The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of War_2002_1.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places an enormous book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'War_2002_1' scribed in burnt orange ink.

Author:  Kalevi
Date    Thu Jan  3 16:52:50 2002

Subject troops and strengths

There is a slight descepany in numbers for myself. According to
my records I have 7 adult blue dragons, 20 human nomads, 70
ogres, and 1 adult red dragon.

Author:  Flaknor
Date    Sat Jan 19 06:47:38 2002

Subject War Action

War Action
Start the manufacturing of soldiers at Nevermind. Use the same
mass production system as the first time in the war.

Author:  Tiroth
Date    Thu Jan 24 10:41:15 2002

Subject PLAGUE!

Tiroth and his small band travel south after infecting all the
outskirts of palanthas, infecting people, cattle and food alike.
Traveling south they savagely set upon the small villages to the
south of palanthas. Sparring no one.

These attacks only come at night, during the day we hide
ourselves whereever we deem a good location and lay low until
night fall. After hitting these few villages, I will bypass the
HCT, moving only at night, and begin heading to link up with
Thearn and the others.

Author:  DraanAkar
Date    Fri Jan 25 14:32:23 2002

Subject notes for thursday, and action friday

notes: i'm a planeswalker in truth, not a demon anymore...i
assume the look of a demon when i choose, but at the moment i am
using my human form i didn't summon demons, but rather human
warriors and lesser mages from among my worshippers in the planes
i summoned as many as i could (roll for it i guess) actions
friday: done summoning my ground forces, i now summon forth
dragons and hellkites from the land of Shiv, a place of fire and
brimstone i wait for their summoning sickness to wear off, then
direct them to attack the KoT forces

Author:  Shockwave
Date    Fri Jan 25 14:41:27 2002

Subject my action

you didnt include me in fridays action....was just wondering if
you recieved my note

Author:  Dartain
Date    Fri Jan 25 15:54:37 2002

Subject the offer

The wildrunners have long been our trusted freinds and allies,
for as long as I can remember. The threat of the KoT is to all of
ansalon and any help the wildrunners give will be appreciated,
and returned if and when the kot turn their hostilities upon the
children of nature.

Author:  Dartain
Date    Fri Jan 25 16:08:32 2002


Okay, I put more catapults and ballistae on the walls, inside the
city I block off all paths but the central one I wish for an
invading army to take if they were to breach the gates, a narrow
corridor between buildings wich would force large creatures like
minotaur or ogres to be cramped and steal their room to swing.
Now, at the first fallback point one one side will be a huge pot
of greek fire oil, and a huge cask of acid on the other to be
dumped upon their heads.

At the second fallback point there will be a mixture of tinder
intended for the sole purpose of creating massive smoke.

Within this smoke will be iron balls packed full of greek fire
oil and sealed with a wick, arranged on top of these balls of
iron are various weapons that will explode into the enemy and
give the flash of arms, hopefully confusing the enemy into
attacking itself, just before the end of the smoke will be made a
vicious spike pit. At each fallback point arrows will be
constantly driven into the oncoming forces, making them either
charge into our traps or fall in droves to our arrows.

The remainder of the day will have my men in training/practicing.
My dragons go out to recruit more of their own colors speaking
with pride about how much stronger they mettalics are than the
chromatics, and enticing their brethren with thoughts of roasting
foul minotaur with the acid of their bellies (for those colors
who can use acid wich is most, the rest fire).

I once more send out pages to outlying towns, to request the aid
of their men in the defense of their lands... and making known
once again, that any man who fights in this war, and does so with
honor will have the chance to become a knight of solamnia, be
given a patch of land making them minor nobles. 

Author:  Adon
Date    Fri Jan 25 16:49:45 2002

Subject Friday's actions

An Orb of Nandell is an orb that was part of Nui's quest to
return magic to Krynn.

I want to check for more information on long-term clairvoyance
and clairaudience spells.

I also want to get all information and schematics on creating
dwarven-sized golems that cause rusting on contact and can

Author:  Grumash
Date    Fri Jan 25 17:27:14 2002


I'm doing the same as yesterday If galen comes through the swamp
and encounters my forces, i stay in burrow and my slaves attack.

If no such luck I goto look in the swamps for ppl to help the
cause, rumor is there's some ghouls out here somewhere, if

Author:  Anatole
Date    Fri Jan 25 17:58:41 2002

Subject Fridays war action

Today, I find myself a donkey, and after carefully blessing and
shielding it from all diseases my dark god might cause it, I load
the 25 pounds of plague powder on it.

I quickly travel out of palanthas, and head for the high clerist
tower. I try to summon a mist to follow me as soon as I am out of
palanthas, so that I will have easier passage, not worrying about
those damn solamnics :)

Author:  Konan
Date    Fri Jan 25 19:11:13 2002

Subject Rogue Army actions

Again we will search for more recruits for our cause.  The mercs
under my control will continue building warships.

 spys will be sent to see the garison of palanthas, and to find
any weaknesses in it. Any man not able to recruit will be in
charge of forging better armor and weapons in the various
blacksmith shops around the city, so that the troops will have a
better advantage
Konan Wolfclaw

Author:  Thyrix
Date    Fri Jan 25 19:39:06 2002

Subject friday war action

Im prowling around the palanthas sewers and the darker parts of
the city looking for my fellow thieves to aid our cuase =)

Author:  Malen
Date    Fri Jan 25 19:42:47 2002

Subject Friday Action

Today i walk through gerighelm and yarus checking to see if we
missed anyone or anyone has returned to weep over their loved
ones remains.

and i pray to morgion for what assistance he may grat us. 


Author:  Noric
Date    Fri Jan 25 20:51:54 2002

Subject Friday action!

Me and my 10 mages will go out in different directions and
attempt to recruite mages, wild or not it does not matter
Noric will make an army! and then sit there looking good in his tower :)

Author:  Aurin
Date    Fri Jan 25 22:45:57 2002

Subject Friday Action

Having no clue why Lunitari would withdraw her aid in the middle
of my efforts to restore balance to magic and the world, I
withdraw my Golems to the construction site of my Citadel.

With the 19 of them standing watch over me, I will use the
foundation stones of the Citadel as a focal point for a grand
spell that utilizes the secrets I have gained from my extended
studies with Mistress Lunitari at the Lost Citadel of Magic.

The goal of the spell is to create a MASSIVE sphere around the
city of Palanthas.  When I say sphere, I mean that even
attempting to dig under the spell's affects will fail.

The sphere will be tied to my own nature and in affect will be an
extension of myself.  Using that extension, the sphere will be
able to determine if those attempting to gain entrance to the
city are of mind to disrupt the balance of magic or of the world
as a whole.  This includes Knights of Takhisis or any of their
allies who may seek the offset of balance.  Spells of gating into
the city used by said people will also trigger the sphere to

The sphere will unleash a massive assault of magical destruction
directed at those who trigger the affects.

I may have to remain at the site of my citadel's construction and
spend great amounts of time preparing this spell, but that is
what I will do if need be.  The spell will be drawing upon not
only my own energy, but the channeled energy, with my Mistress'
blessing, the Red Moon itself.  I realize the size of this
undertaking, and would not attempt it if I were not the mortal
apprentice of the Goddess herself.

Aurin, Chosen Apprentice of Lunitari and Defender of the Balance

Author:  Flaknor
Date    Sat Jan 26 05:11:32 2002

Subject War Action

I continue building soldiers.

Author:  Gobbo
Date    Sat Jan 26 09:45:41 2002

Subject War Actions

I can see the HCT! Ooh it is really beautiful!

I will send some scouts into HCT. Actually I will double the
amount because I am sure that half of them will find something
interesting and forget the mission. and ofcourse there is a
chance of getting caught, but I am sure that my guys will show
tricks to these evil people.

Also I will send 5 quick kender to recruit some more people from
nearby cities and villages.

I will wait until my scouts will come back and  also my
recruiters will come back.

Nothing else for today Mr.Stormtrooper Sir!

Gobbo. General of Kender army. *flips*

Author:  Barniven
Date    Sat Jan 26 09:49:23 2002

Subject Step 2 of my war actions

If I get to Sardis secussfully (I rped with him yesterday and its
ok with him I come and "help") Phase 2 of my plan The message
reaching Shilaan(knoing it did cuz we rped a bit about that too)
he gates to me at night and the two of us go about using a mass
charm spell he has prepaired. The spell is placed on ALL of
Sardises Minotaur troops and under this spell they follow me and
Shilaan... adn turn against Sardis. Sardis is to be captured and
taken with us.

If any of the people on the ships are close enough the spell will
affect them too and they too will fall to shilaan's and mines
knees. Their army will be ours and we will move them next :P

Author:  Crescent
Date    Sat Jan 26 10:10:38 2002

Subject Crescents Reply

*bow* My Lord Balor, leash your anger for but a moment.

And listen to my words.  Our peoples have almost universally
worked together.  I summoned you because in ancient times my
peoples and your peoples existed in mutal trust and

We have this ability because yours owe us a debt.  How else would
it be that a lesser creature such as myself could summon a
greater? How many times have the succubi aided the balor in such
things? We have always came at your calls.   We have served

Even now, we would be fighting alongside you in the Blood War had
you but asked.  And we will, indeed, if but ask it of us.

However, in my current homeland of choice, a war rages between
two forces...some of whom follow the Dark Queen, Takhisis.

You, My Lord, and your peoples are the greatest warriors ever.

And along with this, the greatest tactitions.  I summoned you
here to find out if you were indeed unoccupied warwise which
indeed I see you are not.  But however, since you are here let me
instead ask you for advice on how this war should be won...

and in exchange promise to come aid you .. or at least booster
the spirits of your demons *grins wickedly* at the close of our
current conflict.

*proceeds to tell the Balor everything she knows about the war,
all the news of the battlefronts, the seige at the HCT, and how
painfully outnumbered and how important the dragons have

(waits for his response)

Author:  Solinari
Date    Sat Jan 26 10:14:28 2002

Subject Your action

You spell casting at Sanction interacted with a WR spell already
over the city.  Both spells were shattered, and the resulting
magical clash caused one of the Lords of Doom to erupt.

Author:  Solinari
Date    Sat Jan 26 10:15:44 2002

Subject Action

Your recruitment attempts failed, and on another note, where are
you IC?  And you are part of the Conclave, right?  That's the
only reason I didn't post this to them, because I wasn't sure.

Author:  Solinari
Date    Sat Jan 26 10:36:58 2002

Subject Thorbardin

The Thanes of Thorbardin agree that they don't want you or your
kind under their mountain.  (Except the Aghar Thane who chased a
rat around the room).

Author:  Tiroth
Date    Sat Jan 26 11:03:20 2002

Subject Raising undead

For today I am going to stay in our camp outside of bok and
summon/raise zombies and skeletons. Upon raising them i am going
to plague them and prepare them for the coming war.

and if I have any tiem left I will assist zlik in overtaking bok

Author:  Solinari
Date    Sat Jan 26 11:25:42 2002

Subject Today's results

On his way to Bok, Zlik recruits 29 Ogres, 23 Balaki to his side.

Tiroth attempted to recruit, but found no willing recruits.

Grumash took control of a small band of 13 Ghouls that he found
in the swamp.

Anatole starts out for HCT, along with his plague brownies.

The thieves of Palanthas don't respond to Thyrix's attempts at
recruitment today.

Malen converts another 10 cultists in Yarus.

Author:  Zlik
Date    Sat Jan 26 12:20:46 2002

Subject War action

Making camp outside of Bok if we haven't already begun poisoning
the water supply we'd like to do that now. After that I'd like to
attempt to take the city with my ogres and any undead tiroth

If the city is taken, soon as that is done I'd like to try to
recruit as many men from this city to my army, any that don't
join will be killed and perhaps Tiroth can raise them as
more...willing subjects *grin tiroth*. Anyway, that's my action.

Author:  Aurin
Date    Sat Jan 26 13:16:20 2002

Subject My action for Friday

So did it even begin to work?  Is it worth trying?  Shall I try
to think of something else to save this doomed city of Palanthas?
 Just curious to know what is up.  Thanks bud.


Author:  Branchala
Date    Sat Jan 26 16:52:16 2002

Subject war actions

i forgot jesse to tell you in my other war note that in the caves
south of palanthas has a 2wks supply of dry goods (food and
water) medical supplies and small armory of equipment enough to
eq 50 men...

and that i was in connect with the sol's through conrad who is
banned and informed nova of this so he knows thats it for me
until i get a count of the undead army and dragons north of hct

Author:  Thyrix
Date    Sat Jan 26 18:22:59 2002

Subject war actions

I continue to search through palanthas for theives and
assasins...waiting to meet up with the others.

Author:  Adon
Date    Sat Jan 26 19:14:18 2002

Subject War Action Friday

Read all I can about making dwarven-sized golems that rust or
corrode all metals on contact, semi-sentient, subservient in the
extreme Also more on long-term clairvoyance and clairaudience

Author:  Konan
Date    Sat Jan 26 20:02:10 2002

Subject Rogue Army actions

Kroog, Myself, Kaeptakus, Geritald, Orson, and Shadowind all
recruit to bolster our numbers We still await the report of the
spies sent to palanthas.

Konan Wolfclaw

Author:  Reiner
Date    Sat Jan 26 20:25:51 2002

Subject oops

im in Nordmaar where i stoped last time diddnt get to play a part
in the war because i was on vacation during it. thanx, lol and i
am part of the clave yes.

trying to get the bakali (old kot allies) to follow me.

Author:  Anatole
Date    Sat Jan 26 20:47:37 2002

Subject Saturdays action

I continue to travel to palanthas, making sure the donkey isn't
affected by the contaminous bags.

I also try to withhold the fog around me and my mule, so that I
am not discovered.

Anatole Shadowsinger, prophet of the Shadow.

Author:  Malen
Date    Sat Jan 26 21:06:51 2002

Subject Saturday's action

Today I arrive back in Warden Swamp where i started, i try to
Call/summon swarms of rats,insects,Skeletons, and any creature
that would work well as a mount for myself from the swamp to The
service of Morgion.

If ive got any time left and recruiting goes well I make twards
Vingaard with my hoards of disease ridden animals and Mount to
bring more plague.

Author:  Saige
Date    Sat Jan 26 21:38:03 2002

Subject Troop Numbers

Just checking, but sardis wrote in an actiona bout sending me 40
of his troops by means of portal, which should be intantanous.

I didn't see this psoted to me in the follow I am going
to assume on my neext action that they are there..if i am wrong,
just note me and i will "null and void" that action. thank you.
As far as I know, as of now, w/ Sardis troops, i ahve 4 i have 40
troops and 35 knolls..i also received word that Azure (Imm
played Dragon) was sending me her brethren dragon to assist, so
those will be posted monday i'm assuming. Ok thanx Sol, sorry to
take your time, but i jsut wanted that cleared up :)


Author:  Paladan
Date    Sat Jan 26 23:41:43 2002

Subject Sat move

ok guess you overlooked my last war note, i wanted to find eviler
people to merc off to (like rogue KoT) if none in solace ill go
to neraka and look for them there

Author:  Cieros
Date    Sun Jan 27 01:19:40 2002

Subject saturday action

Once inside under the fall of night I'll have the centaurs and
gryphons (who if asked are on watch) To poison the dragons food
and water supplies, with natural herbs and extracts (hence no

I'll also add a sleep poison to the soldiers food supplies and
under the time of night I'll have my centaur warriors slit the
throats of the sleeping knights....

I'll send 2 mages (centaur) out as well, 1 to Danvighar, letting
him know about LLewyn's desire for an earthquake spell, and the
other to Geriant informing him of Logans plans to
infiltrate......and telling him to be extra careful.

further I'll give Geriant a complete physical description of
Logan and tell him to tell his guards to look for him.

Author:  Dartain
Date    Sun Jan 27 02:17:52 2002


Today I will spend training my men, double checking all of my
traps etc to insure they are satisfactory and well hidden.

My dragons are to once more go out to spend the day trying to
convince other mettalics to join the cause of keeping takhisis
off of krynn. I attempt to rally the local churches of good gods
to come to our aid, to heal us, cast spells of protection and
blessings on my men. I also ask the priests, and the people of
the town to pray for us. 7 men are sent to carefully scout and
try and find the general distance and check again the general
size of the oncoming forces.

Author:  Renli
Date    Sun Jan 27 05:52:09 2002

Subject sunday action

my troop numbers at storm keep: 10 dragons YA BLue, 10 vet
knights, 29 rookie, all lily, 20 thiewar mages, 45 daergar troops

I sent 4 blue dragons out to scout the terrain, one in each
cardinal direction.

The Knights will exit the keep and proceed with some mock
wargames to help train the rookies.  All knights participate.

 thiewrar partake in games for added reality.  4 of remaining
 will accompany Blues on scouting mission.

the remaining 6 will also after some boredom ask me to partake in
said games.  I graciously allow them

A certain young daergar who misses his beloved bearded little
miss, who's at home screwing the baker, goes into the basement
for some 'alone time'.  In the middle of epressing self love, his
senses heightened, his nose twiches and what does he smell?  No
not that you sicko, Dwarf Spirits!!  Barrels and barrels of it. 
A party breaks out in the dwarf barracks.  Hopefully all will be
passed out or drunk enough not to care about anything.

After hopefully occupying the forces at the Keep I begin my work.
 I begin by placing spells at certain key points in the Thorn
tower.  That when activated will hopefully disable any and all
magical defenses.

As an addon to these spells they hopefully will add a small bit
of defense until they are triggered.  Covering my ass incase i'm
caught.  I also have a spell of remove dwarf puke ready for
tomorrow morning.

In case i missed any troops or drags in keep (doing this before
work)  send em to war games, just outside keep only ppl in keep
are me and drunk dwarfs.  Oh and thorn tower magically locked
out, etc etc etc


Author:  Zlik
Date    Sun Jan 27 10:30:17 2002

Subject war action

Since no results for sunday, I'd like to wait a day on my last
action and do this first. I'd like to attempt to recruit any
goblins/hobgoblin in the area along with any other
intelligent/semi-intelligent creatures I can.

Then I'd like to go on with my next action, thanks.

Author:  Xaephran
Date    Sun Jan 27 13:32:41 2002

Subject I guess Saturday's War Movement

Hey Solinari can I sneak this in as I have just gotten home after
two days doing 14 hours a day at the cricket.  I really need to
do this since your killing me off by the looks.

At the HCT my forces will fall back with the Orge and others to
join the main body of the KoT. It will be here that I give the
remaining force over to Danvighar. I will then take my mount
Tombfyre and streak forth into the sky. Using this turn and the
next to put distance away from the HCT. I will head back to
Neraka to oversee things there, leaving the fighting to the KoT.

My main army comprises:

Xaephran Ky'corn, High Priest of Takhisis
 Clerics of Evil
 Minions of Evil (Strong Power)
 Undead Servants (Moderate Power)
 Chromatic Dragons (4 Young Reds)

Next Kalaman, with the Rogue recruiting during the day and my
troops at night. This will continue, I will be notified if any
Rogue kills a Vampire and they will report any Rogue turned.  As
for the Solamnic Forces, my Vampires can not go out during the
day and will wait for darkness. The Vampires will come out in
force and strike in the night like death breeze. Making sure they
are not seen and they will do this each night and before
returning to their Crypts that will turn some more people into

Kalaman Troops currently:

 Lesser Vampire
 Vampire Servants
 Minions of Evil
 Undead Servants

Word of my return will be communicated to my Cleric and she will
continue to recruit clerics she will also begin raising dead and
other Undead nasties.  She will also pray to Takhisis to grant
her dragons or other servants of the Dark Queen from the Abyss. 
If she has already left Neraka she will spread out and recruit
from the outer laying temples, shrines, villages, etc. Then
slowly return to Neraka, the opposite of course if she is in
Neraka presently.


A Cleric of Takhisis

Side Note: Can you let me know if my troops in Kalaman and
Neraka found those Wild Mages causing the trouble and sent them
packing. If not they should be still looking for them, just need
to know before I can move on with my life.

Thanks Solinari

Xaephran Ky'corn, High Priest of Takhisis

PS: I wont be on for a couple of days so can you continue with
this warnote. There should be enough information to continue each
bit. I dont really care about the Vampires if they live or die.

Author:  Xaephran
Date    Sun Jan 27 13:35:04 2002

Subject My Army

Danvighar, I have suffered untolled losses and will have to
withdraw and raise another army. I have instructed my aide to
join the remaining forces with your and they will follow your

Here are the numbers:

 Clerics of Evil
 Minions of Evil (Strong Power)
 Undead Servants (Moderate Power)
 Chromatic Dragons (1 Young Reds)

Xaephran Ky'corn, High Priest of Takhisis

Author:  Thearn
Date    Sun Jan 27 15:36:21 2002

Subject waraction

I have left Zlik and Tiroth to take Bok, and i Have headed to
Warden Swamp to meet up with Malen, Anatole, Grumash, and Thyrix
in the palanthas area.

As i head south toward palanthas i send out a summoning call to
the plagued people of the cities we have diseased in the past.
All those with the strength to come to me do. I will gather any
small forces i can find along the way.


Author:  Kestren
Date    Sun Jan 27 15:50:47 2002

Subject warstuff

I will be summoning fierce creatures for teh assault, and
charming evil creatures to use as fodder for the attack...perhaps
simple goblins/hobgoblins/or orcs.

My forces are all starting to gather around the southern fields
of Tarsis..aand i wil be heading there soon


Author:  DraanAkar
Date    Sun Jan 27 16:28:08 2002

Subject i quit

*points to quinn's note* same here (except for the forces, just
ignore any war actions i've done)

Author:  Malen
Date    Sun Jan 27 16:39:57 2002

Subject Sunday's action

Today i hear word that thearn is returning to warden swamp  and i
decide to head back summoning skeletons, swamp creatures and
plagued as i go.


Author:  Lanfer
Date    Sun Jan 27 17:00:20 2002

Subject WAR

Still awaiting word from Sarim. The blacks again focus their
magic to speed up the growth of the orcs and goblins I use this
turn to agai focus my energy into my black gem to get the
attention of the blacks to come and aid the cause.

Author:  Tiroth
Date    Sun Jan 27 17:11:26 2002

Subject Sunday's action

today i will spend at our camp outside bok summoning wraiths and
other incorpeal undead. 

Author:  Konan
Date    Sun Jan 27 18:43:10 2002

Subject Rogue Army War Actions

Kroog, Kaeptakus, Shadowind, Geritals, Orson, and Myself will
continue to recruit....oh and lotari too.

Konan Wolfclaw

Author:  Virago
Date    Sun Jan 27 19:00:45 2002

Subject war action for ho light

i have no idea what the deal is for ho light and war, but i know
we're there, so...

i noted you by note, not sure if it was supposed to be on war
note, so here it is...i'm stationed with the sols at hct, and
what i'm planning is a mass sleep type thing, in the form of a
song granted to me by branchala in response to a prayer. this
'song' will affect all present in hct area, myself excluded of
course =). If youw ant me to actually come up with words to such
a song/poem thing, i will.


Author:  Grumash
Date    Sun Jan 27 20:21:29 2002

Subject war action

I'm scouting the swamps for leucrotta (the horselike monsters),
ghouls, slaves, and anything else evil or intelligent that will
join the group.

And like before if Galen comes along now, they engage him I head
to my burrow.

Author:  Kaelay
Date    Sun Jan 27 21:20:02 2002

Subject questions, lol

hellas, well i actually havent got much time to enter lately to
the mud, tnx to school, so i was wondering, how can i recruit
people to the clan, numbers thinghy ive never been in a war, so i
dont know how to do what, i hope u could answer me

well thanks in advance

Author:  Kestren
Date    Sun Jan 27 22:52:25 2002

Subject a hired ally

I have recently hired a vast number of Hylar warriors from the
one known as Kaeptakus.

He has agreed to allocate 97 dwarves to my mission toward Tarsis,
as well as try and recruit several dwarven burrow worms for
perhaps tunneling underneith the city and surprising them from

With this new addition of warriors, i will now concentrate upon
finding and controling, thru sommuns or charm, large creatures to
distract or scare the armies of Tarsis. (Aka the Hill
Giants...dumb but scary) As well as attempting to find any of the
lesser metalic dragons in the area (bronze/brass/copper) to
distract the dragons of tarsis and aid the falcons already under

The attack on tarsis will come soon...


Author:  Shilaan
Date    Sun Jan 27 23:13:52 2002

Subject War moves for sunday/monday?

I am taking the troops to the north side of HCT, and wreaking
havoc, anyone and anything we come across will be attacked, and I
am taking any leaders prisoner, if at all possible

Author:  Kaeptakus
Date    Sun Jan 27 23:39:04 2002

Subject sunday action

Kestren promises me vast treasures and so I hire out my 97 Hylar
warriors to him, 87 start the march to The plains south of

And 10 stay back to find(recruit) Urkhan to delve deep tunnels
into the city of tarsis, they will find some and then start the
tunnel to Tarsis.

All we will need is 1 or two Urkhan, 10 people to maintain
-hour work and keep the creature healthy.

I myself will be marching with my 87 troops to the Plains 
Urkhan are HUGE worms that can delve big, round tunnels extremely
fast, they eat rock and have such a fast metabolism that they can
go on eating rock for HUGE amounts of time.

Author:  Kilandara
Date    Mon Jan 28 04:08:00 2002

Subject War Action

Send as many clerics as I can find to Solace to assist the Guardians.

Author:  Cieros
Date    Mon Jan 28 05:59:31 2002

Subject Sundays war action

With the weakened state of the troops in Caergoth after the
poison takes effect I'll take Dartain(who hopefully is groggy
from the poison) to Sardis and let the city fall back into KoT
control, if there is a battle had in the air with the dragons, my
griffons shall attack the good dragons and drive them to the
earth in defeat.

at that time I'll join my troops with Sardis' until further

I also have my troops open the gates to the city and await the
Knights armies to take the city.

Author:  Solinari
Date    Mon Jan 28 09:11:13 2002

Subject Distances

Do you have any knowledge of the distance it is between Bok in
Taladas and Palanthas in Ansalon? :P  I thought I trained you
better than this.  That is thousands of miles, are you flying,
riding, swimming, what? :P

Author:  Solinari
Date    Mon Jan 28 10:09:17 2002

Subject Today's forces

You gained 1 Adult Brass dragon, charmed 31 hobgoblins and 1 fire
giant today.

Author:  Solinari
Date    Mon Jan 28 10:15:52 2002

Subject Actions

Virago has cast a sleep spell over the area of HCT.

Adon has learned Clairaudience and Clairvoyance spells, but still
can't find anything on dwarf sized rust golems.

Other HO's are with the Sols, helping to heal forces.

Author:  Solinari
Date    Mon Jan 28 10:16:40 2002

Subject Action

Your kender scout the HCT and discover a massive battle going on!
 No other kender join you today.

Author:  Solinari
Date    Mon Jan 28 10:43:10 2002

Subject Results

Tiroth raises 36 skeletons in Bok

Anatole arrives at HCT to spread his plagues

Malen charms 70 rats

Zlik gets 35 goblins

Grumash charms 12 ghouls
Also, Galens army marches past, and unless you want to commit
suicide, I didnt have you attack him.

Author:  Mordradl
Date    Mon Jan 28 10:57:44 2002

Subject War move

Once i get to pax tharkus i am going to talk to my kin and
convince them to join me in defeating all the humans, and giving
the chance for goblins to rule the world!!! *shakes his fist*

Author:  Solinari
Date    Mon Jan 28 11:00:52 2002

Subject Odd....

From your vantage point above the HCT, you see a Centaur mage
gate in, then running into the tower and talking with KoT forces.
Also, word gets to you that a number of Gryphons and Centaurs are
now missing from Zhan.

Author:  Solinari
Date    Mon Jan 28 11:04:02 2002

Subject Odd....

At Caergoth, a massive number of sentries and troops are found
asleep at their posts.  17 are found with their throats slit.

The Centaurs and Gryphons from Cieros don't seem to be affected
though.  No attacks come during the night.

Author:  Grumash
Date    Mon Jan 28 11:05:27 2002

Subject *sniff* war action

Okay, since my dummy units wouldn't attack Galen :P Ummm, I'll
just continue gathering More troops and wait for the others to

Author:  Solinari
Date    Mon Jan 28 11:05:27 2002

Subject Action

Your centaurs kill 17 people during the night as they sleep.  You
can attack tonight if you want, or open the gates like you said
in your second note.

Author:  Solinari
Date    Mon Jan 28 11:08:46 2002

Subject A warning

At Tarsis, 5 officers are found with their throats slit as they
slept.  Soon after, a Centaur mage delivers a message to you.

The mage says that Wildrunners are behind the attack, and
describe Logan as the attacker.  He also says that a Llewyn is at
the HCT or nearby and is planning an earthquake spell.

Author:  Kestren
Date    Mon Jan 28 13:14:06 2002

Subject nearing the assault

I am heading toward the souther plains of Tarsis, where my
current forces are assembling. Kaeptakus and his dwarves are
looking for a way inside the city from below...worms and
tunneling type things.

I will be ttempting to recruit more "lesser" dragons for the air
combat and distraction as well as other large, imposing

Wyverns, giants, ettins, trolls and such would be
well as gathering a few companies of archer mercinaries, the last
of my hirings...i have sufficient ground forces.

Once this is done i will be having my falcons scout and recon the
city and its defenses, while having my apprentices and initiates
make flamible potions and powders for the archers to fire, and
falcons to drop during the assault

Once all this is ready I will begin to prepare the battlefield by
entering a deep summoning trance to control the local weather,
attempting to summn a dense fog to cover the city and surroudning

The hobgoblins and mercs will attack from the south, arches
covering them from the distance. The falcon and dragons will
attack from the same direction, dropping flamables and using
breath weapons.

The giants and other creatures will approach from the west,
launching boulders untill they near the area, then i will order
them to scream and yell to increase the apprearance of #s The
dwarves will delve in from the east, comming up thru the sewer
areas into the poor areas of Tarsis...and flanking the internal

All of my power and spells will be used for shattering the gates
of Tarsis, as well as that of my apprentices and initiates.

Once the gate is shattered all the external forces will enter and
head to meet with Kaeptakus and his dwarves...hopefully the city
will be ours.

Oh and btw...i expect a lil help from my god! i mean Aurin got
all those moon things...and hes a lameass spider me
out foo! =)


Author:  Lanfer
Date    Mon Jan 28 13:16:14 2002

Subject WAR

In light of the tower being over run I take Sarim and head for
Kalaman. Recruiting is done on the way of both any peoples
wanting to aid and ALL black dragons that are drawn by my gem.

Author:  Thearn
Date    Mon Jan 28 13:20:29 2002

Subject BAH!

Im riding on a plague dragon back to Ansalon...=p

Oh i dunno, how about I swim REAL fast?
Maybe I can gate! Yeah ill gate! im a cleric!

I didnt realize it was that me out? make me look good =)
Morgion doesnt play here...have him NPC help me out

Once Im back ill gather the diseased and head to warden swamp to
meet grum and mord and malen...then its ON BABY!


Author:  Barniven
Date    Mon Jan 28 15:05:51 2002

Subject WAR

Being as I am with Sardis near Caergoth I slip away in the night.
There I attempt a spell that Shilaan showed me where I place an
invisable wall between sardis's troops and caergoth. I know I
have the blessing of my master Shilaan with me and this is done
in hops of slowing Sardises attack on Caergoth a day or more
untill Shilaan may get to me to attmpt phase two of our master

Author:  Anatole
Date    Mon Jan 28 16:10:30 2002

Subject Mondays action

I pray to the dark god of morgion for him to grant me good
fortune and a fly spell, for 3 hours while hiding from the
massive forces surrounding this fort.

I then (hopefully) rise off into the air and fly to the top of
the Hct with my donkey and myself landing on the top of Hct.

(I cast a fly spell on the donkey too) Once there, I open all of
the packages of powder, and slowly "distribute" them over the
entire top... (2 pounds over the north side, 2 pounds over
southern side etc...) I then beg to morgion once again, this time
asking him to send the powder with the wind in the direction
where most warriors are fighting.

When done, I cast yet another fly spell, flying off to to safety,
leaving the donkey standing on the top of the tower.

(Of course I do all this from when the sun has set and during all

Author:  Anatole
Date    Mon Jan 28 16:33:55 2002

Subject The 2 kinds of diseases I spread around hct...

An acute, infectious, hemorrhagic viral fever.  Ebola is the
second member of the family, Filoviridae (or "thread" viruses).

Sudden onset of fever and malaise, with extreme prostration and
weight loss.  Subsequent symptoms include:  sore throat, chest
pain, abdominal pain, skin rash, and diarrhea. The patient's
blood fails to clot, and patients may begin to bleed from
needle/injection sites as well as into the skin and stomach,
intestines, and other internal organs.

Excessive effusions from internal organs occurs, followed by
pulmonary interstitial edema and renal dysfunction. Some patients
become jaundiced.  About 15% of patients experience hiccups when
infected with Ebola Zaire; 38% develop bleeding.

Within 7 to 10 days, patients who will survive begin to recover. 
Recovery can take 5 weeks or more, and is marked by prostration,
weight loss, and amnesia for the period of acute illness.
Patients who are at greatest risk of dying experience diffuse or
extensive hemorrhage into the skin, mucous membranes, and
internal organs, including the cavities of the stomach and

Swelling of the spleen, lymph nodes, kidneys, and brain occurs.
warnote In addition, there is usually evidence of interstitial
pneumonia and sometimes of pancreatitis and inflammation in the
eyes.  By the end of the first week of acute symptoms, the
patient can bleed freely from the eyes, ears, and nose.

Patients begin to vomit a black "sludge" of blood and
disintegrated internal organs.  Capillary leakage results in
vascular collapse.  Patients experience coma and convulsions,
followed by respiratory distress, and finally death.

Mortality Rates.  As high as 90%.  This is the mortality rate for
infections, not just for clinical illness.

Author:  Anatole
Date    Mon Jan 28 16:43:18 2002

Subject the other plague...

Pneumonic Plague
Bacteria invade victim's lungs 
Lungs fill with frothy bloody liquid
Spread is common from person-to-person 
In short, it attack through the lungs, and people that get it has
a near 100% fatality.

(pneumonic plague symptoms include fever, chills, cough,
difficulty breathing, and rapid shock and death if not treated

Author:  Cieros
Date    Mon Jan 28 18:05:39 2002

Subject addendum

As with last night I poison the supper with sleep poison, so that
the troops/dragons are groggy at best when the KoT storms the

Author:  Gethsemane
Date    Mon Jan 28 18:11:21 2002

Subject monday's actions

After summoning and sending the water elementals on their way, I
return to my original staging grounds, with me and my troups
still quit invisible. once there I am taking my first nine
Shadows and splitting them thusly. two for messengers.  Two to
patrol the northern borders and wait for Khalifa's supplies to be

those two are to follow her until she drops them off in the
desert as she was instructed to do, and them bring them the rest
of the way to my mostly invisible warcamp.  one is to patrol the
eastern borders of the desert and one is to patrol the western
borders of the desert.  the other three are to patrol the
interior areas, especially around the warcamp. If anything is
spotted in any shadow's area, they are to fly to me at once and

the first shadow is sent to where I remember the dragon's lair to
be in the southern part of the desert. He carries a scroll that
basically requests her presence at her earliest convienence,
either at her lair or mine.  I have a few things to speak with
her about, but would not like to barge into her lair unannounced.

the second messenger is acting as bodyguard until needed for
other duties If I have any time left after this, and I doubt I
will, I'm going to return to my borrowed books and attempt to
summon yet more shadows.

Author:  Tiroth
Date    Mon Jan 28 18:28:15 2002

Subject Undead come to my call!

I am going to have my skeletons guard me while I try and summon a
few lesser demons to my side. With the promise of doing a favor
for them sometime after the war. Or during...depending. I will
cast protection from evil on myself so that they will not turn on
me. I am trying to summon either 1 greater demon or a couple
lessers. or both.

Author:  Malen
Date    Mon Jan 28 18:42:16 2002

Subject Monday Action

I Resume searching the swamps for a decent mount, Giant lizards
anything reasonably intellegent and willing will do. Bring them
on, after that I begin to summon skeletons again.


Author:  Tiroth
Date    Mon Jan 28 19:02:17 2002

Subject forgot to put this in my war actions

In addition to promising a favor or favors to the demons, i will
also do a magical blood oath to them so that they will know if i
itend to break my word. (which i will not)

Author:  Shilaan
Date    Mon Jan 28 19:25:49 2002

Subject War move

I am going to take whatever troops i have left and continue to
attempt to get to the otherside of the HCT (going through it)

Author:  Konan
Date    Mon Jan 28 20:02:27 2002

Subject Rogue Army actions

We will look for more recruits outside of the city, and more at
the harbor, so we can hopefully yield better results of men. 
Includes Kroog, Me, Kaeptakus, Shadowind, Orson, and Geritald
Konan Wolfclaw

Author:  Galaphale
Date    Mon Jan 28 20:19:59 2002

Subject Action

Rather than bloody up the melee with more silly armies, I'll
simply cast a particular spell on any Runner commander I find in
the battle.

Primarily Codex (And yes, I know exactly what they look like, I
spent thirty years amongst them as extended family.)

The spell does this:  Any wild runner body or face paint that the
person is wearing bursts into flames untill my chant ceases.

We'll see if this doesn't fix their little wild mage loving

Galaphale Ethyldias, tear of Silvanesti.

Author:  Noric
Date    Mon Jan 28 20:34:32 2002


these are all my actions for the week
attempt to gain mages from area and from the conclave, with
promiss of a tower with new magical knowledge for them to tap
into (IE my studies on wildmagic)

Train my 10 mages from befor (all fairly powerful) and all the
new ones i get from monday in a Transmute Stone to Mud spell (IE
stone becomes mud)

Continue to practice the spell to get proficient at it (everyone)

IF HCT is still in control of Kot/Baddies then i will open a
portal to near the HCT and all the mages (10 + what ever i get on
monday) will walk through and begin casting the spell on the
foundation area of the HCT

ELSE IF HCT is under sol/goodie control then we will spend
another day training the spell and ill pick a new target on

Please dont forget to look at this for each day, i want to get
some stuff done
Noric the ignored

Author:  Crescent
Date    Mon Jan 28 20:47:52 2002

Subject The Balor Interaction..


I know your swamped with the war.  However, you never replied to
what happened with Cres and the Balor....I posted a in-depth
response to what she said to the Balor.  I cannot really do any
more actions with her untill I know if the balor enslaved her,
krynn, etc..

If he let her live, I suppose shes going to uh...

take her 20 succubi and return to the prime material plane of
Krynn (with or without the Balor allies/enemies) and start
searching for any KOT leadership to latch onto and enthrall and

The twenty succubi will all have this same goal, and spread out
in order to find leadership...aka active players.

(Editors Note: 20 succubi, convenient god rp)

Author:  Paladan
Date    Mon Jan 28 21:40:16 2002

Subject trying to do stuff

try to find merc work for evil people in neraka

IF work is found, pause all further action and note me the offer
ELSE continue on to sanction to find more baddies in search of mercinaries

IF i moved to saction, try to find merc work for evil people in sanction
IF work is found, pause all further action and note me the offer
ELSE continue on to Kalaman to find more baddies in search of mercinaries

As you can see evil work is hard to come by now a days

Author:  Dartain
Date    Mon Jan 28 21:46:50 2002

Subject An action

What were the results of my post to try and recruit clerics &
dragons, and the inner-city defenses?

It is note number 60 on my list. (War Action SAT). As far as
current action, I double the guard and keep a close eye on my
wildrunner allies and their leader, any clerics I have are to use
their  holy powers to see if magic or unholy ritual might be
involved in the sleeping and deaths of guards. The men are
ordered to keep a close eye out and report "anything"

strange. (I also need the status of the 7 men I sent out to track
from a distance general distance and placement + numbers of the
invading forces. From my sat war note as well)

Author:  Galaphale
Date    Mon Jan 28 22:47:14 2002

Subject Oh yeah

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that that was my Monday Action. *blush* 
Sorry, carry on.

Author:  Silver
Date    Mon Jan 28 22:55:14 2002

Subject Mon Action

Soli- I know your busy. Again, you didnt tell me if my AT shield
failed or succeeded.  If it failed, Im going to ATTEMPT it again
over/around Garnet.  If it succeeded, Im moving my troops to Caergoth 
to join forces with the Solamnics there.

(using gate to move the troops)

Author:  Xaephran
Date    Tue Jan 29 02:56:33 2002

Subject War Movement for this week

Hey Solinari, 
This shit is crazy I am trying to follow what is going on but I
am completely and utterly lost.  Can you let me know if your able
what is going on with the search of Neraka and Kalaman for the
Wild Mage Magic stuff. Also can you let me know what the heck is
going on with the Sols at the gates of Kalaman. Just so you know
when I took over Kalaman most of the peole fled or died or are
food and recruits for my vampires. No one else would get anything
from Kalaman or hundreds of Miles around it.

When I hear from you Solinari I will put together my troop
numbers for you.

I am only doing what is in Neraka and Kalaman. So each day my
action is as follows:

* Recruit Vampires during the night as well as attacking Solamnic
troops near and around Kalaman.

* Recruiting more minions, undead and clerics around Neraka as
well as searching for the wild mage there casting spells.

* Myself and Tombfyre will arrive back in Neraka once there
Tombfyre will leave me and head off in search of Chromatic
Dragons. He will range into the icy south to the arid northern
plains in search of the evil dragons of Takhisis.  I myself will
attempt to bring forth the creatures of the Abyss loyal to my

Thanks for everything Solinari

Xaephran Ky'corn, High Priest of Takhisis

Author:  Gobbo
Date    Tue Jan 29 03:19:41 2002

Subject War Actions

Right! Today is the  day when we will go and help the good guys!
*Kenders start to cheer* SHH!! Don't tell enemy our position.All
right lads! This is the plan.. "HEY!! STOP WRESTLING THERE!"

Damnit lads, shut up so I can tell you the plan.. We will sneak
into HCT and will assault a surprise attack against KoT and
backstab them like never before!! *Kenders start to cheer again*
So. we will use 10 men at the time to sneak into HCT. And after
everyone is inside. We will split again and take those patrols
wandering around. ok? Good! Ok lads! Lets sing a warsong before
we go!

Gobbo, The kender who got name which will remind him rest of his
life. :P

Author:  Renli
Date    Tue Jan 29 06:22:56 2002

Subject Tuesday

Ok soli since I'm not seeing response to what I'm doing I'm going
to assume i'm succesful

So since my bomb spells are set I'm going to work on the trigger
spell.  Since I like Irony and I'm lazy I'm going to make it
simple.  Its a time release trigger.  In 24 hours It lets go
triggering the explosive spells.  I on the other hand am getting
the fuck outta dodge now that I see forces may be retreating here
after the dimwits lost HCT  :)

After I received word about possible troop movements to my Keep I
send out 4 blues again and a force of 20 dwarf troops split into
groups of 5, also each with a thiewr mage.

They will scout.  The rest of the knights and dwarf trrops will
be working on the keep's defenses.  Clearing any brush grown
close to walla, checking the gate etc.  I'll have the thiewr
mages enchanting barrels of oil in case of attack.  Make them
very explosive and hard to put out.  Think napalm meets ansalon. 
This will be stored conviently in a shed near the thorn tower.

sorry for the shitty notes, no time


Author:  Renli
Date    Tue Jan 29 06:30:48 2002

Subject addon to my covert op

Hrm before i hop in my gate i'm gonna dump some poison in the
well.  Then I'm gating to solace and approaching kestren to take
me to the tower.  If he insistson chains or some such shit i'm
kicking his ass and taking his uncouniscous body with me and i
will find the tower myself since i'm not actually a renegade  :)

Author:  Dartain
Date    Tue Jan 29 09:11:54 2002

Subject Small addition to my last war note

(almost forgot) Last but not least, I send out my fastest ship
bearing a scroll with my seal(high justice) upon it to daltigoth.

It is addressed to the Chancellor of the temple of paladine in
daltigoth (THe largest, oldest, and most extravagant temple to
paladine on krynn. I could give it's whole history. It houses
hundreds of clerics) requesting that he send me as many clerics
and priests has he can possibly spare, to aid me in defending
paladine and his people. And the scroll ends with wishing his old
freind the blessings of paladine.   (Bground info if you were
unaware, Dartain grew up in daltigoth)

Author:  Solinari
Date    Tue Jan 29 09:19:49 2002

Subject Results

The green cloud atop the tower was Anatole and his ass, the
plague now filters down into the troops.

Mordradl tries to get his people to follow him, but they're now
sure why they should yet

Thearn opens a gate to Warden Swamp, tomorrow he can move his
troops through

Tiroth summons 3 Abashi demons to him

Malen comes across a wyvern in the swamp and charms it to be his

Author:  Solinari
Date    Tue Jan 29 09:34:28 2002

Subject War

There is a Solamnic army attacking Kalaman.  But there is also a
large group of Rogues that have taken to hanging about the docks
of the city.  You smartly hide in the sewers, letting them fight
each other.  Today you got 36 more servants in Kalaman, raised 35
Zombies and gained 7 clerics in Neraka.  If you really want to
attack up above, I'll let ya.

Author:  Solinari
Date    Tue Jan 29 09:46:40 2002

Subject What Faranthalel finds in Zhan

Upon scouring Zhan up and down, Faranthalel finds that over
thirty gryphons and centaurs are gone, and that they were last
seen leaving with Cieros...  isn't he helping the Solamnics at

Author:  Zlik
Date    Tue Jan 29 11:24:55 2002

Subject war action

I'd like to send 10 Bakali back to thier villages to bring back
the rest of thier tribes. I'd also like to send 1 Bakali (the
most intelligent one) with 10 ogres as the ogres go back to thier
villages and bring thier villages back to Bok.

Reason they would come being: They have a city all to themselves
:-p. After that I'd like to search Bok for any magic users
willing to aid the cause, incentive being I'll cure thier plague
and they'll live. If I find any I'd like to go search the m magic
shops, and apply any useful items to myself, then the army.
Letting Tiroth examine them also, of course. I'd also like to
check on the amount/quality of ships in Bok and cure the sailors
so they can  get them in thier best shape, guards poste Also, I'd
like to look in to the knowledge of dragons in the area,
requesting information from the magic users....that's about it.

Author:  Solinari
Date    Tue Jan 29 11:26:19 2002

Subject Paladan

Paladan is in neraka looking for merc work.  He's a big 8 foot
tall of a beast, if you're interested.

Author:  Solinari
Date    Tue Jan 29 11:31:27 2002

Subject Forces

After working long and hard at magical experiementation on sea
creatures, you have created the following monstrousities.

 sea snakes, 3 great white sharks, 15 large swordfish, 5
hammerhead sharks, and one flying sea dragon.

The jellyfish collapsed in the air with nothing to maintain their
shape, the killer whales floundered, not able to control it's
movement.  Other sea creatures that can already breath air might
be able to adapt better, even on land and not flying.  You can
continue further mutation after these sucesses, they wont take so
long, I promise :P

Author:  Tiroth
Date    Tue Jan 29 11:57:06 2002

Subject Devils come to me!

For today's actions I will continue to have the skeletons and the
 Abashi Demons guard me while I attempt to summon A Barbazu to
my side. I will do the same as before with this Devil (since a
devil is lawful evil it has to keep it's word) I will offer it my
assistance to be used at his disposal after the war. I will make
a blood oath to him also so he will know my loyalty.

After this if i have time i will go into bok and animate anyone
who fell in the defence of the city.

Author:  Grumash
Date    Tue Jan 29 12:01:33 2002

Subject WAR action

I will try for more ghoul, any possible leucrotta, fire lizards,
anything that can be commanded and help the cause.

Author:  Mordradl
Date    Tue Jan 29 12:04:21 2002

Subject War moves

I will continue to convince my goblin people of the chaos they
are able to commit by joining with me, and to tell them if they
do not, then the humans will eventually come to destroy them, it
is best if we attack first....

Author:  Tiroth
Date    Tue Jan 29 12:15:41 2002

Subject follow up on that last waraction

I meant to saw a group of them, not just one. but if one is all i
get, then i will walk away happy, hehe

Author:  Geriant
Date    Tue Jan 29 12:53:42 2002

Subject Re: The attack

After the attacks on tarsis, what are my troop numbers?
How many survived and are still with me?

Author:  Branchala
Date    Tue Jan 29 13:45:05 2002

Subject war info

What if any numbers did i get from counting the enemy force to
the north of hct or dont i count....please let me know so i can
plan my next movements 

Author:  Cieros
Date    Tue Jan 29 13:50:10 2002

Subject *grumble* actions *grumble*

I order the centaur mages to concentrate on dispelling the wall
of force that surrounds the gates and then I have the warriors
take to the streets finding any soldiers that they can and
slaying them quickly...and as discretely as possible in an effort
to get to dragon stables to finish the job that the griffons and
greens started.

Author:  Barniven
Date    Tue Jan 29 14:40:46 2002

Subject WAR

I let me hold on the wall go as I shift to lurking around the
shadows of sardis's army. I try to catch ANY of of his troops who
are alone or in groups of two and Try to charm them. I spend the
night getting as many of his men under my spell as I can. I hide
them away in a secluded grove far enough from camp as to not be

If there is a chance I get caught going after a group of minos,
or a single mino I will not go for it. But I am spending my night
charming his soildures and forming my own small army. 

Author:  Anatole
Date    Tue Jan 29 14:47:29 2002

Subject Action

Well, when I recover from my fly to the ground, I haste myself
and try to summon a mount. I beg for one with four legs and two
heads, at soli's discretion :) I then haste it and ride north in
a major hurry, towards palanthas.

Author:  Kestren
Date    Tue Jan 29 15:15:31 2002

Subject Tarsis plans

I have positioned the remaining mercinaries along the battlements
with Kaeps dwarves. The falcons and dragons are circling the air,
providing air support and scounting.

The giants have begun to tear down trees and bring in stone for
the construction of war machines (catapults and such) to be built
by the dwarves.

The hobgoblins have been sent to clear out the remaining forces
and search for the "gate" my falcons sscouted earlier. Myself and
my mages have begun to prepare magicla defenses and glyphs of
warding around the city.

I will also begin summoning creatures with ranged attacks as well
as attempting to hire archers for the wall defenses.

Kestren....Master of Tarsis *inno*

Author:  Galaphale
Date    Tue Jan 29 15:34:42 2002

Subject Tuesday action.

I'll use the same spell I did on monday, casting it on any WR
Commander I find in HTC, my primary target being Codex if I
happen to see him.

(Didn't even see a result of my action on monday, wierd)

Author:  Elzaroth
Date    Tue Jan 29 15:38:03 2002

Subject war action

I want a blue to scout the area and try to recruit any chromatic
dragons(preferably red or blue) that arent already helping us and
bring them back to camp ASAP.

In the mean time Elzaroth and the rest of the clerics will be
combining their prayers with the magic of the Greens in raising
demons and fallen troops. If there are any dead dragons in the
area the clerics will try to raise them to Dracolich's.

The rest of the troops should be resting and training. They are
ordered to be on full alert of attacks and should be prepared to
attack at any time.

Author:  Flaknor
Date    Tue Jan 29 15:53:51 2002

Subject War Action

I continue the mass production of my troops. As they are being
made, I have some gnomes begin to build custom swords and weapons
for the warriors.

Author:  Shadowind
Date    Tue Jan 29 16:14:39 2002

Subject Silent Service

Well, assassins are not the people you can ever catch with ease.

Mostly they are not numerous but they are masters of silent

In the day you cant distinguish an assassin in the crowd of

in addition they are masters of disguise and extremelly good

If you meet one and push him hard he might fall down clumsy and
there will be no evidence he belongs to those who kill by a

Its not easy to become an assassin - since you should train hard
first to bring your reaction and precision to the highest level
mortal can achieve and then... yeah, they study how to hide their
skills, being "common citizens" by day. Despite the rumors,
assassins can kill anytime, everywhere and have thousands of
technics for that.

And the most valuable ability of assassin is they are almoust
untrackable, mean it is almoust impossible to catch or kill one.

Very rarely they fail to commit their mission, but they will try
again until it would be end.

Usually they care not much about the politics and wars, But when
the events affect their guild in the town they are currently
reside, the town which was the heart of Rogues, pirates and other
"scum"... they step into the action.

Well, gathering all assassins in Kalaman I have ordered them to
start subversive activities: silent attacks on supply caravans,
night assassinations of officers and commanders. Stealthy attacks
on guards and patrols. Water contamination and food poisoning.

Every corner, any street, sewers and every roof - those areas
assassins know perfectly in Kalaman unlike the troops of
Solamnia. And well, the are invincible at night, hiding or
perfectly disguising during a day.

Dont understimate the power of assassins:

the warriors can fight all the day by swords, while an assassin
can kill you silently from the distance, using a crossbow, a
poisoned blowgun and disappear.

Those will be my war actions.

Author:  Astea
Date    Tue Jan 29 16:20:11 2002

Subject Me and My Clerics

Im not sure how you want this (And Im going to write a more IC
story on the story board about it) but, me and 3 cleric acolytes
are going to head to tarsis (out of chance as the story will
show) and help kestren out...

I was told to note you, but, the story will be in more detail,
cuz im not sure what I need to tell you.


Author:  Kagonos
Date    Tue Jan 29 16:41:42 2002

Subject Action

I will travel among the Gryphon Vale in an attempt to recruit as
many gryphons as I can.  My status as an elder windrunner should
aid this, as will the fact that my mount is a patriarch of one of
the gryphon families in the Vale.  I should have 30 gryphons
still under my command from the last war as well.

Kagonos, Pathfinder of the Elderwild, Gryphon Ridin Hippy

Author:  Kiri
Date    Tue Jan 29 17:54:01 2002

Subject Tuesday action

Ill send my HEAVIEST Blessing to all the forces that are battling
for the side of good across all of Ansalon

Author:  Lanfer
Date    Tue Jan 29 17:56:08 2002

Subject WAR

I continue to Kalaman recruiting on the way. Blacks and any other
being that wishes to help. I send word ahead to xephern who
controls Kalaman telling him that I am coming to aid him raise an

Author:  Aurin
Date    Tue Jan 29 18:33:45 2002

Subject Tuesday Action

I will send my spiders out to lurk in the shadows of the city and
its surrounds and help scout the area in case someone gets past my
shield alive.  I will also continue summoning spiders to my aid.


Author:  Thearn
Date    Tue Jan 29 18:51:53 2002

Subject A Target *grin*

Ok people...its on. We have a target, we have a small army, and
we have a few lizards *pat grumash and zlik*.

The Shadows will be all heading toward the port city of Kalaman.
We are going to take Kalaman. Then we are going to disease,
poinson, and fill with dead bodies, the Vingaard River (whicch
leads to HCT and palanthas)

The Solamnics currently hold Kalaman. (*grin* plague in a can) We
can land the fleet north west of the city along the shore, and we
can station the ground forces in Warden Swamp south of Kalaman.

Solinari I would appreciate a warnote posted to all of us listing
our current troop numbers and location.

Any Questions? Note me.


Author:  Malen
Date    Tue Jan 29 19:13:26 2002

Subject today's action

i make the most of my time marching to our designated meeting
spot with my army then i begin to summon up the undead if time


Author:  Konan
Date    Tue Jan 29 19:49:15 2002

Subject Rogue Army Actions

Ok, Shadowind is rading the solamnic positions with quick and
deadly attacks especially near kalaman.  I will sail to Mithos,
close to shore, to recruit an army.  Kroog, Kaeptakus, Kaelay,
Orson, and Geritald will all recruit from our new locat ion My
men that are located in the new area will put all their efforts
into recruiting, so will all of the other's troops.

Konan Wolfclaw

Author:  Gethsemane
Date    Tue Jan 29 19:56:03 2002

Subject teusday actions

While waiting on the responce from the Dragon, and from Khalifa's
supplies, I sit in my warcamp and continue summoning.

Author:  Thyrix
Date    Tue Jan 29 20:05:24 2002

Subject war action

Im hopping a ship to neraka in the middle of the night (much
easier that way)...if I get caught i suppose I could pay or
something though that would be silly...yea.

Author:  Thyrix
Date    Tue Jan 29 20:12:10 2002

Subject Edited action

I just tryin to meet up with the others ignore the

Author:  Xaephran
Date    Wed Jan 30 04:38:26 2002

Subject War Note Repeater

Just a quick catchup and can you please repeat this action until
I can change it.

Kalaman Troops currently:

 Lesser Vampire (A True Blood Vampire of lesser power)
 Vampire Servants (Turned People with Vampire Traits)
 Minions of Evil (Strong Power)
 Undead Servants (Moderate Power)


Xaephran Ky'corn, High Priest of Takhisis
 Cleric of Takhisis

Here are the actions which I will be repeating:

* The Vampires of Kalaman will hide during the day and venture
out at night turning all they can and killing those they cant.
They will hide in shadow and kill swift and leave no survivors.
The will use their vampire powers to hide in shadow and mist.
Killing and always taking the bodies and those bitten with them. 
They are a trap on Kalaman and do not inhabit the same place.
They are spread like a disease all over Kalaman in about 6
seperate Crypts.

* In Neraka Xaephran will call apon ancient texts of all the
gods and use his clerical powers and those granted by Takhisis to
bring forth Denziens of the Abyss. Creatures born of nightmares
and servants of Takhisis. These dont have to be demons can be any
of the creatures from the Abyss.

* The Cleric of Takhisis will leave Neraka now and venture into
the surrounds of Neraka to call the people there to service.
Bringing with them their servants both alive and dead. Also
others who have joined will continue the efforts within Neraka,
dont forget alive people can join as well dont all have to be

* Tombfyre will leave Neraka and search far and wide from the
deep South to the far north bringin with him the Dragons of
Takhisis. White, Green, Black, Red and Blue will hear his call to
join the Dark Queen's Chosen Priest.

Please do this each day Solinari and post results I will read
them as soon as I can.

The Vampires will not stop their attacks until destroyed to the
last. The lesser vampire will also attempt to become a greater
vampire now that he has this many servants.

Thanks for all your efforts Solinari

Xaephran Ky'corn, High Priest of Takhisis

Author:  Shadowind
Date    Wed Jan 30 05:30:48 2002

Subject An addition to my actions

I've send messengers thru our network for other master assassins
to start gathering all skilled assassins thruout the Krynn in
every guild and every town. I expect the report on how many
assassins we have so far in the all towns. I am not recruiting. I
am trying to gather up "veteran" units, which appear to be

Small RP addition: during the former quests he possessed the
ability of shadowwalking: ability to use the world of shadows
where everything is colorless, grey. Every time Shadowind is
using the shadowwalk to sneak from the real world into the
shadows to reappear somewhere else his mind blurs for a day and
he suffers from Hatred since the Shadowwalking has this "side
effect" -> he dont recognize friends and treats everyone as a
potential danger, goes berserk and tries to attack. That is what
Hatred causes.

Knowing of the potential risk of using this "skill" Shadowind use
it only when he knows he wont hurt any "friends" even he has

So to coordinate the work of assassins in Kalaman, Shadowind
reappeared in the city day ago using the Shadowwalk, all the day
spent "relaxing" from the Hatred side effect in the hidden place
in Kalaman. And now I am fully operational and as I've stated
before sending messages to other master assassins to know the
numbers of secret service men in all the towns.

Shadowind, the Master Assassin.

Author:  Kestren
Date    Wed Jan 30 08:00:46 2002

Subject waraction

I am sending a small group of falcons to Caergoth to check on the
KoT forces/Renegade WR troops to determine if they are a threat
to Solace. I will also be recruiting more of the larger
creatures. (giants,trolls,ettins,wyverns,dragons) The remaining
forces inside Tarsis are still repairing and fortifying the city,
and building defensive war machines.


Author:  Thearn
Date    Wed Jan 30 08:07:41 2002

Subject waraction

I am traveling to the southern plains of Kalaman, gathering all
of my diseased troops, Theiwar, and other creatures, as well as
recruiting more of the same. Once there I will begin to poison
the water supply of Kalaman.

I will also be sending in small diseased animals to plague the
defending armies of Kalaman, as well as the general populace.


Author:  Solinari
Date    Wed Jan 30 09:12:30 2002

Subject Your battle

You guys are gonna have to work out fighting between the two of
you.  Codex is hunting for Gala, and Gala is searching for Codex
to light him up.  And I'm certainly not going to say Codex runs
Gala through with his sword or Gala turns Codex into dust, so you
guys find each other and settle things :P

Author:  Lanfer
Date    Wed Jan 30 09:38:55 2002

Subject WAR

Hearing that Kalaman is occupied I wheel and head for Caergoth
where there rest of the men were going The entire time I focus
through my gem to alert any blacks and try to draw them to me.

Author:  Solinari
Date    Wed Jan 30 10:04:48 2002

Subject Today's actions

Zlik looks for mages to join his forces, but finding none, goes
and hires 34 sailors

Tiroth raises 33 zombies and summons 3 lemures from the abyss to
join him.

Grumash charms 3 leucrotta in the swamps.

Mordradl convinces 21 goblins to join him in Throtyl.

Anatole summons a horse to ride and heads towards Palanthas. 
(Need to know if you are going to enter the city or not)

Malen raises 26 skeletons out of the swamp.

And Thyrix hops on a ship and heads to Neraka

Author:  Grumash
Date    Wed Jan 30 11:04:54 2002

Subject next war action

Continue recruiting the leucrotta, goblins, taking slaves and the
like until the moves are to be made toward Kalaman.

Author:  Barniven
Date    Wed Jan 30 11:19:43 2002

Subject WAR

I summon my fimilar(hes a hawk when I cast it so we'll keep it
that way) to keep an extra pair of eyes out for me.

I stay close enough to the camp to know whats going on, but far
enough away so as not to get caught. I watch the path of the
sentinels of sardis's army and I set up charm traps where when
someone walks into it they are under my spell.

once under my spell they automitacally head to a designated spot
west of their camp in a low laying vally where they congragate
and wait for me to come to them.

Message i magically passed to Shilaan asking when he will be

Author:  Barniven
Date    Wed Jan 30 11:23:48 2002


After the charm traps are set I head north to meet shilaan near
HCT Again the hawk has my bck to make sure I dont get caught. If
anything looks out of place I'll abndon heading to meet shilaan
at HCT and hide

Author:  Solinari
Date    Wed Jan 30 11:53:37 2002

Subject Dragonorb

You are not able to master the dragonorb today, as resists and
tries to destroy you still.

Author:  Galaphale
Date    Wed Jan 30 12:59:21 2002

Subject Wednessday Action.

In light of Tarantel's "vision" I'm withdrawing from the High
Clerist's Tower to return to my own to begin research.

I'm working to discover how to phrase this...

I'm trying to find the magical imprint that anyone with "The
Vision" has in the weave. Once I discover what it's unique signal
or pattern is, I can use it to my advantage later. Again, all I'm
looking for is the unique signal or pattern given off to the
Weave by a person who has had "The Vision".

Galaphale will settle his dispute with Codex later, they have
hundreds of years.

Author:  Zlik
Date    Wed Jan 30 13:20:22 2002

Subject war actions

Today I'm sending 10 Bakali back to thier tribes to bring thier
full tribes back with them. 10 Ogres are returning to thier
tribes to do the same, and 10 goblins, along with my smartest
Bakali to make sure the goblins understand.

Once they return I will begin load up my army and set sail toward
Kalaman. (Soli, please give me and estimated amount of days it
will take for me to reach shore near Kalaman, also, we'd like to
arrive at night, and far enough away on shore not to b not to be
noticed. thanks.)

Author:  Thyrix
Date    Wed Jan 30 13:39:41 2002

Subject War Action

Thyrix wants to get a ship to Kalaman this time (what a dipshit
that guy is).

Author:  Kagonos
Date    Wed Jan 30 15:36:05 2002

Subject Actions

To reiterate my missed action yesterday, I did search out to
recruit gryphons from Gryphon Vale.  Today I will try to recruit
some wild elves and outlying Wildrunners to fight on


Author:  Shilaan
Date    Wed Jan 30 16:37:42 2002

Subject War move for wednesday

Today, I am going to do my best to sneak away from all of the
fighting, if i am able to, i want to try to raise some dead to my
side along the way :p

Author:  Anatole
Date    Wed Jan 30 16:44:13 2002

Subject action for wednesday

Yes, I enter the city, but before I do, I cast invisibility on me
and my horsie... I have heard of the rumours of the dragons
attacking it. I return home and whip out two more bashes of the
same plague powder.

Guess that's it.

Author:  Tiroth
Date    Wed Jan 30 17:23:44 2002

Subject waraction for wednesday

I will spend all of today in prayer to Morgion.  I am seeking to
gain his favor (since i am his high priest) and to have him
direct me as to what it is his will wishes me to do in the war.

I will start prayer at just before dawn and continue until the
next dawn. The order to my forces (my summoned beings) are to let
no one near me while i am in prayer.

Author:  Konan
Date    Wed Jan 30 18:23:50 2002

Subject Rogue Army Actions

If I have arrived at Mithos I will go to the nearest settlement,
stirring the inhabitants up with stories of war, the recruit all
that are eager for conquest and glory.

My men at home will also recruit, and help the others.

Kaeptakus, Kroog, Kaelay, Orson, Geritald, and Tarmin will
continure to recruit.

Shadowind has establishd his actions already.

Konan Wolfclaw

Author:  Malen
Date    Wed Jan 30 18:52:03 2002

Subject War Note

I will travel with thearn continuing to raise the dead and pray
for priests and devoties of Morgion.

The destenation is Kalaman and i send my rats ahead to scout the
way. They may also be usefull in preparing the city for capture.


Author:  Gethsemane
Date    Wed Jan 30 19:56:38 2002

Subject war actions

I am still waiting for Khalifa's supplies.  The wyvern will be
invis.ed, and given seven hour air patrols.  Continueing to
summon things, especially shadows.. maybe try a wraith or two and
using magic to create food and water when needed.

Author:  Mordradl
Date    Wed Jan 30 20:27:10 2002

Subject WAR move for WED.

I am taking my little goblins and heading back towards the
Solamnic plains.

Author:  Adon
Date    Wed Jan 30 21:16:22 2002

Subject Wednesday Action

I want to read on Golems that cause decapacitating rust on
contact with any metal.  I mean, I want them to corrode any
metallic substance that they touch.

I also want to learn all I can on long-term clairvoyance and
clairaudience spells.

Author:  Aurin
Date    Wed Jan 30 21:23:45 2002

Subject Wed Action

Summoning attempts proving for the most part fruitless, I will
attempt one more magical call out to the mountains around
Palanthas in hopes that any of Phaethon's may be present and

I will then attempt to convince them to atleast help defend the
city if the need arises instead of actively being on hand


Author:  Kestren
Date    Thu Jan 31 00:15:26 2002

Subject Tarsis

Tarsis will soon be fully secure. The supplies to Neraka from the
city have been cut off completely.

I am awaiting word of Caergoth and will send the remaing falcons
out in various dircetions to locate close armies of KoTs.

I remain inside the city, casting protection spells to guard from
scrying and well as recruiting.


Author:  Thearn
Date    Thu Jan 31 01:27:35 2002

Subject waractions

I am heading to Kalaman, gathering the diseased army as well as
the Theiwar with me. I also recruit any lesser creatures for
fodder (i.e. kobolds, goblins, sorry mord, and hobgoblinds) Same
as before i poison the water supplies and plague the townfolk =)


Author:  Paladan
Date    Thu Jan 31 03:49:25 2002

Subject missing actions

[ 36 ] Paladan: trying to do stuff
Mon Jan 28 21:40:16 2002
To: solinari

Unless they changed it to case sensitivity (wasnt before) then i
dont know why my action didnt get through if they have changed it
to case sensitivity feel free to send me a whap via war note so i
know about it

Author:  Shadowind
Date    Thu Jan 31 03:57:07 2002

Subject any news for my actions so far?

subj :}

the name you know

Author:  Solinari
Date    Thu Jan 31 09:31:38 2002

Subject War result

You have learned your clairaudience/voyaance spells, but can find
nothing regarding dwarf sized rust golems anywhere.

Author:  Solinari
Date    Thu Jan 31 10:22:20 2002

Subject Your action

First off, not sure what clan you're in, but you sounded like you
wanted to keep your actions secret, so I posted this note to you.

Second.  A big ass tidal wave strikes Sanction today, and you
barely survive, try again tomorrow :P

Author:  Dendrel
Date    Thu Jan 31 11:02:44 2002

Subject action thursday

(Now, Id like to keep my actions secret, so if you can, just
poist to me not whole conclave if I succeed? thanx thanx!)

Id like to head out to a distant mountain and find a sturdy
ledge. There I would like to withdraw my dragonorb (given to me
ages ago by shilaan) and attempt to summon a dragon or two.

Im trying to summon either golds or reds, but i guess any color
will do.

If I succeed Id like the dragon(s) to start carving out a cave in
wall of the mountain.


Author:  Solinari
Date    Thu Jan 31 11:24:57 2002

Subject Your actions

Anatole... You're lucky your god likes you.  As you enter the
city limits, there is a crackling sound overhead.  A round shield
can be seen over the city as a column of flame decends towards
you!  The resulting explosion throws you many yards away,
incinerates your horse, and destroys your plagues. You are
injured, but lucky to be alive.

Grumash gathers 36 goblins to his side

Malen's rats scout Kalaman, finding hundreds of Solamnics in the
city, fortifying it.  He also recruits 16 cultists from the city.

Mordradl and his forces march to the Solamnic Plains.

Thearn poisons Kalamans water supply.

And Tiroth communes with Morgion (not sure what you're looking
for here :P)

Author:  Zlik
Date    Thu Jan 31 13:04:32 2002

Subject war actions

I'd like to have the sailors make sure the boats will be fit for
travel within the next few days. Along with that begin stocking
up on weapons/armor for my warriors as I await thier return.

Author:  Grumash
Date    Thu Jan 31 15:29:35 2002

Subject war action

Following the rest of these freaks to Kalaman, recruitin on the way.

Author:  Anatole
Date    Thu Jan 31 15:51:31 2002

Subject Action

I rise quickly from the "crater". I then sit for ONLY 5 minutes,
thinking about what could have triggered this "effect" (the
fireball thing:) I test the shield for anything likely odd... I
poke sticks at it, throw rocks at it etc.... I (hopefully reach
the conclusion that the shield is set to not allowing anyone evil
enter the city... So... I cast conceal alignment and invis...

Just to be safe, and try again. if it still doesn't work, I run
like hell, but if it does work, I quickly run to my humble abode,
and start brewing again.

now if it doesn't work, I pray for another mount of some sort,
then haste it and travel towards kalaman, finding all herbs etc I
can, that will help me in brewing the special dust.

(fin) :)

Author:  Aurin
Date    Thu Jan 31 17:16:43 2002

Subject Thurs Action

I will attempt to create a scrying device that will allow me to
see all that happens within the city and its immediate surrounds
so that I may better direct the damaging forces of my
"PROTECTIVE" shield around Palantahs to cut down on the damaging
effects to the city itself.


Author:  DraanAkar
Date    Thu Jan 31 17:17:53 2002

Subject Trying again to enter the war, Actions for thursday

I planeshift to the north end of Northern Ergoth, and from there,
summon an airship from another world I let it settle into the
forest slightly to hide it, then proceed to 'shift in my minions
(mostly humans, warriors, thieves, mages, psions, etc.) aboard
the ship after the ship is full of my humanoid minions, i summon
as many wurms, dragons, and dragonlike creatures that i can from
Krynn, and other places (this might be actually a couple days
worth of action, so if it is tell me how long it takes) while
summoning, i set up sentries around the ruins to watch for
travellers any seen wandering too close are to be killed on
sight, their possessions searched to see if anything of value is

Author:  Kiri
Date    Thu Jan 31 17:51:54 2002

Subject Thursday action

I shall send my blessing once again this time in two forms...(as
recruitments) First a mass of steed/warhorses shall be gathered
and sent with GODSPEED(an immortal gate) to the HCT Second a
collection of Bronze and copper dragons shall be gathered and
sent with GODSPEED to both Kalaman and Caergoth..

Author:  Barniven
Date    Thu Jan 31 17:58:50 2002

Subject war

I am still heding to meet Shilaan. I should be meeting him within
the next day or so. I await orders once we meet.

Author:  Konan
Date    Thu Jan 31 18:13:14 2002

Subject Rogue Army actions

Again, Kaeptakus, Lotari, Orson, Geritald, Kroog, Kaelay,
Shadowind, and now Lodanis recruits.  I will continue in Mithas.

My men at home will also recruit, but 2 men shall be made scouts
to check the forces of Kalaman and report back.

Konan Wolfclaw

Author:  Thearn
Date    Thu Jan 31 18:26:25 2002

Subject action

After poisoning the water supply i will begin to recruit small
animals who i then plague and send into the city to kill the
small pets/animals within the wallas to spread the disease

My troops (diseased followers, theiwar, animals, charmed
cratures) will begin to train for war, working on formations and

After the small animals are plagued and in the city ill begin to
charm/summon/hire creatures and such with ranged capabilities
(bowmen, spell casters, acid spitters and dragons)


Author:  Galaphale
Date    Thu Jan 31 20:02:47 2002

Subject Thursday Action,

I continue to search for the identifying mark of the Vision, or
any methode of finding a presence in KoT that exists only in them
I'm directing a small team of mages to assist me in this.

Author:  Shilaan
Date    Thu Jan 31 20:39:23 2002

Subject war move

Today, I am heading out to meet barniven, in our designated meeting spot

Author:  Gethsemane
Date    Thu Jan 31 20:43:14 2002

Subject thursdays action

After finnaly recieving the supplies from Khalifa, (the five
wagons, the several empty barrels, and the three large cisterns,
I work on having the three shadows who brought them unload it
all.  I then remove the canvas coverings from the wagons and bind
them together.  I use magic to delve a hole in the sands nearby
around 120 feet deep, and sixty feet in diameter.

I then promptly throw three blazing surged up fireballs down the
shaft melting the sand.

The fireballs are followed by a floodwaters, quick cooling the
molten sand into thick glass, keeping the nearbye sands at bay. 
I do the same proces to the sands surrounding the hole for an
area of around twenty or so feet out.  The canvas is then worked
into a single piece, suitably large to cover the entire opening
of the delved hidey-hole.  the shadows that are lying around, and
havent been assigned any particular duties yet, and me dismantle
whats left of the wagons.

The cisterns and barrels are then lowered by the shadows into the
hole.  The canvas is laid out over the opening and held down by
several pieces of 'abandoned wagon parts'.

I put a layer of the nearby sands over it all, making sure it
will support it all, and further camouflage the 'warcamp'.  Then,
with the day now old, I go into my pit, put up a few cont.
lights, and begin summoning in Tiroth and his forces.

Author:  Tiroth
Date    Thu Jan 31 20:57:45 2002

Subject sneaking away (thursday action)

During the night when Zlik is busy or asleep, i am going to sneak
away from camp with my forces and await summoning from

Upon being summoned I will once again be summoning greater

Author:  Lanfer
Date    Thu Jan 31 22:27:02 2002

Subject war

Heading to caergoth

Author:  Gethsemane
Date    Thu Jan 31 23:33:06 2002

Subject and the summoning continues: fridays and sat. waraction


after the Hidey-Hole has been fully built, and all of Tiroth's
men have been transferred over, Gethsemane takes a much deserved
rest period.  After conversing long with Tiroth, He begins to
start on wraiths.

He spends all of Friday on Summoning Wraiths.


Saturday is spent ignoring the outside world, hidden from sight,
at the attempt to summon Greater Wraiths.

(I did these two together, because I'm leaving town for a while,
and won't be able to post)

Author:  Groshnak
Date    Thu Jan 31 23:50:26 2002

Subject Hobgoblin army

After several hours of the very articulate Thearn speaking to the
very ignorant Groshnak, an understanding was made  Thearn, pissed
off nonetheless, reverted to talking like a child to speak to

Groshnak pretended to understand what he said, but let's face it,
he was a dumbshit.  The usually hot-headed beast that Groshnak
was had been calmed down by this well spoken man.

He listened with what looked like intent and wonder, but after
moments of talking to him, Thearn realized  Groshnak was just
sleeping with his eyes open.

Soon enough though, Groshnak was won over by the patient Thearn. 
The big brute was asked to show his skills.

Now, Groshnak might not be the brightest of all creatures, but
holy shit, he packed a mean punch.  Thearn was pleased.

Though Thearn knew some rocks that were smarter than Groshnak, he
liked his brutal force and his quick reaction to his commands.

Thearn sat down once again with Groshnak and told him he was
happy with him, and wanted more of his kind.

Groshnak, the proud leader of a well numbered pack of hobgoblins,
smiled and nodded.

Not long ago, Groshnak made his return.  And like he had said, he
brought a well numbered pack.  Thearn had exected a number around
.  His mind was blown when he saw Groshnak's accomplishments.

Behind Groshnak stood a legion of hobgoblins, a number well over
.  Groshnak smiled his usual dumbass smile.

Thearn wanted to see this leader work his men, and he did in such
a way you'd think he actually understood the woords he spoke. 
Pleased, Thearned sent them to camp,  where they were provided
with fod and tent.

Groshnak (though it looks more like someone's footprint than a

*ooc* Forgive the simplicity and the typo's.. i have no mouse,
and I have no sleep in me :)

Author:  Whastryk
Date    Fri Feb  1 01:28:29 2002

Subject thursday action

(BTW, I am a black robe mage ICly)
Recruitment, in any form, magical preferably.

Author:  Anatole
Date    Fri Feb  1 04:23:12 2002

Subject actions friday and saturday.

Well, IF I get able to brew more of this stuff... I do this for
friday and I'll be back to write saturdays note on sunday :) IF I
don't, and instead travel to kalaman, I continue this travel. I
also try to recruit anyone who might "want" to live after I
plague em :)

Anatole Shadowsinger, Prophet of Morgion

Author:  Lodanis
Date    Fri Feb  1 07:26:09 2002

Subject War action

Im leading my force of (from last war) 42 men, and trying to find
a camp of the solamnic knights. Sending scouting parties
originating from palanthas They head 10 people north, south east
and west, to find others to rally to our cause.

The underground lives on chaos, we want to be complete anarch.

err we want complete anarchy. Thus i sit near palanthas, awaiting
word and troops from my scouts.

War action

Author:  Solinari
Date    Fri Feb  1 11:00:27 2002

Subject Your results

You were able to summon in an airship from somewhere else today.

Author:  Solinari
Date    Fri Feb  1 11:02:47 2002

Subject Your actions

Today you summoned 2 hell hounds.

Author:  Tiroth
Date    Fri Feb  1 11:12:11 2002

Subject fri, sat. action 

I am spending the next to days, after having been summoned to
Gethsemane's warcamp I am summoning major devils and demons.

(I am going to be out of town this weekend, so im doing the two now)

Author:  Solinari
Date    Fri Feb  1 11:41:52 2002

Subject Shadow Results

Zlik stocks up on weapons and makes sure the sailors have their ships ready.

Grumash and his forces continue onto Kalaman

Anatole, under a spell of invis and conceal align, tries to enter
Palanthas again.  Emphasis on TRIES.  Nervously looking above
him, Anatole see's the fireball gathering overhead.  He turns and
runs perpendicular to his path, and watches as the fireball
streaks down and blasts a patch of ground just outside the city. 
Close call.  He summons another mount and prepares to leave

Thearn puts plagues into the water supply of Kalaman, as well as
sending animals into the city.

Is Groshnak a Shadow now?  Just curious about the note.

Author:  Whastryk
Date    Fri Feb  1 12:03:56 2002

Subject friday action

Continue using magical means to increase my forces.

Author:  Solinari
Date    Fri Feb  1 12:04:50 2002

Subject Underground actions

Your organization gained 31 fighters, a mage and 4 clerics today.

Author:  Thyrix
Date    Fri Feb  1 14:12:47 2002

Subject war action

As soon as I get to neraka i just want to get back on a ship to
kalaman...what the hell is wrong with me anyway?

Author:  Grumash
Date    Fri Feb  1 14:30:42 2002

Subject war action


Get to kalaman
Recruit anything on the way there

Author:  Zlik
Date    Fri Feb  1 15:08:44 2002

Subject War action

I'd like to start equiping my bakali/ogres/goblins with weapons
and combat training, tactics etc. while we await the return of
the others. Also I'd like to speak to the sailors of what they
know of the city to the north New Silvanost (or whatever i

Author:  Shadowind
Date    Fri Feb  1 15:43:18 2002

Subject actions

Expecting reports from allied assassin guilds all over the

Bribing some guards in Kalaman to get key to the treasury of
sol.knights in Kalaman.

Poisoning food for horses in stables. Silent night raids killing
Sol.commanders in Kalaman.


P.S. using Kalaman city beggars and stuff to gather rumors in
taverns      about further actions of solamnic troops.

Contacting some merchants to bring a heavy supplies of alcohol to
Kalaman city, "free drinks first, low prices then, when every
sol.trooper will use the drink, once every drop of that alcohol
would be poisoned (expecting some reducing in the number of
solamnic troops in Kalaman.

Author:  Barniven
Date    Fri Feb  1 16:11:49 2002

Subject WAR

Today I still await Shilaan appearance at our designiated spot. 
I send the falcon to see if my charm traps have snagged any of
sardises army. Perhaps even sardis himself walked into it.

Author:  Lanfer
Date    Fri Feb  1 16:24:57 2002

Subject WAR!

I contunue heading to caergth recruiting on the way as well as
scouting for any black dragons in teh area.

Author:  DraanAkar
Date    Fri Feb  1 17:50:03 2002

Subject War Actions Friday

In that case i proceed with the summoning of my human and
humanoid soldiers (warriors, thieves, mages, and psions) to the
ship i will attempt to fill the ship with them, as much as can
fit without hampering the ship's mobility if complete today, i
will begin summoning dragons.

Author:  Malen
Date    Fri Feb  1 18:30:54 2002

Subject todays action

My cultists and skeletons train with thearn's men my wyvern
scouts the area for any more of his kind in the area or possible

My rats continue through the city but their orders are to devower
army food stores within the city, (perhaps some plague will rub
off on the stuff that they cannot eat).

I myself begin to summon or charm/hire/summon bowmen, mages, and
dragons alike to our gathered army.


Author:  Aurin
Date    Fri Feb  1 19:08:25 2002

Subject Friday Action

I will continue tweaking my spell so that I can direct the
magical attacks from the shield to actually hit those who enter
and perhaps discourage them.  With the unwelcome beings entering
the city, am I able to get a better sense from my shield as to if
not who exactly is entering, atleast general things like race,
identifing marks such as KoT armor or mage robes?


Author:  Lanz
Date    Fri Feb  1 19:12:36 2002

Subject Bad News

Bad news i have learned from my souces that the group of brigands
rogue plans to take the city of kalaman... Perhaps we should
delay as even if we capture the city first our forces may suffer
heavy damage, where as if we let them go first...

Today i head twards kalaman to meet with the rest of rogue, and
continue gathering information on when we will arrive, the 
number of troops, various spying stuff.

when we arrive at the rondevous i will  order my men to train
battle techniques, formations, and everything else with the other
mercenarys. when we arrive at the rondevous i will  order my men
to train battle techniques, formations, and everything else with
the other mercenarys.

my second will report to me on how well they are trained and
armed. I will relay this information back to  you all when i
recieve it.


Author:  Konan
Date    Fri Feb  1 20:33:03 2002

Subject Rogue Army actions

Kroog, Kaelay, Lanz, Geritald, Orson, Lodanis, and Myself all
recruit.  Kaeptakus has posted his note, and Lethys wishes to go
and recruit a kender force.

I will still be in Mithas, so my men at home will finish the war
fleet started in Kalaman. Kaeptakus will also recruit and
continue working on his catapults.

Konan Wolfclaw

Author:  Dendrel
Date    Sat Feb  2 07:34:02 2002

Subject actions

I dont know if my action went through or not for thursday, but
could y ou let me know, I couldnt put friday in because I didnt
know if I succeded in my action for thursday. thanx!

If not Ill retype it for you ok? :) Since my moves for friday and
saturday all based on thursday, can I still put fridays in since
I didnt know if I succeded thursday? thanx bro.

Author:  Dendrel
Date    Sat Feb  2 08:35:14 2002

Subject Friday Action

Im going to order the coppers to dig the cave roughly 100 yards
deep, then make a cave there wide enough for roughly 300 people
to fit in without being totally cramped (I figure this will take
a couple days so Ill let them do this) Now I want to begin trying
to summon Skeletons/Wraiths/any other undead creatures or demons
I can.

If I succeed have them start helping the dragons for now.

Author:  Solinari
Date    Sat Feb  2 09:30:41 2002

Subject Today

You are gated into Gethsemane today with your forces.

Author:  Solinari
Date    Sat Feb  2 09:41:24 2002

Subject Flying citadel

Doing this will take many mages and clerics.  Even then they say
it will take a while to raise it.

Author:  Solinari
Date    Sat Feb  2 09:42:26 2002

Subject Your actions

You summon a stone golem

Author:  Solinari
Date    Sat Feb  2 09:44:25 2002

Subject Your actions

You get your troops loaded up onto the airship, but are unable to
summon dragons today.

Author:  Solinari
Date    Sat Feb  2 09:45:33 2002

Subject Your actions

You raise 12 zombies today, and the dragons keep digging.

Author:  Solinari
Date    Sat Feb  2 09:48:32 2002

Subject Dragonorb

Today, after much stuggle, you get some control over the orb.

Author:  Solinari
Date    Sat Feb  2 10:10:08 2002

Subject Shadow Actions

Thyrix is on his way to Kalaman.

As is Grumash, who tries to recruit some forces, but fails.

Zlik continues training his forces.

Malen recruits 21 archers outside of Kalaman
And Lanz continues training his troops

Author:  Dendrel
Date    Sat Feb  2 10:15:23 2002

Subject saturday action

Continue to summon undead, send magical word to Shilaan, asking
him to make a potion of dragon control for me.

Also, send word to Galaphale asking him to make potion of
Invulnerabilty for me.

Order 5 zombies to help dragons dig, 7 stand guard at entrance.
(though no one knows im here:))

(the continue summon undead should be after everything else)

Author:  DraanAkar
Date    Sat Feb  2 14:38:53 2002

Subject saturday's actions

I start summoning Dragons (all kinds) and Land Dragons (AKA
wurms) from other planes.

as many as i can summon, that's how many i'll have...i'd also
like a breakdown of all the kinds of humanoids i got =)

Author:  Saige
Date    Sat Feb  2 17:12:35 2002

Subject Saturday's Actions (cont'd in secret)

I will be calling my meeting in which we will discus what ideas
we have for the flying citadel. I will listen to hear if any of
my clerics were able to discover other means, or any more
artifacts in the surrounding area.

After this, I will share my idea with them that Azure brought
to my attention. I will tell them of how instead of using a
mage/cleric's life force to power our citadel, which would only
work for a limited time, we use a silver dragon's.

It will be my 5 dragons goal of capturing the young Silver. If
they are met with aggression by more than dragons than they can
handle, they are ordered to retreat, using gate spells to make a
speedy retreat without and casualties.

but, upon capturing the silver, they are to bind him and bring
him at once to myself, where we will keep him hidden from view
and from any attempt of rescue.

In the meantime, my 9 clerics are to be scoping the land for a
candidate castle to which will suffice and hold up
during an attack.

I myself will be overlooking the process and keeping an eye on
matters in the keep, still sending out recruitment notices all
the villages of Nordimaar.


Author:  Konan
Date    Sat Feb  2 20:23:21 2002

Subject Rogue Army actions

I remain in Mithas recruiting.  Lethys recruits kenders with the
promise of fantastical objects.  Kroog continues to recruit in
Flotsam Kaeptakus does the same, along with Kaelay, Orson,
Geritald, Laz. (recruiting) We await spy reports for Kalaman, and

Konan Wolfclaw

Author:  Adon
Date    Sat Feb  2 22:03:58 2002

Subject Saturday's War Action

Cast one of each of my long duration Clairvoyance and
Clairaudience spells today.

The clairaudience spell will be in the board room of the HCT,
where officers meet and plan.

The Clairvoyance spell will be over Kalaman, giving a broad but
undefined view of the entire city from above the gates.

Author:  Galaphale
Date    Sun Feb  3 01:38:07 2002

Subject Sunday Action.

Yeah yeah, same thing as before, working on finding any identifying
mark the KoT have in the weave.

Btw, if this is never going to work (and it should :P ) could
you give me a clear indication of that?

Author:  Barniven
Date    Sun Feb  3 01:50:40 2002

Subject WAR

Today I meet with Shilaan and we head for Caergoth where we use
his prepared mass charm spells to take control of Sardises army
or any other KoT force we can. We also wish to capture sardis adn
any other officer in or around caergoth.

Author:  Konan
Date    Sun Feb  3 18:19:21 2002

Subject Rogue Army sunday actions

All of us recruit....Kroog, Kaelay, Kaeptakus, Orson, Geritald,
Shadowind, Lodanis, Me, Lanz, Lethys.

Konan Wolfclaw

Author:  Solinari
Date    Sun Feb  3 18:37:27 2002

Subject Forces

Here are what I show after the last couple of days of work.

1 Cleric of Takhisis
16 Acolytes
7 Clerics
68 Zombies
68 Skeletal warriors
49 Fighters
24 Ghouls
5 Necromancers
7 Fire Minions
 Lesser Vampire
97 Vampire Servants
3 Minions of Evil
5 Undead Servants

Author:  Grumash
Date    Sun Feb  3 20:17:33 2002

Subject war action

Recruit on the way to kalaman

Author:  Solinari
Date    Mon Feb  4 07:47:20 2002

Subject Actions

Your dragons continue to dig, unable to summon any undead today. 
If you want assistance from someone, ask em yourself and let me
know afterwards :P

Author:  Solinari
Date    Mon Feb  4 07:48:51 2002

Subject Actions

Unable to summon dragons today, but you did feel the presence of
a land wurm nearby.  I only show you having 8 mages, 28 trained
warriors, let me know if you have something different.

Author:  Solinari
Date    Mon Feb  4 07:50:14 2002

Subject Actions

Your spells find that in the HCT, the Solamnics are rebuilding
the HCT and reinforcing their position there and in their other
keeps.  At Kalaman, you see the city under control of the Sols,
with dragons patrolling the skies and catapults guarding the

Author:  Solinari
Date    Mon Feb  4 07:58:45 2002

Subject Shadow results

Shadow did little today (sic em Morg!)  Actually, only action I
have is Grumash arriving at Kalaman, still not having any luck

Author:  Galaphale
Date    Mon Feb  4 09:21:12 2002

Subject Monday Action.

*Cough* Still, being a persistant fuck, I'm continueing to
research that imprint of the Vision. Maybe someday I'll make

Only have three or four archmages and a master working on it, not
as if we'd know anything yet....riiiiiiiight *poke*

Author:  Grumash
Date    Mon Feb  4 09:32:48 2002

Subject war action

Arriving in Kalaman with my troops that consist of:

 various slaves

I load up beside the rest of the shadows and let my whores... er
units become the gimp fighters they should be, byt training and

Author:  Gobbo
Date    Mon Feb  4 09:44:29 2002

Subject War actions

Gobbo will lead his troops to Caergoth, He heard that there is
battle going on.

And as always he will recruit and send recruiters along the way
to Caergoth.

Author:  Dendrel
Date    Mon Feb  4 09:48:40 2002

Subject Monday Action

OK, keep the dragons digging along with 5 zombies and the 7 still
standing guard. I Wait for nightfall and attempt to summon a

If I succeed I want to give him a vile and have him fill it with
his blood.

Then Ill have him work in the cave with the 5 zombies and dragons
so he isnt killed when the sun rises.

Author:  Malen
Date    Mon Feb  4 11:34:46 2002

Subject action for  today

i continue to summon creatures with  long ranged capabilitys like
dragons mages and archers. My troops will continue training and
my wyvern continue scouting.

i also order my archers to join my troops in training.


(i will do this for 2 days kuz i probably wont be around tommarow, thanx)

Author:  Cieros
Date    Mon Feb  4 12:25:25 2002

Subject actions

I'll attempt to make my way outta Caergoth during the ensuing
confusion and make my way into the woods and safety

Author:  Claire
Date    Mon Feb  4 14:33:10 2002

Subject My actions

I havnt really recieved any news on whats been going on on my
side of the save time...i can tell you what my war
actions will be for the rest of the week It'll end up just being
me finding necromancers...till i have ammassed a pretty good
group of close people...around maybe 10-30 and then i'll begin to
summon undead and we will just basically be practicing the arts
and building a small army which hopefully will eventually build
to be a bigger one

Author:  DraanAkar
Date    Mon Feb  4 15:48:15 2002

Subject monday/tuesday actions

heh i didn't roll anything for the humanoids i have, but the ship
can hold alot more than that i thought =) i continue to summon,
now focusing on mages and psions under my command, but still
bringing in warriors.

when the ship is REALLY full, i return to my attempts to summon

Author:  Adon
Date    Mon Feb  4 16:26:01 2002

Subject Monday's Action

Spend one last day at the Library of Palanthas reading about
golems that cause rust on contact.

Author:  Anatole
Date    Mon Feb  4 16:49:40 2002

Subject Mondays action

I just head eastwards, searching for herbs and people to
recruit.. I am on my way to kalaman.

Author:  Zlik
Date    Mon Feb  4 16:52:51 2002

Subject War action

Soli, my troops returned with thier villages aka absobent amount
of recruits they made? :-p Also, just more training, equiping,
searching the city for anything worthwhile perhaps.

Author:  Konan
Date    Mon Feb  4 19:40:12 2002

Subject Rogue Army actions

Konan, Kroog, Kaeptakus, Kaleay, Orson, Geritald, Laz, Lodanis,
Lethys, all recruit.

Konan Wolfclaw

Author:  Saige
Date    Mon Feb  4 21:01:09 2002

Subject Monday (cont'd)

As you know, my dragons, are still on their mission to capture,
subdue, and bind a young silver. They are also to be on their
toes still. if any resistance is encountered that they cannot
take care of, They are to quickly gate, not fly, but gate out of
there and return to headquarters with me.

My clerics, all 9, are still searching out a keep that will serve
us best in our efforts. It must be in good enough shape to
withstand attacks from dragons and such amgics that could piece
by piece destroy it.

I, on the other hand, will not be recruiting as I posted to my
fellow knights. I will be in the deep dungeons of North Keep,
summoning spells to bring forth undead and demons to serve her
majesty and our cause.

Thanx Soli!


Author:  Aurin
Date    Mon Feb  4 22:14:57 2002

Subject Monday Action

I will continue to work with my shield to hopefully increase
the affects overall.  Including the scrying function, as well
as the attack.  Perhaps even tweak the power and ability to direct
it without doing damage to the city itself.


Author:  Kestren
Date    Mon Feb  4 22:44:19 2002

Subject waraction

As Kaeptakus will be leaving soon, I have doubled my efforts, and
those of my apprentices/initiates with the summoning of fodder
and imposing creatures, as well as hiring mercinaries trained for
city defence...aka arches, balista operators.


Author:  Kaelay
Date    Tue Feb  5 12:12:27 2002

Subject actions

i keep recruiting both people and dragons

Author:  Zeboim
Date    Tue Feb  5 16:19:39 2002

Subject a gift...

Cloreana is now in control of 4 of my young adult sea dragons,
she may do with them as she wishes untill i deem it time for them
to return to me.


Author:  Zeboim
Date    Tue Feb  5 16:20:20 2002

Subject Cloreana's Dragons

If she attempts to use them in battle, 2 will fight for her, and
 will turn against her other forces...if there are no other
forces, they will turn against her.

Zeboim...aint i a bitch?

Author:  Konan
Date    Tue Feb  5 18:34:47 2002

Subject rogue army actions

My forces in Mithas will set sail today, praying for the blessing
of Zeboim.  They will sail to just outside of the port of
Kalaman.  My other forces in Flotsam, will do the same joining me
near Kalaman port.

Kaelay, and Kaeptakus will come by land to the oitside walls of
the city, and prepare for battle.

Lethys will send groups of kenders into the city few at a time,
"collecting" the solamnic's equipment and supplies.

The others will still recruit, unless they write otherwise.

I will leave a few trusted men in Mithas to recruit any who wish
to join after I have left.

Sardis marches toward Palanthas.

I will be sailing on the war fleet i had constructed in the last
few weeks.

the one's recruiting are shadowind, lotari, lanz, lodanis, orson,
and geritald
Konan Wolfclaw

Author:  Barniven
Date    Tue Feb  5 20:39:43 2002

Subject WAR

I set up as MANY charm traps as I can around caergoth. Once
anything, (dragon, troop, dear, things like that) hit the trap
they will know how to find their master and will come to find me.

Then Shilaan and I begin to head for SK

Author:  Shilaan
Date    Tue Feb  5 20:40:54 2002

Subject War moves

Barniven and myself, are now officially heading towards Skull
Keep, we will recruit anything and everything along the way.

All our actions will be forced upon doing this until we reach
Skull Keep

Author:  Dendrel
Date    Tue Feb  5 20:52:06 2002

Subject Tuesday Action

Well, since I dont know about the whole vampire thing or if I
succeeded, Heres my tuesday action

If I failed with the vampire summoning, retry and if i succeed
give him vial and tell him to fill up with his blood.

If I succeeded then Try to summon more undead for now.

(my forces prior to if I succeed or fail the vampire summoning
are 12 zombies and 2 copper dragons correct?)

I need to talk to you about the spell Im wanting to cast, Ill
need you to determine the other 4 componenets I need since it
really doesnt list them (more like a DM choice thing) So if you
can send me a telll next time we're on together Id be mighty

Author:  Whastryk
Date    Wed Feb  6 23:39:10 2002

Subject being gone

Hi sol
I really hate to dump this on you I am using telnet on a friends
comp and it really sucks When I got immed on bp I spilled coke on
my keyboard and it broke it :( So I wnt be on for at least
another 10 days, can I have all my actions as recruiting and
khorens as finding the imprint pretty please?

Author:  Solinari
Date    Thu Feb  7 09:28:35 2002

Subject Saige Results

Your clerics found a suitable citadel and your dragons have found
a silver dragon lair they will attack.

Author:  Solinari
Date    Thu Feb  7 09:29:31 2002

Subject Cieros Result

You are able to escape from the city, though you now wander
around outside in the fog around the city.

Author:  Solinari
Date    Thu Feb  7 09:30:12 2002

Subject Adon Results

You still cannot find anything mentioning a golem that can cause things to rust.

Author:  Solinari
Date    Thu Feb  7 09:59:55 2002

Subject Shadow Actions

Malen summons 42 goblins and turns them into archers.

Anatole arrives at Kalaman today.

Zlik gets 39 troops from the city.

Author:  Solinari
Date    Thu Feb  7 10:01:44 2002

Subject Your actions

You recruited 5 necromancers today.

Author:  Grumash
Date    Thu Feb  7 11:16:16 2002

Subject war action

Try and recruit whatever is around outside of Kalaman, while
training troops.

Author:  Anatole
Date    Thu Feb  7 15:11:00 2002

Subject war action

I set up a small brewery, no as complex as the one in my offices,
but it will do. I then start to boil another plague this time
bringing the two kinds together in an air-transmitted ebola
virus. Of course, I pray to the dark shadow for every mo (cont)
move I make, hoping this will make it efficient and usefull.

Anatole Shadowsinger, prophet of Morgion.

Author:  Cloreana
Date    Thu Feb  7 15:22:57 2002

Subject actions for thurs

Try and summon more shadow's and invis stalkers I have my sea
dragons return to the area around palanthas, overturning any kot
merchant blockade runners or anything

Author:  Dendrel
Date    Thu Feb  7 17:08:21 2002

Subject hey buddy

Hey buddy you missed my actions man!!! *grin* Get back to me when
you can about them?

Author:  Konan
Date    Thu Feb  7 17:51:47 2002

Subject war action

I recruit more Minotaurs.

Konan Wolfclaw

Author:  Cieros
Date    Thu Feb  7 18:28:22 2002

Subject actions

I'll make my way to the coastline and follow it north outta the
fog and to safety( using the sun for a direction marker)

Author:  Vinzentius
Date    Thu Feb  7 19:21:26 2002

Subject Thurs Action

With power over the Zhakar Thane, I will request military,
political, and any other type of aid that the Zhakar my grant the
KoT.  He may work through me and I will pass information,
supplies, reinforcements, etc from there.

Vinzentius Tivas

Author:  Saige
Date    Thu Feb  7 21:30:04 2002

Subject War Action Continued

Ok, soli knows the rundown on this. These next actions are ones
I'm doing w/o anyone else knowing, so tehy are only posted to you
 and replies should only be back to me :)...*not to sound bossy
or anything*

Ok, my dragons are ordered to give the attack on the silver lair
they found. If they accomplish this feat, they are to bind and
subdue him for the trip back. Any encounter too dangerous and
they are ordered to flee by means of magic and return at o at
once to the keep. My clerics meanwhile (9 of em) are to begin
preparing and casting the necessary spells for the binding and
subding of the dragon. This way, when the dragon is brought, he
will be prepared immediately to begin drawing from his m magical
energies to use in my massive spell. (on the side, just for
reference) He is to be held in the center of the castle, so that
no attacks from the outside could damage or free him, unless the
whoe castle is destroyed.

Ok, and finally, I will begin casting spells of preparation on
the castle, so when the dragon comes, it is ready to become....MY

Thats my actions soli..oh, and jsut a quick question, i'm not
understanding the way you explained the new war notes
method...could you please tell me again how and when we are
supposed to post them? thanx!

Saige, Master of the Skull

Author:  Sorthrus
Date    Fri Feb  8 06:22:21 2002

Subject War Action, Friday 8 Feb

If the potion of dragon control was not successfully completed I
will try to make another. If it was completed I will send it to
Dendrel for use while still trying to figure out the powers of
the Greatsword Lust.

Author:  Galaphale
Date    Fri Feb  8 06:57:00 2002

Subject War Action

I continue my work with the vision. The closer I get,
the more confetti I throw. Yippee.

Author:  Kestren
Date    Fri Feb  8 07:42:20 2002

Subject action

The city of Tarsis is now fully restored and fortified. The
magical barrier is being maintained by my apprentices/initiates.
I am recruiting the locals into a militia, as well as any
creatures near the city are quickly charmed.

All the newly charmed creatures and already charmed ones are
being trained to man the city defenses.

The falcons are sent out in regular paterns along the trails into
Tarsis to locate any signs of a siege army.


Author:  Thearn
Date    Fri Feb  8 08:00:07 2002

Subject waraction

As the current troops train, I am recruiting more of my dark
dwarven brethren as well as finding more fodder for the assault.
I will call upon ALL of the disease citizens of Ansalon to come
to Kalaman.

I have also begin to pray twice a day as opposed to my usual once
a day to Morgion, asking for help with the conquering of Kalaman.

Lastly I will plague more rats and small creatures and send them
into Kalaman.


Author:  Kagonos
Date    Sat Feb  9 08:15:00 2002

Subject Friday's Action(and missed Monday and Wed Actions)

I completely understand how you could've missed my two previous
war actions, so I'll just restate them for you.  On Monday, I
attempted to recruit the Great Gryphon, the Great Roc, and Kirsa,
a rogue red dragon that is has been given the title of honorary
firerunner.  On Wednesday, I made one last attempt to gather any
elves in the Gryphon Vale who would join me, and moved my forces
to one of the nearby valleys in the Khalkists.

For today, my forces are going to lie low for the time being
while I go about on foot to search out any local elderwild tribes
to join me.  Come nightfall, my forces and I will fly southward,
staying low and hoping to avoid detection.


BTW-Sorry for not posting on Friday, but I'm finally getting over
a bad case of the flu and even looking at a computer for the last
couple days made me even more sick.

Author:  Solinari
Date    Sat Feb  9 08:47:51 2002

Subject Your cave

Your cave is dug, but you weren't able to summon any undead today.

Author:  Solinari
Date    Sat Feb  9 10:01:59 2002

Subject Dragons

The mages and clerics are working on the citadel.  Your dragons
sucessfully captured the silver and are bringing him back.

Author:  Solinari
Date    Sat Feb  9 10:32:32 2002

Subject Shadow Results

Thearn recalls all cultists to gather near Kalaman while
recruiting 13 more Theiwar

Anatole is brewing up a new virus...

Grumash recruits a small band of goblins (26) outside of Kalaman.

Author:  Thearn
Date    Sat Feb  9 13:23:54 2002

Subject warnote

For the next 3-4 days myself and Malen will begin to pray to our
god Morgion. Our troops continue to train, adding the new troops
to the assimilated army.

We ask morgion to grant us the power to combat the dragons of the
solamnic knights. Our troops are ground forces only, and we have
no way to fight them. Creatures/Dragons of disease that can fly
and combat the mettalics is badly needed.

Malen and I will not eat, sleep, nor drink water in a show of our
devotion. We have also plagued ourselves with our most powerful
diseases, as a way to show our commitment.


Author:  Malen
Date    Sat Feb  9 13:29:32 2002

Subject warnote

Thearn and i will pay our reverence to our god morgion for the
next three or four days, while our troops train. while the
comming of the battle seems enevitble we must have something to
usupr the power of the metalics holed up within the city.

We will not eat sleep nor drink in order to show our devotion and
have plagued ourselves with  the most powerful diseases we can to
show our commitment.


Author:  Aurin
Date    Sat Feb  9 15:19:18 2002

Subject Weekend War Action

Having lost the city to such overwhelming odds, I will remain
within my citadel and begin preparation for my next series of

First though, I will weave a spell known as "feign destruction". 
This spell is detailed more in The Book of Magecraft from
Birthright but in essence it causes the affected palace,
fortress, village, or town to appear to be destroyed.  The method
of apparaent destruction is my choice.

So it will appear as though my citadel was destroyed be a spell

In reality, the destroyed area is unharmed.  No manner of
divination, however will reveal the area as anything other than
damaged.  The affected area does not radiate magic.

Persons within the area of affect when the spell is cast witness
no change.

Only strangers who enter the area after the spell is cast witness
the destruction.

The spell is so complete that anyone who would see me entering
the tower physically, would see me as some person scrounging
through the ruins.  If they speak to those caught in the area
upon casting of the spell, including animals if they try to talk
to them, they hear tales of despair instead of the person or
things actual words.

Aurin, Chosen of Lunitari

Author:  Zlik
Date    Sat Feb  9 16:46:16 2002

Subject war action

Well, awaiting my Bakali, Goblins and Ogres to return with thier
villages, etc, I suppose everyone will just train, soon as these
slow fuckers return with thier villagers we're setting sail to

Author:  DraanAkar
Date    Sat Feb  9 17:11:51 2002

Subject war actions this week

reposting my actions this week
roll for whatever humanoids i have (i didn't, whatever i have, i

i continue to summon humanoids, focusing on mages and psions, but
with some warriors too (btw, it's a LARGE airship) when the ship
is full, i return to my attemnts to summon dragons/wurms.

Author:  Ashton
Date    Sat Feb  9 22:08:38 2002

Subject Sat. Actions

I continue to recruit while I am enroute to Solanthus, upon
arrival I find Ranadial and attach myself to him to serve him as
his squire

Author:  Thyrix
Date    Sat Feb  9 23:27:12 2002

Subject troops

could you give me list for troop numbers of ZLiks, Mine, Malens,
Grumashs, Mordradls, and anatole's. (apparently im the leader of
the army...woooooo...i feel special)

Author:  Jolen
Date    Sun Feb 10 01:55:53 2002

Subject Aiding Dendrel

These past few days I have been exerting my energies in the
creation of a Invulnerability potion, of which I am granting to
Dendrel to aide him in his spell.

Jolen -High Archmage

Author:  Dendrel
Date    Sun Feb 10 01:56:44 2002

Subject Action!

I wish to gate into Nightlund and head to Daargard Keep.

While there I wish to speak with Lord Soth, the Death Knight.

I wish to ask him two things. 1)Ask for his alliance/aid and that
of his undead minions, in return he would get to kill many
solamnics and others, and have their tasty souls to himself.

) (whether he denies the first or not) I would ask him if he
were willing to command one of the vampires to fill a vial with
their blood for me. (or just kick their ass and take it,
whichever he so pleases) If he denies both then I shall search
out a vampire in Nightlund and attempt to charm a vampire and
take his/her blood, or forcefully take it.

Author:  Lanfer
Date    Sun Feb 10 02:49:02 2002


I send order that any force that can be spared must meet the army
at Manydell Keep. They are ordered to recruit as they go. Strong
focus on dragons.

Author:  Dartain
Date    Sun Feb 10 07:04:18 2002

Subject numbers

(havent finished reading war notes yet, but when I left these
were my troops numbers... you were a bit off on the dragon count)
I had, including my mount Buliwyyd 9 dragons, not 6. BTW dont
forget bout the many traps I set in case of invasion :P sorry for
the missed notes, network cable went bad.

Author:  Dartain
Date    Sun Feb 10 07:20:51 2002

Subject Back In The Saddle again

Reminder of full troops numbers. 71 knights (unless you've
decided any of my well trained soldiers have met knight ranking
yet) 281 trained soldiers. And now that I lost I beleive it was 6
dragons?(boggle) I have a great gold wyrm, an ancient bronze, and
My mount the ancient silver buliwyyd and 6 clerics.

My men are to double check ALL of my traps to make sure they are
working, the food stuffs to make certain of no poisoning, any
alternate paths into the city are to be secured. The rest of
their day is to be spent training some more, mainly with bow and
arrow. My dragons are to use their divine magic powers, combined
with the prayers of myself and my clerics to ask paladine to
strike evils oldest weakness and make them turn upon themselves
in the fog.

Over the armaments of the kot are to be seen the armaments of the
knights of solamnia, attacking. And I now draw from my sheath,
the untill now hidden in secrecry, Greatsword Revenge. The wrath
of a solamnic war veteran of 25 years is great, may paladine have
pity upon their misguided souls.

Author:  Galaphale
Date    Sun Feb 10 08:45:58 2002

Subject War Action

I'll leave wayreth, tracing the path of the magic out over the
sea from the clouds.

persistence is a virtue...that's going to get me killed.

Author:  Grumash
Date    Sun Feb 10 11:31:05 2002

Subject war action

Recruiting more goblins if any are out there, and then going to
watch Malen and Thearn's back while they elope.... er pray.

Author:  Konan
Date    Sun Feb 10 19:02:18 2002

Subject war action

I recruit, and i have the captains train the minotaurs I have
gotten so far.

Konan Wolfclaw

Author:  Saige
Date    Sun Feb 10 20:37:35 2002

Subject Monday Actions (cont'd)

Ok, heres the scope. As my dragons continue to bring the silver
to us, I want my clerics working hard on finishing the spells up
for the citadel.

After receiving our new vision from takhissis, we should all be
motivated enough to continue with haste so we can participate in
the upcoming battle of glory.

I, myself, will be assisting in the preparations (to gain better
rolls) for the spells and setting things up for the arrival of
the dragons.

Saige, Master of the Skull

Author:  Shilaan
Date    Mon Feb 11 00:15:04 2002

Subject war action for monday

I am still heading towards SK, recruiting, and raising any and
all undead.

Author:  Barniven
Date    Mon Feb 11 00:48:43 2002


Shilaan and I continue to SK and I do my best to recruit on the
way. I also look to hear about the charm traps I set around
Caergoth. Did I get anything from those?

Author:  Sorthrus
Date    Mon Feb 11 06:23:10 2002

Subject War Action, Monday 11 Feb

Upon completion of the dragon control potion I will send it
immediately to Dendrel. With this task completed I will turn to
sending out my whores to gather information on the forces around
Red Silk, if any.

Author:  Zeboim
Date    Mon Feb 11 11:43:47 2002

Subject sea waractions

Solinari, any and all attempts to summon or charm sea creatures from
this point forth in the war fails unless i note you otherwise.
Ships will not be able to see thru the fog, nor leave any ports.
Ill note you who i deem worthy to use my seas.

(aka Makaris' kraken...goes home...Dakamar is done with sea on eis sailing anywhere...yet)

Zeboim, the pissed off sea god

Author:  Kestren
Date    Mon Feb 11 13:07:33 2002

Subject Tarsis

The city of Tarsis is now fully fortified and I have sent
messengers to Lord Tillov of the Solamnic Knights offering the
city of Tarsis to them. I will be leaving with my army soon.

The Dragons and Giants have been sent to thier homelands to
recruit more of thier kind, offering the giants more
ddestruction, and the dragons the rightousness of our cause. The
mers and fodder (god and hobgobs) are gathering outside the

The militia i have recruited will be remaining in Tarsis to
defend the city, and the magical shield will be held by 4 mages i
am leaving here to keep it going (2 apps / 2 initiates)

I am now beinging to recruit and charm/summon more
craetures/animals as well as sending the animals/creatures i have
to summon/recruit more of thier kind.

Once the Sols have arrived and my forces have returned from their
gathering, I will be heading east toward Silvanost to recruit
more elven white robes/elvin arches...then im heading to Blode.


Author:  DraanAkar
Date    Mon Feb 11 15:37:07 2002

Subject War actions monday

I continue summoning mages, psions, and warriors into the airship
i summed earlier in northern ergoth when it's full (if it fills
today) i will return to my summoning of Dragons and Wurms from
other planes (i already have one land wurm)

Author:  Claire
Date    Mon Feb 11 16:22:32 2002

Subject my actions

I will continue to recruite necromancers and anyone else who
delves into the dark arts in neraka, primarily the temple of

With the recruits i recieved a week ago, i will have then begin
to study sections of the book of the dead (leaving the most
powerful of it to me)
Claire Kithblade von Craeighton

Author:  Makojin
Date    Mon Feb 11 18:22:41 2002

Subject Today's Action

Well, having recieved no word for over a week now, I'm going to
assume I now have control over the dragonorb, and have had at
least a day to recover from the whole ordeal.

Therefore, I am now going to use the same portal I created to
enter this plain to leave it and come back to Krynn in a small,
desolate building in Palanthas.

Author:  Makaris
Date    Mon Feb 11 18:35:43 2002

Subject Monday Action

I will pray to my Goddess for her continued channeling of power
through me as I attempt to cause the very stone of the fortress'
and temples of Sanction to animate and attack those who hide
within.  The intent is to kill all the knights and kot allies as
possible before the buildings themselves destroy themselves.

Makaris, Lord of the Seas

Author:  Xaephran
Date    Mon Feb 11 19:35:47 2002

Subject Handing over of my Troops

I cant keep participating in the war due to personal reasons
can all my troops be given over to Danvighar except for Tombfyre
who I have flown off with somewhere to the North-East.


Author:  Zlik
Date    Tue Feb 12 01:43:15 2002

Subject war action

Now that all my troops have returned, I'm going to sail (or go on
foot, fastest way works) a little bit north and attack New
Silvanost. According to my figures my troop amount currently is:

bakali, 67 ogres, 48 goblins, 39 human warriors, and 34 sailors.
Any and all remaining living people suffering from plague/etc
diseases left in Bok I'm also offering to join the cause in
return they'll live without suffering. Aside from that before I
leave for New Silvanost I'd also..

Like to fully equip my troops that recently returned (since I
spent 3 rounds equiping/training the others while they were

Author:  Anatole
Date    Tue Feb 12 08:39:30 2002

Subject War action

I continue to brew this blended powder, and hopefully you'll tell
me how it goes this time soli? Once I have enough to fill at
least the bags of one donkey, I prepare myself to travel... lemme
know when I have enough plz.

Author:  Grumash
Date    Tue Feb 12 12:11:54 2002

Subject war action

Current numbers outside of Kalaman:

 various slaves

Going to try and train them and prepare for attack.

Author:  Konan
Date    Tue Feb 12 15:13:20 2002

Subject war action

I go on looking for new recruits
Konan Wolfclaw

Author:  Thyrix
Date    Tue Feb 12 19:43:21 2002

Subject my action

I'm going to try to look around Kalaman for more
thieves/assasins/rogues in general to join us...yeah.

Author:  Mordradl
Date    Tue Feb 12 19:45:59 2002

Subject War actions

Going to try to recruit more gobbos for my army

Author:  Thearn
Date    Tue Feb 12 19:48:55 2002

Subject waraction

After finishing my prayers to Morgion, and putting myself thru
those tests I have sent the Wyverns off to find more creatures to
combat the metalic dragions within the city.

I have sent a few of my kin (Theiwar) to thier homes to bring
back shamans (clerics) and witch docktors (mage) as well as more

Otherwise Grumash trains my troops as well as all others before
the impending attack.


Author:  Galaphale
Date    Tue Feb 12 21:44:13 2002

Subject War Action

Renli and I meet at the agreed upon time in Storm's keep.

After Renli detinates the thorn mage's tower, I expend every
possible ounce of power and energy, every spell I have memorized,
to destroy as much of the keep as possible. Concentrating on food
storage rooms, stables, armories and if I have any power left,
the keep itself.

(Right, like that'll happen, but hey it's worth a shot) Once I'm
finished, if I haven't passed out, I use a device to transport
myself safely back to wayreth.

Author:  Renli
Date    Tue Feb 12 22:57:40 2002

Subject addon

I'll let cresent free before i leave

Author:  Saige
Date    Wed Feb 13 06:20:13 2002

Subject Wed (cont'd)

Ok Soli, The dragons are to continue keeping the silver subdued
until further preparations are finished. My 9 clerics and myself
are to continue making the preparation spells for the citadel,
also making sure to make prayers to Tahkissis for haste in our
magical workings.

(I'd also like to have an update on my militia and gnolls close they are, progress made, etc..along with an
update on the citadel. Thanx!)


Author:  Wulfgar
Date    Wed Feb 13 15:52:59 2002

Subject Missed War Action

I posted a note sating that i started making sacrifices to Zeboim
and Takhisis to help appease the gods, and my mages were still
hunting Makaris. I saw no mention in the war results note

Author:  DraanAkar
Date    Wed Feb 13 16:08:45 2002

Subject troop ##s

 various troops in airship (psions/mages/warriors), 17 mages in
 addition, land wurm

Author:  Barniven
Date    Wed Feb 13 16:25:31 2002

Subject Friday War

I continue to SK with shilaan, doing as best I can to recruit any
able bodies and people with magic to aid out cause.

Author:  Malen
Date    Wed Feb 13 18:39:34 2002

Subject waraction

My dragons and wyvern will be sent to recruite more of their kind
(seperatly- so as to cover more space) while my troops continue
to train with grumash and thearns. I will continue praying to
morgion after my 3 of rest i am satiated.


Author:  Dendrel
Date    Wed Feb 13 20:52:40 2002

Subject ACTION!!!

I will leave my cave and attempt summoning an evil dragon with my
dragonorb. If I succeed, I will order him to fill up a container
with one gallon of its blood, afterwhich I will send him south to
the HcT to fight to the death

Also, my copper that is looking for arsenic is to continue
searching for the deadly poison.

Author:  Adon
Date    Wed Feb 13 21:13:08 2002

Subject my action

I didn't get results for my Monday action.

Author:  Adon
Date    Wed Feb 13 21:14:00 2002


Spend the day in rest, prayer, and watching and listening to my 2
clairvoyance and 1 clairaudience pools.

Author:  Vinzentius
Date    Wed Feb 13 22:20:20 2002

Subject Wednesday Action

At this time my records show me having 10 Gargoyles and 84

I will continue to recruit forces from Zhakar, the entire time
working with the dominated Thane to keep morale very high.  Along
with recruiting, training proceeds.  My Gargoyle Shocktroops will
begin scouting the outlying area of Zhakar for any potential
caves that may hold dragons or other such beasts that may be
available for recrution.

Vinzentius Tivas, Master of the Thorn

Author:  Lodanis
Date    Thu Feb 14 14:18:42 2002

Subject war action

I have a group of soldiers called the underground. brief
background, we hate order and kill everone and everythign, no one
knows we exist.

that said, i for right now, i have around 60 fighters and 4
clerics devoted to me.

Dressing these up as kot (and i do know all of kots quirks,
seeing as i was taks champion) I send 25 troops into kot camp,
after schooling them on the rules. All these men are infected
with scarlet fever.

I want to try to get two men by the commander following him like
shadows, and hoping he wont notice thusly giving him the plague
since i am leader of rogue (when i hit 15 again that is) i know
via them where kot is staying btw, no one is to know of this, if
it works, please just post a note saying a strange force.

or a strange occurence, you get the idea

Author:  Grumash
Date    Thu Feb 14 14:28:16 2002

Subject war action

Training melee troops and all that jargon

Author:  Thearn
Date    Thu Feb 14 14:32:59 2002

Subject actions

I will again send all of my wyvern out to recruit, as well as
play to Morgion to send us creatures to combat the dragons of
good in Kalaman. My Theiwar should be returning soon with the
shamans and witch doktors.


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