The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of War_2001.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a concise treatise on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'War_2001' scribed in dull brown ink.

Author:  Delve


troops 11 dragons attack HCT.

-Elzaroth prays for a thick hazy mist to roll in covering HCT
nearly blinding SOL forces.

-If the mist succeeds in covering HCT.. 2 dragons fly 2 troops
troops open the north gates from the inside.. Allowing Anu's
forces in.

-Any magi attempt stone to mud spells.

-5 skull concentrate on raising the troops they lost in the
previous battle to become undead.


-Start marching toward HCT with Lanfer.


-Continues to recruit in cities and towns around Tarsis.

-Heads in the general direction of Tarsis.


-Attempts to recruit the Tarsian army AGAIN (fourth time and we
KNOW that the Tarsian's are sympathetic to our cause) -Also
attempts to recruit goblins from the goblin stronghold.


-Burns the Town of THelguard and the Keep. Crushing everything
resembling fortifications.

-Lanfer and his entire army including Konan/Lotari and their men
head for HCT.

-Attempts to recruit the 30 militia that occupied thelguard
before he took it.

-Lanfer and his black(Sarim) fly ahead with 2 blues and attempt
to recruit dragons along the way (Sarim must know some other


-Danvighar and Azure continue to scout Ergoth.

-They attempt to recruit any dragons or other sympathetics they
can find.


-Still hauling ass to HCT with Rampage and 8 other Reds.


-Makes one last attempt to recruit in and around the mountains
near sanction for barbarians.

-Wulfgar himself finds any graveyards possible and raises undead
like a mad man.


NPC knights are in charge in Palanthas.

-A third of the forces investigate further into the WR found
hiding in the city. 1 dragon aids the forces and weeds out any
situations that might resolve.

-10 skull go to nearby graveyards and raise dead.

(Any WR found are killed or captured)


NPC's are in charge in Caergoth -10 knights are sent out to
attempt to recruit dragons in the area.

-City walls are rebuilt and fortified.

-10 knights are sent to recruit in the small port towns to the
south and southeast.

-Any ships left in the port are commandeered by KoT and any
willing mariners are recruited. (Tell us the numbers on how many
ships we get in this deal please?)

Author:  Nova

While I am jailed, I will consider all the options and will try
to escape in any possible way.

I have noticed that one of the guards isn't that evil as it seems

I have talked to him quite a lot, mainly because I haven't had
anything else to do.

And he told me that his grandfather was a Solamnic knight.

So I think that if I can convince him to let me go, I will help
me some other day later..

Nova, trapped like rat.

Author:  Sorthrus
 Subject War Action, Friday 7 Dec

Jeun and Rufe will continue in their efforts to gather more
chipmunks and bumble-bees while I summon more elementals. Sylia
will continue gathering more harlots.

Current Size:

Giant Bees (size of a griffon) = 14

Sorthrus Oth'ri
Retired High Archmage
Owner of the Red Silk

Author:  Noric
 Subject DEC 7 WAR MOVE

I have all the mages (10) and I bring all the knowledge we have
together and want to see if we can succed in makeing the portal
(not makeing it) (needs a roll to see if my group has enough
power to create the portal if we needed)

Author:  Elzaroth

While our troops rest i pray to Takhisis to grant her knights
thunder in the skies for this next assault. When our troops wake
at dawn, i will be leading 10 dragons and 92 Knights into battle.

And this time (unless something mad crazy style happens) we will

Elzaroth, Protector of the Skull

Author:  Danvighar
 Subject War actions for Friday, 07 December 2001

Konan and Lanfer:

Continue towards HCT, making some attempts to recruit more dragons.

Elzaroth and Anu:

Having three to one odds on the Knights, and two to one odds on the
dragons, they attack once more, dragons against dragons, humans
and demihumans against humans and demihumans.  Orders include making
a reasonable attempt to take Conrad alive and confiscate all his weapons.

Troops are warned (probably needlessly) to be wary of another demon


Will attempt to raise more undead, assigning 30 of his barbarians
to go recruit more of their kind, 30 to recruit among the townsfolk,
30 to work on a couple more ships with the Ogres, and the rest (39)
to work on improving the defenses.


Continues to be rebuilt, and NPCs there try to quietly raise the
public opinion of the Knights of Takhisis by being extra-obvious in
their efforts to make the city more peaceful and safe for the average
citizen.  The Solamnic warships, if still there, are boarded and


Recruits from ruins on the Plains of Dust north of Tarsis.


Attempts to recruit the Tarsian citizens and army again.


Continues towards HCT.


Makes haste for HCT along with the four adult Blues recruited, though
he intends to further scout Ergoth 'one of these days'.

Author:  Danvighar

Vinzentius is attempting to create stable, fairly permanent, specially
keyed gates between our holdings for easy passage of troops.  If
possible, these gates would key on loyalty to Takhisis, and only those
who were loyal would get to their intended destination.

Author:  Vixen

I hope you haven't forgot me. I have been at HCT a while already.
(couple of days I think) I have been curing people and been
saying the last prayer those who death has claimed.

And I have been blessing people before the fight. They should get
more courage against evil foes.

Vixen, WarPriestess of Paladine

Author:  Nova

This guard which has spent 2 days with me is about to help
escape. Tho we need a bulletproof plan.

Everyone is focused on HCT battle so we could be able to make
this escape.

Again one night we were talking about the war and everything was
going on. He asked if I could take him with me and maybe I could
convince leaders to induct him to Solamnic. He says it is for the
honor of his grandfather.

(now hoping that imms should notice my escape or even atleast my

Nova, trapped like a rat.

Author:  Lodanis

Some of you may reconize this tactic or you may not. but here it
goes For as long as it takes i send my group, whom you may
remeber as the Underground (those bent on the destruction fo all
things organized) wait let me back u I have been gathering
members for the underground for 6 months irl time players and the
like but i have rp'd many npc's and thigns of that matter I have
no idea how many "troops" i have thats up to you guys To

I send my group to find the war machines of kot, kos and wr, and
i set up an area with traps Not a big area, but a substantial
amount, and i dress my men as the opposition of whichever area i
am in at the time IE: For the kos traps, my men wear KoT
look-alike armour.

Once the traps are built, all my men but say, 5% will leave,
those who stayed behind will be inflixted with plague.

My group are full of basically cultist, they shouldnt have a
problem with sacrificing themselves.

Once they are found out, they will ensue a battle to make the
opposing army think the entire area is full of the oposing
knights This done, they then surrender one by one, until all 5%
are captured. as prisoners Or until all are dead.

If many survive, once taken back to camp as prisoners, they will
ask for the right to die in combat with the leader of that
current camp, hem ay or may not grant this.

At any rate, no matter what happens people will misterioulsy
catch the plague, and hopefully the clerics wont notice. im
counting on the arrogance of the kos and kot not to show a
weakness such as a headache or whatever.

This will effectivly spread disease through all of the war
machines and plays out my part in the war.

Thyrix will lead half of the men, and I will lead the other half
to set up the traps This can take as many days as you think and
please just count it as myne and his action until it is done.

thank you.

Author:  Dartain

3 of my days war actions in a row were ignored completely. I was
to take my remaining men, and dragons and head to northern ergoth
to recruit and mobilize the solamnic armada there & make dummy
ships with ramming spikes and covered in oil & greek fire. The
next action was supposed to be me going to southern ergoth and
doing the same thing. And the third was to strike caergoth to try
and regain it, it's forces and ships. Hopefully you won't mind
catching that up, since noone bothered at any point to inform me
of this "war board" or that the note board was wiped/getting

Author:  Lanfer

Just want to make sure that You know I am marching for Clerist
tower as well. Hadent seen anyting in the notes about it and I
had noted about it a while back

Author:  Sorthrus
 Subject War Action, Monday 10 Dec

With hope of gathering a large sum of recruits for my cause I
will send Jeun and Rufe out once more to collect chipmunks and
bumble-bees. Sylia will take the harlots gathered thus far into
Yarus and Palanthas, eleven harlots to Yarus and the remaining
twenty to Palanthas. In hope of obtaining information on the
numbers of soldiers held in either city to better respond with my
plan. While the others are fulfilling their part a giant bee will
be sent to try and gather more of its own kind and possibly
gather the more aggressive wasps to help. While this is taking
place I will attempt to summon more elementals. Hoping that
enough forces are gathered plans will be set into motion soon

Current Size:

Giant Bees (size of a griffon) = 14

Sorthrus Oth'ri
Retired High Archmage
Owner of the Red Silk

Author:  Nekros
 Subject My War Action for Monday, December 10th.

I will continue with my recruitment in Tarsis, only this 
time my men and I will be on the lookout specifically for
persons with magical or clerical ability as well as generic

Admitto Abnocoto Accido..
 -Let Night Fall.

Nekros D'Vorath, Lord of the Lily.

Author:  Wulfgar

For today's Action....

I will move a force of 50 goblins 20 barbarians, and 20 lesser
undead to take New Ofcal. I will lead them and recruit any
dragons seen in the Loords of Doom along the way.

Wulfgar Knight of theSkull

Author:  Wulfgar

goups of 5 goblins will go out among the caves and  mountains
around Sanction to try and recruit more of their kind. I will
still lead the attack force and recruit dragons along the w way.


Author:  Kiri

Guys I got tossed off sunday while I was trying to post notes due
to a GD virus... thank god my gf's friend is a comp analyst... he
destroyed the bug within an hr.. dont worry its the last time I
DL porn... I swear *crosses fingers*.. anyways if I can Id like
to post monday's and tuesdays actions in one..if not disregard
the tuesday action and just use the monday action for tuesday..

Fireflash plus his 2 brothers and the dragons he recruited (cant
remember the exact number... I believe it was 8 or so) will
arrive at HCT this day and without delay will dive right into the
ranks of the KOT and their dragons.

Tues - Fireflash and his dragonwing (those left) will continue to
fight bu tthis time their main targets are any and all officers
(namely PCs), the body can not live without the mind..

Author:  Anu

Well, Take the tower. Attack, fall back if demons decide to show
themselves again. you too should be able to arrive and take
command, You decide what will happen with the army. If I can, let
me go for conrad. I want him =P

Author:  Konan

My men and I will aid Lanfer and his troops with the assault on HCT.

Konan Wolfclaw

Author:  Noric

Sorry i got midterms had to do them all today, just place each day on the right day

I call to the Conclave again trying to recruit more mages, i tell
them of my dire need

I have all the mages (10 plus what ever i got on monday) and me
study all the books we have at the tower about the portal and try
to learn how to do it

I have the big group try to learn the spell again (incase it
didnt work last time, or if it did, get a better mastery of it)

We attempt the gate (in an area not so close to the tower, like
the wilderness, only a small one to make sure we can do it)

Ill be on friday to check up Noric that guy in that tower that
conclave doesnt seem to care about

Author:  Lodanis

I will be taking 21 of the 42 troops to the high clerist tower,
operating out of palanthas underground.

i will set up my traps on the outskirts everyone but 5 people
will leave, and those 5 people will remain to start the
attacks/capture Starting from palanthas, thyrix will begin
trekking to thorbardin, where he will do the same.

Author:  Lanfer

Today I arrive with my force at HCT. And present myself to Delve
as being under his command.

Sarim and his 2 Black Dragon Counterparts will aid in the fight
but will not stray far from me for reasons unknown.

Author:  Gobbo

Hey! I just inform that I am going to help good guys in this war.

*points Kender troops behind in holabaloo formation* When we
left, I think we had about 100 kender but now when I look at the
troops I am sure that some of em are missing. It might be
possible that few of them didn't continue our journey when they
saw a goblin I think they started to follow it and ask those
wonderful questions from it.

then the goblin snapped and I think few skulls were crushed.
*giggle* That was all so marvelous.

so, here we are. marching to HCT, I just wonder why any of those
towns let us is.*ponder* If I can count right, I think we are
about 40 left. Oh darn. where are all those disappeared? I bet
dragon has eaten some of em. I know dragons don't like kenders,
except for food.

So here we are. Estimated arrival to HCT would be in two days. If
our head mapmaker doesn't lead us wrong direction ATTENTION!!
*half of the kenders even notice that loud noise* Darn, this
might take some time..

Oh did I remember to tell.. Some of my friends are joining us in
way to HCT Sorry, Did I babble too long. Well, I will let you go
now. *tip*

Gobbo, Golden Kender General

Author:  Danvighar


92 Knights and militia
14 Skeletal Warriors
Demonic Troops
6 Young Adult Blues


116 Knights and militia, 51 Undead
Rampage, 8 Young Red Dragons
Sarim (black), 2 Adult Black Dragons
Azure, 4 Adult, 14 Young Adult Blue Dragons
Lanfer, Konan, Anu, Elzaroth, Delve, Danvighar

Storm's Keep:

16 Young Adult Blues
39 Knights
25 Thiewar Magi
45 Daergar


129 Barbarians
89 Goblins/Hobgoblin leaders
50 Ogres
2 Light Warships
45 Lesser Undead
20 Moderate Undead
Demonic Troops


Demonic Troops


97 Troops


Gharies and 24 Lesser Undead


29 Tarsinians
30+ Goblins

Ruins, somewhere in the Plains of Dust:

49 Baaz Draconians
33 Goblins


Shockwave and 6 Young Blues

Author:  Aurin

I launch a full assault upon Palanthas.  I unleash the full force
of my army upon Palanthas.  If Takhisis shows up, I take her on
too.  My goal is to push her out of Palanthas at the very least. 
Knock her ass back to Storms Keep if possible.  I will take no
prisoners, no mercy.  Anyone standing in my way will be
destroyed.  I will rely on my successful bonding spell to give me
an advantage over the forces in Pal.

If I succeed in driving Takhisis away and whiping out her forces
there, I will stay in Palanthas, keeping order.


Author:  Delve
 Subject WAR ACTIONS Dec. 10

-Nekros attempts to recruit people with clerical or magical
abilities from Tarsis.

-50 Barbarians 20 goblins 20 lesser undead attack New OfCol.

-4 groups of 5 goblins go to the mountains in sanction to attempt
to recruit.
-attempts to recruit dragons in the Lord of Doom as they pass.


-All remaining troops do a full out assault of the northern wall
of HCT.
-Pre-battle preparations involve all magi casting contingency
spells with entangle cast in them.

(Obvious intent is to capture as many WR demons as possible to
lower their numbers protecting HCT)
-A little bit after Anu's assault a single blue dragon flies to
the south side of HCT and shoots lightning of Lanfer's army.

(Tells Lanfer to commence his attack. The intent with the
staggered attack is for Anu's men to draw Solamnic troops to the
north side to protect their gates. Lanfer surprises them from the
south and they have few troops their to defend the southern


-Pre-battle preparations--All clerics travel around the
encampment and pray for Takhisis's blessing on her troops.
-When the Blue Dragon arrives Lanfer's army attack, Dragon first
heading directly for the southern wall of HCT.
-During the attack all magi concentrate on one point of the wall
casting stone to mud spells.


-All of Konan's men aid Lanfer.

Young Adult Blue dragons follow them.

-Delve on his mount Rampage attack HCT at the eastern wall. 8 red
dragons follow them.
-Delve and Rampage focus on attacking Conrad and his mount and
capturing them.
-4 reds focus on clearing out all antisiege equipment (archers
etc.) The other 4 focus on any metallic dragons

-Elzaroth attacks with Anu at the Northern Wall

The plan is for Anu and Elz to attack the northern wall and draw
Solamnic defenses. Unsuspecting of Lanfers army marching up
behind them Lanfer and his dragons attack.

Solamnics are too late to even out their defenses and Lanfer's
army breaks through the southern walls.

Delve captures Conrad and his mount and Danvi flies around
kicking ass.


-Didn't post.. Sits in Tarsis doing jack shit.

Author:  Delve
 Subject WAR ACTIONS CONT. dec. 10


-I was wrong about Geften. He's still attempting to recruit
around the ruined cities around Tarsis.


-Continues to work on a Portal to Pala. (If Pala is lost to the
enemy this portal will be closed immediately)

Author:  Lodanis

Sabrina will now be in my group, and she is a whore under sorthus
simarially spreading disease, she we catch up with me at a later

Author:  Shockwave

I, the chosen blue dragon of her dark majesty, will send my fleet of 
my brothers and sisters to the high clerist tower, calling out to our
brothers and sisters along the way. We dragons possess the spell known as
"irondust" and "paintshatter". We will cast these spells on any opposing
forces...mainly the runners.

Author:  Trice

I will sneak around palanthas at night and poison the water supplies 
in the whole area.

Author:  Shockwave

since the Runners of Zhan have intervined. Please do not forget that the
Knights of Her Dark Majesty are in possesion of "irondust" and "paintshatter"

scrolls. They would prove most effective against the elves.

Author:  Sorthrus
 Subject War Action, Tuesday 11 Dec

It appears that the tides have changed once more for the side of
good. A pity to think that my own moment of glory was dashed
aside with the act of one Aurin of the Conclave. No matter, for
as it seems his action has driven the Knights of Takhisis from
Palanthas and possibly straight into the arms of my own legions.

Strange how the actions of one person can sway the balance back
to its original yielding of good and evil, though I'm not one to
sit idle to allow this change my mind. With the Knights of
Takhisis on the run outside the city of Palanthas I shall send my
legions to finish them off. The swarms of bumble-bees and
chipmunks shall wash over the land in a tide of rabid fur,
cleansing the skies with the buzzing of thousands of bumble-bees
and cloak the knights in the shadow as they turn again to run.
Those not caught in the wave of chipmunks or the cloud of lesser
bumble-bees shall be picked clean from the land by their greater
cousins, those of the giant bee population I have mustered for my
forces. Those that do not die shall be carried away by the giant
bees and brought back to my house and thus kept as their brethren
Zanf is. In hopes that this "battle" will end swiftly my
elementals forces will be split in half, one to guard the Red
Silk and the other to ferret out Knights of Takhisis from Yarus.
With luck I will also take Yarus and insure the safety of my
establishment in future times. Those harlots that manage a swift
return will be placed in charge of gathering the inhabitants of
Yarus in hopes of keeping them from harms way. In the end they
will be released and free to do what is desired. If any portion
of my plan does in fact fail I will wield my own magic in defence
of my establishment and that of Yarus, by the grace of Lunitari I
hope this does not come to happen.

OOC: If this works out like I hope it does I'm going to be
posting a story to the entire mud about what happened. *smiles*
I'd appreciate it if the results were kept secret to the entire
mud until I could post the story, most likely the moment I
received the results. Thanks much.

Current Size:

Giant Bees (size of a griffon) = 42

Sorthrus Oth'ri
Retired High Archmage
Owner of the Red Silk

Author:  Nekros
 Subject My War Action for Tuesday, December 11th.

Today I personally will continue with recruitment in Tarsis. I
am sending Tempest, my adult blue, out to the nearby plains to
search for more dragonsw to assist us. My milita
(non-mages/clerics) will be training their skills, and the mages
and clerics will begin setting up magical defenses against demons
and elves.

Admitto Abnocoto Accido..
 -Let Night Fall.

Nekros D'Vorath, Lord of the Lily.

Author:  Konan

I will continue in the battle of HCT.... In any free time my men
may have they are to rest and to try to recruit
order to gain some numbers.

Konan Wolfclaw

Author:  Anu

During the cardianal directed attack, my forces will attack from
the north. Kill... kill... kill.

If wildrunners appear, all attackers are ordered to attack the
wildrunners, not the demons. Only wildrunners.

If possible that we finally break this damned fortress, Capturing
conrad would be my main objective.


Author:  Lotari

Lotari, along with his companian Konan and his men helps with the
battle at hct, he also prays to takhisis for her blessing.


Author:  Danvighar
 Subject KoT War Actions, 11 December 2001

Lotari, Konan, Lanfer, Anu, Elzaroth, Delve, Danvighar:

The above, with their forces (listed below) will attack the High
Clerist's Tower, from all directions.  Dragons will attempt to seek
out Metallic Dragons first, demons (if they appear) second, and Solamnics
third.  Troops will fight Solamnics, but if Wildrunners appear as before,
those in a position to do so without getting immediately dead will
attempt to take out the Wildrunners that are with the demons, on the
theory that they either control or direct the demons.

Our attacking force - 115 Knights, 10 Undead, 7 Young Blues, 4 Adult
Blues, 2 Adult Blacks, 8 Young Reds, and the Personal Mounts Rampage
(Red), Azure (Blue), and Sarim (Black).


A Knight of the Thorn, he will attempt to create a permanent 'Great Nexus'
between Storm's Keep and Tarsis, large enough for several Dragons to
enter simultaneously.


Will attempt to use his connection to the Negative Material Plane to
recruit an older Shadow Dragon, preferably one with a brood.


Will send Tempest, his Blue, to look for other Dragons in the Plains
of Dust and recruit them.  Also orders the Mages and Clerics recruited
yesterday to begin work on magical and clerical defenses against demons
and elves.  Nekros orders the other Militia and Goblins he has recruited
to work on their training, and Nekros personally works on recruiting
more Tarsinians.


Taking several treasures previously taken from the Library of Palanthas
(while we occupied Palanthas, that is), Gwenlyn tries to recruit Greens
from the forests of Southern Ergoth, her homeland.  She is also taking
the seal from the chair of the former Solamnic Grandmaster of Palanthas,
seeking to entice a particular Green.  She will also attempt to recruit
from Daltigoth, her home city, and contact the head of the ogre tribes
there, offering him a chance to join us.

Author:  Delve
 Subject WAR ACTIONS dec. 11


-Delve and his mount Rampage are focusing on attacking Conrad and his mount. (trying to capture the old fart)

Author:  Ranadiel

If I'm not mistaken, Telvan, a city in the game south east of Kalaman is currently under
Solamnic control, is it not?

Ranadiel Peacecrafter,
Master Clerist

Author:  Sorthrus
 Subject War Action, Wednesday 12 Dec

With the horrific defeat of the Dark Knights I have recalled my
main forces to maintain a defense of Yarus. As of this moment I
shall occupy Yarus and provide defenses for it as part of rights
to ownership. One thousand bees, along with four giant bees, will
be sent to track the retreat of the Dark Knights to be sure that
they do not seek out the source of their mishap. With luck my
bees will track them to their fortress and a siege can take
place. If not, then at the very least Yarus will be under my
protective control while the knights lick their wounds.

Current size:

Giant Bees (size of a griffon) = 20

Sorthrus Oth'ri
Retired High Archmage
Owner of the Red Silk

Author:  Wulfgar

I will recruit dragons in the Lords of for troops:

My remaining barbarians will return to Sanction, while the last
of my lesser undead and all of my goblins will go to Ofcal.

The goblins once at Ofcol will begin recruiting any goblins in
the area.

Author:  Wulfgar

I will begin recruiting dragons in the Lords of Doom, s for my
forces, from what survive, half my barbarians will go to Ofcal,
half to Sanction, the same with goblins.

As for my undead, the lesser will move to Ofcal, while the medium
move to Sanction. The barbarians in both cities will begin
recruting anyone that cares to join the army.

Wulfgar KNight of the Skull

Author:  Anu

Well. I follow the orders of my leaders. We will take this damn
tower :(

Author:  Gobbo

Finally, finally Gobbo and his legions arrive to HCT.

I will send some scouts to check how we can sneak to HCT or even
if it is possible.

Dang! Now when I look at my troops, I can see only 35 kender with
me. *sigh* Where the heck they have disappeared.

Gobbo waits anxiously how his scouts will manage..

Wait wait. I can see atleast 15 more kender. they are all yelling
and singing loudly.

SHUT UP!! You will wake everyone with that sound!. *Gobbo hears

Author:  Nekros
 Subject My War Action for Wednesday, December 12th.

I am ceasing the training of troops and taking half
of my militia-men with me to recruit. Temepst is to
continue to attempt in his recruitment of dragons. The
rest of my normal men will begin setting themselves up
defensively with boiling oil and the like, and my clerics
and mages are to put intense work into magical defenses
against elves and demons.

Admitto Abnocoto Accido..
 -Let Night Fall.

Nekros D'Vorath, Lord of the Lily.

Author:  Danvighar
 Subject KoT War Actions, 12 December 2001


Divides his forces, so that half of his barbarians, half his
goblins, and his Lesser Undead (25) are in New Ofcol, and the
rest of his forces are in Sanction.  Wulfgar himself attempts to
recruit dragons from the Lords of Doom, the barbarians in both
cities attempt to recruit sympathetic humans, while the goblins
in both cities try to recruit nearby goblins.


Has Tempest still recruit dragons, half his mundane forces work
on defenses such as boiling oil and the like.  His mages and
clerics work intensely on magical defenses.  The remaining troops
(half his mundane forces) and Nekros himself attempt to recruit
more Tarsinians.


Tries to meet with Ogre Tribes near Daltigoth about joining, with
occasional forays into the forest to attempt to recruit more
Greens, one of those she's already recruited helping her convince
them.  She sends a book on the guerilla warfare tactics used by
the elves of Silvamori in hopes that Danvighar can use it, and
sends several bottled jars of Chlorine gas to Storm's Keep for
study by Vinzentius and Kaylan.


One last attack is attempted on the Tower, using breath weapons,
spells, prayers, and physical force.  Knowing that this is the
last time they can afford to make this attempt, every Knight
prayers for Takhisis to not only guide their weapons, but to be
there with them, aiding them in destroying the enemy. 
Remembering a small Keep, placed strategically between Yarus and
the High Clerist's Tower that could hold off literally entire
armies with only about 6 to 8 men, Delve sends a force of 8 men
to hold that Keep against any attempt of Shilaan's or Aurin's or
Sorthrus's to follow.


Together with his Shadow Dragon, Murder, shadow-walks to Sanction
from Storm's Keep.  Once there, he attempts to open a temporary
portal that can, depending on circumstances, be used either to
retreat, or to send reinforcements.


Knights, 8 Adult Blues, 1 Young Adult Blue, 6 Young Blues, Azure,
Shockwave, 2 Young Reds, Rampage, 14 Skeletal Warriors, 19 Demons
(4 of them Greater Demons), and Vornas the Pit Fiend General, at
the High Clerist's Tower.

Author:  Lanfer

Hey tak I am writing this to you cuz I dont want anyone lese to
know really. I'll get to the action but I want you to know the
reason for it first.

I am taking Lanfer and the 3 blacks that I have and am heading to
Zhan. We are stoping At 1 MAYBE 2 places the blacks feel they can
get the most numbers of blacks to join In return I am offering
them the land aroud the Thelgaard Keep as a new haven for them.

Since we destroyed it and they would have the funds being dragons
to fix it anyway.

time raid on Zhan At night a fly by MAYBE 2 or 3.... Depending on
weather we see any resistance. Orders are to breath as much as
you can in the fly over zhan. The more destrrustion The better. I
will be on Sarim nd ledaing the attack. I hope the cover of night
will protect us.

Lanfer Di'ternin

Author:  Nekros
 Subject My War Action for Friday, December 14th.

I am once again attempting to recruit those with magical or
clerical abilities. All other troops are to continue with the
fortification of the city, and any with magical or clerical
abilities are to conjure defenses against demons and elves.

Tempest is to recruit more dragons and then return to the city
with the rest of the dragons he has recruited.

Admitto Abnocoto Accido..
 -Let Night Fall.

Nekros D'Vorath, Lord of the Lily.

Author:  Vinzentius

Murder (my Shadow Dragon), and I will return to HCT through the
gate I created earlier.  We will then join Delve in the next
mobilization against the enemy.

Vinzentius Tivas, Sorcerer of the Thorn

Author:  Anu

Orders are as follows: Every knight are to honor all dead around
the tower of the high clerist. Every dead, sol or KoT are to have
a decent burial or what can be done of the likes, considering the

if any surplus (psychical that is) is left, all that can be
spared, is to seek out the inhabitants of the mountains surround
HCT and recruit with great enthusiasm.

A small band of knights will be sent around the halls of the
tower, to seek out any traps and to find all relics, artifacts


Author:  Danvighar
 Subject KoT War Actions, 14 December 2001


Attempts to recruit more dragons, more ogres, and hopefully some
humans, perhaps from the 'Braavos' - apparently some kind of
Ergothian sworddancers that trained her as she was growing up.


Attempts to recruit some more dragons, and has his barbarians
attempt to recruit from the Ofcol citizens and Sanction citizens.


Has Tempest attempt to recruit more dragons.  Orders half his
troops to train, leads the other half in recruiting more
Tarsinians, especially mages and clerics.


Attempts to recruit in Port Balifor.


Attempts to recruit dragons and troops from the countryside
surrounding the Tower.


Passes through the gate to HCT with his Shadow Dragon, Murder, to
join Delve in the next mobilization.


Attempts to determine whether he can safely, magically duplicate
the stored chlorine gas into empty, sealed jars.  If so, he does
that for the rest of the day; if not, he attempts to create a
Permanent Gate to Sanction big enough for men horseback to ride
two abreast through it.


Works on preserving the bodies of those Knights who died in
honorable combat for burial after the war has ended, or at least
moved out of the vicinity.  This includes both Solamnic and KoT
bodies.  Also, a small group of Knights goes through the High
Clerist's Tower, looking for Magical Artifacts, Holy Relics, or
Traps.  Artifacts are turned over to Knights of the Thorn for
study and possible corruption, and similarly with Holy Relics and
Knights of the Skull.  Beyond that, those who aren't on shift
take the day to recuperate, at times giving those on shift, a
break to do the same.

Author:  Konan

My troops continue to recruit for anyone they can find in the
hills, the also resupply.  I have sent a small detactchment to go
to scout vingaard.

Konan Wolfclaw

Author:  Noric

I will train my 25 mages in the tower with me and try to get them
to a higher level of Magi

Author:  Nekros
 Subject My War Action for Tuesday, December 17th.

Basically the same thing as before.. I attempt to recuit mages
and clerics, and Tempest is to continue recruiting dragons.

Admitto Abnocoto Accido..
 -Let Night Fall.

Nekros D'Vorath, Lord of the Lily.

Author:  Delve
 Subject WAR ACTIONS  DEC.17


-Danvighar and 9 cleric troops search the rest of HCT in attempts
to find objects that may be negatively affecting Takhisis's

-Azure attempts to recruit any dragons she can.


-Elzaroth claims one Adult blue Dragon as his mount and takes
flight to Caergoth.

-They attempt to recruit dragons in Warden Swamp and several
other indisclosed locations on the way.


-Recruits around the hills in Sanction.


-Along with 10 other magi Vinzentius attempts to raise a shield
around HCT that prevents any magic not granted by Takhisis.

-Vinzentius's mount Murder attempts to summon more shadow


-Continues recruiting in Port Balifor


-Sections off his 70 knights into 3 groups. A group of 30 is
trained to become Lily knights a group of 20 is trained to become
skull and the other group of 20 are trained to become thorn.


-Lanfer and Sarim continue recruiting blacks.


-Wulfgar sends 32 barbarians 50 ogres and 20 moderate undead
through the portal from Sanction to HCT.

-Wulfgar attempts to raise undead from graveyards around
Sanction/New OfCol.

-Sends his 20 remaining barbarians back to their mainlands to
recruit brothers/sisters/families/friends to Takhisis's cause.


-Continues to recruit about the ruins around Tarsis.


-Continues to try to recruit trained soldiers from Tarsis.

-Tempest flies about the ruins around Tarsis attempting to
recruit blue dragons.


-Dissapears during battle -Undead head gate/travel to Caergoth as
per orders. (Gharies deleted and sent his troops to caergoth
before he did so)


-Continues to recruit around Port Balifor.


-Plays the khas board against Kurnos and Yarus eventually
resulting in the recruiting of their spirits. Kurnos's army is
summoned to aid Takhisis's cause.

(Kurnos and Yarus as well as Kurnos's army are all undead. You'll
have to do dice rolls for how many troops kurnos summons to help
us) -Rampage enters the gate Kaylan raised and goes to Sanction
to recruit the two red dragons Harkiel, Tombfyre, and Ember.

(At this point in time all three of these powerful red dragons
are KNOWN to be in Sanction already onour side.) -Rampage enters
the gate Kaylan raised and goes to Sanction to recruit the three
red dragons Harkiel, Tombfyre, and Ember.

(At this point in time all three of these powerful red dragons
are KNOWN to be in Sanction already onour side.) -They all enter
the portal back to HCT


-Continues recruiting in S. Ergoth.

-Her 7 greens also attempt to recruit more green about Ergoth.

Author:  Delve
 Subject WAR ACTIONS Dec. 17 addendum


-His men attempt to recruit around the area.

-sends 2 scouts to check vingaurd borrowing young adult dragons
from KOT forces.

-Sends 2 scouts north to scout palanthas.

Author:  Tillov
 Subject WAR ACTION Dec.18

I'm sending several of my servants out to recruit soldiers from
the land around my keep to the north of Vinguard.

I am personally going out and attempting to recruit any age
metallic dragons I can find.

Author:  Ranadiel

I was wondering if I could get a list of the total number of
troops under my command in Lemish.  Id like to know what I have
to work with.  Thanks for taking time out to help :)

Ranadiel Peacecrafter.

Author:  Anu

At the break of night, I will leave the towers for the goblins
town... Throtyl I will be leaving on dragonback, to quickly reach
the city and try and recruit.

My arguments... How well they did last war, and how easy Takhisis
is with her punishment trigger. Either they sign up, or they
suffer the consequences.


Author:  Sabrina

She sat at the dinner table, eating her cold meal, when a cloaked
man came in with an urgent message.

"Master Lodanis sends for your pressence, M'lady."  Nodding, she
puts away her meal and quickly walks to her master's quarters.

She knocked on the door, a little too fiercely apparently, and it
swung slightly open.  A low baritone voice beckoned her to enter,
and so she did.

"Yes, Master Lodanis?" she asked, questioning her urgent request.
 "Please, close the door, and take a seat."  She quietly closed
the door and sat in a cold wooden chair.

"Lady Sabrina," he began, "I have called you here on an important
matter.  Now, the discussion we might have will contain things
only few have heard, and it means your life will change."

"You have made a serious impression toward me.  Your skills, yes,
all of them, are top notch.  I wish for your assistance on

"But you have to remember, this is a secret matter, one of great
importance.  Do you wish to take on this burden?  My view of you
shall never change, especially on the decision you choose."

With a grin, she nodded.  "Yes Master, of course I accept.  You
know I love a challenge."  A quiet chuckle came from Lodanis.

"Indeed," he agreed, "you do love a challenge."  "Now, to the
important subject.  Sabrina, your word means more to me than any
money, so that's fall I ask for."

"I need your word that you will tell not a soul of what you hear
in these next couple hours."

"By the Dark Master of Vengeance, Sargonnas himself, you have my
word," she said with a more than sincere look in her eyes.


The two spent hours upon hours talking, and plotting the mass
destruction they wished to induce upon the world.

He told her of his Underground Legion and their purpose: total
anarchy and chaos during the war.  The plan was ingenious.

The war would be swept from underneath everyone that involved
themselves in it.  That night too, she met the Dark Cleric.

This man and his followers were the key componets of this
massive, unknown attack.

Courtesan Sabrina McKinsey

Author:  Kilandara

I try to establish a group of Holy Order clerics to begin the
rebuilding of Palanthas.

Author:  Konan

I will continue to have my men recruit and resupply
Konan Wolfclaw

Author:  Kilandara

I continue regulating the clerics that are rebuilding faith and
physical structure. I send one or two to the dead city to help
with the faith.

Author:  Shockwave

I, the chosen blue dragons of her dark majesty, will take 7 of
the blue dragons from storm keep and scout out the surrounding
areas for stragling solamnic members or anything out of the
ordinary. While we scout the area we will try to summon any
dragons of our brethren.


Author:  Lanfer

I wait for a new assignment from Delve, but as I wait I begin
daily trainings for the men at HCt Sword practice is a key
element and I lay down a daily scedual for all the men incase I
am gone in the future.

I send Sarim and the other blacks out to try and gather more
black dragons.

Again their reward for helping is lards in and around the ruins
of Thelgaard.

Author:  Anu

I continue to train the goblins. (At least thats what I think the
warnote from tak said that I was doing...?)
Anyways.... That's about it.

Author:  Kalevi

Kalevi will continue to recruit blue dragons and the natives of Khur.

He will use the nomads to persuade their companions and the blue
dragons he has alligned with to demenstorate the power of the budding
army, hinting that he would be "displeased" if they refused to join.

Author:  Dartain

Okay. I have spoken about this to all 3 of you and was told it
would be taken care of and it has not been.

I havent been given a result to any of my actions since caergoth
was lost. At that point I still had 4 dragons not including my
of my troops left, not including any city militia that remained
under my banner. My actions with them were this. I took them to
northern ergoth, hylo. There I was to recruit any able bodied men
in the area to join me in the purging of the KoT while my men
build dummy boats with ramming spikes and oil on the decks,
buliwyyd is to try and recruit other dragons to our cause. Next,
I was going to take any troops/dragons I had recruited and goto
Daltigoth birthplace of Vinas Solamnus himself, and the place
where the solamnic knigthood first began. There I am to collect
any knights available to my cause and recruit from amongst the
militia and citizens of the great city. Buliwyyd is to once more
try to get other good dragons to follow him. My men are to go to
all the church's of the gods of good, to pray and ask the priests
there for assistance in our struggle.

Next, I would take my amassed forces and the dummy ships to
strike caergoth, using the dummy boats to flame and ram them
toward any port defenses, and attempt to retake the city. If
succesful I rally the people of caergoth to rejoin me, and free
any knights still imprisoned in the city. Finally I will march
with any forces I still have left(if any) to the HCT.

I didn't get results for the last 7 actions or so, there should
be plenty of days travel time for that. Just need my results from
those actions so I can make a -new- action for tommorow? Thank

Author:  Konan

I will continue to recruit...this time for dragons.

Konan Wolfclaw

Author:  Danvighar
 Subject KoT War Summary for 19 December 2001

Kaylan:  attempts to magically duplicate the chlorine gas
previously sent by Gwenlyn, into empty, sealed jars.

Lanfer:  Begins daily sword training for troops at the HCT.  Lays
down a daily schedule for all the men in case he receives an
assignment that takes him away, so they can keep training.  Sarim
and Lanfer's other blacks go try to recruit more Blacks.

Anu: continues to train troops.

Lotari: continues to recruit mercs and sends some of his troops
to try to recruit dragons.

Kalevi tries to recruit more Blues and more natives of Khur.  He
will use the nomads to 'persuade' their companions and the blue
dragons he has allied with to demonstrate the power of the
budding army, hinting that he would be 'displeased' if they
refused to join.

Konan:  Tries to recruit dragons

Danvighar: directs some of the mages and clerics in strengthening
the High Clerist's Tower, magically, against assault by seige
engine, dragon, etc.

ooc:  Apologies for the lateness,
Danvighar Fulminis

Author:  Shockwave

I, the chosen blue dragon of her dark queen, along with my leige of my
brothers and sisters, will continue to scout the surrounding areas of the
high clerist tower. We are searching for any potential threats as well as
any straggling opposing members.

also while we are scouting we will be trying to summon more dragons.


Author:  Danvighar

I forgot to include Gwenlyn's action - she attempted to recruit
more dragons, militia, and ogres

Author:  Anu

Today, I (hopefully) will be able to send a vast army of goblins
to the hct, and if not, I'll be recruiting even more goblins.
They should nonetheless be easy to persuade.

(Sorry, I didn't have the timezone to actually wait till warnotes
were posted. It's 1 am here and I should get up in like 5 hours
:() So you pick whichever action is best for today.


Author:  Kilandara

I continue running the rebuilding and attempt to find more help.

Author:  Nekros
 Subject My War Action for Thursday, December 20th.

I continue to recruit militia, while Tempest recruits more dragons.

Admitto Abnocoto Accido..
 -Let Night Fall.

Nekros D'Vorath, Lord of the Lily.

Author:  Nova

Hey connie, remember to tell that Nova has been on the route like
2 days to Caergoth and been recruiting people the whole trip.

I just want to get back before war is over. Don't wanna be one of
those ghost knights who don't do crap

Author:  Kalevi

Kalevi continues to recruit in the same way as the previous days,
though he will devote some time to teaching his new troops combat
theory, ie working as a cohesive army. Kalevi's dragon mount will
likewise discuss strategy with the growing number of blue dragons.

Author:  Lanfer

I continue trainig ALL troops while teh blacks are again sent out to 
see if they can gain more support. They are told to tell of a Human who
Listens to them and will not lead them astray. All blacks recruited

Author:  Branchala

I Astarin, have under my command 24 troops/riders stationed
outside of the city of Palanthas.

After my meeting with Lord Conrad about the Dark Queen where
about, I gave the orders to move to the town of Yarus.  Also, I
have sent word for supplies to be moved into the caves south of
Palanthas.  Where they will be secretly moved into the city of
Palanthas to aide the citizens still inside the city.  My
troops/riders consist of 2 clerics, and 22 fighters myself
included making my force a whole 25 members.  Once at the tower,
we will scout out the Dark Queen's army movements.  No attacks
are coming from me at this moment, just the movement of troops to
Yarus and ordering supplies to be moved to the caves south of

Astarin aka Branchala's avatar

Author:  Danvighar
 Subject KoT War Summary, 20 December 2001


Continues recruiting dragons, militia, and ogres.


Heads for Throtyl, dragonback, to convince the goblins and
hobgoblins to ally with the Knighthood.  (OOC - there is some
confusion going on here.

I could swear that I'd previously seen a summary or action that
stated Anu was going to Throtyl, but then he was posted a couple
days ago as still being at the High Clerist's Tower.  So, he's
somehow still under the impression he's reached Throtyl and is
training gobs *shrug*.  I'm taking the opportunity to have him go
there, since we have several PCs staying (for now) in the region
to train the NPCs.)


Continues training all the troops, the Blacks with him are sent
out to see if they can recruit more Blacks.


Kalevi continues to recruit as before, but devotes some time to
teaching his new troops combat theory - that is, working as a
cohesive army.  His dragon mount will likewise discuss strateg
with the growing number of Blue dragons.


Attempts to recruit more militia, while Tempest recruits more


Works with Skull Knights at the High Clerist's Tower in an
attempt to create a potion made from a few drops of his blood. 
The hope is to create something that will grant temporary
immunities and strengths common to vampires.

(It is understood that this potion, even if successful, will
likely be significantly less powerful than his own abilities)

Saige:  Takes three militia-grade clerics (from the HCT?) and
heads for North Keep, in Nordmaar, to scout it and see what's
there.  Besides basic scouting to see whether and by what it is
occupied, they will make attempt to penetrate the keep in order
to better report on numbers, armaments, and so forth.


Seeks out troops who might have had masonry or architectural or
engineering learning and/or experience.  If he finds none who
have formal training (former apprentices and/or
journeymen/masters), he takes the thirty men with the best eye
for detail and design who are good at following orders.

Regardless, he takes this group and has them start rebuilding the
fallen or mangled portions of the Tower, concentrating primarily
on utilitarian and defensive rebuilding - carpets, furniture,
etc, can wait.

As they build, he asks Takhisis's blessing on each stone, that it
may be strengthened against those who follow the gods of Good.

Author:  Tobek
 Subject Tarsis Control Part 2

Ok now that I have control of Tarsis, politically, I will start
having the normal militia, getting paid twice whatever the kot is
giving their grunts. Using my personal fortunes to cover what the
government cannot keep up with, trying to gather the kots support
away from them. Also I will have city projects implemented to
improve the everyday life of the citizens, and have them know it
is actually I funding these supports for the city. I hope that
these actions will make me a local figure, that people will
eventually follow more then the mayor or the kot troops.

Author:  Delve
 Subject WAR ACTION Addendum to war action summary DEC.21


-heads to the tombs deep below HCT and begins preparations to
raise Lord Gunthar uth Winstan from the dead to become his
personal servant.

(Gonna be a big rp with this. And Takhisis I need to meet with
you about my attempt to recruit Kurnos)

-Rampage attempts to recruit dragons!

Author:  Tillov
 Subject War ACTION Dec. 21

Attempting to recruit dragons to join me at my keep north of vinguard.

Author:  Anu

Well, as the warnote showed, I am supported, not allied. So I
stay in throtyl, urging them to accept the knighthood as their
ally, as well as remembering them of what might happen if they


Author:  Kalevi

Kalevi continues to recruit natives of Khur, using his newly
recruited ogres and dragons to aid in the recruitment. Kalevi
specifically searches for any barbarians.

Author:  Branchala

Giving the order I have 4 scouts to start looking for a supply
line, The leaving 5 men in Yurus, I have the rest of the men
start moving some of the supplies stored in the caves into

That takes care of the war actions for the day.


Author:  Konan

I will train the troops i have in fighting techniques, and in
fighting in formation, in order to better their combat readiness.

Konan Wolfclaw

Author:  Lanfer

Today I give the black dragons time to rest and relax. They have
been tirelessly aiding in trying to recruit. They are given food
and a quite place to relax out of the way.

The Training of troops continues. battle eticut is taught in
great deal And a class on weapons and wepon types is taught by

Each weapon type os gone over and the Knights are given the
option of Coming to what ever class they find themselves to need
practice in.

Also the beginings of a breeding program of any goblins and
hobgoblins is looked into and begun if possiable.(it was done
quite quickly in a recent mvie I saw so it can be done) I ask
some skull to alter the make up of the goblins that are being
bread to make them more powerful.

Author:  Danvighar
 Subject Assuming war actions allowed, summar for KoT 22 December 2001

Anu: Stays in Throtyl, urging them to accept the Knighthood as
their ally, reminding them of the price of crossing the Dark

Konan, Lotari: Train the troops they have, both in fighting and
in using formations in their fighting.

Kalevi: Continues to recruit the natives of Khur, using his newly
recruited Ogres and Dragons to aid in the recruitment.  He
specifically searches for any barbarian humans.

Lanfer: Lets the Blacks rest, continues to train troops in battle
etiquette, weapons and weapon types.  Loos into starting a
'breeding program' for the gobs, to increase their numbers and
make them stronger.

Elzaroth: Tries to recruit troops, dragons, anything willing to
serve our Queen.  Sends Knights to train the militia up to
Knightly standards, orders the rebuilding of the docks and for
all troops to be on the watch for attackers.

Danvighar: Continues directing the rebuilding of the HCT,
fortifying and improving upon the original design where possible.

Author:  Shilaan

35 skeletons
1 lesser vampire
5 greater baatezu

All located just north of the HCT

Author:  Sorthrus
 Subject War Action, Sunday 23 Dec

Just letting you know that my forces are going to be staying in
Yarus for now. Been busy and haven't had a chance to get on and
post anymore actions. *mutters*

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