The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Warnotes_2005.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a metal bound tome encrusted with jewels on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Warnotes_2005' scribed in dull maroon ink.

Author:  Elarik
Date    Sat Jan 15 20:20:37 2005
Subject Galadir

Removed Galadir's killer flag.

Author:  Raelin
Date    Fri Jan 21 22:03:11 2005
Subject Galadir

Galadir fell before my magic today, as a result of his insolence.
Please grant him the mandatory

OOC: Galadir's killer flag was removed

Raelin Starblade.

Author:  Marcz
Date    Mon Jan 24 06:12:31 2005
Subject Elviran

I found the half-breed near the city of Palanthas.  His suicidal
nature had pushed me to his assault.  I found my spells had
affected him with no resistance.  I left him there after I had,
had my fun; and when I heard the brutish yells of Solamnics.

Author:  Ashea
Date    Mon Jan 24 23:12:20 2005
Subject Calysta, Child of Chemosh

By your grace, Lord Morgion, I have subdued a creature today, one
who serves the Lord of Death, Chemosh. Calysta is a minotaur, a
being of brute strength and little intelligence - and with little
difficulty did I bring him to his knees. My thanks to my
comrade-in-arms, Lothac, who shares the same passion for the dark
arts as I do. Morgion has shown us once again that his power
overcomes all that stands in his path.

OOC: I slew Calysta the first time around together with Lothac,
and subsequently when Calysta returned to his corpse, he attacked
once more and thus got slain again. Please grant him the 24

Ashea, Devout Priestess of Morgion.

Author:  Rodrigo
Date    Tue Feb  1 13:40:41 2005
Subject velt and Renli

Velt and Renli, pk me, but if they loot me:%c Coupons of qnote,
restring, home, true faith, gecho, mastercraft, enchant quest
items of shinare quest, prices and tockens, other quest items,
white rings, and a lots of other items and potions.  At least i
want a REAL warnote of both.  Now i know that if the player is LD
after the first attack (sleep in this case) the PK is valid.

I send yours both this warnote first to know if are correct.

and ask how they both know that shop no have law flag, they can
know this in mortal chars? i refer, the shop is in palanthas, all
palanthas by players is safe, but they know that the shop no.

thanks for all, and forget me by disturb you both.

Author:  Marcz
Date    Fri Mar  4 12:11:42 2005
Subject Shaind

Once I spotted him, I followed the Monk with my Magick for a
while. Untill the area he was in began to seem familiar.  I
portaled nearby and followed him as stealthily as i could, till
the I saw the perfect oppurtunity to put him to sleep.  The spell
took a while to take its affects, but it was only a matter of
time before the monk succumbed to it. (24 hours protection)

Author:  Makarth
Date    Fri Mar 11 02:16:18 2005
Subject The fall of zak

Makarth wandered the streets of Tarsis, looking for a potential
victim. The mage came to Makarths aid, and ended his search.  The
mage soon fell soundly to Makarths maladictions and it was over
as fast as it began.

Author:  Lothac
Date    Sun Mar 13 23:31:25 2005
Subject Zak

Close fight. He died. Duel.

24 Hours

Author:  Gemtyr
Date    Thu Mar 24 18:27:47 2005
Subject deviant cont

To my brothers in magic

I was on my way to get healed from a near death in the Freeport
Caves.  Deviant showed up practicing his thievery.  I ran through
the streets of Palanthas trying to get to the healer.  After
healing I summoned Deviant and he fell by my hand.

After I noticed nothing on his corpse I realized that he had been
naked.  His corpse with his equipment was at the feet of Croaker.

He made a deal with Ciron for Killer removal killed me in the pit
and Ciron killed him after.  Ciron then collected from Havlin the

Magus Gemtyr.

Author:  Ralmus
Date    Mon Apr 25 21:15:06 2005
Subject Lothac

We battled in loincloths.  I killed him 6 times in under a

And I retired as High Archmage.

From now on, blame Lothac for all your problems.

Author:  Acklen
Date    Mon Jul 11 16:19:27 2005
Subject [ Silvanesti ] * (SLAIN) [ Conclave ]
[White] Yanlin Googalack

Upon recently being saved from my watery prison I felt the need
to begin to spread my word of the lord upon the public. I spied a
few casual peasants here and there, but alas no one of

Just when I was about to give up and move from my spot of hiding
I spied a man walking along the road with a pet bear wearing long
flowing white robes and a walking staff. "Ahhh.. a worthy
target finally" I said.

I attempted to call down lightning but failed, at first I thought
the man was alerted of my presence but this mage seemed a little
dense. He skipped along through the city unaware he was my prey.

Finally the elf man came to a setting upon which he felt
comfortable and sat down for a picnic. "Silly mage.." I said
and then I struck hard with my dagger into his spine.

Author:  Sobleski
Date    Tue Aug  2 12:34:58 2005
Subject Malien

As I was making my way to Tantallon Keep, I noticed that I was
being shadowed by someone.  Whoever it was seemed to be very
interested in me and I was easliy able to pick up where they were
from the sounds their hooves made on the forest floor.  So I
continued on my way into the keep to vanquish the demonic spirits
which had been reported to be occuring in many of the servants
when all of the sudden.  This Giant Minotuar riding on the back
of an ugly rat poked it's head around a corner, I had recognized
the minotuar from the gully earlier that day and I came to
realize he was the one following me.  The Minotuar came from
around the corner atop that poor exausted rat, and before I could
even say hello, the beast took a swing at my head.  I ducked out
of the way of his blade and fell to the ground, just then his rat
jumped on me and started knawing at my ankles, it hurt
considerably.  My own hired gully merc decided this was a good
time for a break and ran off.  Mutters, "good for nothing
gullies".  After I had managed to kick the rat off me I fled the
castle and ran into the nearby woods, stripping the training suit
I was wearing as I went.  After hiding in the woods I was able to
put on a newer suit of armor I had purshased the previous day and
I went after the Minotuar and his damned rat.  I attack the
minotuar and he fled to goldmoon where he hired her to keep him
alive while I fought him, unfortunatly I had forgotten my
moneypurse in the celestial hall this day and I had no funds to
heal with.  So I fled to the forest floor.  There I healed my
self up using my own spells and went after the minotuar once
more.  In this last battle it seems as though my foe had recieved
some magical help as he beat the hell out of me, but I managed to
come out on top this time.

Damn rats...

(in other words I was going to level and tant and I spotted
malien, I was just about to say hello and ask if he wanted to
level when he attacked, only things looted were a few sancts and
an albino talisman)

Good Fight Man, :)                                            

Author:  Dartain
Date    Sat Aug  6 17:02:02 2005
Subject Shadow in Palanthas

I was walking a patrol in the city of Palanthas after being
recently promoted to the position of High Warrior by me fellow
knights of the Crown, not wanting to give up my old habit of
keeping an eye on one of the greatest cities in Solamnia.  While
I was walking the streets I kept getting a strange feeling of
foreboding, like someone was watching me. I would turn to look
behind me and would only see a quick image of a face, fading like
smoke in the rain.

This increased my alertness to my surroundings, and causing me to
pray briefly to Paladine that he keep the city and myself safe
this night.  A few short moments later I saw again the image of
this face, only this time it had a body attached to it and was
right in front of me.  Though it was hidden partially within this
persons robes I could see enough of the unholy symbol of Morgion
to identify it.  The figure beckoned that I follow it, I knew not
why this creature would want a Solamnic Knight in it's company
but I was ready for violence. I followed it a short distance when
it suddenly ran from my sight, though I could still feel it's
presence nearby. I drew my swords and looked about warily,
keeping my mind placid for battle.  Suddenly I saw the figure
emerge to my left, this time holding a wicked looking polearm and
coming towards me.

I do not understand the words of magic, but i know it when I hear
them, and this was the language this creature was chanting now,
it seeks to ensorcell me!

I had to act fast! I lowered my shoulder and crashed into the
figure, sending it sprawling backwards.

Adrenaline pumped in my veins, but my mind had steady control
still. I stepped forward swinging my blade, the figure phased
away and re-appeared to my other side. I again put my shoulder
into it's body and swung my blade in a wicked arc, this time
hitting home in a spray of blood. The fiend of morgion tried to
attack me with it's polearm. I swatted it away and knocked it
unconcious with my sword pommel. I took a closer look at the
polearm and saw the name "buzzfire" on it's side, I had received
a report that this was stolen from the Conclave! I let the city
guard handle the fallen mage and sought out the mage Gemtyr, when
I found the mage I gave over the polearm. The mage thanked me
heartily and I went about my way

(ooc 24 hours protection for Acklen from myself and Solamnic,
gave gemtyr his polearm back and kept a couple other items, not

Author:  Mitchel
Date    Mon Aug 15 02:51:05 2005

Subject Masticore

He called me a dusche bag and then attacked me.

I was only going on an evening stroll with my good friend
Diocletian until I was ambushed by a brigade of wallguards and
acid from Masticore.

I then proceed to reprimand him for his actions.

Author:  Koske
Date    Mon Aug 22 04:59:32 2005
Subject (Slain) Thalden

Koske brought down the end of his club repeatedly upon the head
of the small human "SSSSSSSSS", his togune flicked in the air
angrily, tasting for danger. "Vagabond!" The human slumped over,
silent and bleeding as a final blow was struck.

Koske felt his anger at his attacker dissappate, the anger of his
god would suffice as punnishment. He knelt in prayer beside the
body "Morgion, a sssacrifice. Do what you will with this
welp..." The human's body turned black as dark veins appeared
on his arms, then spread encompassing his entire body. The man
shook and convulsed on the ground, his eyes rolled back behind
their lids. Koske rose and began to laugh harshly. Who else would
be making the mistake of crossing the avatar of Morgion? The dark
cloud's will requires many more such sacrifices of health to
reenter into the wars breaking out across krynn.

Koske (24 to thalden from shadow, lot of rottage took a jair
and ergos though)

Author:  Galaphale
Date    Sun Aug 28 23:18:48 2005
Subject Koske

I nopk'ed Koske today.

I didn't nofull him, but I did take a few nocoupons.

Author:  Koske
Date    Fri Sep  2 20:55:06 2005
Subject [            ] * [Mercenary ]
(Slain) Jagar.

 Jagar stumbled down an ally in New Thalos bleeding, lost and
confused "You are daring, and sssstrong...that isss why i
persssue you....Morgion hasss asssked that you join within our
rankssss...i asssk you...why refussse?"

"There are timessss...when one could need protection againssst
dark powerssss unforssseen...What you do now, Mercenary Jagar, is
up to you....Will you take his protection or ignore hisss


(I asked Jagar to join with the cult of morgoin a few days ago,
he refused, but realized today after i killed him that it would
fit his roleplay very well. He will be joining With us as soon as
he speaks with Morgion.

This is a very short and open warnote because he will be writting
a story soon concerning our meeting in New Thalos today, i dont
want to flood him with details about it. 24 hours to Jagar from
shadow [coupons taken]. Look forward to seeing you in our colors
soon man)

Author:  Galaphale
Date    Sun Sep  4 11:34:17 2005
Subject swervin

Today I nopk'ed swervin in the face.

He was being a wee little bastard so I dressed him up like mickey
mouse and nopk'ed him in the face with my kill stick.

screw that guy.

Nothing looted, nothing gained. Something like that.

handler sucks.

Author:  Swervin
Date    Sun Sep  4 12:21:55 2005
Subject Gullyphale

Today I nopk'ed Gullyphale with a stick, in the eye.

Being the nice guy that I am, I took him to the hospital, and
they said they don't treat stinky undead stupids.

So I poked him in the other eye and left him in a ditch.

The End.

Stinky undead suck.

Author:  Thaeden
Date    Wed Sep  7 17:44:13 2005
Subject 24 Hours

Standing within the shadows on the docks of Kalaman, Thaeden
observed the mass of people flowing about him. He watched as an
elderly man got jostled around in the crowd. It would be scorned
upon to waste Morgion's powers on one so close to death.
Continuing his search, he saw a private ferry stealthily approach
the docks. A powerful looking minotaur stepped onto the dock and
looked around contemptuously as he jostled his way through the
crowd. As the minotaur knocked over the old man, Thaeden noticed
the insignia of Takhisis on his breastplate.
Barely heard and
completely ignored, a whisper issued forth from the shadows, "A
worthy target of Morgion. A plague of the deadliest kind will
infest the Knighthood of Takhisis when I am finished."

(24 Hours to Troy)

Author:  Frendel
Date    Sun Sep 18 15:30:02 2005
Subject A minotaur of the dark bitch's

Frendel was patrolling the city of Kalaman, as per his orders.
His leather armor causing him to sweat under the unwavering heat
of the noonday sun.

His sword rested lightly against his thigh, hanging in the sheath
attached to his belt.

Frendel's patience grew thin with the knighthood, for some time
now, he had trained himself, both mentally and physically. And
yet, he was still simply a squire under Sir Galadir.

His problem wasn't with Sir Galadir, no, he loved his patron
knight almost like a father. It was simply the lack of leadership
that Frendel was angry with.

He hadn't seen, nor heard from any of the higher ranking knights
in quite awhile. Sure, there were orders left for him here and
there, such as his current order to watch the city of Kalaman.

But, notes were not a a real person....

What he needed was actual leadership. Someone barking orders into
his ear, telling him the daily orders, instructing him on ways to
prepare him for knighthood. He craved to become a knight, his
dear uncle was a knight before losing his life before Frendel's
very eyes, to a mere goblin!

His thoughts raced with anger, causing his blood to boil. But he
kept his cool on the outside. There was no use in letting the
population know that a mere squire couldn't hold his temper in

As he rounded a corner, he turned onto Lance Avenue, and lo and
behold, a giant beast lay on the ground before him!

Frendel recognized this beast as a minotaur. A giant of a biped,
with horns used for goring their opponents.

He knew all to well the stories that followed these beasts. They
were ferocious in battle, capable of splitting a man in two with
their great axes.

He knew, as well, their dislike of the human races. He had to
handle this situation with precise strategy.

"Wake up, you lazy stench filled foul beast!", Frendel shouted.

Okay, maybe that wasn't very strategic, but the giant minotaur
did rise, shaking it's head to clear it.

Frendel thought to himself that he might have misjudged this
minotaur. For when it stood, it dwarfed him by at least 4 feet!

He kept his calm, and with a voice of authority he yelled, "What,
praytell are you doing lying in the street? There are inns in
which on of even your horrid caliber can rest in. If they are not
to your liking, I am sure the stables would be!"

Again, not very tactful.....

However, the minoatur merely looked at him in disgust, and turned
to ignore him.

It was then that Frendel noticed a flash of steel on the
breastplate of the creatures armor.....

A badge of some sort. He went around to the front of the
minotaur, blocking its path. And when he did, he noticed what the
badge was....It was the sign of Takhisis!

This beast was a member of the dark bitch's army. But, he wasn't
a knight, nor a squire of her army, he wouldnt have turned his
back on A solamnic knight as he just had done....

No, he had to be part of the "auxilary army" they kept under
their payroll.

Well....Frendel's problems and worries all gathered at once into
one main thought. This was his chance to prove himself worthy of
being a knight!

Frendel withdrew his sword, and raised it in a salute towards the
beast. "I challenge you, beast, in the name of the Solamnic
Knights! Withdraw your weapon, and fight me!", He shouted

The beast lowered its head, and Frendel, not wanting to be gored
by those massive horns, leaped to the attack!

His sword gleamed in the sunlight, dancing in the air, swishing
this way and that!

Frendel realized just then how much of his training had paid of
at this very moment. For within mere seconds, the giant beast lay
on the ground, bleeding profusely from many wounds upon its hairy

Frendel called the guards nearby towards him. He gave them record
of what happened, and the guards, all 5 of them, drug the beast
away. It's blood leaving a horrid smelling trail upon the

Frendel Turned and headed towards the docks. He needed to report
to someone, anyone his find. The knights of Takhisis had found a
way into Kalaman....

(24 hours to Troy from Solamnic. Bad thing to be sleeping in a
nosafe zone, unspelled whatsoever. Only took coin from him, left
his items.)

Author:  Elarik
Date    Tue Oct  4 16:40:43 2005
Subject Shaind

We dueled, 24 hours to Shaind from Solamnic.

Author:  Kael
Date    Thu Oct  6 06:20:54 2005
Subject Tharg, the hobgoblin

Greetings my fellow brethren,

In alignment with the High King of the Dwarven Nations, Loror
Stonehelm's declaration of war upon goblins in their homeland of
Thorbadin, the Knighthood of Solamnia has stepped up its
vigilance in dealing with the vile threat here in the city of
Palanthas as well. This is in a show of good faith to our dwarven

While on a random patrol around the city streets early yesterday,
I chanced upon a shady character in a backalley engaging in a
discussion regarding High King Stonehelm's declaration of war. Of
what little I could make out of it, the word 'rebellion' raised
my suspicions and I decided to follow this character on his path.
He snuck through the sewers of the city, through to the outer
gates, which was a sure indication of a want to avoid detection.
I thus decided to confront him at the first opportunity that
presented itself to me. Yet, this person or creature moved
quickly, and I found myself struggling to keep up with his

I finally made my move at the city of Solace, after following his
track for a prolonged period of time. Placing my hand on his
shoulder, I spoke with a tone I hope was neither too offending
nor too testy. At the very touch of my hand, the character
whirled around startled (as I would have expected him to be), but
his cowl unfurled and revealed the face of.. a hobgoblin! My
initial shock allowed the hobgoblin his recovery, and a glint of
a dagger in the goblin's sheath caught my eye. I took the path of
caution, and quickly hit the goblin with the hilt of my lance,
knocking him unconscious. Taking a quick glance at his
possessions, it could be gathered that the hobgoblin went by the
name of Tharg, and was apparently one whom the dwarves would not
have dealt kindly with. The goblin has since been handed over to
the Solace authorities.

With this, I would urge the Palanthas garrison to maintain its
vigilance, for it is often hard, if not impossible, to detect the
presence of our foes even within the city walls.

Est Sularus oth Mithas, Brother to brother, yours in life and

Lord Kael Encuintras, Order of the Sword, Knighthood of Solamnia.

OOC: Please grant Tharg the mandatory 24 hours from any further
aggression. Open the floodgates, people :)

Author:  Ralmus
Date    Thu Oct  6 16:44:04 2005
Subject Treik

A little kender came running up to me screaming something about
"face time".  I beat him up.

Author:  Eleena
Date    Tue Oct 11 08:56:33 2005
Subject Yanlin

Rumours of gobo war spread through Krynn like wildfire in a hot
dry summer, but I had not a care in the world.  I have heard in
taverns gory tales of slain humans, dwarves, and goblins alike,
each being scaled to greater intrigue as the stories passed on
from one drunk dwarf to the next. Amidst all the ale in the heat
of the summer, these stories bothered me none as I had washed my
hands off the matters of Krynn.  In the months that's passed, I
have befriended the seas and the ship is home to me, as I added
tiny tattoos to my collection along the way, from dock to dock,
province to province.

As I sat with my sailor friends, minotaurs and drunken
half-elves, a hooded figure stepped into the Gryphon Claw's Inn
in Trigol, evidently thirsty from the journey through the
scorching desert.  A hoarse voice called out from within the
hood, 'A drink, oh innkeep?', and the slender figure sat down
at a table, taking caution to stay away from my rowdy bunch.  He
reached a pale arm into a linen bag, pulling out a well
thumbed-through spellbook and proceeded to quietly study its

Before long, the hefty innkeep came walking out of the kitchen
with a jovial chortle and set down a sprite flask of milk in
front of the newcomer.  Hours passed and the mage remained
motionless, occasionally sipping milk from his flask, and
carefully flipping the fragile pages of the book.  By now,
Tarngos, the captain of our ship was belligerent and flailing his
thick arms about, snorting about how everyone should only drink
dwarven spirits and how good dwarven mothers are, subsequently
sweeping several mugs off the table in his delirium. The mage
looked up from his book, visibly annoyed by the din Tarngos was
making, and frowned.  'What, you not happy with Tarngos now?
I'll show yer what Tarngos is made of!'. He rose ungracefully
from his seat, toppling several others, and lunged at the
magicker.  I rose immediately to intercept, putting myself
between Tarngos and the figure but a minotaur of his stature was
hardly something I could fend off, much less him in a drunken,
enraged state!

Down the three of us went, bull, halfelven, magicker and all.
Unfortunate as it may be, the back of my blade came into contact
with the mage's temple in a sickening thud, knocking him
unconsciously instantly. I cursed aloud at Tarngos watering-hole
we are barred from. The rest of us half pushed, half dragged the
drunken stupor of a cow out of Gryphons Claw and sought respite
elsewhere. Looking back at the slumped mage, I noticed, rather
out-of-pointly, that his flask was somehow still full. I boggled
at the ways of the wizards and hastily ran after my crew.

(24 hours to Yanlin from me)

Author:  Marcz
Date    Fri Oct 14 14:34:47 2005
Subject Gode, The kender

It had been some time since I had step foot in Palanthas, I was
reacquainting myself with the city when a kender attracted my
attention.  I hardly thought of my next action when I noticed
that the kender had spotted me and started to approach.  I
quickly muttered a spell and the kender quickly fell to the
affects of my charm spell.  I looked around to see if anyone had
seen my act.  My action afterall, was illegal, and the last thing
i wanted was to draw attention to myself.  I quickly started to
walk towards the gates of the city, the kender was not far behind
following adoringly. Once we were outside the city, I had asked
the kender to do several exhausting exercises for my own personal
amusement and to tire him out.  I was afterall, in no mood for a
struggle.  As soon as the kender was clearly fatigued, I
approached him and clonked(dont know if this is a word but i
think it is) him on his head with my quarterstaff.  He quickly
fell to the ground.  I quickly checked his corpse and found what
you would normally find on a kender: Shiny things.  I grabbed
whatever i thought was of worth and quickly made my way. (24
hours protection to Gode from the conclave)

Author:  Deviant
Date    Sat Oct 15 04:44:56 2005
Subject Ace, the ventura

I just woke up and found an aghar cleaning worker standing over
me watching curiously.  What a way to save money I thought.  I
had been sleeping on the streets of Palanthas for last couple of
months in order to save money.  The taverns had been raising
their prices latly as a result of growing immigration to
Palanthas.  I was still lying on the floor when I noticed this
tall figure pass by, I heard the chinking from his money pouch
and I quickly rose to my feet.  I followed the figure stealthily
and waited for him to venture into some unpopulated area.  Surely
enough, he did.  I quickly engaged the man in combat.  His skills
were no match for my desperation for money. (24 hours protection
to ace)

Author:  Eleena
Date    Sat Oct 15 05:16:50 2005
Subject Deviant

Pass the alleyways of Palanthas again, I was reminded of the days
when I had stayed at the Bloody Talon and the hearty laughter of
the innkeep. The people of Palanthas are still as jovial and
friendly as before, despite the looming news of the dark knights'
attempt to take over Kalaman. Just as we dragged the (again)
drunken Targnos down the streets, attracting disapproving looks
and children's jeers.

My ears twitched involuntarily at the sound of a money pouch and
hasty ruffling of cloths, and I fell back from my crew and
slipped into a nearby alleyway.

The glint of a cat's eyes-- and then a dark figure looting what
looked like a fallen white robe.

Not wanting to rouse his attention, I sneaked up to him, hoping
to tackle him to the ground but alas his reflexes could well
match mine and turned to his heel almost immediately. I quickly
drew a rock from the ground and aimed at his retreating form.

In the distance, Targnos' incoherent rambling still went on but I
knew they were coming back to look for me as his snorts grew
louder. I shook the white robe briefly and handed him his pouch,
telling him to be careful around these streets, and snuck away
before he could see my face.

(24 hours to Deviant from me, removed killer)

Author:  Deviant
Date    Mon Oct 17 09:18:48 2005
Subject Tortan

Kael was after..i wanted to raid on his parade :) (24 hours of

Author:  Kael
Date    Mon Oct 17 09:28:15 2005
Subject Deviant

While I was busy in the process of apprehending an ogre wandering
the streets of Palanthas, a drunken thief decides to ram into the
ogre, knocking it unconscious in the process (quite a feat, I may
add). I subsequently detained the thief and banished him to the
city prison for a day.

Lord Kael Encuintras.

Author:  Mitchel
Date    Tue Oct 18 20:05:56 2005

Subject Masticore

Killed him because he didn't water his plants.

Author:  Eleena
Date    Sat Oct 22 21:52:35 2005
Subject Drewcila

Days of war surround us, my crew and I have been drawn into plans
of war, but have disclosed it to none.  We had to build up our
resources but we were sorely lacking money.  As we discussed, we
each jingled our money pouch and the sound of clanging of
shillings were scarce.

We scourged around for money like pathetic scavengers, each day
to no avail.

We were running out of time and there was not much more days we
could afford to lose.  Sitting in the inn at Solace, I saw my
chance when some fighters walk by, jovially jestering with one
another.  Finally, I thought to myself, as I caught a glint of
his money pouch dangling by the side.

I signalled to my crew, and as usual, we worked like a beautiful
team. Targnos held down his fellow warrior while I tackled the
one with the moola.

A strong bash to the head with the hilt of my sword and the buff
figure lapsed to the ground.  I snatch the money pouch quickly
from his waist belt and ran off through the forests, leaving no

(ooc) I wanted your diamond.  Doh.  :D

Author:  Kael
Date    Sun Oct 23 04:33:47 2005
Subject Drewcila Windsong

A naughty kender skirted around the city of Palanthas picking up
pouches that people accidentally dropped and spoons that people
mistakenly gave her.

I put an end to the naughty kender's nonsense by allowing her to
reflect for one full day in the city jail.

Lord Kael Encuintras.

OOC: Jail doors to be opened 24 hours later :)

Author:  Ahryl
Date    Sun Oct 23 22:11:48 2005
Subject Drewcila

Spending time in Tantallon with my friend Rostrever was getting
boring.  He's a good kid, but the whining really does get to me
at times.  Paranoia isn't as much fun as some people think it is.
 So when I heard the screaming of the guards and servants on the
floor below, I thought I had a chance at some real entertainment.

Running down the steps two at a time, I tripped at the bottom and
rolled over a small Kender girl.  I thought she was alright until
I noticed that her pet gorgon had gored her accidentally...  I
felt badly, so I wrapped her wounds in gauze and went in search
of the cause of the commotion.

Several of the nearby guards pointed in the direction of the
Kender I had landed on as the source...I turned around to inquire
as to what she had been doing, but she was already gone.

(24 hours to Drewcila.  Coin and an earring looted.)

Author:  Makarth
Date    Wed Oct 26 11:09:17 2005
Subject reno

It had been sometime since Makarth was last in action, but it was
clear to him that it was time to escape from retirement.  He
remembered that he was last pursuing a Knight of Solamnia; He
thought to pay a visit to Palanthas to seek him out.  He would
have to be carefull he thought, Palanthians would not be so
merciful if they found out who he was.  Alas, Makarth had spotted
the Solamnic Knight in the Palanthas common grounds. 'Not here'
he thought.  Makarth quickly rushed out of the city, and into the
city surrounds.  There Makarth began his prayer and soon
afterwards, the Solamnic Knight had appeared.  Makarth quickly
engaged in combat with the already weary Knight.  The Knight soon
began to flee the scene, and as expected; Makarth soon began to
follow.  Makarths efforts were hampered however; A cleric of the
light had interfered.  'I will deal with her later' Makarth
thought to himself, and proceeded to engage the Knight.  The
knight soon fell to Makarth's relentless attack.  Makarth now
directed his efforts towards the Cleric.  'The clerics will was
strong' Makarth thought to himself.  He would seek this one
another time. (24 hours protection)

Author:  Aldren
Date    Thu Oct 27 06:57:48 2005
Subject Shao

Shao was defeated by my blade today.  There was little pleasure
to be garnered as he did not notice my coming.  I will thus
refrain from attacking him further for the next 24 hours.

Aldren Kyra'dir.

OOC: Shao was in another window when I attacked.  This warnote is
just for formalities' sake.

Author:  Kael
Date    Fri Oct 28 08:34:25 2005
Subject Kalrakin


A warrior by the name of Kalrakin has fallen by my blade this
day.  Not only had he insulted my honour by likening me to
'dung', he had also refused two of my requests to a fair duel. 
Upon his defeat, I noticed a pendant with a emblem of the Knights
of Takhisis lying in the midst of his belongings. Whether this
man was a Knight of Takhisis cloaked in a shadow of secrecy in
the city of Palanthas I have no means of knowing.  I do still
refuse to believe that a Knighthood sworn by the tenets of honour
would permit its members to hide their identity as such.  The
warrior will be spared any further aggression on the part of the
Knighthood of Solamnia for the period of 24 hours from the time
of this notice.

Est Sularus oth Mithas, Brother to brother, yours in life and

Lord Kael of House Encuintras, Order of the Sword, Knighthood of

Author:  Kael
Date    Fri Oct 28 10:26:51 2005
Subject Drewcila

Greetings my fellow brethren,

The evil kender has been defeated by my blade yet again.  Let
this be a warning to any Knight of Takhisis that dares set foot
within the city of Palanthas in these times of war.

Lord Kael Encuintras.

Author:  Zane
Date    Sun Oct 30 07:40:09 2005
Subject Zylug

Silly dwarf came running at me and engulfed me with a wet and
slobery hug.  I slapped him with my giant furry paw and fell to
the ground.

(24 hours protection)

Author:  Marcz
Date    Fri Nov  4 09:27:47 2005
Subject mirtha

While at the tavern having a pint, I heard some scuffling comming
from the outside.  I quickly reacted to see what all the
commotion was about. Upon looking outside, I discovered an
elegant looking elf with what looked like and army following her.
 Fearing that the army was after me; I quickly muttered a sleep
spell upon the elf.  To my disdain, the spells affects fell short
and her small army began to run towards me.  Still weary from the
last spell; I gathered all the strength I could and attempted to
dispel what seemed to be a charm spell that was affecting the
small force.  To my advantage; The spell succeeded.  It was now
only me and the strange and fragile looking elf.  I grabbed a
pinch of a spellcomponant from my spellpouch and muttered and
encantation.  The spell was succesfull.  Dozens of acid tipped
darts flew toward the cloaked elf.  I then walked away panting;
Leaving the elf on the floor, riddled with darts.

(24 hours protection for Mirtha from Conclave)

Master Marcz Maritan

Author:  Deviant
Date    Sat Nov  5 21:30:24 2005
Subject Samual

I had just arrived in Solace.  It had taken many days and i was
quite tired.  I decided to check into the nearest tavern for the
night as I was too tired to setup camp.  Sleep was the only thing
my mind when I opened the door to my room; the large bed was
extremly welcomming, I wasted no time to fall into its
comfortable arms.  I wet my index finger and thumb and
extinguished the candle flame; I was only seconds away from
slumber.  BOOM! BOOM!  BOOM!  I was quickly pulled out of what
would have been a deep sleep.

'Ouch, That hurt!  ' said the voice comming from the neighboring
room.  The need for sleep was quickly replaced with anger as I
realised that the voice could be long to none other then a
kender.  I quickly rushed out of bed and out of the door.  I
pounded on the kender's door untill i heard its voice say 'Who is
it' before letting out a giggle.  I kicked the door in and
grabbed the kender by his collar, 'You woke me up!!  ' I yelled. 
The kender then replied with another giggle.  My anger was now
uncontrollable, I threw the kender towards the commode.  The
kender fell to the floor unconscious after hiting into the
commode head first.  I noticed a pouch fall out of the kenders
pocket, it had spilled gold coins onto the floor.  I reached over
and picked it up.  'You will pay for my night' I said to the
unconscious body.  I then proceeded to walk out of the kender's
room, somewhat satisfied.  'Perhaps now I could have a good
night's sleep' I thought to my self.

(24hours protection to Samual)


Author:  Ralmus
Date    Sun Nov  6 17:02:30 2005
Subject Mitchel

Bastard kajinee tried to steal my spell components.

I made him pay.

Author:  Erei
Date    Wed Nov  9 23:16:18 2005
Subject Drewcila

I stumbled upon a kender today, wearing some strange black armor.
 Upon closer examination, I was appalled.  A kender bearing the
trappings of the Knights of Takhisis?  If it was one of the
shinys that she picked up, it's sacrilege.  If she was truly
allowed into the ranks of the Knighthood, then it's blasphemy. 
Either way, it was ridiculous, so I promptly clubbed the kender
squarely on the head, rendering him unconscious.  I then
continued on my way, chewing on some rat turd that I found in one
of the kender's many pouches.


Author:  Eleena
Date    Wed Nov  9 23:47:42 2005
Subject Drewcila

I was walking along Palanthas, drink in hand and perspiring from
the heat. Damn this weather, I thought to myself. Just as I was
lookin for some shade or tree to hide under, a little kender came
up to be and waving a silver spoon around, saying "Look I'm

I have the Kender Spoon of Turning! Somebody dropped it of
course, iono where i got it, still lookin for it's
owner....yakyakyak" God, as if my head wasn't thudding enough
from the sun, I found a tree, sat down, and tried to get some
shuteye but the frickin' kender kept at it. Amidst his weird
kender napkin dance, I caught a glance of bizarre icon on his
breastplate. A five-headed dragon? What the dartain. Dartain me!
This kender's gonna be slain in cold blood should the dark
knights see him donning their precious armor. Besides, if he had
picked it up off a dead knight, that's just plain irrespectful of
the dead. My headache threatened to kill me as the kender's
shrill voice turned into a love song. Bloody abyss! I drew a vial
from my waist sash and offer it to her. "Look, it's shiny! It
will make you shiny too!" I beamed broadly at her. Her eyes lit
up and gulped down the vial happily. "So am I shiny now......"
The shrill voice faltered and she slumped to the floor, vial in
hand, with a smile on her face.

Peace at last. I was gonna frickin dartain her ass if she didn't
shut up after the vial.

Author:  Mitchel
Date    Sat Nov 12 12:05:04 2005

Subject Khyldes

Give him his 24 hours.

Author:  Khyldes
Date    Sat Nov 12 12:06:46 2005
Subject Mitchel

Maybe you should kill me before you give me 24 hours, lemure.


Enjoying prison life? Quit dropping the soap in front of that
kender, he's randy.

Author:  Khyldes
Date    Sun Nov 13 01:37:32 2005
Subject Knight of the Sword - Aliran

In a fit of bitterness I subdued the Sword Knight Aliran. She was
aided by one from my Order, tho he refuses to admit it. Raelin
will be hunted and killed by my hand before this is over.


Author:  Deviant
Date    Tue Nov 15 10:42:28 2005
Subject Frendel

I was sitting by a campfire I had started while smoking my pipe;
which I had filled with this odd tobacco that was given to me by
a nature loving elf.  It was then that I heard metal clanking; I
quickly deduced that it must be a Solamnic Knight.  I was very
near to Palanthas after all and the only people heavily armoured
enough to produce such loud noise are the Solamnic Knights.  I
left my pipe on a large rock and quickly ran towards the Knight. 
I watched him from behind a tree as he passed by and giggled to
myself.  My eye was quickly caught by the gleam of his silver
belt buckle. I reached over and picked up a large tree branch
from the forest grounds and quickly but silently made my way to
the Knight.  As I drew close, I readied the branch over my
shoulder; ready to strike.  As soon as I was in range for the
strike, I swung the branch towards the knights head.  *CLANG* The
Knight fell to the floor.  I noticed the Knight was still moving,
so I let my steel toed shoes connect with his ribs, and then his
head.  It was then that I started giggling uncontrollably and was
filled with a powerful lust for anything eadible.  I ran off
laughing histerically in an attempt to find some food, forgetting
all about the belt I was after.

(24 hours protection to Frendel)


Author:  Kael
Date    Wed Nov 16 20:14:38 2005
Subject Dracoth Ravise

OOC: This is just a preliminary warnote to give Dracoth 24 hours'
protection from any aggression on our part. A lengthier warnote
will be coming shortly :)


Author:  Erei
Date    Sun Nov 20 07:56:40 2005
Subject Fafnir, White-robed Apprentice

The air was stale this night as I trudged through the forests of
Solace, cloaking myself to avoid detection from the persistent
cityguards who constantly roamed.  Perhaps my only reprieve was
watching the light of Solinari illuminate the fresh dew on the
many flowers, their innate beauty simply fascinating to watch. 
The crumbling sounds of petal and stalk nourished my soul as my
boots left a lasting imprint on the forest floor; but quietly so,
I did not want to risk detection.  After all, my Lord promised me
much power if I could locate one of the many white-robed mages
and draw a little portion of the mage's soul into my Lord's
possession.  For what purposes my Lord could have use for such a
pitious kind of creature I did not know, but to gain his favour,
action on my part was undoubtedly required.  A failed attempt at
magicking a frightened squirrel scouraging for crack reminded me
yet again of my inadequacy - would I be able to complete the task
given to me?  I trudged on with a grim smile.  I keep forgetting
that I had no choice.

It took a while before I made my way to an inn, weary from the
walking.  My cloak covered my hideous face from the curious
stares of the innkeep; stares that were dispelled after I lay my
dagger on the counter.  "Fetch me a mug of ale please.  Your
finest, if you may," I intoned, watching in satisfaction as the
innkeep's eyes widened at the sound of my accented tongue and
scuttled away to accede to my request.  I stretched and wondered
as to how long my mission would take me.  I didn't have to wonder
long.  A mysterious voice floated from, seemingly, nowhere -
beckoning me to the stairs leading to the upper floors of the
inn.  I followed quietly, not wanting to arouse the suspicions of
the innkeep nor his patrons.  I stopped abruptly at room "21",
compelled by the power of this person I cannot yet see.  "Enter,"
he (or was it a she?)  Said, and so I did.  It was then that I
glanced nervously around the room.  There was little escape here
if I were to be attacked.  Perhaps this was the will of my Lord
that I be left to die for not completing my duties on time.  Very
well, then, I readied myself and pushed those rusty magical
incantations from the nether portions of my brain into the
frontline.  A rose petal I held in my hand nearly slipped out in
surprise as the magical figure of a white-robed mage shimmered
and appeared before me.  My shock lasted for a mere split second
as I smelt nearby victory.  Muttering words of the arcane and
raising my spear, I impaled the frail body of the mage and
withdrew my spear quickly.  There was no need for unnecessary
murder, for I only required a part of his soul, I reminded
myself.  Reaching into one of my many pouches, I swiftly withdrew
an empty vial and placed it on the mage's heart.  Seconds passed
as the vial slowly filled itself with a wispy substance, what one
can only postulate to be the existence of a soul.  Just as I
turned to leave, having fulfilled my duty, I heard a irksome
whine escaping the frail body of the mage.  Not wanting to risk
the setting of any guards on myself, I wordlessly smashed the
mage's head against the bedpost.  Adrenaline coursed through my
veins and I saw blood squirt from the newly-inflicted wound - but
once again, the mysterious voice compelled me to stop.  Yes, my
job is done, I must go.  Thus silently as I came, I went,
clutching the precious vial in my large hands.

Neophyte Erei.

OOC: 24 hours to Fafnir from those who consider themselves my

Author:  Fafnir
Date    Sun Nov 20 13:54:48 2005
Subject - correction to Erei warnote

ooc: Sorry pal, but you can't dictate the rp of other people. My
soul is quite intact, now please put your OOL assistant in the
warnote. Thanks.

Oh yeah, and looting is fine even in a lame pk.. but please do
list what you swiped.

Author:  Raelin
Date    Mon Nov 21 01:11:15 2005
Subject (SLAIN) [ Conclave ]
[Red] Wizard Khyldes

I was walking amongst the halls of the Tower of High Sorcery when
I met the Archmage whom I knew wanted my head.  'Greetings
Archmage...  I..."  I pondered a while as to what I could say to
my superior.  But then I twitched.  Grabbing firm hold of a
nearby mahagony chair, I smashed his head, again and again till
even the dark brown surface of the furniture turned a bright red
color.  Sighing, I collapsed to the ground in exhaustion beside
the bloodied mass, a maniacal grin crossing my face.  It was
certainly, the end.

Master (no-longer) Raelin Starblade.

OOC: Khyldes was AFK and I attacked him in the clan hall.  Slain
and eaten, no regrets :)

Author:  Deviant
Date    Wed Nov 23 16:24:39 2005
Subject Yanlin

I followed the white robed mage as soon as I saw the jewel atop
his staff.  It seemed as if the mage was never going to walk to a
proper area for an ambush.  I followed relentlessly anyways, I
had almost given up when I noticed the mage walk towards an
unpopulated alley.  I anxiously picked up speed and head towards
the white robe with my daggers raised ready to strike, but just
as I was in range of attack I tripped over a rock and fell to the
floor.  My dagger only managed to cut the backside of the mage's
robe.  The mage turned to find me on the floor and started to
run!  "Now im dartained" I thought to myself.  I quickly got up
and followed the mage outside of Palanthas.  I was gaining speed
on the mage and when I was close enough, I kicked the mage's leg,
which sent him to the ground.  I then proceeded to punch the
living dartain out of the mage.  Leaving nothing but a lifeless
bloodied body on the floor.  I then grabbed the staff; which sent
a strong shock through my body..  Forcing me to throw it to the
ground. I muttered and ran off to find some concubines.

(24 hours protection..bleh)

Author:  Aliran
Date    Wed Nov 23 16:26:29 2005
Subject Deviant (killer removed)

A thief ran down the street waving a piece of stray lingerie in
his hands, with a poor woman after him yelling for her clothing
back. As he turned to look if the woman was gaining on him, I
whapped him on the head and hauled him off to the city jail.

Not forgetting to return the lingerie to the fair lady of course.

The panty-pilfering fiend is to be released when a day is up from
this hour.

Author:  Ghared
Date    Fri Dec  2 06:36:20 2005
Subject Shao

I encountered the monk shao in the midst of the thoroughfares of
the city of Vingaard. The monk was weak and I relished destroying

Yet another falls victim to my wrath

(24 hours of protection for Shao)

Author:  Thaeden
Date    Sat Dec  3 13:14:21 2005
Subject 24 Hours

I caught a thief's hand in my spell components.  With a quick
bite of the kneecap he was down and out.  Serves him right.

Author:  Deviant
Date    Sat Dec  3 13:32:41 2005
Subject Mald and Drako

I was leaning against a tree in the Solamnic plains when i
noticed two shadowy figures approaching mounted on hourses.  I
smiled and tipped my hat at them as they trodded by me.  I
watched them as they left and noticed grey backpacks attached to
each of their saddles.  I ran up to one saddle and quickly
snatched the backpack from it, and then the same to the other
saddle and quickly ran off.  I made about 10 meters distance
before they noticed their bags in my hands.  When i heard them
galloping towards me, i grabbed my bow and reached for an arrow
from my quiver.  I set the arrow to my bow and pulled as I turned
towards them.  I let the arrow fly towards one of the riders; it
connected with his chest.  By then, the second rider was quite
close to me, almost in range for a strike.  I dove out of the way
of his horse and reached for my throwing daggers as I rolled
over.  I threw three at the second rider, one of them connected
with his back and knocked him off his horse.

(24 hours protection to Mald and Drako)

Author:  Phydius
Date    Mon Dec  5 18:37:18 2005
Subject gruch

Was out and about one beautiful afternoon, enjoying myself in
central Palanthas.  The noble kids looked pretty worn out
carrying around all that steel soo I helped them, by lightening
their loads.  What can I say, I'm selfless.

Anyway, just after I relieved some fancy Lord type of some very
nice gloves I see someone fade into view out of thin air, before
my very eyes !  Without hesitating, they lunged at me and began
attacking !

This was only my second trip to Palanthas.  I had thought the
place pretty bland and dull after the first trip, but this second
one was turning out much better already.

I easily turned aside his clumsy swings and returned them with
some of my own.  A little Gully Dwarf mercenary I had hired on
lashed out against them as well and before I knew it my foe was
unconscious on the ground.

I looked over him, but he didn't seem to be carrying much.  Just
a backpack and some coins.  Not even a loincloth.  Eww.  I nudged
them with the toe of my boot.  Yep, out like a light.

Well, so much for Palanthas being interesting.  That was almost
right, but left me more confused than I was after my last trip
here.  Oh well, maybe the next tripp will be more interesting.

as there was nothing to take :)

Author:  Kyan
Date    Wed Dec  7 02:18:58 2005
Subject Galaphale

I nopk'ed Galaphale today.

I didn't nofull him, but I did take some nosteel.

Author:  Chase
Date    Wed Dec  7 02:45:29 2005
Subject Khakarot and Kyan

I had engaged the young human named Khakarot outside the
Palanthas surrounds.  The young man could run fast, I noticed. 
In a matter of seconds he was out of my line of vision. 
Muttering to myself while heading back to the city, a figure had
dropped out of the tree and engaged me and ran away. I quickly
brought out a scroll and started to recite it.  Moments after i
finished reciting the scroll, the same figure dropped out of a
different tree, asleep and snoring.  I checked the body for
anything of remote use.  I grabbed a couple of items and smeared
some jam onto his clothes.  The racoons would have fun with him
tonight. (24 hours protection to kyan, khak got away)

Author:  Khakarot
Date    Wed Dec  7 02:49:28 2005
Subject A pleasant nap.

Some punk kid came up to me...  Asking about some temple or
other....  I walked over to it and looked inside.  Its the last
thing I remember.  I must have passed out.  

 Anyways next
thing I know I wake up blind and Im being stabbed.  Damned hobos
used to just take your money in your sleep back in my day. 
Anyways I rolled out of the temple and ran...  Until I hit a
wall... Tucket behind it and ran into a couple others. 
Eventually I just huddled in a corner till I realized I had lost
the hobos, and wandered back to get help with the blindness. 

But the more I thinks on it...  It must have been that punk
kid that was stabbing me.  He prolly dosed me with the opium or
something.  Damn kids.  Either way they won't be getting my
wallet today!  

 Let this be a warning to all you damnable

(I know it was random, but chase pretended
like he needed help, I made the mistake of thinking he was a
newb.  Luckily my fast feet paid off.  The old man's still got

Author:  Chase
Date    Thu Dec  8 09:10:49 2005
Subject Xaerax

I walked out of my cave and headed into Neraka.  I had a couple
of hours to run some errands my stoopid boss gave me.  I walked
into the potion store and grabbed a couple of standard potions
and walked up to the salesperson. But then this stoopid black
robed hoooman walked right infront of me and started asking the
salesperson some questions.  That stoopid hooman cut in line!!  I
dont like hoomans, especially hoomans that cut in line!  So i
walked out of the store and waited for him to come out.  Dum dum
dum da dum, as soon as he walked out, I walked him with my flail
and he fell to the ground.  I took the potions he just bought,
and walked back to my cave for a nap. (24 hours protection to

Author:  Kiri
Date    Fri Dec  9 21:06:30 2005
Subject WAR!!! The Siege of

Smoke rose from the city of Kalaman. Numerous breaches pockmarked
the walls. Weary people wander the rubble in search of loved

In the center of the city, however, a cheer rises up as Lord Kael
Encuintras informs Kalaman's faithful that their city yet stands!

The banner of the guilds still flies above Lord's Manor, and
though many died here, the people remain free.

Final Score Good- 7 Evil- 3

Recognition for Valor- Good- Lord Aliran Detrius Evil- Lady
Ayasana uth Matar

Fallen in Combat- Good- Tollo Evil- Drenos

Author:  Aracol
Date    Sat Dec 10 00:29:41 2005
Subject Tarothin the Renegade

I accepted the invitation of Phage, a black robed wizard to aide
him and his companion in killing some of the more noble citizens
of Vingaard Keep. After spreading the fear of evil through the
sad excuse for a keep, we made our way to the High Clerist Tower,
now an abandoned shell.

While walking in the halls of the Tower, a dark robed figure
faded into existence before us.

He spoke to Phage and chastised him for aiding a Renegade of the
Conclave, Tarothin.

I didn't plan on having the wrath of this black robe affect me
also so I quickly turned the tables of fate in my direction and
offered my services to the dark one. For a small fee I negotiated
I would dispatch the renegade with the flick of my wrist. The
dark one agreed to my terms, and without so much as a thought, I
extended my hand and caused a blindness to befall the Renegade.
He stumbled away from me as quickly as possible, but to no avail.
With a few swings of my mace, he fell to the ground, lifeless and
incoherrent. With a nod, the dark robed figure vanished and my
purse suddenly felt heavier.


Author:  Marcz
Date    Sat Dec 10 04:24:27 2005
Subject Gerard

I was after this knight for a while now, he seemed to slip
through my grips every single time we engaged.  His combat style
was not easy to deal with, it was almost as if his whole style of
fighting was bent on dealing with users of the magical arts.  I
attempted to scrye the knight of Solamnia; through the pool of
water, I saw that he was in the Solamnic Plains.  I hurried to
check Nuitari's divine reflection, but saw that his dark light
was not strong today.  Still, it was a rare event that I found a
chance to strike this Knight.  I would take the risk and go after
him.  I hurried to the Glyph of Transportation and opened a
portal to the Solamnic Plains.  As I stepped through the portal,
I noticed that the knight was 10 meters infront of me, and
quickly gaining distance.  I commenced casting my sleep spell and
finished as the Knight was about 1 meter away.  The spell had
failed!  But luckily my magic shield had endured most of his
counter blow.  I quickly wrapped my cloak around my body and
became invisible to the knight's eyes.  I attempted the spell
once more while the knight was looking around for me, this time
being more careful to recite the words correctly. This time, the
spells affects were more apparant.  The knight quickly fell to
the ground in a huge heap.  I walked over to the body with a wide
smile on my face as I knew the long feud was over.  Once I was
near the knight's body, I started casting spells of negative
affects onto him.  Once i was finished, I sat down next to the
body to catch my breath, after i had caught my breath; I began
casting another spell and motioned my hands towards the body.  At
the sound of the last word, dozens of acid-tipped darts darted to
the body.

(24 hours protection to Gerard from the Conclave and I)

Author:  Makarth
Date    Sat Dec 10 10:33:04 2005
Subject Codex Ji'jin

The half-elf had gotten away the last time we met; This time he
would surely not find it so easy to elude my grasp.  I found him
by the docks of Palanthas and quickly initiated with a prayer
which left him in a drunken frenzy.  This way I was sure he would
not find escape a simple task.  The Half-elf began swinging
frantically at me, I quickly stepped away from his harmfull
attacks.  I began to murmur another prayer, this time leaving him
with limited use of his eyes.  I proceeded to cast similar spells
in order to make him an easier target.  Once I was finished I
engaged him in physical combat.  The half-elf still proved to be
a challenge, however, my skills were able to outmatch his
influenced ones.  By the end of the fight, I stood stood over his
body and smiled

(24 hours protection to Codex)


Author:  Tharkik
Date    Sat Dec 10 17:24:33 2005
Subject Every day we witness a night

Lurking about the docks of the city, Tharkik of the Black
Hand clan, soon began to grow bored and began to creep into the
city.  Keeping to the shadows and back allyways Tharkik decided
to drop into the thieves guild to see if there was any news. 
However that plan soon fell apart as the hobgoblin's attention
was soon attracted by a figure walking down the street.  The wind
gusted for a moment lifting the figure's cloak slightly allowing
the Hobgoblin to see a breastplate beneath it for a moment.  A
knight!  Tharkik's pulse sped up in anticipation.  Knights were
always fun to kill with their morals and code.  The hobgoblin
quickly began following the knight down the street until he saw
the man enter a small temple. Tharkik smiled in anticipation and
quickly readied himself for battle.  He knew the clerics in such
a small and peaceful temple would flee or freeze before offering
him any distraction.  Running into the room with his axes at the
ready he was shocked to see the knight was not alone.  There was
another knight as well as a priest standing there.  However it
was too late to stop his charge as the men had already spotted
him.  With a roar Tharkik swung his axes at the knight he had
followed!  Almost faster than the eye could see the knight
turned, throwing his cloak off his body to free himself from
entanglements, and began to despartely parry the attacks with his
bare hands.  To Tharkik's surprise the armor underneath the cloak
was that of a Knight of Takhisis rather than that of one from

Unfortunately for the knight steel will usually triumph over
flesh and bleeding from many wounds he began to falter.  His
companions however had regained there wits finally and began to
move to surround Tharkik while pulling weapons.  With one last
swing at the falling knight Tharkik turned with a snarl to run. 
His axe however had become tangled in the man's equipment and
with a savage yank the hobgoblin ripped the offending piece of
equipment, a backpack, from the man's body sending items
scattering across the floor.  Grimacing, Tharkik freed his weapon
from the bag, and still running slung it over his shoulder on the
off chance there was something left inside.  The hobgoblin
quickly melted into the shadows of a sewer, confident that two
knights of the queen would not raise a commotion in the city of

(killed shao while him and moonheart were in palanthas.  Looted a
linen backpack.  24 hours to him from marauder.)


Author:  Fulgin
Date    Sat Dec 10 23:55:36 2005
Subject War Fulgin's Unit

I will take charge of 1 unit of Mounted Knights and 1 unit of
Mounted Men at Arms.

Starting point will be Port O'Call in Southlund.

Home City will be Castle Pathwarden in Coastlund.

Author:  Makarth
Date    Sun Dec 11 14:19:45 2005
Subject shao

I saw a pair of Knights of Takhisis wandering around the
Palanthas plains, I figured that they are less welcome then I. 
So I showed one of them out, the other had dissapeared before I
was finished with the first.

(24 hours protection to shao)

Author:  Fulgin
Date    Tue Dec 13 13:22:30 2005
Subject War Units

Seeing as how the rules have finally been posted and my original
idea is now totally Screwed... I'd like to ask that my troops be
moved from Port O'call to Caergoth both are with Southlund (area
17)... *mutters obsenities*

Author:  Makarth
Date    Fri Dec 16 10:43:53 2005
Subject ilumanicin

I discovered the mage near Sanction and watched him carefully.  I
found it alarming when the mage noticed I was watching him, he
proceeded to walk towards me.  Uncertain of the mage's goals, I
prepared a prayer as he began approaching me.  It was then when I
noticed a younger priest of the order of light at a distance,
waving and motioning frantically at me.  I took his gesture to
mean that the mage was a threat.  I muttered the end of the
prayer and a ball of unholy fire flew my hands towards the mage,
knocking him a great distance.  The young priest then came
running to me and said "I meant for you NOT to hurt him".  I
smiled to myself and then shrugged. "Sorry" I said, before i
walked off.

(24 hours protection to Ilumacin)

Author:  Khalifa
Date    Sat Dec 24 14:30:05 2005
Subject Falcone, The Knight of

I had just left the temple of Paladine, when a black armoured man
caught the edge of my peripheral vision.  I turned my gaze
towards him to make sure I was not seeing things; I was not.  It
was infact a Knight of Takhisis.  I ran towards the Knight and
jumped towards him, and let a kick connect with his head.  The
knight was distraught by this kick, but was still up to a fight. 
We proceeded to engage eachother untill the Knight was unable to
go further.  To my surprise, the knight began to run away from
combat, I followed quickly, but had much difficulty.  But
finally, the Knight began to tire.  His armour was not
advantageous to him this day.  Another victory for the martial

(24 hours protection to Falcone)


Author:  Makarth
Date    Tue Dec 27 16:09:44 2005
Subject Mitchel

As I was taking my morning stroll, minding my own business.  The
most hideous of all creatures started running towards me...  A
Kender.  This kender was particularily uglier then the rest of
the kender that I have had the misfortune to meet.  His face was
completly asymmetrical, and equally as much wart riddled.  I
shook off the shock from its abonimal appearance, and watched
curiously as it approached me.  Its hand quickly snapped towards
my pouch, grabbed it and then it proceeded to run away.  Smiling
to myself, I murmured a prayer and a large bolt of lightning
headed towards the Kender. The kender hit the floor after the
bolt had struck.  I proceeded towards the kender's corpse and
grabbed my pouch.  I then proceeded to urinate on the hideous
kender's corpse.

(24 hours protection to Mitchel)

Author:  Elarik
Date    Tue Dec 27 16:40:22 2005
Subject Dalner

This is a report of the disturbance earlier today in Palanthas.

There was a man in the Great Dome, dishevelled in appearance and
obviously confused.  He was soliciting passerbys for spare coins,
and out of pity I handed him some steel coins.  I then noticed
that the man wasn't any common beggar.  He was the Starmaster of
the Order of Balance.  Before I could inquire as to the events
that had left him in such a pathetic state, he screamed and
launched himself on a cloaked passerby.

Starmaster or not, an act of violence in our fair city was not to
be tolerated and I quickly dealt him a blow with the blunt end of
my weapon, knocking him out.

Unfortunately, I realized, too late that the Starmaster had been
assaulted by my mysterious nemesis, the pale man with excessive
tattoos.  Yes, it was he, this strange and foul creature, who
turned to me and pulled back the hood of his cloak, snarling,
"He's mine!"

We fought, and neither of us could get the better of the other. 
When nearby Solamnic guards were alerted and came running, my
nemesis escaped, shaking his pale fist at me in impotent rage. 
He screamed as he went, "I'll see you in the Abyss, uth

It is as of this report still unclear what the vile and unholy
bastard wanted with the Starmaster.  Dalner has apparently lost
all of his mental faculties, no doubt due to slow and
excruciating torture at the hands of my vile foe.  However, I
cannot vouch that the Starmaster had much mental faculty to begin
with, for I never knew the man personally.  As of this writing,
he is a blubbering fool, and a guest in our prison until he can
be transported safely back to the Order of Balance.

Sir Elarik uth Navar

Author:  Ralmus
Date    Tue Dec 27 16:47:45 2005
Subject Makarth

Silly whore ran naked into the forest of Wayreth and I guess he
expected to survive unscathed.

He didn't.

(Killer removal.)

Author:  Ralmus
Date    Sat Dec 31 15:37:07 2005
Subject Mitchel

Bounty collected.

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