The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Warnotes_2007.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places an elegant book bound in elf-skin on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Warnotes_2007' scribed in vibrant purple ink.

Sender  Bulthar
Date    Tue Jan  2 17:15:14 2007
Subject [  Half-Elf  ] * (SLAIN) [ Conclave ] [Red] Deilah apprentice to Lelth

Bulthar was on the hunt and his target was a mage of the 'conclave', a red
robe apparently. He stalked his prey for a little while, waiting for her to
become comfortable with her surroundings.

As soon as she dropped her guard Bulthar struck with a chant to charm, but
that failed. She was so preoccupied with the servants in Tantallon she didn't
even noticed him until he blinded her.

Her Elemental came to her rescue as she fled away, Bulthar left his giant
mercenary to take care of him and went after her. When he found her she was
out of breath and laying down. Bulthar swiftly swung his spear at her,
knocking her unconscious.

24 hours, looted a restring and the new years thing which rotted of course.

Sender  Blimsh
Date    Wed Jan  3 13:35:11 2007
Subject The Return of the King.....Well his corpse

Blimsh, King of Goblinkind sat staring at the haunch of roasted pork set
before him.  They had dared to serve him pork?  He had specificaly demanded
roast rabbit, his favorite meal.  And this is what they had brought before
him?  After agreeing to spare the life of the miserable goblin Grumm who had
also claimed the title of King?  Blimsh looked around the feast hall, eyeing
his warriors and deciding whether he should order a massacure of the
sniveling cowards.  Grumm must have sensed the imminent violence for the
sweat began to bead on his ugly face.  "King I have a gift for you," he
suddenly burst out.  "We have captured a dwarf and are holding him in the

Blimsh's violent thoughts suddenly found a new target.  A dwarf?  He could
feel the ancient racial hatreds beginning to stir in his belly.  A dwarf
could take his mind of the lack of rabbit at the feast.  

"Bring me to him," he demanded.  "I would have some fun with him."  

Blimsh peered through the bars in the cell door.  "Bring him armor and a
weapon," the King ordered.  "I want a challenge."  Soon the requested
equipment was found and the door unlocked.  The dwarf looked up in confusion
as his own armor and weapons were tossed at his feet.  

"Get up and arm yourself," Blimsh demanded, "and fight me or die on your
knees, a coward."  The dwarf, expecting a trick slowly began to don his
armor, keeping a wary eye on the hobgoblin with him in the cell.  Blimsh
stood, impatiently waiting for the dwarf to finish arming himself, casually
flexing and swinging his weapons to limber up his arms.  As soon as the
prisoner picked up his twin axes Blimsh launched himself with a roar.  

The fight was short but vicious, the dwarf knew no matter what he would not
survive the day but determined to take one with him.  The hobgoblin fought
for sheer bloodlust, hatred and enjoyment.  And at the end, bloodlust won
out over desperation and the dwarf fell bleeding from numerous wounds to lie
still on the stone floor.  

"Drag him out and toss the body in the woods," demanded Blimsh.  "And then
find me some real food."  Several of his soldiers hurried to grab the corpse
while others went to raid the goblins' supplies.  The ones dragging the
dwarf took him to the cave mouth and rolled his body down a ravine.  As they
joked and laughed, making their way back to the feast neither saw the slow
and shallow movements of the dwarf's chest.  

(OOC Loror ooc'ed being trapped in the goblin stronghold, I had to go say
hi.  Looted a jeweled torque, its good money when you sell it.  Short and
nasty fight as he wasn't prepared at all.  24 to Loror from Marauder.)  

King Blimsh uk'Vash 

Sender  Loror
Date    Thu Jan  4 08:43:59 2007
Subject lothoemas

After recovering from my deadly wounds I had recieved at the goblin
stronghold, I traveled my way to tantallon.

It is where I was meeting my old friend Balcomb... he said he had information
that could be useful to me.

Upon my arrival I was confronted by a dark cleric... He introduced himself as
the nightlord. I bow quickly and stated my name. Im king loror stonehelm.

With that his eyes opened wide. 'your suppost to be dead!' He yells. At that
point I knew that this nightlord was in alliance with the filthy goblins.

With a yell I threw my faithful axe at his head. The Dark cleric Rasied his
hand and stopped it in mid flight.

He started to unleash his Divine powers on me that not many could survive. I
felt my body start to lose strength and I collapsed to my knee's
this is when my old friend balcomb came And Attacked the cleric by surprise
ceasing his powers being worked on me. Balcomb Wounded the cleric gravely with
his magic,
and the cleric fled into the forest I chased after him with all my wounds I
could barly breath.

He reached the end of the forest and Once Again I took my axe and heaved it...

This time it struck home and the cleric fell.

I walked over to the seemingly dead corpse pulled my axe out of the clerics
head. As I was walking away I didnt notice the head wound slowly closeing up
and the body start to breath... My mistake.

OOC - Lotheomas attacked me for fun and Accidentally ran into balcomb hurting
him bad, Loth attacked me again and I killed him. Nothing looted. 24hrs to
lotheomas (Even though hes already used his up)
from myself and 7 kingdoms.

Sender  Lothoemas
Date    Thu Jan  4 09:06:01 2007
Subject loror

24 hours to loror from HO Dark

Sender  Mondraiken
Date    Sat Jan  6 00:15:03 2007
Subject Loror

The High Dwarf Loror decided to test his strength against me, in a good
natured sparring match.

After a few rounds of back and forth action, Mondraiken scored the pinfall
after a double armed DDT.


(24 hours from Mariner to Loror, nothing looted per agreement.)
(24 hours also to Bulthar for being a homosexual)

Sender  Mondraiken
Date    Sat Jan  6 00:51:34 2007
Subject Aurius

While walking in Solace I saw a horrible sight. A minotaur was walking around
completely naked, and, if I must say so, he sure wasn't "hung like a bull".

Being disgusted at this poor excuse for a member of my race and his
infant-like physical attributes, I quickly stuck my foot out as he ran by and
he fell over, striking his head and falling unconscious immediately.


(Removed Aurius' killer flag)

Sender  Emla
Date    Sat Jan  6 01:13:29 2007
Subject Mondraiken

I was walking around in Palanthas when i saw funny looking minotaur sailor and
i just had to go and see if he is any fun.

He turned angry after sometime and started to hit me with some stick so i had
to cast my secret calm spell on him.

My Spell made him all blue and and he started to make funny noices like "Moo!
MoM MoM!" and then he passed out.

After funny minotaur was sleeping i got bored and desided to go heal some

24h to Mondraiken from HO Light
Nothing looted, got only 45 experience points from him.

Sender  Aurius
Date    Sat Jan  6 01:18:21 2007
Subject Pickpocket caught!!!

Whilst out and about incognito in Palanthas..  I was accosted by one of
those irrascible kenders..  They never learn to keep their hands to
themselves.  Catching him "red handed" while his hand was in a component
pouch trying to filtch something he shouldnt have.  I quickly tlked him into
"seeing" some shiny trinkets outside the east gate..  So as not to draw too
much unwarranted attention to myself.  Once outside the gate and outside the
guards range..  I quickly cast a sleep spell on the unsuspecting kender.. 
Rendering him all but useless.  After several maladiction type spells i
quickly ended it with a sharp blow to the kenders temple..  Leaving him
crumpled on the ground.  

(ooc) talked swervin into fighting me..  He died..  No loot..  Acually gave
him some eq sice he was practically neked.  24 from me 

Sender  Aurius
Date    Sat Jan  6 01:27:53 2007
Subject Damn midgets

No sooner than i had left the kender crumpled on the ground i was
attacked by..  Well..  A midget.  I guess all of the "shorter" races like to
stick together..  Not that it does them much good..  Especially not those 2.

Feling sharp pains coming from my waist line and lower torso..  I looked
down and was shocked that i hadnt seen thedwarf coming nearby.  But then
again being so small and with the bush's nearby..  It makes sense he might
have been waiting in ambush..  Either way..  Once i saw what was hurting
me..  I quickly put an end to it.  Slamming my fist down upon his rock hard
head (thankfully i was still empowered by several spells)..  Dropping the
"half-pint" on the ground with a resounding thud.  Being fairly annoyed now
i decided to "aquire" some items that the midget had..  Since he took the
trouble to fall asleep at my feet.  Not finding much i kicked him over to
the bush's and uttered a spell of invisibility to try and keep from being
attacked continually by midgets.  Once the spell was complete i quickly went
back to my hideout in solace..  Taking refuge for some healing and some well
deserved rest.  

(ooc) loror attacked me after i had killed swervin..  Luckily loror was
almost dead..  I made it fully so:) 24 to him from me..  Was much fun 

Sender  Aurius
Date    Sat Jan  6 01:38:47 2007
Subject Damn kenders must be uniting.

After getting safely back to my hideout and healing and eating a nice
meal..  I left out and decided to go for a walk.  I should of known better..

Least so soon after those 2 midgets attacked me..  Cause out pops another
kender out of thin air wearing robes of a sort.  The battle was fierce but
me being fully healed and rested..  She was no match for my brute strength
for magical cunning.  I was deftly evading all of her attacks but she was
taking brutal hits from my poisoned dagger..  It was over almost as soon as
it started..  A couple of hits from my dagger left her senseless and
drooling on the ground.  Seeing nothing of interest on her..  I decided to
stay inside my hideout for a few days..  Hoping it would stop raining

(ooc) removed emla's killer flag..  No loot..  24 from me to her:) 

Sender  Emla
Date    Sat Jan  6 14:43:31 2007
Subject Lelthas

There i was exploring dark dwarven mines and suddenly a naked man jumps from dark.

The naked man starts to yell 'bboblblblebb'heblb' in some unknown tongue and
his eyes rolled wildly. I tryed to understood what was he telling to me
...someting about a mule or that he wanted to show me someting. The naked man
got more exited and yelled 'bboblbboblbbeblbh' at that point i desided to try
my healing spell on him but i mistakenly casted wrong spell and he got really
scared. The naked man run back to the dark mines and i trye to run after him,
but i had no luck man was already gone.

I can still hear his yell 'bbheblebb'hb'hebleblebebl' in my mind, poor man
alone in the dark..

24 Hours to miner Lelthar from Wanderlust and HO Light
Nothing looted, got only 64 experience points out of him.

Sender  Zwischenzug
Date    Sun Jan  7 23:40:41 2007
Subject Mellande

Zwischenzug's head inverted down into shoulders as he searched the ground, so
that his posture was filled with tension.

It seemed like that head was about to spring up, and who knew what would be on
that face?

A mask of rage?  Giggling insanity?  The absurdly healthy eyes in a
disease-pocked face?

But the face didn't look up, the sharp eyes and cheeks remained fixed.  Where
were the bastards who had done this? Zwischenzug wondered.

When he found who had stolen his laundry, he'd make sure the Solamnics
wouldn't see, that's right.

His eyes came upon a lone sock in the street, his sock.  Those fools.  He was
onto them now.  Zwischenzug smiled darkly.

He heard the sound of a struggle in the distance.  A sea-elf was skirmishing
with a teenager.  Perhaps they had stolen his laundry
together and were not fighting over the spoils.  The red suspenders to one and
his FREE MONDRAIKEN t-shirt to the other, eh?

Zwischenzug slipped a handful of copper coins out of his pocket and into the
sock, wrapping it tightly.

The teenager had gotten the worst of the fight, so there was only one thing
left to do.

"That was amazing," Zwischenzug congratulated, "Winning a battle like that and
not one hair out of place."

"Thanks," the sea elf replied, "I take some pride in my hairstyle."

"It's a little old-fashioned though, don't you think?"


"Something about it needs to... CHANGE!" Zwischenzug punned, suddenly whipping
the sock into her head.

Zwischenzug regretted the need for violence, a little, but in this world it
was important to know where one's towel is.

Sender  Bulthar
Date    Mon Jan  8 13:36:57 2007
Subject [ Dimernesti ] * (SLAIN) [  Mariner ] Shelly Dosent know why hes a Mar

I was walking down the docks and I saw the seaman Segranth scrubbing down
Mondraikens' poop deck, I thought this was a golden opportunity, and so I
smashed his head in until he fell unconscious.

Now he'll have to clean up his own blood too, yeah, that's golden. Mercenary
was offering 10k for his death, I'm rich bitch!

24 hours from myself, nothing looted.

Sender  Bulthar
Date    Tue Jan  9 15:15:49 2007
Subject chemosh

I pk'd him, he's dead and so is hockey.

Sender  Lothoemas
Date    Sun Jan 14 12:05:43 2007
Subject Vishar

24 Hours to Vishar from HO Dark

Sender  Zwischenzug
Date    Tue Jan 16 01:03:35 2007
Subject It rubs the harp on its skin or else it gets the hose again

"Please, Mister," Valik said, "My mother has money.  She's friends with
Amothos; she'll pay anything..."

"It rubs the harp on its skin, or else it gets the hose again," Zwischenzug
intoned, nasally.

What could Zwischenzug have been doing?  Trying to use the magic of the harp
to loosen Valik's skin?  Needless to say, Valik was in
a quandary.  Frustrated, he zapped the harp all over his skin, despite its
inability to save him from death.

"Now it puts the harp in the basket," Zwischenzug said in the same nasal

As Zwischenzug was raising the harp in the basket, which also contained a
lantern to provide light, Valik could see scratch marks
made by fingernails in the walls of the well.

He began screaming, and Zwischenzug couldn't help but grab his shirt and mock
his hapless victim.



Sender  Bulthar
Date    Tue Jan 16 19:29:19 2007
Subject [            ] * (SLAIN) [Mercenary ] Bounty Hunter Groth I make probl

I met this goblin playing some dice
At first I thought, "This is nice"
I took all his money
He didn't find it very funny.

The goblin got mad
It made me kind of sad
We could be friends
This isn't
how it has to end

I shouted at him
He seemed pretty dim
He drew his sword
I was growing bored

He attacked swiftly
I dodged it rather niftily
Smacking him on the head
fell to the ground like he was dead

OOC: 24 to Groth, good fight, looted a zivilyn backpack and some mondraiken shirt.

Sender  Bulthar
Date    Thu Jan 18 22:08:56 2007
Subject Yirmesh

I summoned and slept him, then he drowned, no slain flag but I felt compelled
to note it anyway.

24 hours, looted some container.

Sender  Bulthar
Date    Sat Jan 20 15:38:33 2007
Subject [            ] * (SLAIN) Prophet Vindo, Champion of Evil

I was on the hunt, I was feeling the rush.

I heard a noise, stupid pet snake, hush!

This had been a long time in coming.

Quiet in these woods, then I heard footsteps running.

A man rushed by, but not my target.

I waited, soon I was about to say...farg it?

Finally I spotted him heading my way.

This would definitely make my day.

I steadied and readied my Viper.

Vindo, get ready to meet the piper.

I ambushed the man, he was suprised as hell.

In fact, as I recall, he let out a loud girly yell.

I threw my pet, he surrounded his neck.

I call it the Vindo Viper, you know, what the heck.

Soon Vindo lay unconscious, but what did you expect?

My Vindo Viper put a hurting on that derelict. 

24 hours to Vindo, and now you've been pk'd dude :-p
Oh, I looted a lot of shit he wasn't wearing.

Sender  Bogoljubov
Date    Tue Jan 23 13:10:15 2007
Subject Isahn

"What do you call a man with no arms and no legs in front of your door?"

The human's brow crinkled for a second in concentration.  "I give up. What?"

"Matt!" Bogoljubov revealed, with a sly grin.

"Haha, I get it."

"What do you call a man with no arms and no legs who fell in the ocean?"

"Hmm, I don't know."


The human chortled in delight.  "I see what you're doing now."

The sly grin widened, showing teeth.  "You do? Ok, how about this one. What do
you call a man with both arms and legs who's vomitting blood?"

The human turned his back and thought for several moments, then turned back
triumphantly.  "Ralph!"

"Nope!" Bogoljubov lightly replied.

"Then what do you call him?"

"Isahn!" Bogoljubov revealed, catching the human in the gut with a sudden

Isahn started back, then crumpled into himself like a discarded accordion.

Bogoljubov walked away, chuckling to himself.  Matt! That was a good one.

Sender  Bogoljubov
Date    Tue Jan 23 15:15:03 2007
Subject Muradin

"What kind of game is this?" the cleric whispered to the kender next to him,
afraid to break the unnatural silence.

"I'm not sure," the kender spat out in a giggling whisper, "It came from the
east somewhere - maybe New Thalos or one of those towns.

A thug kneaded the head of a pitbull next to him, and, in an attempt to
relieve the tense atmosphere, piped in:
"Whoever this robed guy is, they say he's the 23rd best in the world at it. 
Well in this century, at least."

The robed figure moved one of the black horses in an L shape and then leaned
back with a smug smile.  The fingertips of Croaker, his
opponent, reached forward and then hesitated.  With a frustrated snarl,
Croaker knocked one of his white pieces over and stood
up in disgust.  "You see," the robed man said, standing up and bowing.  "The
white pieces are a great advantage.

When I am white, I win because I am white.  However," here he paused for
dramatic effect,
"when I am black, I win because I am Bogoljubov!"

"That would be an impressive feat indeed," a voice called from the crowd,
weaving through it like smoke.


"...if we cared about your little marble horsies and and castles and whatever
those phallic symbols are called."

Bogoljubov chuckled, seeming to laugh it off, until he turned and hit the
intruder straight in the head with the table.

After blacking out from more rage than he'd felt in his entire life,
Bogoljubov woke up with swollen knuckles, a crushed bottle in his side, and
for some reason the taste of gravy in his mouth.  It was at least a triple
whammy of strange awakenings.

Sender  Zwischenzug
Date    Thu Jan 25 22:25:18 2007
Subject This, is a chemical burn

"What do you want to do that for?" Reks asked.

"I dunno, I don't want to die without any scars.  Come on, it'll be fun.  Just hit me."


"I don't know... surprise me!"  Zwischenzug hopped up and down in anticipation.

"Owww! What the hell?" Zwischenzug yelped, grabbing the side of his head.

"You told me to hit you," Reks protested.

"You hit me in the ear!"

The two men fought each other for fun throughout Palanthas.  It was hard to
say who was winning at any one point, but both men were looking thoroughly
bruised and both felt thoroughly alive.

Reks butted them both through the door of the closed apothecary shop and
reared back to finish Zwischenzug with a wild haymaker, but the other man
darted forward like a snake, catching his fist kissing it.

"What the hell is this?"

In response, Zwischenzug grabbed a box of lye from the counter and upended it
on the kiss mark.

After they neutralized the burn with vinegar that night, the two men began to
see the world with different eyes.

Sender  Lothoemas
Date    Fri Jan 26 12:55:04 2007
Subject Claloc

I slayed the hell out of Claloc for playing WoW. (24HR Protection, 2 things looted)

Sender  Lothoemas
Date    Fri Jan 26 13:44:43 2007
Subject Aurius

24 hours to Auriusfrom HO Dark for being a renegade.

Sender  Vishar
Date    Wed Jan 31 17:36:56 2007
Subject radamon

After my long journey from the army camps I decided to cut lose a bit and try
my hand at fishing.  With all the rucus going on I really hadn't had much

I went back to my faithful fishing hole on Lake Crystalmir. Seemed as if
nothing had changed since the last time I was here.

So I baited up and sat back relaxing drinking some mead.  When all of the
sudden I noticed a figure appear on the lake.

He seemed to be floating across it scaring all the fish away I yelled out to
him and told him that this was my spot if he wanted to walk on water go
somewhere else.

I had been waiting for this for a while now and i couldn't jus let someone
come floating by and ruin my time. Her never said a word just kept floating
closer and closer.

I yelled out to him once more and told him that if he did not leave at once I
would be forced to remove him.

A small grin crossed his blank face but he never uttered a word. He seemed to
be trying to test me to see how far i would go before I broke.

At that time I stood drew my weapon and told him that He had made a grave
error in trying to provoke me. He started to utter some words but in the time
it took him to chant a spell I was out in the water and closing fast.

I drew back and let loose a flury of punches he seemed stunned whatever he was
doing to float this must have broken his concentration as he fell to the

I punched the man once more just to make sure he was out and left him to flaot
upon the water.

I then went back collected my stuff and headed back to the camps.

24 to radamon from KOT 2 WGs looted 24 revoked after he attacked me.

Sender  Lanfer
Date    Wed Jan 31 18:20:08 2007
Subject Vishar

Was trying to duel Aurius and he jumped me
He died and got full looted
Too bad for him
24 to the KoT dude from Me and I guess Sol

Sender  Ridel
Date    Mon Feb  5 14:03:27 2007
Subject Mad CoW Disease

I couldn't believe it ehrn I heard there was actually a Cow running
through palanthas causing Havoc all over the place.  So I grabbed a rope and
a club and set off after it.  I found it near the Great Dome kicking wagons
a pooping all over the place.  I dove on the beast and tied a rope around
it.  It then flung me off but I still held tightly on the rope.  I looked
around for something I could tie this thing to..  Ahh ha I said as I found a
large piller.  I called forth some more guards and we reined the beast down
but as soon as we had it secure the rope broke and the cow ran for the Hills
never to be seen again.  THE END......  24 to Aurius Found him eating
lettuce in one of the Merchant wagons.  

Sender  Zwischenzug
Date    Mon Feb  5 17:10:15 2007
Subject Urine for some pain!

The elf's body must've been showered with pain, Zwischenzug thought, as he saw
him tumble down the stairs.

As Goldenleaf started crawling to his feet at the base of the tower,
Zwischenzug uttered the words to a rare, alternative cantrip.  Suddenly, hot
yellow beams shot out of the air, hosing Goldenleaf down in agony.

As Goldenleaf lay writhing, Zwischenzug stole a small amount of booty for the
Orlouge and disappeared into the
bustle of the streets.

Sender  Ukiah
Date    Tue Feb  6 12:24:01 2007
Subject Lover or fighter? Lorthiras

Ukiah smelled arms, them stinky, nice nice. She likes.

Under arms, make her almost faint, surely gully boys like!!

Her walk up on way to Hepo, him sure give her some sugar today, see
strange man staring at her, hooman too! Hm, why no? She gives her
bestest gully smile and tugs at her top a little to make her dirty
nubs show a teensy bit...

Man begin to look her up and down, but not look happy, him look like
want to fights!!!

Ukiah sniff sadly, then throw dagger at man, him run fast, she chase,
if no ruck then right, er fight! Her chase him all around mound into
trash back out, not looking tough now no no Mr tall Clean man!

Womp, him trip on a dirty sock and bash head. Sleeps well, so Ukiah
take back dagger out of hims leg and hims money, all 2 coins. Her
peeks in hims shorts, smaller than Hepo!!

(OOC: Lorthiras started considering me in gully, I thought of it, then
considered sticking a dagger in him, worked well. 24 hours protection
from the love goddess of gully dwarves)

Sender  Zwischenzug
Date    Wed Feb  7 19:32:01 2007
Subject Paige

The coins in Zwischenzug's pocket clanked together with a lightly ominous
jingle as he stalked the hallways.

As per their bargain, he could feel Ulthar's presence in the room.

His fellow sailor really enjoyed his snuff scries.

Zwischenzug could've knocked Paige out easily with a blow to the back of her
exposed head as he crept up behind her, but he knew he had to draw it out to
earn his full payment.

He grabbed her by the shoulder and spun her around, making sure to backhand
her across the mouth where it would draw blood but keep her conscious.

He blocked her surprised counterattack and threw her into the wall, laughing.

"That's right, make it look good," he said.

He could feel Ulthar's voice in his head, "That's it! I knew you'd be a
natural at this."

His victim's cries for quarter were drowned out by the ever-loudening clank of
coins in his pocket.

Sender  Emla
Date    Fri Feb  9 10:25:40 2007
Subject  Bromahn

I noticed mean looking ogre running around with bloody dagger in his hands so
i desided that its my duty as priestess to warn him not to run with dagger in
his hand.

When i grapped his jacket and tryed to stop him he tripped down and hurt
himself badly to his bloody dagger...Oops!

24h to Bromahn from Wanderlust and Holy Order Light

Sender  Bromahn
Date    Fri Feb  9 10:33:14 2007
Subject Chongo

Ugghhh ahh yeah haha there it is. I said to myself the Smiling Mug.

I slowly reached into my pouch to see what money I had left and all i Found
was a hole in tho bottom of it.

I growled angrily to myself It must have been one of those damn kenders. 
those little guys are everywhere.

Well that changed nothing i still wanted to get drunk and I needed money fast.

Just then i noticed .

A Merchant was unloading some boxes from a ship. Seemed like he was the only
one around so i waited for him to grab another of the heavy boxes.

when he started back I tripped him and he fell hard on the box knocking
himself unconcious.

(24 hours to chongo from Marauder and Me )

Sender  Aurius
Date    Fri Feb  9 11:59:48 2007
Subject Ridel

After my fight in palanthas a few days ago..  I decided to heal and head
back to solace and check in with my mercenary allies.  As i passed over the
bright blue lake in solace i saw someone flying behind me a ways..  So i
ducked up into some nearby clouds and waited to see who might be following
me.  After a few moments i got a full view of who it was..  It was Ridel.. 
The one who had taken me by surprise in palanthas..  So i figured one good
turn deserved another.  Flying as close as i could without him seeing me.. 
I uttered a quick spell that dispeled any enchantments he had upon him.. 
The look in his eyes was enough for me to know it had worked.  Swooping
after him to make sure he was done..  I seen him crash near the edged of the
westside of the lake with a profound crash.  After seeing his arms and legs
all akimbo..  I knew he'd not follow me anytime soon..  So i left him there
and reported to my allies in search of some information.  

(OOC) removed ridels killer..  24 for him from me:) 

Sender  Lorthiras
Date    Fri Feb  9 15:53:09 2007
Subject Seiryo

"Wait here" a veiled shadowy figure nodded in acknowledgement, "This will only
take a second."

I walked away for a few moments before encountering a man, there was something
different about him, his scent, he did not smell like foul stench of the city,
no something much more insidious, vile nature reaked from him. He is the one i
thought, he will do. a quick stab and he was knocked out, for an hour, day,
maybe forever, it didn't matter, if he would awaken he would find it easier to
travel with less weight to burden him. the shadowy figure snickered, "Mighty
cold of you."

i glanced at him for a few moments "Lets keep moving."

(24 to Seiryo, 2 or 3 stock items looted)

Sender  Zwischenzug
Date    Sun Feb 11 01:14:02 2007
Subject "Seiryo Connah?"

"Y-Yes, that's me," Seiryo said, answering the door.

Without another word, Zwischenzug reached into his leather jerkin and pulled
out his hand crossbow, leveling it at Seiryo with a flat look in his eyes.

As he was about to pull the trigger, something heavy hit him from the side,
knocking him off his feet.

Zwischenzug woodenly rose, but Ridel emptied his arbalest into his chest,
sending him through a nearby window.

"My Branchala..." Seiryo said, "What's going on?  Who are you?"

Ridel just held out his hand, "Come with me if you want to live."

"But we should be safe now.  You just killed that man."

"He's not dead. And he's not a man."

Already, Zwischenzug was rising to his feet again, even with a quarrel the
size of a small child's arm sticking out of his chest.

Ridel and Seiryo made their way to Ridel's carriage.  The upper half of
Seiryo's body was still in shock and had to be pulled along, but his legs had
been galvanized by fear.  They jumped in and Ridel pulled the reins hard.

Just then the carriage ceiling thumped, and Zwischenzug's hand punched through
it, reaching for Seiryo.

Ridel uttered some quick words and lobbed a fireball out the window and up,
igniting and dislodging their murderous stowaway.

"Are we safe YET?"

"We're going to need weapons in case he comes back.  Hand me my arbalest."

"Your what.. you mean that thing?  I was supposed to be carrying it?"

"You mean we left it back there!"

The back of the carriage thumped in a much sharper way than the ceiling had,
and Seiryo gasped in response to the hard cylinder he felt in his back.

Sender  Lorthiras
Date    Sun Feb 11 11:47:49 2007
Subject Paige

"you've set your sights on a woman this time, you weren't brought up right"
chuckled a familiar voice. I snicked softly "we have to do what we can to
survive." chuckling in a low voice "Thats irrelevant." I gazed idly at the
walls and ceiling until it was time.

"wait here" I spoke without looking at the figure, he merely nodded his head
in his usual manner. She appeared and I engaged the woman, and struck through
the confusion, ending it clean and quickly, I took a final glance at the
knocked out woman before grabbing her coin purse and disappearing into
darkness. The figure looked up at the blood in my hands "quite a demon you've
become." I swung my pack over my shoulder and replied "We need to keep

(24 Hours to Paige, looted a globe)

Sender  Barp
Date    Sun Feb 11 14:13:45 2007
Subject Bromahn

Barp was lounging about the stalls of Palanthas flinging poop and having
a blast, when a big Ogre came in, spatula in hand.  He looked mighty
fearsome to the innocent gully, who only had a wooden toy sword.  As the
ogre laughed at the gully and turned to leave, he was greeted with two fists
full of poop in the back.  "Dumb Orger.  Hamburger flinger things no hurt
Barp.  Barp magic man!  " Barp pulled a chicken feather from the muck and
waved it at the ogre, who proceeded to stalk towards him, undoubtedly
seeking revenge for the poop on his back.  Just as the "orger" was about to
reach him, Barp finished his spell.  The ogre happened to slip in the muck
and land face first in a fresh pile of horse poop.  "Told you Barp magic
man!  Wazzat saying?  Shake N' Bake!  " Barp stood up and walked over the
ogre, stepping roughly on his back.  

(24 Hours to Bromahn)

Sender  Bogoljubov
Date    Sun Feb 11 17:16:15 2007
Subject Osay can you see...

On his way to razing a village, Bogoljubov encountered a strange elf sitting
by the side of the road.

"Did you know that I'm written in C?" Masticore asked, imitating Puff at her
most annoying.

Bogoljubov heard an ominous cracking sound, like a tree falling down in this

"What did you say?  What the hell is C?"

Masticore shrugged. "Why don't you just google it?"

The cracking sound grew louder and closer, and Bogoljubov realized it wasn't a
tree falling down.

It sounded more like an invisible wall was breaking.

"...Google?" he asked with some trepidation.  "Is that like to ogle at

"No, idiot, it's a search engine.  Just click on Internet Explorer on your
desktop and go to"

The 'wall' seemed to split open slightly, and Bogoljubov could make out vague
shapes of an awful world, of bearded,
alien dwarves with orange powder on their mouths staring into glowing boxes as
if transfixed.

Whatever was happening had to be stopped.

"Anyway, I've got to go afk, my Hot Pockets are almost dmmmmph!" Masticore was
cut off by Bogoljubov's colorful pillow
over his nose and mouth.

Bogoljubov pressed down with all the desperation in his arms and chest.

Sender  Bogoljubov
Date    Sun Feb 11 22:06:10 2007
Subject Up in Smoke!

Some strange smoke was wafting out of a carriage as Bogoljubov walked past it,
so he decided to investigate.

Inhaling the smoke made him cough, and then the coughing turned into laughter.

He knocked on the carriage door, and Chongo stuck his head out.  They both
coughed and laughed together.

"Hey man," Chongo said, "Got any big pot pies or something? I'm extremely

Bogoljubov didn't know what to say.  It's not that the question was very
confusing, but he just couldn't remember.

"Heeheee!" Bogoljubov giggled.  "I was gonna kill you, but like uh... uh...

you have a nice day now."

After he got home and took a bath, Bogoljubov remembered what he was
originally going to do, so he walked back to the carriage
and set it on fire.

Just like that, Chongo went up in smoke!

Sender  Thelas
Date    Tue Feb 13 16:56:18 2007
Subject [   Sea Elf  ] * (SLAIN) Rouuthav plays with Blern's balls,er, plays B

Rouuthav the KILLER
That hunt was a THRILLER
I could go for a MILLER
Rouuthav is no longer a KILLER.

I removed his killer from us killing Jahrun.

Sender  Rouuthav
Date    Tue Feb 13 17:03:29 2007
Subject The Beef With Ja

Rouuthav and Thelas sat outside The Rusty Rudder with their 40oz ales
wrapped in brown parchment.  

'Damn, man, I'm so sick of that wanksta Ja frontin' when it comes to our
crew, ' Thelas said, shaking his head.  

'No doubt, no doubt, son, ' Rouuthav agreed, gulping down some of the ale. 
'I got shot nine times, man, I'm not gonna let some punk bitch get over on
us.  ' 'So what we gonna do, B?  ' Thelas asked.  

'Leave it to me, man...  ' Rouuthav said, with a dangerous look in his eyes.

Later on, Jahrun was walking down the street in Palanthas singing to himself
'Where would I be without my baby...  ' when the sound of horses hooves
clomped louder and louder towards him.  A carriage thundered up to Ja, and
Thelas and Rouuthav leaned out of it, both firing crossbows at him.  Jahrun
fell to the ground, blood spilling from his wounds.  

As the carriage rode away, Rouuthav shouted out to anyone who could hear,

-Thelas and I killed Jahrun, nothing looted-
-Rouuthav, aka, 50 Copper...

Sender  Lanfer
Date    Wed Feb 14 08:07:30 2007
Subject Aurius

Killed Aurius..... Aparently ooc help wasent ok in THIS instance
so I had to give everything back. Who knew having someone closing
doors for you wasent ok *grin*
24 to him if he wants it

Sender  Makarth
Date    Wed Feb 14 12:17:15 2007
Subject ridel

killed ridel, then it crashed - lucky bastard.

Sender  Aurius
Date    Wed Feb 14 14:46:20 2007
Subject Khin

I was shopping in Palanthas trying to be descreet and found some
pickpocket ruffleing through a pack he had just lifted from me.  Not quite
caring much for someone thieving from me i set off after him..  Luckily one
of those snooty aristocrats had noticed the thief taking my pack and kept
pointing him out to me.  Catching up to him and blasting him with spells the
thief quickly fell to his knee's begging me for his pathetic life.  Bleeding
and with a foul puddle of urine surrounding him..  I held my nose and
carefully picked up my bag he dropped and kicked the fool in the ribs with a
hoof.  Gathering my stuff i quickly chanted a spell to turn myself
invisible..  Making for the harbor hoping for a quick and easy escape.  

Sender  Aurius
Date    Wed Feb 14 14:47:15 2007
Subject Khin 2

oh yea..24 blah blah blah

Sender  Aurius
Date    Thu Feb 15 10:39:27 2007
Subject Lothoemas

Whilst on my way back to my mercenary allies stronghold in solace i was
accosted by a fairly evil cleric of sorts.  Meditating i didnt notice the
man shadowing me till he cast a spell that had vines and roots trying to
entrap me..  Luckily i had several spells prepared to ward off plants and
animals since i was traveling through the forests.  Since my spells negated
his..  I started casting magic missiles at the man..  Completely keeping him
off balance and rendering him senseless from the pummeling.  As i cast the 4
group of them..  The man fell to the side in a puddle of his own blood and
urine.  Walking over to the prone and semi conscious man i took pity on
him..  For he was completely naked and unarmed..  Dropping a few coins i
left the wretch in a heap and went back on my way.  

24 to loth from me. 

Sender  Makarth
Date    Thu Feb 15 17:41:21 2007
Subject aurius

killed was easy.

24 hours protection.

Sender  Makarth
Date    Thu Feb 15 18:43:45 2007
Subject Lanfer

It had been some time before I had been to Palanthas, and even more time
since I last caused any disruptions of any sort around the area.  A Solamnic
knight attempted to stop me from causing any disruptions - I disrupted him

24 to Lanfer

Sender  Ridel
Date    Thu Feb 15 21:24:10 2007
Subject Aurius 

I had heard that there was a big commotion in palanthas earlier that day.

I was unable to stop this but I heard they might still be around. so I set out
on patrol to see what i could dig up.

several of the citizens said that they saw a minotaur wreaking havoc around
here and that he said something in the bar about maybe visiting Caergoth.

I followed his trail to caergoth where i found him drunk at the bar. I wore a
cloak so as not to give away who i was.

I pulled up a chair near the end and started talking to a man about what had
happened in palanthas and how the person who did must have been some great
mage. (Lies ofcourse) No sooner then I said that he stood up and said yeah
hahahaha i did that.

I stood up and walked over to the Minotaur he wreaked of booze and cheap
perfume. He walked with a limp so i had known he was injured,
I removed my cloak and revealed my mace i told the man he was wanted for
crimes in palanthas but he wasn't gonna come easy.

He bawled up his hand into a fust and tried to punch me i stepped out of the
way and smacked him on the back of the head.

He stumbled awkardly And grabbed a chair which he threw at me. He was Drunk
and I knew i would be thrashing this place so i whistled loudly and a few
Guards came in and tried to restrain him.

He threw them off and took off out the door like a bolt of lightning.

I tried my hardest but he was just too damn fast.

this would have to wait for another day.

(24 to auri which is revoked for attacking nothing looted.)

Sender  Barp
Date    Thu Feb 15 22:19:20 2007
Subject Rouuthav

Barp screamed and ducked for cover as the carriage rode past.  He
happened to catch a glimpse of the man, "50 Copper," before he withdrew back
into the carriage.  Rushing over to the man with the bolts in his chest,
Barp quickly drew out a bottle of perfume and began beating the man with it,
hoping to perform some of his magic.  At that time a cleric ran up and
prayed to Paladine, healing the young man.  Pleasantly surprised with
himself, Barp shook his own hand and wandered off.  

Later on..  

Barp was wandering around the stalls of an administrative building when he
heard a small commotion inside.  Climbing up on an overturned bucket he
peered inside and saw none other than 50 Copper himself!  He overheard the
men talking: "Yo pops I did over that little Ja punk like you wanted.  Now
where's my loot?  " 

The old man trembled as he responded, "I..  I..  Don't have it with me. 
I'll have to go get it..  If..  You'll excuse me.  " 

50 Copper leveled a hand held crossbow and said, "No way old man, not this
time.  You been frontin me since day one.  You're in for it now pops.  " 

During this whole scene, Barp had snuck threw the window and stood behind
the man wearing big, big robes: 50 Copper.  As snuck around, Barp slowly
withdrew his magic rock on a string.  Twirling it, he squinted his eyes shut
tight and thought about a spell.  At that instant the rock slipped from his
chubby little fingers and wrapped around 50 Copper's legs, just as he was
about to take a step.  The man in big, big robes tripped and fell, smashing
his head into the old man's desk.  He was out like a light.  The old man
stood shocked for a moment as Barp opened his eyes and exclaimed, "Hmm,
magic not work this time.  He 'sposed to go 'way.  'Stead he just sleep.  Me
have to work on go 'way spell smore.  " With that, Barp retrieved the rock
on a string and shook hands with himself (because the old man was still in
shock).  He departed quickly in search of further adventures.  

In the meantime, the old man came to his senses and bound and gagged 50
Copper.  He took him out back to see some old friends, a goblin thug by the
name of Lloyd Banks.  

24 Hours to Rouuthav, looted some diamonds, a restring, and a boring scroll
to replace the one I used.  
Rouuthav goes to sleep.

Rouuthav informs the Royal Advisor he has completed
his quest.
The Royal Advisor says in Common 'Congratulations on completing
your quest!'

Sender  Aurius
Date    Fri Feb 16 06:29:38 2007
Subject makarth

(mak and i were fighting in pal pit (him being a killer and all) i got him
low..he fled into croaker and died..i only looted the staff he looted from me

Sender  Khin
Date    Fri Feb 16 08:13:31 2007
Subject Aurius

He thought he was all that..turned out he wasnt.

24 hours protection to aurius.

Sender  Emla
Date    Fri Feb 16 08:39:47 2007
Subject (SLAIN) Khin

I was looking new herbs for the Caergoth park and suddenly i got feeling that
i was watched.

When I started to cast my protection spells someting went wrong, seems that I
used wrong hand movement and protective spell turned to nasty wall of flames
that burned whole park down.

When smoke cleared i noticed badly burned man and he was moaning someting
about mean kenders.

When I tryed to cast my healing spell on him he run away screaming...seems
that i have that affect on humans and minotaurs.

24h hours to (killer)(thief)Khin from Wanderlust and HO Light I looted just
some coins.

Sender  Zwischenzug
Date    Fri Feb 16 13:21:23 2007
Subject You are Unworthy

Lorthiras awoke from a fitful sleep to find himself shivering and suffering.

The room was dark, but the dim glow from a grey orb of light allowed him to
gradually make out shapes.

He gasped in shock.  He had no idea how he'd gotten there, and thrashed around
in a blind panic before
focusing his attention on the outlines in the room gave him balance.

The room was 8 feet square, with only the darkness of the very farthest
corners being impenetrable.

A closed grey backpack was on the floor at his feet, and there was a strong
iron door that he found to be locked.

"What the hell is this?!"

"Hello, Lorthiras," a garbled voice entered Lorthiras' head, "I want to play a

For years you've locked the people around you out of your life, presenting as
little as possible to them.

Now, I'm going to lock you out of your life, unless you can pass my test. I've
injected you with a slow-acting poison.

Probably, you can feel yourself shivering and suffering already.  There's a
healer nearby, but you'll have to get out of
this room.  The key is in the backpack at your feet.  All but one of them will
zap an evil person upon touching them.

Hahahaha. Let the games begin..."

Lorthiras screamed, "Who the hell are you?!"

Then, in a panic he opened the backpack and looked inside.  There were 200
identical brass keys.  With a sick twist in
his stomach, he grabbed the first one and was zapped.  "Dammit!" His finger
was bleeding a little bit.

He grabbed for a second, a third, a fourth, zapping himself each time and
screaming from the pain.

"Somebody help me!"

The pain, frustration, and the urgency of the poison was too much for him.  In
desperation he grabbed all of the keys at
once, in two arm-fulls, and his skin exploded.

"You sick bastard," Kierkegaard cried, chasing Zwischenzug to the end of the

Get back here, murderer!"

Zwischenzug laughed, unmooring the Orlouge and casting off, "Me? I've never
murdered anyone in my life."

 Sender  Lothoemas Date    Sat Feb 17 11:33:24 2007 Subject
revenge upon a thieving bastard 
I was wandering through Palanthas when I heard a ruckus.

That thieving bastard Khin was at it again.  With little effort I imposed the
will of Chemosh
upon him, and he answered to my every whim.  I then proceeded to madden him
with the cries of empty
souls and then finally brought upon him the wrath of Chemosh.

For the most part full loot, gave back everyone stuff that he stole from
everyone over the past
few days.  (24 Hours to Khin)

Sender  Aurius
Date    Sat Feb 17 12:32:12 2007
Subject khin

Still in disguise in Palanthas i decided to see if i could find that
thieveing scoundrel Khin.  Using several techniques as well as a few spells
i found some fairly interesting news from some of his ilk..  What i left of
them anyways.  Hearing he was near the docks i snuck in and laid a careful
trap for him.  Casting several spells around the area to prevent him from
going far, i layed in wait with a spell on my lips.  Finally what seemed
like hours he crept around the corner and right within the range of my
spell.  Softly chanting i cast the spell on him..  Rendering him unable to
move..  After a few more spells he was rendered useless for anything aside
from a doorstop.  Slamming the butt of my staff into the back of his head.. 
He was quickly layed unconscious and fell to the ground like a slab of meat.

(OOC) killed khin..nothing looted since he fled into a provate room..24 to him
from me.

Sender  Barp
Date    Sat Feb 17 12:38:53 2007
Subject Salas

Having just helped take care of the dreaded gangster, 50 Copper, Barp was
feeling quite pleased with himself.  So much so, that he decided to have a
rat hunting expedition.  As he tracked down several rats in the sewers, he
stumbled across a man in robes.  He gasped, "50 Plopper!  " He slowly pulled
out his rock on a string and began twirling it.  Squinching his eyes shut,
he whispered magical words.  Damn his chubby fingers!  The string slipped
again.  This time it struck a rat near the guy in robes.  The rat went into
a frenzy and bit the guy in the ankle.  The man fell forward and his head
struck a rock, causing him to fall unconscious.  

When he opened his eyes, he saw that the man was still there.  "Ugh, go 'way
spell didn't work again.  They just keep getting bored and going sleep.  "

Lifting up the man's hood with his foot, Barp gasped.  "You not 50 plopper! 
Phew!  Sleep well big robe man.  " He put the man's hood back down and went
off in search of more rats, not realizing that the man was sleeping in a
puddle of sewer drainage.  As he ran off, echoes of "Shake N' Bake" could be
heard throughout the sewers.  

24 Hours to Salas, nothing looted.  Thanks to Nasturn for the challenge of
trying to pk someone and dodge a highbie helper.  

Sender  Aurius
Date    Sat Feb 17 16:03:02 2007
Subject Ridel.

Still in Palanthas enjoying the feel of a fresh blood, a solamnic knight
approached me and started asking me questions about the recent mugging on
the other side of town.  Traveling incognito i surely didnt want this wretch
to dig too much..  He seemed to have a divine glow about him..  Not
something i cared to be around..  Since i have beat this knight to a pulp
several times before.  Answering his questions to the best of my abilities
without trying to seem false the knight started to walk away..  Muttering to
himself as he did so.  Slowly the knight turned back to me and by the look
of surprise i knew he had cast a true seeing spell of sorts and found me
out.  So i did what i did last time we faced each other..  I quickly slammed
my staff in his gut then started preparing a spell while he was stunned. 
Shaking the fog from his head a little too late Ridel was hit with a
stinning blast from a fireball..  Luckily i prepared several spells in which
to negate the heat comeing toward me..  Ridel was quickly toss about the
room with his hair and robes on f fire while i left him to his fate.. 
Inside an abandoned burning house near the outskirts of the city walls.. 
Close enough for the blast to summon the nearby guards.  Getting outside and
slipping on a ring of invisibility i picked up in a bazaar near solace from
my mercenary friends, i quickly headed toward my favorite inn outside the
gates.  Keeping catious the whole time and thinking of the delicious
lambchops the innkeeper makes so well, not to mention the chilled ale he
keeps in the cellar just for me.  

(OOC) Ridel had a killer so i helped him remove it...  Sort of:) 24 to ridel
from me..  Good fight dude.  

Sender  Rouuthav
Date    Sun Feb 18 00:54:12 2007
Subject PK Unit!

Rouuthav walked up to the spot where he had been told to meet up with
Zwischenzug.  He nodded to his accomplice when he got there, looking down on
the snoring gully dwarf.  

'Is this him?  ' Zwischenzug asked.  

'Fo sho, fo sho...  That's the homie that knocked my ass out the other
day...  They call him Young Barp.  I was about to merc his ass in the Great
Dome when he tried to grab my ice and took off.  '

'I don't even know what you just said, ' Zwischenzug began, then lowered his
sword.  'What about now?  '

'What now?  Let me tell you what now.  Im'a call a couple hard, pipe hittin'
niggas to go to work on our holmes here with a pair of pliers and a torch. 
You hear me talkin' gully boy?  I ain't through with you by damn sight. 
I'ma get Pre-Cataclysm on yo' ass.  '

Zwischenzug swallowed.  'I mean what about you and me.  '

Rouuthav nodded.  'Oh...  THAT "what now".  I tell you "what now" between
you and me.  Not no more.  Two things: One, don't even tell no one about
this.  This thing here is between me, you and Mr. 
Soon-to-be-living-the-rest-of-his-short-ass-life-in-agonizing-pain here. 
Two: you leave town tonight, right now, and when you're gone, you STAY gone
or you'll BE gone.  You've lost all your Palanthas privileges.  '

Zwischenzug nodded and walked away, afraid of what would happen between the
elf and the dwarf.  

-Barp killed, nothing looted for obvious reasons, heh.  24 hours.  

Sender  Zwischenzug
Date    Sun Feb 18 00:56:13 2007
Subject The Ultimate Scrapper

BP: Hello, this is Bupo Prego, and of course, our color commentator, Hepo

The Scrap we have for tonight ought to be a classic, between two warriors from
completely different schools.

HR: You can say that again.  Let's look at the tale of the tape.

Zwischenzug weighs in at 220 lbs, giving a slight edge to Goldenleaf's 235. 
Goldenleaf always has the advantage in
wingspan, 6'3" to Zwischenzug's 6'0.  Goldenleaf is also a formidable striker,
while Zwischenzug is a submissions expert.

If Zwischenzug gets his way and takes this match to the ground, I'd have to
give him an edge, unless Goldenleaf can
slip past that half-guard and mount a ground and pound attack.

BP: You also have to wonder how the experience difference is going to play
out.  Is the veteran Zwischenzug going to be able
to school the younger Goldenleaf inside the Lane tonight?  Or is youth going
to triumph?

HR: That's an excellent question, and that depends on how long the match goes
on, if that fatigue starts to become a factor.

BP: There's the opening bell!  Both men are coming out a little tentative,
testing each other's reflexes.

Goldenleaf connects on a leg kick, but Zwischenzug shrugs it off.  Zwischenzug
is going for a takedown!

HR: Check out that great agility by Goldenleaf to stay on his feet.

BP: And now the ref breaks them up.  Whoa! Zwischenzug connects out of nowhere
with a combination!

HR: Goldenleaf looks rocked.  Yeah, he definitely got rocked there.

BP: Here comes the takedown!

HR: Goldenleaf really has to avoid getting pushed up against the wall here.

Good job pushing it away with his leg.

BP: Oh no, Zwischenzug takes advantage and rolls them.. he's got his back! 
He's got the rear naked choke locked on.

HR: Goldenleaf taps out!  When someone's got their arm around your throat and
they start squeezing, it just takes a couple seconds...

BP: What a fight!

Sender  Rouuthav
Date    Sun Feb 18 01:06:43 2007
Subject The Fresh Prince of Palanthas

Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down
Now I'd like to take a minute just sit right there and tell you how I became
the prince of a town called Palanthas

In west of Neraka, born and raised, in Takhisis Square is where I spent most
of my days
Chillin' out, maxin' relaxin' all cool and hangin' with the Kapaks outside of
the school
When a couple of guys who were up to no good, started makin' trouble in my
I got in one little fight and my mom got scared and said "You're moving with
your Auntie and Uncle in Palanthas"

I whistled for a carriage and when it came near, the sign on it said "Fresh"

and had a dice in the, uh, front.

If anything I could see that this cab was rare, but I thought, "Nah, forget
it...Yo, holmes, to Palanthas!"

I pulled up to a house about seven or eight and I yelled to the cabbie "Yo
holmes, smell ya later," I looked at my kingdom I was finally there to sit on
my throne as the Prince of Palanthas

Rouuthav sat in the living room of the manor with his Uncle Philanthras and
Aunt Vivalthas. His friend Jazzy Zwis entered the room.

He made some rude comments and jokes that I'm too lazy to write about and then
Rouuthav was forced to throw him out the front door. He screamed "Ah!"

-Removed Zwischenzug's killer

Sender  Barp
Date    Sun Feb 18 15:06:14 2007
Subject Salas

Barp was starting to get nervous.  Everytime he bent over to tie his
shoes he saw a man in big robes behind him.  Scared that it was 50 Copper,
he darted into the Inn of the Last Home.  Immediately, Tika kicked him right
back out.  And there was big robe man!  He could think of nothing else to do
but scream and bite the guy's ankles.  

The man groaned in agony as he stumbled backwards and fell over the railing
to the ground below.  Barp heard a loud crunching sound and crawled slowly
to the edge before peeking over.  The robed man's hood had come off and Barp
could distinguish his face.  "Hey!  You not 50 copper!  Sleep well!  " 

24 Hours to Salas, looted perishables

Sender  Barp
Date    Sun Feb 18 17:47:20 2007
Subject Ukiah the Manotaur

Barp screamed and clawed at his eyes, rolling around under his single
blanket.  Sitting straight up he realized that it was just a dream.  "Phew. 
U-guy-uh not really here.  Ugly gully prostitute sex manotaur not real!  "

Using his chubby fingers to wipe the sweat from his brow, he laid back down
and stared up at the night sky through the holes in the stable ceiling. 
Suddenly, the lights went out and he felt a burning sensation all over his
body.  Shrieking, he cried, "Not the herpes!  Or Gone-or-ea!  " He sat up
quickly and realized it was just a dream, not a gully prostitute with a
horses head, like he had feared.  

As he laid back down for a third time, he rolled onto his side and came face
to face with the object of his nightmare!  She began whispering silent
nothings in his ear: "Come with me, me show you good time.  You can be horse
and I be jockey.  Or the other way around.  Personally, I like to take
charge.  Call me if you see what you like.  Here's my card.  " She slipped a
note into his hands as he screamed and awoke a third time.  

"Just a dream Barp, not real.  " His voice echoed slightly in the vast
stall.  "Barp, not real.  "

"What?  Barp not real?  No, Barp real!  "

"Barp not real.  "

"Stop copying Barp!  "

"Stop copying Barp!  "

"Who you?  "

"Barp not real.  "

Confused by the sudden difference of words, Barp sat there.  Opening his
mouth to speak, he stopped and scratched his head.  He closed and opened his
mouth several times and looked around him.  It was then that he noticed the
folded piece of paper in his hand.  If he could read he's sure it would have

Dear Barp, 

You have gushy.  
I'm sure you good at pushy-pushy.  
Come outside,
and feel my tushy. 
When Barp finished vomiting, he staggered out of the stable and the manotaur
was holding a cheap knife.  "You no pay for last night.  "

Horrified at anything he might have done last night, he was unprepared for
the thing to charge him.  A fierce battle ensued and eventually Ukiah lay in
the pile of Barp's throw up.  He found two piles of rat droppings in her bag
and grabbed them.  Tossing the card on her back, Barp turned and stumbled
off..  The burning sensation still remained.  

24 Hours to Ukiah, looted two rat turds.  

Sender  Zwischenzug
Date    Sun Feb 18 18:18:09 2007
Subject Ansy in the Pantsy

"Hey bro, can I borrow your sprite's flask?" 50 Copper asked, panting,
"Running from Croaker's hard work, yo." "Sure," Zwischenzug replied. 50 Copper
started chugging it, but then his eyes bulged and he grabbed his throat,
unable to breathe. "Oh crap, I forgot to tell you.. that sprite's flask was
full of maple syrup."

Removed Rouuthav's thief flag, 24 hour protection already up because it took
me like 8 years to write this warnote.

Sender  Beks
Date    Mon Feb 19 03:00:06 2007
Subject Bert

I was walking through Palanthas and found that brute Bert, we fought back and
forth before he fell to my blade, err, spatula.

24 hours, looted a restring coupon


Sender  Nasturn
Date    Mon Feb 19 03:00:20 2007
Subject Aurius

He died, I own, goodbye.

Sender  Brem
Date    Mon Feb 19 03:01:13 2007
Subject boner

boner gated to me and thought he could take me, but i quickly cut his head off

nothing looted

Sender  Lothoemas
Date    Mon Feb 19 14:27:19 2007
Subject KoS Sucks

24 hours to ridel
fire etched bracer + zircon looted.

Sender  Ridel
Date    Mon Feb 19 15:09:41 2007
Subject all the Kings men

We have been on this trail of this Mage for many days now and my men were
growing tired.  I told them that it would not be long before we had him in
out grasp again.  I decided that we should take a break for a while and
regain some strength.  There was a lake near by and we started twards it
just then I spotted the foul beast he was bathing nude on the other side.  I
told the men to split up and circle in on him.  He had no clue what was
about to happen to him.  I sounded my Horn and the men came down on him like
a storm.  Paniced he cast a spell that made the water electrified.  Twas not
good for most of the men the ones on the outside drew bows and aimed in on
him.  He dove under the water and resurfaced on the other side I drew my bow
and made a quick shot striking him in the left shoulder he stumbled a bit
then took off through the brush.  We chased him for what seemed like hours
with no sign of the Nekked Mage.  
24 to joe aka aurius took bracer 

Sender  Zwischenzug
Date    Mon Feb 19 15:51:50 2007
Subject She bangs!

Zwischenzug had somehow got stuck being the celebrity judge for Palanthan
Idol, probably because Lanfer, who had made a name for himself as the only
openly-gay Knight, was unavailable.

In any case, Zwischenzug was in a foul mood.

"Ok, bring the next one in and let's get it over with."

Salas Iceheart, an arktoid in billowy robes, strode in with confidence.

"I'd like to see the song 'She Bangs' by Ricky uth Martin," Salas began.

Salas began singing, "She bangs, she bangs. Oh baby when she moves, she

Zwischenzug coughed up his cosmopolitan, "You can't sing, you can't dance.

What do you want me to say? You're horrible!"

When Salas exited the stage he was in such a fury that he beat on the wall
until his hands went numb and he had to switch to his head, beating that in
rage until he passed out.

Zwischenzug addressed those watching at home on their scryes, "Next week we'll
continue the search for the next Palanthan Idol, and you'll be able to write
in your votes in the Great Dome's noteboard."

Sender  Ridel
Date    Mon Feb 19 19:34:07 2007
Subject Hot on the trail

osay {* Fries are done.

After the incident at the lake It seemed we would never catch up to him but we
pressed on.

I could find tracks here and there but he was hiding wis trail well.  i could
spot some smoke up ahead might be a village or something that can help me.

I told the men to fan out and scout the area and see what it was.

They reported back and told me that it was an old farmhouse that was nearly
burnt to the ground.  I knew this was the work or of that Meniachal sonova
bitch. this time he was gonna fall for good.

We searched around the farmhouse and found some tracks leading from it into
the thick under growth.

Just as we started in one of my men screamed out in pain I heard a loud clap
like thunder and he fell dead.

I saw the mage run off into the woods It seems he has stolen some clother from
the farmer before he killed him. this man must be brought to justice i sad to

I ran headlong after him and yelled back to the men to follow.  I was starting
to gain on him the forest was a bit too thich for him to manuver well.

I drew a dagger and dove tward him he was not ready and landed on his back
with the dagger burried deep into his stomach.

He reeled with pain and kicked me off i saw him unstopper a vial and pour it
over the wound before taking off again.

I landed squarely into a tree that knocked the wind out of me.

I arose and started after him again but my men had already cornered him
against a cave.

As I started in the Mage uddered a few words and a large ball of hot flame
lanced from his fingertips
Most of teh men dropped rolling around to stop the burning i drove forward and
slammed him into the wall hard.

he fell unconcious.

24 to auri he attacked i killed 24 to auri again looted bracer back

Sender  Emla
Date    Tue Feb 20 01:27:39 2007
Subject (Thief) Eirith

I was taunting one rude minotaur in Palanthas back streets and when he got
angry he attacked me.

Minotaur was not so smart after all as when i started to run around him he got
confused and started to yell something in minotaur language. In that point i
decided to cast one of my spells on him. I tried to cast my new "cause
hiccups" spell on him but i missed and my spell landed on hobgoblin that was
watching us and laughing to silly minotaur. Seems that laughing and hiccups
dont fit as poor hobgoblin turned all blue and fell down. I quickly casted my
healing spell on hobgoblin but i did not have time to see was it working as
minotaur was getting even more angry.

When i fleed minotaurs was still turning around...i think it took long time
from him to realize that kender was not there anymore. Minotaurs are so fun.

24h to Eirith from Wanderlust & HO Light, nothing looted, he just got killed
when i fighted with Moo.

Sorry Eirith that was a real kender oops.

Sender  Zwischenzug
Date    Tue Feb 20 20:02:55 2007
Subject death of marp and bucket

Mucket was having a tea party with his neighbor Barp, discussing how he was
trying to move up in their
middle-class Palanthas society.

"Hi Mr. Mucket, I brought your package for you," Zwischenzug said at the door.

Mucket tried to laugh it off, "Oh silly boy.  It's pronounced 'Mouquet'."

Mucket invited Zwischenzug to stay for tea with him and Barp.

"You can sit anywhere you'd like, dear boy," Mucket said. Zwischenzug started
to sit on the couch, "Not there!"

Zwischenzug jumped.  This tea time was really grating on his nerves.

Eventually, he just snapped, and when he woke up the tea was spilled and
Mucket and Barp were lying in a pool of it.

Sender  Zwischenzug
Date    Wed Feb 21 15:37:18 2007
Subject Rinion

Rinion taunted me, he died, I corpsed him, but his pet was fully eqed so he's
not cold at the moment.

Real warnote probably to follow, along with 24 hour protection.


Sender  Zwischenzug
Date    Wed Feb 21 16:56:19 2007
Subject How sweet it tasted!

Zwischenzug was minding his own business, when as he turned the corner, Odessa
kicked him in the groin.

She strangely kicked at the air a couple more times after Zwischenzug fell to
the ground.  It was very strange.

Odessa dragged Zwischenzug to the edge of a yawning chasm and was about to
hurl him over the side, but he reversed it!

Odessa went flying and barely managed to hang onto a strawberry vine growing
alone the edge of the ravine.

She looked down, and at the center of the sickening drop the orange and black
shapes of tigers were circling.

She looked up, and Zwischenzug was gone, but more tigers were slowly
approaching her position.

Odessa steeled herself, plucked a strawberry, put it in her mouth, and let go.

Sender  Rouuthav
Date    Wed Feb 21 18:06:17 2007
Subject Eat Fresh!

Rouuthav and Zwischenzug walked out of The Baker's Dozen, each with a steaming
hot big pot pie. Zwischenzug inhaled the lovely smell rising from his, while
Rouuthav took a bite.

'What I really love about these big pot pies is that they have less fat,'
Zwischenzug began.

'Yeah, well, I like them because they have more meat,' Rouuthav replied.

'Less fat,' Zwischenzug countered.

'More meat!' responded Rouuthav.

'Less fat!'
'More meat!'
'Less fat!'
'More meat!'
Frustrated, Rouuthav took his pot pie and shoved it into Zwischenzug's face.

Zwischenzug screamed and clawed at his burning flesh while Rouuthav shouted,

-24 hours to Zwischenzug, looted a Subway coupon

Sender  Beks
Date    Thu Feb 22 18:00:46 2007
Subject Golden Discipline

I was traveling down the streets of  and came upon my target, .

I was so upset because of  I decided to trounce
him unmercifully.

I swung at  with my  and knocked him unconscious.

-, 24 hour protection from , looted 

-This warnote was outsourced to  from 

Sender  Bulthar
Date    Fri Feb 23 02:18:25 2007
Subject [   Bakali   ] * (SLAIN) [  Shadow  ]  Koske.

Sometimes friends can become enemies
I like to keep them close
Sometimes friend can become enemies
I smoked a big fat Koske

Only 1 qi looted, per agreement beforehand. It happens, goodbye.

Sender  Koske
Date    Fri Feb 23 04:04:52 2007
Subject Re: Bulthar

Watch yourself in the future Bulthar, disrespect of the kind that you showed
during our duel will not be tolerated. Shreds of decencey you lack when it
comes to comradery and frendship.

It has become apparent that with this betreyal you will find yoursef alone and
when your friends and guards are not there to protect you...You'll have to
rely on my mercy.


Sender  Zwischenzug
Date    Sun Feb 25 22:08:58 2007
Subject A good narcotics knight should have narcotics in his blood

Bromahn examined the red herbs they'd taken off those punk kender, "This is
garbage--all dried up and full of seeds."

He started packing the herbs into a pipe.  Zwischenzug laughed, "You're not
going to smoke that, are you?"

"No," Bromahn replied, very seriously. "You are."

Zwischenzug had responded to an ad recruiting potential Solamnic Knights, but
now he was starting to get the impression
that Bromahn wasn't who he said he was.  "Like hell I am," he replied.

The carriage jerked to a halt, and Bromahn had his crossbow aimed at
Zwischenzug's head. "Bam. You're dead.

You turn down spellups on the street like that and you'll end up dead."

Zwischenzug just blinked several times.  He wasn
used to having a crossbow pointed at him.  "Fine.  Give me that damn thing,
I'll smoke it."

Later during the ride, Zwischenzug started feeling groggy, and the outside
looked strangely green.

Bromahn looked over, "Didn't know you liked to get wet, dog."

"What's wet?"

"Butt-naked. Ill. Sherms. Dust. OWP. Primos. Off White Potion. That's what you
were smoking; you couldn't taste it?"

"Why did you do this to me?!"

"Nobody told you to smoke that thing. You made the decision. Live with your
decision. Ain't like I put a crossbow to your head."

After similar disillusioning experiences, Zwischenzug finally snapped and went
after Bromahn in his Gerighelm apartment,
where, after an exhausting fight, he got ahold of evidence Bromahn had stolen
from the treasury and was holding him at
bowpoint.  Several troubadors walked over, curious.  "Whoever puts a lute in
his ass is a rich man!" Bromahn shouted.

But they wouldn't have it anymore.  Bromahn was finished, done. "You go ahead
and bounce, Zwis," a troubador said, holding
a lute to Bromahn's head, "We got your back."

As Zwischenzug left with the evidence, Bromahn was still shouting, "Oh you
ungrateful fools, you think you can do this to me?"

"I'm the law--you people just live here! Well I'm gonna burn this whole place
down... the MEAT MONSTER ain't got shit on me!"

Sender  Nettle
Date    Mon Feb 26 14:31:43 2007
Subject Chatzuk

I got in argue with one ugly Goblin he told me that he is a mage and i told
him that he does not look like a mage so he can't be real mage. Goblin told me
that I look like his dead aunt and I told him that he was like minotaurs back
side. After time we where rolling in the ground and yelling more insults. When
goblin tossed his "magic" sand in my eyes I desided that it was time to stop
this silly argue and I punched him in the nose.

24h to Chatzuks bleeding nose from the Wanderlust, nothing looted

Sender  Balthazar
Date    Mon Feb 26 15:37:28 2007
Subject Nettle

As I was wandering around, enjoying my delicious ice cream cone, a little girl
stumbled across my path. She was all flustered and covered in blood. I was
scared that some hooligan had attacked this poor child and went to offer my
aid. As I approached the girl, I saw to my dismay that she was no little girl,
but a kender. It was too late to turn back, as she had already seen me, so I
continued with my original plan and asked her whether or not she needed aid.
She informed me, in speedy gibberish that made me wonder if she weren't part
gnome, that she had just gotten in a scuffle with an ugly little goblin, and
that some guards were after her. I told her of a nice secluded spot where she
could hide out til the heat was off. She thanked me and was beaming with joy
as she walked off.

I felt as if I had done my good deed for the year, and returned my attention
back to the delicious ice cream cone at hand. Much to my dismay, it was gone.
Gritting my teeth, I trotted off to the cave where I had informed the kender
to hide. Seeing her curled up in a little ball, sleeping peacefully, almost
dispelled the rage I was feeling.

Suddenly memories of that delicious ice cream cone flooded my thoughts,
fluttering images of that mouth watering lychee ice cream brought the rage
back in full force. I descended upon the sleeping kender with everything I
had, leaving her a bloody lump on the floor. Looted 2 bucks so I can get more
ice cream.

24 hours to Nettle from Clave and Mariner, looted nothing. removed a killer

Sender  Balthazar
Date    Mon Feb 26 15:39:05 2007
Subject Makarth

24hrs to Makarth from clave/mariner, remove killer, looted his finger. it was
delicious. proper warnote to come, i just finished one and my creative juices
have run dry. lemme smoke this real quick, and i should have one ready

Sender  Zwischenzug
Date    Tue Feb 27 22:30:34 2007
Subject death of Dhavine

Zwischenzug came upon a big transvestite from a series of John Waters films
and started telling jokes about his weight.

She clutched her left arm and began to sink into the ground from a heart

Zwischenzug was confused, "Are you having female troubles?  Maybe you
shouldn't eat your makeup like that."

Dhavine just slumped down into the gully dump, deep into mondo trasho.

Sender  Zwischenzug
Date    Wed Feb 28 14:03:40 2007
Subject I'm trying to tell you how much I admire you

Zwischenzug and Blern had Odessa at bowpoint, but the approach of a mysterious
carriage had caused Blern to leave Zwischenzug alone with Odessa so he could
intercept it.

"Shut up you piece of trash," Zwischenzug said, trying to pay attention to
what Blern was doing.

"I'm trying to tell you how much I admire you, Mariner.  You and that pretty

"What'd you fuckin say?"

"Your friend Beks.  You see, I visited the Great Dome after you'd left this
morning. I tried to play the friendly aloof idler, but I'm afraid Beks wasn't
too happy with me.  So I took a souveneir.

"His pretty head."

"You're a liar!" Zwischenzug pressed his weapon against Odessa's head.  "You

"Zwis!" Blern came running up after investigating the box found in the
carriage.  "Zwis! Give me your crossbow."

"Tell me he's lying.  Tell me Beks is alright."

Blern dropped his crossbow.  "Drop your weapon, Zwis."

"What's in the box?"

"Zwis, if you kill him, he will win."

"What's in the box?  Come on, what's in the fucking box?"

"He begged for his life," Odessa began...

"Shut up!" Blern shouted.

"He begged for his life and for the life of the baby inside him."

"Shut up!" Blern backhanded him across the face.

"Oh... he didn't know."

Zwischenzug bowed his head, images of Beks' face flashing between the current
of rage.

He swallowed, set his feet, and walked towards Odessa with his crossbow
raised.  With eyes of steel he unloaded into Odessa's head.

 Sender  Salas
Date    Thu Mar  1 14:05:25 2007
Subject Days Menu: Schorched Cow

Salas was walking on the west-street of Gerighelm,
on his way to the park to collect some indegrendients, when he saw that a
horned figure was following him. The mino maybe thougt he was sneaky, but in
light of Nuitari Salas saw him clearly. Salas pretended not seeing the mino.

In a dark alley a minotaur grins. He raises his terrible weapon and launches
an attack at the black robed mage.

His weapon hits the mage hard from behind... and goes straight through. Mage
has disappeared. Where he stood no only' floats a massive fireball.  "OH
SHIT!". Mino starts to make run from it, but is too slow.

The fireball explodes, leaving only an empty street and an badly schorched

From thin air Salas materializes and searches the body of almost dead
minotaur, "Bah nothing valuable" then he turns spits towards the mino and
continues his way towards the park.

(24h to Dhav from clave, burning book looted along with 2 rings) don't be so
obvious :)

Sender  Koske
Date    Thu Mar  1 14:57:49 2007
Subject An Arm for an Arm.

It is 7:30, Day of Nuindai, 29th the Month of Corij.

Koske says in Common 'do you know why i brough you here mage ?' He throws a
handfull of rose petals at her and as the magic sets in all the struggle in
her eyes fades.

Koske shuts the door the high magus is silent.

You say in Common 'do you ?' The mage regains control slightly but koske
recasts his holding spell. You say in Common 'dont try to leave...' Still
silent. Coaxingly he asks, 'answer my questions and things may go well for
you' She nods understandingly, 'do you know why you are here then ?' "No" she
responds. Koske shakes his head showing frustration 'an attack on one of my
officers...' Koske adds, 'Very recent actually..."

Fear creeps into her face "Who  attacked ?" Koske paces around her 'Salas...i
want compensation and since you are a ranking mage...and i can tell by your are the perfect one to ask....' Koske turns threateningly 'how
will the conclave make amends for this atrocity ?' Deilah stares back still
under the spell 'He is only a apprentice. 'Salas has only arrived days
ago..'How is it that he killed your... friend?' she looks worried now.

Koske laughs, harshly 'maybe you could ask him, attacks such as this on shadow
are not taken lightly.i'm not sure if you know our past, but we pride
ourselves in our power to utilize Morgion's strength.' Koske pauses pensively
'And he is good to us. Though the same may not be said for how he will deal
with you.' Deilah utters the words, 'qaiqzrrahuai'. She regains control of her
body for a moment, enough to attempt a spell on her attacker, but collapses to
the floor as the momentum from Koske's mace knocks her violently to the floor.

Deilah points at her eyes and snickers softly laying in a heap of cloth in the
corner of the room. She says, "I just want to see whom I talk to"

'my name or face is not important magus...if this is how the conclave would
like to deal with foreign matters, then so be it. You've now sealed your
fate.' She coughs as blood runs from her jaw "As you wish."

Koske strikes her once more with his weapon, making sure she will be unable to
follow him and steps out of the room.

[   Bakali   ] * [  Shadow  ]  Koske Arm of Morgion.

(24 hours to Deilah from shadow and myself. Took her sleeping bag and a ring
but gave her some fur eq to compensate for the loss.)

Sender  Brem
Date    Thu Mar  1 16:10:35 2007
Subject esker

Brem's reputation as a great cudgeler increased in Palanthas when at the
conclusion to his battle with Esker, he cudgeled him with great skill and

A sanitation worker nudged a coworker who happened to be observing the battle
and murmured, "If he keeps this up, we're going to have to start calling him
Skullcrusher.  Brem, the Skullcrushing Scallywag, perhaps."

Sender  Zwischenzug
Date    Fri Mar  2 00:06:50 2007
Subject [            ] * (SLAIN) Esker Wear * it :]

Zwischenzug had heard rumors of a kender named Esker throwing things all over
Palanthas, so he went to investigate.

To silence the public menace, he disabled Esker with a running dropkick,
laying him out outside the Great Dome.

The kender's appearance and clothing were so pitiful he decided to spare him a
further beating, but, looking a
gift non-beating in the mouth, Esker got up and tried to resume the attack,
only to be outmaneuvered and choked out from behind.

Sender  Zwischenzug
Date    Fri Mar  2 00:08:48 2007
Subject [            ] * (SLAIN) Esker Wear * it :]

Esker came back a third time restored by the healing powers of Mishakal.

He rudely pushed the squire who had apprehended him before out of the way and
attacked Zwischenzug, only to once again be choked out by what we can only
call the Zwismission.

Sender  Zwischenzug
Date    Fri Mar  2 00:10:19 2007
Subject [            ] * (SLAIN) Esker Wear * it :]

A fourth time in a short period of time, Esker returned, covered in blood and
shreds of cloth as if from a fresh grave.

Going for a wild haymaker on Zwischenzug, he whiffed badly and ended up
knocking himself out.

Sender  Ridel
Date    Fri Mar  2 22:47:50 2007
Subject KIller

I saw a man in palanthas with blood all over him He stared at me with
murdering eyes then I plucked them out.

24 to dhavine no-loot

Sender  Bogoljubov
Date    Sat Mar  3 00:26:55 2007
Subject masticore

I killed masticore. It was extremely unfunny.

Sender  Dhavine
Date    Sat Mar  3 07:05:17 2007
Subject brem

Out and about in Palanthas..  Seeing what kind of mischief i coud cause..

I came across the kender who had struck me and ran a few days back.  Wanting
to get even i stalked him across several streets in the great city.  But
eventually i caught him and dropped him into slumber with my mace. 
Unfortunately Croaker witnessed the attack and charged after me..  Even with
my cunning i barely escaped his voracious sword and fled the city to a

OOC- killed brem, got a killer and croaker layed me low.  No loot.  24 to

Sender  Lorthiras
Date    Sat Mar  3 09:00:38 2007
Subject Dhavine

We came walking through solace, "Why bother?" stated a familiar shadowy
figure, "Why not?" a quick bob on the head to a naked man passing by.

(24 Hrs to Dhavine, Removed Killer)

Sender  Zwischenzug
Date    Mon Mar  5 16:56:42 2007
Subject [            ] * (SLAIN) Gaolin

Nothing funny happened.

Especially nothing that resembles a movie or popular culture.  Then
Zwischenzug reflected on the violence of his battle as a dragon soared

Sender  Aurius
Date    Mon Mar  5 20:47:21 2007
Subject snurl

Snurl had a thief flag and i took pity on the little fish..removed it for
him..24 hours protection

Sender  Snurl
Date    Mon Mar  5 21:54:22 2007
Subject Snurl

Gully dwarf ran around, saw kender, took hims flask, kender bugged out!!
Kender goes on rampage, chasing gully dwarf, calling gully names...

Gully kept taking kender stuff, eat beets (good!), eat mud, not so good.

Finally, gully go to sleep. Kender take stuff back.

24 hours protection from Blern to Snurl.

Sender  Snurl
Date    Mon Mar  5 22:07:10 2007
Subject Blern

Gully dwarf ran BACK around, get bow, 2 arrows, and neat ring,
saw kender, stick 2 arrow in him!
Finally, kender go to sleep. Gully take stuff back.

24 hours protection from Snurl to Blern.


Sender  Ukiah
Date    Tue Mar  6 01:24:17 2007
Subject Lover or, HEY THAT'S MY PICKLE!! Gaolin.

Ukiah see man, not even sure what him was, but him was hiding by Hepo...

HER Hepo! Him no slap tickle no flap pickle! She fumed as Gaolin simply hid
there, pretending not to see her.

Slap him in face, her thoughts, so she did. And again, again. Then her head
hurt. Sometime Hepo not like see her all strong, so she walk away, accidentaly
toss dagger back, man fall down and sleep some.

So, Ukiah slip back into room and take nice stick, and 2 coins, and leave note
on man, no touch pickle, or Ukiah come back with sickle.

(24 hours of safety from Ukiah loving to Gaolin)
Ukiah feel bad too, think him was afk, but her get over it.

Sender  Eirith
Date    Tue Mar  6 17:18:40 2007
Subject Brem.

Me see kender in local tavern and him try to take old lady's hankerchief so me
grab kender by him face and throw him at wall. Him scurrie out after he regain
him senses. Dont come back to the theives guild kender, you no belong.

Eirith Smash you face.

(24 hours to brem from me and rogue and marauder. I let him keep his shield :p)

Sender  Zwischenzug
Date    Tue Mar  6 19:50:37 2007
Subject * (SLAIN) Esker Still does cheap magic tricks.

Zwischenzug's stomach rumbled painfully.

He was an unusually brutal man, and like all warlike people he marched on his

He saw a trail of crumbs and blueberries leading down the street and followed
them until he found their apparent source, a kender named Esker.

As the mischievous kender caught sight of Zwischenzug and moved to greet him,
Zwischenzug pulled Esker's shirt up over his head and knocked him out with
repeated punches through the fabric.

He failed to find the blueberry danishes he had been wanting on Esker, so he
moved on, the urgency of his low blood sugar galvanizing his steps.

Sender  Bogoljubov
Date    Tue Mar  6 20:25:31 2007
Subject Eirith

Bogoljubov stoked the fire of his barbecue in a pit by the side of the road as
a familiar hobgoblin walked by.  He had seen the hobgoblin around the halls of
Marauder Fortress, and apparently he had been exiled for trying to stab
Bogoljubov in the back, barely being restrained by some cityguards.

"Would you like some roast chicken?" Bogoljubov asked the hobgoblin, grinning

"Sure," Eirith replied, but I think it would go much better with some sauce.
There's some right behind you."

Eirith must have thought Bogoljubov stupid indeed to fall for that trick, but
unbeknownst to him, the dragon signet ring gifted to Bogoljubov by the sage
"Trader Joe" made him smarter than he appeared.

As Bogoljubov turned to investigate the 180-degree sauces, he lifted the
barbecue's lid with his heel and a magical ball of hellfire engulfed Eirith
before he could strike.

Sender  Brem
Date    Fri Mar  9 00:23:02 2007
Subject WoooOOOO!

Brem found a big minotaur hurling at him out of the sky like a hairy wrecking

He barely dodged Koske as he came through the magical gate and almost
realizing he was fighting for his life, their arms were locked together around
each other's shoulders.

Koske used his size to gain the advantage coming out of the break, throwing
Brem into a corner of the room.

Koske backed up and came barreling in, trying to splash Brem between his chest
and the corner, but Brem dodged the attack at the last second.  Koske hit the
corner and bounced off, wincing dramatically.

Brem swept the minotaur's legs out from underneath him and applied a painful
maneuver taught to him by a fellow kender.  By entangling their legs in the
shape of a 4, he imitated the "Figurefour Leaflock,"
causing Koske to pass out in pain.

Sender  Zwischenzug
Date    Fri Mar  9 19:34:31 2007
Subject Ivy

It took only a simple cantrip for Zwischenzug's eyes to glow red and then
golden in quick succession.

Testing out his newfound magic vision, Zwischenzug saw a human with a red aura
striking down a half-elf on the street.

Without thinking about it, as if the magic in his eyes were speaking for him,
Zwischenzug yelled, "Keep the balance!"

He attacked Ivy with a series of blows, but his deceptive nature balanced the
righteousness he felt,
tripping her as she tried to flee.

Sender  Beks
Date    Tue Mar 13 14:47:22 2007
Subject Hakkai tells you 'but pking someone is mean'

Beks and ALT were enjoying a good laugh at North Imperial Square.  

'And then he said...  You're soaking in it!  ' A large tiger quipped.  

Beks and ALT laughed hysterically as Hakkai walked in.  They didn't like the
cut of his jib, so they attacked him.  ALT knocked him to the ground,

-24 hours to Hakkai, nothing looted

Sender  Brem
Date    Sun Mar 18 17:59:46 2007
Subject Deilah

Brem had heard the rumors, like anyone else.  The words were ugly, but
their grim consequences raise grim words:

Solamnic brutality.  It was a possibility, as Solamnics were only human,
and when dealing with mortal weakness, their shields of honor might as
well be shields of glass on some days.

Brem saw the red robe, Deilah, leading two Solamnic patrols in a violent
crackdown on a lone beast, and his strange code of ethics took control.

He dispatched Deilah after a long, hard fought struggle.  Devoid of
leadership, the Solamnic patrols looked around as if with new eyes, and
then, looking down at the prone beast, they realized what they had been

Sender  Bogoljubov
Date    Wed Mar 21 17:50:37 2007
Subject Gaolin

Bogoljubov hefted the harpoon he found aboard the merchant ship... it
was surprisingly lightweight, with a strong tensile cord.

He couldn't remember how he'd awoken aboard that ship... probably after
a night of drinking, but his clothes had been soiled with blood...
hopefully not his own... and he'd had to change into a bright yellow
robe left by a crewman.

Walking down the docks with an awful pain in his head, he heard the
racket of Gaolin practicing his katas.

With a dark frown, he uttered some cryptic words and appeared behind
Gaolin in a burst of flame, attacking him by surprise with a flurry of
punches and kicks.  Gaolin's stance in the kata helped him defend enough
of the attack to break away and prepare to flee, when Bogoljubov pulled
out the harpoon and flung it with full force, lodging it beneath
Gaolin's collar bone.

Gaolin tried to break free, but to no avail, as Bogoljubov pulled on the
cord with a sudden jerk, "Come here!"

Sender  Ralmus
Date    Thu Mar 22 16:21:21 2007
Subject Vishar

The dripping from the stalactites in the underground cavern
made Vishar's skin itch.

He was confused about why the High Archmage Ralmus had
invited him to his magical treasure room, but Ralmus placated
him easily, with an always charm person-like aura flowing
from his bonestaff.  "I plan on leaving these parts for a while,
so I want to give my possessions to those who can use
them to promote evil.

"Here," Ralmus said, handing Vishar the paw of a dead monkey.
"This is one of my greatest treasures.  It has one wish left in
it, so use it carefully..."

Vishar thought for a second, his bovine brow furrowing in
concentration.  Then his eyes shone with greed, "I wish... for
everything I touch to turn to gold."

It seemed like Ralmus was laughing, but from the handkerchief
he'd taken out to cover his mouth, he was apparently only
coughing.  "Well, that's all for now.  Let's return to Palanthas.
Lead the way, my rich friend."

As they crossed the bridge over the underground lake to return
to the surface, a board gave way, and Vishar fell into the
water with a loud splash.  "Help," he cried. "I can't swim!"

Ralmus fished around in his backpack, pulling out a life
preserver. "Here you go!" he yelled, and tossed it down.

As Vishar's hands touched it, it turned to solid gold, dragging
him down into the black depths.

(This warnote was outsourced to Brem, the Aesop of Ansalon.)

Sender  Brem
Date    Thu Mar 22 17:14:07 2007
Subject Deilah

Beks was speaking strangely after the mouth injury he suffered while

Brem had trouble getting coherent sentences out of him. "Who was it, Beks? Who
did this to you?"

He mumbled something, "Mmmgh... Deilah."

Brem drew his sword and scowled. The Red Robe.  He'd see to her, then he'd ask
questions later.

He saw Deilah traveling from the potion shop with a sack of vials under one arm.

"Catch!" Brem said, tossing an apple at her.

Deilah caught the apple with her free hand and was defenseless against Brem's
attack, a two-handed thwack at her head with the flat of his Really Ornate Fiery
Diamond Longsword.

The Solamnic Cleric was finishing the final repairs to Bek's mouth as Brem

"I got her," Brem said. "I got Deilah for you."

"What are you talking about?

"I said dealer. The Mace Dealer in Tarsis did this to me."

Deilah heard Beks' announcement as she staggered bloodily into the room, and all
three stared awkwardly for a moment.

"...Oh," Brem said. "Well. How do you like them apples?"

Sender  Makarth
Date    Thu Mar 22 18:34:22 2007
Subject Balthazar

Revenge is mine. 24 to Balthazar.

Sender  Lelthas
Date    Fri Mar 23 15:19:33 2007
Subject [FWD] Aurius

[FWD Note] - [  0] Lelthas: Aurius
[FWD Date] - Tue Nov  7 19:31:03 2006
[FWD To  ] - all [Original to:] conclave kot
[FWD List] - warnotes

This missive is confined to the innermost sanctuaries of the soul, where
the troubled may find solace in any opportune method so devised against
the trappings of a violent impulse. To the priest of Mishakal I put pen
to parchment in an effort to cleanse whatever damage to the balance of
my wellbeing I might've incurred in the tale I am to relate to you.

It was a chill breeze that christened the day as it became bright.
I recall the Kharolis mountains being bathed in the radiance of the new
day, as the plains of dust lit up unhindered by cloud in the clear
blue sky. They looked like a plate of powder in the distant south, and
I saw clearly that nothing there remained unchallenged in the ages

I had taken the liberty of a walk in the air of the dawn near Southgate
as is my wont whenever I feel the walls of Wayreth closing in on me, as
well as the duties of the office to which I am adhered by oath. I saw
the minotaur on the dirt path near the field where I had paused to
catch my breath (I must confess I am not as young as I used to be).
I found his presence peculiar in the region, as most minotaur seldom
have buisiness of any repute with the dwarven people who inhabit
the Southgate fortifacation.

Well, my dear priest of Mishakal, the wind has simple works, and
a cloak is a simple thing. I noticed as the breeze picked up briefly
a glimpse of a symbol of Takhisis hung from the minotaur's belt, next
to a pouch that could've only contained spell components. I think
at my age and considering my profession, I would be an authority on
what the contents of that pouch were. So I decided to investigate, if
for no other reason than it is my duty to do so as a High Archmage.

When I happened upon him I must've been a bit too aggressive in my gate.
He immediately threw up a defensive spell and hurled a vial of some
strange blue liquid my direction, which I narrowly avoided. I of
course immediately countered with a meteoric blast of flame which
regrettably, sent the mage flying backward into the wall surrounding

I regard it as regrettable because he must've gotten the idea to
use his renegade magic to fly up the top of the wall, whereupon he
began to run toward one of the spires of the fortress. I caught up to
him on top of the gods accursed thing (pardon me revered son) but
he had already thrown up a defensive magic, which looking back I
judged to be of a sort that absorbs kinetic energy by the faint green glow
I noted rippling down toward the roof of the spire. He declared something
rude sounding in minotaur and began to cast a spell which I'm sure
would not have summoned a pork pie, or anything else pleasant.

I did not wait for him to finish. I used my instinctual assumption about
the nature of his protective dweomer and cast a spell that I knew would
use the energy of the spell he was casting to collapse his shield around
him, thereby negating both whatever spell he was about to use as well as
his protection. Unfortunately I did not realize the magic he was using was
potent, too potent. As his shield ruptured inward he was flung from the top
the spire toward the south. I tried to find him but I could not.

I later learned a minotaur had fallen from a roof in Tarsis, and had not
survived. I can only assume this was the same person, but perhaps I
am mistaken. I still feel I killed the fellow, and I write that you
pray to your benevolent and wise Goddess Mishakal for healing, both
of my wellbeing and my consciense. Thank you for your time Revered
Son of Mishakal.

Lelthas the Quarter-Elven, High Archmage of the Red Robes.

Sender  Brem
Date    Mon Mar 26 17:36:11 2007
Subject Deilah

Brem felt Deilah's presence in the room as he climbed down into the tunnel and
was surprised to find it was her physical presence.  Recognizing an old sparring
partner, he knew that with her power and volatility he could waste no time
asking questions.  Deilah's status as a red robed mage actually meant that it
was impossible to tell whose side she was on.  As he launched a combination of
punches at her, he couldn't help but reflect on the ambiguity of alignment. 
Could one's servitude of one's god really dictate one's actions? Or was true
morality free from the straightjacket of alignment, as free and extravagant as a
ride on the flinger?

As Deilah deflected a jab, Brem turned and drove an elbow through her defense.
In the kender way, he thought right and wrong was dynamic, but as he felt the
rawness of his knuckles after the fight, he felt unusually chewed up and lost.

Sender  Bogoljubov
Date    Mon Mar 26 19:09:17 2007
Subject Daolyn

"Kill him, my pet," Bogoljubov rasped at his magically charmed servant, "That
old dirty man has to have some treasures!"

Daolyn lunged, slow like a zombie in a dream, towards Basturn.

His fingers took an iron grip on Basturn's filthy shirt, but he was left with
nothing but grime as Basturn pulled away at the last minute.

"Dammit! Don't be afraid to use your nails."

But it was too late.  Basturn had escaped, and whatever treasures that old man
had saved up were gone with him.

"M-master?" Daolyn gurgled, still slurring his speech from the effect of the

The silence around the two rose in a crescendo of Nothingness.

Bogoljubov had been concentrating silently, and from out of the west came a
green dragon.

The mephitic fumes from the beast's jaws made their throats burn, but they
wouldn't have to put up with it for long ...soon, they would be in the clean,
open air.

When they arrived at Bogoljubov's tower, Bogoljubov uttered sharp words to open
the wall of a secret cave and guided them in.

They dismounted, and Bogoljubov walked out the way they'd come in.

As Daolyn moved to follow his master, Bogoljubov barked the sharp words again,
and the wall slid to, sealing him in with the green dragon.

Looking around in confusion and with a painful ache in his chest which could
only be filled by following Bogoljubov, Daolyn realized dimly that there were no
windows in the cave, only the light of phosphorescent mushrooms.

Nothing was ventilating the air in the room, and as the dragon continued to
breathe in exhaustion, the pain in Daolyn's chest grew more pressing.

Sender  Basturn
Date    Mon Mar 26 19:20:21 2007
Subject Daolyn

24 hours to Daolyn from me and Mariner.

Sender  Beks
Date    Mon Mar 26 22:36:17 2007
Subject Basturn

I was walking through Palanthas when I smelled something funny. Something really
dirty must be around, I thought.

So I saw Basturn, an old old dwarf, and shook my head in disgust.

What an old dirty Basturn! I couldn't stand the sight of his old, dirty self.

So I smacked him on the head and continued on my way.

Tried to remove Basturn's thief, but we're in the same clan. Looted the ring of
invisibilty and wand of invisibility we used to get him past the squires.


Sender  Blane
Date    Mon Mar 26 22:40:08 2007
Subject asturn

I defeated asturn in attle today y ashing him until he was unale to maintain his
equilirium. Eventually his attered ody slumped to the ground.


Sender  Rouuthav
Date    Wed Mar 28 16:39:29 2007
Subject Zwischenzug

Rouuthav punched Zwischenzug in the face.

-Removed Zwischenzug's killer

Sender  Zwischenzug
Date    Wed Mar 28 17:52:21 2007
Subject Tymiss

It was 1 o'clock in the afternoon as Zwischenzug watched the eerie green streaks
burning through the sky. Something was happening to Krynn. Some force from
outside was coming, and if Zwischenzug understood exogenous financial systems at
all, he knew it was going to be a perfect opportunity to make a profit. He saw
an elf climbing a tree and he put two and two together... He must be climbing up
for a better look.  Zwischenzug would have to put a stop to that competition and
maybe take his spot.

He quickly ran to the fishing store and purchased their longest pole, then
hurried back to the tree. As Tymiss reached out for something concealed in the
leaves of the tree--perhaps binoculars--Zwischenzug casted the line into the
loop of Tymiss' belt.  He reeled back, and in utter shock Tymiss fell from the
tree, landing painfully.  What he had been reaching for in the branches tottered
and fell to the ground.

It wasn't binoculars after all, but a round, red fruit.

Zwischenzug coughed sheepishly. "Well... how do you like them apples?"

Sender  Vordul
Date    Wed Mar 28 17:56:14 2007
Subject Rouuthav

Rouuthav had sent out a telepathic message, "Help, I'm locked in 
the Mariner warehouse!" that Vordul was close enough to hear.  

He closed his eyes in concentration and sent back a response, 
"Don't worry, I'll get you out."

Vordul nodded to the scruffy pirates on duty.  "This cake is for Rouuthav.  
It's his birthday today."  

The two curs shrugged and guided him to Rouuthav's cell. "You get 5 
minutes with the prisoner for celebrations. Call if you need anything."

"What the hell is this?" Rouuthav asked, "A cake isn't going to help me."

"Ah ha," Vordul winked.  "You might like what's inside." 

Rouuthav poked cautiously into the cake until he found the file Vordul 
had concealed. "Excellent work."

"There's the file, too, but that's not what I meant. I flavored this cake 
with extra syrup."

Rouuthav grinned, took off his shirt, and began to eat it hungrily, until his 
eyes began to bulge and he passed out.  Vordul left with a spring in his evil 

Sender  Vordul
Date    Wed Mar 28 17:58:34 2007
Subject Zwischenzug

Vordul was stalking the countryside when he saw a strange 
green flash and went to investigate.

Zwischenzug, the notorious pirate was lying unconscious 
in the glow of a mysterious meteorite that had fallen to Krynn.

As Vordul inspected him to see if he was still alive, Zwischenzug 
stirred to life, with the same green glow in his eyes.  It seemed he 
was under the influence of an un-Krynnly power.

"Are you okay?" Vordul asked.

"Mi cabeza cundo es?"

Vordul was confused and a little frightened by how little he understood 
of Zwischenzug's speech.

"Cuando comenc a dormir era dos de la tarde. Ahora es noche. Todava 
est hoy?"

"I don't know what you're..."  Without any explanation, Zwischenzug leaped 
at his throat crazily, "No puedo hablar ninguna palabras del campo comn!"

Vordul countered his attack with a backhand, sending him back down into 
the crater and whatever horrors it contained.

Sender  Zwischenzug
Date    Wed Mar 28 17:59:00 2007
Subject Dhavine

At 1:30, Zwischenzug had covered most of the ground between him and the
trajectory of the green streaks, energized by an apple he had munched down to
the core.

He saw a dark, robed figure wandering in the same direction and entertained the
same suspicions that he might be beaten to the fruits of this strange new

The robed figure was carrying an open basket on his back that as Zwischenzug
grew nearer he could see to be full of fresh oranges.  Perhaps he was planning
on winning over any extra terrestrial visitors with gifts.

He back up and gave himself a running start, shouting a quick warcry when he
drew close enough.

As a result, Dhavine turned right into a running kick to the abdomen.

As Dhavine doubled over and valiantly tried to join the battle, Zwischenzug
employed one of his dirty tricks.

Deftly, he snatched an orange from the basket and squeezed it hard, directly
into Dhavine's eyes.

"Orange you glad to see me?"

Sender  Blane
Date    Wed Mar 28 19:45:38 2007
Subject Dhavine

'What is with all of these fruits?' Blane wondered in response to the ubiquitous
fruit carts filling Palanthas.

"Eat some fruits!" a vender cried, brandishing a coconut in Blane's face.

"Eating meat is murder!" another called out.

Blane hated that idea.  Raised in the wild, he had a predatory approach to
eating meat.

Blane didn't eat meat because it was the right thing to do.  He ate meat because
it tasted good.

When he saw a minotaur walking down Steel Street, his predatory instinct towards
bovine creatures took over and he realized he could accomplish two tasks at

"I'll take this one," he said to one of the fruit traders, handing him some
copper coins.

He walked up to Dhavine with a bulbous watermelon under one arm. "Why are you
looking so sad?"

Dhavine raised an eyebrow, "What do you mean?"

"You seem to have a case of... Meloncholy!" Blane cried, smashing the watermelon
into his head.

Sender  Koske
Date    Fri Mar 30 08:06:08 2007
Subject Blern.

I ssspotted one of the kender that sstole valuable magic itemsss from my persson
weeksss ago in palanthass. He sssneered and fled from my ssight though he
dropped a preciouss coin from his pocket as he did sso. The coin was nothing but
copper, though preciousss to me becausse it became useful as a sspy glass. I
watched the little robber in his ssleep, and as he dozed i used the item that
once belonged to him to open a portal into the sewers where he slept.

His belongings were scattered messily about, "what a child"... I took
everything I could, he would have nothing in the morning except the ssssingle
copper coin he left for me.

Koske Arm of Morgion.

(24 hours from shadow and myself to Blern. This, unlike the last 8 pk notes is
real. He was fulled because half the stuff he wore was mine to begin with. Bad
luck Blern :p)

Sender  Bogoljubov
Date    Sun Apr  1 01:07:21 2007
Subject Kilanthas

Bogoljubov had come to Thelgaard to purchase exotic fruits that had come in from
Flotsam. The ever-present sounds of battle between Solamnics and draconians
outside was like music to soothe his  violent soul, and yet he saw a half-elf
retreating from the battle on a large horse.

Bogoljubov tossed a round, red and green fruit at the horse's feet, causing it
to stumble and throw Kilanthas.

"Mangoing somewhere?" Bogoljubov asked.

Sender  Rouuthav
Date    Mon Apr  2 07:14:56 2007
Subject Bland Blane

Rouuthav walked up to Blane, who was sitting down to eat a nice, big fruit salad.

'I hear you hate spices?' Rouuthav asked.

'Yeah, what's it to you?' Blane asked angrily.

Rouuthav picked up a bag and stuck his hand in it, tossing a white granular
substance at Blane, who fell over, clawing his eyes and screaming.

'Because you've just been a-salt-ed!' Rouuthav laughed, walking away.

Removed Blane's thief flag, sorry Aurius, no scavenging for you.

Sender  Blane
Date    Mon Apr  2 07:32:30 2007
Subject the endless bloodshed

Blane sighed as the bloody red sun rose over another day. He was tired of the
bloodshed, and yet it seemed to go on. It was 6 a.m., and he knew exactly what
would happen. A blue bird would perch on that tree over there... ah, there it
was. A stoat would suddenly attack it from behind!... and there that was. How
was it always Day of Bright Eye, 7th the Month of Summer End?

Somehow, the time curse stuck with Blane, and he contined to be doomed to live
this day and... its  bloody aftermath. The hobgoblin came roaring at him out of
the bushes at 6:15, as he always did, and Blane defended himself, as he always
did. The first couple of times he'd tried countering with non-violent means, but
no matter what, some deus ex machina always ended in the hobgoblin's death. The
last time he'd tried to disable Eirith with a kick to the midsection, but he
only stumbled away in pain to fall off a cliff.

Blane sighed, couched his spear into the ground to meet Eirith's charge, and
tried to inure himself to blood.

Sender  Stilth
Date    Mon Apr  2 23:09:58 2007
Subject Basturn was catching one day.

Stilth was in a horrible mood, he had to travel to the land of the
stinking gully dwarves. Mondraiken must have really really been mad
about that eel in his bed!

Trying to sneak past the sniveling little urchins who begged for food
at each turn, he found himself at a 'healer' of sorts. He was quite
sure the waving of a dead lizard and spitting on wounds wouldnt heal a
damned thing though.

A glance a distance down the way showed a fellow mariner, good lord
what was that poor Blane kid doing here? The prone form of Basturn lay
at his feet, apparently dead or sleeping, it was hard to tell from
this distance... but if the kid needed help, help it was.

ZAP. A well-placed shot from his bow put an arrow into the neck of the
prone dwarf and the body spasmed. Oh crap! Stilth quietly slunk back
into the shadows and mentally thanked the man who had sold him the
goblin arrows, at least they wouldn't know who had done it.

He chuckled briefly to himself and then went on to investigate that
flinging aparatus they had so often mentioned. That thing couldn't
work could it?

And he tripped over a banana on his way out, silly fruit.
OOC. Um, he died with an arrow in him, 24 hours from Mariner er
Well when he gets back in the clan it will kind of not matter.
But it was fun lol.

Stilth, the .. fisherman.

Sender  Aurius
Date    Wed Apr  4 20:13:44 2007
Subject blane

removed blanes thief flag..24 from me,kot and merc

Sender  Bromahn
Date    Thu Apr  5 03:59:28 2007
Subject This was simply dhavine

One boring day just like all the other boring days i found myself picking on the
innocent and stomping on small furry creatures when I notices this big horned
bully healing the creatures I had just stomped into the ground.

This angred me since i had just spent all that time kiling them.

I pull club out and run after horny creature He seemed startled but held his
ground I swung hardly and fastly striking the horny man in the chest he gave out
a groan was more like a moan and landed on his ass in the grass.

I sat on the Vine and thought for a time that this was just simply Dhavine.
24 to Dhavine nothing looted.

Sender  Ukiah
Date    Thu Apr  5 06:10:25 2007
Subject Lover AND fighter? Dhavine

Ukiah smelled feet, them stinky, nice nice. She likes.

Under taint, make her almost faint, surely gully boys like!!

Her walk up on way to pit, dark cleric ... him sure give her some
sugar today! Hm, why no? She gives her bestest gully smile and tugs at
her top a little to make her dirty nubs show a teensy bit...

Man begin to look her up and down, but not look happy, him look like
want to fights!!!

Ukiah sniff sadly, then go hide by fountain, shoot stick thing at him,
hims dance like funny dance and say 'Heal' 'heal', and wave funny
white cloth over face many times, not looking tough now no no Mr tall
Clean man!

Last stick fly out and him hims in the baby makers. Him groan, fall
down, hits head on ground and start throw up! Ukiah think hims REALLY
hot now, so she touches him some, rubs taint on hims hand. Then she
goes to find grapefruit.

(OOC: Dhavine was violent, needed some arrows. 24 hours protection
from the love goddess of gully dwarves)
Ps. Him knock Ukiah out later, make monkey love, no more safe.

Sender  Koske
Date    Thu Apr  5 22:47:35 2007
Subject Blane.

A gruff sailor looking character tried to rip away a beltpouch which i wore
today. As his hand clutched the bag, he screamed as if he had been set aflame.
Koske turned slightly. His lizardlike face apparently horrified the salty thief
whos hand Began to warp and boil. Koske turned away, the man's screams of agony
were refreshing to him.

24 hours to blane.

Sender  Bromahn
Date    Mon Apr  9 21:52:55 2007
Subject Talvidas

I watched as the carnage raged.

My own heart beating faster as my adrenaline pumped I ran headlong into the
battle. The first man I threw some dust from my pouch and put to sleep the other

I though for sure i had this one tho.

I drug him to a safe place and then I kicked him awake. I slammed my mace into
his chest and he spun out and ran.

I had no way of tracking him so I left that one go and headed for the next
victim. I noticed him watching as i was trying to kill the other he must have
been waiting for me to weaken then attack.

I quickly blinded him and started to attack this one stood his ground which
flustered me a bit but in the end i managed to rein supreme.

24 to Talvidas from bromahn and Marauder

Sender  Bogoljubov
Date    Tue Apr 10 22:49:19 2007
Subject Talvidas

Bogoljubov munched noisily on the fruit bowl as the card game in Palanthas
unfolded around him. Bogoljubov cool called under the gun... normally he
would've pushed, but he with that position, he decided to wait.

Talvidas raised the the minimum, 10 copper, pushing out Kuranes while Thelas
called from the big blind. The flop came up Dragon, Dragon, Croaker... two
crowns and a sword.

Talvidas continued his betting pattern with 20 copper, and Bogoljubov decided to
call it as he had two crowns in his hand.

The turn came up another crown... Bogoljubov checked, trying to trap Talvidas.

The elf checked as well, and the river came up Water Column of Swords... a total

Bogoljubov bet the pot.

Talvidas played with his coins, starting to sweat.

As he finally decided to call and tossed his copper in, Bogoljubov found a hard,
green fruit at the bottom of the basket and wrapped his fist around it.

Talvidas turned over his cards to reveal that he'd lost, "I guess I've just got
a PAIR!" he said. Bogoljubov blinked, kind of confused.  "I guess you do."

Sender  Bulthar
Date    Wed Apr 11 04:59:59 2007
Subject [  Half-Elf  ] * (SLAIN) Kilanthas....

Bulthar had his differences with Kilanthas, Hakkai and Talvidas, or the 3
Merc-a-teers as he called them. Of course his hostility towards them may have
been the cause.

Bulthar once again caught Kilanthas wandering about in the Marauder territory,
which mainly consisted of wherever Bulthar was standing at that moment and
struck first.

Kilanthas faught back this time more prepared than last, but eventually fell.
Looted: Lantern.

Sender  Ralmus
Date    Thu Apr 12 01:39:31 2007
Subject Aurius

Ralmus the cold-heared disapproved of the spate of proposals that had surrounded
Marian lately.  He could kill her, but that would not be evil enough.  No,
instead he would have to kill her loves.

Word on Platinum Street was that a big hairy beast had proposed to Marian, so
Ralmus stroked the goatee he'd carefully grown and considered.  Going by those
attributes it would have to be Aurius.

Ralmus uttered sorcerous words and gated on the minotaur, who although he was
unprepared for the attack responded with some magical blasts.  They battled back
and forth with their magic until each had badly exhausted their magical
reserves, and it seemed like neither opponent had anything left to throw at the
other except physicality.

Aurius backhanded Ralmus as he attempted a choke hold and started to scale the
wall to Ruby Way, making his escape.  Ralmus' fall knocked over a vendor's cart
spilling its contents next to his head and putting an evil idea into his mind. 
As Aurius reached the top of the wall, Ralmus scooped up a hard melon and tossed
it at the minotaur's head.  "You want to marry Marian, huh?  Well, now you
CANTELOUPE!"  Aurius lost his balance from the pain and went falling over the
other side of the wall.

Sender  Brem
Date    Fri Apr 13 03:57:48 2007
Subject Hakkai

Brem hopped up and down to get his blood flowing. Hakkai had asked to box with
him, and he felt good during his warm-up.

"Why are we training in the food store?" Hakkai asked?

"We can warm up by punching these slabs of meat.  Much tougher than punching
bags, and bloodier."

After fifteen minutes of pounding the slabs of meat, they were bloody on the
outside and flowing with blood on the inside.

"I think it's time for some more advanced lessons," Brem said as they walked
through the produce aisle.

"Like what?"

"Well, this lesson is more about things to watch out for in boxing.  For one,
you should become acquainted with the more painful injures so they don't
debilitate you in the ring."  He picked up a heavy white stalk. Hakkai looked a
little nervous, "So what's the injury?"

"It's called... cauliflower ear!" Brem shouted, smacking Hakkai's ear with the

Sender  Brem
Date    Sat Apr 14 03:22:18 2007
Subject Talvidas

Talvidas was walking around in the meal factory in search of a fight as Brem
lurked in the shadows. As Talvidas passed a huge vat of viscous orange food,
Brem tipped it over, crushing him beneath. "I guess you just got SQUASHED!" he

Brem thought for a second. "Oh, wait. These are yams."

Sender  Glub
Date    Sun Apr 15 17:48:38 2007
Subject Proving Oneself

Glub the gully lead a simple life, living in the Palanthas sewers.  He
aspired to be like the Solamnic Knights he saw parading around the city,
even crowned himself guardian of the sewers.  Yet the Knights ignored him,
and Glub knew he had to prove himself.  He journeyed through dumps far and
wide, searching for a way to prove himself.  Finding himself in Neraka, Glub
discovered an evil man.  Glub chased him all over the city, through strange
dumps, and all the way back to Palanthas, before knocking the man out and
taking a pretty bauble (Easa's) as a trophy.  

Of course, Croaker, the first Solamnic Knight he confronted, ignored and
eventually backhanded him.  (I had a killer :P)

-Glub, (24 hours to Shronius from me and my clan) 

Sender  Kuranes
Date    Sun Apr 15 17:51:57 2007
Subject Glub

As I was walking around the dark alleys of Palanthas, looking to score some
potions of calm, I witnessed a most heinous act. A disgusting little creature
was hopping up and down in fury, apparently upset that the human he was
conversing with did not believe in his magical abilities. It seemed that the
beast had had enough, and plunged its little dagger into the human's eye. I
could not stop laughing, thanks to the calm brownie I had gotten earlier from my
brother Thelas. The man just ran around in circles, crying his eyes out. As I
looked through my teary eyes, I realized the little creature had disappeared.

Suddenly, the weight of the situation bore down on me. This creature could
possibly be a renegade, and this renegade just killed a man. This crime could
not go unpunished, no matter how hilarious it may have been. Stepping through a
magical gate, I descended on the little bastard, striking with every spell in my
arsenal. When the flames died down, I stood over his charred corpse....only to
realize I had just frickaseed someone's pet mule. Ducking into the shadows, lest
someone see me, I once again uttered the words, this time making damn sure I was
targeting the proper person, and descended again with my wrath.

Unfortunately, the little guy must have had a heart attack, for he fell
sputtering as soon as I arrived. I sure as hell wasn't going to give it mouth to
mouth, so I took the few paltry coins I found on his body and returned to
Palanthas to find that mysterious calm dealer.

24hrs to Glub from me, Mariner and Conclave. nothing looted, just a simple killer removal

Sender  Kuranes
Date    Sun Apr 15 18:37:31 2007
Subject Emla

Hunting renegades can be tough work sometimes, makes a man real hungry. I went
to visit my old pal, Jim, the baker for a few big pot pies to quell my manly

On my way there, I met Croaker, who warned me that a smelly cow was spotted
somewhere in the area. Thanking him for the warning, I continued on my quest for
those mouth-watering pot pies.

As I stepped into the baker, I felt massive hands grab me. That bastard Aurius
has me now, I thought to myself as my mind raced for a plan. The monster spoke,
and I realized it wasn't Aurius, but some other smelly cow, one that I knew

"Mondraiken, you old dog!", I cried punching him playfully. We sat down at a
table, discussing the recent syrup shortage at Kate's diner that caused them to
close down. After filling ourselves with many pot pies, we went our different
ways, him to find more syrup, and myself to deliver my weekly bribe of blueberry
danishes to Croaker so he'd look the other way when I needed to unload some
parchments of acid (blast). Approaching the entrance to the palace, I saw him.
Number 1 on Conclave's Most Wanted, the cowpie himself, Aurius, attacking my
good friend Croaker.

I grabbed my bow and unleashed a hail of arrows at the fiend, cackling like a
madman. When my quiver was empty, I walked up to the bloody mess on the floor,
grinning to myself. Woe is me! As I looked at the corpse, I realized it was not
the smelly cow I wanted, but rather a poor little kender girl in white robes.
Making sure no one was around, I dragged her carcass to New Thalos hoping the
vultures would destroy any evidence left.

24hrs yada yada yada

Sender  Shronius
Date    Sun Apr 15 20:38:50 2007
Subject Jahrun

Seeing a man in the street who looked my size, I wanted to test myself
after a recent losing battle.  I peppered Jahrun up with some arrows, and he
came at me with a few arrows sticking out of his butt.  We did some sword
play, but I pushed him down on the docks and took a few things.  
24 to Jahrun from Me and Merc also please come back i wasnt fulling you only keeping like 4 things...

Sender  Dhavine
Date    Mon Apr 16 16:48:54 2007
Stamp   1176742134
RVnum   15746
To      all fishbait
Subject * (SLAIN) [ Conclave ] Kuranes

Whilst gathering up worms and scared rats in the gully domain for further
torture when got bored, I came across this very hurt "heap" that seemed to
resemble an elf.  Thinking to myself "hmmm..  I can always come back to
gather more "pets" to torture..  Let me first see if i can prolong this
persons suffering".  Recalling some minor heal spells and readying my
ceremonial daggers i approached the heap and knelt beside it.  Mumbleing
some innane plee for help i just snickered and began to draw some
interesting figures and designs on it's flesh.  Seeing the heap about to
expire i quickly chanted to morgion to heal some of it's woulds so i might
inflict more suffering upon this being in his name.  After what must have
felt like an eternity the being was mad with pain and suffering..  So i
chanted a few more heal spells and slammedmy mace upon his head to try and
make a clean getaway.  Sadly i spent too much time enjoying my work..  A
simple minded gully saw my last act and called out to his clan..  Something
that sounded like "killer".  Well knowing my way to the exits of this dump..
I quickly escaped the wroth of the gullies and made it safely back to my
masters sanctuary..  Where i could experiment on the bits of flesh i carved
out of the heap with careful percision.  

24 to kuranes from dark HO and shadow..  Nothing looted, just removed his
killer and obtained one for myself..  Thanks kuranes:) 

Sender  Koske
Date    Tue Apr 17 00:51:58 2007
Subject [            ] (Slain) *  [  Mariner ] [Orlouge] Thelas.

It is 6:45, Day of Soldai, 16th the Month of Rannmont.

Koske stood just feet away from Shadow's base of operations as a cold rush of
wind blew past. Danger was present today, his slit like lizard eyes closed
lightly as he scanned the horizon for the source of the energies.

Two figures stood looking down at him both cloaked by magic. "What do you
want here magi?" Koske growled, They said nothing only advanced further toward
the run down temple. Koske whistled loudly, and a few guards appeared at his

"Dare invade here magessss ? Morgion will feast on your souls" Koske began
to chant as his guards rushed forward, the mages became intranced in their own

As acid began to rain down on Koske and his body guard from the two mages The
bakali finnished his own spell which cut their chanting short.

They turned to eachother wide eyed and slowly unhooked daggers as Koske's body
guard converged upon them. The two were wrestled to the ground almost instantly,
unable to take even one of Koske's men. As he approached the two mages who were
struggling to free themselves one mage slammed a glass vial on the ground. Fog
washed over the plain where they fought as Koske shouted to keep his men from

When the fog had cleared only one of the two magi remained. "What isss your
name mage...?" He asked poisonously as he picked the man up by his collar.

Koske Arm Of Morgion.
(24 hours to Thelas from Shadow. Nothing was looted because of
Firebreath. So I guess i'll get it next time, huh Thelas? You're lucky you
werent fulled today.)

Sender  Zwischenzug
Date    Wed Apr 18 00:53:15 2007
Subject Shronius

A round object whizzed through the air, striking Shronius and spraying red juice
everywhere. A nearby squire winced at the fruit (or is it vegetable?) related

"Why did you hit him with a tomato? You know with the scarcity of tomatoes
you're not supposed to be wasting them."

"It was a potato." Apparently, the red juice was blood.

"...Oh. Let's call the whole thing off, then."

Sender  Zwischenzug
Date    Wed Apr 18 00:58:13 2007
Subject Shronius

Zwischenzug gasped as an arrow from the south came whizzing into his stomach. He
strode calmly into the room from where the shot had come, munching on what
resembled a blueberry. "So it's a shooting contest you want, huh?"

As Shronius quickly notched another arrow, Zwischenzug hurled a magic icicle
into his stomach, causing him to double over in pain.

The two shared similar abdominal pains for a moment as Zwischenzug continued

"Well I'll be your huckleberry."

Sender  Koske
Date    Wed Apr 18 07:18:05 2007
Subject Bogo...uh what ever

A disgustingly grubby goblin struck down a bovine looking knight outside of
palanthas then turned as he realized someone was watching. As the goblin
shambled forward knife extended Koske struck the dumb beast a blow to the side
of the head which flung the creature several feet away. He did not get up.

Koske Arm Of Morgion.
(24 hours to Bogo from me and shadow. Equipment was taken. Thanks!)

Sender  Bogoljubov
Date    Wed Apr 18 21:11:55 2007
Subject Daolyn

Bogoljubov's success in learning the grease spell had inspired him so much that
he'd been experimenting with new meat-based spells.

While puzzling over a spell with a hunk of cow meat, a knight of Takhisis
challenged him to a sparring contest.  Bogoljubov shrugged, always up for

They circled each other cautiously, and Daolyn quickly started going for
decapitations with his sword. Bogoljubov laughed, "Sparring contest, huh?  I
didn't realize this would be so high stakes." Daolyn laughed back, dangerously,
"Well you thought wrong."

As he maneuvered out of reach, Bogoljubov reached into his pocket for the meaty
spell component he'd left there.

"If it's high stakes you want... have some of these!"

And he called down a stream of meat from the sky to strike Daolyn.

Sender  Hakkai
Date    Fri Apr 20 01:48:41 2007
Subject + [   Human    ] * (SLAIN) Deviant.

While walking the streets of palanthas looking for a certain thief, i
found another one who has done wrong.  So i just used my mace and hit him
across the head with a mace, and he stumbled in his walk and well, had a
pretty hard time finding him since i still need my reading glasses.  After a
long search i finnaly found him and well, just killed him.  

24 hours from merc(it was just a thief removal *sigh*, and he broke his protection by attacking shron again)

Sender  Deviant
Date    Fri Apr 20 01:48:45 2007
Subject Shronius

Shron and bogoljubov killed and fulled me, so i stole eq from them and killed shron with the eq i stole :D.

Sender  Bogoljubov
Date    Fri Apr 20 01:57:11 2007
Subject Deviant

saw shronius and deviant fighting, decided to assist shronius.
24 hours from marauder.

Sender  Snefru
Date    Fri Apr 20 03:19:43 2007
Subject Eirith

Was walking in the mountains minding my own business when I bumped into this
goblinoid creature. We both fell down, and broke our crowns, but it seems he hit
his head on something hard.

24 to Eirith from  myself and Wildrunner.
(Removed his thief flag. On a sidenote, this is the first WR Warnote in over a
year, if not more.)

Sender  Makarth
Date    Fri Apr 20 04:35:18 2007
Subject Loror

Loror had agreed to help me handle Kuranes and Ridel; but being loror, he
decided to backstab me and join ridel and kuranes.  I waited a while and
then summoned him to a noexit filled with charmies and...  Well: 2 + 2 = 4

Sender  Ryath
Date    Fri Apr 20 05:19:56 2007
Subject Loror Stonehelm, Thane of the Kingdoms

"Back from the abyss and this is the welcome I get, huh?  " were the
extent of the thoughts running through my mind as a midget encased in steel
attacked me.  

Not a word to me in greeting.  He looks at me, sizes me up, and head butts
me.  Well...  Considering his height it wasn't much of a headbutt.  And
considering my pantsless state, it wasn't pleasant for either of us, I'm
sure.  But, that's what you get when you try being civil to some people.  A
crotchful of beard and the need for a stiff drink.  

So what could I do?  I pushed Croaker into him and ran, shouting taunts as I
went.  He kept shouting some nonsense like, 'me luv you long time' but I
couldn't understand him through the facial hair.  

Running past a street vendor's cart, I slipped on an unfortunately placed
banana peel and landed on a pain inducing pile of armor.  Looking up, I
saw his blade descending toward my head and thought that I had breathed my
last, but just as I felt the wind of his slice touch my face, he vanished,
leaving behind several pieces of equipment and a bad odor.  While I can't
say my new pants and shirt smell much better than the one I borrowed from a
gully dwarf, they, at least, haven't any holes.  

Sender  Deviant
Date    Sat Apr 21 15:21:07 2007
Subject Pop goes the Shronius!

Shronius and I went toe to toe, it was close; but I won.
24 hours protection to Shronius

Sender  Wyldsheed
Date    Sun Apr 22 04:07:20 2007
Subject Taureau Taureau Taureau

I had recently been sent on a scouting task, to a river near the accursed city
of Neraka, that nest of evil and dismay.
While taking notes, covertly, about the road conditions, I came near the dock
for a medium sized ferry, one used to carry people, horses and perhaps small
wagons, across the river to the city.
It was approching dusk, and there were few around,although one of note, a largish
member of the minotaur race, was waiting near the dock's edge, grumbling.
I pulled the hood of my cloak further over my head, and continued making notes.
As I neared the Mino, he leaned against the heavy rope barrier around the dock, 
and growled out, "Well well, a studious writer, I see, one that smells of tin and dust"
I ignored him, turning to leave, but I heard the rasping of a blade being drawn from 
its sheath,and the crackling of some arcane magic.
I spun around quickly, drawing my rapier, shouting "For Auchuran!!" ready to face this 
foe in a hostile land.
But, as fate would have it, my blade, glowing slightly with Holy Wrath and 
the Righteousness of Kiri-Jolith,sliced neatly through the rope, leaving the great
brute, leaning against...nothing.
His eyes went wide, he bellowed a mighty and fearsome ,"Nooo..mooooooooooooooooooo!"
Then a tremendous splash fell over me as he hit the river behind him.
His horned head went under, and the water calmed. A few bubbles surfaced, and I 
feared the worst.
Then, with a rush and another even greater bellow his head shot up out of 
the water,gasp huge gulps of air, then as quickly as it came up, down again it went.
Curiously enough, this was repeated several times, I stood amazed as he would break
the surface, gasp, then disappear again.
Finally, the FerryMaster strolled over, watched for a couple times, then yelled at the 
desperate wretch,"Git on yer feet, or 'ooves, ye bone-brained trickster!"
The soggy form slowly rose from the water,standing in about chest deep,looking more
sheepishly than bullish.
"Silly sod". grumbled the FerryMaster,  as he walked away.
Looking at the sorry sight, I decided it was prudent to fade into the night, and make my way 
back to my horse, and back to Solamnia. I had a few days ride ahead to decide how best to report this.
(Slew Dhavine near the Nerakan Ferry Dock- Nothing Looted- 24 hours from the Knights of Solamnia)

Sender  Ridel
Date    Fri Apr 27 00:33:36 2007
Subject Kuranes

So there i was outnumbered once again it seemed to me that I would finally meet
my end right here in the place I loved so much.

The women had cleared out long before and the red silk was as quiet as can be.
except for me and This Kuranes fellow he wanted to be rough with the women and
slap them around and that I cannot take.

i confronted him and told him if he didn't stop i would have to slap him around
a little.

He gave me a small laugh and drove his dagger deep into my shoulder.

I reeled back from the pain and swung wildly at the fellow. the blow landed
right on his chin. He stumbled back a few steps and hurled a ball of hot Fire at
me.. I ducked and rolled out of the way as the ball exploded into a firey
exploding thing.

Then i dove at his waist and knocked him down I pinned his arms back a
repeadedly smacked him about the head and neck.

24 to kuranes from HO and SOl and me 

Sender  Bogoljubov
Date    Fri Apr 27 00:36:42 2007
Subject Ilya

he said that he would love to try some
he said that he would love to die some
in the middle of a worm on a fish hook
you're the wave you're the wave you're the wave

Sender  Loror
Date    Fri Apr 27 14:45:43 2007
Subject A Battle to the death.

He swung his axe as hard as he could attempting to crack open the head of rakos
the evil hunter who was attempting to claim the life of him, rakos jumped out of
the way and the axe came down. It hit the floor with a loud rang and loror
almost dropped it from the vibrations. hefting his axe over his shoulder he
swung it once again with all his strenght this time rakos had slipped in a
puddle of his own blood and lay thier on the floor about to be slain.

but my loyal war camel, not know what was going on walking infront of rakos... I
be-headed it...

I screamed in agony, Not old greasy jeremy! And while i was there looking at the
head of my now slain camel rakos took the time to flee away from me.

( I accidentally killed my war camel, and got a killer for it.... dang )

Sender  Aurius
Date    Fri Apr 27 19:25:51 2007
Subject Loror

Whilst sneaking through palanthas under spells of invisibility and some
items to cloak my form, i stepped on a "midget" he grumbled and curses while
he looked around to see what had just happened.  Saying to myself "why not..
Let me see if he will become my new friend".  A quick charm spell later and
he was..  Willing to lead me to where i was going and defend me if it came
to that.  Sadly he never got the chanceto defend me..  He smelled like old
dirt and sweat..  After several attempts to get rid of him i decided to get
rid of him myself.  Casting a few spells on him and myself..  I rendered him
unconcious and beaten badly..  But just my luck some pathetic solamnic
patrol showed up as i brought my fist around for the last blow and declared
me a killer.  I could live with that..  But didnt feel like leveling the
block to fight off the guards..  So i quickly teleported out with a potion i
had prepared just in case.  

Removed loror's killer flag..  24 to him from me, KoT, and Merc.  

Sender  Aurius
Date    Fri Apr 27 20:32:03 2007
Subject Kaeptakus

After escaping Palanthas after the guards saw me "kill" that midget.. 
Some high and mighty dwarf tracked me down while i was taking a stroll upon
the sea near the pirate isles.  Seeing a dwarf chase me on a small raft was
a thing of true amusement..  Persistant little fellow but still amusing. 
After leading him on a wild chase i found myself trapped on some shoals
cornered by the mad dwarf.  After several blows against my protective
shields they started to buckle..  So i quickly chugged down another teleport
potion and escaped back to dry land.  Knowing the general location and also
knowing the dwarf would have an interesting time escaping from those
shoals..  I decided to pay him a visit and beat him into submission from a
distance.  Reciteing several scrolls from my case as well as using all the
magic missiles i prepared that day..  The dwarf finally went down.  After he
went down in the shallow water and started to drown i went in and cast a
levitation spell on him..  No point in him dying..  Living with the
embarasment of getting beat down by a mage should be penance enough. 
Stripping off his pack i decided to look for anything that might pique my
interest..  Found some fairly odd pants and a rusty shield that seemed to
fit the bill..  Plus he has a huge diamond that i of couse had to take.  

24 to kaep from me,KoT,and Merc.

Sender  Kaeptakus
Date    Fri Apr 27 21:34:42 2007
Subject Aurius

The king had been recently attacked by a minotaur mage using cowardly tactics. 
He was dressed in his common garb, among the people in Palanthas when this
minotaur had the nerve to goad him into a fight. After very little effort, the
Minotaur was nearly dead.  So I took pity on his weaknesses and fled.  After a
little run, the minotaur jumped out of a magical portal and said "tada!" and
swung at me.

Muscle memory took over and I countered, nearly killing him.  So I decided to
flee Palanthas, thinking this weak mage might leave me alone while I made the
trek back to Thorbadin.

Expectedly enough, he was waiting at the High Clerists' Tower for me, as soon as
I entered the north gate, the minotaur mage collapsed at the sight of me,

(I arrowed him once or twice, he took the liberty of chasing me around to try
and get his killer removed, it worked)
(24 to him from 7k and me)

(Invis) (Translucent) (KILLER) Lord Aurius is here.
A small mosquito buzzes by you looking for a snack.
A small mosquito buzzes by you looking for a snack.
You reverse Aurius's attack and counter with your own!
Your counterattack === OBLITERATES === Aurius!
Aurius is DEAD!!

Sender  Aurius
Date    Sun Apr 29 06:52:19 2007
Subject loror again

After dispatching that pesky midget i decided to head back to my favorite
inn near palanthas, to enjoy a hot meal and some thick ale.  After
stealthily bypassing several patrols on ruby then gaenet..  I was accosted
by a miniature version of a warrior..  And as it turns out was the one i had
just sent to slumber on the dirty back alleys of palanthas.  Feeling the
bite of his axe rip through my brand new cloak..  I was fairly annoyed.. 
Surely this pest had learned his lesson..  But being a dwarf(think headed
and barely anything resembleing intelligence) i guess he needed another
lesson.  After a long game of hit and run on my part..  Mostly to keep him
from shredding more of my robe and cloak..  I finally landed a proper sleep
spell( damn dwarven resilience).  Watching him swing at me and all of
asudden drop to the floor unconcious..  Thumb automatically going to his
mouth as he slept peacefully.  Leaving him for the guards to deal with i
continued on my way to the inn to change robes and enjoy a hot meal a and a
cold mug of ale.  

24 again to loror from KoT and merc..he tried and failed..again:)

Sender  Lorthiras
Date    Sun Apr 29 15:30:30 2007
Subject Friggy

"Sewers, you know i hate sewers." a dark voice spoke from the shadows, "I don't
particularly care about your personal preferences." I replied, as i have grown
accustomed to his usual complaints. From the shadows i watched as a kender
travelled across, I followed silently waiting for the moment to strike, aside
from the unique smells that have layed their residence in the sewer, this one
smelled different, fish? At that moment it mattered not, an opportunity had
revealed itself, and the opportunity was taken.

(24 hours to Friggy, took a makeover)

Sender  Aurius
Date    Sun Apr 29 17:22:21 2007
Subject loror..again

Some people never learn..  Dwarves especially.  After a fine meal and a
good nights rest i went back to palanthas to keep tabs on their patrols and
certain shops suspected of being outposts for certain groups.  Hiding in the
shadows near one particuliar outpost i heard a rustle behind me and turned..
But a tad too late, found a throwing dagger imbedded in my thigh, causeing
me some annoyance.  Yanking the dagger out and searching for the one who
threw it, i found that same pest that i had put down twice the day before. 
I guess no sinple sleep spell would do this time.  Calling upon my arcane
knowledge from the many years of training i unleashed arcane hell upon the
poor pathetic dwarves body.  Watching in sheer delight as lightning bolt
after lightning bolt made him twitch and sizzle.  After several moments i
relented the assault..  Watching as the broken body slump to the alley
floor.  Going over to it and checking to see if he was still alive, i found
a slight but steady pulse.  Satisfied that the dwarf would need some time to
heal..  I took several packs from him so he'd have second thoughts before
coming back into my sight again.  Making my way back to the inn to heal up
and replenish my spells..  A smile of true satisfaction came over my face...
Saying to myself " i guess that midget is good for something after all".  

24 again to loror from KoT and Merc.  He attacked me negating his 24 and
then gets smart and gets stuck at hct in the pit..  Charmies + portal + no
exit = one dead dwarf.  Fulled him for the time being since he logged out.. 
If/when he returns he can have most of this shit back.  

Sender  Kuranes
Date    Mon Apr 30 22:34:54 2007
Subject [ High Dwarf ] * (SOGGY) [7 Kingdoms]  Thane Loror Stonehelm.

Leaving the tower to do a little grocery shopping, I bumped into the good
Captain Beks of the Bilson. The little kender was chattering incessantly about a
nude dwarf who was pestering him with lewd offers. I was bored, so I decided to

To my surprise, I saw that the dwarf was non other than the old king of the
seven kingdoms, Loror Stonehelm. I was shocked to see him in such a degenerate
state. His fall from the top must have been a long one, his once fine beard was
bushier than usual and clotted with blood. His eyes darted to and fro like a
madman who has overdosed on haste potions. And the smell...lord, that stench
reminded me of the time I had to hide in a pile of dragon dung to avoid
detection by a band of auraks. As soon as those crazy eyes locked onto me,
something in the little beast snapped. Raging like a bull, albeit a very small
one, Loror charged. Laughing with great mirth, I easily dodged the clumsy dwarf,
and laid him on his back with an enormous fireball.

Unfortunately for me, this only provided me a better view of the creature, as my
fireball singed off enough hair from the madman to provide me a clear view of
his nude body. Staring at the smoking, disoriented body of the once great king,
I felt pity. Stooping down, I attempted to help the dwarf up, thinking I might
be able to reason with him. As my hand moved closer to his face, Loror bit down
with all his might. Luckily for me, he was still weak from the concussion, but
it still hurt.

Sighing to myself, resolving to go see a cleric later about a rabies
vaccination, I resigned myself to my task. Throwing a few rose petals in his
face, I easily charmed the already befuddled dwarf. He followed me eagerly to
the docks, fully expecting the pouch of dried meats and fruits I had promised
would be awaiting him there. Upon arriving at the docks, I shoved the little
bastard over the railings and watched him sink beneath the waves. I felt pangs
of guilt, knowing his death could have been avoided, but I quelled these by
telling myself I had done him a favor. This was probably the first time the runt
had bathed in months.

Sender  Aurius
Date    Tue May  1 05:05:21 2007
Subject loror

After i had bought some new robes and a nice cloak..  I realised i was
still a bit annoyed with the pest who tried to axe me..  So i tracked him
down.  Wandering aimlessly in some fairly remote mountains near the dwarven
mountain generally known as "thorbardin" i found him floundering in some
water.  I didnt know if he was trying to bathe or if he was drowning..  But
i knew i could exact some fun on him with he was defenseless..  I didnt mind
the defenseless part..  As he already cost me a robe and a cloak.  A few
well placed fireballs had the water boiling and the dwarf slightly
steaming..  A lot like seafood in the shops in kalaman.  After i seen him
bob not once..  Not twice..  But 4 times..  I decided he had had enough.. 
No point in killing him and having some dwarven patrol stumbling across the
body while i am trying to make my way back to my favorite inn near
palanthas.  Gathering up my pack i dropped i cast a simple teleport spell.. 
Seeing as i had already prepared the lodestone at the inn for just this
occasion..  Maybe just in case the dwarf got the better of me possibly too. 

24 to loror from Kot and Merc..  Nothing looted..  Wanted to see what the
fun was about with shooting dwarves in a barrel ( loror got trapped between
several ponds of water:) 

Sender  Ilya
Date    Wed May  2 03:24:10 2007
Subject Mellande

 Many days passed since I was mugged by the ugly goblin yet my confidence
was still reeling.  Arriving at the fish market for some shopping near the
docks of Palanthas I noticed an elf that caught my eye as a good stepping
stone to learn from.  Deciding not to disturb the market itself I snuck
outside and attempted to blend into the crowd of passersby.  After quite
some time Mellande came out the door and I leapt upon her with haste.  The
battle was long and she was aided by a companion making the situation even
more complicated.  It was a close fight, but eventually I was able to disarm
her and gain the advantage.  With a sweeping trip I kicked her ankles out
from under her and jumped on her chest sinking my stiletto to the hilt in
the flesh of her shoulder.  Holding her down with my weight I used my free
hand to remove a few items and then left her to bleed.  

OOC: Jumped Mellande in Pala and had a long fight all over.  We finally
ended up in gully and I was unable to gain an upper hand because Kuranes was
spelling her up repeatedly and stole my weapon when I was disarmed.  For
whatever reason Kuranes eventually dissapeared and after a 20 minutes or so
I was able to disarm her and chase her down.  Good Fight Mell 
24 hours to Mellande


Sender  Shronius
Date    Wed May  2 21:55:50 2007
Subject Segranth

I woke up with a strange feeling this morning that I would get lucky in
Central Palanthas.  I made my way there and remembered some bushes from a
dream once so I made my way behind them and out of nowhere a mage seemed to
gate on me.  It was my luck this room seemed to hold an enchantment on it
where the mage could not speak, and I quickly fought him down and took a
nice looking backpack.  
(24 to segranth from me and Merc)
PS Sorry it turned out today was your birthday

Sender  Aurius
Date    Thu May  3 05:10:56 2007
Subject loror

Once more after leaving annoyed at being in the presense of ayasana.. 
The Lord of the Night..  I felt i needed to exact some vengence and maybe
vent some rage upon someone of worth..  If i could find such a foe.  Alas
no..  I could not..  So i trveled back to the mountains near thorbardin so
see if that dwarf i left for the raptorbirds had recovered and was in
fighting shape.  I was impressed..  Not only was he fully recovered..  But
seemed to be searching in a sort of dazed rage himself..  So i obliged him. 
Seeing the dwarf at a disadvantge of not being able to see or hear me..  I
crept up on him and slammed my walking stick into the side of his knee.. 
Preventing him from escaping my rage.  The dwarf went down with a thump.. 
And i continued to pound him into the muck and dirt relentlessly..  Viewing
him as Ayasana.  Suddenly i somehow heard the tromp of booted feet and
quickly chanted a spell of invisibility and wore my cloak of shadows.. 
Hoping to watch as they came across the trodden dwarf.  Staying in the
shadows of the mountain..  I saw with glee the shocked expressions on their
faces and my rage seemed to abate.  Gathering up the beaten dwarf thy
carried him back into some narrow parts of the mountain..  So i chanted
another spell and found myself near my favorite inn..  Just east of
palanthas..  Where i knew i could find a nice cold ale and a hot meal since
i ha had worked up one hellciously great appetite.  After dinner..  I
figured i'd grab some sleep and see what tomorrow brought forth.  

24 to loror again from KoT and Merc..  Nothing looted 

Sender  Kuranes
Date    Fri May  4 02:28:47 2007
Subject [            ] * (NOT REALLY SLAIN) [   KoT    ] Vishar Yep thats me

It had been a long day, slaving over the cauldron. Boil, boil, and all that.
Making potions really takes a lot out of a guy.

After dropping off the potions to my trusty shopkeeper who (WARNING: shameless
plug!) in a dark alley to south and west of Pearl and Garnet in Palanthas, all I
wanted to do was head back to the Tower and relax with a nice potion of calm and
a nice scroll.

Things never go quite as planned, as I'm sure you all know. As soon as I stepped
out of the alley, a rusty brown blur knocked me right back into my shop. Reeling
from the blow, I staggered to my feet, wondering to myself how where the
minotaur's twin brothers had come from.

Suddenly all three started speaking, yet strangely, only the one in the middle
was making any noise. "You sold me junk, you filthy mage!" the gravelly voiced
beast spat.

As I regained my head, the minotaur triplets converged into one very pissed off
cow. "Now wait a second, my products are of the highest quality. How dare you
make such accusations?" I asked, while inching my hand towards my spell pouch.
"That potion of gate you sold nearly got me killed! I will have my vengeance!"
the beast cried, this time deciding to ram me with his horns rather than his

Despite the gravity of the situation, I couldn't help but laugh. Mondraiken had
bet me 100 gold that no one would be silly enough to buy a potion of gate, and I
took him up on his offer. Now I had an enraged minotaur out for my blood AND I
owed that jerk captain of mine 100 gold...what a day.

I deftly leapt clear of the minotaur's deadly gore, but unfortunately my potions
were not so nimble. Although it was amusing to see the beast soaked in the
viscous liquid once contained within those vials, I realized that I had just
lost a day's worth of potions. Gripping my staff and steeling myself, I knew I
must put this creature down...but first I had to get him away precious potions.

Positioning myself near the end of the alley, I began peppering the minotaur
with arrows. Though they did little damage, I got the result I was hoping for.
Howling with rage, eyes glazed with bloodlust, the beast charged again. Though I
expected this, I did not expect the speed with which he moved. The beast's right
horn grazed my gut as I dodged the charge, causing me to do a strange pirouette
in mid-air.

Realizing I must do something quick, I wove a spell of invisibily around myself,
buying me a few precious moments. In the brief moment of confusion, I quickly
circled my furry attacked and brought my staff down hard on his head. The loud
*crack* which followed was music to my ears. As he fell, I almost felt pity for
him. He had only come to pursue what he considered justice. Rather than
finishing him off, I tossed a few gold coins at his feet. As I did, a sharp pain
in my side reminded me of what had just occurred. Glaring, I kicked the beast in
the head as hard as I could, before stepping through a magical gate back to home
sweet home.

24 hours to Vishar from me, Mariner and Conclave. Nothing looted, fun fun.

Sender  Simon
Date    Fri May  4 21:00:15 2007
Subject, Dilios

And I always thought Dilios was my friend!  I don't know what possessed
him to attack me.  After all, I was just standing around Imperial Square
minding my own business.  My hand was definitely NOT in his money pouch like
he said it was!!  I had to defend myself...  I didn't want to hurt him...  

(24 to Dilios from Wanderlust and me.  Whole thing was a misunderstanding) :P

Sender  Lorthiras
Date    Fri May  4 21:47:48 2007
Subject Dhavine

"Peaceful, wouldn't you say" he lazily spoke as he layed under a tree.
my eyes noticing a stranger in the forest ground "Not for long."
I made my approach "Are you lost there stranger" he stood silent.
best make this quick i thought, and it was.

(24 hours to Dhavine for merc)

Sender  Shronius
Date    Fri May  4 23:29:29 2007
Subject Favor

I nodded, and walked down to the south gate with Ilya. I faked a fatal stab into
his chest and he fell to the ground unmoving. The guards nodded to me, and
removed his name from the wanted list as he escaped.

Removed killer 24 to ilya from merc and shadow

Sender  Ilya
Date    Sat May  5 00:12:40 2007
Subject Dilios

 Palanthas is quickly becoming a more entertaining town to frequent. 
Everytime I visit I don't even have to find a bar to start a fight.  Dilios
so rudely bumped into me passing through imperial square while I was on my
way to that great sparkling dome so I showed him how the hilt of my dagger
felt.  I know my temper is obviously sharp because of the hobgoblin that
mugged me a few weeks ago but thus far I just see no reason to keep it in
check.  A few more weeks and I'll be confident to head back to Caergoth and
find that shlup.  

(24 hours to Dilios from rogue) 


Sender  Ilya
Date    Sat May  5 00:17:58 2007
Subject Ukiah

I'm not sure whether the mercenary clan have become my friends or foes as
of yet.  Day in and day out their leader and I find each other to duel it
out amidst the alley's of this fine city and almost always reach a
stalemate.  However, today was slightly more entertaining when we were in
the midst of a serious duel and I was shot in the leg with an arrow.  After
wrenching the head free and cinching a spare leather from my sheaths around
it I bowed to Lorthiras and headed to find the owner.  It took a few minutes
of sprinting to catch up with the sneaky wretch but once I did it was a
quick flick of the wrist to cut the tendons on the back of his knees.  After
breaking every single one of his arrows I left him there to find his own

(24 hours to Ukiah from myself and rogue)


Sender  Deviant
Date    Sat May  5 07:49:58 2007
Subject Junpei

I found Junpei lost in the trash and thought i'd show him the way out -
the hard way, I followed him all the way to Palanthas and got him at the
Harbor.  Moments later - while I was resting after the fight with the dwarf
- a young kender decided to harass me with a couple of arrows; I soon made
sure that he would regret it.  

24 hours protection to Nettle and Junpei

Sender  Shronius
Date    Sat May  5 15:04:20 2007
Subject Segranth

I found myself outside of an evil portal that I had been told led to the abyss
collecting money from some people who owed me when a strange gate opened and a
man walked through.  I grinned at him and tipped my hat as I was busy fight, and
did not place him immediently.  I turned to face this man after I finished with
my small work to see what he wanted, and some sort of spell was thrown at me,
but I was able to sidestep it and brought my weapons out and began playing with
him and his mace.  About this time I realized it was the same cleric I had
fought on my lucky day seeking revenge.

I slammed one of swords into his stomach and he began to bleed like hell
everywhere. I twisted my sword inside the wound and the blood began to puddle
around his body.

warnote "Sorry," I grinned. "Let me clean you up." So I swung him over
my shoulder carrying him to a nearby pond, and held him under water as bubbles
were coming out of his mouth.

The bubbles slowly stopped and I pulled his clean looking body up "Good as
New. I will just leave you here in the water so you can clean the rest of the
wound if you want" I said walking off as he sank to the bottom.
PKed Segranth and hes deleting
24 to Mariner from Shadow and Merc

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