Sea-elf stowaway. Murdered several crew, didn't sense me yet. Attempted to lay a trap but creature spotted me last moment and casted a fairly weak water jet spell. Deflected with wards and called lightning down at the pitiful creature. Surprisingly he was able to deflect most the charge and fell stunned momentarily into the churning waters.' Volath thoughtfully scratched his forehead. He would have to find out more about this seafaring cousin. Snapping his fingers again the wolves eyes drifted awake in the darkness. Volath beckoned him to his side and set his familiar off on another task. Standing slow Volath walked over to his oversized cot and lay down letting his mind once again wander to the peace of the forest before falling into a deep sleep. FIN ----------------------------------------------- OOC'ly: I've returned back to the game and conclave to claim my spot as Archamge, Additionally have made Kaiba my apprentice. Archmage Volath the Dark.

Author: Volath Date: Mon Sep 4 23:04:49 2017 Subject A Long Overdue Prize (Part I)

Volath strode out of his aft cabin into the bright piercing light of the mid-morning sun. The black sails of his galleon 'Vanderkaum' Flapped loudly in the wind, recently been raised. Having spent several days in his cabin mulling over recent information, the light was unwelcoming and made Volath slightly sick to his stomach. He wasn't the captain of the 'Vanderkaum' because he was a great sailor, he was captain because he was powerful and had a knack for providing rich spoils to his crew, especially those arcane in nature. He has received a missive from a source you wouldn't find typical but he felt he wasn't being deceived. Volath had a small "project" he had been keeping tabs on for sometime, the mystery felt so close to complete. It had all started when Shizuru had spotted a half-drowned creature floating in the seas just east of the ruins of Xak Khalan. Volath had wanted to leave what turned out to be a gully dwarf but Shizuru was insistent on bringing it aboard. Stories of cruel dragonmen and hobgoblins were spat out by the dwarf and even more puzzling manic claims of undead. The poor creature had died the next day, Volath was intrigued but having the source be one of the dumbest most superstitious creatures on Krynn, nothing more than a note in his captain's log resulted from it. Several weeks later when departing the straights of Schallsea and looking to dock at North Keep, the ship arrived to nothing but a destroyed port crawling with Draconians, humans and goblinoids. The dragon armies appeared to spearheading a campaign in Abanasinia. Using the cover of night, the ship had docked several miles west of the carnage and his then first-mate Sacks had gone ashore to retrieve information. Sacks had returned with a writhing sack thrown over his shoulder. The sack contained a badly burned and once again near death, human. This human was a swabbie from a ship called 'Ikthanos' which had been sunken and killed to a man. A similar, slightly more coherent tale had been spun by this human, tales of undead, dragon spewing acid and contingents of dragonmen and goblinoids raiding the city. Something more interesting provided this time, a man had been riding atop the dragon. It was some time before Volath had heard about this man again. Having just completed a raid in Sanction on forces of the now late emperor Teague during a series of skirmishes waged by the Wizard's Conclave, Volath now had a journal belonging to a woman named Sirene. This journal outlined information on a human Teague mistrusted even more than his worst enemies, Highlord Khariif. Not much information was provided other than he commanded the black wing of the Dragonarmies along-side his dragon Obsidian. Additionally, he had been working closely with a follower of Chemosh and was suspected of using sorcery to command an army of the undead to undermine the will of the Dark Queen Tahkisis. Finally, the most useful information provided a list of associates, a list that seemed to largely crossed out in angry red slashes: - Commander Dirgel - Human (Dead) - Sargent Qahsoud - Hobgoblin (Missing/Assumed dead) - Krestak - Sivaak (Dead) - Sylphshade - Human - Gloth [Spy] - Baaz (Missing) Several things jumped out immediately at Volath, this "Khariif" was powerful if the Emperor feared him most. Two he must have some sort of artifact or lost knowledge to be reviving the dead, likely provided by the follower of Chemosh. And three, it would be most important to locate this spy Gloth. The search for Gloth proved fruitless for sometime, mostly because of lost time over more pressing matters, his crew had mutinied leaving Volath with no one to work with other than Shizuru, newly promoted to fist mate and enough non-important crew to man the ship. Having spent most his time recruiting serviceable men and gaining their loyalty on small but fortune filled conquests, he had forgotten about Gloth until docked in Shallsea, having a drink of dark ale at tavern run by non-other than Kender. Volath liked Kender, they were infinitely infuriatingly annoying but had a knack for obtaining information in droves and not knowing what to do with it. Not having the patience to actually talk with Kender, Shizuru had taken a seat beside Volath to report her findings, Volath could tell she were frustrated with her encounter with the Kender, 'Captain, those runts' Shizuru sighed taking a moment to regain her composure, 'Have once again proven useful, that Kender, apparently the inns proprietor had information on a raid completed by the Solamnics' Shizuru nodded towards an older female Kender standing behind the bar, petting a cat with a smile of pure bliss on her face. Shizuru could tell she was losing her captain's interest, Volath was blunt and had not the patience for irrelevant information. Shizuru cleared her throat loudly regaining her captain's attention again and continued on, 'They brought back prisoners... one that I know you have interest in, does the name Gloth ring a bell?" Volath's eyes lit up and a small thin smirk formed. -----------------------------(To be continued...)-----------------------------

Author: Volath Date: Mon Sep 4 23:11:16 2017 Subject A Long Overdue Prize (Part II)

This brought Volath to current day, information extracted and provided, Volath dusted the white ashes of the Baaz from his black tooled leather armour and strode towards the port bow watching waves skim the side of the Vanderkaum leaving a large frothy wake in its path. Haste was to be made his ship skirted the northern shores of Schallsea, groups of invading soldiers could be seen scrambling ashore, aware of his passing and no doubt trying to pass word along. A larger contingent of the Dragonarmy could be seen approaching from his starboard bow, there were at least four ships, two appears to be war galleys, the remaining appeared to be sailing low, laden with cargo or soldiers. Shizuru shimmied down the rigging from the uppermost crow's nest. 'Captain, should we intercept them?' Volath shook his head, 'That is not our target, continue with the plotted course.' Apart being outnumbered, Volath hated attacking during daylight. At night, spells, illusions and surprised could be utilized effectively giving them a large advantage to any unsuspecting ship. Shizuru bowed slightly and ran astern yelling orders and carrying out Volath's wishes. It wasn't until nightfall when the Vanderkaum had approached its prey. A Longboat sailed from shore out into the darkness, no moon lit the sky this night. No moon that anyone other than Volath could see. Volath smiled and thought to to himself, "Nuitari and Zeboim have shown me their blessings this night". As they approached the small vessel abow to the ship, Volath could feel the cool, powerful presence of his target onboard. His crew silently moving across the deck, knowing the plan quickly grabbed whatever was near an braced for impact. It was in the final few moments before the collision the crew of the longboat could be heard. 'Captain Daerg attention! What is th-' a load thunder of timber crashing across timber could be heard amongst the screams of the crew below. 'You have your orders crew! Take as many prisoners as possible but slaughter any resistance!' Volath looked over his shoulder at Shizuru who stood with Volath at the ships ships bow, 'Put an arrow into anything that isn't human.' A twang from Shizuru's bow and an arrow zipped past Volath down into the frothing black sea below, a scream muted. Raising his hands to the stars Volath started muttering incantations and brought hellfire down the Dragonarmy crew below. The smell of burnt flesh could be smelt on the salty spray carried above from below. The Dragonarmy crew below was so unsuspecting that any sort of resistance was stamped within moments. Not long after Volath's prize could be seen hauled aboard among several other prisoners. Khariif looked directly towards Volath, they were attracted to each other's dark and mysterious powers. Yanked forward in shackles Khariifs gaze was broken as he was queue up and sent below to the galley of the ship as prisoner.

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