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Stories of Ansalon from the view of War_2006.

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Author:  Kane
Date    Wed Jan  4 13:38:21 2006
Subject War Units

I Wish for Permission to have my Troops inKoT lands, I do this
only because i wish to join KoT as a Aux Grunt.

Kane Scarbak

Author:  Melody
Date    Thu Jan  5 03:02:23 2006
Subject WAR -Repeat Kiri  o_O

So like...repeat of the note before on the wrong board. I'm a bit
surprised that no one has posed notes yet though.. considering
that system time is certainly the 4rth.

As advised by Fulgin and Kael before, my units will stay exactly
where they are on standby until further  notice.

I would like to give Kael permission to move my troops if he
deems it necessary.

Melody Astarin - Concerned  Knight of Rose

Author:  Tarothin
Date    Wed Jan 11 07:08:31 2006
Subject WAR Troop movement

for my action I would like to scout area 28

Author:  Fulgin
Date    Wed Jan 11 16:00:25 2006
Subject War

I will take my 2 unit (1 light 1 heavy) and move to area 28

Author:  Moonheart
Date    Wed Jan 11 16:23:43 2006
Subject WAR: Movement

I'd like to move my units from area 41 to area 38, Sanction.
That's all.

PS I apologize in advance for my recent absence. Things aren't
going too well for me in Reality. Loads of Homework, being sick a
lot, grumbling about... you know, the works...

-Lieutenant Moonheart uth Matar Protector of the Lily

Author:  Kalevi
Date    Thu Jan 12 07:46:45 2006
Subject WAR Action

Please begin moving both of my units from Broken Chain (area 38)
to Zhakar (area 43)

Author:  Nyda
Date    Thu Jan 12 16:43:07 2006
Subject WAR:Movements

I will be moving my troops from 31 to area 30 and reinforcing
from possible invasion.

Author:  Galadir
Date    Thu Jan 12 20:22:49 2006
Subject War

I will also take my 2 units and move them into Lemish with

Author:  Elarik
Date    Fri Jan 13 02:14:05 2006
Subject War

I'm taking my units to Throtl(80).

Author:  Kalevi
Date    Fri Jan 13 19:00:06 2006
Subject WAR Action

I forgot to clarify, please move Shao's units along with mine.

Author:  Aliran
Date    Mon Jan 16 12:21:29 2006
Subject War

Taking mine from Hinterlands (25) to Nightlund (26).

Author:  Kalevi
Date    Sat Jan 21 14:51:38 2006
Subject WAR Action

Please move my troops along with Shao's from Zhakar (area 43) to
Western Khur (area 42).

Author:  Kalevi
Date    Mon Jan 23 14:55:22 2006
Subject War Recap and Overview of

As we approach the end of the second round of the war, I thought
it would be good recap on what has happened, lessons learned, and
an overview of things to come in the future and how you can help
ensure success.

Things have been going pretty good so far.  Though we had the
rules to review prior to starting and a lot of strategy was
already laid out, it took getting our feet wet to really get a
feel for how to do things.  The clan as a whole has done a lot of
maneuvering, getting our units in proper positions to achieve
future objectives.  The clan also had major representation on the
first battle night.  Ayasana, Bramwell, Nyda, Seria, Tarothin,
and myself were able to participate, contributing a final score
of 15 to the Solamnic's 12, though Marauder narrowly lost due to
their combat value points.

Now, to go over some things to help us in the future.  The second
battle night is scheduled this Thursday at 6 PM system time
(that's Mountain time in the United States).  It will be a
continuation of last weeks battle of Throtl Gap, though this time
the Knights of Takhisis will have actual units contributing
combat value points.  Many people have real life obligations, and
as such, I will not force anyone to participate when they can
not.  However, I would like to see as many of us logged in as
possible for the battle.  Everyone can contribute to various
extents and as such, the more the better.

If there is a possibility that you will be logged on for the
battle, I have some requests.  First off, bring your own spell-
ups!  I can not stress how important this is.  Be sure to hit up
the clan shop, stock up on things, as well as make sure you have
several sanctuary items.  Also, if possible, log in early, at
least 15, preferably 30 minutes before the battle.  There is a
certain amount of strategy to a last man standing battle and thus
it would be helpful if those participating can all get together
and make plans so we are not scrambling around at the last minute
or worse, when the action is already started.

As for the general war actions of each week.  As you notice, this
note is on the war board.  Be sure to keep all your war
correspondence on this board!  Kiri is threatening to not accept
further actions that are posted on the regular note board, so
please make sure you do your notes here.  Also, when you write
your actions to Kiri, be sure that the note is also address to
me, Kalevi.  None of us in the clan receives a summary of the war
actions posted by clan members, as such, unless you also write
the note to me, I can not be certain that you acted as instructed
and this adds a lot of confusion to running the war.

With that said, please log on every day.  I know that sounds like
a lot to ask, especially considering how busy some schedules are,
but hear me out.  All I need is 5 minutes a day.  Log on, read
your notes daily, and if you are instructed to do something, do
it immediately.  If you could please at least try to do this,
this will make sure we get war actions done on schedule.

Expect things to get very interesting soon.  We will be seeing an
increase in battles.  Also, there will probably be some
realignment of units, and some of you may be requested to have
units stationed in two separate areas.

Please let me know if you ever have any questions or comments.  I
want this war to benefit the clan as a whole, but also be fun for

Thanks for your time

Kalevi Darksaber Lord of the Lily and Commander in Chief

Author:  Fulgin
Date    Mon Jan 23 21:26:20 2006
Subject War movements

(ok first off in a lil pissy.. apparently my war note never got
posted, most likely due to human err, so.. might i say.. DAMN

Now then , I will take my 2 units, 1 Mounted Knights, 1 Mounted
Men at Arms, and trek forwrd to Throtl.

Author:  Melody
Date    Tue Jan 24 03:35:59 2006
Subject WAR Melody's move

I'm mobilising my Archers and Mounted Knights from Coastlund 15
to Vingaard 21.

Author:  Ayasana
Date    Tue Jan 24 12:19:04 2006
Subject WAR!

We seemed to have misplaced Jydien for the time,would it be
possible to place Kalevi on the committee? I can have him
note you his e-mail address.

Thanks, Ayasana

Author:  Galadir
Date    Tue Jan 24 21:11:15 2006
Subject WAR

I will move my forces to assist Elarik in the battle at Throtl.

Unfortunately, due to rl events I won't be able to make the
actual battle. :/

Author:  Tharkik
Date    Wed Jan 25 21:38:59 2006
Subject WAR: alliance

We have decided to accept the Knights alliance terms.  We grant
them tresspass rights on any marauder lands.

I expect a similar proclimation from Lady Ayasana to confirm
this, as well as grant us trespass rights.

Tharkik Jawbreaker, of the Black Hand

Author:  Ayasana
Date    Wed Jan 25 21:50:35 2006
Subject WAR!

The Knighthood of Takhisis has accepted terms with the Marauder
regarding Trespass and mutual non-agression/support roles.

I fully expect that all members of the Knighthood treat our new
allies with courtesy and respect befitting an ally of our Queen.

Lord Kalevi and his Adjutant Lady Nyda, along with Major Blimsh,
will be the contacts between our groups.

**     **     **     **     **

Ayasana uth Matar Lady of Night Voice of Takhisis

Author:  Snefru
Date    Thu Jan 26 08:36:24 2006
Subject WAR... or something like

I want two units of Rangers in area 62.

I want their base city to be Balinost in Area 60.

Their action would be to scout into area 43 (without moving into
it, since you said that's possible).

Sorry, I could send this to all solamnics, i forgot who else you
guys send to.

Could you guys inform the rest of the group?


Author:  Tarothin
Date    Thu Jan 26 17:27:59 2006
Subject War!! Movement

I want to maintain my position in area 33

Author:  Sardis
Date    Thu Jan 26 18:32:47 2006
Subject Troops

This is a reminder that my troops are still in the service of
Ayasana, and under her control.

Author:  Kalevi
Date    Thu Jan 26 22:04:44 2006
Subject War Instructions

We need you to get set up to participate in the war alongside the
rest of KoT.

appologize for getting a late start due to your real life
situation. Ask to recieve two sets of Lily Knights as your war
units, with a starting and home area of Quermish (area 33).

Be sure when you write the note to use WAR in the subject,
with the color.

Author:  Kalevi
Date    Thu Jan 26 22:14:15 2006
Subject This Weeks Actions

Both of your/Mariasana's units that have been split should use
this round to finish movement to area 37 and area 38

I am also entrusting you to get on Seria (I'm writing only you
and not her) to post a note moving both her units to area 30.

Finally, I am also entrusting you to get Moonheart to move her
units to area 32.

Author:  Kalevi
Date    Thu Jan 26 22:18:48 2006
Subject This Week's War Action

Please have both your units scout area 28 this week. Be sure to
post on war board.

Author:  Kalevi
Date    Thu Jan 26 22:19:45 2006
Subject This Week's War Actions

Please write a note to Kiri having both your units move to area
38. Be sure it is posted on the war board.

Author:  Kalevi
Date    Thu Jan 26 22:22:24 2006
Subject This Week's War Actions

Please have both your units scout areas 26 and 29 this round.
Make sure it is posted to Kiri on the war board.

Author:  Blimsh
Date    Fri Jan 27 10:23:31 2006
Subject WAR: selection of units

goblin spearmen warband

Throt as home city where i want to place them (area 80)

that all i need?

Author:  Malkuth
Date    Fri Jan 27 10:25:23 2006
Subject War My move

Going to retire into fortification to rest units.

Author:  Grumblock
Date    Fri Jan 27 10:32:35 2006
Subject Grumblock's forces

Goblin - War Band Ogre Infantry

Starting in area 6 (Goblin Home) on the shores of the inlet
between Goblin Home and Solamnia.

I'd like to take goblin ships down around the horn at Caergoth
and slip into the port.

Grumblock of the Black Hand clan.

Author:  Arthas
Date    Fri Jan 27 14:49:06 2006
Subject War

Hello Kiri, Ayasana, and Kalevi.

i am sorry i could not participate earlier, but right now my life
is kind of complicated.

I just finished my Finals in Highschool, and soon i will ahve to
self schedule. this has been taking up much of my time, and i'm
sorry to come in late.

I would to request for two sets of Lily Knights and to have the
starting area of Quermish.

Much thanks, Arthas

Author:  Shao
Date    Fri Jan 27 16:37:25 2006
Subject WAR

I'd like to have both my units move to area 38. thanks.

Author:  Shao
Date    Fri Jan 27 16:39:51 2006
Subject WAR

Once again... i want to reaffirm the control of my troops to

Author:  Bramwell
Date    Fri Jan 27 21:46:09 2006
Subject WAR

My war action for the week is for both my units to scout areas 43
and 42.

Author:  Kalevi
Date    Fri Jan 27 21:48:43 2006
Subject WAR Action

For this week, please move both my units and Shao's to area 38,
Broken Chain.

This action is to overide my movement posted last week.

Author:  Aliran
Date    Sat Jan 28 00:13:45 2006
Subject War (Round 2 movements)

My brigades will remain behind at Nightlund to safeguard the
Solamnic lands. (since they're only good for scouting and

I've contacted Kael irl and since he's afraid he'd not be able to
get to an internet connection before the deadline, I'm posting
his movements as well on his behalf.

"The battle escalates! We must push eastwards and force the dark
knights to defend! (OOC:

since they have relatively crappier DEF ratings assuming they
chose Tarmaks for most of their troops) My brigades will move
from the High Clerist Tower (18) onward to Hinterlands (25) and
Sir Cormac's troops are to immediately proceed to Lemish, en
route to assist Lord Elarik's re-siege of the Throtl (by the next
round of movements) Gap. The enemies' threaten an aggressive
offence, we must necessarily exploit their weakness in their
defence strategies!

Kiri-Jolith bless our battles ahead, onward my brethren! Our
common spirit hold us together, our strength multiplied a
hundred-folds as we battle as one through hostile lands!"

Basically, Kael's troops: moving from HCT (18) to Hinterlands
(25) Cormac's troops: moving from Heartlunds (16) to Lemish (28)
Aliran's troops: remaining at Nightlund (26)

Author:  Ayasana
Date    Sat Jan 28 10:27:25 2006
Subject WAR! Zhakar

A young Knight wearing the livery of the Order of Lily is
allowed entrance to the Hall of the Zhakarian Thane,where he
respectfully unrolls a scroll, and begins reading.

From the Knights of Takhisis,Baroness Ayasana uth Matar,Lady of
Night, Voice of Takhisis.


An intrusion was made into Zhakarian lands by one of my generals
I wish to assure the Great Thane of Zhakar that no offense or
insult was intended by this action The Knighthood in Neraka had
received information that a threat was pending from the elven
lands to the south, and in the desired haste of countering this
perceived threat, we rapidly moved forces into the area to
mutually defend both ourselves and our neighbours that lay in the
Zhakar region.

We regret being unable to contact the Thane prior to this move,
but felt the urgency required immediate action,at present, we ask
that the Knights of Takhisis, be allowed movement throughout this
area, with permission from the Thane,until the crisis is averted.

We have no intentions of remaining once the danger is past,and no
designs upon the sovereign lands of the Zhakar.

  Signed Ayasana uth Matar  LoN

 The Knight solemnly awaits the Great Thane's reply.

Author:  Ayasana
Date    Sat Jan 28 10:50:11 2006
Subject WAR! Areas 42-46-58

A dusty,tired but alert Knight of the Skull enters the
encampment of the chieftains and Caliph of the Khurish
tribes,bearing a message to the assembled nobles.

Greetings from the Voice of Takhisis to the valiant tribes of
Khur,Mikku and the brave Waya-Lu.

We bring tidings of battle and strife with our mutual enemies of
the west, the forces of Solamnia.

To provide for the mutual defense of both our lands, we request
an agreement on land movement through our adjoining
territory,granting the Knight of Takhisis and it's allies the
ability to move freely so as to respond to the threat to our

This would provide for common defense and co-ordination of
valuable assets We greatly value or past and present comradship
with the tribes of Khur, and anticipate a mutually beneficial
alliance for our future.


Ayasana uth Matar Lady of Night Voice of Takhisis

(This is a request for trespass rights to areas 42-46-58,to the
Khurish Caliphate)

Author:  Nyda
Date    Sat Jan 28 13:51:18 2006
Subject War Actions

Due to the incoming troops en masse from Lemish into 80, I'll
move back into 33, and replenish my troops.  Healing the damage
to them.

Author:  Nyda
Date    Sat Jan 28 14:06:32 2006
Subject WAR:Return response to Lemish

Leaders of Lemish,

Thank you for your information, and as they are leaving your
borders you no longer need me at this time, but should you need
me in the future just send word, and myself and or others of the
Knighthood will try to come to your aid.  I do have a humble
request of you, will you allow us trespass rights to your lands,
so if we need to travel quickly through your lands we can. So
that we can avoid travelling through the harsh mountains of

Again, thank you for your information you gave to us, it was
quite helpful in planning how we wish to attempt to disperse this
invading force, and if you need aid, just ask.  Take care and may
Takhisis keep your lands safe.

Lady Nyda,

Lieutenant of Twilight, Knight of Takhisis

Author:  Falcone
Date    Sat Jan 28 16:53:04 2006
Subject War

I'd like to make my war actions for this to keep my troops
stationed at area 33.

If you read my earlier note,then please ignore it as it it is
void and not my intentions.

Thanks again,and any questions or comments im one note away.

Author:  Arthas
Date    Sat Jan 28 16:56:58 2006
Subject War

Forgot to post in other note, while my units start in area 33, i
desire their home area to be 37.

thanks a lot, Arthas

Author:  Mariasana
Date    Sat Jan 28 22:42:17 2006
Subject WAR: Reaffirming troop

My troops are still linked to Ayasana's.

Author:  Ayasana
Date    Sat Jan 28 23:50:01 2006
Subject War!

 The units in area 37 will proceed to area 30.

The units in area 38 will march on area 32.


Author:  Falcone
Date    Sun Jan 29 10:32:41 2006
Subject Scouting Results 28

My scouting results Area 28 is free of hostile troups. But,it
does contain two full strength lemish brigades,archers and light

Author:  Ayasana
Date    Sun Jan 29 20:47:14 2006
Subject WAR! Special Units 

I will be taking a special contingent to Sanction, in order to
search for the possible whereabouts of the Chromatic Dragons.

We will start with the Temple of Luerkhisis,then the Temple of
Duerghast, and then the Temple of the Heart.

We hope to convince the dragons to rejoin our ranks and battle
the Solamnics.

Ayasana uth Matar

Author:  Seria
Date    Fri Feb  3 22:10:57 2006
Subject WAR! Troup movements.

This is to state that my troups will be moing to area 30
Mistress Seria Eagle, Knight of the Thorn, Dutchess of
House Dracart.

Author:  Penumbra
Date    Sat Feb  4 16:25:25 2006
Subject WAR

Heya Kiri.  I have a few idle units so I'm going to do something
with them.  Spoke to Shinare and as far as merc storyline goes
this should be kosher.  The clanbook is done (I hope, pending imm
approval) and as merc is the last remnant of the nation of
kharolis (not the present day kharolis, that was the principality
of kharolis) it isn't a big RP stretch for us to reclaim area
lost at Cataclysm.  If you disagree or feel that I should wait
till the clanbook is imp'd then say the word and I'll do as you

If however it's ok, I'll move one of my units (I'm taking scout
and heavy infantry units) into area 69, the West Plains of Dust
to scout around.  The war rules indicate that neutral territories
have tendencies towards clans, either biased, hostile or neutral.
 We can't know how they stand until we move in so I'm going to
check out our neighbour.

My unit has 2 points to spend.  It costs 1 to move through the
desert terrain, so I'll spend the other scouting the area.  I'll
keep my hvy. Infantry unit in Tarsis (home base for my units) for

Never posted a war move before, not sure if this is the right
format.  If you want it done differently just say so and I will. 

Author:  Fulgin
Date    Tue Feb  7 19:50:50 2006
Subject War Treaty Notice

On this the Day of Gileadai, 27th the Month of Reorxmont, I, Lord
Fulgin Pathwarden, High Justice, and made arrangements for a
treaty. Chieftain Blimsh, of the Maruader Clan, and holder of the
Throtl fortifaction, Throt, has agreed to a signing of peace
between our toward all Solamnic Knights and any ally under our
spervision. The goblinoids under his command will remain with the
Throt walls, and grants the Knights of Solamnia and our
accompanying allies TRESPASS RIGHTS during the time of war. In
return, we Knights are to raise no sword or lance towards the
people within the Throt walls. Also, we shall and will lend aid
in helping remove any "invading forces" from Throtl to ensure our
hold on its trespass rights.

Signed High Justice, Lord Fulgin Pathwarden

Author:  Kalevi
Date    Tue Feb 14 21:09:50 2006
Subject WAR Action

Please have both my Lily and Tarmak scout areas 42 and 43.

Author:  Ayasana
Date    Tue Feb 14 21:15:01 2006
Subject WAR!!

All units in my control in area 30 will scout through area 26 and
continue movement into area 80.

All units in my control  in area 32 will move into area 80 as


Author:  Arauko
Date    Wed Feb 15 17:11:17 2006
Subject WAR

I'll have  my skull knights scout Areas 42 and 43. I'll also have
my Tarmak move to area 32.


Author:  Claloc
Date    Wed Feb 15 19:26:06 2006
Subject War Movements.

Im formaly requesting 2 units of Lily Knights, and I wish to move
them to area 80 as my movement....

(OOC: If that isnt the right way to do it note me Kalevi was
speaking gibberish.)

Claloc Shevlar.

Author:  Nyda
Date    Wed Feb 15 22:14:22 2006
Subject War actions

My units will maintain themselves where they are and rest to
remove the depletions on them.

Author:  Jaxun
Date    Wed Feb 15 23:55:00 2006
Subject War Movements.

Request a Lily Knight Unit and Tarmak Unit, Starting home point
area 30. Wish to move my units to area 80.

Jaxun Draxus, Knight of the Lily.

Author:  Griffon
Date    Thu Feb 16 20:16:17 2006
Subject War Movement

Troops moving from Wings of Habbakuk, to Hinterlands, area 25.


Author:  Fulgin
Date    Thu Feb 16 22:01:09 2006
Subject War movement

I'm moving my 2 units from Throt to Northern Qlettaar

Author:  Davan
Date    Thu Feb 16 22:09:48 2006
Subject unit control

I'm declaring that Lord Aliran has control of my units.

Author:  Pares
Date    Fri Feb 17 03:30:04 2006
Subject WAR actions

This is my first warnote, please be gentle...

Ok, I'm picking two units to start... both Heavy Calvary Our
homeland will be area 21.

And I want to move them to area 25 to meet up with Melody and the

I think that.s It... ICly am I actually commanding these units?
Pares is still just a squire... if so, let me know so I can do
actoins accordingly to how he thinks.

Please let me know if there's any troubles with this... this is
very not my forte...

warnote post

Author:  Melody
Date    Fri Feb 17 03:33:55 2006
Subject WAR Come on people, lets turn
the tides !!

Moving (1) Mounted Knights Unit and (1) Archer's unit.

From Vingaard (21) to Hinterlands (25).

Fulgin, post a note to Loror and Snefru, we need these guys on
our side.

They're here so lets include them. Right now Loror is acting
alone, but because I doubt the KoT consider him a threat, he may
be a trump card for us.

I have talked to Pares, and I am asking him to do as you said
Fulgin. I asked him to have homeland at 21 because it is at the
center of all our lands.

If all goes well, Pares will stick to Griffon and I for the
duration of the war.

Author:  Melanie
Date    Fri Feb 17 07:22:20 2006
Subject WAR

I would like to choose one unit of _____________ and one unit of
_______________ I would like my homeland to be (name of land) (#)
(eg Vingaard 21) I would like to move both of my units to

Author:  Loror
Date    Fri Feb 17 07:32:31 2006
Subject WAR

I would like to choose one unit of Pony Cavalry and one unit of
scouts I would like my homeland to be thorbardin 76 I would like
to move both of my units to tarsis 71

Author:  Loror
Date    Fri Feb 17 07:37:12 2006
Subject WAR

Im attacking tarsis 71 I Would like it if you could send some
units in to help me? Get back to me asap

Author:  Bramwell
Date    Fri Feb 17 12:15:08 2006
Subject WAR (late?)

I know it is past the 2 days, so if this is late please ignore
it. However, I would like my spear units to scout 42 and 43,
while my Tarmaks move to area 32.

Author:  Thaeden
Date    Fri Feb 17 19:20:50 2006
Subject Loror

'Lo and behold when I heard the cry for help coming from the
mouth of the King of the Mountain dwarves.  Myself being an
exile, it was all I could do to lend a hand.

Author:  Griffon
Date    Fri Feb 17 20:33:47 2006
Subject War Movement

I apologize, posted a note yesterday but to Kiri only, anyways
just to repeat, i moved my troops from Wings of Habbakuk, to


Author:  Kahn
Date    Wed Mar  8 17:59:08 2006
Subject war

Ayasana gave me orders to scout kalaman and the surrounding area
looking for spies and solamnic troops.  Well, you know, the usual
kinda stuff, doing it for the next couple of weeks.  Was told to
note this to you so you can pass on the information Thanks in


Author:  Larukon
Date    Sat Mar 11 19:55:18 2006
Subject WAR

Kiri, I would like to build troops within Holy Order Dark ranks,
as well as go to my dargonesi home and recruit underwater minions
and dargonesti as available.  In the last war, I had 4 ships, one
flagship, one seige ship, and two attack ships, I would like
those added to my army if possible, if not, then to build ships
again.  Even if those ships are there I would like to add to them
as well.  Thank you and note me back as soon as you can, thank

Larukon, Zeboim's lovechild *innocent*

Author:  Ryath
Date    Mon Apr 10 12:17:55 2006
Subject WAR Actions

Revered sir:

I would like for my units to move to area 30 (Northern Qlettaar)
this round.  Thank you.


Author:  Ayasana
Date    Mon Apr 10 22:03:06 2006
Subject WAR

Please have all units under my command move to area 30  Thank you....Ayasana

Author:  Claloc
Date    Wed Apr 12 20:40:18 2006
Subject Movements...

I need my troops scout areas 28 and 80 this round.

Thanks, Claloc.

Author:  Davan
Date    Fri Apr 14 09:49:10 2006
Subject units

I'm not exactly sure were my units are because we haven't done
this for a while. If memory serves me right they are around
Knightlund somewhere.

There hasn't been any discussion about the war and I haven't
heard anything from the war council. So based on these two
reasons my units are going to stay and defend the area that they
are in.

Knight of the Crown Sir Davan

Author:  Nyda
Date    Fri Apr 14 21:08:52 2006
Subject WAR

I'm healing this round to make sure I'm back up to maximum

Author:  Griffon
Date    Sat Apr 15 14:17:43 2006
Subject War Action

Seeing as everyone is basically doing the same thing, guess i
will have to.

Leave my troops where they are for the next round.

Author:  Mariasana
Date    Sun Apr 16 21:06:36 2006
Subject WAR actions

My troops are still assigned to Ayasana

Author:  Seria
Date    Thu Apr 20 19:44:57 2006
Subject WAR Units

I Here by give Control of my Units to Lady of Night Ayasana.

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