The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Warnotes_2006.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a heavy platinum-covered book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Warnotes_2006' scribed in dull green ink.

Author:  Blimsh
Date    Sun Jan  1 23:48:49 2006
Subject Paladine

Today I defeated Paladine one on one.  I violated him in ways
best left undescribed in this forum.  I am the Champion.

Blimsh uk'Vash, Godslayer, eater of rabbits

Author:  Parlak
Date    Mon Jan  2 13:08:06 2006
Subject A fishing accident...

Parlak was sitting on a crate on the docks by the bay, you know
Palanthas, that bay of Branchala... anyway, he was fishing and
doing quite well! A mackeral here, a sea bass there, his creel
was beginning to be quite full of fish...

"You there, kender.. I need to borrow your boat for a moment, the
captain of that ship on the bay refuses to dock unless we meet
upon his terms." the large shiny human said. It seems he was on
of the Solamnic knights, and a SIR at that!

"Um, borrow Sir? I like my boat, it's a very fine one!" Parlak
sniffled as he eyed his fine skiff moored to the piling. "I could
give you a ride in it though!"

Sir Elarik rolled his eyes slightly as he placated the little
fish merchant, "A ride would be fine Parlak, my thanks".

So without further adue, Parlak brought in his lines and stowed
his poles upon the skiff, then a glance to Sir Elarik "Mind your
step Sir!" At that very moment, an albatross swooped down and
nearly collided with Sir Elarik, his foot in a loop of rope, Sir
Elarik tumbled from the dock and hit his head quite hard upon the
deck of Parlak's very fine skiff! The deck of Parlaks' boat began
to turn red as some blood came out...

"Ooooh no!!!" Parlak screamed, "You made my deck a terrible

Some time later a nice cleric came and helpd Sir Elarik mend, but
that stain will never go away...

And that's the way it happened, I swear!

Parlak Leatherstrap, Kender Extraordinare, Fish Merchant!

(Killer removal, 24 hours from all fishermen to Elarik, and

Author:  Grishnakh
Date    Mon Jan  2 18:57:47 2006
Subject Claloc

I was walking through the streets of Palanthas with my hood drawn
high. With a deep shadow over my face none would recognize my
goblin face. Although some could smell me and made odd little
noises and queer faces, I tended to ignore them.  Until one young
man started to make up quite a stink about how badly I reeked.  I
shoved him away from me but he continued to follow with his
mercenary at his side, obviously giving him confidence. Worried
that the man would unveil me as the goblin I was, I led him to a
secluded area away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  It
was there that I turned upon him and planted two knives in his
ribs.  His mercenary attempted to attack me but I merely dodged
it's charge and let it run into the trunk of a rather large tree.
 For his troubles I took a suave looking hat that I knew would
look good on Britta.  I wanted her to look good for her date
tonight with some ugly Solamnic higher up rumored to be the
nemesis of the Voice of H'rar.

Author:  Kane
Date    Wed Jan  4 13:22:40 2006
Subject War Units

This is to infor all that my units are in Tyer and are not moving
as of yet they are fortifying and making arements for other
things right now.

Author:  Grishnakh
Date    Thu Jan  5 22:09:40 2006
Subject Sternith

Stalking amongst the forest trees, watching the deer slightly
ahead of me, I slowly drew out my bow and arrow.  Quietly,
cautiously.  Dinner was going to be good tonight.  Suddenly,
cries of help were heard from a nearby castle.  My target sped
off, obviously scared away.  Furious, I stalked down the cries
and silenced them.

Author:  Deamanil
Date    Thu Jan  5 23:26:35 2006
Subject Passing through the forest

Deamanil sat lazily in the branches of a tree in the forest,
slowly eating a piece of bread he'd bought not that long ago. 
Nothing spectacular, but it goes down good enough when you're
hungry.  As Deamanil was about finished he'd heard a lot of
commosion below and off a ways.  Looking keenly toward the sound,
he seen the silhouette of a man running by.  A cackling goblin
was in hot pursuit not so far from the man, obviously attempting
to kill him.  Deamanil thought to himself how easy this goblin
would be, having probably killed a couple of its cousins recently
with little resistance.  He thought perhaps the man would show
gratitude with a few coins if he did, as well.  Deamanil slowly
climbed his way down the tree, not too anxious to leave his
laze-state so quickly.  Cracking his neck he signalled his
readiness and he tracked through the forest toward the cackling
goblin's cries.  He readied his bow and followed along.  After a
short trek not too far in the distance was the goblin, who had
taken down the man.  Deamanil was too late for getting a reward,
but he figured he'd make the goblin pay for the reward.  A few
arrows later, the goblin was down incapacitated beside his
victim.  As Deamanil was about to close the distance and rob both
of their money, he realised that if he took anything from the
goblin he'd have to put up with stinking of goblin.  That was
enough to change his mind.

He left the scene and the two star-struck lovers side by side in
their pain.

He chuckled to himself thinking what a humerous picture the scene
could make, but alas he was no artist.

Author:  Deamanil
Date    Thu Jan  5 23:29:43 2006
Subject Previous warnote

The target was Grishnakh that I'd killed after he killed some S

Nothing looted, it was quick and merciful.

No 24 hours protection however, he tried to kill me afterwards to
little avail :)

Author:  Tamfa
Date    Sat Jan  7 03:12:07 2006
Subject Elf Hunting on the Shoals

The smell on the docks was worse than usual that day, at least to
Tamfa's nose, some pointed ear elves had come through today...
laughing and giggling, not a care in the world. Their stench or
lack of one, made the little goblin writhe as he thought of
nothing more than silencing their laughter and taking that stupid
pole the big one had.

If an elf could catch fish... damned well a goblin could!

Quietly paddling behind them on his beaten skiff, Tamfa watched
as the two ran aground upon the shoals. The sheer genius of them
amazed him, when he realized they truely were stuck and yet sat
there laughing and joking... a darkness came to him. It was time
to take that pole...

Arrow after arrow  flew from his concealment on the other side of
the shoals... the two were sitting ducks, in a barrel, on a
reef... it was all over quickly.

As he picked through the belongings, Tamfa noticed that he
himself had become stuck upon the very shoals that had trapped
his victims... only time, only time, he thought... Eventually he
freed himself and went about on his way.

(24 hours protection to Soara and Tamriel, I shot them in the
neck until dead) (The mud froze or something after I left, I
showed up back again in the Shoals room???)

Author:  Tamfa
Date    Sun Jan  8 03:52:23 2006
Subject Fried goblin, and a few arrows, and a

Tamfa woke late into the evening with one heck of a kink in his
back. With a grimace and a growl he kicked the smaller goblin in
the cave, 'Outta me way ya bastid!'. The smaller goblin simply
rolled over and snored.

Glax is one mean uncle... Me goin' to the cities.. he thought to

After he'd climbed from the underbrush out on to the Knights way,
he began to pick up a familiar smell... that Silvanesti...
stooping low to hide his silhoette from the darkening sky he ran

A sniff here.. nothing... backtrack... sniff... nothing... run

sniff... sniff.. faint but there. He turned and ran towards the
city, the Solanthian guards not even seeing him pass as he darted
from shadow to shadow.

Glancing around a corner he spotted the Mage standing with some
Aghar helper... who hires Aghars anyway? With a quick appraisal,
Tamfa spotted a nice leather backpack... quietly... quietly....

HEY!!! The Silvanesti exclaimed loudly as the opening of his
backpack wasn't nearly as quiet as it should have been...

The little Aghar tackled Tamfa and began to beat the living snot
out of him... OUCH you little.. HEY!! Tamfa turned and bolted out
the door, for a brave goblin he wasn't.

ZZZZZZZZRRRAAAPP!!!!! A blinding white flash exploded from the
room behind him and scorched the side of his face!!! Oooh that
damned elf! I just wanted his pack!

Tamfa dove behind the door and pulled an arrow into his now ready
bow, THUNK, the arrow shot past and hit the wall, THUNK THUNK..
THUD!! The mage crumpled with a shaft buried in his leg...

Darting in, seeing the mage near unconcious, Tamfa grabbed the
backpack but the mage still refused to part with it... a single
scrap of paper fell to the floor and the goblin ran off cursing.

(24 more hours to Tamriel, was trying to steal a backpack, failed
and almost died) Shot in the neck until dead, again. )

(He had tried to hire a 101 to kill me, no further aggression
from this goblin unless warranted.)


Author:  Tamfa
Date    Tue Jan 10 12:00:01 2006
Subject Seria: RE: Lowe vs Epidemic

For making head hurt...

(Nopk'd Seria, noFulled all eq, no slapped too, stop making head
hurt) Tamfa, a goblin with a headache

Author:  Sledret
Date    Fri Jan 13 16:22:21 2006
Subject Damn Kender

I was walking out of Palanthas when I spotted Jason.  As I was
passing him I felt something brush against the pocket that had my
wallet in it.  As I looked down I saw Jason's hand in my wallet.

I immmediately attacked.  As I rushed at him he tripped me.  As I
rose up a stroke a might blow straight to his leg.  Crippled and
wounded he still managed to hit me with his Hoopak.

A cast cure light and quickly healed the wound.  I finished the
battle with might swing that decapitated Jason.  As his body fell
to the ground a grabbed my wallet and his.

(24 hour protection to Jason, I took all his money.)

Author:  Blimsh
Date    Sat Jan 21 11:53:04 2006
Subject A battle....

I be out doing my rounds, collecting taxes owed to the knighthood
and me surprised to hear that someone already be collecting. 
Maybe Lord Knights mess up, it happen lot, send two.  Me catch up
to man and see him no Knight.  Me angry man is robbing us. 
Blimsh only one who skims off the top! Me ready me flail and
charge at him, roaring a battle cry! He unprepared, not thinking
he must deal with a warrior, only puny commoners.

He falls quickly, and me take the money back.  He learns.

(was money running in abyss when I saw Drako interupting my runs.
No loot, helped him with his stuff,


Author:  Ryath
Date    Mon Jan 23 12:21:33 2006
Subject Xiah

His head exploded, I swear I had nothing to do with it.

Xiah OOCs 'May b i shuld talk liek this ay p33pZ?' and BOOM.

I did distribute his possessions amongst the poor, though.

Author:  Domick
Date    Tue Jan 24 11:36:10 2006
Subject Sternith

I came upon a minotaur sleeping amongst the carnage of a battle
that he had apprently won.  Seeing my chance to avenge the deaths
of my fallen countrymen upon the foul beast I took it.  After
confusing the beast I quickly began to swing my flail at it's
tough hide.  However my elven slave took this oppurtunity to make
an escape attempt and I had to leave the minotaur to purse the
ungrateful elf.  I should have left the bastard in the slave

Author:  Makarth
Date    Sat Jan 28 08:31:13 2006
Subject Mitchel

He attacked me, i killed him, i fulled him. End of story.

Author:  Thaeden
Date    Sun Jan 29 13:05:08 2006
Subject Mitchel

The winds of rumor brought word to me that a certain kender had
been picking a bone - and the pockets - with certain religious
zealots of Morgion.  Not to be undone, another source informed me
that this kender was going to pay me a visit sometime in the near
future.  Preparing myself through prayer, I gathered my cronies
and waited in the Solamnic plains. After waiting some time, a
gate opened before us and out stepped the kender my sources had
informed me of.  I initiated the battle, bringing my mace down
upon him as I chanted words of prayer.  Unfortunately, the kender
was prepared with his own prayers, such that the connection with
my God was severed.  Retreating while my cronies fought, I went
through my pouch of spell components searching for a cure. 
Meanwhile the kender had whisked himself away after finishing off
my cronies.  During this short period of peace in our battle I
found the solution to my problem and quickly quaffed the potion. 
As soon as I had quaffed the potion the kender reappeared with
several bodyguards.  Acting quickly, I hurled a pinch of black
powder into the air, crushing the spirit of his bodyguards,
leaving him vulnerable behind a cowering wall of muscle.  With
another, final prayer, the kender and I entered battle.  It was a
mix of mace contact and prayer deflection in which I quickly
began overpowering him.  Within minutes of the start of the
battle the kender was on his knees at my feet, bumbling and
drooling from a prayer that left him dazed.  Hanging him from a
tree by his foot I left him dangling.  Praying once more before I
left, I strengthened the spell that had him bumbling and

(24 Hours to Mitchel)

Author:  Mitchel
Date    Mon Jan 30 10:54:17 2006

Subject [ Marauder ]   Blimsh

I had heard rumors of a hobgoblin that could spar like no other.

He came from a long lineage of the Knights of Takhisis, but that
did not stop me.

I was afraid at first, but I had it set to test my might and
courage against such a deadly beast.

I tracked the creature down in Neraka, where I followed him close

I was amazed that I was not noticed; I kept following.

He finally took a rest before he submerged himself into the
sewers of Neraka.

Again, I held my distance until I could finally sneak upon the
goblinoid being.

I prayed to the gods for guidance and protection before I
advanced for holy war.

He battered me pretty badly for the first few rounds of battle; I
feel to my knees praying for restored health.

He advanced again, this time flinging my mace across the room.  I
had to think fast, so I cursed the hobgoblin so that he would
feel the pain.

I proceeded to confuse his senses and block his sight, until
finally I could subdue him in agonizing pain with a few poisons
and some viral disease that I exposed it to.

He fell, only to wake up in a puddle of blood and gore.

Author:  Blimsh
Date    Mon Jan 30 15:43:04 2006
Subject Mitchel

Revenge was mine.


Author:  Makarth
Date    Mon Jan 30 16:05:37 2006
Subject Mitchel

We got in a brawl, then another, then
another....then..another..then i keel him.

(24 hours prot, too lazy to write a proper note now, ill write
one later)

Author:  Eirith
Date    Wed Feb  1 19:27:40 2006
Subject Cannae the Healer

After dispute with giant flesh consuming plant in solamnic
plains, Eirith follow two human into dark corner of High Tower.
Humans use magik, startle Eirith.

Him jump from watching place and stab magic human in the

Eirith hand hurt from such hard stab him ask magic stabbed human
"YOU HEAL NOW!". Human gurgle blood. Then Other human run off,
Eirith to mad to chase. Him make stabbed human naked as

You heal when told heal, no use magic though, get stabbed if heal
with magic.

Author:  Ralyn
Date    Sat Feb  4 11:03:57 2006
Subject Sir Jaxun

I guess you could say that curiousity got the best of me this

In weeks past a large increase in the strength and numbers of the
Dark Queens army had plagued the lands around my small wooded
home. A place where I stayed only when I was in Port long enough
to rest my feet. The forrest being my first home made it a very
good spot to retreat to when my ship came into port. But this day
was going to be a bit different.

It had been a few days walk from the docks and I was tired.

It wasent until I was just about to my door when I caught the
sent of something foul. Death was in the air, but was it poachers
or something all together different? Quickly I prepaired a few
herbs and a spell to conceil me from sight and off I went,
following the stench as best I could.

The months at sea had done nothing for my sences in the woods,
but this smell wasent hard to find. It wasent long before I came
upon a Knight of the Queens army, or perhaps he was only a
squire, I could not tell by his armor. He was paired up with
another odd fellow, who seemed to have already been subdued by
something before my entrance. Quickly I took the offensive,
knowing full well the might a Knight of the Queens army can he
was stuned by the same force that had subdued the other man in
the area. The man fell as my blade struck a gap in his armor,
only deep enough to end the battle.

I made off with a few herbs and the like, as well as the gold and
steel he was carrying. The knights were wealthy enough these
days, they couldent miss a little bit.

Author:  Gareth
Date    Sun Feb  5 16:08:45 2006
Subject Jaxun Draxus

I was furthering my training within the walls of the High Clerist
Tower when I noticed a man in lily knight armor skulking about. 
He must have been a scout for the enemy, and I engaged him in
combat, defeating him.

(24 hours to Jaxun from Solamnic)

Author:  Lorok
Date    Wed Feb  8 15:01:10 2006
Subject Resh

Saw a stinkin Wild Dwarf today...

Lot stronger than he looked Lizard bite him a few times though...

Him dead, took that backpack.

Lorok Ironpalm.

(24 hours Resh, ran into him in Gerighelm, he nearly killed me
and Domick after we jumped him, silly mage and clerics shouldnt
attack rangers... finally my lizard ate him)

Author:  Tamfa
Date    Wed Feb  8 16:22:22 2006
Subject Solamnic abuse

After following the dirty Solamnic through town, Tamfa finally
found that the man had begun to raise a ruckus with the ruffian
kids in the bad neighborhood. Enough was enough, so as the man
and his horse passed by, Tamfa quickly pulled the magical pouch
from the mans belt then slipped behind a crate and waited until
there was ample room.

The arrows quickly found their mark, and the man fell to his

"He was being mean too!" a ruffian kid said as Tamfa chuckled.

"Not anymore I think..." the goblin chortled as he tossed that
magic pouch to the nearest kid and dashed out of town.

(24 hours to Baulin, followed him all over town, he started into
Central Pal.. stole the sanc, shot the sol)

Tamfa of the Red Hands clan.

Author:  Tamfa
Date    Wed Feb  8 17:26:32 2006
Subject Shooting cans out back.

A full fledged Solamnic, even came with the shiny horse and
pompous attitude...

After following the loud man around Gerighelm, into the Solamnic
Plains, the goblin caught up with him back in Lemish. A nice town
Lemish, what that crazy Solamnic was thinking going there was
beyond him.

Apparently it became obvious to the Solamnic as well, as he
turned and spurred his mount back out across the plains.
Following in hot pursuit, the goblin ran as fast as he could, and
came upon him watering his horse in the gully. Quickly past him,
Tamfa took cover behind some refuse and began to stick arrow
after black feathered arrow into the now prone Solamnic.

(24 hours to Davan, followed him all over Gerighelm, into the
plains, found him again in Lemish, finally nabbed something in
Gerighelm, then chased into Gully and ... took qi's, shot the

Tamfa of the Red Hands clan.

Author:  Kaltric
Date    Wed Feb  8 17:35:27 2006
Subject Tamfa

While persuing Claloc, an annoying goblin kept getting in front
of me ranting and raving like a confused lunatic.  It was getting
bothersome So, being a being of evil anyways, I put him down and
kept after my target.

Author:  Kaltric
Date    Wed Feb  8 17:39:10 2006
Subject Claloc

Shortly after dispatching the goblin Tamfa, I'd made my run for
Claloc who I had been hunting since he made his intentions to
fight me clear.  In a dim forest, he had been collecting
followers to aid him in the fight, a most disadvantageous thing
for me, but being a noble and a paladin, his sway with words
didn't last long when his allies found who they were fighting. 
They soon fled his side in favor of being uninvolved in the
fight.  His magecraft was not adept enough to flank the fast
swinging sword I used, and he fell unconscious at my feet,
twitching sporadically.

and mystic's robe.  And then I healed him after he got his stuff

Author:  Blimsh
Date    Wed Feb  8 18:09:25 2006
Subject I didn't get to eat my

Early this morning I was out in the field roasting a rabbit I had
snared.  It was a fat and juicy one, just young enough to be
tender.  All of a sudden my fire flared up, causing me to stumble
backwards lest I catch on fire.  I could see a figure appearing
in the flames, appearing to be in great agony. Soon the flames
died down, leaving this naked figure laying upon my woefully
soiled rabbit.  I crept closer to investigate this man and
noticed the pointed ears....Elven!  MAybe my meal wasn't ruined
afterall.  I turned him over and saw the stubble on his face.  It
was a half elf.  Oh well, still better than nothing.  However as
I looked closer I realized that it was my old friend, Khyldes
whom I presumed dead.

I decided not to eat him and instead covered his naughty bits
with a small patch of cloth.  Very small.  Elves, what can I say.
 I began to tend to his wounds, trying to revive him.  He was
just coming to when I heard another commotion.  I peered through
the bushes and I saw a small goblin being magically controlled by
a cleric.

I reconized Tamfa, a goblin I had become friends with recently. 
I couldn't just leave him to the mercys of a priest....Tamfa was
still a young goblin, almost boyish.  I had to help him.  I still
had a barely clothed mage with me however.  I slapped him awake
and sent him stumbling out to engage Mitchel.  Slowly I crept
around the edge of the battle waiting for my chance.  Mitchel
turned to flee the mage and to his dismay ran straight into me. 
Quickly I dispatched him but as I was about to administer the
coup de grace I remembered I can't really kill people IC'ly.

So I left him.  (24 to mitchel from marauder)

Welcome back Khy. :)

Author:  Aracol
Date    Thu Feb  9 23:35:27 2006
Subject Jaxun

After being paid a small fee I dispatched the Lily Jaxum with
minimal effort.



Author:  Makarth
Date    Sat Feb 11 01:32:07 2006
Subject Mitchel

I had heard from Blimsh that the kender was causing trouble
again, so I thought to silence it this persistant annoyance.  I
had begun praying at midnight and had finished by sunrise and
proceeded to prepare myself for the assault.  I donned my armour
and grabbed my flail, I then walked outside, where I started
murmuring a prayer.  Soon after, a black portal had risen from
the ground.  I took a deep breath and ran through it, flail in
hand, ready to strike the kender.  But when I looked around for
the kender, It was still asleep by a camp fire.  I smiled to
myself and raised my flail and dealt a devastating blow. (24
hours protection to mitchel)

Author:  Mitchel
Date    Mon Feb 13 16:56:03 2006

Subject Elzaroth

I was taking a stroll in Sanction, when a cleric came by with a
few sivak slaves.

I told the cleric to set them aside, but it insisted that I move

I blasted the cleric with a ray of truth and it fell quickly.

Author:  Lachrymal
Date    Mon Feb 13 18:03:51 2006
Subject Mitchel

A belligerent little kender started sizing me up at the Great
Dome.  We took it outside the city and I knocked him into the
Dragon Sea.

(24 hours to Mitchel from Dark Order.)

Author:  Ace
Date    Wed Feb 15 17:39:39 2006
Subject A very Strange Conflict

As I woke up today, earlier in the morning than usual mind you, I
thought I heard those damn Goblins knocking at my door as a prank
again. I went outside to yell at them, and then a very peculiar
little man appeared from nowhere.

I stood there silently with a confused look on my face as he read
from a scroll, acting like It was some Great and powerfll
magic... Which, it turned out, was. I fell to the ground
Unconcious, not waking for several minutes.

Now Mind you I've had this same experiance for a few days, Once
while visiting the Duke. It appears that this midget was stalking
me, so I HAD to do something. Back to outside my House....

I woke up several hours later, apparently with kitchen knives of
some sort stuck in my armor and chest, with others whirring past.
By the sound of it it was a novice, who was laughing insanely.
(As only Midgets and Gnomes do.) I stood up as another knocked
the side of my helmet, thoroughly Irking me. Standing well over
six foot myself, I called to him as he Fled. "Where the hell do
you think you're going?" Now Blind, weakened, and tired, I
trudged after him.

I took several steps, hearing rustling all around me, untill I
felt a dagger hit my leg. Grabbing him by the troat I picked him
up and began to shake him, daggers, rocks and projectiles of all
kinds falling from his many pockets.

After slapping him around a bit I could still not see him, So I
felt around for a tree with low branches as he struggled against
my hand. "You're going to be here a while..." I said with a

I wrapped him in rope and hung him from the Tree.

Because I LOVE Punching bags. End Log.

( Lorok has been Slain. 24 Hour Protection. I think. )

Author:  Chase
Date    Fri Feb 17 05:31:22 2006
Subject Pares

I followed the hooman for a while, before I began to recite a
scroll which had rendered him asleep.  I then began casting my
dehabilitating magicks on him.  I then woke him up, and put him
to sleep again with my mace. ( 24 hours prot to pares)

Author:  Khyldes
Date    Sat Feb 18 12:47:45 2006
Subject The Return

Khyldes glanced around the dimly lit room one last time before
shutting the door to the scrying chamber. Gathering the robes of
his order about his elven frame he began to go over in his mind
the spells he would need for this encounter.

**The elements in the scrying chamber had revealed to him the
location of a Thorn Knight, a renegade of the Orders of High
Sorcery and a threat to the Art. Claloc Shevlar, a human had been
sighted near the High Clerist Tower in the company of a dark

Making haste, Khyldes invoked an incantation of protection and
then with a flick of his wrist he produced a small curved dagger
with a brightly glowing blade. Closer examination of the dagger
would reveal tiny tendrils of electrical energy pulsing it's
length. He stared for a moment at the fabled dagger of Ruin and
then quickly drew the edge across the palm of his hand. Another
flick of his wrist and the dagger was gone only to be replaced by
a small crystal vial filled with a murky orange fluid.

He held the vial to his bleeding palm and waited while his blood
mixed with the murky fluid. As the two liquids started to meld he
began whispering the words to an ancient spell of transportation,
picturing the location of the renegade cleary in his mind. The
vial began to glow and the fluids within started to swirl
together under the power of the spell. Suddenly the liquid came
to a stand still and in that moment the spell was complete.
Khyldes slowly lifted the potion to his lips and in an instant he
vanished and reappeared deep in the halls of the High Clerist

[Continued in next Warnote]

Author:  Khyldes
Date    Sat Feb 18 12:50:11 2006
Subject The Return [cont]

The sounds of battle could be heard nearby, so the High Archmage
invoked a rune of battlement and called for the elements of
neutriality to protect him. He extended his hand and the staff of
Mayrand appeared within it. Rounding the corner of the hallway he
was standing in he came face to face with the one he sought..

The High Archmage proved to be the one with quicker reflexes, as
with minor effort he subdued the weak Thorn into an enchanted

Working quickly he began weaving incantations of maladiction and
binding on the renegade. Looking up he saw the dark cleric vanish
on the wings of a wish spell, leaving the two mages alone in the

The renegade Claloc fell quickly to the High Archmage of the Red
Robes, his feeble magic unable to rival that of the next head of
the Conclave.

The Knights of Takhisis later found the limp body of the renegade
soaked in a pool of his own blood, the burning smell of flesh in
the air. As they approached him the only word he could utter
before passing out was ... Khyldes.


Author:  Tamfa
Date    Sat Feb 18 21:32:19 2006
Subject An Adventurer in trouble.

Tamfa ran from town to town looking for a mark, the mage had
charged him quite dearly for this stupid scroll and it better
work. Finally he entered Solanthus near dusk and spotted a weary
adventurer setting to leave town.

What kind of man leaves town all beat up and downtrodden, in the
middle of the night? It invites thieves and other ill-mannered
guests... Tamfa pondered, then realized with a sly chuckle.. I am
one of those.

The man's horse apparently wasn't nearly as tired a the man, and
the little goblin had to give chase. Following the bent grasses
across the plains, the warm trail left by the man's mount wasn't
too hard to follow but it was slower than he would have liked.

Past that dreaded tower he ran.

On through Yarus, silly village anyway, why some humans breed...

Finally, on the outskirts of the great city of Palanthas, he saw
his target had stopped to take a drink.

"Yousasleepnowpluuse" he mangled the words on the scroll and the
man reacted with a swing of his sword. DAMN! Tamfa jumped back as
the man fell from his horse and hit his head upon the ground. The
man lay there sleeping quietly with ragged breaths.

Hm, so it worked, in a fashion... Still that mage will pay for
that farse he thought.

(24 hours to Xithious, tracked him all over and finally caught
him, then noticed he was hurt, but the boring didn't land...
accidents happen). Oh, I did keep his sword, and some coin.

Tamfa, the wise. Goblin among.. well goblin.

Author:  Blimsh
Date    Sun Feb 19 10:25:19 2006
Subject Battle for Throtl

Just a small problem with the battle of Throtl.  The way I
understood the situation is that Marauder held the fortress with
Solamnics controlling the territory around.

I have no intention of letting the Solamnics inside the fortress,
nor do I intend to sally forth from my walls.  So I'm kind of
curious how I am helping the Solamnics defend. my deal with
Fulgin was I would not attack Solamnics if Solamnics would not
attack us.

I also granted them rights to cross my land.  I said nothing
about helping them defend themselves.


Author:  Galadir
Date    Sun Feb 19 20:13:02 2006
Subject Movements

I will also move my troops from Throt to Northern Qlettar.

Author:  Thrudd
Date    Mon Feb 20 11:42:05 2006
Subject Grisov falls

Me talking to Lynx at dome and horned one be mean to him. Me ask
him be nice and him say he take bigger poops then me and I ask
him step outside. He walk away. Me call him coward race.

Him punch me in nose. Me ask him step outside again. He does. Me
watch him try to hit me and grow bored. Beam him in head with
small boulder. Him sleeping as we speak...

(24 hours to grisov from gobbos and giants. only took ring of
invis. he had 2)

Author:  Ignatius
Date    Tue Feb 21 15:13:13 2006
Subject The First Step

My body was shaking with excitement and nervousness, for although
I was trained to do this, and have dreamed of it, doing it was
far from just thinking about it.  Using my knowledge of the
forests, I was able to easily follow around the high elf, with
his magic and proud chin that was stuck way up into the air... 
Elves, they are a major reason why my people have to live on
their own, make their own nation.  Half-elves are just
abominations according to elves.  Well, this is the first step in
getting my people recognized.  History teaches us that those with
power and those who are feared make all the rules.  Half-elves
will be respected, we will be treated with dignity and not thrown
out into the cold by others.  Banding together, we will be
strong.  And looking at the unconscious elf before me, I think we
are just starting... (OOC: 24 hours to eld from me and merc,
beware all humans and elves, I'm on the prowl :P *meow*)

Author:  Ignatius
Date    Tue Feb 21 16:28:59 2006
Subject Grisov

Let me clarify for a moment, I do not hate minotaurs, in fact,
some of them values are exemplarary.  But they are stupid and
stubborn and a warring race sometimes.  So when one insulted me
while I was stalking another potential prey, it bothers me.  I
believe my race to be stronger willed than the elves, with a
strength and brutality, if necessary, of humans.  Yet this
minotaur insulted my face, and if none of the races respect you,
then they will continue to stomp all over us.  So I warned him,
you will taste my blade before long, and to that he immediatly
challenged me, which is what I was hoping for.  He waited for me
outside, so no guards would come.  He stood there defiantly so
that when I approached, I swung with both blades, cutting him and
knocking him over.  At that point, the battle was mostly over and
I left him unconscious, taking only his money pouch, for one
can't fight a one race war without a treasury. (OOC: 24 hr
protection from merc for grisov, fun fight)

Author:  Grishnakh
Date    Tue Feb 21 16:54:34 2006
Subject Ace

A young priest was walking through the outskirts of Palanthas,
blood dripping from the spikes of his mace.  It was clear to
Grishnakh, who had just finished scavenging items off of a
corpse, that this young priest had committed a crime.  Grishnakh
found nothing wrong with murder, but he was confused.  Good guys
don't kill people in dark forests.  Something was fishy, and
Grishnakh didn't like fish.  Nor did he like being confused.

Following the young priest through the forest, Grishnakh watched
him lick the blood off his mace.  Disgusted even by goblin
standards, Grishnakh leapt from his hiding place and stabbed the
priest in the back.  Reeling in agony, the priest fled, only to
return fully healed and surrounded by spells of protection.  With
no spells of protection of his own, Grishnakh waited a few
moments, feeling out his prey.

During this small lapse, a young thief girl by the name of Vordul
came by and attacked the priest.  Furious that his kill might be
stolen, Grishnakh waited for the priest to again flee.  Giving
chase, Grishnakh groaned as the priest tripped over a root and
fell on a rock, smashing his head.  With a wry grin, Grishnakh
took off the hooman's shiny wristguards and adopt them as his
own.  Before leaving, he managed to get a good kick or two in on
the priest and hurled his bloody mace deep into the forest.

(24 Hours to Ace. Ergoths looted.)

Author:  Vordul
Date    Tue Feb 21 17:04:40 2006
Subject Ignatius

My ship had just docked at Palanthas, when word reached me of a
bounty on the head of a half-elf that has been terrorizing
travellers.  I found him at the Great Dome eyeing the crowd, no
doubt casing for his next victim.  I made certain that he noticed
me and when he left shortly after, I tracked him around the town,
following a fair distance behind, until we squared off in an
alley in Central Palanthas.  The fight was short, for it seems he
under- estimated me.  I relieved him of his steel and left him
knocked out in the alley.

(24 hours protection from Rogue)

Author:  Ace
Date    Tue Feb 21 17:31:27 2006
Subject A friend in need.

Ignatius was in trouble. A large bounty had been put on his head
and I had to do something...

I met him in the Inn near my home, in the back trying to attract
klittle attention to ourselves. He asked me what my plan Was. I
told him we had to fake his death.

He nodded and stood, grasping his sword loosely as I delivered a
non-fatal blow to his chest with my mace. As he fell, I nodded to
him and tossed a vial to him.

"That'll take you someplace safe, Drink it and lay low for a few
weeks..." I said with a grimace on my face. This felt wrong...
But I had to save him from death, even if it meant harming him.

On a side note; Even as he drank the potion he was laughing... I
don't think I've ever met a stranger person.

I left the tavern, drunks watching me in awe. The only thing left
of Ignatius was the blood he left on the floor. End Log.

Author:  Tamfa
Date    Tue Feb 21 21:08:04 2006
Subject Medium Rare please, with a side of

The smell was unbearable, and that inn lady not nice at all. Who
care what smelly hooman think anyway... Into the forest he went
following the strange cow hoofprints, but only two at a time...
Ah, must be Cowotaur he thought to himself. Up ahead, he spotted
the large bovine resting against a boulder..

just sitting there, like... well a cow in the pasture.

Hm, me wonders, taste like cow? Or.. taste like chicken?

Zap, zap, the beast fell over in a pool of red.



Him taste like poop!

Took a worm, looked tasty.

(24 hours to Indigo, he stopped being loud when told of violating
24 hours protection, so he keeps it)

Tamfa of the Red Hands clan.

Author:  Tamfa
Date    Tue Feb 21 23:04:23 2006
Subject Braised, with just a hint of

The tower guard screamed with great vengeance at the little
goblin as he swung his heavy sword, but he was too slow and a
kick to the kid factory dropped him like a stone. The blade to
the throat and it was all over.

After his breathing had slowed down some, he noticed a scent of
older blood wafting in...

Turn turn, up the stairs, bodies...

Around the corner in the tower... more bodies..

Maybe a friend? He wondered, but the corpses were impecably clean
without even so much as a toothmark.. no friend of mine he

Then, a human and some other big creature stood before him, over
the body of some fallen acolyte.

Hm, Tamfa thought as he quickly read the squiggly lines as his
shaman had taught him. The larger of the two slumped to the
ground with a thump, but the smaller man quickly slapped the
bigger across the face with the flat of his sword! ARRRGH!!!

Again, reading a second scroll the big man slumped over...

And again that confounded human woke his ally. Something
prevented Tamfa from striking the smaller man, but the larger one
took quite a few slices before he fell from loss of blood.

Took money, kicked in head until sleeping.

A bite on the leg, nothing edible here...

(24 hours to Vishar, Elzaroth was apparently just out of range,
kept smacking him awake rofl) (Took money, and Britta's ring
back, she was my girl afterall)

Tamfa of the Red Hands clan.

Author:  Tamfa
Date    Wed Feb 22 00:33:38 2006
Subject Grilled, with a nice hollandaise

Into the dirt town he went, newly freed my butt. A trail at his
feet, dragon marks again... A good sized blue by the looks of
them... Hm, was that man a highlord? But those were all gone...
Tamfa was confused for a bit, but the blood in his mouth relieved
him of confusion and replaced it with rage.

A troubadour sang the outdated song of victory, while members of
the guard harrassed old ladies and kids on the street.

A few clangs from the palace area drew his attention...

There he was! A closer look and the markings of a Knight of
Takhisis... so, spoil my hunt will you? Those same squiggly lines
wiggled as the man fell quickly into a deep slumber.

Without waiting for the astonishingly well healed Vishar to
react, the goblin quickly tossed a rope about the mans body and
tied it to his mule, pulling the man from the room in a quick
fashion, down the road and out of the palace as the guards looked
on with astonishment...

Finding a nice quiet spot, the goblin quietly went through the
mans belongings, then uttered a few words about vengeance and
being his brother's keeper.

Took money, kicked in head until him quit snoring.

A bite on the arm, nothing edible here...

(24 hours to Elzaroth, Vishar was apparently slow at the keyboard
and just watched.) (Took potions, a pill, and a globe, later
returned along with presents)

Tamfa of the Red Hands clan.

(ps. Assumed KOT because of the Dragon, if not KOT, ignore that

Author:  Mitchel
Date    Wed Feb 22 16:39:17 2006

Subject Loror

Loror Loror fell to the claws of a savage beast....

That beast I cannot name, but sure it starts with an "m"

Author:  Ignatius
Date    Wed Feb 22 17:40:44 2006
Subject Xithsomething or other

As my races war for respect and independance in the form of our
own nation, I found a worthy subject from another sect of life to
continue my ends.  It was suprising that it was him that I hunted
down, for at that time I was waiting patiently for another prey
of mine, eagerly awaiting the strike, knowing half-elven strength
would carry far if he fell.  As it happened, he was part of the
Knights of Takhisis, so things worked out well, as if the gods
agree to our cause.  I encourage all half-elves to throw all the
disrespect of the other races and strike back at the humans and
elves who call us half-breeds. (OOC: pked xithsomething or other
:P kot thorn, 24 hrs protection from merc, the mud crashed after
the pk, so it was like it didn't happen, still wrote the note :))

Author:  Petiron
Date    Wed Feb 22 21:48:40 2006
Subject Naix

I was traveling along the road to the High Clerist Tower when I
happened to chance upon a stranger traveling in the same
direction.  I happened to over hear his money pouh clink clinking
as he walked.  Fingering my empty pouch I sighed unhappily.  It
would be wrong to liberate this stanger of his wealth.  However,
upon further reflection I recalled the words of my dear sainted
mother.  No, not wash behind my ears.  But rather that sharing is
a virtue.

So I decided to share my ability with a club to convince him to
share his wealth.  For some reason after I shared he felt like a
nap.  So I just shared his pouch for him.  I knew thats what he
would want.

I then continued my journey, assured of a hot meal and a warm bed
for the night.  I considered taking all his coin, as I'm sure it
would have covered company for the night also but it was then
that I remembered the words of my gruff yet loving father. "Don't
be a dick or I'll knock your teeth in."  Upon reflection of these
words of wisdom I decided to leave him the rest.

(24 to Naix from me.  Good fight and good sport.  peace.)

Author:  Tamfa
Date    Fri Feb 24 17:41:21 2006
Subject Skewered, with a touch of

The large knight had taunted him before, well at least looked at
him with despite as most have, so it wasn't a matter of if... but

While sneaking some food from the pantry in the tower of the
clerist, it in itself no mean feat as the goblin was highly
unwelcome, that all too familiar scent of blood wafted from down
the corridor.


Sniff. Sniff.

It's this way. He ran down the twisting passages thinking...
whoever built this tower was intoxicated on something powerful.

Stop at the stairs... no, that trap up there, looming boulder
would crush me quickly.

A strange mist... yet the smell was nearby as well. Very strong

Definitely human...

Quietly the goblin pulled the door open and slipped inside. The
Knight of the Lily stood there in disarray, blood speckeled the
wall where the man had slewn it's former occupant. Ah... the
Solamnics would owe me one the goblin thought as he lept at the

But a glancing blow, and the knight turned and left.

Through the halls, as quietly as he could while following the
drops of blood here and there...

Finally he spotted the man limping as he tried to run down the
road and it was over.

On his unconcious form the goblin quickly rummaged through the
strangely colored pack and saw some gorgious gauntlets, grabbing
those and the meager money pouch at the man's side, he turned and
fled into the north.

(24 hours protection to Jaxun from myself and the goblins) Tamfa
of the Red Hands clan.

Author:  Grishnakh
Date    Sat Feb 25 15:04:42 2006
Subject Xithious




Grishnakh listened greedily as he followed the Thorn Knight. 
Unfortunately, Grishnakh was too cowardly to attack when the
Knight's big bad blue dragon was right next to him, so he waited
until the dragon got in a heated battle with an altar boy.

Not bothering to worry how an altar boy could fend off a dragon,
Grishnakh launched his attack, and within seconds the Thorn
Knight was down.  Quickly grabbing the purse full of steel,
Grishnakh ran off through the halls of the mysterious building he
was in, for fear the dragon might chase him.  But the dragon was
unaware until it was too late.

(24 Hours to Xithious. Looted coins.)

Author:  Mitchel
Date    Sun Feb 26 10:06:32 2006

Subject Codex

I stalked the Wildrunner Codex when he left the forest of Zhan. 
He walked quietly among the branches.  I had heard the dark
cleric, Makarth, took this thief out.  So I decided to give him a
try because, after all, the Wildrunners booted me because of my
backstabbed me leaving a nasty wound in my side, then I fled to
regenerate my powers.  I came back to enchant him with rose
petals, then he quickly fell to my charm.  That was the last of
Codex, well for now.

(He sacced his own stuff, leaving me with his WG's)

Author:  Klaw
Date    Sun Feb 26 16:08:47 2006
Subject Endor

'What happened here?!?' the captain of the Gerighelm palace
guards asked the witnesses to a viscious beating at the steps of
the Duke's palace. Here was a young cleric bleeding heavily from
one side of his body. Usually when such a brutal attack has taken
place the aggressor has total disregard for such preciseness. A
shaken troubadour stepped forth and began to recollect what he
saw. 'Well, I saw this bloody fellow here come into town. Well
he wasn't bloody when I saw him! He said hello when he walked
past, seemed so at peace. A few minutes later, a big burly
ogre came in, he was as ugly as he smelled! He looked real
angry, didn't say anything as he went by..then I heard a
commotion coming from in front of the palace and went closer.'

'So you think you so smart, Half-Elf? Well I beat some sense
into your elf side and see if that teach you lesson the trees
no show you hahahah!!' the ogre remarked. Then, the troubadour
continued, 'The poor guy never had a chance. He said
something about one ear being pointier than the other,
assuming that was his elvish side, and went off. It was such a
terrible ordeal! Here, I wrote a song to mark the sombre

The troubadour cleared his throat and played a simple tune on
his lute. He began 'O here me speak young dames and lasses,
an ogre came and beat some..' 'Thank you, that's enough.'
the captain interupted. He turned and walked away.

(ooc: He was asking people to _level_ him, so I did. Took globe
of krynn and a little bit of steel. 24 from smelly Klaw and

Author:  Codex
Date    Sun Feb 26 17:31:01 2006
Subject Mitchel's war note..

Just clarify the facts Mitchel.. (since when i logged on i was in
Pal pit.. not Zhan) you gated in on me in Dio's shop and attacked
me.. i never BS'd you.. you charmed, forced me to remove all eq
then drug me outta pal where you finally killed me .. whoopity do

Oh and yeah i sacced my shit and deleted.. so leaving you with my
WG's is redundant..

Author:  Claloc
Date    Mon Feb 27 00:42:16 2006
Subject Ace 

Walking through Palanthas I heard shouts from help inside a
store... before realizing what had happened Ignatius and Ace had
fled the store.

Stepping into the store to see what all the fuss was about and
possibly get something for free. There was Treskin, Knocked out

Quickly putting two and two together, I began to stalk to two
young assailants. Casting a quick spell opening a white mirror
like window from nothing, It showed them running through Neraka.

I followed them silently and sleekly through the winding dark
streets, waiting.

Coming upon them waiting for a free ride to wherever it was they
were going. I quickly dispersed powder into Ace's eyes confusing
him... He tried to flee but didnt get far.

Ignatius that slippery little Thief, He got away but for how

(24 Hours to ACE from KoT. I took Sword, Globe, Backstrap and
Light.) Claloc Shevlar, Mage of Takhisis.

Author:  Ace
Date    Mon Feb 27 00:54:04 2006
Subject Treskin

According to Ignatius, Treskin had been running around Palanthas
killing young squires, for who knows what reasons. He was a
murderer and had to pay for his crimes in blood...

So we followed the killer into a nearby market, and quickley
struck him down with force.

(I looted a Globe. Got killed by Claloc shortly afterwards and
lost it. = P)

Author:  Fulgin
Date    Mon Feb 27 12:52:30 2006
Subject Kender nuisance..

While reporting back to Barracks in Palanthas, I heard cries from
the town gaurds, of a Murderer on the loose. Upon further
investigation I found the suspect to be a kender.

No doubt he had been caught in the act of lifting a few items off
his victim's person.

After some time of tracking him down, indamnable kender and their
ability to hide in mass , I tracked him down. Havlin fell quickly
to a blow across the back of his head. I left him in the care of
the town guards, to be placed under arrest. I have no doubt that
he will be on the loose again by morning.

Author:  Havlin
Date    Mon Feb 27 15:36:08 2006
Subject Jaxun

For months I have seen how the Solamnics have been pushing all
KoT knights from Palanthas.  Today they were in training and were
unable to push one such evil knight out when he came into the
city.  I followed this knight and attacked in the name of good
thwarting his evil plans.  My assumptions were correct after I
tried to pick up his disarmed weapons and were burned by their
unholy wrath.  After slaying the knight I took his belongings
only to be attacked by another.  I figured since I had done a
good deed by thwarting a knight, the Solamnic guards in the city
would be happy.  The racist bastards attacked me on sight
throghout the city and I had to slay at least 12 of them before I
finally made it out.  Now I'm a wanted Kender in Palanthas. 
While returning back to my Clanhall I was attacked yet again by
some mage thinking he was tough stuff..  I made it back safely
and all was well.  :)

(ooc: I attaacked and killed Jaxun, went to return his stuff,
right as I dropped it Thrudd attacked as I had recieved a Killer,
While fleeing from him I got my ass kicked by half of palanthas,
and right as I closed in on my CH Claloc got a funny idea and
started gating on me, a mob that brawled with him and his killer
is all that saved me :D) Nothing looted, although if anyone comes
across a mist full of stuff, it's mine aI accidenatlly put it
down when thrudd attacked.

Author:  Arauko
Date    Tue Feb 28 17:40:55 2006
Subject Claloc

Arauko was walking along the Keep, calmly enjoying the isolation
the other knights provided him.

All of the sudden, from the bathouse, came running a Human Arauko
knew to be one of the mages of Thorn.

While yelling something about: "Moonheart!! So help me Takhisis
if you do that again I'll COOK you and feed you to the dragons
you're so fond of cleaning up after." As upset as he was he
didn't notice the Half-Demon walking by and went crashing
straight into him, as the knights in the courtyard all cringed.

Getting his consciousness back into the mortal plane, Arauko
rounded on the towel-gripping mage.

A powerfull kick sent him sprawlling back into the bath house,
toughts of revenge on the stable cleaning lieutenant completely

(Tried to remove a Killer from Caloc.... and apparently showed
how much I know of PK and Vio and Killer flags.... obviously it
didn't work.. Hurray for me. So he gets 24 hours without any
other ninny from his own clan trying to do him in to do the

Author:  Blimsh
Date    Wed Mar  1 12:06:24 2006
Subject The higher you are, the harder you

Quite some time ago the Dwarven nations declared war on my
people.  Their self professed goal is to wipe the land of me and
my kin.  This greatly worried me.  Despite their lack of height
Dwarves are tough opponents and their stubborness is legendary. 
This goal of theirs to destroy us preyed upon my mind.

Until today.

I chanced to spy the King of the Dwarven nations, Loror
Stonehelm, wandering about without his usual guards and lackies. 
Wondering why he was far from home and alone I crept closer,
expecting a trap.

after careful scouting I realized my wildest dreams were coming
true.  He was alone.  My blood began to pump through my veins as
ancient racial hatreds began seeping to the front of my mind.

I knew I should remain calm as otherwise mistakes could be made
but I couldn't stop the berserk rage.  Throwing caution to the
wind I charged from the bushes in a berserk frenzy slashing at
the figure before me.

I realized Loror was prone and not moving.  Surveying the damage
I had done I figured he was not long for this world and left him
to bleed to death.

(nothing looted, it was a nasty fight >:)

Chief Blimsh uk'Vash

Author:  Derech
Date    Wed Mar  1 18:22:21 2006
Subject Jaxun

*flexes his one-liner powers at majere*

Author:  Grishnakh
Date    Wed Mar  1 18:26:23 2006
Subject Vishar

I saw a minotaur in the streets of Palanthas, leering around as
if he wanted to pick a fight.  I myself wanted to fight him, so I
feigned like I was leaving the city.  He followed.  I quickly
ducked behind a corner, hid myself and watched him go by.  After
watching him for some time, he clearly thought I'd ran off, but
proceeded to feign like he was blind and trapped in an alley or
some other.  Laughing, I jumped on him from a roof plunging my
daggers into his back.  With tears in his eyes, he ran to a
healer and I followed.  There, we proceeded to do battle in which
he repeatedly healed himself.  Frustrated, I waited until the
healer got too tired (Vishar ran out of money) and struck. 
Unfortunately I saw a Palanthian guard coming by and stopped my
fighting.  The minotaur, also seeing this, plunged himself upon
my sword.  With a cry, the guard rushed me and I was forced to

Right into the waiting club of Retired High Justice, Croaker. 
Needless to say, I later woke up in an alley, mobbed and naked. 
I returned to the scene of the crime where a hooman, whom I
suspected to be a Knight of Takhisis, abruptly hit me over the
head with his club.

I again woke up in an alley, mobbed and still naked.  Returning
once more to the scene of the crime, I managed to take some
valuables off the still unconscious minotaur, and grab my own
pile of clothing.

(24 Hours to Vishar. Croaker sux0rz. He killed me right when I
left pal pit and then Jaxun killed me when I came back to get my
stuff. So I had to make two blind walks from my CH to Pal pit.)

Author:  Jaxun
Date    Wed Mar  1 18:42:54 2006
Subject Battle Beyond Palanthas Dome.

While sitting in Palanthas at the Healers Dome resting my weary
feet, There was a HUGE ruckus outside the entrance to the dome.
Getting up to see what all the commotion was about Vishar came
busting through almost knocking me over.

"Block the door, Give me a minute to get ready... He is
insane!" Vishar Screamed.

Having no idea what he was talking about, I turned to the
entrance putting all my weight on my shoulders, about that time
Grishnakh came in sneering and drooling all over.

"Come here, Vishar, I wont hurt you... I promise just come talk
to me!" exclaimed Grishnakh. You could see the lie and hate in
his eyes, His weapon was drawn and you could clearly see his

Vishar replied "Get away from me, You followed me from
gerighelm, trying to sneak up on me and rob me the whole way!"

Not being able to give full attention to Grishnakh he snuck past
me quickly and was at Vishar like a Mosquito looking for food.
Vishar quickly saw this, and lunged at Grishnahk, the fight

Squabbaling on the floor rolling back and forth, The fight was
intense, I think I even saw Grishnahk bite Vishar a couple of

Dirty goblins I thought to myself, always fighting dirty. All of
a sudden they stopped, Grishnahk got up quickly and Vishar tried
to respond but was lax, and he fell over grabbing his side.

Grishnahk held his dagger tight still, dripping with blood. I
withdrew my sword and quickly went to work... One on One is fine
but I wont let him walk out of here vertical.

I withdrew my sword, Grishnahk heard the blade rip from the
sheath and turned quickly, but not quickly enough. One blow to
his side, he gleemed at me right in the eye, turned and fell.

Turning the corner quickly, I stood straight up and saw what
looked to be Derech, but it gets hazy as all I felt was a blast
to the face and darkness.

(Grish and Vish fighting in pit, Killer flag ensued, I took it
from em. As did Derech from me.)

Jaxun Draxus.

Author:  Kahn
Date    Fri Mar  3 09:28:03 2006
Subject Eldaron's falling

Hilcaia had rough words with me, for he believes taking souls is
wrong. But if the gods have not stopped me, then they do not
care.  Who cares if your soul is taken, you are dead.  By a
sword, by magic, by my hands and having your soul taken, what
does it matter, there is no difference, and I should not be
judged.  But it seems hilcaia wasn't the only one who disagreed
with me, a white robe overheard and decided to try and stop what
I do.  But Takhisis protects me, and the fight did not last long,
but he tried to stand up to me, I can respect that, and he shall
be shown respect in the future.  I left him alive, and it brought
a small smile to my face.  He has not yet wasted what is truely

(OOC: fun fight, eldaron's learning, he wanted to fight, respect
that, didn't even loot money, 24 hr protection from KoT)

Author:  Thrudd
Date    Fri Mar  3 10:33:52 2006
Subject kahn

Beat up the killer Kahn for fun. Forgot I was still in Palanthas
tho heh (24 hours to kahn. dropped killer. no loot. got killer in
return. Makarath killed me. Died drowning coming back to corpse

Author:  Klaw
Date    Fri Mar  3 13:07:12 2006
Subject Resh

Klaw and Treskin sneak to Palanthas at night it so much fun.
Well, he sneak, Klaw stumble and kill cat. He say he know short
beard man drink too much and get brave. You ever seen brave
dwarf? Of course, they crazy. Klaw catch scent of funny little
man and catch up at hole in the ground. Klaw like! It smell like
ogre cave down there, remind me of home. At home ogre sloshed
through muck, Treskin behind holding his nose. I find Resh dwarf,
he smell like ale and was cursing at rats. Klaw think a bonk on
the head or 20 would fix him right up! Klaw try make it quick and
painless, and Treskin help too with a knife in back, it look like
dragon and real sharp. Drunk dwarf man too strong though and try
to run, he slip and fall on mud and Klaw bonk once more to make
sure he no run more. I see he have stolen ring from KoT land and
take it and coins. Treskin see something shiny too and help
himself. Because Klaw nice guy, he roll dwarf onto back so he no

24 to Resh from KoT and Marauder

Author:  Mitchel
Date    Sat Mar  4 09:42:36 2006

Subject A demon from below.

I was given the message that a dark cleric had it set to do me

A young acolyte told me that this cleric's name was Arauko and
that he poses to be a very dangerous threat.

I pondered the name, remembering this name, but couldn't quite
put it to a face.

Arauko, Aruako.... Ahh.  I remembered this evil fiend, except I
remembered him as a monk.

I thought it was very odd that this acolyte informed me of a dark
cleric, perhaps he was mistaken.

Anyhow, I set out to get more information on his planned assault,
so I headed to Neraka to find out more.

Neraka, of course being the dark city, gave me no help at all, no
one knew of this Arauko, until I came upon a young thief that
told me that he had passed through recently, in search of money.

I was hesitant to use my clerical abilities to transport myself
directly to the monk, thinking that a trap could be set for me.

I prayed to my god for protection, the decided to go anyway,
transporting myself into the same room as Arauko.

He fled quickly, disappearing into the bushes dodging my attacks.

I finally got a hold of him, enchanting his mind with all sorts
of maladictions until he fell to his knees in agony.

In keeping the balance, evil must be subdued because as of
recently there has been a plague of dark ones that roam the city

(OOC'ly Arauko warned me that he would kill me, so I decided to
take the first step.  24 hours from me and HO)

Author:  Grumash
Date    Mon Mar  6 09:18:27 2006
Subject A KoT Far From Home

Hunting for fun, Grumash soon found himself on the trail of a
knight, who was looking to be causing some trouble for some

Grumash always preferred the challenge rather than taking the
helpless townsmen, so he'd made the knight his target.  It worked
out that that knight turned out to be an enemy anyways.  He
wasn't with the filthy Solamnics, he was a Knight of Takhisis in
their lands, a pleasant surprise for sure.  Vengeance for Zlik,
that's all that raced through Grumash's mind.  When the time was
right, he attacked the unsuspecting knight from behind and
quickly broke his defense, then drug him into the wilderness
where he finished the battle.  The KoT fell, like the many before
him unlucky enough to be his target.

Klaw is the next target, but he got away ;p

Author:  Grumash
Date    Mon Mar  6 21:47:55 2006
Subject Grilled KoT with a side order of

In pursuit of the knight of takhisis Klaw, Grumash come across
another likely target.  It was another knight of takhisis, go
figure, one by the name of Vishar and most obviously a minotaur. 
A strong target, and a proud one... Grumash figured he might not
have to persue Klaw so hard, if he attacked Vishar, the minotaur
might stay long enough for Grumash to actually finish him... a
fool's pride for sure.

It was decided, persue Klaw another day and get this minotaur
alone.  It didn't take long to get the minotaur angered after it
was made knowledgeable of Grumash's presence.  The anger would be
the minotaur's downfall.  The fight was decent in Grumash's eyes,
but the minotaur couldn't keep up.  Before Grumash got to take
what he'd considered now belonged to him... a cleric of the Holy
Order spotted the downed minotaur with Grumash standing over top
of him.  The cleric had company and Grumash was wounded, not a
good perdicament, so Grumash fled the scene, leaving the minotaur
to the cleric's custody.

Sobleski and Ralmus beat me up and called me ugly.

Author:  Vishar
Date    Tue Mar  7 11:14:51 2006
Subject Resh

I was on my way to new Thalos for a busness meeting when i
happened upon a Dwarf.  He seemed to want to fight so i decided
well i guess i can spare a few minuites for a sparing match.

Well We started He was a pretty good match we both were at about
equal skill level.  But as he thrusted for my chest I dodged and
came down with a powerful blow to the head He was Unconcious.  I
decided at that time I had better be on my way I was almost late
for my meeting.



Author:  Claloc
Date    Thu Mar  9 21:41:11 2006
Subject Havlin, Naked Kender.


Travelling the rustic and trecherous road to Caergoth I stumbled
across a Kender, the only reason you would even see him is
because he was screaming at a rock.

Intresting enough to see a Kender screaming a rock, especially
with a little elven herb in your pipe, but he had also stripped
naked for some reason.

Naked Kender *Shutters in his cloak*.

Upon closer inspection of the Kender it appered to be what Jaxun
had described as Havlin, or something or other. Kender names who
can remember those...

With a quick hand I put the Kender to sleep, with the blunt end
of my dagger....

Dirty little beasts, hands all over the place.... I should gut
you and let you bleed it out. Not today... the spell components
couldn't wait.

I left him there unconcious, and naked.... filthy beast.

(24 Hours to Havlin from KoT, Took his thief flag also.) (and he
really was naked....)

Claloc Shevlar, Thorn Seer.

Author:  Dastrun
Date    Thu Mar  9 23:40:08 2006
Subject Treskin

Walking the streets of Palanthas, I saw two dark cloaks doing
battle with a hobgoblin.

A strange sight to behold, to be sure, in Palanthas of all
places.  Not wanting to miss out on the fun, I chased one of the
dark cloaks out of the city and left him bleeding on a trash

Author:  Treskin
Date    Fri Mar 10 12:46:22 2006
Subject Battle Beyond Great Dome 2.

Noticing a thief pass by while lurking in the ally ways of
palanthas, looking for some gold to kill. I could tell exactly
who it was by his decrepid posture.

I tracked him out the East Gates of Palanthas, seeing down the
road what looked to be a robbery in progress.

I was quick to get in on the Action after realizing it was a
fellow KoT follower, Klaw. Eirith was holding him up! Barrying my
dagger in his back more times than I want to count, he fled.

The chase was on, Klaw and I tracked until no end... Finally
happening across him again, with a friend of sorts... Gleep.

Gleep in the blink of an eye, and Eirith showing no emotion
either way, fled the city again. This time while I was involved
with Gleep he had knocked klaw unconcious and started to drag him
out of town.

On my way out a Kender by the name of Havlin, stepped in my
way... a short spurt of fighting and I had to run... leaving my
backup, hoping he could handle his own.

I shortly got away from this Havlin fellow, and found where
Eirith had taken Klaw... I insued to justify myself and My
unconcious Friend. It didnt turn out that way.

(24 hours from KoT to gleep, I got a killer flag when I dropped
gleep so fast, Havlin attack I ran... had like 50 hp found klaw
and before I could wake em backstabd Eirith.) ( I love aliases
sometimes, but not always.)

Treskin Hand of Takhisis.

(Also Klaw and I grouped... so whatever that does to the reward

Author:  Eirith
Date    Fri Mar 10 13:43:10 2006
Subject Treskin and Klaw.

After long night drinking in a Palanthas bar Eirith awoke to find
himself completley covered in dirt and clutching a pouch filled
with money.

This diddnt bother eirith so much, it happens frequently (the
money pouch was just a nice surprise), what did perturb him was
the fact that he was asleep in the middle of the road. The sun
was in full force. What did he do last night ?

*Eirith closes his eyes, his head hurts* He begins to walk back
towards palanthas still feeling drunk and noticing new aches and
pains with each step.

Eirith trys to reconstruct a memory of last night:

Feel terrible, feel like me barf. Eirith reaches into his
pocket and pulls out a piece of expensive fur clothing.

Eirith stops abruptly to caress the expensive fur in his pocket

A Memory returns fuzzy, and brief. It reveals an image of
Eirith attacking two strangers in and stealing their clothes.

Me think this funny because me get agressive when drinking
grog, also funny because me make strangers naked and take their

Eirith laughes Boastfully in self reflection and decides not to
return to Palanthas.

(24 Hours to Treskin and Klaw from myself and rogue. Though the
two of them did attack me first. They put up a decent fight.
Looted a few consumeables money and some fur hats.

Gleep made a guest appearance in the form of a suicide run on
Treskin. Fun.)

Author:  Dargmyre
Date    Fri Mar 10 16:06:28 2006
Subject Deviant

Deviant was in hot pursuit of his enemies, while I was slowly
chasing behind him with my own intents to get back some items he
had purloined from some people I knew.  I had waited until he did
his part of the job he had planned, and then made my strike after
he'd had his take of what his victims once owned.  Then I would
have a better portion to myself.

Author:  Deviant
Date    Fri Mar 10 16:07:39 2006
Subject Vishar + Gleep

I was walking around, quite pissed, because I had just found out
that the girl I was seeing was a prostitute, and apparantly i
owed her some money. My anger was further excited when I noticed
a goblin whispering to another. Naturally I assumed that he was
reffering to me to his friend, so in a fit of drunken rage, I
decided to punch him; and i did.  Later on that day, I found
myself awake at a bar; I had no recollection whatsoever of how I
had gotten there.  I didnt really care much either.  I then
ventured out to see where I war, and found a young man fishing
while smoking his pipe.  It was then that I felt a strong lust
for cherry flavoured pipe tobacco.  So, I asked the smug pipe
smoking fisherman if he had any cherry flavoured pipe tobacco, to
which he said "10 steel".  I searched my pockets, only to find 5
steel.  I looked at him and said, "Ive only got 5".  He smiled
and returned to his fishing.  It was partially my anger at this
fishermans reaction, as well at the powerfull urge for smoke that
pushed me to my next move: a swift kick to his head; which left
him unconscious and his tobacco cheaper.  I then sat next to the
fishermans body and casually smoked my pipe, when an odd looking
robed figure approached me obviously jealous of my pipe.  I gave
the robed man a puff of my pipe, and the next thing I remember,
is being somewhere near vingaard is being somewhere near
vingaard.  Bastard stole my pipe.

(24 hours prot to vishar and gleep.)

Author:  Vishar
Date    Fri Mar 10 20:50:28 2006
Subject davan

Well one day I was wondering around palanthas feeling bad about
what had happened to my brother and his wife.  I started to blame
myself for what had happened. I knew I did all that i could to
stop the raid but I couldn't help but feel responsible. Well just
as I started to think things could never get any better I noticed
something up ahead on the path.  It was a Solomnic Knight wearing
his gleaming armor and that just took the cake I thought well if
I hide here behind this log.

so i did and sure enough he started to walk by.  I confronted
this knight I told him how he was responsible for my brothers
death and the death of my family.  I started in on him sword
drawn ready for battle he drew his sword and said That he didn't
want to fight me. I told him that he had no choice and in that
instant I was on him.  Not expecting me to attack the first blow
i landed was hard and strong it knocked him back a feew steps. 
then he came at me I blocked his thrust with my sword, then I
whirled around and slashed at his chest he jumped back out of the
way and came at me once again.  He grazed my forearm with his
cleave this just infuriated me even more.  I charged him and
knocked him on his back.

One of my orns punctured his armor Blood started to flow from
the wound from the look of it I had punctured a lung being that
the blood was pink.  He still faught on tho by this time he was
very winded and looked as if he would drop at any moment.  Thats
when I moved in for the kill I disarmed him and with a swift blow
to the head it was ended he dropped to the ground like a log.  I
decided to help myself to his gold since he would not be needing
it anymore.

Then I figured it would be a good time to go to the local pub for
a drink or 10.



Author:  Kahn
Date    Sat Mar 11 14:09:13 2006
Subject Resh

I could feel it, the need, like a vice on my stomache.  I knew I
hadn't taken a soul in awhile, and I would soon, and I wonder if
it is a need now, or just a strong desire.  Finding the right
target would be tough, and with my desire seemingly devouring my
insides, begging me, demanding me to take, I had no choice but to
go for the first target I saw that was acceptable. As I spotted
the dwarf, I knew he was the right target, one who has been
stagnant as of late.  And a thought occured to me.  Submit or
die, and how neatly it applied to my dark ritual.  They have
wasted what was theirs, and so it is mine, they will submit to
me, or they will die, though they will die anyways...

The smile that came to my face faded quickly as I stalked him
outside of the city, prepared to fight, and I struck at him, my
fist hitting his chest and knocking him over.  He was quite
dexterous for a dwarf as he rolled over and got up on his dwarven
pony, and rode it back into the city and his supposed safety. 
This struggle made me wonder if he was indeed the right choice,
but I do not like second guessing, for it is a sign of weakness
and I persued him back into the city.  I found him near the bank,
and I struck a blow at him again, but this time a wild look
overcame him and fought back, poorly, but he did fight back.  He
quickly lost interest, and tried to run, proving his worthiness
as my victim, and I knocked him out with a kick to the head. I
lowered himself to my knees and grabbed my daggers, feeling my
heart pulse as I was ready to kill when I heard the sounds of
guards arriving.  Cursing my misfortune, I called upon an ally
and closed my eyes as I disappeared to the sounds of Knights
arriving. (OOC:24 hrs to resh from kot, didn't loot anything, if
ya need help getting stuff, let me know, I'll try to help, I know
it kinda sucks to be newish?)

Author:  Havlin
Date    Sat Mar 11 14:54:20 2006
Subject Bounty Collected: Jaxun

There had been rumors of a warrior that had been murdering the
local chickens in the outskirts of Palanthas.  Such a henious
crime would eventually catch up with the murderer.  Several
Bountyies had been put on the Chicken Killers head and I found it
my personal Duty to search him out in the name of Chickens
everywhere.  Going to the local bar, I was told the Murderer
liked playing with the alter boys in HCT, shuddering at the
thought I nodded and continued on my way south to the tower. 
There I waited.  After hours of solitary thumbwar, sure enough a
man with chicken grease all over his face walked up to the tower
smiling with a boque of flowers in hand. Ignoring the flowers I
snuck behind him and lunged at his back.  Just as I jumped at him
he leaned over to tie his shoe and I missed, but thanks to the
Magical Enchancements I had received at the local bar, he quickly
fell to my wrath. Upon further inspection of his bags, I found a
horrific site, a gallon of BBQ sauce and mountains of Chicken

(Full Loot: as specified in the bounty note, although I'd like to
give some of this eq to Razmous if I can) Only really valuable
thing was a Lizard eye lense, thanks Jaxun!

Author:  Treskin
Date    Sun Mar 12 01:22:33 2006
Subject Asiou

While entering High Clerist Tower doing routine checks, I came
across a trail of footprints, intrigued I followed these foot
prints to The second level.

Sneaking through the hallways, Checking my corners, I happened
upon a young Half-Elf. He was resting and evidentally clearing
out the area for money or something....

Knowing this was territory that was restricted... I withdrew my
swords. He was resting, back to me, what could be more

Thrusting my swords into his upper shoulders, he fell over,
spitting blood.... I left him unconcious.... for dead.

(24 hours to Asiou from KoT, I took Fur Hat, Albino Shield,
Shield of the Cockatrice, Cotton Pants and Albino Faceplate...)
Treskin, Hand of Takhisis.

Author:  Arauko
Date    Sun Mar 12 14:34:12 2006
Subject Mitchel

 Today I had my Wyvern take me to the city of Solace, where
rumour had it an Aurak was wreaking havok.

It was a powerfull being, one that would interest the Cause,
should he accept to fight on our side.

He, however refused, and continued his killing spree on the area.

Many a Hero traveled to the city, to attempt to defeat the
draconian, yet he would not easilly be put down.

One such man was the cleric Mitchel, who I met as he came running
into me and, before I could allow myself to understand what was
going on, my fist struck his face rendering him unconscious.

As I turned, not caring what became of the prone cleric, I heard
a noise behind me, and swung an elbow in that direction... an
elbow that connected with Mitchel's jaw and again sent him to the

The mortal plane of existance is not something I feel confortable
in, and reflexes getting the best of me was enough to put me off
my hunting, I returned to the Inn of the Last Home and rented a
room from a quivering waitress.

As I hear it a Knight of the Lily, Bramwell, defeated the
draconian. I didn't care,...sleep took the better of me, and my
consciousness traveled back home.

(Killed Mitchel twice, I think, in the middle of that Mob
Quest.... didn't understand how that happened ...honest. 24 hours
from me, KoT.... nothing looted... though the evil side of my
"conscience" told me to full loot it. Ask him, he'll confirm it.)

Author:  Bramwell
Date    Sun Mar 12 16:24:27 2006
Subject Indigo

A sharp wind howled through the forest as the trees moaned for
the souls who crossed paths with a hulking aurak. The scenes
of carnage were unsettling; the floor caked with blood, small
flames lapping at the brush, and bodies. Oh the bodies! Bramwell
stalked the forest meticulously. He knew this aurak commander did
not care he was KoT, he was fresh meat just the same. It was in
those chaotic moments that the heroes of Ansalon decended upon
this rogue aurak, raining destruction on good and evil alike. In
the carnage, the fog of war hung thick. Lord Bramwell knew not
the hulking minotaur Indigo was on the other end of his mace.
However, being a large warrior, Bramwell hacked at the beast
until he realized what he had done. Luckily, the adept clerics
who had cornered the aurak took notice of the fallen warrior,
healing the minotaur with ease.

(ooc: A complete accident, but after 7 years it feels nice.
Obviously I didn't loot anything, 24 from KoT to Indigo of the
Minotaur Nation)

Author:  Havlin
Date    Mon Mar 13 16:03:12 2006
Subject Kahn

While making my merry way through palanthas, I happened upon a
most horrific stench.  To call this stench a bad case of body
odor would have been a severe understatement.  I decided to
investigate the horrid smell and it led me to quite a site to
behold, or rather avoid.  Wandering around Garnet was a tattoo
ridden Knight of Takhisis completely nekked and blabbering on
about how his lover never made it to the tower for him...
Whatever that's about...  Just then my eyes focused on the nearby
street lamp that was sitting between me and the naked man, nailed
to the post was a poster with the words "Wanted, Dead or Alive". 
Below these words was a picture of, "GASP", the smelly naked man
babbling on about love.  He did He didn't really notice as I
snuck up behind him, and he looked to care very little as I dug
my knife into his back.  Before he passed out, I carved the
tattoo off his right arm, I think I'll mount it above my
fireplace.  I've always been a big fan of ghosts and Pirate
ships!  :D

(24 to Kahn from Wanderlust and the Wrath of Kenderdom, I'm
pretty sure he expected it, all that was looted was a fiery ghost
tattoo and some coins, basically a Killer Flag Removal)

-Havlin, KoT Hunter Extrordinair-

Author:  Ralmus
Date    Mon Mar 13 17:02:13 2006
Subject Havlin

I saw a kender, and I did what all good citizens of Krynn would
have done - beat him within an inch of his life.  Then I cut off
his topknot and ate it.

Author:  Grishnakh
Date    Tue Mar 14 13:08:24 2006
Subject Davan

Wandering around a seemingly deserted city I decided to enter a
small palace.  It was completely empty of all life, except for
one small sound.  I followed the sound of what seemed like
clanging change.  Imagine my surprise when I entered upon an open
vault and inside was a solamnic, hoarding the steel of the
treasury.  Not that I personally cared that a solamnic was
looting, I was more concerned with the amount of money and how
many nights with Britta it could buy.

Leaping from the shadows I knocked him over the head with a
broken off chair leg I found on the ground.  Grabbing his money
bag and an expensive looking pendant I darted off, fleeing the
mighty snout of his beastial pet.  As I started to descend the
palace stairs I ran into a small dwarf.  Caught off guard, the
dwarf tumbled down the stairs and hit his head on a wall.
Shrugging I continued my flight, hearing the beating wings of a
dragon chasing me down the hall.

(24 Hours to Davan and Resh.)

Author:  Grishnakh
Date    Tue Mar 14 13:08:56 2006
Subject Resh

See previous warnote regarding Resh. Forgot to mention him in
subject line.

24 Hours

Author:  Thaeden
Date    Tue Mar 14 13:40:41 2006
Subject Loror

I craftily lured him from underneath the mountain and took
revenge upon the mountain dwarf.  Hill dwarves shall soon, once
again, rule the mountain kingdom of Thorbardin.

(24 Hours to Loror.  Apparently he was expecting it so he left
his good eq at home.  So I dropped all his eq on the ground and
got some scaveger mobs to pick it up.  Then I scattered them.)

Author:  Sobleski
Date    Tue Mar 14 16:00:27 2006
Subject Dastrun

Tonight there was much evil to be done within the Walls of
Palanthas.  On my ussual evening stroll to the central fountain
in Imperial Square nothing seemed out of place, shops were
closing up and all seemed very calm. Suddenly, out the the corner
of my eye I saw a Minotuar stomp by chanting a War Cry as he
went.  At this point all hell broke loose in Palanthas.  Jim's
bakery in Imperial square had been set on fire by some unknown
culprit, and as I watched the fire burning my eyes settled on two
Knights of Takhisis clad in their Queens Dark armor.  Judging by
there insignia, I could tell they were'nt high rank, but they
were the first suspects that came to mind for the fire.  As I
watched the minotuar that had just run by me took out a mace and
swung it at a goblin sitting near the fire.  The Goblin dodged
back and returned to attack with several blows of his own.  Just
then, as if they had been waiting for the opportune moment, both
the knights of Takhisis withdrew their weapons and joined the
fray.  A riot started in Palanthas, and I will conclude it was
started by none other that KoT's.  So I decided to assist my
Goblin and Minotuar friends, because as the old saying goes, "the
enemy of my enemy is my friend."  After watching the slaying of
one of the knights, we all drove the other out of town, but in
his rage the Minotuar had accidentally destroyed several of the
cities statues and light posts.  So the guards were coming after
him.  Seeing his obvious trouble I whispered a work of
invisibilty and knocked him unconcious, I then hid him and
retreated the the recesses of the Celestial Hall.  I can only
hope he was not found.

(24 to Dastrun from the Holy Order Lights, Killer Flag Removal)

Author:  Dastrun
Date    Tue Mar 14 16:18:35 2006
Subject Conspiracy!

I was down on my luck, having lost all of my steel the previous
night in cards before blacking out on dwarven spirits.  I was
nursing my hangover at the Rusty Rudder when a shrewd- looking
goblin approached me with a proposition:

Queen's army.  They had infiltrated the city and were in
disguise, so we were to stage a little fisticuffs against each
other for show, to draw them into the brawl.

As it happened, two of them went for the bait, and we pummelled
one of them horribly, while the other ran off in mortal terror. 
We then stripped the unconscious soldier naked and I went off to
sell his armor and belongings for beer money.  The goblin said he
wanted to stay for a bit, and as I walked out of the alley I saw
him standing over the soldier's naked and unconscious form with a
leer on his ugly face.  Shuddering at the lurid possibilities, I
sold the soldier's possessions and went back to the Rudder to
drink away the memory of what had transpired today.

Author:  Dastrun
Date    Tue Mar 14 16:19:05 2006
Subject Uhhh

Author:  Deviant
Date    Wed Mar 15 01:46:57 2006
Subject Treskin

It was early, real early.  Which meant I was still asleep.  I had
passed out in the tavern, the night before.  I was still there,
barside with my head still on the table.  I then began to hear a
rustling, and the sounds of chairs being broken over back and
tables being broken.  This distrubted my sleep, and when i turned
to see the source of the noise, I found a person on the floor and
a Knight of Takhisis standing over him.  "What do you want?!" The
Knight said to me, I smiled and turned to order a drink, I hadnt
had breakfast after all.  The Knight approached me and tapped on
my shoulder "I was talking to you", I responded to this with a
sound punch to face.  I took all the money, and anything of
wealth he had on him, and left. s (24 hours protection to

Author:  Treskin
Date    Wed Mar 15 09:43:01 2006
Subject Asiou.

Tracking from Neraka to Palanthas looking for a better
weaponsmithy of arrows.... I came across Asiou again.

(Im gonna be using some words from the Lexicon, So feel free to
look it up on the site.)

I heard asiou acting ben, So I tracked him as best I could... 
jumping into Captain Shark I withdrew my swords.

What he had said to me Echoed through my ears "No good
footpad's, cant we just get rid of all the Fob's." Fobs! FOBS!
I think A little higher of myself I would hope, Ive never cheated
on anything... Unless you count that one time.

This time the fight ensued and Asiou didnt even try to rub me,
didnt even put up a fight... I didnt quite understand at the

Standing over, I began to rummage through his pockets... I
thought he was a big Oak, but I was terribly mistaken. Coming
down the road a bit I noticed another track, One I hadn't seen
before. It seemd that I was getting ready to be a scragg'em fair,
I ran fast and hard as I could....

I've come against a few Rufflers, and probably looked like one or
before.... but this thing was Fast, big and quiet.

I wasn't this nervous since my days as A ressurection man, got
that same cold filling up and down my spine, Right then Deviant
stepped into view the dirty prig napper.

I had my daggers paumed, and he lunged at me, swinging blades to
no avail... he blocked every swing and every counter. There was
no stopping him, I was used up.

(24 Hours to KoT for Asiou...Maybe fly ure flag if your in
alliace with KoT, and you wont get hurt. I didnt take anything
anyway. Deviant was there to clean up...Im pretty much naked now
:) (Would I do it again, Well hell yeah! it was fun!)

Treskin Hand of Takhisis.

Author:  Havlin
Date    Wed Mar 15 20:50:57 2006
Subject Camus

It was clearly evident that I was becoming more of a nuisance to
the Knights of Takhisis.  Two of there warriors had fallen by my
hand and I was growing nervous about what the repercussions would
be.  After leaving the Great Dome today the mysterious man
followed me just as I had anticipated, I increased my pace and
hid near the east gate.  He walked passed without a second
thought.  It was at this point I noticed the dark steel insignia
of the KoT under his cloak, I smiled at the opportunity before me
and followed him into the wilderness.  I struck silently and
quickly He retreated into Palanthas and I persued, the battle was
ferocious, and he just kept trying to flee, so I decided to start
dripping him up.  And he was unable to get up after tripping him
about 9 times. Yet another Knight of Takhisis falls to
the Wrath of Kenderdom!

(24 hours to Camus from Me and my possie of Kenders(wanderlust),
KENDER POWER!) (just a few things looted, sucks that all your
quest eq rotted man :/


Author:  Khyldes
Date    Thu Mar 16 02:12:07 2006
Subject Havlin

Some kender tried to steal my robes, so I hurt him.


Author:  Khyldes
Date    Thu Mar 16 02:13:17 2006
Subject Sobleski

Some lippy cleric of supposed goodness yelled at me for streaking
in Palanthas.

So I keeeeled him


Author:  Mitchel
Date    Fri Mar 17 13:57:41 2006

Subject Thrub

I wandered the underfloors of Solace in search of a dwarven one.

I heard his name was Thrub, obviously hailing from 7k.

I had helped the High King Loror earlier in the day, in an effort
to stop my unflinching urge to slay a dwarf, seemingly I was
succesful. However after spelling Thrub from a distance I knew
that I must yield to my desires.

I tracked down Thrub, finding him exploring with a little one
name Basher.

I thought it was amuzing that the two worked together to subdue
me, obviously thaving worked together before, they handed me a
couple of knife wounds to the back.

However, my healing magics quickly replenished my soul and the
god's wrath fell upon Thrub and Basteher.

Luckily, the little guy got away, screaming for dear life.

However, Thrub wasn't so forunate.

I think my thirst has been quinched with delicate dwarven blood.

Until we meet again.

(24 hours the Thrub, nothing looted)

Author:  Dharisath
Date    Sat Mar 18 00:23:36 2006
Subject 24 Hours

As I strolled along the backstreets of a small city, I reflected
on the events of my past.  I couldn't clearly recall the turning
point in my life in which I had gone from the leading General of
the most powerful armies on Krynn, to a mere Captain.  I suppose
it didn't matter now.  I was struggling to work myself out of a
mess in some unknown, god forsaken city.  It was at this moment
in my reflections that a magnificent black portal appeared before

Out stepped a figure shrouded in dark robes.  He pointed at me
and I heard inarticulate sounds coming from the shadows of his
hood.  Not knowing the intent of this man, but figuring it for
bad, I grabbed the nearest object, a trashcan, and hurled it at
him.  This disrupted his concentration for me to withdraw a
dagger and toss it at him.  The moment it stuck in his chest, his
chanting ended and he fell to the ground, twitching. 
Unfortunately, he was able to quaff a potion before I could reach
him, and his body disappeared in a black mist.

(24 Hours to Makarth. Nothing looted)

Author:  Deviant
Date    Sat Mar 18 03:12:49 2006
Subject Ace

Here I am as always, drunk, drugged and incredibly in debt.  I
desperatly needed peace and sanctuary.  I found this sanctuary in
a pair of explorers, a young solamnic and a robed priest of some
sort; probably one of those of Paladine.  This did not concern me
however; what concerned me was the bulging pouch of what I
assumed to be cold steel on the religous geek.  I followed the
explorers untill the time was ripe.  I then wet a cloth with some
pungent liquid I had stolen from a mage a while ago, I remember
trying the stuff: It had put me out for days.  I then approached
the priest slowly and grabbed his neck and forced the cloth to
his face.  Within seconds, he was on the floor.  The solamnic
then ran away, probably to get reinforcements, but i knew that
they would be too late.  I grabbed his purse, along with a few
other trinkets and ran off.

(24 hours protection to Ace)

Author:  Zane
Date    Sat Mar 18 14:25:31 2006
Subject treskin

Author:  Mitchel
Date    Sat Mar 18 14:33:24 2006

Subject Zane

I usually don't take sides, defending only myself, but in this
instance I had to choose.

This thief had recently been very helpful, pilfering what I

I owed him the favor, so I defended his life in a bloody brawl
between Treskin and Zane.  However I was unsuccessful.

Instead, I decided to get revenge for the apparent slaying of

I searched around Neraka for Zane, following the a trail of blood
right to his location.

He was scavenging over the body of Treskin, looting his desires,
to leave Treskin alone, desparate for help I immediately chased
Zane into a nearby docking area when Masticore beat me to him,
making him a loyal follower.

I blasted Zane with a holy spray forcing him to fall to his

(24 hours to Zane, killer removal)

Author:  Treskin
Date    Sat Mar 18 15:47:59 2006
Subject Endor, The Beggining of a Short

Travelling back to my Commanding officer by request of Formal
Letter of the KoT's. I happened up a city with giant golden

Being low on funds that had been dispersed earlier that rotation,
I decided it was time for a hot meal and a nice clean woman. I
happened across not a citizen, But a passerby like myself.

I began to track him and wonder if his pockets were as empty as
mine, hopefully I was lieing to myself.

The theory was in the beggining to steal, instead of pluder....
but my tendancies got the best of me.

I jumped out of the shadows, not expecting what I saw, Tarothin
iron clad with bells on.....

Quick to react, I threw him out of the way, and landed my swords
square in Endors back.

The event happened quickly and cleanly.

It was only until I got to the gates of neraka, fortunate that
the little half-elf had some coins, that a person happened upon

Chasing me almost.... ducking into a shadowy corner I watched him
lightly walk by.

Unsheathing my swords, I slowly came up too him, using the
shadows to my advantage.

I jumped from the shadows he blocked my first attack, and yielded
his own. It was down to the very end, zane was victorious.

(24 Hours to Endor from KoT, Zane got by but mitchel smacked em
for his killer.) (Took a quest note....) Treskin Hand of

Author:  Makarth
Date    Sun Mar 19 13:14:46 2006
Subject dharisath

I noogied him to death.

(24 hours protection. Thief flag removal)

Author:  Mordiar
Date    Sun Mar 19 18:28:36 2006
Subject Silent Strike

The shadows writhed about as Mordiar crept about the forests
surrounding palanthas, keeping a close eye on his prey. He had
been following his unsuspecting victim for some time now, waiting
for the perfect opportunity to strike. His prey had reached a
small alcove in the forest and Mordiar unsheathed his blade and
silently moved out from behind a tree, approaching quickly with a
slight grin. Raising his sword he made an elaborate slash across
the back of his enemy, they emitted a slight yelp of pain turning
to attempt to see what had struck them, Mordiar swung his sword
back once again and laid a mighty swing across his prey's face
with the flat of his blade.

The body fell to the ground completely limp, relieving his victim
of his weapon and his money purse Mordiar disappeared back into
the shadows...

OOC: Caught Endor in High Clerist Tower and struck him down,
took money and a few items. 24 hours to him from myself and my

Author:  Mordiar
Date    Tue Mar 21 17:04:13 2006
Subject Shroud of Darkness

The sun was creeping up over the hills, dawn was breaking the
night sky. The unwelcome light pierced Mordiar's pupils causing
him to squint heavily attempting to keep the brightness out of
his eyes. He rested near a tree wiping the slight amount of blood
from his blade that had nearly dried from the attack he made
during the night.

The piece of cloth he was using was lightly soaked in blood,
putting his sword back in its sheath he prepared to leave when he
heard a heavy rustling on a nearby path. A human in robes fumbled
about the path looking through the shrubbery at Mordiar, frowning
at this inconvenience he stood and pulled his blade back out of
its sheath.

Muttering slightly to himself, his anger growing, the poor mage
now had to have his eyes closed for he had seen Mordiar's face.
If the unconcious man he had attacked during the night awoke to
be accompanied by this mage he would sooner or later be able to
deduce that Mordiar was his attacker. Pushing through the bushes
to confront the mage the mage stumbled backwards and fell.

"You will tell no one of my presence here, and I will make sure
of that."

Raising his foot, he kicked the mage in the face knocking him
backwards, the grabbed the mage by the hair and pulled the mage
to his feet. Pulling back his sword arm Mordiar crushed the
pommel of the blade into the mages forehead, the mage's eyes
closed as blood slowly dripped down his face. Dropping the limp
mage he put his sword back in his sheath and disappeared off into
the forest...

OOC: Me and Valon in HCT I attacked and I won. Took some items,
although Mitchel interfered with my looting process so I didn't
get everything I wanted, but I will still hand out my 24 hours to
Valon from me and my associates.

Mordiar the Darkstalker

Author:  Mordiar
Date    Wed Mar 22 02:49:45 2006
Subject Cover of Darkness

The sun was beginning to creep behind the hills and night was
going to fall once more, Mordiar was working his way back towards
the city of Palanthas. He had more objectives to complete once he
reached the city and nothing would stop him from succeeding in
his plans. Stopping short he heard chanting somewhere nearby,
scanning about he saw a dark emanation glowing off in the
distance towards Vingaard. Pausing to think he wondered what may
be going on over there, changing his direction he headed towards
the emanation.

Reaching the dark glow he saw a priest standing in a clearing
chanting words of dark holy prayer, the air swirled about the
priest and shadowed gusts. Mordiar's face twisted into a look of
anger and near hate, knowing that this priest was impinging on
the territory he was going to be taking for his own. His plans
had already been put in motion and the presence of the dark
priest was going to impede his progress.

"No one impedes on my territory, I will not allow this weakling
priest to stop my plans. How many will I have to strike down
before I can continue with my affairs, this is becoming

Unsheathing his blade he silently and carefully moved into the
clearing, the priest caught his movements inside his circle of
enchantment and turned to see Mordiar quickly coming closer to
the priest. Mordiar ran and quickly slashed the priest across his
shoulder causing blood to spray out uninhibited, the priests
robes torn open. The priest uttered a few prayers and a magical
force erupted from his hands and blasted Mordiar in the chest,
stepping back a few steps he clutched his ribs struggling for a
quick breath before raising his blade again and slicing the
priest heavily across the stomach. The priest doubled and fell to
his knees, Mordiar quickly raised his knee bashing the priest in
the face causing him to lean back on his knees, swiftly bringing
about a fist Mordiar punched his enemy in the temple knocking the
priest unconcious.

Mordiar stared at the fallen priest, his evil intentions halted
by  Mordiar due to his ability to disrupt what a pouch that hung
on his belt and sprinkled it upon his victims face, before
returning to the darkness of the forest in his journey to get to

OOC: Asiou wandered into the wrong place at the wrong time, I
was happy to take advantage of my wonderful opportunity and kill
Asiou. Asiou put up a fight but lost in the end, I only took a
few items in my looting. I extend my 24 hour protection to Asiou
from me and my associates.

Mordiar the Darkstalker

Author:  Ace
Date    Wed Mar 22 04:23:10 2006
Subject Mordiar, Hunter and Prey.

Ace turned, looking down at the smurking, blood stained lips of
the Imp that called himself Mordiar. "You are a monster." He then
quicklely struck him down, only to be apprehended by Croaker
several minutes later.

(I was drunk and it seemed like a good Idea. Looted Everything,
then got killed by croaker and lost Everything. Lol.)

Author:  Mordiar
Date    Wed Mar 22 05:15:18 2006
Subject Strike of Darkness

Solinari and Lunitari shined brightly in the night sky, leaving
the land awash in a mellow white and red light, Mordiar moved
quickly in and out of the shadows, pacing swiftly towards
Palanthas. His pace was quick although he noticed once again that
there was the presence of a priest nearby, but this one was not
practicing the dark arts there was a holiness to what he sensed.
It made him feel weak inside, as though his Lord Deity could not
compete with the powers that were being summoned by whatever
force was in the distance.

Seeing this was not, so to speak, his lucky day he unsheathed his
sword once more knowing that he must once again prove the prowess
of his Lord. Uttering prayers constantly  as he approached the
sickly sense of holiness that persistantly attacked his
conciousness he pressed forward in attempt to find what was
bothering his mind.

Approaching a heavily forested area he found a priest that stood
among a group of injured soldiers sprinkling his holy water among
them and attempting to ease their wounds. Mordiar's brow furrowed
as he contemplated the impact a higher availibility of guards in
the city would have on his affairs. Waiting patiently he
procrastinated until the point that he would only have to battle
with the priest and possibly two of the soldiers resting upon the
ground. Unsheathing his blade he approached the encampment slowly
and quietly, staying within the cover of the shadows to maintain
hidden as he approached he reached out a hand and muttered a few
magical words that would keep the sleeping soldiers in a state of
slumber as he attacked. Stepping in as the priests back was
turned he quickly dispatched the injured soldiers with quick
stabs and swipes of his blade.

The priest shouted holy words and a white light burst from his
hands and shot Mordiar in the left arm causing him to double back
quickly in pain, but only fueling his hatred and anger for this
particular cleric. The white robes the cleric wore burned his
eyes making Mordiar's vision blurry. He shouted spell of his own
Lord Deity casting forth a dark lightning bolt that struck the
priest in his leg causing him to drop to his knees. The cleric
returned the the attack with a vial of holy liquid which he cast,
uncapped, at Mordiar, splashing Mordiar in the face. Mordiar had
finally reached sword range with the priest and made a powerful
slash across the priests arm causing blood to gush forth
violently from the wound. The priest shouted out in utter agony
as Mordiar raised a gauntleted fist and brought it down across
the priests face. Retrieving a nearby tree branch that rested
upon the ground, Mordiar raised it above his head and brought it
down smashing it across the back of the priest's neck. The priest
fell into a deep battle induced slumber, leaving Mordiar the
victor of the battle.

Pulling a small vial of murky brown liquid from one of his
pockets he poured it into the priests wound and uttered a few
words of prayer before  escaping the battle ground and
disappearing into the darkness once again.

OOC:Ace Relieved me of my Killer flag...I was also more than
happy to do much the same for him, I struck him down and I extend
a protection of 24 hours to him from Myself and my Associates.

Mordiar the Darkstalker

Author:  Marcz
Date    Sat Mar 25 12:08:32 2006
Subject JAxun

I found the dark knight outside of Kalaman, he walked alone; with
no companion.  How could I resist this temptation?  I have been
running out of stories to tell as of late.  This even is sure to
make a great story.  I quickly murmured a spell, and almost
instantly the knight was subdued my the drowsy affects of my
sleep spell.  I approached him as my spell clenched its grip, and
made sure he saw me comming.  I watched as the final symptoms
approached and looked down to his sleeping body.  Grabbed a plain
scroll from my scroll pouch and began to write a note: "May I be
a warning, Claloc is next".  I then placed the note in the
Knights mouth and walked off.

(24 hrs protection to Jaxun from the Clave and I)

Marcz Maritan

Author:  Makarth
Date    Sun Mar 26 16:21:08 2006
Subject Mitchel

It had been weeks sense Ive been pursuing this cleric, I had
begun to give up on the fight and hope time deals the final blow.
 However; I sensed my oppurtunity when the young cleric of the
balance ran into a room.  I quickly followed and closed the door
behind.  I smiled as he danced wildly around the room, looking
for the door with useless eyes.  I proceeded to engage him while
I kept a close eye on the door.  I would not take another escape
lightly, he would not get away this time.  I proceeded to knock
the cleric senseless, untill I heard the thump of his hitting the
ground.  This quickly produced a smile on my face. (24 hours
protection to Mitchel)


Author:  Mordiar
Date    Mon Mar 27 00:20:01 2006
Subject Quickly and Quietly

Dark clouds gathered in the sky around the brightly shining
moons, soon the blackness of night would be dominating the land.
A monk wandered about a quiet grove near the city of palanthas,
obviously searching for his sense of "peace". Chuckling at his
own joke, Mordiar crept among the massive oaks that surrounded
the grove keeping a close eye on this monk, he would aid this
monk in his search for peace. Knowing the monk would never have
experienced a more peaceful rest than the one Mordiar was about
to introduce him to a grin passed over his face.

Unsuspecting of any assailant hiding within the shadows, the monk
took a seat upon a fallen log and looked up into the sky just as
the clouds passed over the two moons covering the land in
darkness, making the monk blind to Mordiar's approach. The ground
barely made a rustle as he moved, sounding as though the wind was
passing through the grass. Reaching the monk he raised a fist and
brought it full force across the monk face knocking him to the
ground, quickly recovering the monk raised his hands in
preperation for battle. Mordiar retrieved his blade from its
sheath and watched the monk's morale drop to his feet, taking a
quick swipe he left a gaping cut in the monk's arm. Screaming in
obviously unendurable pain, Mordiar ended his shrill yowl by
bringing an elbow across his face knocking teeth from his mouth
and rendering him unconcious. Making his coin purse lighter
Mordiar walked from the grove his coin purse slightly heavier.

OOC: Zen was wandering about New Thalos and I found him. Punch,
kick, swipe, swing, stab, slash and one of us fell It just turned
out to be him. Retrieved his money, left everything else. 24 hour
protection to Zen from me and my associates.

Mordiar the Darkstalker

Author:  Anthroid
Date    Mon Mar 27 20:06:26 2006
Subject valon

the sight of blood has not seen the edges of my blade for mere
hours yet still the lust for a fresh kill has lured to me the
edge of town. here a lanky mage still clumsy with adolescance
fumbled about searching for adventure not knowing I might be his
last for a moment I left myself exposed curious what a glimse of
a broad armored warrior might imbedd in the mind of a lesser.

startled to say the least the chase began. a metophoric
inbodiement of ice covered him leaving that as the only defense
to my blade. piercing his throat my victim fell leaving reminents
of blood on the edge of my sword and leaving me sustained.

barely gasping for exsistance my victim lay as I trudged on my
way leaving what I thought to be a corpse for those with mercy
and remorse.

Author:  Kahn
Date    Tue Mar 28 12:38:57 2006
Subject Davan

My lust had been growing exponentially, each night yearning to
take again until it hurt inside.  But I had been used to pain
many times before in what seems like a lifetime ago.  But I had
my orders, and I would not fail in them for if I fail Takhisis,
my entire life would have been a failure.  I saw the knight
Davan, and have heard many things about him, nothing bad. This
means there are true knights of Solmania.  And while this thought
disgusted me I couldn't help but smile.  I approached the knight
from behind as stealthily as I could, my robes barely making a
whisper over my well oiled leather armor.  I spoke quietly, but
my voice carried to him 'Knight, I have seen you around and know
you are not worthy of the title of Knight. I challenge you and
your honor.  ' What better way to test if he really is a knight,
and I fully expected him to bring guards and attack me, but
instead he gave me a hard stare which I could barely hold.  After
what seemed like minutes he said roughly 'My honor is my life, we
shall fight.  ' Now that brought a smile across my face as we
faced off, and when we were ready I pulled out my small crossbow
from behind my back and fired a quarrel right away as soon as
Davan charged.  The quarrel took him in the shoulder and he
didn't even slow down coming at me bellowing and sword raised.  I
quickly rolled out from underneath his attack and loaded and
fired another quarrel into his leg.  Now this slowed him down and
gave me time to kick at his injured leg and then bury my fist
into his shoulder wound, causing him to collapse unconscious in
pain.  Baroness Ayasana wanted to know about Solamnic troops, now
I can bring her a source. (OOC: Davan got challenged, he
accepted, told him winner gets to keep loser as prisoner, he
agreed, we fought, I got him, asked if he still wanted to go
through with it and he said yes.) PS: 24 hr protection from KoT
:), and Davan was a real sport about it, still learning and
applaud his classiness in the matter.

Author:  Kahn
Date    Tue Mar 28 13:00:10 2006
Subject Anthroid

With a Solamnic prisoner in tow, I was much more wary than usual,
every bit of movement caused my muscles to contract, ready to
strike out if necessary.  This irrational thinking was causing me
to get angry, something I havn't felt in awhile.  I was rewardly
not long afterwords for my paranoid behavoir for I spotted
someone, someone who had already been on the hunt. Was he hunting
for me next?  I could not let this prisoner get away, and the
best defense is to attack first.  I pulled out a flask from my
prisoner's backpack and drank it, my body filling with power, and
I used his horse as cover and then ran around the horse, burying
my fist in his jaw, knocking him up into the air.  He fell with a
thud and didn't move, and I bent down, taking a small valueable
as well as some steel and walked away with his horse, making the
journey back that much easier.  I went back to my prisoner, my
thoughts on the potions and magick of my powerful friend Claloc,
knowing that with his help, no one could stand in my way.
OOC:Claloc wanted his name in the note, so I put him in there,
got Anthroid, took globe and some money, don't pk newbies, or
I'll be a hypocrit and pk you :) hehe, jk, 24 hr protection from

Author:  Aurius
Date    Wed Mar 29 23:54:41 2006
Subject aurius/mordiar

yea we were grouping and i was pracing grease and after killing
the mob he slipped in some grease and stuck his sword in my liver
and i died from alcohol poisoning..was my own fault.:)

Author:  Mordiar
Date    Wed Mar 29 23:57:35 2006
Subject Surprise Attack

The city seemed to flicker lightly with the light of the
remaining torches that lined the streets, Palanthas was falling
asleep and Mordiar walked the night in contemplation of the
devestation to come. He had reached the eastern gate and rested
upon a bench just inside the gates. Someone other than himself
still made movements in the darkness, yet he could not see them
rather than sense they were about. The presence triggered an
instinct in his mind, causing him to almost feel threatened that
he was not the sole owner of the night. They were outside the
gates he could practically smell every movement they made, as
though they were taunting him with the stench of blood, the
stench he so loved.

Standing from the bench he was resting on he turned and moved
outside the gates his eyes scanning the area without missing a
detail as something tore past his perihperal vision. Wrenching
his head around he barely followed the figure as it hid within
the shadows of the wall that surrounded palanthas. Smiling
lightly to himself he pulled his blade from its sheath and
kneeled to the ground clutching a handful of soggy dirt and
covering his blade in the dark muck. He pulled his hood a little
bit farther over his eyes he moved in the direction of where he
last saw the figure.

He could feel the warm breath of an enormous being huffing in the
cover of the walls shadows, approaching with less than a rustle
of grass Mordiar had encountered what was now his enemy. A
towering minotaur stood out of the shadows garbed in black robes,
attempting to strike an aura of fear within Mordiar yet only
causing a greater enthusiasm to cross the hunters face.

Mordiar swung his blade so quick that the minotaur could not
react, sludge flinging from the blade, and a deep gash passed
through the minotaurs leg. Shouting more in anger than in pain
the minotaur swung his fist about and slammed Mordiar in the
chest causing him to stumble back violently. Grimacing slightly
in pain Mordiar growled in anger and raised his blade once more
and leaped at the minotaur slashing once more catching the
minotaurs other leg causing the great beast to fall to his knees.
Bringing about a fist Mordiar landed a blow across the minotaurs
face and causing the beast to roll over and lay on his side.
Resheathing his blade Mordiar looked on the minotaur in complete
rage, raising his foot he repeatedly stomped the head of the
beast even after it was unconcious.

Leaving his malice behind, Mordiar walked back into the
peacefulness of the forest, tainting the night with his dire

OOC:Aurius used a spell that caused us to brawl each other, we
weren't trying to fight each other but the door was closed and
neither of us thought to open it to run. I killed Aurius and his
Gorgon, we regrouped and continued to level. Anyways I guess he
still recieves my 24 hour protection.

Mordiar the Darkstalker

Author:  Vishar
Date    Thu Mar 30 02:11:41 2006
Subject Aurius

 so there I was just entering the great city of tantallon. I
just had like the worst day of my life I lost 5k steel in a card
game with a few patrons at the bar.  So I was in a very bad
mood I figure I'll go to Tantallon and see whats shaking there. 
Well upon my arrival I noticed that the gates were in fack
locked.  This infuriated me even more I had to wait out side for
an hour till the gates opened  So I figure Why not hit the
bar and see if I can win back some of that money.  Well once I
started losing again I left and on my way out I noticed a mage
and a few others.  So I thought well here's my chance to vent my
frustration.  So I started in on the mage I made a few choice
comments about his robe looking more like a dress. This made him
a bit mad and he said something about one of my horns being
lopsided So I hit em.  He fell back and before He could
scream i was on him. He wormed his way out and attacked me his
swing going wide an high. I then hit him with my Stoker
Searing his flesh he gave out such a scream that it hurt my
ears.  By this time his companions were in mortal Terror and
wern't able to attack.  I then rammed him in the chest knocking
the wind uout of him. He gave a large groan and fell to the
ground hes companions scatter in every direction.  By this
tme I felt much better about my position so I grabbed a keepsake
from his body and went on my way. I looted a Globe of Krynn. 
24 Hrs from KoT Ohh Yea I wanna give a shout out to Claloc You Da
man Stay cool

Author:  Ryath
Date    Fri Mar 31 12:18:36 2006
Subject Mitchel

 The sun had just risen on another glorious day.  I pulled my
cloak tighter about me, despite the sweltering heat, and
concentrated on the task before me.  Corrupt officials always
bothered me...  If money can buy them, then money can unbuy them,
and who would know?  Men with no faith, no scruples, no souls. 
Life was too good for them.  I shook my head to clear my
thoughts.  This would not do, I must keep a clear mind for
today's dealings.  
 A shadow darting out of a nearby alley drew
my attention, but I kept walking.  'A thief, ' I thought.  Sad
that a tightly policed area like this should be as bad as the
slums of Flotsam, but war brings out that element.  Feeling a
hand in my pocket, I turned to attack the culprit, with words of
a prayer already on my lips.  To my disappointment, the city
guards were already doing their duty, and they seemed to be
enjoying themselves as they bludgeoned the pitiful figure. 

(OOC:  Mitchel attacked me while I was leveling.  He was
brutally raped by Solamnic wallguards.

He used corpse retrieval at a healer before I even saw a corpse.)

Author:  Ryath
Date    Fri Mar 31 13:07:36 2006
Subject Mitchel again

 The streets of Palanthas were much quieter than I've ever seen
them. The sun had reached its zenith and was beating down upon
the city with no mercy, and I was sweating heavily under my light
cloak.  I had one more visit to make today, and I was in no good
mood to make it.  My troops were suffering the hardships of the
terrain and many were falling ill.  I did not relish the thought
of returning to them with the news I had acquired.  
the contact's lounge, I saw a familiar face grinning at me.  A
blacked eye, several missing teeth, and a bit of crusted blood
under the nose made the fact inescapable.  This was indeed the
thief that had molested me earlier.  He winked as he leapt over
the table at my throat, slowly beginning to strangle the life
out of me.

A loud man in a wine stained robe burst through the door, singing
songs about a man from Kalaman who tried to cross the river.  My
assailant was rather startled and stopped his attack, stepping
back a pace.  The drunkard stumbled forward, calling for more to
drink, and tripped over the haft of my mace, falling forward.  It
was like tipping over dominoes.  The mage (if mage he was)
crashed into the thief, pulling them both to the ground.  The
thief's head cracked loudly on the corner of a table, and his
body went limp.

I chuckled to myself and grinned as I took stock of the
situation, then relieved my attacker of his purse and a few
possessions.  My day was getting better.

(OOC:  accidentally brawled Khyldes while in process of
attacking Mitchel.  Gained some decent equipment from the deal. 
24 hours to Mitchel and such)

Author:  Marcz
Date    Sat Apr  1 01:40:37 2006
Subject the fall draws near

It was not long after my escape my imprisonment that I found
Jaxun, the foolish knight who aided in my capture.  I would not
be merciful on this comming.  Grasping a small orb, I began to
murmur an incantation and by the last words of my tongue, he
knight appeared from thin air.  While he looked around in
confusion, I began whispering another spell while the grasped orb
began to glow.  By this time, the Knight of Takhisis began to
realise his situation and began to flee.  He was not far before
the affects of my spell had taken toll, slowly the knight began
to loose speed and finally slumped to the floor.  I paused to
catch my breath and smiled, before approaching the young knight's
body.  By spell after spell, the knight began turning all sorts
of colours as result to their affects.  He would not wake up
without the aid of the knights of the Thorn.  I left a note on
his troubled body: "I am free, no set of bars or magical barriers
can yield my path.  Thorn knights must surrender themselves to
the Conclave of Mages, or their fate will be the same as his.  I
give you the passing of seven suns to surrender yourselves"

Marcs Maritan Taskmage of the Conclave of Mages

(24 hours protection from the Conclave and I)

Author:  Khalifa
Date    Sat Apr  1 06:20:54 2006
Subject emla

I had been commision to help fine a female half elf find someone
for a quest she had been sent on.  We had been travelling for
many days before we drew near to the quests end, I found a cleric
clad in white who approached us.  I mistook the look on my
companions eyes for fear, when all she was, was surprised to see
her old friend.  I ran towards the cleric, and struck her down.. 
I looked back to see my companions eyes widen.  "She was my
friend" she said.  "Oops, she will wake up soon" I replied and
then shrugged. (24 hours protection)

Author:  Mordiar
Date    Sun Apr  2 18:25:40 2006
Subject Elimination of

The meeting had gone over rather well, sifting through the
weighing out the amount of gold that was contained within it,
smiling knowing that his services were well paid for and that the
money would only continue to pour into his pockets.

He was nearing the walls of the city, the towering minotaur
buildings creating excellent cover for his departure from this
place. Scanning the immediate area around the gate he saw no one
present and slid through the gate unnoticed, walking off the path
leading towards the north he turned his back to the city not
looking back. Before he could make it too far from the gates he
heard a shouting behind him and muttered quietly to himself...

"You! Stop where you are, you were an intruder in the city. We
found the body of the guard you killed when you entered our great

Turning about Mordiar watched as a large minotaur tromped
towards him with a blade drawn still shouting at him, rather
disturbed about the fact that he would have to lay down yet
another one of these beasts, he waited until the minotaur was the
perfect distance away before raising his hands and mumbling a few
words and continuing to chant them as the minotaur ran towards
him. An invisible blast shot forth at the minotaur and his
shouting quickly quieted and the minotaur nearly fell over his
own feet. His steps had begun to drag as he still struggled to
reach Mordiar.

"You murdered a guard in the city, I must apprehend you and
take you back to the city for a correct serving of justice..."

The minotaur persisted through the weakening enchantment, his
size proved to be more resilient to the spell than that of the
usual races he cast the spell upon. Smiling lightly to himself as
the minotaur fell to he knees unable to completely overcome the
spell, his persistance was almost admirable as the minotaur
raised his sword as best he could, Mordiar quickly unsheathed his
blade as the minotaur made an attempt at a slash. Quickly
disarming the the minotaur by knocking his blade from his
weakened hand, he resheathed his weapon and scanned about the

Finding a large branch laying nearby, he retrieved it and grasped
it firmly before taking a ruthless swing across the minotaurs
face, shattering the branch on the minotaurs jaw. The hulking
beast spit out a fountain of blood as he fell to the ground,
dropping the jagged branch at near the head of the minotaur he
smiled and turned back to the direction he was headed and left
the beast laying amongst the broken shards of wood...

OOC: I waited for Grisov outside Palanthas and he came,
finally, and I went ahead and sung him a lullaby and he took a
nap. Didn't take anything, 24 hours to Grisov from Myself

Mordiar the Darkstalker

Author:  Deviant
Date    Mon Apr  3 01:29:34 2006
Subject Treskin + Kahn

I found the Knight Treskin by the high clerist tower, in pursuit
of a young man who was barely armed.  I smiled and proceeded to
engage Treskin. "Run fool.  Run" I yelled at Treskin's hunt.  I
engaged the Knight for several minutes, his skill was growing
steady, yet it still was not enough to match mine.  He fleed into
the solamnic plains.  I tracked his path untill I found the
tracks double, he had met up with another knight no doubt.  With
hesitation, I proceeded to track their footsteps untill I found
them; swords unsheathed and pointed at me.  In my mind I
calculated the path of my attack.  As they started to run towards
me, I grabbed a pouch and threw it towards Treskin.  The pouch
let out a large cloud of smoke which enshrowded him in it.  I
then focused my attention onto Kahn, the other Knight of
Takhisis.  It was clear that he was skilled in the martial arts,
however his skills were not yet perfectly toned.  He fell
quickly.  I then turned my attention to Treskin, who was now free
of the toxic cloud.  He ran towards me while I stood still,
closer and closer he got, while I waited for him.  As soon as he
was in striking range, I spun around his attack and left two
daggers in his back.

(24 hours to Treskin and Kahn, Treskin forfeited his 24)

Deviant Nic'otin

Author:  Mordiar
Date    Tue Apr  4 16:36:35 2006
Subject Swift Dealings

The sun slithered its way across the horizon, morning was
quickly approaching bringing with it the heat of the day.

He could just now hear the waves of the sea crashing onto the
shore, his boat was merely waiting for his arrival, his voyage
would be a long one back to Southern Hosk. Passing out of the
trees to the beach an almost surprised look crossed Mordiar's
face, before an angered demeanor quickly came over him.

He could see a dark-skinned figure standing near his boat,
looking inside of it sifting through his stuff, holding on to the
rim of the boat. It was a kagonesti elf, what was a kagonesti elf
doing out here? Possibly an escaped slave...

His master may possibly be looking for him if he escaped, Mordiar
was more than happy to make it easier to find him although
disturbed that the elf was looking through his things. Walking up
to the elf, Mordiar placed a hand on the elf's shoulder and the
elf quickly stood up a turned around to face him. Grinning
slightly, Mordiar already had his fist cocked back as the elf
turned and laid a punishing blow across the elf's cheek. Feeling
teeth crack beneath his knuckles as the elf fell to his knees,
Mordiar grasped the long, pointy ears of the kagonesti and
wrenched his head into his knee, landing the elf's nose perfectly
across the cap of his knee. A gurgling pop was heard as the blow
landed, shattering the elf's nose.

Dropping the body of the elf to the ground he retrieved a rope
from his boat and bound the ankles and wrists of the limp body
before returning to his boat and pushing off, beginning his
voyage on the sea...

OOC: Yirmesh was wandering the city, finally someone convinced
him to walk himself out the east gate, I was waiting for his
arrival. Hack n Slash highfives were passed out and I was the one
handing them around. *highfive*

Mordiar the Darkstalker

Author:  Stryphus
Date    Tue Apr  4 17:25:59 2006
Subject grisov

The sun sets as any ordinary night leaving only the moon
shimmering off the spikes of my mace. Feeling ashamed at the
notion of my mercy I begin a hunt. It is rumored that a small
herd of cows roam far to the south in pursuit of adventure and I
was determined to deal it. As I approached two tall dark figures
I realized one to be of much greater threat. Adrenaline rushing
through my veins I quickly engaged compbat knocking the beast in
the should he equipped his weapon.

This left him slow and unprepared as I made further progression
demolishing his upper body. His breath began to muffle eyes
sagging from pain and anguish I flew through the air to reach to
top of his enormous head landing a blow with the butt of my mace.
Enough ecitement for one passage through the night before I could
be further engaged I glided back into the woods.

Author:  Mitchel
Date    Tue Apr  4 18:27:08 2006

Subject Arauko

I plotted revenge against the cleric, Ryath, who took my down
with the help of a powerful mage of the conclave.

My untimely downfall caused the slightest feeling of hatred for
the Knights, so I resorted to measures to fulfil that void.

I knocked Arauko in a daze.  I felt just a little better.

better note to follow

Author:  Mitchel
Date    Wed Apr  5 15:36:54 2006

Subject A dark monk

It had been many moons since I had last run into the daemon,
Arauko.  I seems that Arauko attempted to lay a trap to do me in.
 I found this to be an extreme insult, besides, it had a precious
ring that I had owned some time before.  I wanted to recover my
prized possesiion, so I decided to give in to the challenges of
the monk.  He waited patiently in an enclosed room for me to
transport myself into his presence.  I was shocked by the monk's
cunning; I had not expected such an elaborate plan, since the
last time we met, he was dazed and confused travelling a forest's
path.  This time, he really wanted me dead.  I couldn't let that
happen to me for a second time from a knight of the Thorn, so I
foought back, decisively.  The monk threw many quick punches
towards my face, but luckily I was able to defend them with my
powerful protective spells.  I fled for a few moments to regain
my senses, only to return to Arauko panting and screaming for
dear life.  I finally chanted a few words to the gods, then
Arauko fell silent into the mud.  I had finally regained my
precious ring that was owed from battle ages ago.  24 hours to
Arauko from HO, only took one item.)

Author:  Stryphus
Date    Thu Apr  6 13:42:03 2006
Subject valon

Trees throughout the area, it was not difficult to lurk in the
shadows when hunting my victim. A wiry novice of the magical arts
I nearly gave myself away as I chuckled aloud astonished at the
simplicity of the hunt. I skulked further and further reaching
striking distance without the poor mage having any inkling as to
what gift he was about to receive. Determined to make this a
quick bout I grabbed a knot full of his hair I thrust my fists
digging my knuckles into the soft of his head leaving him utterly

Author:  Mordiar
Date    Thu Apr  6 18:37:56 2006
Subject The Reteaching

As he was getting ready to push off from the shore of the
island, Mordiar heard another rustling in the bushes and quickly
turned about still gripping the sides of his boat. Another
minotaur was creeping out of the bushes, and not just any
minotaur, it was the one he had pummeled near Palanthas before he
made the trip to this island.

How did this beast track him this far? Muttering quietly he
pulled his boat back up onto the shore and pulled his blade from
its sheath and let out a heavy sigh.

The minotaurs eyes were heavily bloodshot, he may still be
recovering from the thrashing that Mordiar had dealt out before,
but why would he persist in a battle he knew he could not win?
Shambling forth the beast approached him with his weapon drawn, a
look of absolute fury deep in his eyes. The minotaur took a swing
which Mordiar quickly deflected and swiped a foot across the
ground tripping the off-balance beast. Raising his blade he took
a swipe and chopped off a small portion of the minotaurs horn,
then pointed his blade at the angered beast's face.

"I assume you don't care to have matching stumps...Take what
dignity you have left and leave..."

Raising a hand the minotaur shot a small burst of flame which
nearly lit Mordiar's cloak on fire, slightly burning the skin
beneath his armor. Frowning with great disapproval, Mordiar
kicked the minotaur in the gut causing him to cough up some
blood. Continuing to kick the minotuar, Mordiar could feel cracks
under the beat of his boot, the beast fell to the ground coughing
and wracking in obvious pain. Dropping a heavy foot upon the head
of the minotaur the beast fell unconcious.

Returning to his boat, he hoped that the sea would wash this
insignificant fool away, never to be seen again...

OOC:Aurius had a killer flag and I relieved him of it. 24 hours
to him from me

Mordiar the Darkstalker

Author:  Seria
Date    Thu Apr  6 20:33:37 2006
Subject WAR: Unit command

I would like to place my units under the command of Lady of Night

This is do to my conducting a move right now and will not be able
to keep up with the war and all other things as much as i want

Author:  Stryphus
Date    Thu Apr  6 21:21:53 2006
Subject camping trip

the fire died down leaving only smoke and ash covering my
campsite I should have known it would be a welcome sign for

fatigued washed over my body my eyes began to shut themselves I
was losing control of any alertness I once posessed.

creeping in the woods I heard a clumsy foot in the brush snapping
a branch on the forest bed.

adrenaline rushed through my body negating the day fatigue rising
me from my feet faster then ever before. my attacker was not

quickly I reached for my mace, but there was not enough time.
spinning on the ground I tripped one of the prowlers, elves i
shouldve known

earlier that day when crossing a river I noticed two travlers
running the same river in oposite directions, hunger faded there
faces yet they still delivered grimising looks as I floated by.

now knowing that my attackers must be famished and even worse,
elvish, I became confident grabbing the next attacker by his
sword hand I drilled a heavy fist through his jaw.

the other one was getting up, I quickly grabbed my mace and
weilding it with both hands swinging with all my might
uppercutting him in the groin.

he was no longer a threat but the other soon to be a victim stode
off in a daze through the forest my tracking skills were not as
astout as I hoped the elfs steady feet were quickly fading until
they stopped altogether distrought at my failure I still lurked
further to see if maybe he hid to my great pleasure the elf had
tripped landing in an array of stickers leaving him more than
helpless. intending to teach him a lesson I raised my heavy boot
crushing his face until all I could see was a bloody wig.

slowly I walked back to my camp and slept knowing no one would
attack again tonight

ooc 24 hours yirmesh and treik

Author:  Deviant
Date    Fri Apr  7 00:18:28 2006
Subject Stryphus

He didnt buy me alcohol, so I kicked his ass.

(killer removal, 24 hours protection)

Author:  Mordiar
Date    Fri Apr  7 03:16:01 2006
Subject Eve of the Darkstalker

The voyage from the minotaur isle had been more than nerve
wracking, not having a full sized ship in which to make this type
of trip. Pulling his boat ashore on the southwestern corner of
Taladas, the Southern Hosk region.

Rolling his neck slowly he felt slight pops in the joints as he
attempted to relax, but to no avail, after such a trying voyage
almost nothing could relax him. Though his journey was not yet
complete, Mordiar decided he would make his camp near the beach
and take a rest before continuing on further.

Setting up a small area for himself to rest, he leaned against
a tree near a few traps he had set to keep himself alert, along
with a small fire burning near the water. Laying his head back
against the base of the tree he sighed heavily allowing the night
to sink into his mind. Nearly drifting off to sleep before
hearing a loud "twang" of one of his set wires snapping, he
jerked up and scanned about quickly. The pads of heavy footsteps
could be heard approaching near the north of him, quietly
unsheathing his blade Mordiar crept around behind a couple of
trees overgrown with ivy bushes. An ogre came towering through
the trees, obviously having seen the light of the fire came in
search of some naive adventurer to prey upon.

The ogre approached his fire and began looking in the empty
boat, hoping to find something of interest.

Creeping out from his hiding place, Mordiar silently approached
the ogre unnoticed by the hulking monster, thinking to himself
Mordiar resheathed his blade and reached down close to the fire
and retrieved a half burning log and raised it above his head in
preperation for his strike. Blasting the ogre square in the back,
flaming embers burst from the log as the monster roared in anger
and whipped about in just enough time to meet face to face with
another crush from the flaming log. The ogres body fell lifeless
to the sand of the beach, laying unconcious next to the boat.
Smiling in satisfaction with how his night had turned out,
Mordiar dropped the log back into the fire and retrieved his
things before skulking off into the night, muttering a pray to
his dark lord...

OOC: Chase wanted to have some fun and picked a fight, I
challenged him to a match on the monkeybars next to the big toy.
I pushed him off first, so obviously I win. He hit the burning
lava gravel and smoldered, playground rules are the best! 24
Hours to Chase from Myself...

Mordiar the Darkstalker

Author:  Aurius
Date    Sun Apr  9 16:06:14 2006
Subject Midget on a spit

While wondering through the mountains searching for rare spell
components, i saw that i was near the city of Vingaard. Knowing
the people of that town dont quite take a liking to
minotaurs..much less black robe mages, i decided to go there

casting an invisibility spell upon myself as well as some
enhancements..just in case things took a turn for the worse.

walking through the gates was was as easy as cutting hot mutton
with a spell one even payed attention to the shadow
that was walking by them or the mug of ale that came up missing
from the stand nearby.

Finally getting bored of toying with the puny humans i decide to
see if i could find a mageware shop.

Walking through the stalls and perusing though there wares i
fianlly happen to see the sigils of a mage shop.

Upon entering the shop a shopkeeper looks directly at me and
tells me..go to the right stall in the back and i'll be right
with you. Figuring he knew what he was doing i went along with

Walking to the stall i notice a black curtain strung across
it..pulling it aside i peer in and see it is empty exept for a
table and a bench.

Making myself comfortable sitting on the bench i run through the
spells i had on hand and get them ready just in case. About 5
minutes pass and the shopkeeper peers in and asks what i require.

So i give him the list of components i was searching for. He says
give him an hour and he should have most of my order i
waited and began to get impatient after about 15 minutes.

I get up and walk out of he stall still under the spell of
invisibility and tell the shopkeeper im going to find some
amusment..have my order ready upon my return. the shopkeeper bows
and say he will try.

Walking out into the busy street i feel someone knock into
me..but i dont see i look down..and there before me is
a very short fat human with a really long beard..i suddenly
realise it was a dwarf.

I to be touched period..but by someone was an

So i began to prepare a spell while the dwarf was picking himself
up off the ground.a few moments go by while the dwarf is shaking
the fog out of his head and trying to find out what he hit and
where was it...i finally cast my spell of charm.

Seemingly it i began to whisper into the dwarfs ear
telling him that he would become very rich and well respected if
he took off all his clothes and paraded around in the buff.

He did so with a speed that defied my belief..soon he was naked
and walking around the streets getting odd stares..guess they
haavent seen a naked dwarf before..well for that fact neither had
i..but i was amused either way.

Suddenly the odd stares became jeers and taunts..this making it
difficult for my spell to continue..he shook his head like he had
earlier and i ould swear if i wasnt invisible he was looking
right at me.

Obvoisly he was..cause he gave a roar and chanrged me..naked
still..and soon i had to release my invisibility spell to attend
to this mad midget. whipping out my dagger in a defensive posture
i deflected several of his blows. seeing an opportunity i cast an
acid burst spell i had prepared point blank at the dwarf..hitting
him high in the chest to spectacular effect.

a second or two passed and the dwarf realised what had just
happened..he fell to the ground rolling in utter pain.

after seeing him hit the ground i knew it was i casually
walked back into the mageware shop and asked if my components
were ready yet.

the shopkeeper had obviously seen the fight cause he was shaking
horribly and handed me a nice sized bag..looking in i seen that
he had found all of the components i requested. I asked him how
much and he just i dropped a couple of st steel
pieces and walked out. upon leaving the shop i see a huge crowd
staring at the still screaming i pulled out a potion i
had prepared for emergencies and drank it..and found myself in
the forest of weyreth.

walking to my dwelling in the tower of high sorcery with a very
big grin on my face,i knew the day had been grand.

Author:  Aurius
Date    Sun Apr  9 16:07:20 2006
Subject Midget on a spit 2

(ooc resh put up a hella good fight until i finally landed charm
on him..made him strip and killed him..full looted but gave back
almost all of it..kept a few trinkets.) (ooc 24 from me and

Author:  Deviant
Date    Mon Apr 10 01:41:05 2006
Subject Stryphus

I tracked stryphus to solace, and as requested, I assaulted him
untill he fell.

Author:  Havlin
Date    Fri Apr 14 23:37:59 2006
Subject Loror

While rafting around out in the middle of the Ocean I got stuck
on some shoals that were being inhabited by a marooned dwarf.  It
soon became apparent as to why this dwarf had been marooned, he
was annoying as hell, even more so than my race seems to be.  So
I knocked him unconcious and payed the next merchant who came
through to take him back to Palanthas.  As for me and my shoal,
I've decided to rename it Kenderdom Two.

(OOC: Loror Ooc'd that he was stuck in the Shoals, I killed him
and used one of my qnotes to have an imm take him his corpse, no
looting done)


Author:  Makarth
Date    Tue Apr 18 05:04:49 2006
Subject Mitchel

The cleric of the fire lord, once again challenged my strength. 
I noticed that this time he resulted more to strategy then just
engaging me one on one.  Though I quickly realised his trap when
I saw through my portal: Mitchel, in a locked room with quite a
bit of guards.  I smiled at his attempt, and waited for him to
come out of his sanctuary.  As I expected, he ventured out, and
once he did, I began to engage him once again.  The fight
continued for several minutes, but at the dawn of the battle, I
was the victor.

(24 to Mitchel from my self)


Author:  Treskin
Date    Tue Apr 18 19:34:59 2006
Subject A well worn road...

Taking a three day travel from Palanthas to the infamous High
Clerist Tower, On a road that was well travelled I tried to move

Coming to a slow and moving quietly I could hear shouting in the
distance, It seemed that a fellow Lily Knight and a Kagonesti
were arguing over how to split the money of the unlucky

Seemed that the Knight might have needed a little erk to get the
fight started, It was clearly a uneven trade... Moving down a
worn path about 100 yards from the argument and moving up
closely, I kneeled behind some thickets. The Dirt was still warm,
it must have been where they hid to rondo that traveller.

The argument had gotten heated while I was doing this, they began
to push and shove rolling on the ground....

The Kagonesti got the upper hand and jumped up, withdrawing his
sword from its sheath. Seeing the look in his eye I made my

With his sword high in the air, I swung my sword Around the front
of it block to fatal blow he was trying to inflict. All in the
same motion I ram'd the hilt of my sword into the small of his
neck, Instantly knocking him unconcious.

I extended my hand to my fellow Knight Tarothin, and helped him
up... We talked for a short while and deprated in our own

(24 hoUrs to yirmesh from KoT. Taro and him were groupin, I got
the drop... Yirmesh put up a good fight. Nothing Looted, just for
rp and aya's money ROFL!)

Treskin Hand Of Takhisis.

Author:  Geriant
Date    Thu Apr 20 01:01:44 2006
Subject emla died.

Emla wanted to duel.

We did.  I won.

Author:  Mordiar
Date    Sun Apr 30 00:42:38 2006
Subject Ire of the Darkstalker

The treacherous walk to Thenol was becoming aggravating, the
morning sun was beginning to shine over the horizon causing a
slight burning deep within Mordiar's eyes. Muttering slightly at
the cursed brightness as he walked towards a thick forest, the
trees would offer cover from the sun. The lush forests of
Southern Hosk were much too healthy for his liking, Thenol was
the only seemingly acceptable place upon this wretched island.

As he entered the forest a bright reflection gleamed directly
into his left eye, squinting heavily and raising a hand to shade
his face he turned his head towards the reflection. The light
continued to beam into his eyes as he walked, nearly getting
angry he frowned and stopped short. Turning quickly he walked
towards the gleaming light, unsheathing his blade as he walked he
began to slow as he saw that the light was reflecting off of a
knight armored in brightly shining armor. The knight had yet to
notice his presence, quietly padding closer he saw that the
knight was putting his armor back on, just now fastening his
belt. Creeping around the thick cover of the forest, he began to
approach the knight from his side.

Leaping from the darkness he whipped a quick slash across the
knights arm leaving a deep gash, before landing he also swung a
heavy punch which slammed hard into the knights jaw. After being
knocked to the ground the knight made an attempt to pull his
sword from its sheath, but Mordiar made a swift kick that forced
the knight to slam his sword back into its sheath. Stomping the
knights hand to the ground he reared back his blade flipping it
to the flat side and landing a clashing blow across the back of
the knights helmet, knocking the rest of his body to the ground.

Gripping the limp knight by the arm he dragged him through a
nearby mudpuddle, making the shine on the armor dull and filthy.
Knowing he would not be disturbed by the brightness of this
knights armor again, he left the knight laying in the puddle
unconcious. Turning back he returned to his journey to Thenol.

OOC:I caught Davan in Tantallon and picked a fight with him and
his dragon. Eventually he got ran through and I picked and looted
a couple of things from his corpse.

24 Hours to Davan from myself...

Mordiar the Darkstalker

Author:  Jaxun
Date    Sun Apr 30 03:27:05 2006
Subject Kender's Falling.

I was walkin' around Solace, round' mid'day trying to seek some
vial's that my master sent me forth to get!

Seeking the last 'Inn' i stumbled and fell out of the tree, BONK,
BONK, BONK, i hit three THREE branches on my happy fall.

Walking Dazed and confused i came upon a Herb Shop, not knowing,
i walked in and bought some green herbs. By the time i had found
out about everything that has happened, EVERYTHING on me was
gone. So as i snuck up to a tree i seen Priestess Eml a standing
with a short fat little monster, KNOWING that is cant be
sneaky!?! Watching longer, i seen my stuff being handed to this,
this Emla Figure.

Seeing an intense wild look in my eye, i started Knawing on that
"green Herb" i bought earlier, i instantly went blind, and fell
from discomfort.

Scratching at my eye's i felt a weird sensation, like i could
ummmm, well, fight blindly. So as im running toward something
with my great "Dark Swords" i came in contact with her.

I could feel it, i could sense it. It was a wonderful feeling.
Instantly i was weakened, and the skyy got dark.

Knowing she was fixin to die, a massive thunderstorm came upon my
soul, knocking me inot the fat little monster that Emla was
talking to earlier...

By the time i got up, a bright ray hit me in my groin, i lost my
breath, and sent forward my sword'eth into the kender's shoulder.

Comming down to my wrath, she needed no more, she knelt down and
started praying. As i lay forth my sword. she instantly

I was mad, i mean mad. As i sat and rested, a light hit my eye
enough to startle me knowing that i could see now, a portal it

I was scared so i ran in the general direction of 'east'.
catching up to me, a little rat bit me, BIT ME! So i turned, and
four twacks of my might, the rat was dead, and i appeared to be

I could not tell you how it happened, but it did. Seeing she was
in awful condition, i sneakily threw my weapons aside, and
quickly started punching her in the face.

I wanted more revenge on my items, and suffering, then just
straight death. So after the blow's i left her. She was out cold.

(Lol, it was crazy, she had some shoes that i had lost tho
morning before :/) (Did not loot anything) (Because, ummm, she
didnt have anything to loot, but the harp i used when i was
un-vio >:)>>>) 24 HRS to Emla From me And yea...You know who
Else... Jaxun Draxus Oh, and im srry about spelling and
all that, its 4 am here and im tired ass hell, otherwise it would
atleast look professional!! BLAH :/

Author:  Mitchel
Date    Mon May  1 05:19:29 2006

Subject Makarth

I accidentally posted note, read that.  24 hours to Makarth. 
Correction, I didn't full loot.

Author:  Makarth
Date    Mon May  1 14:22:57 2006
Subject Mitchel

Quite angry with the recent turn of events concerning the cleric
of sirrion, Mitchel.  I took it upon myself to engage him once
again, with no armor but that of my diety.  I engaged the cleric
quite a bit, he seemed to be a bit arrogant this time.  He
beleived he was better then me, an assumption he should not have
made.  I quickly set up my trap, as i knew it was hopeless to
take the cleric face to face as I was able to before.  I stood
near the water chasm, and waited for him to follow.  As I
expected, he was quickly subdued by the current, and caught
within its burly arms.

(Fought Mitchel naked with the exception of a weapon, stood near
the water column, he fled into it. Full looted)


Author:  Jaxun
Date    Tue May  9 02:31:59 2006
Subject The falling of Makarth!

While trying to gain experience in the valley of Thanes, with a
very Noble friend. I came across a discussion of help.

Not occuring to the situation i was in, i decided to leave my
friend of experience, and go to battle!

Walking along Thanes trying to find my way out, a big blue light
eminated from my eye's! Next thing i know, Mitchel was beside me!

Chanting secret forein language, i was immersed with immense
power. Mitchel the starts beckoning and poking at me to follow.

So as little minded as i was, i did....Going not at all far more
then 20 walks west, the Cleric Makarth was there!

It all happened at once, none evertheless was less then 10
seconds....I would admit my finger's were trembling!

Makarth chanting a word that i was familiar too, "Scrye, Scrye,
Scrye, Scrye.." chanting slowly and motionless!

Feeling a wareness in my brain deep inside, Makarth uttered the
word 'Sanctuary' and was instantly immersed into fighting.

Knowing that he was Scrying me, he seen that i was behind him,
instantly uttering and spitting out words, as if calm wasnt there
know more!

I coldnt feed anymore powerful from the young cleric's spells. I
soon found myself throwing my arm's in every direction!

The immense heat from the cleric Makarth seared my eye's, and
slowed me down. I couldnt see, but i knew the ripping of flesh
when i heard it!

Contemplating on wether to leave or stay, i prayed!

Suddenly the immense heat left my eye's! I was trembling with
fear and anxiety, as i saw a cloudy figure with all earth
elements sorrounding him!

It was Mitchel, again, doesn't look one bit hurt, and soul
mangerity was full! I grinned, and slapped my helmet back on!

Getting a shiny little rock from his pouch, Mitchel uttered the
words 'quilaberatus', as a enormous portal came to see.

As i slowly entered the portal, Makarth was there, and as soon as
my foot went through, i felt a pain, and my hooves were

I then quickly withdrew, running,running, then throwing my sword
through the portal, bastle'ing the Cleric Makarth in the

Not knowing what to do then, i quickly threw the second, hitting
the portal component as Makarth arrived!!

I hated being dumb, then mitchel from behind chants 'bostrado'
and Makarth fell, thinking he was dead, i walked over to the
corpse and disloged my sword.

Mitchel says: "NOoooooooo", instanty fleeing from the corpse, it
was fake, he must have had corpse visage on, i knew of it from my

Panting now, Mitchel starts attacking!

I soon found myself in the fight as well, sick of being tricked
and delayed, i push The cleric mitchel into the other room....

Saying "Heal my wounds my friend, i shall fight", Makarth qucikly
fell to my warrior instinct's and billowing in the fetal

(Didnt take anything, just actually wanted to get used to pk a
little more >:)...) (Killed Mak, didnt loot, and had alot of fun
doing it! Thanks mak, twas fun.) Jaxun Draxus.  W00t KoT

Author:  Maraxus
Date    Thu May 11 20:12:02 2006
Subject Honor in Victory

The sun shone down heavily upon the beaten path that led from the
High Clerist Tower to Palanthas, Maraxus was taking a casual
brisk journey in hopes of speaking with the clerics residing
within the temple of paladine about a few issues he had been
contemplating as of late. Although he thought it strange that the
guard was unusually light around the gate as he entered. Nodding
at the gaurds as he passed through, the soft beat of his steeds
hooves turning to a sort of clip-clop sound as the ground changed
to the cobblestone that led the concourse around the outside of
the city. He began heading towards the center of the city when a
squire came dashing up to him shouting,

"Lord Maraxus, you must make haste over near the Library of
Palanthas, Grand Master Galadir has engaged a knight of

finding a large crowd grouping around in a circle in the street
Maraxus ran up to them and dismounted. Quickly pushing all the
people that huddled about he reached the center of the circle
quickly and saw that Lord Galadir circling slowly with a takhisis
knight. Standing in wait, knowing that he must only watch to
maintain the honor of the battle between the two, he stood with a
cautious eye watching those that stood about the circle. None
were making advances, although a large minotaur standing near the
front of the crowd seemed heavily out of place, he watched
carefully as he observed the battle. Almost breaking a smile as
he watched Lord Galadir quickly becoming the advantage holder in
the fight, his awareness shot to the minotaur.

Through his peripheral vision he saw the minotaur unsheathing a
weapon, quickly wrenching his blade from its sheath he he watched
until the minotaur started to advance into the circle. Leaping
from where he stood he quickly swiped a slash at the minotaur
leaving a severe cut across the minotaurs shoulder. Roaring in
anger the minotaur turned his attention towards Maraxus, but he
had already doubled back for his next move and was already upon
the minotaur before he could react, making another quick slice he
had left a cut in the minotaur's sword arm and managed to disarm
him quickly. The minotaur taken aback by the quickness of the
knight he fought stumbled on his own steps, taking advantage of
the opportunity Maraxus raised his shield and made a running bash
into the beasts chest knocking it back into a building. The
minotaur looked slightly dazed as Maraxus advanced his sword
resheathed, his shield raised. Slamming into the minotaur once
again the beast slumped over in unconciousness, calling a few of
the guard members forward he ordered them to take the minotaur
from the streets.

Turning back he was pleased to see that Lord Galadir had already
overcome his opposition as well, and the knight was being dragged
from the streets by another contingent of guards. Approaching
Lord Galadir he extended a hand and gave Galadir a mighty hand

"Congratulations on your victory, my Lord..."

OOC: Vishar and Grisov wanted to fight Galadir and I, challenged
outside the east gate ended somewhere in palanthas stuff was
looted. I mostly took Grisov, Galadir mostly took Vishar as shown
in warnote. Good fight fellas

Est Sularus oth Mithas Courage is the readiness to die
honourably in the fight for Good.

Lord Maraxus of House Ter'Silis Order of the Sword, Knighthood
of Solamnia

Author:  Galadir
Date    Thu May 11 20:12:26 2006
Subject A Knight Indeed

Greetings my fellow brethren,

As I walked along the streets of
Hybardin, getting to know the dwarven people we Solamnics had
just recently allied ourselves with, I heard numerous screams
coming from down the street.  Withdrawing my sword I rushed down
the street, seeking to aid those in need.  When I arrived upon
the scene, I witnessed two armored figures cutting down dwarven
guards.  Rushing to the aid of the guards, I quickly lost sight
of one of the armored figures.  I was fighting what appeared to
be a Knight of Takhisis, due to the insignia upon his
breastplate.  It was a rather decisive battle, with him quickly
fleeing on foot.  I gave chase, but a mysterious benefactor
seemed to be aiding the Dark Knight.  Soon, I could not detect
the Knight's tracks anymore, so I returned to the original scene
of the crime, and found a shimmering black gate.  Without
hesitation I dove through, and found myself in a side street of

A bit dazed and disoriented, I took a moment to gather my
bearings before setting off after the trail of blood.  As I
approached the corner of the street, I heard a loud voice
shouting slandering remarks.  I quickly realized that the remarks
were slandering towards the Grand Master of Solamnic.  Me.

Rushing around the corner, I saw the Knight standing side by side
with a burly looking minotaur, weapons drawn.  Their plan worked,
as they quickly lured me out into a two on one.  Saluting my
opponents, I set into an offensive attack.  Before long though,
they had me on the defensive, parrying and dodging in order to
survive both attackers.  Fortunately for me, the Lord High
Clerist, Maraxus, had heard the slandering remarks and came
searching.  He quickly jumped into battle and took on the

Finding myself one on one with the same Knight as before, I
quickly set him on the defensive.  Slashing and lunging, I had
him losing ground, every parry seeming to be a desperate struggle
for survival.  Finally, he turned tail and ran...  Not a strange
sight considering the Knights of Takhisis often choose to fight
only when it is advantageous to them.  I quickly gave pursuit and
saw him heading for a safe haven.  Unfortunately, he was running
into a trap.  Knowing a shortcut, I found myself at the Temple of
Memory in no time at all, and stood in the shadows awaiting the
Knight's approach. When I saw him limping towards the entrance, I
stepped from the shadows and saluted him.  Waiting for him to
bring up his weapon, I was surprised when he turned tail again
and ran.  It was time for this criminal to be captured.

I gave chase and quickly caught him, as he was injured.  I
tackled him to the ground.  Quickly bashing his head against the
concrete, perhaps one too many times, I had him unconscious.  By
now, the city guards had caught on and were rushing to my aid.

Standing up, I wiped the blood off of my sword on my shirt, and
wiped the sweat from my forehead with my sleeve.  When they
arrived, they quickly tied him up and took him to the jail.  My
job was done.

The Knight, Vishar, will be spared any further aggression on the
part of the Knighthood of Solamnia for the period of 24 hours
from the time of this notice. A court date has yet to be set.

Est Sularus Oth Mithas,
Brother before Wisdom, Wisdom before

Lord Galadir of House Fortescue,
Grand Master,
Knighthood of

Author:  Claloc
Date    Sat May 13 02:48:21 2006
Subject Priestess Emla

Walking through the thick underbrush of Solace, trying my hardest
to find a trail to the ferry, I happened across a small Kender.

Ranting and raving about this spoon that she had "borrowed" from
The Inn. In her unwitting attempts to jab the dirt with the
spoon, I noticed her robes... clearly Holy Order insignias all
over it.

With recent aggressions from Holy Order, I took it upon myself to
rectify some of the situation. Lowering into a crouched position
moving towards the kender, I casted a spell upon myself to shield
unwitting eyes.

The kender horridly pummelling this poor spoon, yelling almost
screaming about how shiny and pretty it was. Amongst all the
noise the little beast was making, I stepped on a dried branch,
the crack could probably be heard in neraka.

The kender looked slowly, moved the spoon to the off hand and
yelled "Who is out there, anyone there! Helloooooo!"

Reaching into her pouch that was slung to one side, lord knows
how she found the right pouch, she pulled a powder from it and
sprinkled herself with something.

Moving a little closer I heard a crack to the right, Glancing
quickly I saw a small squirrel running up a tree. Looking back to
see what the kender was doing (You cant be to careful with these
little heathens), it was gone, just plain ol gone.

Sensing something had gone wrong, I looked frantically, as
quietly and fast as I possibly could. I looked around and
suddenly I heard a voice behind me say "YOUR the one making all
the noise! You want to see this spoon I have?"

Scared out of my boots, I turned quickly and laid a spell of
sleep on the small kender. She fell like a, well a kender.

(Emla is a a good sport, nothing looted except 500 steel or so I
think. I didnt actually think I was gonna walk out of it, twas a
good fight)

Claloc Shevlar, Lord of Thorns.

Author:  Mitchel
Date    Sat May 13 10:38:21 2006

Subject Loror

I didn't quite subdue this poor dwarf, but I did maim him pretty

My heat metal struck a bolt of heat to his heart, forcing him to
fall to his knees.

Looking across gully, home of some obnoxious dwarves, I pushed
loror into a pit, forcing him to repent for his lies and

I didn't want to kill this dwarf, but only teach him a lesson.

So I cursed his soul, leaving him to fend for himself among his
dwarven counterparts.

Loror, the most dishonorable, was laid to rest until the wolves
came to take him home.

Author:  Dharisath
Date    Sat May 13 14:00:05 2006
Subject Traitor

As I walked along the streets of an unfamiliar city, I began
taking in landmarks and street names.  It had been a long time
since I've walked amongst other people, the crowds intimidated
me.  My years of solitude had changed me.  It was then that I saw
Khin, the infamous traitor who I remembered from my earlier years
in the Knights of Takhisis.  All hesitation of entering a crowd
left me as I dashed in towards the former Knight. Fortunately he
did not notice my presence.  Following him for awhile, I watched
as he took a turn into an alley.  I quickly followed and withdrew
my poisoned daggers.  With a quick strike, the poison coursed
through Khin's veins and he went limp.  I dragged him to a
dumpster and hurled him in.  The poison would leave him
unconscious for hours.  Now, instead of devoutly following
Takhisis, he would reek of trash.  Revenge!

Author:  Dharisath
Date    Sat May 13 14:21:04 2006
Subject Revenge

The same Knight awoke as I was dumping him in the trashcan and
attempted to molest me.  I knocked him out.

Author:  Makarth
Date    Sun May 14 09:56:24 2006
Subject geriant

I was not please with the so called knights of takhisis as of
late, recent events show that they have completly abandoned all
the honor that was once synonomous with their order.  The one
named Jaxun coupled with a minotaur named Geriant have allied
themselves with Mitchel and have assaulted me many times over the
past few days.  More often then not, all three of them have
engaged me at the same time..  Once again abandoning the codes of
conduct of the Knights of Takhisis.  I took it upon myself to see
that they suffer for their misdoings.  I began to seek out
Geriant and Jaxun, as I knew they more then likely travel
together.  It was not hard to find the two, as their presence is
less then subtle.  I focused my attention to the large minotaur,
as I knew he was a more formidable opponent..  Jaxun would not
require much effort.  The minotaur proved more of a challenge
then I expected; however he was soon subdued by my powers.  I
then turned to face Jaxun, who did not waste time to make
distance between us.  I smiled at the cowardly nature that
posesses most knights of Takhisis now-a-days, and proceeded to
follow Jaxun.  Indeed, Jaxun was properly trained to accomplish
one feat: running away from combat.  I was too weary from the
fight to keep up with his cowardice.

(24 hours protection to Geriant, good fight..but get less pansy
PK mates :P)


Author:  Gleep
Date    Mon May 15 10:11:53 2006
Subject miella

Was bored and broke so I borrowed 150 steel from the unconscious
human Miella who I think was trying to lure me into a trap :) (24
hours to Miella. just looted steel. fun fight. :)  )

Author:  Claloc
Date    Wed May 17 08:13:31 2006
Subject Loror

Well, I summoned loror to new thalos. He died shortly after this
was saturday or sunday evening i believe. Im not counting it, but
I am giving loror 24 hours from KoT.

His nosumm was off, he said he didnt know how and he wasnt geared
at all hardly... so it was way uneven. Didnt realize it was that
bad though, anyway...Ill see em around again sometime.


Author:  Galadir
Date    Wed May 17 19:43:18 2006
Subject Aurius

I sat upon my horse, riding slowly down the alley in the forest,
when a hawk swooped down upon me.  It bore with it a scroll of
dire emergency. Upon opening the scroll, I realized that my
newest ally, High King Marus, was in danger and needed my service
at Dargaard Keep.  Quickly surging my horse forward, I knew I was
not far from the Keep's rumored whereabouts.

As it turned out, it was instead a plot by a Black Robed minotaur
by the name of Aurius.  When I arrived at the foot of a cliff of
mountains, I saw the mage and a warrior at his side.  We quickly
entered battle, in which I fended off the warrior's attacks while
keeping the magi off balance long enough to keep him from casting
spells upon me.  Quickly, though, I was blinded and forced to
retreat to an alcove.  Quaffing a holy potion, blessed by the
clerics of Palanthas, I re-entered into battle and found the
warrior gone.  Suspecting a trap, I quickly subdued the mage with
a blow to the temple by my sword hilt.  I turned him over and
tied his arms and legs, and bound his mouth.  Also, I retrieved
his spell pouch and scattered it to the winds, preventing any
sort of trickery he might cast on me when my back was turned.

I camped with my steed that night, beside the mage, whom I would
take into the nearest Solamnic occupied town the next morning for
imprisonment and questioning.  I am intent upon finding the
identity of that anonymous warrior and hunting him down until
captured.  One does not insult the Knights of Solamnia with an
unfair joust and get away unscathed.  He will be found.

The Black Robed Magi, Aurius, will be spared any further
aggression on the part of the Knighthood of Solamnia for the
period of 24 hours from the time of this notice. A court date has
yet to be set.

Est Sularus Oth Mithas,
Brother before Wisdom, Wisdom before

Lord Galadir of House Fortescue,
Grand Master,
Knighthood of

Author:  Endor
Date    Sun May 21 12:05:38 2006
Subject volath

as we we travelling volath had it in his mind to kill me but my
truty sidekick moo the minotaur had it in his mind to defend me
so that ended up with moo and i killing volath the betrayer the
trauma was too much for moo and he abandoned me

Author:  Miella
Date    Sun May 21 12:12:47 2006
Subject Endor

I was going to meet my friend Volath in the city of Gerighelm and
we indented to talk about some job opportunities he had to offer
me. As new in town I got lost and was badly delayed from meeting.
When I arrived to place where he shut wait me, I found him on the
ground unconscious. He was really bad shape and barely breading
as I was learned some tending of knife cuts while I was working
as waitress it quickly stopped worst bleeding and started to look
around for help. I noticed trail of blood and when I started to
follow it found wild looking half-elf with bloody axe in her
hand. For me it was quite clear that she was one that hit my
friend Volath and now she was trying to flee from site of crime.
I quickly got hold my old bow and fired at her, knocking her
down. As I walked to her she was still alive but unconscious. As
I am law binding good person I decided to leave her to city
officials to take care. And I returned to take care of my friend.

OOC Volath got PK by Endor and as I was near I decided to revenge
his condition while situation was still fresh. I hit Endor while
she was still VIO and near Volath corpse.

Nothing looted. 24h to Endor from me.

Author:  Geriant
Date    Sun May 21 20:55:30 2006
Subject you like? i have it all premade for
when i kill him :P

This was it, this is the moment.

We have been traveling together for hours and have grown to
be quite the warriors.  Atleast, one of us has learned and
improved our skills.  This was the moment of truth, this is
when it was going to happen.

Thats all that I could think right before I smashed into
Jaxun and unsheathed my massive axes raising them into the air
and bringing them down upon his weak body body in one single
sweep, it did not take much to take this weak so called Knight
of Takhisis down.  This was a moment where war would be
declared by me against the once mighty Knights of Takhisis,
since my return I have learned a lot about the new Knights. 
They don't deserve to be called Knights, yet alone being called
Knights of Takhisis.

And this will be just the first act of war commited by me
towards this group of pitiful mercenaries, they know no honor,
they care only about themselves not about their honor or their
vision or their queen.

I then stripped Jaxun bare and left him their, just bruised
and beaten.  I hope that this might spark the Knights to regain
their once highly regarded honor.  But now I am an enemy of
theirs and I will bring down every one of them that comes after

I got this all premade for when i slaughter jaxun you think its
good enough?

Author:  Maraxus
Date    Mon May 22 02:14:34 2006
Subject Protecting the Innocent

As the minotaur vagabond was being carried off along with the
knight of takhisis, Maraxus watched as the crowd that was
standing about began to thin. Smiling as he watched Lord Galadir
follow the new prisoners to make sure that they were dealt with
properly, he turned back to the crowd and began speaking out to
the people telling them that the threat had subsided and
everything was okay. Somewhat ushering people away he watched as
they moved off down the street and saw a man in dark clothing
slicing the strings to peoples money pouches and making off with
them. Shouting at the man he realized that he had been caught,
looking up quickly to give Maraxus a direct look in the eyes
before he bolted for the eastern gate. Quickly leaping onto his
steed he gave chase so as to deliver justice to such a deserving

Catching up to the pilferer just as he crossed outside the
eastern gate, Maraxus leaped from the saddle of his steed and
unsheathed his sword. The criminal stood face to face with him,
wielding a set of magical daggers ready to do battle. Quickly
saluting his opponent, Maraxus advanced with his blade swinging
in a wide arc only to meet the parrying daggers of his enemy.
Though using both daggers to parry left his opponent wide open to
attack. Holding his blade on the daggers he raised his shield
over his head and slammed it into the criminal's cranium, quickly
causing him to fall to his knees in a daze. Sheathing his blade
Maraxus pulled a length rope from the saddlebag on his horse and
bound the criminal and led him back inside the city.

OOC:I fought Anthroid outside the East Gate of Palanthas, nothing
looted, good fight Anthroid. 24 hours to Anthroid from the
Knights of Solamnia.

Est Sularus oth Mithas Courage is the readiness to die
honourably in the fight for Good.

Lord Maraxus of House Ter'Silis Order of the Sword, Knighthood
of Solamnia

Author:  Aurius
Date    Mon May 22 15:36:55 2006
Subject A minotaurs fall

Whilst trying to procure a rare spell component from one of Lord
soths servants in daargard keep, I ran across a Fairly large
minotaur standing at soths gates.

Upon seeing him i noticed the markings of a Knight of
Takhisis...hmmmm i said to mtself...maybe i can stick a thorn
into the bitch's side if i beat on one of her toy's. having spent
a little while in one of the dwarven kingdoms i had made a few
new "friends" with my handy charm spells..thus they decided it
was only best if they help me procure what i needed..i agreed and
here we are...standing at the gates with a knight annoyingly in
my i asked my new freinds if they'd mind taking care of
him for me so i could concentrate on the task at hand. of course
they agreed and set off to bludgeon the knight into blissful

Walking to the gates with my new friends the knight bellowed out
for us to halt and identify ourselves...of course i refused and
asked them to refuse also...just in case this minotaur had some not all of my race do of course.

The knight shouted out again and i asked my friends to subdue him
quickly and quietly so as not to disturb soths reverie.

the dwarves rushed the knight and as asked very quickly knocked
him out and tied his hands and hooves together with some bow
string...walking casually up to the knight i stuffed some scraps
of cloth into his mouth..just in case he woke whilst we we were
still inside.making a comment mostly to myself i said " just dont
pay to stand in the way of a group of dwarves now does it".

(OOC) i tricked vishar into being sumable to assist me in killing
soth...had a few charmies there waiting..of course i had some
mishaps with them coming uncharmed and all while i was setting my
trap and talking to vishar to set him at ease. i know.

it's mean..but i'm evil. 24 to him from me and clave...he didnt
stand a chance since he wasnt expecting it and was
unspelled..only got some cash and a couple of things..nothing

Author:  Ragther
Date    Mon May 22 17:45:22 2006

Subject Elanor

I am sorry about message on noteboard, it won't happen again.

Author:  Makarth
Date    Mon May 22 23:21:45 2006
Subject [FWD] you like? i have it all
premade for when i kill him :P

[FWD Note] - [221] Geriant: you like? i have it all premade
for when i kill him :P [FWD Date] - Sun May 21 20:55:30
2006 [FWD To  ] - thaeden [Original to:] makarth [FWD
List] - warnotes

This was it, this is the moment.

We have been traveling together for hours and have grown to
be quite the warriors.  Atleast, one of us has learned and
improved our skills.  This was the moment of truth, this is
when it was going to happen.

Thats all that I could think right before I smashed into
Jaxun and unsheathed my massive axes raising them into the air
and bringing them down upon his weak body body in one single
sweep, it did not take much to take this weak so called Knight
of Takhisis down.  This was a moment where war would be
declared by me against the once mighty Knights of Takhisis,
since my return I have learned a lot about the new Knights. 
They don't deserve to be called Knights, yet alone being called
Knights of Takhisis.

And this will be just the first act of war commited by me
towards this group of pitiful mercenaries, they know no honor,
they care only about themselves not about their honor or their
vision or their queen.

I then stripped Jaxun bare and left him their, just bruised
and beaten.  I hope that this might spark the Knights to regain
their once highly regarded honor.  But now I am an enemy of
theirs and I will bring down every one of them that comes after

I got this all premade for when i slaughter jaxun you think its
good enough?

Author:  Thaeden
Date    Tue May 23 22:57:27 2006
Subject [FWD] [FWD] you like? i have
it all premade for when i kill him :P

[FWD Note] - [223] Makarth: [FWD] you like? i have it all
premade for when i kill him :P [FWD Date] - Mon May 22
23:21:45 2006 [FWD To  ] - maraxus [Original to:] thaeden
[FWD List] - warnotes

[FWD Note] - [221] Geriant: you like? i have it all premade
for when i kill him :P [FWD Date] - Sun May 21 20:55:30
2006 [FWD To  ] - thaeden [Original to:] makarth [FWD
List] - warnotes

This was it, this is the moment.

We have been traveling together for hours and have grown to
be quite the warriors.  Atleast, one of us has learned and
improved our skills.  This was the moment of truth, this is
when it was going to happen.

Thats all that I could think right before I smashed into
Jaxun and unsheathed my massive axes raising them into the air
and bringing them down upon his weak body body in one single
sweep, it did not take much to take this weak so called Knight
of Takhisis down.  This was a moment where war would be
declared by me against the once mighty Knights of Takhisis,
since my return I have learned a lot about the new Knights. 
They don't deserve to be called Knights, yet alone being called
Knights of Takhisis.

And this will be just the first act of war commited by me
towards this group of pitiful mercenaries, they know no honor,
they care only about themselves not about their honor or their
vision or their queen.

I then stripped Jaxun bare and left him their, just bruised
and beaten.  I hope that this might spark the Knights to regain
their once highly regarded honor.  But now I am an enemy of
theirs and I will bring down every one of them that comes after

I got this all premade for when i slaughter jaxun you think its
good enough?

Author:  Ragther
Date    Thu May 25 06:20:46 2006

Subject Asiou

A little Kender like me was only curious about the a small wooden
box that he was Asiou toying with.  He decided to only borrow the
box just to see what it was, but was not allowed and reprimanded
for his actions. Unfortunatly, Asiou was hit with the blunt end
of his Hoopak.  That did not do too much, because he was very
strong.  So, the little kender whacked him again.  Until, Asiou
became confused and dazed about his surrounding.  He was in
central Palanthas, but for some reason thought he was in some
demented freak show.  This little kender suggests that he lay off
the herbs, and find some maps to play with.

Author:  Geriant
Date    Fri May 26 04:09:55 2006
Subject haha

This was it, this is the moment.

We have been traveling together for hours and have grown to
be quite the warriors.  Atleast, one of us has learned and
improved our skills.  This was the moment of truth, this is
when it was going to happen.

Thats all that I could think right before I smashed into
Jaxun and unsheathed my massive axes raising them into the air
and bringing them down upon his weak body body in one single
sweep, it did not take much to take this weak so called Knight
of Takhisis down.  This was a moment where war would be
declared by me against the once mighty Knights of Takhisis,
since my return I have learned a lot about the new Knights. 
They don't deserve to be called Knights, yet alone being called
Knights of Takhisis.

And this will be just the first act of war commited by me
towards this group of pitiful mercenaries, they know no honor,
they care only about themselves not about their honor or their
vision or their queen.

I then stripped Jaxun bare and left him their, just bruised
and beaten.  I hope that this might spark the Knights to regain
their once highly regarded honor.  But now I am an enemy of
theirs and I will bring down every one of them that comes after

Author:  Dalner
Date    Fri May 26 17:50:32 2006

Subject A day in the dwarven lands...

I was exploring the lower levels of Hybardin with the KoS cleric,

We were on a quest to find the perfect dwaven-made shield that
would fit nicely in my collection.  At first, we enountered Vog
who had no clue as to what we were looking for.  He suggested
that we try looking near the Valley of Thanes.  Ulthar led the
way; I merely followed.  When we arrived in the Valley of Thanes,
we came across some unfamiliar matted marks in the grass and
smelled some scathing odor.  For some reason, I thought of
dragons.  I was really unsure about searching for this shield
with dragons lurking nearby.  My partner knew exactly where the
dragon spent most of the day, guarding the lower levels of
Hybardin, so we set out to slay the dreaded beast to ensure that
we had safe passage throughout the dwarven lands. Ulthar summoned
some of his loyal followers to subdue the beast, and I help
gracefully in the assault.  The dragon breathed many breathes of
fire, blinding our sight.  It finally fell.  I grabbed his
weapon and just as I was about to head back to Palanthas, a dark
cleric confronted me.  Ulthar fled, because he was in no
condition to defend himself, but I stayed.  I figured that I must
at least teach this follower of Morgion some manners in keeping
the Balance.  He began chanting some words I couldn't understand.
 I suddenly felt extremely weak.  I could hardly bare the pain,
until a last burst of energy took me over.  I immediatly closed
the door of the cave that i had just finished the dragon in. 
Makarth tried repeatedly to escape, but he couldn't; my sword
sliced clean through him armor, evidently searing his flesh. 
He screamed in agony as my blade came across his face again and
again.  I felt sorry for this poor cleric, but his aggressiveness
had gone too far.  I must show him that his evil ways have leaned
to far astray and the he may just have to join Morgion in death. 
The battle was fairly quick, there were no extreme surprises. 
I quickly picked up the items from his mangled body, then fled
before he could wake.  I was afraid that his henchmen would soon
be coming for me.  I ran and ran, without looking back. I figured
Gully would be a safe place in hiding, but I was wrong.  Geriant
came charging in, yelling, drawing his sword.  There was little I
could do against the Knight of Takhisis; again, I fled to Neraka,
where I was sure that I would be safe.  By this time, Makarth had
awoken to find himself nake, he was intensely furious.  He began
making portals and gating to my location.  I was helpless, since
I was drained from the fight.  Makarth used his healing powers to
regain his own strength.  At last, I found safehaven in a small
enchanted hut where I could not be scryed or be subject to
magical transportation.  (24 hours to Makarth from me and HO)

Author:  Mitchel
Date    Sat May 27 10:07:49 2006

Subject A filthy thief who could not take no
as an answer.

I was wandering around Palanthas, doing my usual rounds.  My
normal routine would usually be to grab a few herbs from the
market, check up on the latest potions, and read a few books at
the Palanthas library.  As I shopped around, I could feel eyes
watching me.  However, I could not exactly see where they were
coming from.  I heard a rustle in a dark alley, so I took a quick
glance.  But nothing.  I began to worry just a little bit because
I knew after seeing a shadow cross me from behind that I was
being pursued.  I decided to report what I saw to the Palanthian
guards so they would know something evil lurks in their city. 
The guards took head, making sure they watched the exits, so no
culpable fiend could leave or enter.   I continued on my own
investigation.  I sat quietly on a bench at Imperial Square
waiting, though inconspiciously, for this thing to show itself. 
It took me all but 10 minutes to figure out what was following
me.  The dirty thief Khin.  He jumped from the shadows and began
to pounce.  I must admit that I ran at first, straight to the
guards to protect their city.  They, however, could do nothing
because this thief was all too powerful.  I had to make a quick
decision, so I summoned a few loyal followers in an effort to
gain support.  My battalion of guards and creatures alike began
to hunt this piece of filth.  Khin disappeared into the shadows
somehow, so I used my divine powers of detection to locate his
whereabouts.  Surprisingly, he was right under my nose, lurking
about, with some devious plan in mind.  I quickly ordered my
guards to arrest him, but they were all blown away from his
terrible backstab.  I chanted a prayer to confuse the thief to
render him helpless.  In my mind, the actual battle is a blur
because it happened all too quick. (24 hours to Khin from me &

Author:  Makarth
Date    Sat May 27 14:40:38 2006
Subject vishar

Author:  Makarth
Date    Sun May 28 02:25:46 2006
Subject Emla

proper story to come.

Author:  Vishar
Date    Sun May 28 14:55:31 2006
Subject Dalnar

Author:  Lebo
Date    Mon May 29 12:36:10 2006
Subject Marus the yellow

Posted at Imperial Square: High King Marus the yellow has
removed me from HIS kingdoms of dwarves.  I alone, swore
me' loyalty to him, and his honor and loyalty was to KOS.  Just
because I don't be likin' KOS, still I be a dwarf.  Marus is a
traitor of his own blood.  A true king'd not be lettin' the tin
can lies poison the ears and lives of his people.  Marus be a
mad man.   All ye' dwarves should be shamed to call him yer'
King!  For ya' know it all ye' dwarves who do call himm King e'll
be takin' orders from the tincans!!!  I not to old a dwarf,
but I be learnin' a good lesson here.  I will swear my loyalty
only to Tamex next time.  As fer' Marus, I think all ye'
dwarves, should be holdin' him down, shavin' his beard, and
tattooin' the side of his face with a Black hand.

Former Council.. Lebo of Tamex

Author:  Mitchel
Date    Tue May 30 10:26:20 2006

Subject Another dirty thief.

I must admit, I was on the prowl.  I had already been pursued by
the thief, Dharisath, earlier.  He attempted to have me slain
with the help of a red robe and a cleric of Morgion.  I didn't
exactly like this thief because he also attempted to kill me in
Quag'meth.  I set my trap, waiting for the perfect time when I
could magically transport in to ambush him.  I portalled in the
first time, however I seemed to be within the halls of the
rogues, so I left quickly to avoid being captured by the guards. 
I teleported to some random forest to give me time to regain my
senses, before I attempted to assassinate him again.  I then
began some divine enchant to summon Dharisath into my presence. 
Seeing that he was helpless without protection and dazed due a
sudden switch in scenery, he quickly tumbled to his knees.  He
fled, then came back with a nasty backstab, that wounded me
greatly.  I limped over into some bushes to heal myself, only to
find Dharisath coming at me again.  I chanted a few words of
prayer to lull this thief into submission, then had my loyal
followers do the rest.  Dharisath fell rather quickly, which
was unexpected.  This thief has a history of battle prowess and
cut throat tactics.  It was only luck that brought him down. (24
hours to Dharisath from Holy Order)

Author:  Mitchel
Date    Tue May 30 14:30:00 2006

Subject Thaeden, yet another fallen.

A cleric of morgion came to me, requesting a fight to the
death.  I was a little hesitant at first because I thought he had
some devious trick up his sleeves.  I just new he had an army of
trolls or something of that liking waiting outside my clan halls.
 I tested the cleric, asking why he wanted to go foward with
battle.  An obvious member of the Shadow, Thaeden knew of my
recent run ins with Makarth, so he decided to take matters into
his own hands.  I give him credit for daring and guts, but his
attitude was a little too overbearing.  We started our rounds in
Palanthas, where Thaeden was quick to gate into my presence.  He
continually used his divine powers to find me, however I kept
fleeing his attacks.  I travelled back to the walls of the Holy
Order.  Thaeden had been following me, so I quickly tried to
throw him off my path.  I hid behind some books in an effort to
dodge Thaeden, then I began to creep along the worship room,
being careful as to not disturb the prayers.  I really did not
want to desecrate our walls, so I took my plans to the dwarven
lands.  Thaeden, again followed me.  He obviously didn't know
that I knew he was there.  Finally, I opened my pouch of herbs,
made a quick brew, then quaffed it then and there.  I turned
around, then blasted Thaeden with my holy smite.  He was blinded,
and weakened just a tad bit.  I knew that I would ensure in some
dangerous combat.  I repeatedly chanted maladictions into
Thaedens ears, but not before he put me into a daze.  I suddenly
became confused, blacking in and out.  I kicked the general
feeling of uneasiness, regaining my senses to find Thaeden hiding
behind a boulder.  I made him my loyal followered, order him to
remove his armor, then suddenly he somehow cancelled my charm.
Thaeden fell to the ground, naked and bloody.  The evil in
Krynn has been very heavy as of lately.  It is my duty to keep
the Balance in Krynn. Perhaps, those true of heart should pick up
the pace and restore some order to the lands. (24 hours to
Thaeden from me and HO) only looted two rings and some gloves.

Author:  Davan
Date    Tue May 30 18:05:02 2006
Subject Lebo

You have dishonored the Knighthood and therefore have dishonored
me. I will not stand for this by anyone on the face of Ansalon.

The Knights of Solamnia do have an alliance with the 7 Kingdoms
but we do not order them around and we have never lied to them
about anything.

I challenge you to a battle Lebo. Let us see if your axe can back
up your dishonorable tongue.

Lord Master Warrior Lord Davan

Author:  Mitchel
Date    Mon Jun  5 02:26:22 2006

Subject Makarth

I knew the time had come to meet Makarth, the dark cleric of
Morgion, in battle again.  I sure that he would make the first
move, so I sat and waited for his arrival.  It took less than
five minutes for our flails to start swinging.  I dodged his
first attack, however I got caught in the back by a nasty
guardsman.  My followers then assisted me, throwing the guard off
me, then charging Makarth.  This fiasco lasted about 20 second. 
Makarth was sprawled in the grass, battered and bloody. 
Honestly, this fight was extremely short lived.

24 hours to Makarth from me and HO.  Nothing looted.

Author:  Dimdum
Date    Tue Jun  6 00:10:42 2006
Subject Muud.

I wun thoow Warus divin' in en oot of deh muudy grund und ey swee
a funny wookin hueman wif de pointy ears sew ey got meh bwade on
uh stick an I shuv it een em a phew times den I giggle and I
start pwayin in duh muud 'gain.  I wuv red muud.

Author:  Krum
Date    Tue Jun  6 01:12:02 2006
Subject Kadath, over easy with a side of
Hollandaise sauce.

The large ogre casually swatted the small human child across the
alleyway, inwardly chuckling some as the limp form slumped to the
cold stones with a short expulsion of air.

A little further down the alley, where the inner city streets
joined to make a crossing, he saw the corpse of another child.
While normally this wouldn't even give him pause, it was
something to cause him ire at this moment.

A faint smell came to his nostrils, although the left one didn't
smell as well as it had before that massive wench of his tried to
remove it with his axe... but the smell was either a large ogre,
a horse in heat, or that fellow Kadath.

But no luck, it wasn't a large ogre in heat or a horse in... *the
ogre shook his head as the other option made even him give
pause*. Head hurt, smash time.

A little while later the red cleared from his eyes and the
slumped form of Kadath lay at his feet, some sniveling gully
dwarf sat there pounding against his leg and a child was
screaming "KILLER OGRE, KILLER OGRE!!!"...

The funny ring came to mind for some reason and the massive ogre
disappeared from view. One kender passing by was staring in
wonder at the strange magic footsteps appearing every so often,
but no one paid it head. Who listens to kender anyway, certainly
not the city guards.

Krum, Krum tear spleen out. Then eats it.

Author:  Makarth
Date    Tue Jun  6 06:02:53 2006
Subject Rodrigo

I pursued the former white robe for a while, mostly for play.  He
seemed out of practice and out of spirit.  The fight did not last
very long, he was quickly subdued by my powers.

(24 hours protection to Rodrigo)

Author:  Aurius
Date    Tue Jun  6 10:27:15 2006
Subject A holy one falls

Whilst out in Thorbardin seeing for myself the tales of an
ancient red dragon..i came upon a cleric in white robes kneeling
and bloody.

Figuring she was hurt and needing assistance..i figured i'd make
it i shot her with a few of my magic missles and she
crumbled to a asleep coming over to inspect her
body..i noticed she had a white aura about her..i tried to see if
she had anything of use and was shocked for my i
hesded back home to meditate.

(OOC) 24 for emla from conclave..nothing looted..thaeden portaled
in on us while we were about to go play with big red..she had
just i figured i'd save her the pain and killed her.

Author:  Aurius
Date    Tue Jun  6 16:10:27 2006
Subject The fall of a king

Whilst still traveling through the dwarven lands searching for
the fabled dragon..i came ipon this half neked dwarf who kept
muttering "king" or something.

me of course not paying much attention to "midgets" i was just
gonna walk past...but suddenly he slips and falls upon my
hoove..this angering me since i just had them shined.

i i brought my fist down upon his shaggy head and laughed as he
fell into immediate slumber..being a dwarf i figured he might
have some diamonds or some other valuble jewels on him...i was

whilst he was still out cold..i rifled through his pouch and
found several large stones of nice value...granted these werent
quite star diamonds...but hell they spend just as good.

now im resuming my search for the fabled red dragon of hybardin
and let there be hell to pay for another interuption.

(OOC) loror asked me tokill him and full loot..dunno why..but oh
well..if ya need anything just hollar....24 for loror from

Author:  Maraxus
Date    Wed Jun  7 04:30:58 2006
Subject Prevailing Good over Evil

The sun shone brilliantly overhead as Maraxus took his daily
hike through the forests that surrounded the High Clerist Tower,
the light glinted off his armor making him shimmer to anyone that
might be looking. Stopping in a small glade he leaned down to
take a drink from a small creek that dribbled along, putting his
hand into the water he felt a burning sensation rise up his
fingertips and quickly yanked his hand back. Looking at the water
he thought it strange that it was so intensely hot, there wasn't
a hotspring or anything of the sort anywhere nearby.

He stood and walked back up the creek towards its source, before
too much of a walk he found a cleric garbed in white robes
chanting a serene chorus with her hands angled towards the water.
The water beneath her hands was bubbling with heat as it trickled
down its path, frowning at the ignorance that this particular
cleric was exercising Maraxus nearly shouted at the cleric before
he bit his tongue to keep any sounds from escaping. He had not
noticed before that the aura emanating from the clerics hands was
a deep dark color, meaning she was practicing the dark arts.

Luckily every time he took his walk he came prepared for
anything, he pulled his shield from his back and kept one hand on
the hilt of blade. Shouting at the priest she quickly ended her
chant and shot an icy glare at Maraxus, meeting his disapproving
frown with her apparent anger. She raised a hand and screeched
out incoherent magical incantations and a bolt of light shot
forth from her fingertips, reacting quickly Maraxus raised his
shield to block the magical strike. Hearing a scream he brought
his shield back down to look at what had happened, and saw the
girl twitching slightly on the ground. Realizing what had
happened brought a giant grin to his face before he let out a
hearty chuckle, the girl had attempted to use an attack spell
that she learned from the clerics of light not knowing it would
backfire. Recently performing the dark arts had made the light
magic seek her out first, foolish girl. Putting his shield back
over his back he picked up the girl and slung her over his
shoulder, deciding he would do her a favor and carry her back to
the temple of light for the Clerics of the Holy Order to deal

OOC: Emla and I had a "duel" under solace just for kicks. Nothing
looted just fun. 24 Hours to Emla from Solamnics.

Est Sularus oth Mithas Courage is the readiness to die
honourably in the fight for Good.

Lord Maraxus of House Ter'Silis Order of the Sword, Knighthood
of Solamnia

Author:  Kadath
Date    Fri Jun  9 12:24:03 2006
Subject Elanor

As the minotaur Kadath was enjoying some much needed rest and
relaxation at the Red Silk Inn, the most irritating noise came
piercing through the tent. It was the last thing the minotaur
wanted to hear. Loud and nasal, the whiny voice came blasting
through, "I'm in Yarus, someone summon me, I don't want to walk."
After about fifteen minutes of this, Kadath finally lost his
temper. He crept out of the tent, and began to track his prey. He
had not heard anything from the nasal one, and wondered if he was
already gone. What Kadath saw next absolutely stunned him. It was
not some child, but a Knight of Solamnia, armor glaring in the
sunlight, and he was sleeping in the middle of the road!

Kadath could not contain his mirth, and guffawed so loudly that
the sleeping knight awoke with a start.

Kadath rushed in with his spear, easily catching the knight with
it before the knight could draw his sword. Seeing the knight
incapacitated, Kadath figured he would not longer be bothered. As
he began to to walk away, the knight began to shout racial slurs
about being a stupid cow. Seriously pissed now, Kadath gored the
ignorant little knight in the throat, easily stopping him from
saying another word. All was well, for the knight had enough
steel on him for Kadath to return to his girl in the Red Silk Inn
and call upon three of her friends.

nothing to Elanor since I guess he's been banned. full looted and
sac'd for sayin the big N

Author:  Miella
Date    Fri Jun 16 05:55:11 2006
Subject Fornax

I had planned to make apple pies to new guest in inn, but we
where out of fresh apples.

As I was coming to get apples from near village, I noticed young
mage in argue with local villagers. He was clearly out of control
and was yelling to young farmhand. He yelled something about
respecting mages and color of robe. Other villagers tried to calm
young mage down but without luck. As I watched young mage started
to cast some nasty spell to young farmhand and in that point I
decided to do something. I quickly picked small round rock from
the ground and aimed mages head, 'smack' I hit right on

As mage fell down people started to scream and run around. In
this point young farmhand used his change and run away. When I
left to get those apples young mage was still unconscious on the
ground. I hoped that he got good headache out of that, as he was
behaving badly to people below his status.

(OOC) Considered Fornax in pit and after he left i started to
track him down with little luck i found track of him near apple
seller, he was killind farmes in village I decided to help
farmers in fight and attacked Fornax.

Nothing looted, got only 4 experience out of Fornax.

Author:  Geriant
Date    Sun Jun 25 16:25:12 2006
Subject The fall of Arauko

      Finally.  That is what I thought to myself as I stood
over the bloody body of Arauko.  Finally one of them has accepted
a challenge and fought it out until the end instead of just
running like a maggot after getting hit three times.  It was
actually a pretty close fight, I don't know wether to contribute
that to Arauko's skill, or it's lack thereof and my suprise that
he actually was not running.

Either way I hope that this will finally ignite a passion within
the Knights that I once was a part of and put some fire under
their asses, it probably wont though because it seems as if
Takhisis has abandoned them, either that or they just dont care
about her honour or code or vision anymore.

Looted a few qnotes/restrings thats all.

Author:  Geriant
Date    Sun Jun 25 16:42:09 2006
Subject Bounty on KoT

I have slain arauko, we expect our 50 diamonds for his slaying.

Author:  Mordiar
Date    Mon Jun 26 14:46:56 2006
Subject The Darkstalker Strikes

Having spent more energy than he had anticipated he would on
dragging the knight through the filth, he felt somewhat
lethargic, taking a rest on a fallen tree he quickly caught his
breath before returning to his feet and looking out towards the
hills that shadowed Thenol. Trudging through the forest was
beginning to take its wear upon him as the sun began to slowly
slide beyond the glowing horizon. He stopped at a river as it
babbled along down a small ravine, seemingly peaceful to anyone
who took the time to appreciate it. The sound scratched at his
ears irritating him greatly, then the scratching was interrupted
by rustlings behind him in the bushes.

Crouching behind a large boulder, he looked out to see what it
was and caught a glimpse of a large minotaur walkin alongside a
figure in dark robes. Grinning to himself he knew that he may
finally be presented with a challenge worthy of his expertise,
clenching one fist and tightly gripping the hilt of his sword
with the other he crept closer to the two companions. Staying
silent as he approached he reached the two without them even
havnig a thought that someone was in their midst with the idea of
striking them down.

Following them until they reached the ravine, he knew when his
time to strike was. They had stopped at the edge of the river and
continued their conversation, slipping out behind them Mordiar
quickly leaped towards them unsheathing his blade as he flew
towards them. Until the sound of the sword unsheathing they had
been completely oblivious to his presence, now the surprise had
made them fumble about themselves in a terror. Striking the dark
robed figure first he made a quick slash across his chest tearing
the robes exposing a deep gash that flowed forth heavily with the
mans blood. Following with a heavy fist to the mans face, the man
spun about and fell face first into the river unmoving. The
minotaur still confused to the situation had not prepared himself
for the nimble second attack the he had made. Swinging quickly he
made a large slice across the minotaurs right leg causing the
horned beast to fall to his knees. Raising his fist he dropped a
heavy blow across the snout of the minotaur, the minotaur bent
over placing his hands upon the ground. Quickly swinging back his
leg Mordiar landed a knee directly into the side of the minotaurs
face knocking him to the ground. Swinging another kick to the
minotaurs face the minotaur laid limp with blood pouring from
several cuts in his face and freely from his nostrils.

OOC: I Found Torlith and Grisov in Hybardin and they were both
Vio, they were quickly dispatched and I relieved them of some
items. They tried to attack me again and Torlith was killed once
more. 24 hours to them from me.

Mordiar the Darkstalker

Author:  Galadir
Date    Mon Jun 26 15:09:33 2006
Subject Emla

Screams could be heard from down the street.  People were
shouting.  The word 'Murderer' came to my ear frequently as I
sprinted onward.  Arriving at the scene, I found a young boy
bleeding to death in the middle of the street, my street.  The
people I swore to protect.  I saw a fleeting figure dashing
around the corner and I quickly gave chase.  The killer led me
through the twisting alleyways and backstreets of Palanthas until
we finally entered the Market.  As I was sprinting out of the
alley, a small kender jumped in front of me, proclaiming how much
she could help me. Unfortunately it was too late, and I ran right
through the small kender, scattering her across the street. 
Nonetheless, she got up and chased after me, the whole time
stating how much she would help.

I started to lose the kender as I began to gain on the killer,
who appeared to be a young man cloaked in dark robes.  As we
twisted around and came out of another alley I dove and caught
the suspect.  I quickly subdued him, and just as I was about to
stand up the kender came barreling in and knocked me over by
accident.  The killer, seizing advantage, took off and before I
could give chase, he was gone.  Unfortunately, when I looked to
find the kender, I saw her lying unconscious on the floor beside
me.  I came to the conclusion that her head must've struck the
cobblestone pavement.  While I had the urge to not call the
clerics because of what this kender had done, the Code dictated I
do otherwise.  Besides, it might devalue our standings with the
Holy Order of the Stars.

Est Sularus Oth Mithas,
Brother before Wisdom, Wisdom before
 Lord Galadir of House Fortescue,
Knighthood of Solamnia.

Author:  Maraxus
Date    Mon Jun 26 18:57:06 2006
Subject [    Moon    ] * (SLAIN) [ Conclave ]
[Black]  Nuitari says 'kill me

Removed Nuitari's Killer Flag for him, nothing looted. 24 hours
to Nuitari from the Knights of Solamnia.

Est Sularus oth Mithas Courage is the readiness to die
honourably in the fight for Good

Lord Maraxus of House Ter'Silis Order of the Sword, Knighthood
of Solamnia

Author:  Mordiar
Date    Thu Jun 29 01:13:21 2006
Subject The Darkstalker Strikes

He had finally reached the valley where the city of Thenol
resided, looking down into the valley he analyzed how he would
make his approach. Because of his change in faith he may no
longer be recognized by the guards that roamed outside the city.
Seeing the place where he would enter he quickly headed towards
his goal, keeping himself hidden as he slithered through the
valley towards the wall. Upon reaching his destination he saw an
obstacle that stood in his way. A dwarf was pacing back and
forth, blocking the path that he had chosen to take.

Slinking down along the wall he began to think about how he
would make his approach and quietly dispatch of the dwarf. Before
he could manage to devise a good plan he heard the dwarf say
something and could hear him coming closer, wondering how the
dwarf may have noticed him he gritted his teeth in anger and
waited for the dwarf to get close enough. Looking up as the dwarf
poked his head over the wall and looked down, Mordiar quickly
shot up ramming his head into the dwarf's chin. As the dwarf
started to stumble and turn he grabbed him by the neck and
dragged him half way over the wall before repeatedly driving his
elbow into the dwarf's chest, hearing cracks as he struck he
slowed his attack and dragged the dwarf all the way over the
wall. Blood was dribbling from the guards mouth as Mordiar
grabbed him by the shaggy beard that covered his face, pulling
the dwarf's head back away from the wall Mordiar quickly changed
direction and slammed the guards head against the brick wall
making a sickening thud. As he let go of the dwarf he began to
slump to one side, a strong red gush flowing freely from the back
of his head.

OOC: I had a Killer Flag, Loror attacked...I won, he had
nothing so nothing looted. 24 hours to him from me.

Mordiar the Darkstalker

Author:  Thaeden
Date    Thu Jun 29 01:16:21 2006
Subject Mordiar

Killed Mordiar for sport. He got Loror so he still has Killer
flag. Game on.


Author:  Sardis
Date    Sat Jul  1 17:02:29 2006
Subject Bounty Collected...

I stood in Imperial Square, talking with a fellow swordsell, when
one of our marks came walking into the square.  I looked him over
once and pulled my axes off of my hip and took a swing at him.  I
sunk my heavy weapons deep into his flesh and he began to cast
the words of healing to help close the wounds, just as quickly as
my axes came out of his flesh.  He turned to look at me, and
defiantly he ran off towards the edge of the city.  I bent down
and followed his tracks around the city hunting him like the prey
he was, slinging my axes onto my hips, I remember thinking how he
reminded me of Geriant and his ability to run, from days gone by.
 I caught up with him near Steel street and drew my swords from
my back and drove them into his flesh again, and this time I sunk
my shoulder into his form sending him sprawling, as I charged him
again to strike he got up and scampered away from my hulking
form.  It was then that, I lost his tracks on the hard
cobblestones of the city between the rest of the people wandering

He came back through the city moments later bringing several
patrols with him as I swung at him, undeterred by there presence,
I struck him again and again and swinging back at the patrols
that tried to attack me, while he ran away again, the sounds of
him healing his wounds once again echoing in my ears.  I found
him at the corner of Platinum and Diamond as I attacked once
more, beginning to bore with my prey, he fled again and left for
quite a while and I thought he was gone for good when he came
back one last time, with a guard again I slammed my shoulder into
him and both my swords as he finally fell below me, the guard
catching glimpse of it and screaming for help as Galadir came
walking down the street and attacked me as I stood over the form
of my paycheck.  He swung his axes upon me and struck me
repeatedly, not waiting to hear what had happened or why this had
gone on. But instead mercilessly struck upon me as I turned and
headed out of the city, leaving the unconcious form alone as I
limped towards the harbor, and my way out of town.  My job done,
I had no issue with the Solamnics at this time, but, it'll be a
nice paycheck indeed..

(There was more paragraphs to this but formatting became a
problem, sorry it's so clumped together.)

Author:  Khyldes
Date    Fri Jul  7 23:11:04 2006
Subject Dharisath

Magic missle still works, 24 hours.
Author:  Lothoemas
Date    Wed Jul 12 18:58:53 2006
Subject Vishar

Proper warnote to follow at about 12:30am est.. im @ work right

Author:  Makarth
Date    Sun Jul 16 04:22:17 2006
Subject emla

Emla and I dueled, 24 hours protection to emla

Author:  Tourach
Date    Wed Jul 19 19:14:44 2006
Subject Selana

The deserter had been located wandering the about the outskirts
of Neraka, leaving the Knights of Takhisis no other option other
than to hunt this person down and leave them with a message to
all deserters. Waiting patiently as the lightly clad cleric
padded by soaked into her own thoughts. Strolling out of a side
path Tourach slowly followed her through the glade. Sliding his
sword from its sheath he slowed to a stop as she came to a halt.
Knowing that she hadn't heard the sword slip out of the thick
leather sheath he placed the blade on her shoulder and waited for
her to slowly turn around to face him.

"You know the penalty for leaving the knighthood, yet you
wander so freely about the lands of Neraka as though your actions
were not going to be dealt with. I am here to deliver your
punishment for deserting."

Raising his sword in a salute he saw that she still had a look
of befuddlement on her face, she most likely wouldn't react to
the first attack judging by how she looked. Meaning this would be
a quick defeat, in this knowledge Tourach made his first attack
the strongest so as to leave her off balance to the second which
would drop her to glade floor. Swinging the flat of his blade
across her face she recieved it with a heavy thud and nearly
crippled to the ground just from the one blow. Raising his shield
he bashed it across the back of her head rupturing the skin on
the back of her head and bursting in a eruption of blood. Leaving
her lying in a pool of her own blood he left with her items that
belonged to the Knights of Takhisis and headed back towards the

I caught Selana outside of Neraka, looted a few items and some
coinage. 24 hours to her from KoT.


Author:  Khyldes
Date    Thu Jul 20 01:34:54 2006
Subject Emla

While talking with the dark cleric Torlith, I was a little
shocked when Emla the kender cleric, appeared in the room and
began a relentless assault on the dark cleric with her flail.
After Torlith fell to the ground, bleeding from multiple wounds,
I felt the need to avenge him.

I lifted my hand and spoke a single word of the arcane, causing
the kender to collapse at my feet. I dispatched her with little
effort and relieved her of some obviously pilfered magical items.


Author:  Emla
Date    Thu Jul 20 05:26:18 2006
Subject 24h to Torlith

Tryed to remove his killer

A plainly-dressed altargirl delivers a message to you from
Crusader Torlith that reads: 'come kill me' A plainly-dressed
altargirl delivers a message to you from Crusader Torlith that
reads: ':P'

You step through a gate and vanish.

East Gate You are standing just outside the east gate of
Palanthus.  The road continues west through the gates or east
away from the city.

( 2) The corpse of Torlith is lying here.

(Invis) (Translucent) (Red Aura) (White Aura) (Fiery Aura) High
Archmage Khyldes is here.

(Red Aura) (KILLER) Torlith is here.

Torlith gallantly tips his hat.

Now thats REALLY funny!

Torlith says in Common 'I have 17/909 hp 1298/1476 mana 580/580
mv 234980 xp.

Torlith says OOCly 'hurry up'

Your divine power >>> ANNIHILATES <<< Torlith!

Torlith is DEAD!!

You receive 0 experience points.

You hear Torlith's death cry.

Khyldes utters the words, 'grzzs'.

The crystal on the end of Khyldes's staff flashes red, nearly
blinding you.

The red light in the crystal slowly fades away.

You feel very sleepy ..... zzzzzz.

Torlith OOCs 'thanks' Torlith OOCs 'I STILL AHVE KILLER?!'
Mordiar OOCs 'haha you're a slain killer' You OOC 'lol' Torlith
OOCs 'summon' You feel momentarily lethargic.

You feel yourself slowing d o w n...

So 24H to Torlith from HO Light and Wanderlust

Author:  Khyldes
Date    Thu Jul 20 11:03:28 2006
Subject Re: Emla


Author:  Emla
Date    Thu Jul 20 13:30:48 2006
Subject Khyldes: Re: Emla

Yes you sure did own me :)

Just to clear that i missed from original war note of Torlith
that he got  from arena when he got toasted by Kark.

from history files:

Arena: Kark has challenged Torlith to a duel in the Arena.

Torlith says OOCly ':P' Torlith says OOCly 'i'd die' Kark shakes
his head.

Torlith says OOCly 'u see my eq? :P' Kark says OOCly 'trust me'
Kark looks at Torlith.

Torlith looks at Kark.

Torlith shrugs helplessly.

Kark giggles.

Torlith stands up.

Arena: Torlith has accepted the duel with Kark.

Arena: The match is about to get underway now.

Arena: Torlith got toasted by Kark in the Arena!

Torlith OOCs '..?' Torlith OOCs 'how did I end up with killer?'

I hope this bug is removed as it leads to silly and messy pk

I got pk and looted trying to remove bug  from other
cleric :p Lesson learned (again) don't try to help.


Author:  Maraxus
Date    Sun Jul 23 19:24:23 2006
Subject Arauko

Since the attack on the village to the northeast of Palanthas,
it had been very quiet in the city. Maraxus was suspicious of
this silence feeling that the Knights of Takhisis must be
plotting something that would be coming in the days ahead. He had
been revising the army roster almost once a day since that attack
and had been speaking with Lord Ulthar about the defense
situations on the most critical points around the city and the
High Clerist Tower.

Having taken a few days off to return to the village to check on
the progress done with rebuilding, he was making the journey
northwards outside the city walls. Resting atop his horse he
looked out over the village and saw that many of the houses had
been rebuilt and there were more being worked on. Looking closer
he saw a darkly clad figure heading towards the city from the
east, likely heading towards the city sent by one of the ranking
members of the knights of takhisis to wreak more havoc upon these
already hurt people.

Spurring his horse he galloped quickly down the hill towards the
the figure while pulling his mace from behind him.

Upon reaching the figure he knew that the person had seen him by
the look on his face, the soldier prepared for Maraxus' first
attack, but obviously was not well trained in battling a mounted
opponent as Maraxus rode by smashing his mace into the mans left
shoulder. Stopping his mount he leapt from the saddle and quickly
advanced on the injured soldier, dodging an incredibly quick
punch Maraxus ducked low and swiped the mans legs out from under
him. As the man fell Maraxus whipped around quickly and crushed
the man in the back of the head as he fell. He laid badly
battered face down upon the dusty ground, rolling the man over he
saw the insignia of a Knight of Takhisis sewn onto a patch the
was sewn onto his thick tunic. Rolling the man back over he left
him there and returned to his steed.

Riding back into the town he decided to wait until the man woke
back up to see if he was foolish enough to continue his attempt
to disrupt the peace of the village.

OOC: Challenged Arauko to a noloot duel he accepted and I won.
24 hours to Arauko from Solamnics.

Est Sularus oth Mithas Courage is the readiness to die
honourably in the fight for Good.

Lord Maraxus of House Ter'Silis Order of the Sword, Knighthood
of Solamnia

Author:  Tourach
Date    Tue Jul 25 00:31:32 2006
Subject Anatole

I found a cleric slaughtering the livestock that belonged to the
KoT, in turn I slaughtered him.


Author:  Makarth
Date    Thu Jul 27 15:55:18 2006
Subject Maraxus

It was summer's night, on the outskirts of the grande Solamnic
city of Palanthas.  The tall trees were silhouettes and bats
migrated between them as shadows in flight.  All was too quiet,
but it was clear, by some supernatural foresight that this
silence was the calm before the storm.  I spent those few moments
I had to study my eerie surroundings, and appreciate them.  It
was then that the peace was distraught by the cold, hard *CLANK*
of armour.  There he was, a large and imposing figure of silver
and metal. Standing.  Waiting.  Weapon in hand.  It was clear
that this knight was no Pawn of the Solamnic Order, but perhaps a
Rook or even a Queen.  It was also clear that this Queen knew
exactly who I was, very rarely does the arrogance of a Solamnic
permit him/her to be on such high guard against an opponant of
little renoun.  The Solamnic then took very cautious steps
towards me.  His steps showed me that he saw a worthy opponant in
me, but also showed belief in his victory.  The sounds of his
armour became more frequent as his steps hastened.  I could wait
no longer.  I knelt to the floor as the Solamnic approached me
and began reading a prayer.  Within seconds, I noticed the Knight
slow down.  With this accomplished, I unstrapped my flail from my
sash and waited for the Knight to come in range.  As soon as the
Knight's position became opportune, I swung my weapon towards his
head.  A loud *clang* errupted as the flail slammed soundly into
his helmet.  Amazingly, the Knight was still on his feet, but it
was obvious that the blow had an unignorable affect on him.  It
was then that I unleashed a ball of black fire onto him with the
murmur of a prayer.  He flew back, flaming and then fell to the
floor.  I walked towards his burning body and watched as the
flames quickly grew.  I stood there a mere few seconds before I
began murmuring another prayer.  This caused a wave of cool water
to encompass the Knight and extinguish his flaming body.  He
would have to live through this defeat.

(24 hours protection to Maraxus)

Author:  Tourach
Date    Thu Jul 27 20:44:58 2006
Subject Alalan

The mountainous region around Neraka seemed to shift slightly
with every footstep Tourach took, the lucid feeling he felt
everytime he walked through this area seeming to get more intense
as every day passed. Scanning about as he walked searching for
peripheral movement amongst the dead and dying trees that lined
the path, the dead branches creaking ominously overhead. Looking
up ahead on the path he noticed an armored figure with a mace
hitched to his belt walking towards him. A small pouch was in his
hand and he seemed to be sifting through it there was also a
piece of rolled parchment in his hands. Judging from this
appearance he must a Mercenary that had recently collected a
bounty. Leaping from the path and standing behind a tree he
waited so that he could get a better look at the figure as he
walked by.

Clinking along as he came closer, the figure stopped, closed the
money pouch and unrolled the parchment and began to examine the
paper. He nodded to himself and began rolling the paper back up,
seeing that the warrior was checking to assure his bounty was in
order. As the man finished rolling up the parchment, Tourach
stepped out onto the path and drew his sword and saluted the man
with an enemies battle salute. The man fumbled and wielded his
mace as Tourach advanced quickly slamming into him with his
shield and knocking him to the ground. Raising his sword he began
arcing it down, slightly twisting it before it reached its
target. Slamming the flat of the blade against his opponents face
the man slumped over his mace and laid unconcious upon the path.
Taking the mans bounty money he threw it off the path towards the
mountains and continued walking along the path as he was before.

OOC: I felt like getting Alalan and I did so, caught him in Pal
Sewers, nothing looted. 24 hours to Alalan from KoT.


Author:  Dimdum
Date    Sat Jul 29 00:56:36 2006
Subject Tourach

I keel deh Tourach he wuz de shinnuh knite.

Vas fun hugh bulp say shinnuh.

Author:  Deviant
Date    Sat Jul 29 17:36:06 2006
Subject grish

Grish, Ahryl, Guido and I fought for a while..and since grish sux
the most..he died.

Author:  Dharisath
Date    Sun Jul 30 09:42:07 2006
Subject Alalan

I had just about closed the deal.  My fence was selling a heap of
junk that even the art connoisseur's of this city found to be
distasteful.  I'd snagged it on one of my previous jobs, not
knowing it was worthless.  Now I couldn't get it off my hands.

I watched from an alleyway as the potential buyer waited at the
designated meeting point.  All of a sudden I noticed a man
striding towards my buyer, mace in hand.  The poor man didn't
even have a chance.  The assailant dealt a swift death blow to
the back of his head, and I saw the man crumple to the ground.

Furious that I would still have the painting on my hands, I
strode forth from the alleyway and followed the attacker.  I soon
caught up to him and withdrew my garrote wire.  Sneaking up
quickly, I placed the wire over his head and around his neck,
tightening it rapidly, cutting off his air supply. He soon
slumped to the ground and I held for a couple moments longer.
Figuring him for dead or dying I left him there.


Author:  Tourach
Date    Tue Aug  1 22:04:19 2006
Subject Illych

I fought Illych, we ICed it so I'm not providing a juicy warnote,
24 hours to him from KoT


Author:  Tourach
Date    Wed Aug  2 03:49:05 2006
Subject Aurius

The journey headed back to Neraka with the Solamnic soldier
hanging over the back end of his horse had been getting rather
loathesome, the soldier had wriggled his way off the back end of
the horse quite a few times. After stopping each time he had to
lay another brutal punch into the soldiers head. After the last
time Tourach figured the soldier would stop trying, since Tourach
prolonged his conciousness while he proceeded to kick the soldier
in the ribs before knocking him back out. Having reached the
outskirts of the Taman Busuk region Tourach stopped to rest his
horse and allow it to quench its thirst, as he slowly approached
a quietly babbling brook the soldier had regained his
conciousness and writhed once more rolling himself off the back
of the horse.

Muttering quietly to himself as he climbed down off the horse and
led it to the water, knowing his captive wouldn't be making it
far while bound. Leaving the horse to its drink, he walked over
towards the soldier who was staring up at him with wide eyes.
Tourach could nearly smell the fear the had begun to emanate from
the soldier as he approached, the soldiers defiant perstistance
was almost admirable, although his attempts to anger him were
futile. Tourach rather enjoyed punishing the soldier until he
lost conciousness each time. Standing over the soldier he smiled
down at him as he chuckled and removed his gauntlets, knowing
that he had more time to do damage to the knight he wouldn't need
to be wearing his gauntlets to deliver instant pain this time.

Raising his foot he began kicking and stomping the knight as he
muffled yelps of pain through the cloth that bound his mouth,
until a burst of flame erupted near his foot. Aggravated at this
disturbance, Tourach quickly looked up an enraged look smeared
across his face at the disruption of his entertainment. His gaze
met that of a minotaur clad in black robes that was chanting
softly, preparing to cast another spell. His rage now to be
focused on this beast Tourach had to act quickly before another
ball of fire was rocketing towards him, scooping up one of his
gauntlets he launched it at the mage. Whipping his sword out of
its sheath and scooping up the other gauntlet he began charging
as he watched the first gauntlet bash into the minotaur's
shoulder. The mage's concentration was broken for the time being,
but Tourach saw another spell already in progress and hurled the
second gauntlet which the minotaur deflected this time. His spell
focus broken once again he wouldn't have time to prepare another
one before Tourach reached him and began his attack.

The minotaur wrenched a dagger from his sleeve and prepared for
the attack, Tourach quickly swung his blade and the mage
attempted to parry with poor results. The mage parried the blow
enough to stop the initial attack, but had the dagger knocked
from his grip in the process. Leaping up Tourach grabbed onto the
minotaurs horn and pulled himself upwards and swung his knee
right into the bottom jaw of the beast. Jumping back quickly
Tourach landed and made another quick slice across the mages legs
which brought him to his knees. Grabbing the minotaur by both
horns he began to viciously smash his knee into his face,
continuing to do this for quite sometime. Blood splattered across
his breastplate and all the way up onto his face, Tourach dropped
the minotaur to the ground. The beasts face was badly mangled
having endured the attack, sighing deeply Tourach turned back to
the soldier that lay bleeding on the ground he saw that the
soldier had seen the entire thing. Wiping his hand across his
face and smearing the blood he approached the soldier with a
wicked grin on his face.

"Now it's your turn..."

OOC:I fought Aurius and I won, nothing looted, 24 hours to him
from KoT.


Author:  Tourach
Date    Fri Aug  4 16:20:25 2006
Subject Rolst

After having dropped off the solamnic captive in the hands of
his fellow knights, Tourach had taken a day of rest within the
city of Neraka before he made preperations to head out once
again. Trading his horse in for a fresh one at the stables and
began his journey. He headed out the northern gate of Neraka and
on out into the Khalkist mountains, a sour pleasure at the deeds
he had completed in his queens name.

He stared at the road ahead of him with glazed eyes, not focusing
completely on where he was actually headed.

His horse stopped shortly, stepping back a few steps which
brought Tourach out of his obliviousness and he glanced about
himself quickly. Apparently having missed it, he looked back out
over his steed's head and saw a giant minotaur loosely clad in
furs and leather standing in the path with his weapons drawn.
Smiling to himself, Tourach wondered when these beasts would
learn their lesson and not bother him.

Climbing down out of the saddle, Tourach slowly pulled his blade
from its sheath and stared the minotaur in the eyes with a look
of icy hatred in his own. The minotaur roared and charged at him,
stepping aside and letting him pass Tourach swung his sword low.
Catching the beast in the right shin it stumbled and fell to the
ground landing face first with a solid thud. Walking around the
beast as he tried to push himself from the ground, Tourach laid a
swift mighty kick into the bottom jaw of the minotaur. Slumping
back over the minotaur dribbled a little blood from his face and
laid silent in his unconciousness.

Mounting his steed, he lightly spurred it and continued on down
the road.

OOC: I beat the life out of Rolst, nothing looted, 24 hours to
Rolst from KoT


Author:  Aurius
Date    Sun Aug  6 17:13:52 2006
Subject an acolytes fall

Whilst traveling secretly in palanthas seeking several magical
artifacts reportedly hidden in or around palanthas i ran across a
minotaur who was by far larger than i am.  We after some talk we
came to the conclusion that we could be "helpful" for each
other...  Both of us on the search for something..  Course i
couldnt of cared less for what he was looking for.. As my own
search was paramount..  But seeing an ally..  If temp temporary
of course in this personage calling himself "rolst"..  He seemed
useful at this moment....  So we went in search together. First
going to the great library trying to interrogate astinus then
bertrem..neither of which were forthcoming on anything i found
useful..but also not willing to let my presense be known in this
fairly large and "solamnic" city..i was annoyed..the therefore i
was now looking to find someone to vent my frustrations
upon...someone that didnt have connections seemingly to this
city..after several minutes of convincing i talked rolst into
escorting me past the gates and seeing me through the gua guards
and such...he did as "instructed" and after we were a goodly
distance away from the guards watchful eyes roslt started to head
his own way.

soon as rolst turned his back i started casting a spell in which
i had hoped to fully incapacitate him..i was seemingly
lightning bolt only stunned the brute for a few secons before the
glaring bloodshot eyes focused upon me.

of course as soon as i finished the first one i was already
casting the second,,lucky me..cause no sooner than i got the
second one off was the brute closing in on me with a nasty
looking sword raised over his head.

soon as the second one hit..there was a look of shear pain upon
rolsts i knew was quite in my favor as rolst started to
lurch away grasping his chest in pain. following and making ready
to cast another i was accosted by a large blue drago n luckily i
had several protections prepared just for this instance since
those pesky dark knights seem to always be lurking near the city
of palanthas..i guess in hopes that one day those of the lighter
side will fall..i on the other hand dont see that happening
anytime soon since the "bitch" hasnt the intelligence to
"outsmart" her counterpart..whose name i shall not utter since it
also brings a bad taste to my mouth.

having somewhat outsmarted this dragon i was able to slip by him
with a simple invisibility spell from a ring i aquired long
ago..seeing rolst nearby entering the treeline i knew i had him
in my grasp.

casting another lightning bolt hitting him in the right
shoulder..he fell like a dead tree..nearly knocking me off my
hooves from the shear mass of his body hitting the ground with
such force.

seeing him not move for several minutes assumed he was
out..drawing near i kicked him in the ribs to see if there was
any response..none..gladly i searched him to see if he had
anything of use..i found a few measly coins..nothing of
value..checking his pulse to see if he might be alive..i was
udderly shocked to find him still with a strong pulse..thinking
to myself..yes..our race is known for it's "hardyness" i guess i
should leave him here and let whomever he serves decide his fate.

reaching in a pouch i pull out my "calling card" a simple onyx
disk..laying in on his chest..i udder the words of a recall spell
i had prepared before going to palanthas and found myself back in
my room at the tower of high sorcery in weyreth.

(OOC) was lvling with rolst wanted to see if i could take
him..nothing looted..24 to rolst from conclave.

Author:  Dimdum
Date    Sun Aug  6 20:09:41 2006
Subject Rolst

I was swittin in deh Pawanthas healer's room whun I saw one of
dem dak knwights of Takhisis agun just like deh one I saw dat
last time.  I remembered dat dere was a lot of shinnuhs given to
meh the last time that I keeled one of deh knights like dis one,
so I hid behind one of those comfy benches (not too comfy though,
could use some horse muud! *giggle*), anyway I hid dere and twied
to be as quiet as I could and den it payed off cause de night
decided that he was going to leave teh temple, and I followed him
sneaking behind, until he weft teh city of Pawanthas and den soon
as he left out uf deh eastern gate I waised boff of my maces and
slammed dem wight into his back he was weely suprised when I did
it, but immediately ran back into Pawanthas, I thought for a
second dat I didnt want to run through there chasin him down wif
him bleedin all over deh place but then I decided that I would
just run from the guards like I did that dog that one time.  I
ran back into Pawanfas and followed heem until I found him and
threw some horse muud into his face he couldnt see so I took my
maces and I hit the knight in his fwace until he fell over to the
ground, I took hims symbol of takhisis to show to the guy who
gives shinnies and left him there while I ran away giggling with

(OOC: Nothing looted, 24 Hours to Rolst from Mercenary and 7K)
(OOC: Will expect to receive bounty for this kill from KoS :P)

Author:  Aurius
Date    Mon Aug  7 11:50:29 2006
Subject torlith

(OOC) torlith was begging the mud to remove his i
agreed..214 exp later..killer removed..if ya want a better
warnote..lemme know:)

Author:  Khyldes
Date    Fri Aug 11 02:11:57 2006
Subject Thaeden

No real reason.. 4am and bored. 24 hours.

Author:  Makarth
Date    Fri Aug 11 02:30:45 2006
Subject Lothoemas

Author:  Khyldes
Date    Mon Aug 14 00:35:24 2006
Subject Emla

Thaeden jumped Emla.

I jumped Thaeden.

Thaeden ran.

Emla attacked me.


Emla died, 24 hours.

Author:  Illych
Date    Tue Aug 15 03:55:37 2006
Subject A lesson

During the twilight as I sat hunched over a fresh carcass of a
deer., The blood dripping from my jowels.

Standing my chest covered in the fresh blood from the meal, I
spot Krossa through the trees, and begin to think to myself that
she could be in use of a leason of being aware of her
surroundings at all times.

Quietly I began to stalk her through the woods, slowly closing
the distance between us, as she continues on her way not relizing
that she was being stalked.

I come upon in a clearing from behind my rush through the woods
causing her to turn towards me.  My large frame slammed into hers
knocking her to the ground.

We battled fiercly both of us cutting and brusing the other.  We
sparred for many hours into the night before finally quitting and
returning to our camp to aid each other in better ways to fight.

Author:  Illych
Date    Thu Aug 17 02:57:31 2006
Subject aurius

Killed him by accident coming out of the areana with my bash
spam. Nothing looted or anything still gets 24 hr protection from

Author:  Aurius
Date    Thu Aug 17 17:31:02 2006
Subject A shot over the bow.

Upon hearing of the meeting a fellow mage had with one of the
mercenaries i decided to give them a "show" of what is to come if
our "request" isnt accepted and put into action immediately.

Hearing of one such mercenary being near the town of gerighelm i
decided to pay him a visit and leave him with a "reminder" of
things to come if they didnt accept.  Walking into the town i
started immediately inquiring about the one in question..  And
was promptly pointed in the right direction. After walking a few
minutes i saw the one i was looking for...  Casting a simple
invisibility spell upon myself i snuck up upon him and cast a
sleep spell on him..  He dropped fast asleep.  I then called upon
my more malicious spells to blind, confuse, and weaken him so
that if he woke..  He would still be helpless.  Not being one to
stand toe-to-toe with a fairly large brute of an ogre..  I kept
my distance and pummeled him into submission with a few magic
missles.  After a long and fairly exausting long distance battle
he finally fell and did not attempt to get up again..  I walked
over to him and checked o see if he was still alive..  He was..
Barely.  I forced him to eat a magical fruit to restore him to
semi conciousness and explained to him what had just happened and
why..  He said he understood and then passed out.  Seeing as how
no one near us looked menacing..  I quickly chanted a recall
spell to get myself back into the safety of the towers...  Just
in case his freinds had any ideas of an ambush.  After resting a
bit i decided to head to solace..  There to find some relaxation
in a cup or few of mulled wine.

(OOC) snuck up on illych and slept him..a few malads later along
with a lot of magic missles he fell...24 for him from conclave.

Author:  Illych
Date    Sat Aug 19 15:37:43 2006
Subject rolst

Early in the morn, when the moon still shines bright.  I came
upon alone minotaur, and his companion.  I sat in the shadows
watching them move about the castle tantallon.  It was when they
entered into the servants quaters.

Quietly I entered the darkened building, and made my attack, I
was handily beating off the attacks of the minotaur and his
companion and causing damage to them both.

As I tried to rush towards them I tripped over the bed and the
cowardly minotaur ran out the door and into the knight.  His
companion was not so lucky, I got up quickly and slew him
quickly.  I muttered to myself at letting the minotaur escape, in
anger I slew all I could find.

OOC it was an attempted pk on Rolst, he ran and got away from me.
I killed his pet

Author:  Illych
Date    Sat Aug 19 15:39:57 2006
Subject rolst continued

I forgot to add, 24 hr protection to all gully mercenary's

Author:  Illych
Date    Mon Aug 21 00:37:45 2006
Subject Rolst

As I travelled the Pirate Isle's north of Palanthas, in search of
a spot to hide.  I saw on the horizon a small blue dragon flying
over a tiny sailing ship.

I ordered the ship to follow the sailing vessle for awhile,
watching and waiting for the perfect oppertunity to strike.  When
the captain of the other vessel crashed into the reefs to the
north of myself.  I came along side him Staying away from the
coral myself and let fly with my long bow, raining arrows down
upon the unfortunate soul stuck on the boat.  After the  return
fire stopped I lowed my dingy and rowed into the coral.

I found laying there unconcuious on the boat was the dark knight
Rolst.  I bound his hands and feet tightly with rope before i
searched his belongs, taking the few gems he had on him.

I carried him back to my boat to make my way to Palanthas to hand
him over to the Solamnic Knighthood to collect the bounty
promised to us.

(24hr protection to rolst from merc)

Author:  Sniivlo
Date    Wed Aug 23 16:10:05 2006
Subject A bout with madness

I was preparing to fish one fine afternoon by Solace, on the
docks of the Crystalmir, when a shark pain lanced through my
chest!  Staggering backward from the pain, a second silver
missile struck his chest and sent agonizing pain through the

Grasping a talisman from his side, he uttered a quick word and
saw the world change before his eyes.  "Stillinsolace" he coughed
as his fear caused him the tell-tale gnome stutter.  Sniivlo
glanced around and spotted the massive Illych by the docks where
he had been moments before himself.

He quickly cast a spell to hide himself and dashed behind the
massive brute, the drool fell from Illych's massive tusks as he
seemed to smell the very air for Sniivlo's scent.  As Sniivlo
watched, the massive ogre pulled another silver jagged bit of
metal from under a bracelet made of small animal bones.

Sniivlo had enough and tossed a pinch of sand over the massive
brute's head with the uttering of a single word...  The ogre's
eyes turned inwards and he shuddered as he tried in vain to
overcome the spell.  With a thump he hit the docks unconcious.

Illych was so large that it seemed near impossible, but by
magically flying the beast the gnome was able to pull him along
out onto the lake.  'This foul beast needs a bath me thinks, and
I know just the spot for it' Sniivlo muttered to himself.  After
affixing a specially enchanted sealskin to his face, the gnome
pulled down and slowly pulled the ogre under the calm waters of
the Crystalmir.

A nice trout swam by and looked upon the scene then darted
northward out of sight.  The ogre shuddered, but the spell kept
him soundly asleep.  Finally his air burst from his chest and the
beast stopped moving.

'Quickly now' Sniivlo said to himself as he floated the beast to
the surface, 'Kill him I shall not, but a lesson perhaps this
beast learned on this day.  '

(OOC: 24 hours protection to Merc and Illych from myself and
Clave, nothing taken)

Author:  Throg
Date    Wed Aug 23 22:37:09 2006
Subject Volath

I killed volath to release him from jail, no biggie.

(3 Items taken in ransom for removing him from our jails, 24
hours from Merc)

Author:  Dargmyre
Date    Fri Aug 25 22:30:45 2006
Subject Smells like dwarven spirit

Sometimes boredom is the real killer.  It creeps up on you so
frequently, causing you to do things in the name of killing time.
 Sometimes killing time turns into killing-time, and it just
happened to be time for killing when a dwarf by the name of Loror
stepped upto the plate -- that is, he stumbled around the dark
alleys of the city by himself long enough to get attention.  So
he was followed, to be pronounced the next corpse found by the
city guards in the days to come.  It was nothing personal against
dwarves, nothing personal against this particular dwarf, it was
circumstance.  He just decided to be in the wrong place at the
wrong time.

He was caught completely unaware, looking as though he was
skulking upon his own prey, when I launched an assault on him. 
He was left confused and probably couldn't even tell where he was
being casted upon from.  Once the advantage was on my side, I
closed in and attacked.  The fight wasn't anything special, just
another in the name of something to do.  By the end of it, the
dwarf laid upon the ground, not quite as bloody as I had
originally envisioned the finale, but it would suffice for now. 
Searching through his possessions I found myself a few trinkets I
could use for later, so I relieved him of them and went on my
way, to find some other fool brazen enough to walk in the dark
alleys alone.

Loror may not have died from the attack, but he certainly should
have learned to pay attention to those around him, more.

a nice light and a deasons with him.

Author:  Dargmyre
Date    Sat Aug 26 03:44:10 2006
Subject Emla

Author:  Barp
Date    Mon Aug 28 21:03:26 2006
Subject Sourin

I walked along the merchant's row, tossing horse poop at the
ground, fascinated by the intricate mud splatterings.  One of the
poops slipped and flew straight and up, not down and down.  It
flew directly into the eyes of a not so nice looking man.  With a
squeal I ran up to the man who was bending over trying to rub the
poop out of his eyes.  I told him I'd help him and started trying
to rub his eyes out.  This only hurt him more as I nearly gouged
his eyes out.  He swung at me in an attempt to brush me away, but
me took this as an attack and drew my pointy stick, upside down
and began to fight him, doing more damage to my hand than him. 
So as I poked him with all my might, he attempted to swat me
away, but punched a wooden beam nearby.  Cursing he stood up and
stumbled backwards, tripping over the cobblestone and hitting his
head on the wall.  Proudly waving my stick around, thinking
myself a hero for combatting such a heavy foe, I stabbed myself
in the leg.  Shrieking in pain, I vainly attempted to remove it.
Then I did the only thing I knew best..  Put poop on it.

Author:  Vicar
Date    Mon Aug 28 21:23:53 2006
Subject sourin

Traveling through the city of greighelm I came across the dark
knight sourin, i laid upon him a spell of sleep  and posion upon
him.  I left him naked laying in the dump.

(note is a day late sorry about that but 24 hour was extended

Author:  Thaeden
Date    Mon Aug 28 21:25:30 2006
Subject Loror

Loror was challenging Loth, so I took him unawares.  Nothing
looted.  24 Hours.  Proper story to follow later.

Author:  Illych
Date    Tue Aug 29 12:43:43 2006
Subject Aurius

As I traveled through some woods near a deep wide lake, I came
upon a vampire who readily attacked me trying to make me her
dinner.  Lucky for me I was able to flee into the woods leaving
her standing by the lake As i ran through the woods, before more
appeared the high archmage Aurius.

He quickly put myself to sleep, and crashed to the ground I did. 
Somehow i was able to wake from the spell that the powreful mage
cast upon me, and I slamed him with my body.

I attacked relentlessy overpowering him finally pushing him
against a tree I hit him upon the head with the flat of my axe
droping him to the ground unconcious.

i searched his body but found nothing of worth, so off I ran
through the woods trying to get back to the mountains.

(24 hours to Aur from merc, and bounty collected)

Author:  Aurius
Date    Tue Aug 29 12:59:23 2006
Subject Revenge

After walking through the woods near solace..  Hearing the one
named illych had been seen nearby..  I decided it was time for
another "talk" with him.  After several hours i was just about to
say to hell with it..  And all of a sudden i was smashed to the
ground by the very one i was seeking.. Needless to say it didnt
go very well..  I woke up later extremely furious. Not really
know how much time had pass i resumed my search with ferver..
After several minutes i had found a small fire with someone
tending it..  I decided to check it out.  Sneaking near the camp
and being already invisible since my last encounter..  I snuck in
flawlessly..  And lo and behold..  It was Illych..  The one who
left me for dead just a short while ago.  Sneaking up nearby i
started a low chant..  Ending with him becoming my friend.. After
several commands and several evil spells i had learned to make
even the mightiest lay low..  He was mine.  I started with a
sadistic round of acid dripping on him..  Which broke my charm
spell but nothing else..  He was stuck fast in the mud near a
lake.  Needless to say..  After a few simple spells..  He
succumbed to weariness and fell to the ground..  I figure i'd
leave him a note since he was out cold.

Note said...To Illych..the one who seems to have spurned my last
offer..i give you yet another warning to expel or turn over all
of the mages who are or will be in your annoying band of
brigands..i will not be so lenient when next we meet.

(ooc) pk'd illych after he pk'd me..only looted cash and a
restring...i voided the 24 from merc at that time i know..but now
he has 24 from me and the rest of conclave Aurius Ebonheart High
Archmage of the Black robe mages of he Conclave.

Author:  Jendaron
Date    Thu Aug 31 15:20:06 2006
Subject Ridel

After being offered to join forces by this solamnic, which
utterly disgusted me, I saught him out and found him in
Gerighelm, helping young ones.  I quickly cast a few spells his
way, though he proved quite powerful.

I fled and returned several times, each time wearing Ridel down
more and more.  Finally, I was able to fell him right before the
gates of Gerighelm, with a magic word and a slash from my dagger.
 24 hrs

Author:  Aurius
Date    Thu Aug 31 21:59:14 2006
Subject Illych

Illych wanted to i got all his stuff...if a real
note is required then np's..just let me know.

Author:  Godric
Date    Mon Sep  4 20:45:20 2006
Subject aurius

I jumped on the minotaur mage Aurius back, grabbed his horns and
rode him into a wall.

Got beef? OOC: Removed killer, 24 hours from solamnic

Author:  Aurius
Date    Mon Sep  4 20:46:25 2006
Subject godric

godric fell victim to a chain lightning spell while trying to
remove my killer...24 from conclave

Author:  Jendaron
Date    Mon Sep  4 21:04:40 2006
Subject Ridel

After more taunting and an attempted double team by Ridel and
Godric I conquered Ridel and stood proudly above his corpse,
after he went to hide in a safehouse, thinking I wouldn't find

Author:  Leodas
Date    Mon Sep  4 23:22:40 2006
Subject Vishar

After a long battle, Vishar went down like a geisha girl.

Author:  Vishar
Date    Mon Sep  4 23:38:13 2006
Subject aurius

We were sitting around thinking of having a bbq and we had no
meat so i killed a cow.


Author:  Aurius
Date    Tue Sep  5 00:08:50 2006
Subject illych

illych died while trying to remove my killer..24 to him from

Author:  Jendaron
Date    Wed Sep  6 23:09:03 2006
Subject Rolst

It all started in Thelgaard, where I discovered Rolst murdering
members of his own faith, those battling the solamnics.  I
thought to myself of the disgust of Godric and realized, though I
hated solamnics, I would also choose to fight their main enemy. 
I attacked Rolst with a small army of charmed monsters and people
alike, from both Gerighelm and the High Clerist Tower.  Rolst
attacked with berserker fury, slaughtering through the monsters
and myself before I even realized what had happened.  I found
myself fireblinded, and hurt.  I ran quickly off to Gerighelm,
traversing the path blind but not missing a step.  I rested,
recouperated, and this time we met outside of Palanthas's East
Gate.  Another short skirmish led to him being blinded, when
suddenly, a much higher ranked member of Rolst's clan attempted
to attack me.  The power of Zivilyn struck him as he failed to
initiated combat with the lute he brandished.  Realizing I was
outnumbered, even if I couldn't be attacked by others, I
retreated once more.  Later in the evening, my thoughts traveled
back to blood.  I headed for the Holy Grove, enclosed myself in a
closet, and prepared a spell. Suddenly, Rolst appeared in front
of me.  I attacked quickly, catching him completely off guard. 
The powerful swings of this warrior nearly fell me however, I had
to retreat one final time and recoup quickly.  I managed to
fireblind Rolst and he was completely lost and stumbling.  I
returned once more, my spells overpowering him and his fear
forcing him to run from battle repeatedly.  The speed and
experience of this mage paid off though, as I caught him
attempted to hide behind a door.  Apparently he forgot mages can
pass through doors upon will.  He fell quickly, and I took a few
spoils from his corpse as battle trophies.  24 hours from the

Author:  Jendaron
Date    Fri Sep  8 09:26:54 2006
Subject Death of Another Solamnic

After recently losing several artifacts very dear to me, due to
poor decision making on my part, I decided to exact my anger out
on a person, rather than merely be upset with myself.  I had
heard of a new upcoming Paladin, Davan, a Knight of Solamnia in
my time in Palanthas where I brutally attacked a member of the
Knights of Takhisis.  Apparently that got me wanted by the both
Knights, the KoT for attacking their member, and the KoS for
attacking in Palanthas.  You'd think they'd like what I was doing
for them in Palanthas, but I decided to try my luck on this not
so lucky Paladin.  With a quick word, a mental image of Davan
appeared in my head. He was traveling towards Tantallion's
castle, so close to the Tower of Wayreth for me, though he
himself would never find it.  I quickly approached Tantallion,
with excitement, evil intent, bloodlust.  I found Davan,
completely unprepared and unexpecting of this attack, fighting a
Tantallion guard with his trusty steed.  I quickly attacked,
wearing him down heavily at first, then I managed to land a
confusion spell on him.  Though I was battling him well, the
physical power of a paladin is much more than that of a mage, I
had to retreat once, regoup, heal and return.  I knew I'd have
this opportunity because of the fact that Davan was blinded and
confused. Upon my return, I crushed a few flower petals and threw
them in the face of Davan.  Before he knew it, he was calling me
master.  I made him sleep, and continued my assault on him.  Only
after he was completely weakened to the best of my ability, I
continued the barrage of acid blasts I had started earlier. 
Davan quickly fell, I took the appropriate war trophies, and
headed back to my cove, in the Tower of Wayreth

Author:  Leodas
Date    Sun Sep 10 18:22:19 2006
Subject Kailith

Gazing into the scrying pool in front of me, I discovered a
member of Takhisis sparring with a polar bear in the frozen
tundra of Icewall. Quickly gathering my staff, I tossed the
necessary spell components into the pool.  Chanting, an archway
opened before me.  Wading into the pool, I passed through, right
in front of the man.  Tossing a pinch of sand into his face, the
man quickly fell unconscious.  Taking my time, I made sure to
impart numerous spells upon him.  Within moments he was as
dangerous as a babbling baby.  By now, the cold of Icewall was
starting to get to me, so I removed him to the Tower of an old
acquaintance.  There, I quickly finished what I came for.  If he
is ever found, it will be in a pool of his own blood, his flesh
bubbling and boiling with the acidic waves that washed upon him.

Author:  Eirith
Date    Sun Sep 10 21:55:48 2006
Subject Me Smash Gnash!!

 Me wander through Neraka pissing drunk all'way down street
when me smash me face into hunlking thing creature. "You get
out me way before me smash brains all over street.." Me say as me
look down at thing, me laugh because me think it funny. Thing not
think it funny, thing stand up and say something stupid that me
not understand.

Thing finally stand and me see why it so mad. Me had forgot to
stop peeing when me run into this stranger!

Needless to say, stranger soaked in pee. Me laugh even louder now
because thing look so silly all covered in pee, me not notice it
stand and smash me in the chest. Funny time stop, him claw at me
with jagged nails then ravage face with him spit Me throw gross
creature off and assuault with me own slobber and claws but me
better at slobbering and clawing so me win.

Me wrestle with creature for hours, me think it epic, then me
grab creature by it neck and squeeze because me tired of thing
and me drunk still and want to go eat grog. Me dream of grog
while me hold thing's neck but when me mental grog go  me look
down at me hands and all me see is thing. He asleep! Me look
around, it early in the morning and me not want city patrol to
take thing's things, so me take the things things and hurry down

Eirith Smash all at wrestling games, dont even try.

(24 Hour to gnash, me take some things)

Author:  Jendaron
Date    Sun Sep 10 23:47:57 2006
Subject Rolst

I cast an incantation today, to travel to my old enemy, Rolst,
knight of Takhisis.  I gated, charmed, slept, spelled down,
defeated, looted, went home.  Normally i write longer notes, but
i don't feel like it tonight, 24 hrs.

Author:  Leonius
Date    Mon Sep 11 02:14:52 2006
Subject Aurius

While exploring the tunnels of Hybardin, I happened upon a mage
of the black robes.  Most unusual.  And more unusual still, he
was a hulking beast of a minotaur.  Preoccupied as he was with
slaughtering the inhabitants of the city, I had an prime
oppurtunity to take him down.  Readying my trusty bow, I trained
it upon his vulnerable backside and began peppering him with
arrows.  His arcane shields protected him from the full force of
the missiles, and he managed to slip away for a time.

Hiding in the remote reccesses of the city, he must have gathered
up some courage, for he came at me with lightning and thunder! 
Ducking behind my shield, I deflected the blasts and drew my
sword to engage him in melee! Unfortunatly, at that very moment
the beast hurled a spell of blindness at me.  I was forced to
retreat and have the hex removed before taking the battle back to
my enemy.  Engaging him from outside the range of his blindness
spell, I hit him with more arrows until he seemed a pincushion.
Roaring with rage, he came at me until he had enough of my blade
and attempted to flee.  In his haste, he cornered himself in a
building, and found himself quickly rendered unconscious from the
bleeding and the flat of my blade.

I left this minotaur with the cityguard of Thorbardin.  I know
dwarves are a proud lot, so I respected their jurisdiction.  I
also know they will not hold him long, but I will be ready.

-Leonius Uth Garand, Squire of the Crown

Author:  Eirith
Date    Tue Sep 12 15:15:23 2006
Subject Smash Illych!!!

Me awake morning after with pounding headache because me had been
wrestling all night with the thing me peed on.

Me sit down and chug cup of ale me left sit last night before
sleep, then me hears the voice it say, "Eirith...what are you
doing ? You are a waste of time...The Dark god is in need of you

Me frightened by this and try to knock words out of head with
fists but it not work, "Stop it you fool, you are in debt of
the plague god. Do you value your skin ?" Me value skin above
most things so me reply "Yes."

"You shouldnt have left, you should have known we would find
you. Now enter the door and i will give you this task" Glowing
blue door rise out of the floor "What you want Shadow man! You

The voice grew angry "Enter the gate and bring me the black
robe and his friend!" Me step through the gate, head still
aching from ale. Other side of magic door me see two men up to
knees in dwarfs. Me hate dwarfs so me push me way through and
grab one of men from behind and drag him backwards toward portal.
Other turned around, him have ugly face and him chant magic words
(ME hate magic!) me even seen the words, they fly and try to wrap
around eirith. But me too fast Me shove other man back through
portal as me hit with more magic.

Eirith Smash All People.

(24 hours to illych from Rogue, i was going for Aurius though He
just got in the way. Few items looted.)

Author:  Aurius
Date    Thu Sep 14 09:14:32 2006
Subject honorable entertainment

Upon traveling to palanthas seeking some artifacts of mild but
useful power i was challenged by one of those pesky solamnic
knights.  After a few moments talk i convinced him i was a weak
mage and couldnt put up much of a fight..  He believed me..  And
removed all of his armor..  Wearing only a loincloth and his
weapon..  I likewise did the same..  While he was watching
anyways.  As soon as he turned his back and headed to the eastern
gates of palanthas..  I immediately put all my attire back on.. 
And with a simple invisibility enchantment rendered it all
invisible..  Except for my weapon of course.  Meeting him outside
like we had agreed he saw me neked and saluted..  I noded..  Then
cast a simple spell upon him to make him sleep.. Foolish knight
acually fell for my ruse.  After some simple maladictions he was
rendered all but helpless..  A few spells later and he was beaten
to a pulp there before me..  Never hurts to wear ones armor.. 
Hehe i didnt take anything..  Cause the shame of being beaten by
a seemingly naked mage would be dishonorable enough..  Not to
mention entertaining.

(ooc) ridel was neked after spamming and losing all eq..i went
and got him an il weapon and removed all my eq to make it seem
fair..after he went to east gate..i wore it all again and made it
invis:) he got slept,charmed,blinded,confused,and much poisoned
and died...24 to ridel from conclave..good show mate:)

Author:  Koske
Date    Thu Sep 14 14:33:16 2006
Subject (Slain) High Archmage Aurius

It is 23:15, Day of Manthus, 3rd the Month of Argon.

[A Piece of Blood Stained Parchment pinned to the Robes of
High Archmage Aurius reads:]

To those who have forgotten the shadow,

Let this avatar of Nuitari, beaten and bloodied as he is, be a
reminder that the Arm of Morgion is still alive...The black
cloud's gift has been imbedded into this pitiful heart. Perhaps
he will live, if you find this soon enough.

This is a warning to all who are unwilling to accept Morgion's
strength and to those who might hinder our efforts in this world:
stand aside or die.

This is the begining.

(24 hours to HA Aurius from Shadow, A few items looted.)

Author:  Ridel
Date    Thu Sep 14 16:59:50 2006
Subject Revenge

Well earlier in the day i was accosted and robbed by one Aurius
ebonheart. He came out of no where and before i could draw my
mace he had put me to sleep.

well after I had awonken with my armor still intack and my money
purse a little lighter I decided to hunt him down.

I noticed that He had left a trail of Dust from when he has cast
a spell on me so i followed it.

This lead me right to a bar where I saw him laughing and carring
on.  I Yell and told him that he was under arrest.

At that time he started at me with a dagger. I quickly drew my
mace and dodged his attack and countered with my own.

He was a very good match He ducked my attack and roled out of the

He started to cast something at me but before he could I Broke
his wrist with my mace.  He screamed in agony and stuck me with
his dagger right in the shoulder.. the pain was unbearable but i
could not stop or he would kill me for sure.

So with a fail swoop I pulled the dagger out and landed a blow to
the head He dropped like a pile of horse manure.. after that I
dragged him out into the wilderness and left him lay for dead.

Author:  Aurius
Date    Thu Sep 14 17:17:58 2006
Subject honorable entertainment part.2

Upon laying the knight called ridel to sleep with a few swift
spells.. He jumped me again shortly afterwards..  Damn clerics.. 
They'll be the death of us all one of these days.  Well anyways
after i got preoccupied with some herb gathering since i had
already aquired the artifacts while i was here..  I get jumped by
the same knight...  Again.  Well this time i may have been
paritally unprepared..  But not quite what he was expecting..
Hehe..  A few short spells later he was once again laying at my
feet bleeding lightly.  Even now he still had nothing worth
aquiring..  So i left him bloody and piled in a heap near the
holy grove east of palanthas.

(OOC) once again he attacks me and i lay him to rest..24 to him
from me:)

Author:  Jendaron
Date    Fri Sep 15 17:22:07 2006
Subject Grisov Blackfur, A tale of

After hearing Grisov had intended to attack me, I was looking for
any excuse I could to get him myself.  After he called me out
earlier, and i did not show, I knew I must do what I could to
trick him.  My fellow conclaver Leodas summoned him, placed him
under charm, blindness and several other maladictions.  I
proceeded to cast chain lightning repeatedly, each time
massacring him more than the last.  He fell quickly, and I made
quick work of some of his items.  He has 24 hour protection from
the conclave of mages

Author:  Eirith
Date    Sun Sep 17 17:27:24 2006
Subject Gift for Knights.

Eirith bursts out of bushes south of east palanthas road
covered in flames from the hair on his feet feet to the hair on
his head. "What me doing, this stupid, me need leave magic
people alone unless they not know me around..."

Still on fire Eirith throws himself at the ground and begins to
roll, his assailant steps from the bushes behind him and chuckles
lightly "Enemy of the crown, i hereby place you under
arrest." Eirith looks up, his face is disgruntled but most of
the flames had gone out "Why you burn me?! Me super pissed, me
have better idea, you give Eirith you armor and me not smash your
Knight face with  rock"

The knight laughed, his armor was beautiful and such a request
was unrealistic, he draws his mace in anticipation, but the
hobgoblin has already lifted a humungus rock above his head,
ready to throw. "What you want do now knight, me crush y you
with rock if you set eirith on fire again, give me armor" The
Knight lunges forward and the rock does too. It catches the
knight in his chest and with a clank he hits the floor his
mace thrown far away.

Eirith approaches the knight slowly, its body twitches beneath
the weight of the great rock that Eirith had thrown. "Rats! me
smash its armor too..Magic knight not bother eirith again though,
that for sure." Eirith nods to himself and b Eirith
approaches the knight slowly, its body twitches beneath the
weight of the great rock that Eirith had thrown. "Rats! me
smash its armor too..Magic knight not bother eirith again though,
that for sure." Eirith nods to himself and b begins to
salvage what he can of the knight's armor. When he is done he
rolls the rock off and continues southward towards Neraka with
his prizes.

 Eirith (24 hours from rogue to Thornas, took ergos)

Author:  Davan
Date    Mon Sep 18 11:07:06 2006
Subject Aurius

I was in the keep practicing my sword skills when one of the
solamnic squires came to me with a message. I was told that there
was a Kot knight waiting for me outside of Palanthas. I wasn't
about to back down from a challenge so I gathered my armor and
headed for the east gate. There standing before me was a minotaur
clade in the armor of the Kot.

We saluted each other as was proper and proceeded with the duel.
He quickly evaded my bash and slashed at my back as I went by
him. Nearly missing me I vowed to never make that mistake again.
Our swords clashed and for every thrust he made I counter attack,
making him weaker and weaker every time. When I thought the
battle was going to be over soon he ran away to heal himself.

It didn't matter to me I beat him once I could do it again. He
was finally able to get through my defense and slash my arm but
it was only a grazing blow. Again he was getting tired and weak
because of the loss of blood. He slipped in the mud and quickly
regained his footing but he wasn't fast enough I was able to get
a what should have been the final blow. A ghastly slash across
his stomach. I to slipped in the mud and because of that I just
serverly wounded him. He tried to run again, but I was prepared
for it this time. As soon as he turned to run away I bashed him
and sent him sprawling to the ground.

Where he was knocked unconsious from his head hitting a rock that
was sticking up in the mud.

Lord Davan

Author:  Kailith
Date    Tue Sep 26 13:44:50 2006
Subject Ulthar

Today I came upon Ulthar with a righteous vengeance, and
complained him to death.  I politely asked him to full loot
himself and he declined.  After that we talked about how cool
vampires and painting your fingernails black was.

-Kailith (24 hours noprotection to Ulthar)

Author:  Grishnakh
Date    Thu Sep 28 22:51:29 2006
Subject Demeter

Author:  Leodas
Date    Mon Oct  2 00:53:15 2006
Subject The Ascent

I had been working with Arcane forces beyond my means.  I was in
way over my head.  The sheer power of the magic I was trying to
control began to consume me from the inside out.  It was then
that I vanished, my place in this flow of time erased, moved to
some other plane, some other point.  I knew not where or how, but
most definitely why.

I had been returned, by some force greater than my own, to this
planet. Lunitari's blessing surely favored me; for not only had I
been approached by Jendaron for an event so monumental it had not
been seen since the Age of Dreams, but I also had a target to
test my returned strength upon, before the appointed hour of
Conclave's greatest show of strength in decades.

I found him stalking the inner city streets in search of a
kitchen to ransack.  I quickly pulled a pinch of sand from a
hidden pouch and tossed it in his face as he turned around. 
Batting his eyelashes and rubbing his eyes, it was not long
before he was passed out at my feet.  Reciting the few spells I
had re-memorized upon him, he was no longer a threat by any
means. I quickly dragged his unconscious form to a nearby alley,
where I proceeded to call lightning at his weak and befuddled
form.  Within moments he was a sizzling, charred mess.  Searching
his form, I found but one item that deserved research for being a
potential artifact.  I also took various spell components that he
had upon his person before quickly making my exit, should a city
official arrive at the scene and take it for something it was

Author:  Koske
Date    Tue Oct  3 01:31:16 2006
Subject Ridel


Author:  Aurius
Date    Wed Oct  4 20:23:30 2006
Subject The fall of a pickpocket

Traveling through dangerous parts near Palanthas, I decided to
bring a few friends along for protection..  Just in case.  Good
thing i did..  Me traveling in the forfront of the group made me
seemed singled out for a misplaced pickpocket who i found out was
named Noor.  Being extra alert since i was near the lord city
allowed me to catch him trying to lift my purse..  I of course
caught him and got slashed at for the effort. Instantly my
"friends" came to my aid..  Beating the theif with clubs till he
was bleeding and VERY unconcious...  Checking to see if he was
still alive i walked over too him and lifted HIS purse..  No
point in killing someone this close to palanthas.  The guards
seem especially alert for dead bodies and such laying in the
road..  Didnt feel up to arousing any attention to my group. 
Getting out some pungent herbs in one of my pouch's i held them
under the thief's nose till he awoke..  Kneeling on his prone
body to prevent any struggle..  I figured i'd have a chat with
him.  I asked his name..  What he's seen nearby..  The basics.. 
Didnt figure someone this young would be able to garner any
"real" information just yet.  Knocking him back unconcious..  I
left him laying near a thicket..  Just concealed enough not to be
too noticeable..  Then continued my travels like nothing had

(ooc) Noor wanted to play..we army smoked him like a
trout in a bon fire..nothing but money looted...24 for Noor from

Author:  Aurius
Date    Thu Oct  5 18:54:18 2006
Subject The fall of a pickpocket (part

Whilst still traveling near palanthas with my "friends" i guess
the thief who calls himself Noor didnt learn the first time.. 
Cause he came back trying the same stunt.  It ended exactly the
same way..  Him laying there on the ground bleeding from multiple
blunt weapon hits..  It was rather pitiful..  I acually felt bad
for him this time.  But this time he had acually done me some
harm..  He cut my robe in several places..  For this i extracted
all of his coins..  Not that there were many left after the last
incident.  Taking his money and kicking him in the ribs cause it
was such a small sum and would barely be enough to have my robe
mended..  I had my "friends" push him into the gutter..  Cause
surely if he had come back again so fairly soon..  He must have a
reputation with the local constabulatory. I figured i'd allow
them to see him laying there and left them decide what to do with

(ooc) 24 again to noor from kot..was much much fun.

Author:  Ridel
Date    Thu Oct  5 18:54:36 2006
Subject Hook line and sinker

Well Today i decided to take a stroll around the gardens of
Hybardin.  I had heard they were quite beautiful and let me tel
you those Pansys were in bloom. while looking at the gardens I
had head the Unmistakable clash of weapons.

I ran out to see what it was and i spotted them there was a large
Minotaur fighing a Small stalky fellow. I noticed that the
Minotaur was a Knight of takhisis. I started in on him when i was
attacked by the Stalky fellow.  he seemed to be quite winded but
he managed to stab me in the leg.

I quickly reeled back and struck him with my mace to the head he
dropped unconcious. Before I knew it the Knight was trying to run
out so I quickly ran after him.

He Tried to thrust at me with his dagger but I quickly turned it
aside and countered with a swift blast to the shoulder.

I head bone crack and the Mino ran He was much faster than I so i
had to try and track him.

His tracks seemed to just disapear into the night I would have to
try and find another wawy of getting this one.

(24 to Noor Voided cause he attacked me after nothing looted)
Ridel everouth

Author:  Ridel
Date    Thu Oct  5 19:00:37 2006
Subject My tracking skills finally paid

Well I had tracked the cursed beast into the darkness for what
seemed like hours now.  I had almost given up when I head a
fellow Knight give out his battle cry. I could hear the chase it
seemed they were coming right for me.

I braced myself and readied my weapon I was pretty sure that this
was the man I was looking for. Then I saw them He was being
chased by to Solamnic knights.

I qucikly threw sand in his eyes and blinded him He went into a
rage and started thrashing everywhere.  At that time we all
circled in on him He was Ours now.  With a quick Heft of my maced
i knocked him off balance.

Then the 2 Knight went in on him and Dropped him he was all but
dispatched now.

He let out one last war Cry is was something to the affect of
MOOOOOOoOOOOo then He was laid uncoucious.

(24 to Aurius was revoked looted roc claws) Ridel Everouthx}

Author:  Ridel
Date    Thu Oct  5 19:33:16 2006
Subject Noor

So After the days violence I decided it was time to go home for a
Beer and maybe a woman or 2. Just when I entered the town I heard
the Mating call of the Drunken asshole.

I decided that this one could go free for the night I was tired
and I just wanted to get drunk myself.

so I started twards the bar when out of no where he stumbled out
and started with me. It just seemed today was not my day haha. So
I told the man to go home and sleep it off but thats when He
hauled off and punched me right in the face.

I slugged him back and knocked him off balance He staggered right
back at me. I decided that this was time for me to bring out the
big guns. I reached into my pouch and pulled out some sand as he
came for me again I stepped out of the way and blinded him with
it I pulld out my mace and cracked him in the back of the head..
He dropped like a 10 cooper whore.

(24 to noor traded some eq ) Ridel Everouth

Author:  Thoras
Date    Fri Oct  6 10:22:24 2006
Subject groth and thoras

It was a cloudy windy day in Palanthas. I strolled the streets,
eating my apple, and watching the daily market proceedings.

I was smiling at a young maiden, thinking about going to see what
she was selling, when i noticed a figure stalking me.

I regretted it, but i passed the beautiful woman, heading towards
the not so busy east gate. My quarry followed, so i tossed my

The guards took no notice of a solamnic leaving the city.  And
when i left, i rounded a rocky outcropping, losing sight of my
armed friend.

I looked back to the gate, to see if this figure would pass the
guards, but saw nothing. Not a soul. Was I the hunter or the
hunted? This creature showed cunning.

I was about to sit back, when i felt a searing pain in my
shoulder. The figure was no dark sorcerer, but was a common
thief. A goblin no less.

How could a goblin get into palanthas? I asked myself. No matter.
He would feel the wrath of an angry Solamnic.

My eyes filled red, and instead of stepping away from the knife
in my shoulder, I leaned back, and swept my sword left, cuttin
the goblin's leg.

The knife left my shoulderas i turned, and plunged into my
shield. Another arcing swing countered his stab, and I wounded
him further.

The battle ensued, both of us wounding the other. My back began
to ache, so I stepped back to rub herb into it. This closed the

When i came at the goblin, this time he was not ready. I slammed
my body into him, knocking him down the outcropping.

He came to rest at the foot of two of my fellow Solamnics. Those
who watched the gate. I followed his path down the hill.

When i got to the creature, he was a pitiful sight. The guards
had all but incapacitated him, and my job was near done.

I grabbed the fellows ear, picking him up. Quite a racket he
made, but his weapons had been take by the skilled Solamnics.

I looked at him, with rage in my eyes, but could not finish his
life. My glove smashed his face, knocking him out cold. My fellow
Solamnics laughed, and i threw his limp body into the road.

(24 to groth, noloot)

Thoras Ul Derkan

Author:  Resh
Date    Fri Oct  6 13:35:46 2006
Subject Noor

Intrigued by the Mercenaries, I decided to see if I had what it
takes to join them myself.  I snuck calmly around Palanthas,
seeking out a target, when I spotted Noor.  He seemed like he was
asking for a fight, so I decided to help him out a bit.  I
followed him closely until he was safely out of the range of the
city, then jumped out of the shadows.  He fell easily, no match
for my stealth and weapon skills.  I decided to let the poor guy
off easy, because my point had been proven.  I dragged him into
the shadows and left him badly wounded, wounded enough so he will
not come after me any time soon, but most definitely still alive.
 I then made my way towards Solace in search of the Mercenaries.

(ooc: 24 hours to Noor from myself and 7K, not that 7K logs

Author:  Leodas
Date    Fri Oct  6 16:56:40 2006
Subject Thoras

In my travels I happened across a sleeping man, taking up space
on the road.  Seeking to teach him a lesson, I spelled him down. 
To my dismay, he woke up and started swinging blindly.  I tried
to step back twenty times but couldn't for some strange reason
(probably the gay stun I received from one bash) and he managed
to land a blow to my head.

When I came to, he was still spelled down and trying to roam
around the road.  I quickly called lightning down upon him to
finish him off.

Author:  Aurius
Date    Sat Oct  7 01:48:19 2006
Subject The challenge is answered

Being nearby palanthas still still very near where i had hidden
the thief Noor..  A solamnic knight appeared and started
questioning me about the unconcious man in the gutter.  I of
course declined any involvement..  But he glimpsed the blood on
my dagger..  And started to edged closer to me with his hand on
his weapon..  Surely just being cautious.  I was the advocate of
peace at this time..  Not trying to draw any attention to myself
or my chosen mission.  Blatantly lying to the knight on several
occasions..  The knight still seemed to think i was being
untruthful...  Must have been the group of thugs i had
surrounding me..  Must have been it.  Just then..  A swirling
wind caught my robes and revealed my medallion of takhisis i wore
around my neck..  Instantly the knights sword was in his hand and
challenged me..  I of course accepted.  Rarely ever backing down
from a fight.. Especially from a solamnic..  I quickly threw sand
in his face while uttering a spell..  He fell fast asleep.. 
Casting more and more spells on him to almost fully incapacitate
him..  He was child play to lay unconcious.

Even though i did seem to earn another tear in my robe.. 
Somehow.  But no matter..  I extracted the payment from his
flesh..  Taking a "gift" from his shoulder to remind him the next
time he decides to challenge his betters. Uttering a simple
enchantment..  I put the flesh in a sort of stasis..  In which i
will most likely place in a jar in my room back at the keep for
decoration.  Leaving a note on the knight's bloody and unconcious
body..  My group and i decided to finish scouting before
nightfall..  Afterwards i'd enjoy a nice bath and a solid meal at
the nearby tavern.

(ooc) Ridel wanted to get vio..  We did..  I put him to sleep.. 
Many malads later i won...  Fur leggings looted and a little
cash...  24 to Ridel from KoT.

Author:  Mazik
Date    Sat Oct  7 02:06:02 2006
Subject Ridel and Aurius

Entry: 22nd the Month of Chislmont, 387.

A deckhand from the Orlouge approached me for a bit of help. 
Scraggly looking fellow.  Didn't much like the look of him, but
gold is gold.  He'd been getting into quite a bit of trouble with
the law in Palanthas, and in particular wanted a Solamnic named
Ridel to be taught a lesson.

He carried a letter with him from his bovine captain, requesting
that his crewman be placed under my protection while on shore
leave.  There was no mention in the letter of payment, but I've
had dealings with the cow before and I expect I'll be duly

Entry: 23rd the Month of Chislmont, 387.

Found the bastard who I'm to teach a lesson.  He's a lowly
patrol, if not a squire.  It wasn't hard cornering him.  I made a
show of brandishing my sword and threatening some commoners in
plain view of the Solamnic, and as was expected, he chased me
into the back alleys.  I know the alleys of Palanthas as well as
anyone, and I ambushed him on a deserted corner.

I left him bleeding on a trash heap, after I made clear who had
sent me.

Entry: 24th the Month of Chislmont, 387.

This fellow Noor now wants me to rough up a mage.  A knight of
the Thorn order who has apparently been skulking around these
parts in disguise.  Noor had snooped around and gotten his ego
bruised, and now wants me to take care of it.

This is turning out to be more trouble than its worth.  I might
have to tell the bovine that the gold he promised is not enough.

I found the Thorn, however.  He's a bovine just like the captain,
but uglier.  No doubt just as brutish.

Entry: 25th the Month of Chislmont, 387.

Snuck up on the bovine during the night, but didn't catch him
quite as unawares as I'd have liked.  It's a good thing mages are
all an arrogant bunch of bastards and tend to underestimate the
foe.  I moved a lot faster than he must have expected, and I saw
the surprise in his dumb cow eyes as the blade went through his

I left him bleeding his life out and in fear, but there were
Skull clerics about in his encampment and I fled before being

Author:  Eirith
Date    Mon Oct  9 15:18:00 2006
Subject Snurl think he Clever.

On way to palanthas me were walking through place where gully
people live. Me try to hurry through but the gully were all over
and then they cling to me leg. Me scream "no like gully me
smash you if not let go". Me trudge forward, they not Moving,
more and more keep comming and soon me covered in wailing gully
gully. Me start throwing them they make noise like 'eeeeeeeeeee
THUD' as they fly through air and into rocks. Walking further
me notice nother congregation of gullies. They bouncing on a
human, look like mage. Me Make decision to go check if mage has
nice shiney's for Eirith. Gullies all around what me think was
spell things from mage with big swipe of The body. Mage look
hurt, me begin to rifle through him things when me feel tingling
on back of head "ouch" me comment. One gully stood, with
mages scroll in hand trying to chant it while the other had
picked up staff and try to knock eirit on the head.
"GRRRRRRRRR!" me take staff from gully and brake, then take
gully and throw him against nearest tree. That the funny part,
when gullies be thrown against trees they bounce off :D

Eirith SMaSH FroM ThE PaSt.

Author:  Aurius
Date    Mon Oct  9 21:17:58 2006
Subject Playful torture

Searching for spell components i required for some research i am
undertaking has forced me to travel to the vingaard mountains.. 
Where with luck i will find some hatchling dragons i can use as
"spare parts". Traveling in secret past the City of Vingaard, i
went undetected..  Till i came to the foothills of the mountain
range and was challenged by a lone ranger.  Not wishing to fight
and get arrested by any of the patrols i fled toward the High
Clerists Tower..  Hoping that the ranger wouldnt come too close
to it and would allow me to finish my research.  Well i was
wrong.. The ranger kept tracking me and i had to put a stop to
it..  I couldnt allow myself to get arrested or worse..  Placed
in a solamnic jail.  So i laid a careful trap for the bugger.. 
Placing "false signs" of my movements all around me..  I cast the
spell of flight and hid in the nearby treetops.. Watching
patiently.  Seeing the ranger come within range of a simple charm
spell..  I cast it..  And then right afterwards cast the spell of
sleep.. This simple ranger was done.  After a few carefully
placed spells that hindered his sight and movement..  I began my
attack..  Even though he was at a severe disadvantage he faught
wll and with little regard for his own safety..  Most likely
knowing i wouldnt relent.  For several minutes we faught hard.. 
Then i finally landed a lucky shot with the hilt of my dagger on
a backswing.  Landing hard the ranger was out cold..  So i cast
the spell of web to ensure he stayed there till i had completed
my search for the hatchlings.  Finding nothing of value or use to
me..  I left the ranger webbed high in a tree so as to not be
discovered easily..  Then i continued my search with a wide grin
on my face..  It isnt everyday one gets to "abuse" the woodland
folk..  Might as well enjoy it.

(ooc) Resh faught damn well..woulda killed me 2 times if he hadnt
of fled too:) 24 to Resh from kot..nothing looted..was all about
the fun.

Author:  Leodas
Date    Tue Oct 10 12:15:45 2006
Subject Groth

Groth and I agreed to a noloot duel. He lost. 24 hours.

Author:  Ajantis
Date    Tue Oct 10 14:56:06 2006
Subject padin

padin asked me to awaken him from a magical slumber apparently i
struck too hard cause he fell in two hits.

nothing looted protection granted from mariner

Author:  Aurius
Date    Mon Oct 16 21:44:25 2006~
Subject Ridel

Since i was near the high clerist tower..  I figured i'd drop by
palanthas once more to "scout"..  Didnt figure i'd end up seeing and "old
friend" once more.  The same solamnic knight who challenged me a few weeks
earlier..  Somehow managed to find me there again..  Im flustered as to
exactly how..  It is getting annoying.  Well figuring i was resigned to my
fate..  He challenged..  I accepted..  And my friends i had nearby saw to it
that i didnt have to get messy again.  A few well placed spells and several
of their hits rendered the knight once again unconcious..  Which is to say
annoying..  But least i can find amusement here another day if need be. 
Ordering them to kick his body in the gutter alongside the road, i figured
i'd finish my "tour" of palanthas..  Seeing the same knights at the same
posts made the trip otherwise pointless..  Still no signs of preparing for
war or anything.  Figuring i'd stop by the tavern again near the outskirts
of palanthas..  I'd get a room and a good meal..  Then see what tomorrow
brought me in a way of amusement.  

(OOC) ridel wanted to play..  We did..  Coinage looted only..  24 to Ridel
from KoT.  
Author:  Eirith
Date    Wed Oct 18 14:44:27 2006~
Subject Groth

Puny human and his knight friend attack me outside of palanthas yesterday as
me try to enter, so me take human by his arm and throw him to ground. Knight
was smarter and ran away to get help. Overall it dumb move to attack Eirith.

Eirith will smash YOU too :D
(24 to groth from rogue, globe and an astounding fillet knife taken)
Author:  Ruffion
Date    Wed Oct 18 18:13:06 2006~
Subject Sternith on a stick

I was doing my regular job of keeping the streets clean when I
came upon the monstrous minotaur Sternith, sleeping out on the
streets of Tantallon. His snores reached for blocks as his lack
of concern was apparent... I quietly relieved him of his
disposable possestions then went on my way.

OOC Part. Sternith went postal after that, asking why I didn't
fight like a man etc. Told him... um, I'm a thief, that's what I
do. I know its strange being a thief instead of an assassin, but
heck some aren't always killers.

He kept at it so I said the hell with it, and peppered him with
arrows for a bit, running to stay alive (minotaur after all). He
continued to berate so I bought a scroll and slept him at the
gates of the palace, then as fast as I could, I dragged the foul
beast into the bay and watched him drown, although, I did put an
arrow into him at the end to put him out of his misery.

I kept stuff, because he was a toolshed.

Ruffion, the Dandy.
Ps. 24 hours protection, unless he opens his yap again which is
highly likely, in which case he'll void it.
Author:  Dastrun
Date    Thu Oct 19 21:34:54 2006~
Subject Ridel

Ridel and I dueled, I won, story later.
Author:  Aurius
Date    Wed Oct 25 12:27:58 2006~
Subject Ranger Tartar.

Whilst getting tired of doing research..  I decided to go out and take a
walk through the solamnic plains..  Near where im sure my vision was
pointing me to go in search of a long lost friend.  While nearing the
foothills i encounter a familiar face..  The ranger who tracked me several
weeks back..  The one who i couldnt shake till he was rendered slightly
unconcious.  Well i decided to pay him another visit..  Seeing as how Well i
decided to pay him another visit..  Seeing as how he looked healed and all..
I figured i'd rectify that..  Slowly.  Stalking my prey while i was
invisible didnt seem much of a challenge..  He didnt appear to suspect a
thing..  Till i snapped a dried twig..  Then the ranger swung into action
with sword swings and angry shouts.  One of those swings nearly clipped my
armor..  I got a little fed up with this..  And chanted a few words while
throwing sand in his face..  He was fast asleep.  After a few wll placed
spells rendering him all but useless in combat..  I decided to enjoy it a
little..  Raising my weapon..  I struck him several times in the back of the
head..  Granted..  More than was needed to render him completely inert.  But
regardless i drew immense satisfation from it either way..  Replenishing my
moral and such..  Now maybe i can finish up with this weak research and draw
it to a close.  Wiping my bloodied weapon off on the rangers close i
sheathed it and muttered a simple transport spell to bring me back to the
temple in neraka..  Where hopefully i can finish the work within a few days.

(ooc) this is a rewrite of the original since i was tired and had all but
fubar'd the entire thing..  Either way..  24 to resh for kot..  Was all
about the fun..  Nothing looted 
Author:  Oso
Date    Wed Oct 25 14:11:35 2006~
Subject Follish kender

I was travelling outside of Palanthas, making my way o the goblins in the
forest.  I had buisness dealings with them but that is neither here nor there.

As i travelled I did not hide my identity, the foolish solamnic knights could
not stop me even if they dared to try and stop my passage.  But it was a
little kender that drew my anger this day. I found his dirty hand within my
pouch, I truly thought that these stupid little creatures had more
intelligence but I guess they dont.  As I grabbed his arm and picked him off
the ground, he squirmed and squelled like a stuck pig.

I lashed him with my whip untill his cries died, I left him on the road in a
bloody heap.  As I was beating him several diamonds fell from his pockets, I
took these to pay for my travels and the inconcience this stupid creature
caused me.

24 hours to falien from kot
Author:  Nettle
Date    Wed Oct 25 14:31:30 2006~
Subject Balthazar

There I was skipping around Palanthas when I notised this funny looking man
with shiny shoes. I run to him and asked was he ergothian and he started to
yeall me someting about stupid and kenders. He tryed to kick me with shiny
shoe but as i was too quick for him i got his shoe off from his leg and he
fell down and hit his head to sone nice looking rock.  I skipped off and I was
really happy as I had just found a new rock for my collection....

24h to Balthazar from me and my gorgon.
Author:  Dastrun
Date    Fri Oct 27 16:40:57 2006~
Subject Aurius

It came to my attention that a thorn knight had been taunting
the cap'n.  Mondraiken insisted on facing the mage, and knowing
that he would likely be facing a veritable army, he told me to
conceal my presence and flank the enemy.  While he fought
off the soldiers under the thorn's command, I attacked the
mage from behind.  Caught off-guard, he fell quickly to my axe.
Author:  Godric
Date    Sat Oct 28 20:39:15 2006~
Subject Lebo

I was in the village of solace curing some people who had grown ill
during the recent bout of cold and rainy weather.  On my way out to take the
ferry back to palanthas I passed a Knight Of Takhisis, I continued the few
feet out of the city and the dark knight followed right behind me.  I felt
the rightous fury of Kiri-Jolith and whirled on my sworn enemy with my mace.
The dark knight was more skilled with weapons than I, but I had anticipated
that.  I had the god of rightous warfare lending me strength.  I called out
prayers in a strong voice, evoking my gods favor.  The knight stumbled and
looked wobbly in the legs and a moment later was swinging blindly as his
sight was denied him.  He threw his weight into me and I was momentarily
vulnerable but was quickly back in control of the fight.  He stumbled away
from me but was chased by ferocious bolts of lightning and the reach of my
mace.  We fought accross crystalmir lake and moments later my enemy was
felled.  I drug his body out of the water since it was still moving and then
called for the solace guards, i'd let them take care of him.  He would live
to tell the tale of his keel-hauling at the hands of a Solamnic Priest and
the might of Kiri-Jolith.  I removed from him a few things for my trouble. 
(ooc: 24 hours protection to lebo from myself and Solamnic, I looted ergo's,
coupons, and a few other items.  Kudos to lebo for being a good sport) 
Author:  Aurius
Date    Mon Oct 30 15:13:13 2006~
Subject Ridel

I had completed my research and decided i need to get some fresh air and
stretch my legs a bit before returning to the keep..  So i decided to pay
the dwarves a visit in thorbardin..  Knowing that some of the dark dwarves
wouldnt mind some instruction.  Whilst traveling through the dark corridors
i had an odd feeling i was being followed..  Casting invisibility on myself
and hiding beside a crevise i saw that somehow the knight from palanthas had
tracked me.  Standing there thinking of a way to either lose him in the
tunnels or to waylay him..  I decided to be slightly vengful..  Seeing as
how this inpertinent knight was willing to go to his doom by coming after
me.  So gathering a few friends within the tunnels..  We set out to ambush
him..  Hiding near a rope bridge along the shadows by the wall we waited
patiently till the knight doubled back.  Not long after we got situated.. 
Here he came..  Medallion out in front casting a weak light in the utter
darkness.  We were ready for him this time though..  I jumped out casting a
fairly new spell i had in my spellbook.."  Frost breath'.  The spell hit him
square in the chest..  Almost freezing him solid..  My friends and i
bludeoned him to the floor and kicked him over into a ravine nearby.. 
Quickly ending any fight in the near future.  After the knight was rendered
useless and disposed of..  I thanked my friends and went onward to the dark
dwarves..  Still hoping they'd like some arcane instruction after what
several just witnessed.  

(OOC) lvling in hybardin i tested a new spell i'd obtained and ridel soome
got a smackdown by my charmies..  Was an accident but i did at least warn
him well before hand:) 24 to ridel from kot..  Sorry dude:) 
Author:  Zwischenzug
Date    Mon Oct 30 20:33:06 2006~
Subject The Beginning of the End

Zwischenzug's long, artistic fingers unwound the tiny scroll the pigeon had
brought from Mondraiken. "Attention all mariners," it read, "Your captain
wishes to see you aboard his raft tonight to make plans for the future.

As some of my higher-up officers know, the mariner way of life is not as
strong as it was, as should be evidenced by the fact we are meeting aboard my
raft and not a larger ship.  For us to be strong in trade again, we will have
to trade in the only commodity with no overhead... the trade of blood."

The word "blood" had been scraped in rusty red lettering, and Zwischenzug
wondered dispassionately if the blood was Mondraiken's own.

Farther down the page, in smaller print, was a shorter message: "Zwischenzug,
I trust you will be able to solve the problem we'd discussed over grog last

Cap'n Mondraiken"

Zwischenzug stepped crisply aboard the raft and saluted his captain, whose
silhouette was erected darkly against the sunset.

Jolina, a kagonest elf new to the mariner ranks was also onboard, but Dastrun
and Sternith had not yet arrived.

Mondraiken's low chuckling drifted out of the horned shadow like bubbling
caramel as he pulled up the anchor and set off.

Zwischenzug raised an eyebrow, but decided not to comment on Dastrun and
Sternith's absence. "You're probably wondering why I called you here tonight,"
Mondraiken said, sliding his words fluidly into Zwischenzug's silence.

"The fact is, our ship is not as strong as it should be, as it was.  Somehow,
we've lost our way." Zwischenzug and Jolina nodded agreeably.

"I know the weakness can't be I.  I've been here since the beginning, and in
many ways I'm still the driving force of mariner.

You... could it be you, Zwischenzug?  Your laziness and your small frame cause
us enough trouble." Mondraiken paused for a moment.  "No, it can't be you. 
You're mariner to the core and hopefully part of our dark future."

The raft went aground with an ominous scraping motion as Mondraiken turned to
Jolina. "No, the weakness must be... YOU!"

Zwischenzug unsheathed his knife like a dancing shadow and sliced neatly at
Jolina, who fell like a marionette with the strings cut.

Zwischenzug wiped his hands neatly with a handkerchief, then shook hands with
Mondraiken in the aftermath.

"It looks like the beginning of a dark storm is about to set over Palanthas,"
Zwischenzug said with a flash of teeth.
Author:  Zwischenzug
Date    Mon Oct 30 23:45:51 2006~
Subject A storm breaks over Palanthas

Zwischenzug muttered under his breath at the Solamnic following him.
Kierkegaard had been investigating him since Jolina had appeared bloody in the
middle of Palanthas, and his inquisitive, watery eyes were getting on
Zwischenzug's nerves.

As Zwischenzug was running an errand on Diamond Way, for the first time in a
long time, he felt a sense of freedom.

The knight wasn't following him anymore!

Kierkegaard had become infatuated with Oolalynn, a hireling thief in a
tight-fitting skirt. As the two flirted boldly on the street, Zwischenzug
spotted the thief's master, Tago, following Kularon.

"This goblin lieutenant took my weapon!" Kularon was complaining to Tago.

Zwischenzug rolled his eyes.  He couldn't let someone help Kularon.  Not on
his watch.

Zwischenzug snuck up behind the pair.

Tago turned, "Hey there, would you like to help us f--"

Tago was interrupted as Zwischenzug sent him to the ground with a devastating

Zwischenzug returned to Palanthas with his booty, a bag full of delicious red
apples, slung over his arm.

"Where'd you get those apples?" Kierkegaard asked.

"Oh, I traded someone a sleeping pill for them."
Author:  Zwischenzug
Date    Wed Nov  1 23:45:43 2006~
Subject sad rain falls, and thick winds begin to rise

Zwischenzug awoke from a nap beneath the Valenwoods to find he was a little
thirsty and hungry-- not enough to feel weak, but thirsty and hungry enough to
give him a sharp appetite, which made him dangerous.

He heard a rustling in the leaves ahead, and following the sound, he saw the
monk whose apples he had stolen the other day.

Those were good apples, round and sweet.

Maybe he would have some more.

Zwischenzug snatched up a hefty stick and ran ahead of the trail a little bit,
to where the path curved and the shadows steepened.

As Tago rounded the corner, Zwischenzug swung the stick into his gut, doubling
him over in agony. "Welcome to Solace, motherfucker!" he said.  For some
reason, as he spoke those words he felt a terrible pain maim his shoulder.

Still, the pain was small, and Zwischenzug figured the two lapis lazuli rings
he'd picked off Tago's prone form could buy many apples.
Author:  Aurius
Date    Thu Nov  2 10:50:28 2006~
Subject Ridel..once again

Still enjoying my break after the completion of the research i
conducted..  I decided to check in at palanthas since i know there were a
few solamnics in need of torture.  Torture always giving me quite a bit of
pleasure..  Figured since im relaxing..  What a better way to spend my time.
Well as i neared the outskirts of eastern Palanthas..  I was once again
confronted with the knight i now know as Ridel..  His constant interference
was getting old..  But still..  I was sure i could derive some pleasure from
his appearance.  He had caught me unawares since the last i seen him he was
near the High Clerists Tower in the Vingaard mountains.  I now know he is a
cleric of sorts..  He tried to cast a few spells of the likes only clerics
have access to..  Unknown what they were exactly..  I fought back with a
ferocity only known to the minotaur race.  Course being at a disadvantage
wasnt something i had not expected..  I cast a few spells of magic missles
to hopefully stun him with the amounts hitting him..  It worked.  Stunned he
dizzily fled and i decided to finally make the fight more..  Even.  I cast
several protections about myself to all but nullify his physical attacks
aswell as counter any spell like attacks.  Thus having "powered up" he was
mere childsplay to render unconcious..  Even though i had to chase him
through several lands to finally lay him low.  After i had spelled up..  I
decided to scrye him and found him to be near kalaman..  Knowing that area
quite well i cast an invisibility spell upon myself and used a rare artifact
known to those in higher circles as a "Deasons cloak", it makes one sneak
like a skulking thief.  I then snuck up on him whilst he was unawares and
threw sand in his face while chanting a simple spell..  He fell fast asleep.
Wanting this to be slow and very painful i decided to poison him..  As well
as strip away his ability to utter spells..  Soon after he was clay in the
hands of a master sculptor.  After an hour or so of "playful torture" i grew
bored..  The knight still screaming and writhing in shear pain was an utter
delight..  But i had other places i wished to visit before i was called
back.  So i drew my dagger and reversed my grip and left an indention of the
pommel in his left temple..  Rendering him completely innert.  

(OOC) helped someone in palanthas with something..  Ridel tried to cast a
spell on me and then fled..  I spelled up..  Gave chase..  Stuck my dagger
in his arse and called it a day:)

24 to Ridel from me and kot..  Nothing looted..  Just for amusement:) 
Author:  Aurius
Date    Sat Nov  4 18:03:23 2006~
Subject Grisov

While still around palanthas enjoying my free time..  I came across a
sniveling minotaur naming himself Grisov.  I Being in the mood for some
sport..  I challenged him to a duel..  Eventually he accepted.  We decided
to do this near New Thalos since palanthas wasnt a place to arouse any
guards..  No point is all but yelling out " Here we are..  Come and get us".
Since he was so pathetic..  I decided to end it early..  So that maybe if i
was lucky..  I could find other sport before the evening came to an end.  He
was just standing there with a fog in his eyes..  Half naked but with 2 very
nice swords..  I figured he wasnt much of a challenge..  Turns out i was
right after all.  Big waste of time..  All 20 seconds of it.  Well anyways..
While he was standing there..  I threw some sand in his eyes and chanted a
simple spell..  Dropping him into slumber..  A few more spells and he was
rendered all but useless.  Then as i was about to dice up the minotaur.. 
There was a small flash and standing there was a cleric with knights armor
with his back to me about to swing a mace at my chosen victim.  Standing
there like a bump on a log i was shocked..  Not expecting the knights to
range out this far i stood dumbfounded as thecleric started attacking the
prone minotaur.  Finally coming out of my shock..  I yelled at the knight
and swung my dagger at him but once again he vanished in a flash of muted
light.  That then left the minotaur wounded a little and seemingly stunned..
So i finished it quickly..  Utteringa string of words in the arcane language
i threw a blast of acid toward my helpless foe.  The acid was all it took to
make the disgraced minotaur fall on the ground kicking and screaming like a
spanked child..  The whining grating on my nerves..  I spammed the pommel of
my dagger into the beasts temple..  Instantly silencing him with slumber. 
Not finding anything of use or value on him..  I kicked him into the bush's
and went in search of the one who interferred.  

(OOC) I riled Grisov into fighting me..  He was half neked so wasnt really a
fight..  Few spells later and a cameo by ridel..  Game over.  24 to grisov
from kot 
Author:  Aurius
Date    Sat Nov  4 18:32:00 2006~
Subject Ridel

After my fight with the minotaur..  I went in search of the knight who
came in and attacked my victim..  I traveled back toward palanthas in hopes
that the knight has limited transportation with spells..  I was in luck.  As
i neared the eastern gates of palanthas..  I saw the knight kneeling there
in the grass by a holy grove in seeming prayer.  Sneaking up on him i saw
who it really was..  Ridel..  The cleric which whom i've had several run ins
with before.  Smiling to myself i decided that once again i would lay this
knight at my feet for simple amusement.  Being invisible and using the
artifact that i possess for sneaking..  I crept up upon him with near
perfect silence, suddenly Ridel whirled around and muttered a spell upon
me..  Seeming a spell of silence..  Cause i could no longer cast for the
moment.  Annoyed but far from without my resources i pulled my dagger from
it's sheath and it crackled to life with an enchantment of lightning..  Eyes
wide Ridel started to back away and draw some rusted chains from his robes. 
Seeing this i was annoyed..  He had already hampered my spell abilities for
a time..  And now he was going to try and bind me..  I charged him with my
horns.  He tried to duck aside from my charge but i changed course and
speared him through the right side with one of my horns..  Quickly following
up with the dagger into his gut..  Twisting the blade as i pushed it in as
well as i drew it out.  Trying to inflict maximum pain and damage with each
stab and slice.  Completely stunned by the ferocity of my attack the cleric
knight fell to the ground bleeding in a heap..  Not wanting him to raise the
guards in my "limited" state i quickly slammed my dagger into his head
quickly and painfully dropping him into a deep slumber..  Gathering my
composure..  I crept away in search of a healer to remove this damnable
silence curse.  Traveling to the nearby tavern i found one..  Charging me an
enourmous sum..  But i had no choice..  A few spell words and he quickly
dispelled the malady.  Figureing while im there..  Might as well get a room
and something good to eat..  A great end to a glorious day indeed.  

(OOC) Ridel attacked grisov while i was spelling him down..  I pk'd grisov
and asked ridel if he wanted to play..  He agreed and took forever but i
finally killed him:) damn good fight ridel..  Slick moves..  Hehe 24 to
ridel again from kot 
Author:  Aurius
Date    Sun Nov  5 23:06:39 2006~
Subject Ridel

After a good nights sleep and a hearty breakfast at the tavern just east
of palanthas..  I decided to sneak into palanthas and check out the shops. 
Throwing on my old black robes i wore years back..  I figured i'd just look
like any other black robe..  Course i kinda forgot i stood out..  Seeing as
there arent many minotaur mages running around.  But it didnt really
matter..  I wasnt challenged until after i had purchased a few interesting
items of small value.  Starting out of one of the shops on northeastern
garnet..  Standing there in the street staring right at me was none other
than Ridel..  The impatient and impertinent knight or cleric..  Whatever. 
As he looked at me i looked back and smiled and told him "well i see you've
recovered quickly..  Good to see".  He sneared at me and said "yes..  We
clerics do that by the grace of the gods and goddess's of light, it's a
shame you know not such grace".  I smiled at him with a look of shear
amusement..  That obviouly didnt sit well with him..  He snarled a prayer
and once more my voice was stricken from me.  Snickering..  I pulled the cap
off of a newly aquired spear..  The ambient temperature dropped a few
degrees..  Thinking to myself.."  Nice..  The enchantment works quite well".
Getting battle ready since i had no use of spells again for a time..  I held
my spear tight getting ready to defend against any pitiful attack that the
cleric might try.  Watching him with with alert and steady eye's i closed
upon the cleric trying to limit any spell casting since i knew i could
overpower him with no problems.  He saw my intentions and started uttering a
prayer..  I quickly jabbed my spear into his stomach..  Silenceing his
pathetic pleas for help from his god.  Quickly recovering from the blow.. 
He swung a foul looking hammer toward me but i adeptly dodged out of the way
and swung my spear toward his arm..  His obviously primary hand for his
weapon..  Smashing it hard and hearing a loud "crunch" Ridel dropped his
weapon in pain.  With the shock of pain in his eye's i swung around and
slammed my spear into the side of his head..  Felling him like a rotten
tree.  Checking for anything of value..  Since he had accosted me while i
was "shopping" i figured the small pouch of copper was fair compensation for
a brief scuffle.  Gathering my things and straightening my robes and pouch's
i headed for the east gates and back to the outragiously overpriced cleric
in the tavern to "fix" my voice and to have a nice lunch.  

(OOC) Ridel attacked me while i was shopping in palanthas..  I fled..  Came
back and somehow he ended up sleeping *inno*..  Few malads later and being
dragged to a closed room..  Game over.  24 to Ridel again from KoT..  Small
changed looted only.  
Author:  Resh
Date    Mon Nov  6 19:44:40 2006~
Subject Sternith

It had been too long since I'd tasted blood... I'm a mercenary, I live for the
thrill of the fight. I felt like I needed practice, I needed to be sure of my
abilities. I needed a job, but there were none to be had.. Well, anyone would
do, just a quick fight to keep myself in practice... As I left my clanhall and
walked towards the city of Solace, I spotted my practice dummy. This man
carried himself in an arrogant manner. I didn't like the swagger he walked
with nor his sarcastic tone of voice. It would give me great pleasure to
humble this human. As he strolled along proudly, I silently tracked him,
keeping my distance. He suspected nothing, or if he did, he didn't do anything
about it. I snuck behind him just out of reach following him first through
Solace and then through Palanthas. I suspected that he would turn towards
Gully, so I darted ahead of him. As I had predicted, he waltzed carelessly
through the dump. I leapt from behind a pile of trash and quickly subdued him,
leaving him a bleeding mess on the filthy ground. Taking only his coinpurse, I
quickly returned to my clanhall, where I congratulated myself for keeping my
hunting skills sharp.

(OOC: 24hr to Sternith from myself, 7Kingdoms, and Mercenary. Looted only a
few coins.)
Author:  Lelthas
Date    Tue Nov  7 19:31:03 2006~
Subject Aurius

This missive is confined to the innermost sanctuaries of the soul, where
the troubled may find solace in any opportune method so devised against
the trappings of a violent impulse. To the priest of Mishakal I put pen
to parchment in an effort to cleanse whatever damage to the balance of
my wellbeing I might've incurred in the tale I am to relate to you.

It was a chill breeze that christened the day as it became bright.
I recall the Kharolis mountains being bathed in the radiance of the new
day, as the plains of dust lit up unhindered by cloud in the clear
blue sky. They looked like a plate of powder in the distant south, and
I saw clearly that nothing there remained unchallenged in the ages

I had taken the liberty of a walk in the air of the dawn near Southgate
as is my wont whenever I feel the walls of Wayreth closing in on me, as
well as the duties of the office to which I am adhered by oath. I saw
the minotaur on the dirt path near the field where I had paused to
catch my breath (I must confess I am not as young as I used to be).
I found his presence peculiar in the region, as most minotaur seldom
have buisiness of any repute with the dwarven people who inhabit
the Southgate fortifacation.

Well, my dear priest of Mishakal, the wind has simple works, and
a cloak is a simple thing. I noticed as the breeze picked up briefly
a glimpse of a symbol of Takhisis hung from the minotaur's belt, next
to a pouch that could've only contained spell components. I think
at my age and considering my profession, I would be an authority on
what the contents of that pouch were. So I decided to investigate, if
for no other reason than it is my duty to do so as a High Archmage.

When I happened upon him I must've been a bit too aggressive in my gate.
He immediately threw up a defensive spell and hurled a vial of some
strange blue liquid my direction, which I narrowly avoided. I of
course immediately countered with a meteoric blast of flame which
regrettably, sent the mage flying backward into the wall surrounding

I regard it as regrettable because he must've gotten the idea to
use his renegade magic to fly up the top of the wall, whereupon he
began to run toward one of the spires of the fortress. I caught up to
him on top of the gods accursed thing (pardon me revered son) but
he had already thrown up a defensive magic, which looking back I
judged to be of a sort that absorbs kinetic energy by the faint green glow
I noted rippling down toward the roof of the spire. He declared something
rude sounding in minotaur and began to cast a spell which I'm sure
would not have summoned a pork pie, or anything else pleasant.

I did not wait for him to finish. I used my instinctual assumption about
the nature of his protective dweomer and cast a spell that I knew would
use the energy of the spell he was casting to collapse his shield around
him, thereby negating both whatever spell he was about to use as well as
his protection. Unfortunately I did not realize the magic he was using was
potent, too potent. As his shield ruptured inward he was flung from the top
the spire toward the south. I tried to find him but I could not.

I later learned a minotaur had fallen from a roof in Tarsis, and had not
survived. I can only assume this was the same person, but perhaps I
am mistaken. I still feel I killed the fellow, and I write that you
pray to your benevolent and wise Goddess Mishakal for healing, both
of my wellbeing and my consciense. Thank you for your time Revered
Son of Mishakal.

Lelthas the Quarter-Elven, High Archmage of the Red Robes.
Author:  Lelthas
Date    Tue Nov  7 19:32:57 2006~
Subject Aurius cont

24 hours to Aurius from Conclave, killer removal.
Author:  Lelthas
Date    Tue Nov  7 19:58:48 2006~
Subject Aurius

[FWD Note] - [ 23] Lelthas: Aurius
[FWD Date] - Tue Nov  7 19:31:03 2006
[FWD To  ] - all [Original to:] conclave kot
[FWD List] - warnotes

This missive is confined to the innermost sanctuaries of the soul, where
the troubled may find solace in any opportune method so devised against
the trappings of a violent impulse. To the priest of Mishakal I put pen
to parchment in an effort to cleanse whatever damage to the balance of
my wellbeing I might've incurred in the tale I am to relate to you.

It was a chill breeze that christened the day as it became bright.
I recall the Kharolis mountains being bathed in the radiance of the new
day, as the plains of dust lit up unhindered by cloud in the clear
blue sky. They looked like a plate of powder in the distant south, and
I saw clearly that nothing there remained unchallenged in the ages

I had taken the liberty of a walk in the air of the dawn near Southgate
as is my wont whenever I feel the walls of Wayreth closing in on me, as
well as the duties of the office to which I am adhered by oath. I saw
the minotaur on the dirt path near the field where I had paused to
catch my breath (I must confess I am not as young as I used to be).
I found his presence peculiar in the region, as most minotaur seldom
have buisiness of any repute with the dwarven people who inhabit
the Southgate fortifacation.

Well, my dear priest of Mishakal, the wind has simple works, and
a cloak is a simple thing. I noticed as the breeze picked up briefly
a glimpse of a symbol of Takhisis hung from the minotaur's belt, next
to a pouch that could've only contained spell components. I think
at my age and considering my profession, I would be an authority on
what the contents of that pouch were. So I decided to investigate, if
for no other reason than it is my duty to do so as a High Archmage.

When I happened upon him I must've been a bit too aggressive in my gate.
He immediately threw up a defensive spell and hurled a vial of some
strange blue liquid my direction, which I narrowly avoided. I of
course immediately countered with a meteoric blast of flame which
regrettably, sent the mage flying backward into the wall surrounding

I regard it as regrettable because he must've gotten the idea to
use his renegade magic to fly up the top of the wall, whereupon he
began to run toward one of the spires of the fortress. I caught up to
him on top of the gods accursed thing (pardon me revered son) but
he had already thrown up a defensive magic, which looking back I
judged to be of a sort that absorbs kinetic energy by the faint green glow
I noted rippling down toward the roof of the spire. He declared something
rude sounding in minotaur and began to cast a spell which I'm sure
would not have summoned a pork pie, or anything else pleasant.

I did not wait for him to finish. I used my instinctual assumption about
the nature of his protective dweomer and cast a spell that I knew would
use the energy of the spell he was casting to collapse his shield around
him, thereby negating both whatever spell he was about to use as well as
his protection. Unfortunately I did not realize the magic he was using was
potent, too potent. As his shield ruptured inward he was flung from the top
the spire toward the south. I tried to find him but I could not.

I later learned a minotaur had fallen from a roof in Tarsis, and had not
survived. I can only assume this was the same person, but perhaps I
am mistaken. I still feel I killed the fellow, and I write that you
pray to your benevolent and wise Goddess Mishakal for healing, both
of my wellbeing and my consciense. Thank you for your time Revered
Son of Mishakal.

Lelthas the Quarter-Elven, High Archmage of the Red Robes.
Author:  Aurius
Date    Tue Nov  7 20:21:36 2006~
Subject Medium Rare.

From the tavern i decided to go back into palanthas to get a few more
scolls of flying.  Cant have to many backup plans or too much power i say. 
But while i didnt encounter the knight cleric this time i did habve a close
call with a patrol on the way to the mageware shop.  Ducking into an
abandoned temple of some sort, i hid out of sight till the patrol had past
by.  Out of the corner of my eye i saw movement in the shadows..  Bringing
my dagger out i stood in a defenxive position and challenged the hulking
shadow to identify itself.  Stepping out was the minotaur i had encountered
the other day when the knight interfered.  Deciding to take no chances i
quickly reached into my robes in a pouch and slung some sand into his face
while casting my enchantment.  Falling fast sleep, I bloodied him to make it
look like a mugging or some such thing and quickly peeked out to see if the
coast was clear.  Figureing since he was asleep by force..  There was no way
he could cause any trouble for me.  Seeing that the coast was clear i snuck
out and headed to the shop like i had intended..  Buying several scolls of
flying and well as some empty potions bottles.  Not seeing any pursuit..  I
headed back toward the taven for a nice lunch..  Since i did happen to find
the minotaurs purse and all.  

(OOC) Grisov was in the temple of memory for a while..  I gated in..  Slept
him and dragged him to the fish market..  Bing bang boom..  He goes poof. 
24 to grisov from KoT.  
Author:  Nasturn
Date    Tue Nov  7 22:18:11 2006~
Subject Tago

With the Orlouge docked at the bay, Palanthas, Nasturn decided it would be a
good time for his first trip off the deck of the ship since joining the crew.

The Orlouge were a fun bunch, although that captain seemed a little crazy at
times. Now would be a good time to get a breath of some fresh air and visit
the city of Palanthas, he had never been here before.

The city bustled with trade and people, Nasturn attempted to blend in but was
shunned by most for his appearance. Finally finding a little spot in the
middle of the city Nasturn sat down for a meal.

Upon recieving his good Nasturn was immediatly disgusted, apparently the cook
had seen Nasturn and attempted to insult him by poisoning his food, or perhaps
he was just a bad cook.

Either way Nasturn quickly drew his spatula and whipped up a meal for that
cook to envy, curiously enough another customer would show up with a similar
complaint, Tago.

Upon receiving his food Nasturn was immediately disgusted, apparently the cook
had seen Nasturn and attempted to insult him by poisoning his food, or perhaps
he was just a bad cook.

Either way Nasturn quickly drew his spatula and whipped up a meal for that
cook to envy, curiously enough another customer would show up with a similar
complaint, Tago.

Nasturn told Tago to leave and that he and the cook had business but Tago
insisted on staying and even attacked the cook! Before Nasturn could act, the
cook lay dead.

Nasturn infuriated by this outrage and disrespect decided to take his
vengeance out upon Tago, and now Tago lie unconscious at the dead cook's feet.

24 to Tago from Mariner and myself, looted was two coupons and his snake style tattoo.
Author:  Aurius
Date    Fri Nov 10 12:32:39 2006~
Subject ridel

Having fully recovered from the fight from the other day, i figured i'd
go back into Palanthas and see what i could see.  As excepted, shortly after
entering the city, Ridel shows up again.  I swaer he must have some kind of
location spell on me or something of mine cause he always seems to know just
where to find me.  We battled from the east gate of Palanthas to damn near
the front steps of New Thalos.  His spells were just as potent as ever,
blinding light that seared my flesh, areas of silence, this fight was truely
awe inspireing.  We battled back and forth..  Unwilling to give much ground,
we faught tooth and horn..  Spilling the blood of summoned creatures and
each other alike.  Finally it was I that triumphed in the end..  Having
lashed some pebbles and rocks to my skin through spell incantations my skin
had hardened into a stonelike texture..  Defending me from a great deal of
the damage he was trying to inflict.  If not for the lightning bolt i had
just cast that stunned him...  Im sure we would have battled until more
authorities had arrived.  The lightning bolt stunned him for several
seconds..  Which was all i required to make a nice dent in the side of his
head..  Bleeding from his ears i spirited myself quickly to a nearby cleric.
Course i wasnt expecting the price of healing to be so expensive..  But how
far can you trust the low casted clerics of palanthas.  I guess preparing a
spell to mask my disposition had come in handy after all.  Having been put
on the mend by that group of clerics..  I had settled back into my room at
the tavern just east of palanthas..  Preparing for a new day and new

24 to Ridel from KoT...DAMN GOOD FIGHT had me several times..guess
im just lucky..or part jackrabbit:)
Author:  Godric
Date    Sun Nov 12 16:34:46 2006~
Subject Sternith

I was outside of palanthas when I ran into a Minotaur who had been labeled as
a murderer. I ran to apprehend him and within moments my mace and blinding
rays of light brought down this massive beast. I walked away with the acid
still dripping from my mace, Kiri-Jolith will be pleased with me.

(ooc: Caught sternith with a killer, nothing looted. 24hrs protection from
solamnic and I.)
Author:  Nasturn
Date    Mon Nov 13 16:28:22 2006~
Subject The peasants are rejoicing.

Oh what a joyous day
Were the screams from around the way
Godric's spirit quickly began to fray
And in the end, there he lay

The knight tried to stand tall
But in the end, he would fall
Fighting for us all
Nasturn showed Godric his balls

Godric had tried his best
It was far from a test
Nasturn smiled at the bloody mess
Which was Godric, more or less

Nasturn had his fun
And now, it was time to run
Spitting upon the body
Nasturn said "You're a nobody."

(OOC: Godric died, 24 hours from myself and the Orlouge. Looted was everything
except a firefly and I justify this by Godric declaring all Solamnics were to
PK and full me on sight, watch what you wish for.)
Author:  Valok
Date    Tue Nov 14 16:44:28 2006~
Subject Arana

While walking down the moonlit path between Palanthas and New Thalos, I
heard a rustle in the bushes.  I clenched my sword and help my shield closer
to my body...  When out popped this black thing...  So for my own
protection, I gave a strong bash with my shield at the 'thing'.  I heard a
females scream, and looked down at the bloody mess known as Arana.  Once
looking around, I saw that no-one witnessed the incident, so I casually
walked back to my clan hall.  

24 hours from me and the KoT...Nothing looted, just a nice friendly fight :D
Author:  Dastrun
Date    Tue Nov 14 18:56:29 2006~
Subject Vishar/Aurius

24 hours to both from the Orlouge, story to come... for now, must study.
Author:  Mondraiken
Date    Tue Nov 14 20:29:45 2006~
Subject Aurius and Vishar

Note: I was too lazy to write this note for Dastrun, so I paid Nasturn 1 steel to do it

was awoken from my sleep by the shouts of battle, and apparently our fire had
gone out. Noticing -two- shadowy figures fighting the likes of Dastrun
and...Balthazar was there also, behind a bush and two trees.

I decided to examine further this scuffle and quickly realized that Dastrun
had found two Knights of Takhisis, they weren't blind and confused, but they
might as well have been.

I quickly drew my mace and charged at the figure I recognized as Aurius, a
minotaur who had been boasting of his skills in combat and magic.

Sadly before I could swing he saw me coming and jump away, right onto
Dastrun's sword. What a pity, "We'll call that one a suicide!" I shouted to
Dastrun while he laughed.

While this happened Vishar simultaneously jumped on top of Dastruns' sword
just as he pulled it from within the corpse of Aurius.

What a crazy bunch these knights are I thought to myself. We smiled. Balthazar
came from behind the bush and trees.

We shared the bounty until our world collapsed, it was still worth it.
Author:  Miella
Date    Thu Nov 16 09:39:50 2006~
Subject Groth

I had arranged meeting with my target. He tought I wanted to talk about his
mercenary services but it was just to lure him in to the trap. There i was
sitting in rain and waiting him to show up, it was starting to get late for
meeting suddenly I notice some dark shadow behind me, he had smelled the trap.
I quicly turned and fired my crossbow, and i hit him at his helm and he was
knocked down. When I tryed to go closer to finish my job I heard someone yeall
' Thats her, I know her' suddenly I felt that I must flee fast to save my
life. As I run through the forest I realiced that I can't safly return to the
inn as someone knows my faces. I had failed my missions and I had to go back
and report failure... I pray that my services are still needed.

Miella Nevermore
Dark Captain

24h to Groth from KoT - He almost got me...
Author:  Ridel
Date    Thu Nov 16 14:55:19 2006~
Subject Urgent Message fron Caergoth

Well i was making my round like usual.  I was walking around the barracks
when I was slammed into by a Messanger.
He looked frantic so i queskly
asked him what the problem was and he quickly responded that there was a
known fugitave know as Dastardly Dastrun was killing innocents and was seen
robbing several establishments.  So i made haste and got a few things
togather so that I would be able to go try and quell this threat in
Caergoth.  It was a long hard ride but I made it there in 2 nights.
started asking people where he was last seen and they told me that he was in
a bar not too far from the port.  I made my way to the bar and sure enough
one of the citizens pointed him out to me and I went in and ordered a drink
and kept a close eye on him.
 He had no clue who i was for I was wearing a
large cloak.  I walk over to the man and Ask him if her were Dastrun He
replied : Yes I am Dastrun whats it to you. 
I quickly grabbed his neck and
knocked him backwards off his chair.  He was much stronger than i so He was
up in no time weilding a Large mace. 
I quickly Pulled out a scroll and
recited a few words at him and just before he Caught me with his mace I
threw some dust at him and he dropped like a log.
 I removed his weapon and
recited a few incantations then he was mine for sure.  Sensing that he was
evil i cast a Blinding light of truth at him and He awoke with a scream and
started after me.
 We fought for a while He was laying some good punches on
me but in the end i landed a blow to the chest with my flail and rendered
him unconcious
( 24 to Dastrun from KoS and HO\Light)
Author:  Mondraiken
Date    Thu Nov 16 19:54:51 2006~
Subject Ridel

Mondraiken, Dastrun, and Balthazar were enjoying the sunny day on the Knight's
High Road. They had picked up an interesting toy, an oddly shaped ball made
out of the skin of a pig.

They had been tossing the ball around all morning, and now, for the third
time, Mondraiken knelt down, holding the ball on vertically with one finger.

Balthazar stood a few years away, stretching in preparation to kick the ball.
'I'm serious, this time, Mondraiken...' he said, sounding somewhat angry.

Mondraiken snickered to himself. 'I promise, Balthazar, now just kick the

Dastrun was waiting to receive the catch, pacing back and forth, annoyed. He
was sick of waiting for this game to continue.

Finally, Mondraiken shouted, 'GO!' and Balthazar ran forward, ready to
kick the ball. At the last second, Mondraiken pulled the ball away, and
Balthazar fell flat on his back shouting, 'Good grief!'

Mondraiken stood up, laughing, and tossed the ball to Dastrun. Balthazar stood
up and brushed himself off, running forward to tackle Dastrun to the ground.
Before he could, Dastrun passed the ball back to Mondraiken.

Mondraiken continued running, since Balthazar turned away from Dastrun and was
chasing after him to tackle him. Suddenly, from behind a tree, a man jumped
out in front of Mondraiken. The minotaur tried to stop, but he kept skidding
forward. The man shouted, 'Halt! I'm Ridel Ever-OOF!' as Mondraiken plowed
into him, knocking him on the ground.

Balthazar and Dastrun jogged forward to see what had happened. Mondraiken
looked to his two companions and said, 'I think he's knocked out...'

Balthazar nodded, and Dastrun answered for everybody. 'I think we should get
outta here!'


24 hours to Ridel from Mariner
Author:  Nasturn
Date    Thu Nov 16 21:11:27 2006~
Subject ridel

Stepping foot upon the city of Gerighelm I knew this wasn't my kind of port to
stop at. Guards, guards and more guards, I've noticed if there is one thing
the same about every guard it's that they suck.

So I tread lightly, to say the least. Well I'm sitting having a drink with my
pal the animal man who is bitching about business being shitty lately with the
gully dwarves moving in.

Apparently he wanted to meet up with me because he needs a loan, great another
person I have to break thier legs, I'm thinking but I loan it to him anyway.

Walking back to the Orlouge I happened across Ridel, man I hate that guy. Nice
armor man, he looks like a oversized trash can. Anyway he says something to me
as he walks by so I pull out my axe.

BAM, that's that. God that armor is ugly, what does that say, "Solamnic", fuck
no one will buy that shit, keep it.
Author:  Dastrun
Date    Thu Nov 16 21:42:24 2006~
Subject Ridel

(This warnote is the product of outsourced labor.)

Stepping foot into the city of Gerighelm, I knew this wasn't my kind of
city.  Guards, guards and more guards, I've noticed that if there is
one thing the same about every guard it's that they suck.

So I tread lightly, to say the least.  Well I'm sitting having a drink
with my pal the animal man who is bitching about business being 
lately with the gully dwarves moving in.

Apparently he wanted to meet up with me because he needed a loan,
great, another person whose legs I have to break, I'm thinking,
but I loan it to him anyway.  Walking back to the Orlouge I happened
across Ridel, man I hate that guy.  Nice armor man, he looks like
an oversized trashcan.  Anyway he said something to me as he passed by
I pulled out my axe, BAM, that's that.  God that armor is ugly, what does
that say, "Solamnic",  no one will buy that , keep it.

(24 hours from Orlouge, which he's broken already.)
Author:  Nasturn
Date    Thu Nov 16 22:08:49 2006~
Subject Hahahahahaha....hahahahahahah

Godric came knocking
Knocking on the door
He seemed a little mad
The like I hadn't seen before

He started to recite a scroll
Mage spells can be so fun
So I battered in his skull
I had just basically won

This story isn't long
Neither was the fight
I'm going to hit the bong
And bid you a good night

Oh and P.S.
I must inform you sir
That your pet has come with us
Your silver dragon is with me
And you're just a blur

OOC: Nasturn - 2, Godric - 0, 24 from me starting 
from Thu Nov 16 18:38:58
2006, the time of my original post. I rewrote to include charming Godric's
clan pet dragon.
Author:  Nasturn
Date    Fri Nov 17 00:19:11 2006~
Subject Aurius

The day began like any other, I attempted to sit around and practice some
spells, alas I ended up just sitting around. Mondraiken and I spent the day
together with Nasturn making fun of Solamnics. They were such easy pickings, I
soon grew tired of Nasturns' obnoxious jokes about Godric and the silly way he
looks when he's running away with his armor falling off left and right,

Going to Gerighelm consisted of a travel through the realm of the gully
dwarves, I immediatly regretted my decision when I was surrounded in trash and
filth. Yep, Aurius was there alright, and then I slipped and fell into some

Oh what a day, I cleaned myself up and looked around for my way out. Again
though I felt surrounded by garbage and saw Aurius again, bleeding all over
the place, why wouldn't he just go away I thought. Shrugging it off he
disappeared within the trash yet again, only to reappear three more times,
finally when he bleed onto my robe I decided I had enough.

Just before I began casting my spells however I realized Aurius had no idea
what was about to befall him. So I decided to take a nap, I was really tired,
I awoke some hours later with Aurius still bleeding and lost.

I just looked over to him and said, "You should probably just kill yourself
and save me the trouble.." Before I could finish my sentence though Aurius had
passed away, strange but I think he starved to death.
Stupid minotaur.
Author:  Balthazar
Date    Fri Nov 17 02:54:48 2006~
Subject aurius

24hrs to Aurius from myself, Conclave, and Mariner. proper note to come. 
Author:  Balthazar
Date    Fri Nov 17 03:12:42 2006~
Subject Aurius

Disclaimer: This warnote has also been outsourced. I have read it, and it has
met my approval. Actually, I find it hilarious.

The day began like any other, I was attempting to sit around and practice some
spells. Alas, I ended up just sitting around.

Mondraiken and I spent the day together with Nasturn making fun of Solamnics.
They were such easy pickings that I soon grew tired of Nasturn's obnoxious
jokes about how silly Godric looks when he's running away, his armor falling
off with each step.

I decided to see what the gully dwarves had available for sale, as they seemed
to have interesting components every now and then. I regretted my decision as
soon as I enterered. I slipped some filthy little aghar's banana peel and fell
into the sewers. I was hit with such a stench that I could barely breathe.
Yup, Aurius was definitely around. Oh yeah, and there was a lot of garbage
too. Covered in filth and just wishing to return home for a nice hot shower, I
did not engage the renegade.

I continued to dig my way through the trash, and that foul odor hit me again.
Damn that Aurius. Only he could make a dump smell like a rose garden. Spotting
him again, I took a closer look. He looked confused as hell, more so than
usual. And he was bleeding. What a sucker, I thought to myself. I'll just let
the poor bastard bleed to death down here. As I continued, however, the damned
cow reappeared three more times. The last time, that damned cow bled all over
my robes. Lelthas had told me that if i stained my robes again, I'd be rented
out as a Solamnic stableboy for a month, and I know how those Solamnics love
their stableboys, so I was pissed. Raising my hand to strike the cow down, I
began the proper incantation to hurl acid at the smelly beast, when to my
surprise, he collapsed on his own. Snickering to myself, I kicked his corpse a
few times to make myself feel better, and continued on my way.

(I did edit this a bit, and added my own touch here and there. But kudos to
Nasturn for laying the groundwork)

p.s. if you ever kill someone, and don't have an idea on what to write for a
warnote, please note Nasturn at the following

24 hours to Aurius from Conclave and Mariner. Nothing looted.
Author:  Valok
Date    Fri Nov 17 15:58:03 2006~
Subject isn

Me and Caius, we walking through Tantallon, when pow!, I woke up on the
ground..., I immediately noticed that my pack was gone, so I paced around a
few, and felt a poking at my back . It was no big deal, since I barely felt
it, so I turned around...

When I saw the dirtiest, smelliest gully I have ever seen...

So I didn't ask any questions, I just gave him a mighty blow with my blade and
down that sad sack came...

24 hours to Isn, from myself and KoT...(full loot- for being suck a dickhead)
Author:  Oso
Date    Sat Nov 18 16:02:13 2006~
Subject chongo

I entered the city of Palanthas in the dark hours of the night.  My small
rowboat knocking against the wooden pillings of the pier.

I climbed up underneath the pier, using a rope ladder that I hung hidden there
durring my last vist.  Peering over the edge of the pier I see that there is 
noone near by who may witness my inflitration of the city.

Once upon the pier, I pull my robes tightly around myself, trying to concel my
identity, though my size and horns easily mark me as a superior among the mere
humans of this city.

Travelling along the outer roads of the city that leave the dock area, all the
stores have long shut thier doors to customers.  There are few people
stumbling around the streets at this time, and most that are, are drunks.

Walking past a store that was once owned by the unhororable ulthar faliure of
knight, I see the flickering of candle light in the windows, normally I would
think naught of this, but I had been hearing of a group of pirates that he
joined with.

This group had assulted several of my brothers not long ago, and any vengance
that I could extract would be a deed worth smiling about.  I leaned my head
against the door listening, to try and tell who was within, or how many.

I heard only one voice, the sound of an ogre trying to cast a spell turns my
stomach, so I readied my axe and burst through the door showering the room
with splinters.  The mage who was within the casting of spell looked dazed as
I entered the shop.

I crossed the distance to him and saw the markings of the pirate's who I
wished to see dead, and I threw my body at him knocking his pathetic ogre form
to the ground, where I hit him upon his thick skull with the flat of my axe.

I took everything from his body and left him tied there, as I rifled through
the shop leaving it a mess.
24 hours to Chongo from me and kot
Author:  Valok
Date    Sun Nov 19 09:30:18 2006~
Subject Deilah

On a dark and eerie morning, I decided that I had to check out this
mysterious treasure that all the citizens of Tantallon were speaking about. 
So, I saddled my blue dragon, and sped off through the forest, towards the
Tantallon Castle.  My dragon started leaping around, and came to an abrupt
halt.  I flew off, my face sliding through the mud puddle on the trail.  I
got up, wiped the mud out of my eyes, and grinned.  The dragon started to
scream in the direction of the bushes, so I had to investigate.  As I crept
up to the bushes, I saw a few sparks and at once knew it was a mage of some
sort.  So I jabbed my sword in the bushes a few times, and heard a yelp. 
Down I looked and out came a red robed mage.  So I got back on my dragon,
and sped off towards Tantallon, leaving the bloody heap back on the trail...

24 hours for KoT and myself...
Author:  Balthazar
Date    Mon Nov 20 18:59:12 2006~
Subject Aurius and Ridel

24 hours to Aurius and Ridel from Conclave and Mariner. They got looted cuz
they talked a gang of shit and stopped me from playing Final Fantasy 12.
Anyways, proper note to come shortly, just wanna finish up this next quest or
2...or 3...
Author:  Balthazar
Date    Mon Nov 20 22:20:25 2006~
Subject An annoying interruption

I was enjoying a nice peaceful day upon the Orlouge. The sky was blue, the
birds were chirping, Dastrun was shooting arrows at them. It was a fine day
indeed. I had recently acquired an interesting little gift from the High
Archmage. It seems that his magical talents knew no bounds. He gave me a box,
but this was no ordinary box. It showed moving images, life-like in quality.
What was more amazing was that I was actually able to control the little
creatures in the box. I was as happy as a kender in a parade of pockets. Our
captain, Mondraiken, had been acting a jerk all morning, hogging the magical
box, and I had just been able to get it back from him. I was enjoying this
diversion called FF12 very much, as practicing my spells had left me tired and
very grumpy. As I was just about to complete one of the missions the box had
sent me on, I heard something which grated on my ears like nails on a
chalkboard (whatever that is).

"Come out and fight me you stupid pirate!" the voice called out. I wished
to ignore it, but it's incessant bleeting was drowning out the cool music the
box also played along with the images. I learned that I could pause this box,
so I stepped out on deck to see who was being such an ass on this beautiful
day. Lo and behold, it was the renegade mage, Aurius. He stood on the docks of
Palanthas, waving his huge spear at me. Obviously he was over-compensating for
something (I guess the phrase "hung like a bull" didn't mean what everyone
thought). I chuckled at his lame attempts to rile me, for nothing could ruin
this absolutely beautiful day. I sent a message to some of the Archmages, as
they would be interested that this renegade was out and about. They
immediately arrived with some scrolls of great power.

Sneaking behind the minotaur, I recited the scroll, though I had a lot of
trouble due to Khyldes' really ugly handwriting, and immediately the minotaur
was put to sleep. Rather than waste my time with him, I kicked him off the
docks, and let him drown. As the last bit of smelly wet fur disappeared from
view, a Solamnic knight by the name of Ridel appeared. "What's going on
here?" he asked. "Oh dear me, I'm so glad you're here. That poor minotaur
is drowning," I replied. "It is my duty to save rescue anyone in need in
this fair city!" the knight cried, and leapt in after Aurius. I guess he
forgot how heavy a sopping wet minotaur was, and maybe the fact that he
couldn't swim as well. I last saw him struggling to stay afloat before I
chuckled to myself and returned to the ship to continue my game. Upon
returning however, I noticed the none other than that bastard ogre Nasturn
playing with the box. I sighed in frustration. I'm never going to finish this

24 hours to Ridel and Aurius. Looted Aurius for talking smack and interrupting
my Final Fantasy 12 marathon. Looted Ridel attacking me.
Author:  Isn
Date    Tue Nov 21 15:10:10 2006~
Subject Valok dead.

Me was runnin down nice street, chasen rat, big rat, fat juicy rat.. but me
digest, er digress, I saw big Digress once, her had claws like dagger... oh
yeah big juicy rat...

Then Valok got him dead.

Me rat! Big dark hooman and scary horse squishem!

Chase outside, jump stab, jump stab, hooman look confused, him run like Nancy

Me chase, easy follow hooman, this one stink more'n rat too!

Him hiding inside war practice place, me hear sobbing, see blood go in.

TWANG! WAAAAH, thud...

All done.

Gully not loot, him hide in warriors guild. Him have 2 hours protect from
gully. (gully only count to 2).

(OOC: Valok toasted Tue Nov 21 14:43:19 2006.
at Tue Nov 22 14:43:19 2006, 
he will have to recover buttocks and hide from gully).

Isn't Ansalon grand?
Ps. Oso, me kill you when can, run hide, but gully stab you lots :-)
Author:  Isn
Date    Tue Nov 21 15:58:49 2006~
Subject Oso dead.

Me was runnin down nice street, chasen rat, big rat, fat juicy rat.. but me
digest, er digress, I saw big Digress once, her had claws like dagger... oh yeah
Big juicy rat...

Er wait, that this morning...

Today me find Oso, him waiting with Valok on road, me swear that sani..
... cleaner gully ask Isn, Isn't you gonna shoot him in head?

So me did.

Oso dead, gully happy.

(-- The system time is:      Tue Nov 21 15:55:56 2006
at                           Wed Nov 22 15:55:56 2006...
Oso must cover buttocks again, or gully bite em)

Ps. Must wait till tomorrow, less more tools fall out of shed.

Isn't Ansalon grand?
Author:  Ridel
Date    Tue Nov 21 16:53:16 2006~
Subject Me And My Gang

So I finally got out of that damned water It seems a Little gully
fisherman caught a hold of me and reeled me in.  I was mostly dead but
partly alive so i rung myself out and coughed up about a gallon of water and
2 small fish then started on my way back home.  On the way there I noticed
the man that threw me into the Water.  And another man was with him a known
pirate.  So i did what any man would do I went Over too him and told him
that if he didn't leave i would have to throw his ass in the water with a
large rock tied to his foot.  He did not seem to like this much for he
slapped me and said that if anyone wans goin in the water it was me.  His
pirate friend stood there and lauged at me and called me fish Bait.  This
left me no choice I pulled out my mace and told then if the did not go
quietly I would take them kicking and screaming.  So they screamed and
attacked me At first they we beating me pretty badly so I retreated to a
small shed and bandaged myself up I picked up the Ol Can and String and
called in a few buddies to come help me with this mess.  They seemed very
happy to help so we went back after them.  I don't think they were expecting
me to have buddies too I mean I'm not A what you would call Friendly person.
So i ran up after them and we started in on the one who kicked me in the
water.  He was not so mighty now that i had friends We trampled over him and
started in on the Pirate he proved to be a tough match so all my friends ran
and left me there with him.  We fought for a good while but soon i was
growing tired and decided that the pir ate could live to fight another day. 
(24 hours to balthazar from SoL and Ho/Light and Me of course) Good fight
guys it Kept me on my toes 
Author:  Isn
Date    Wed Nov 22 17:53:09 2006~
Subject Marcus not really dead.

* Isn't it strange, the funny Marcus gets in his pants... when Croaker bends over? *

(OOC: 24 hours nopk protection, nothing taken but a potshot)
Isn't Ansalon Grand?
Author:  Godric
Date    Thu Nov 23 08:24:36 2006~
Subject An ogre falls hard

I was in this village of gully dwarves to use their transportation
device.  My intension was to go to solace and speak with some of the
Knighthoods Kagonesti friends.  When I arrived in the filthy gully village
though, I found something bigger and filthier.  There was an axe swinging
ogre marauding through the village.  I did not think the gods allowed their
devout to carry such edged weapons, but no matter.  As I walked toward this
stinking creature I recognized it as the one that had attacked me on
previous occassions and was known for robbing people in port towns, one of
the Orlouge's crew.  

Suddenly the ogre attempted to silence me to no avail, I responded with hard
blows from my mace and with my faith in Kiri-Jolith.  As the rays of light
lanced into him the ogre screamed like a hurt little elven girl and finally
hit the ground motionless.  I removed from him the items I knew as stolen and
then told the surrounding gully dwarves to punish him as they wished. The last
thing I saw as I left for Solace was the gully dwarves shoving rats in
uncomfortable places.

(OOC: pk'd Nasturn, took everything but his hand eq. 24 hrs to Nasturn from
Solamnic and Holy Order Light)
Author:  Ridel
Date    Fri Nov 24 19:43:56 2006~
Subject dead

your died haha
Author:  Ridel
Date    Fri Nov 24 19:58:34 2006~
Subject Aurius 

Well today was the day of all days there was a traveling caravan coming
through and tehre was bound to be some trouble makers.

So i suited up and got ready I made sure to pack an extra mace this time. I
distinctly remember the last time someone stole mine and I had to fist fight a
monk over a sack of potatoes. So i started out and it seemed prety busy
already the streets were filled with would be suspects and the aroma of fresh
cow was in the air.

I decided that i would get something to eat then go to my post.

Well on my way to the eatery i notced a small scuffel breaking out between a
Minotaur and a small kid. It seems the minotaur was trying to staeal his baby

So I ran over and tried to break it up and the minotaur hit me in the jaw.

I reeled back and blasted him in the face he was startled and pulled a dagger
on me. I drew my mace and started in on him.

He dove at me and a rolled out of the war and came up with a shot to the chin.
he shook it off and came back for more I muttered a few words and blinded the

he went into a rage and started swinging madly. He hit 2 old women and a goat
I had to stop him so i waited for him to swing and I came across his face with
a profound blow with my mace.

He dropped where he stood and as I was dragging him into the jail he awoke and
started to flail about he was loose.

He ran like a raped sheep and I lost sight of the blasted mino.

(24 to Aurius which he revoked nothing looted)
Ridel Everouth
Author:  Ridel
Date    Fri Nov 24 20:07:07 2006~
Subject Aurius 2

So I tracked the blasted beas as far as i could and it seemed as tho he had
gotten away. "Damnit I told myself how could I let this happen". Just then i
cought sight of the Black Angus He was running down a side street.

I yelled out 'STOP someone stop him' he looked back and saw me and turned to
face me. I went to draw my mace but it was gone. Damn those pickpockets,. then
i remembered i had another strapped to my back.. i quickly drew it and started
at him. He glared at me then charged. He caught me right in the arm with his
cursed horn.

I dropped my mace infuriated I kneed him in the face and dislodged his horn.
then i kicked him back and sent forth a blinding light from my hand he was
shook and blinded atleast for the moment. "Nows my chance i said in my head".
I ran up and dropped my shoulder plowing him to the ground. he dropped to his
knees like a hooker with Arthritis.

i then stood up and got to my mace he was still hurt and on the ground so i
ran up and let fall one last blow that dropped him in a heap on the ground.
then i dragged his ass out the the street and put him in the stocks for the

Then went and Ate some good Burgers :P
(24 to Aurius nothing looted )
Ridel Everouth
Author:  Khyldes
Date    Fri Nov 24 20:34:29 2006~
Subject 24 minutes to Ridel

Due to his recent Knightly actions against the Conclave, Ridel has been
locked in a box and silenced. Enjoy!

Author:  Miella
Date    Sun Nov 26 09:57:16 2006~
Subject Ridel

Today naked Knight of Solamnia gated on me when i leaved my clan hall. This
"knight" tryed to show me something, but i was not impressed about that so i
killed him. 24h to  Ridel from me and KoT, looted his money.
Author:  Balthazar
Date    Mon Nov 27 02:36:31 2006~
Subject PK'd a NOPK!

Mon Nov 27 02:33:53 2006
24hrs to Aikanero (as if he needs it) removed a killer
was funny, bet you guys didn't see that comin eh?
though it's probably not necessary, proper warnote to come tmw. gonna sleep now
Author:  Ondeka
Date    Wed Dec  6 11:00:33 2006~
Subject A brash young bull

Ondeka raised her hands to the sky with frustration as the large minotaur
swore and began breaking shop merchandise. With a huff, she turned on a heel
and stormed from the establishment.

A few moments later, she ducked into a nearby tent and was speaking with it's
owner, a large minotaur called Spyre, about his newly opened mercantile. A
crash sounded to the north causing both to divert attention to the source.
There, in the shop across the street, was that same beligerant minotaur

"I've had about enough of this curr" Ondeka snarled, as she brought her bow
about and trained an arrow on the beasts hidequarter. "Nothing permanent, but
this calf needs a lesson" she seethed, as Spyre chuckled and nodded.

"OOOOOOOOH" the young bull cried as the arrow expertly grazed his right
buttock. The red crease swelled slightly as a few drips fell from it. That was
enough for the young rabble-rouser and he turned and ran down Garnet with his
tail flapping from side to side.

"May Paladine grant him calmness" Ondeka sighed, as she made way for her
journey to Gerighelm.


Later that week...

A small blue dragon had been trapped in a caged pit, writhing in agony, so
Ondeka was doing the work of Paladine... putting the poor beast out of it's
misery. Arrow after arrow flew into the beast until it collapsed.

"OOOOOFFF!" Ondeka gasped as the air was knocked from her. A furry shape smashed
past her and began kicking the dying dragon! One last shot... that poor beast,
by Paladine, he will not suffer.

Swoosh. The arrow lept at the target, just as the furry shaped detached itself
and turned.

Northin caught the arrow in the eye and fell to his knees.

(OOC: Northin got dragonized, so I shot the dragon for him. Then I shot him too)
Lady Ondeka, the champion.
Author:  Aramynia
Date    Thu Dec  7 18:23:49 2006~
Subject Squires and their instruments

Walking around with my newest squire, Thoras took it upon himself to play
a tune on a lute.  Instead of filling my ears with sweet music, he ended up
attacking me with horrible vapors from the end of it.  Luckily, I managed to
get out of the foul stench and escape.  

***In other words, Thoras decided to use a lute and ended up attacking me
too.  *** Luckily, neither of us died.  And we had a good laugh afterwords. 
Author:  Ridel
Date    Thu Dec 14 15:46:16 2006~
Subject Lelthas

so i think I have found one of people who is aiding the mariners. He is one
Named Lelthas he is a rough one he may even be one of the ringleaders in the
shipping of good to them.

Here is what we need to do 'Ridel whispers a few words to the guards and tells
them where to meet'..If we are successful in out attempt we should be able to
cut the head off this snake. Go now and wait for my signal when he is
approaching we will spring our trap.

I lay in wait as i saw the approaching mage. Then when the time was right I
jumped out starteling the mage and Screamed CHARGE !!!!.

The knights surrounded the mage I told him about why this was happening and
that he was to be jailed. He wanted to hear none of it and instead attacked me
Right off.

His slash cut deep into my armor. I reeled back in pain and the guards circled
in around him. He was trapped like a rat then fell in on him tearing the mage
to shreads.

or so I thought Just then he came out on top and dissapeared with out a trace.

but instead of running he came right back after us He came at me with his
dagger again and I dodged and with a wicked back and knocked him to the4
ground Unconcious.

(I found out Lelthas was aiding Mariners so I decided to put a halt to it. 24
hours to lelthas From Ridel KoS Light )

(Full loot as that is how i was treated by Mariners I do the same to there
help. :P)
Author:  Rorek
Date    Fri Dec 15 20:20:14 2006~
Subject Seiryo

The wind howled down the streets of Gerighelm, blowing papers and
whatever sat on the street into the air and to places unknown.  Rorek,
stumbling down the street, being pushed back and forth from the winds, made
a run from the Palace.  Upon entry of the palace, his greedy little fingers
wanted anything they could get on.  He headed for the vaults at once.  After
easily taking out the guard, he stepped into the vault.  Looking around, he
saw that the gold had been taken by a strange looking eleven fellow in the
corner.  Rorek raised an eyebrow and asked, "Where might the palace treasure
be hiding?"  .  The eleven fellow looked around and put his hands over his
pack, "I'm not sure, it was gone upon my arrival..."  "Likely story elf.." ,
Rorek chuckled, pulling his sword out of its sheath.  "Now where is it?" ,
He demanded.  "You'll have to kill me if you want it for yourself." , The
elf said, stepping forward.  Stealthily walking out of the vault, Rorek
said, "Bah, you can have it!"  .  The elf, not knowing what was in store
around the corner, walked out of the palace, and ended up with a BANG, POW,
DEAD.  Backstabbed right in the neck :P

Nothing looted.  24 hours from 7 Kingdoms and myself.  

Trust No one.
Author:  Havlin
Date    Mon Dec 18 14:31:05 2006~
Subject Ridel: collecting a bounty

Work was coming up short in the guild.  There hadn't been many fresh
targets for awhile.  Frustrated by the lag of action, I decided to venture
out on my own and check local taverns for bouty work.  After coming upon a
fellow in Neraka named Lelthas, I had a target and bounty to collect.  Thus
I hunted down Ridel and killed him.  Looting his corpse for all to see.  

24 hours to Ridel from Mercenary

Author:  Balthazar
Date    Mon Dec 18 16:34:16 2006~
Subject Emla and Havlin

Emla and Havlin killed today. By. Me. You know you love me ;) anyways, proper
note to come, still eating atm.

Nothing looted, all in fun. 24hrs to both from Mariner and Conclave
Author:  Mondraiken
Date    Tue Dec 19 19:03:17 2006~
Subject Havlin

Mondraiken nodded as he listened to Lelthas' story. 'So you believe that
this kender tried to set up situations to make it seem like he should receive
the bounty for Ridel? Very clever indeed. I'll see if I can track him down.'

A bit of luck happened to be in Mondraiken's favor, as he ran accross the
kender Havlin near Solace. He quickly knocking the kender unconscious. He took
a few items of interest, no doubt originally stolen by the kender, to use as
proof to Lelthas t that he had taken care of the little thief.

He returned to Palanthas and received 50,000 gold pieces, of which he split
with his first mate Nasturn, as per their arrangement.

24 hours to Havlin which by now is probably almost over, I couldn't write this
yesterday as I was no-noted.

Looted 2 restrung Whitegolds, a cloak of something that he stole back anyway,
and a silver trident I can't drop.

Oh, and a qnote that looks like it's from last year.

Author:  Achlys
Date    Fri Dec 22 15:46:43 2006~
Subject Mucket

I knocked Mucket out after we had an argue about who is owning money to who.
24h to Mucket, nothing looted
Author:  Bulthar
Date    Sat Dec 23 22:46:54 2006~
Subject [            ] * (SLAIN) Mucket Crack Whorne

Mucket crack corn, but I cared. I marauded him. Looted: Backpack + Restring
coupon. 24 hours from Marauder and Shadow.
Author:  Zwischenzug
Date    Sat Dec 23 22:54:19 2006~
Subject Lelthas

Lelthas fell this day on the 3rd of sirrion's flame.  I was coming down
diamond way when I spotted him coming off his horse and trashed him soundly.

24 hours to lelthas from mariner
Author:  Bulthar
Date    Sat Dec 23 23:30:33 2006~
Subject [            ] * (SLAIN) Mucket Crack Whorne

Again you say? Again, I respond. He called me out with a "I bet you can't do
that again." So this time I confused him and lightning bolted him to
submission..heh, I guess that was different than just beating the crap out of
him. Same result. Took it all. Have a nice day.
Author:  Zwischenzug
Date    Wed Dec 27 19:36:38 2006~
Subject Are you about a size 14?

It was late at night, and Zwischenzug was trying to load some furniture onto
the Orlouge. Unfortunately, the cast on his left arm seemed to be causing him
some problems, and he sighed in pain and frustration as a heavy couch slipped
out of his grasp.

A kender named Swervin, who seemed to have been moved by Zwischenzug's
handicap, moved to help him.  "Here, let me help you."

"Thanks," Zwischenzug said.  "Hey, can you... can you get inside the ship and
pull it?  I want to get it all the way in."

Swervin moved inside, and without noticing it, he was pinned by the couch
coming in behind him.  Zwischenzug climbed in, "Thanks for your help."

"No problem."

"Hey, are you about a size 14?"

Ignoring the fake cast on his arm, Zwischenzug beat Swervin unconscious and
unmoored the ship, cutting away Swervin's shirt as he did so.

Swervin surfaced the next day, unconscious in Palanthas and with two
diamond-shaped pieces of skin missing from his back.

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