The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Warnotes_2009.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a massive tome bound in dragonskin on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Warnotes_2009' scribed in faded orange ink.

Sender  Ashea
Date    Sun Jan 11 01:44:10 2009
Subject   Smasher

It has long been said that the forest of Wayreth only avails to those
whom it seeks and the magi living within the confines of the High Tower of
Sorcery take comfort in that fact. What has not been disclosed is the
incidence of the occassional traveller wandering into the forest and having
to be hauled out by magical guards. The magic is not impenetrable.

For this reason alone, we regard the Wildrunners who guard the nearby forest
of Zahn as a blessing. Rogues are far more likely to carry on their shady
business in a forest plain to see rather than one that is not. The few
adventurers who dared venture into the wilds are often easily subdued and
banished from the open lands by the rangers. We magi simply look on and
observe, resting in the knowledge that a second line of protection holds

This day, however, the rangers let one through their grasp. Although a
minotaur warrior was dismissed by the Wildrunner patrol guards just a few
days ago, he continued to illegally linger by the city of Solace, far too
close for our comfort. I took it upon myself to shower the minotaur and his
accompanying slave with some unsavoury incantations and in their sleep,
transported them far beyond the visible borders.

Ashea of House Lorindien

OOC: 24 hours to Smasher from the Conclave. 

Sender  Kael
Date    Sun Jan 18 20:06:23 2009
Subject   Mephiston the Minotaur

The drama of the Knife of Dracart hunt has since died down, but I found
myself stuck in the perils of the city of Sanction. It was a long journey to
where I currently am, but it is an equally tedious one back home to
Palanthas. It was thus expected that I would meet with some opposition on
the way as I previously had before. The orthodox way out of Sanction was far
too treacherous, with the gates swarming with the likes of the Dragonarmy. I
chose a mountainous pass instead, where few tread. Even then, I met with a
burly minotaur along the way, apparently one who was not yet properly
skilled in swordplay. Not wanting to draw too much attention to myself, I
endeavoured to make the encounter swift and left the
subsequently-unconscious minotaur on a nearby bank while I continued on my

There will be many more of such encounters to come.

Kael Encuintras
Sergeant of the Crown

OOC: 24 hours to Mephiston from the Knighthood.

Sender  Uggluk
Date    Wed Jan 21 19:16:43 2009
Subject   Lyndol the.....Nobody?

As I scouting the area around the Palanthas docks today, a strange little
human leaped down from one of the lower piers and made an attempt on my
life. From above I must have look far smaller than I am because upon
landing, the little man seemed to be paralyzed with fear, not landing a
single attack. He was quickly dispatched, and was promptly stuffed into a
nearby sack, some interrogation was in order. Do my great displeasure at
somepoint during out ship ride back to Neraka the little fool escaped, and I
was unable to incarerate him. Next time he will not be so lucky.

OOC: 24 hrs from DA, sorry for the confusion earlier Lyndol. Nothing was
looted, just didn't have enough backing to get him to jail. 

Sender  Odessa
Date    Wed Jan 28 03:57:06 2009
Subject   Mephiston

I noticed out of the corner of my eye a huge figure clad in dark.I observed
further noting: horns, insignias, and a large sword which his hand clutched
tightly. A minotaur. He was shouting into the shadows of the alley way that
seperated the two of us, was it shouting at me? I stepped back into the
darkness that were available. The minotaurs voice became enraged. Then a
robed figure appeared from the shadowy ally infront of Odessa, the minotaur
lifted his sword high and swung wildly at the figure. Concerned and a bit
frightened, odessa stepped from hiding, raised her hands to the air, and and
began to chant. The man was begining to loose just as a bolt of crackling
lightning struck his assailant down. Odessa walked forward cautiously
watching the man. He jumped at the sound of her feet on the pavement and
flashed a look back at the mage. Odessa recoiled instinctivly, the man
looked more like something from her nightmares. Its face covered in plague
boils and pockmarks. She turned, and ran. 

(24 hours from the conclave to Mephiston. Took his haste boots and gold.)

Sender  Maraxus
Date    Fri Jan 30 17:37:43 2009
Subject   PK Quest

The afternoon had been bleak and dry as the sun reached its zenith in the
sky, a knight strolled casually through the beaten paths that surrounded the
outskirts of palanthas. His blade lightly tapping at his side with each step
he took, not noticing the sound in the least as he was lost deep in thought.
The wind was brisk as usual causing the leaves on the bushes and trees alike
to rustle lightly. Having returned recently from an exodus to the south the
elder knight was pleased with the serenity of the forest in mid-day.

Though the peace that seemed to surround the area was pleasant there seemed
to be a grim overshadowing lulling itself into the forest, the birds had
ceased to sing and the trees seemed to stand still as the air became
heavier. Stopping the knight glanced around, scanning the area as he felt a
presence that may be causing this disturbance.

Further down the path he could see a massive figure covered in shadows
slowly making its way in his direction, a strange aura seemed to emanate
from the being as it moved. Lightly grasping the handle of his blade the
knight awaited the figure's approach, staring directly at it in anticipation
of its intentions. The figure looked as though it was raising a hand a quiet
whisper could be heard through the silence and the figured vanished,
replaced with a slow moving rotten corpse. The stench from the creature was
horrid, gagging on the scent of rotten flesh the knight quickly covered his
face and pulled his blade from its sheath.

The simple tricks of this magician were not going to deter the knight from
taking down this beast, he had encountered these spells before and though at
the very least horrifically unpleasant were able to be battled through.
Charging towards the corpse he raised his blade and brought it down sharply
on the shoulder of the creature, a mighty roar erupted from the creature.
The corpse had disappeared and was replaced by a giant wrapped in black
robes, its foul breath tainting the air as it roared. It's spell broken by
the attack, it had not had enough time to finish the incantation for its
next spell. Apparently the beast had intended its deterrent to be more
effective, reaching into a pouch the monster threw a handful of pungent dust
into the knights face. Taken aback at the quick reaction from this huge
spellcaster the knight coughed and retreated from the cloud of dust, quickly
brushed his face off and swung once more for the the beasts leg. Landing a
heavy blow just above the knee, the knight had brought the monster to one
knee, raising a fist he swung a strong hand across the the beasts jaw. The
monster fell to his hands attempting to hold himself up, the knight raised a
knee directly to its face, knocking it unconcious.

Knowing that such a formiddable minion of evil could easily have preyed upon
the villagers that surround the area the knight knew that his responsibility
was to the protect the people of Palanthas, he dragged the huge limp body
close to the gate and notified the guards that the creature need be taken
care of before it hurt someone.

OOC:Had a little battle with Sakwar and came out the victor, 24 hours to him
from the Solamnics.

Lord Maraxus Ter'Silis
Lord Grand Master of the Solamnic Knighthood

Sender  Odessa
Date    Fri Jan 30 18:32:15 2009
Subject   Kallites

It is 21:30, Day of Dead Eye, 2nd the Month of Autumn Dark.

Odessa turned a corner frantically. Human cities were a maze to her. She
could hear the footsteps quicken in persuit. It was early now and lower
solace was desolate. Beneath the treetops a thick layer of fog had was on
the ground and as Odessa stepped out from the ally she shivered and looked
back. Her hands were quick and the ornate elven longbow she had become
proficient with in her youth was ready in her hands. She notched two arrows
and began to focus her 'talent' once again as the disease wrought figure
became visible. She rushed as she spoke the words of the incantation and the
robed man moved quickly to close the distance and stop her. Dagger in hand,
the man lunged and Odessa stepped aside deftly to avoid the jagged shiv. her
concentration slipped with the movement, his momentum sent him hurtling past
her into the fog. She regained it as she spun around. The final words rolled
off her tongue and her fingers began to tingle hotly. The arrows were
conductors, and she channeled the spell through them. The tips burst into
flame. She let pulled back on her bow once more then let go. They shot forth
through the fog like tracers and the figure screamed as the magic bolts
struc struck flesh. The outline of his body through the fog flashed brightly
as the fire engulfed it. Even though it seemed to have fled, she drew her
dagger and waited until the screams were no longer audible. Teeth clenched
she peered around warily, then hurried through the city intent on rest. It
had been only two days since Odessa had departed for this place on a mission
from her master and she was already learning that the world outside of
silvanost was a dangerous place, even for the talented..


Sender  Bishope
Date    Sat Jan 31 02:29:00 2009
Subject   Lars

A large sum of money was offered up by the band of mercenaries called 'Scar'
for the capture of the deserter Lars, a minotaur whom i have met on various
occasions. I took the bounty and completed the task: not to help 'scar' or
for even the money. I know little about the minotaur, and want nothing to do
with the worthless mercenary band who hires others to do their work for
them. A seperate piece of information revealed that the former mercenary
lars had taken a powerful and valuable weapon to the dragonarmies. This was
true. I infiltrated a dragonarmy outpost outside neraka and captured the
enormous creature in the nig night, claimed my prize, and made preperations
to bring him back to solace via ferry. I was unconcerned when the creature
broke free of his shackles the next day, and slipped away. I had what i

Bishope (24 hours from teh unaffiliated mercenary Bishope to lars. Took
nothing, nothing important really. Crap warnote, sorry in a rush.) 

Sender  Kallites
Date    Fri Feb  6 08:51:13 2009
Subject   PK quest, Deviant and Veneno

I was walking among the vallenwoods of solace in the middle of the
knight, looking for certain molds that grew only at the roots of the trees I
spotted an elf. Thinking to myself it would be a good time to prove to
Morgion that he had chosen well when deciding to grant me powers I followed
the elf, waiting until he was well away from the lights and guards and made
my move. With a prayer before meeting with this elf I quickly swung my mace
at him, hoping for a nice strike to the back, which missed the first time.
The elf turned raised his swords and slashed viciously at me, realizing
there was no way for me to win toe to toe with this elf I quickly moved
among the shadows where I was granted time to utter a prayer to Morgion,
first taking away the elf's sight, then plaguing him with boils. While he
writhed in pain from the eruptions on his skin I crept up behind him,
smacking him squarely in the back of the head with my mace, rendering him

With that done I bound the elves hands but left the feet untied, he would
need to walk when he had woken up. After a few hours of sleep the elf
finally came to and I quickly explained to him he would come with me, stay
quiet, and peaceful or die. He wisely chose the former and went with me to a
quiet place near palanthas where he was put into a cave. Bound by the hands
and feet and gagged to make no more noise, I then set into palanthas. The
shops were bound to have this item that I so urgently needed. While making
my way past the docks I was confronted by a loudmouth, yet very naked,
mariner. He began to yell, obviously drunk, and draw the attention of the
guards with a swift movement of my mace he lay unconcious, I dragged him
into the shadows and decided to call it a night, this was not a complete
failure though. The elf that was in the cave would soon serves Kallites'
whether he knew it or not. 

Sender  Makarth
Date    Mon Feb  9 09:36:07 2009
Subject   luerk

luerky got hurt, 24 to luerk.

Sender  Mephiston
Date    Wed Feb 11 02:31:36 2009
Subject   Training.

While in the Red Quarter, Tachande and Mephiston were training. Sparring
with sword and axe. Stroke and counter stroke each intensely focused on the
mock battle. Tachande using his superior skill was slowly winding Mephiston
in a circle, each step one close to defeat. Mephiston snarled his minotaur
face, sweat beaded down his brow. He growled and using his strength and size
hacked away in a berserking frenzy upon Tachande. Tachande taken offguard by
the full force being used in training fell beneath the minotaurs great
blows. Mephiston's huge axe finished the exercise with a catastrophic blow
to his opponents head. With his sparring partner down, Mephiston snapped out
of his rage and stood there stunned, "Bah, I'm sure the healers costs will
come out of my pay!" 
-24 hrs to Tachande, DA.

Sender  Ashever
Date    Wed Feb 11 04:42:17 2009
Subject   PK QUEST: Tachande & Mephiston

It is 4:30, Day of Gateway, 34th the Month of Spring Dawning.

It was a twelve day journey to Kurmost via ferry from Palanthas. Ash
detested the voyage and seemed to be making the trip more and more
frequently with his charge as a spy into the affairs of the human world. He
missed the forest dearly during these trips. Palanthas was dull and stuffy,
like its heirarchy and nothing like HIS homeland. The crystaline city of
Kurmost was just as unwelcoming to him: a sea of blue buildings and walls
rising above canopy like a scab. He snorted as he stepped shakily off the
boat and pushed past the small crowd assembled on the dock, intent on giving
the Lord his report from Palanthas and getting back home. 

The heavy gates to the Lords mannor swung open for him and he was greeted by
a young silvanesti servant who led him through the mannor and motioned for
him up the an ornate stair to the lords office. He nodded in compliance to
the servant, produced the paperwork and ascended the stair. As pushed
forward into the room he heard the scraping of armor, and a muffled shout.
He recoiled at the sound. The door splintered just Ash slammed it, an
enormous barbed broadsword protruding from it now. He heard the servant who
had ushered him in scream and run off. Ash pulled a long steel blade from
his belt, deftly edged his slender body through the remininants of the door
and turned toward the sword's owner. A human male garbed in the white robes
of an advisor, or servant. This was clearly neither. Ash's body tensed as he
rose up with his full force behind a clenched fist. The man was taken
completely off guard and caught the blow in his jaw. The force sent the
assassin flying across the floor, paintings fell as his bodyweight crashed
into the wall. Ash pulled the sword out of the door, the splinters crackled.
He heard another door slam and turned toward it. The lord lay there cursing
on the ground near his desk, a bloodied letter opener in his hand. There was
another assailant. Ashever rushed to his side as the lord picked himself up,
"They're escaping! find them!".


(24 hours to both Tachande and Mephiston. Found them in Kurmost. Beat them
savagely for the mistake. Took their globes. Then did it again after they
voided protection...So, Warnote to be continued with the story behind those
two kills.) 

Sender  Kaine
Date    Thu Feb 26 01:51:20 2009
Subject   (PK Quest?) Kurin CrandCairn.

Being that I am rather new to the Solamnic lands, I find myself missing
the rough streets of Sanction sometimes... This place is for lack of a
better word... boring. When a rather surly dwarf openly wagered one of his
valuable items for one of mine in a friendly contest of martial skill and
strength, I took him up on it immedietly. We travelled to an open field and
put our abilities to the test. The dwarf's attacks were vicious and well
timed, but his routine soon became clear to me, deflecting one of his mighty
blows and throwing him off balance, I countered by smashing into him with a
shield rush.

Even that barely slowed my opponent, he shook his head fiercly, his lips
flapping back and forth and continued his onslaught. He was throwing many
blows and as I deflected many of them he started to tire, finally I bashed
him atop his head with the flat of my axe, the blow mixed with his weariness
marked an end to that battle. He is an honorable opponent and Kurin
CrandCairn deserves the respect of the Solamnic Knights.

(24 hour protection to Kurin from Solamnic/HO) *Globe looted, as per the agreement*

Sender  Luerk
Date    Fri Feb 27 03:45:22 2009
Subject   "I Hate Roaches"

 Highlord Luerk Trell squatted next to his victim, an unconscious cleric
clad in ragged robes. With an unnervingly pleasant smile, Luerk quietly
jabbed the fallen foe with a pointed stick. Sadly, he failed to produce even
so much as a groan, but Luerk only smiled wider and poked harder. When
finally the cleric feebly waved off the stick, Luerk paused for a moment.
"You're lying in horse droppings."

The cleric stopped in mid-swipe, and then groaned loudly. Happy to have
roused a response, Luerk beamed and stuck the stick into the man. The stick
stuck with a sickening "schlick". Straightening, Luerk lightly brushed off
his own robes. But before turning to leave, he reached out to flick the
stick stuck in the skunked man. The stick vibrated, humming with a lightly

(OOC) 24 hours to Makarth from myself and DA. Only by the virtue of perfect
timing. :) 

Sender  Luerk
Date    Sun Mar  1 03:20:30 2009
Subject   Fear the flaming monkey fist.

Luerk crept down the stinking Blode alley, the patter of his footsteps
echoing off the dull village buildings. Coming to an intersection, Luerk
stopped to spy the open plaza before him. The square's fountain gurgled and
a few stray cats meows in the distances. Luerk could hear the muted mumbling
of a nightwatchmen slowly fade away. Crouching low and pulling his cloak
around him, Luerk peered around a building to make sure he was not seen. He
saw nothing with his elven vision. But he barely had time to react as the
hair on his neck bristled. If some unseen spectator has been there to
witness it, they would have just noticed the outline of man jump through the

The deranged monk Derkylos's fists slammed into the cobble stones were Luerk
was last standing. With unnatural force, the stones were shattered! Leaving
only dust and fragments of stone. Luerk, having just narrowing slide away,
twisted to crouch and smiled pleasantly at the assilant. Derkylos's grined
manically, his eyes glinted with madness. Uttering an incantation, Luerk
began to glow with an sickly blue aura, "Knom enim eb lliw nwot siht."

Derkylos howled with delight and again launched himself into the air...

... Luerk smiled his unnervingly pleasant smile, Derkylos' topnot still
gripped tightly in his hand. The monk lay on the ground, heaving heavy black
air from his lungs. "And here I thought I wouldn't have any fun tonight."

Chanting in the arcane, Luerk reached out a glowing finger and touched the
monk. The monk shuttered in and out of reality before finally blinking out

(OOC) 24 hours protection to Derkylos from DA and Conclave. Great fun!
Please have him jailed to DA jail. 

Sender  Merek
Date    Sun Mar  1 04:11:41 2009
Subject   Eithos, soon to be Apprentice of Shadow.

I had been tracking the slippery eel for quite some time, he had to have
known, he is magi... They are rarely ever caught by surprise... Many times
the trail left not even another foot print for me to follow. His movements
were erratic. It occured to me there was something of a pattern to them
however. I decided to quit the hunt and move ahead of the trail. Perhaps
maybe he would be expecting it, perhaps not... But I smelled his fear,
tasted it even..

Few mages ever wanted to be confronted by those of my tribe... We are
Berserkers. Pure Berserkers to be exact. Pain means nothing once the rage
takes over... There is only desolation. Having the mental image of this man
imprinted in my mind by my Master Kallites, he would be known to me at first
sight. Everytime I brought that picture to mind the words eliminate rang
through out my being.

I sighted him near a tower I had never seen before. Once he walked in I
decided that would be the place I would strike. My plan had worked, I jumped
ahead of his movements and there was the prize. Freedom for a few minutes
inside the rage, where no control could hold me... The edict was to send a
message, I would have to be careful. To cut the berserk off or bring about
his death... I could not afford to kill him, Master Kallites would surely
punish me with more isolation... No... A simple message...

I charged him as soon as he came into sight, he had bodyguards with him.
They were nothing. Ants in the path of a mammoth. The berserk rushed through
me, like a fire consuming, steam rolled off as sweat simply disappeared
within it. The illusion of my size was unsettling, an 8 foot mass of muscle
and glowing blue eyes... A feral growl registered in my throat, but I didnt
even notice. I was stuck behind a wall of ice as fire consumed my physical

One of the guards wet himself instantly. The mage was the target I kept
screaming... But it never left my throat. I pounced on him and began bashing
away... I came to consciousness later with prone, still forms laying all
around me... Including the mage... I was standing over what I dearly hoped
was not his corpse... I checked for a life pulse and left the rolled
parchment in his backpack. 

The note read simply as follows: Join us, you have no alternative...

(24 hours to Eithos from Shadow) 

Sender  Oirran
Date    Sun Mar  1 20:24:41 2009
Subject   wrong place, wrong time

The whispering voice in my ear was angry, trying to draw my attention
away from my studies. I've heard this voice for years, and have always been
able to ignore it's desires until now. It was calling me, demanding that I
follow it's command, causing a pain in my head that was building to the
point of agony! My studies would have to wait as I donned my helmet, and
began running towards whatever call I had been summoned to. The voice was
soothing now, offering me a chance to prove my loyalty as I was walking into
the Library of Palanthas. Without thinking, I was drawn to a quiet section,
where I saw the object that I was being pulled towards. An elf, defiant to
my god, the whispers telling me how they mocked his greatness. My eyes were
locked on, not realising my hand had already drawn my sword. There would be
no denying my bloodlust now as a scream erupted from my mouth as I charged
the last few paces, bringing my sword down over my head. The elf was quicker
than I thought as she only took a glancing blow from sword, total shock upon
it's face. The roll, however, put the elf in line with my shield as I
charged, smashing my shield against the elf, causing a satisfying line of
blood to fly up in the air. This confrontation did not go unnoticed, as
guards were being called, leaving me little time to do anything else, but
run... The voice led me to safety, satisfied that I had proved I was worthy
of hearing his voice, and I knew, that I would not be done, not anytime
(24 hours to Elsinora from me and my peeps)

Sender  Garner
Date    Tue Mar 17 00:05:25 2009
Subject   A little taste...

A cold shiver went down my spine, unnoticed by the crowd underneath my
cloak as I stared, mouth agape. There before my eyes was the man who set me
up. The one for whom I dutifully lead outside the safety of the city only to
be bombarbed in a highwaymen scheme. Tugging on the edges of my hood, I walk
at a quickened pace to catch up with him, thinking in my head over and over
so many details of that day I was assaulted. Blood rushed to my cheeks in
embarrassment and anger, forcing it out through my white-knuckled grip on
the sword at my hip. A blood red entered the edge of my vision as I finally
caught up with the simple man who seemed to be unarmed. In my rage I didn't
realize how it may have seemed to him as I grabbed him. I threw him to the
ground, and he spotted my other hand on my sword and started to run, but at
this point his guilt was assumed and I would not lose him. I chased him
through the crowds of people, drawing my sword as I ran, my body giving in
to the adrenaline and the thrill of the hunt. All too quickly it ended, as I
caught up to him, hitting him far harder than was necessary in the head,
dropping him like a rock. There will be no more thievery where I am
concerned, as I grabbed his bag, seeing the stolen loot and walking away,
having paid his debt to me. 
24 hours protection to Gildain from Garner and the Solamnic Knights

Sender  Garner
Date    Wed Mar 18 23:04:01 2009
Subject   Two tries around the bend.

The Gods are on our side, how can they not? I patrol a beautiful city,
which buzzes with activity, the sounds of life carrying into the air. If
this is not a sign that good exists and should prevail I dont know what
will. The Gods dont serve us, we serve them, and the trials and tribulations
they set for us allow us to reveal who we are, who we can be. As soon as the
weight of my order...and armour, fall upon my shoulders it seems my life is
moving faster than horse away from the undead. I will never admit this to my
patron knight, but since that errand to help a "concerned citizen" turned
into an ambush, I have been guarded and snappy. Palanthas, like all places
has it's shady customers and I thought I would be able to handle it, and
although I had my mistakes, today I would rectify the situation. Today was a
very warm day, and this may have been the key to my victory, as I shall
self-admit dwarves look mostly the same to me. With my eyes roaming the
stalls as I walked, the hair on the back of my neck stood up. Something was
different, something was wrong, although I could not see what it was.
Immediately I froze, my hands on sword, a dumbfounded look on my face as the
dwarf who ambushed me was walking through without a care. I know I am not
supposed to feel anger, hatred, but my sudden distrust in my fellow man
stemmed from this little bastard of a midget. I wanted nothing more than to
drive my sword between his shoulders.. That is not the Solamnic way, and so
as much I as wanted to tear him apart, I would not disgrace my God with his
test of my will. The moment the dwarf turned up the sidestreet, I broke from
my dumbfounded stare and broke into a sprint, drawing my sword, a battle cry
building in my throat. I had turned myself over to my rage, my hunt, and
although I wouldn't betray my God, I would very much enjoy the fight that
was a mere moment from starting. I rounded the corner, unleashing my scream
at my enemy, who turned, and drew his daggers faster than I would have
thought possible, and deflected my blow. For only the briefest of time did
we exchange blows, for I had the upper hand, better at the face-to-face
close combat than he was. He was smart, I read in his eyes the moment he
knew he could not continue this way, and stepped up my attack. He threw me
off guard by instead of backing away, he stepped forward, and through my
defenses, and up another side street. I was blinded with rage at his
cowardice, ignoring the irony of my own as I lowered my sword and chased
after him. The instant I came around the corner, he lunged at me, my armour
and my fall saving me from a dagger to the throat and heart. I swing my
sword like an axe as I was rolling in desperation, catching the side of the
dwarf, knocking him away from the killing blow. I scrambled to my feet
faster, and dove to tackle him before he could attack again. I landed on top
of him, his head making a sickening crack against the ground, his body
falling limp. I rolled off of him, breathing heavily with my eyes closed,
trying to ignore the burning of sweat in my eyes. It was a few minutes
before I could even stand, looking down at the still unconscious dwarf. I
noticed a backpack underneath the cloak, and hoped against hope as I dragged
it from him. I felt like a thief myself as I begun to look in, but that
feeling turned to elation when I found my mothers bracelet, that she gave me
as I left home, still in his pack from our last encounter. The shame
returned as I recalled the battle in my head, and my not so noble start to
it, that almost crossed a life. I vowed that I would pray for forgiveness
from Kiri the moment I returned. For now, I had the self-appointed task of
returning these stolen goods. The city was that much more safer, although I
felt in myself that maybe a different kind of monster lurked in the city. 
OOC: 24 hrs from Solamnic Knights to Kutaka, good fight, was close.

Sender  Merek
Date    Sun Mar 22 09:22:02 2009
Subject   Veneno.

It seemed this tower had a history to it, as it was once a strategical
stronghold for men of honor, so was it a wonderful spot to take my anger out
of a world that no longer cares for such things as honor.

One such person happened to be passing through as this disease called rage
overwhelmed me. Seeing the freedom this elf enjoyed inspired such longing,
as to cause no small amount of jealousy...

Without even thinking about it, I stalked the elf quietly, hard to believe a
man could sneak up on an elf. He seemed to be preoccupied... In an instant I
drew my blade as I charged.

I saw it all, there was no trading of blows, the fight was one sided as I
caught him completely off-guard and on his heels. He tried to run but I knew
the tower well from my past... engagements there.

He ran toward the main exit, but I cut him off before he could reach the
gates to alarm any passerby that might notice. I moved with speed uncanny in
most men, the heavy dull bladed sword I carried sliced once, then twice in a
cross pattern.

The wounds tore flesh instead of cleaving it, leaving him crumpled on the
ground and shuddering as shock began to take over. I simply turned and
walked away, feeling no better as my so-called revenge was satiated for the
time being. 

(24 to Veneno from Shadow, I didnt take anything.)

Sender  Luerk
Date    Wed Apr  1 02:19:30 2009
Subject   "Just let the kiddies play Luerk!"

Highlord Luerk Trell came across a sleeping figured sprawled out on the
grimy Nerakan streets. The man snored heavily, and smelt like week old fish.
Stepping on the drunk to continue, Luerk noticed the man's uncommonly ugly
mug. As chance would have it, a tattered wanted poster fluttered by. The
same uncommonly grotesque face glared back at Luerk. Glancing back between
the man and his picture several times, Luerk boggled at the whims of fate.

Drawing back his right leg, Luerk issued a mighty (for an elven magi) kick
to the man's groin. Then, grabbing the limp criminal by the scruff of his
neck, proceed to drag him to prison.

(OOC) I'm a spoilsport. I should have left Tourach slept and naked in
Neraka. Sorry Ahmaria, he pulled a lame move. Killer removed, 24 hours
protection from DA and Conclave. Please move Tourach to DA prison. 

Sender  Luerk
Date    Wed Apr  1 07:19:32 2009
Subject   "The prescence of another"

Highlord Luerk Trell felt twinge of an alien mind, a foreign spirit
hovering and droning like an aimless insect. At first, the prescence was
smaller and unnoticable. But soon, becoming more daring the mind arrogantly
strutted forward. Highlord Trell was initially surprised to discover an
intruder. Very few knew the locations of Dragonarmy camps, and only highly
skilled casters could penetrate the wards and protection placed on the city.
The spirit was weak, though Luerk doubted it could manifest it's full
strength yet. "No matter, " thought the Highlord with a smile, "gnats are
easily squashed." 

Drawing on the power of the wards and sigils protection the keep, Luerk
Trell gathered his concentration for a moment before unleashing his ire on
the spector. The visitor, caught unaware, was knocked from the grid.
Satisfied that the prescence was no longer there, Luerk slipped from the
arcane network and back into reality. Candles only recently lit had melted
low while various crystals gleamed faintly.

"The only problem is, one gnat today brings twelve tomorrow."

(OOC) Another hilarious PK. 24 hours to Lynx from Dragonarmy and ...

Sender  Miedo
Date    Thu Apr  2 01:57:31 2009
Subject   Athin

It was a warm day. The sun had just reached its apex, and there were
almost no shadows. This was the most preferable time of day to be guarding
Prophetess Kiyohime, with less spots for hidden dangers. This was my time to
relax, if only a little, for an hour while my nerves were frayed on the
inside. My forced facade of inner peace allowing a bit of the real thing to
seem into my soul. For being born a barbarian and raised in discipline, I
found great irony in that my mind found its greatest peace during battle.
The Gods must read minds, because around a cart, we ran face to face with a
familiar foe. 

Instant recollection of the dwarf came to mind from a previous skirmish, in
which the Prophetess was also in my company. Training took over, and the
blood of the barbarians roared in my head, not unlike the sound of a
waterfall. My inner peace arrived as I took the initiative and struck out
with my fist. Stunned from the blow, the stumbled as I drove my leg into his
stomach and drove him back. I placed one hand back on Kiyohime, and said in
an excited voice "Follow me and stay right on my heels, be prepared." I took
a step towards the dwarf, but his magic was too quick and he was gone before
my fist could connect, and my only thoughts were to get the Prophetess back
to safety. 

Grabbing Kiyohimes' hand and starting into a jog, we made our deeper into
the square, before heading towards the first open sidestreet on the right.
The second we stepped into the sidestreet, there was the dwarf again! No
hesitation as the dwarf sliced into my arm raised in defense, cutting to the
bone. My other arm shot out driving into his face, breaking his nose in a
satisfying crunch. The Prophetess stepped up, swinging her mace, grazing the
dwarf as he fell back, flight in his eyes. The chase had just begun. 

Racing after him, my hand no longer holding the Prophetess in order to keep
up, I could see I was gaining on him. I dove forward and caught my hand on
his boot, tripping him up. Before he could get up, I yanked his leg,
bringing him closer to me where I drove my elbow into his broken face. Each
shot drove shivers of pain down my arm, which bled on his face and the g
round. One shot to the throat with my good arm, followed by slamming his
head against the pavement and he was out cold, with no else around... 

Fear of failing my duty send cold shivers up my spine, as I immiedately got
up and raced back the way I came, searching, hoping I was not too late. I
almost ran by her, as she was on the ground off the side. Her face was
troubled, body in pain as some unknown attacker had gotten to her. Spying
her bloody mace, it was clear that she was not the only one wounded. Shaking
her until she was conscious, throwing her arm around my shoulder, we ran
back the way we came. A sense of relief washed over me as we made it back
safely, Kiyohimes' wounds less serious than expected. 
(OOC: 24 hours to Athin from Holy Order)

Sender  Luerk
Date    Tue Apr  7 07:59:05 2009
Subject   (PK QUEST Maraxus)

Highlord Luerk Trell stood over his fallen foe, staggering slightly and
struggling to breathe. Blood dripped freely from his fingers, oozing from
wounds in his arms. Before the Highlord lay Lord Maraxus Ter'Silis, champion
of the Solamnic Knights. The giant of a man shuddered and groaned, his
ornate armor rent and badly charred. With a heaving sneer, Highlord Trell
placed a foot firmly on the man's chest.

"They were right, Solamnics do scream when set aflame."

Grinning wickedly, the Highlord gripped his mace and uttered his
incantation. With unnatural strength and great effort, Luerk hefted his dark
mace over his head.

"Liaj ot seog suxaram!"

The blow shattered Maraxus' chestplate and blood gushed from the man's open
mouth. He gurgled and choked before finally slipping from consciousness.

(OOC) 24 hours protection to Maraxus from Dragonarmy and Conclave. A few
bits looted, nothing important. 

Sender  Luerk
Date    Tue Apr 28 02:19:58 2009
Subject   Three's Company

Highlord Luerk Trell stood over the two crumpled bodies, innocently
inspecting the pair. He glances from one foe to the next, seemingly
undecided on what to do. He squats for a moment and smiles, but he is truly
stumped. The filthy, flatulent beggar reeked of death, similiar to the
cleric of Morgion who stalks the Highlord. Yes, this lesser man could
provide answers. But the red-robed magi pulsed with a familiar aura. 

The intruder, the nameless entity snooping the dragonarmies.

Luerk smiled, a pleasant smile that fills one with dread and fear.
Delicately gripping the red-clad man by the scruff of his robes, Luerk
starts to drag the unconscious form away. 

Only, a small tinkling sound stops him. A small trinket escaped from the
magi's robes, and now rolled along the dirt ground. Dropping the man (who
smashed his head into the ground), Luerk gingerly retrieves the trinket.
Grinning, Luerk fiddles with the trinket before tossing a passing glance at
the pair. He silently walks away, rolling his stolen treasure in his hand. 

(OOC) 24 hours protection to Lynx from Dragonarmy and ... Conclave heh.
Nothing looted, thanks for the fun. 

Sender  Kallites
Date    Fri May  1 04:06:00 2009
Subject   Lynx (Pk Quest)

Kallites was in the goblin caves, smoothing over plans with their leader,
Glax, when he caught sight of a mage that had accosted him the other day,
finding this the perfect opportunity to strike revenge Kallites quickly
uttered some prayers of protection and followed the mage onto the knight's
high road, where no one would hear the screams or squeals of pain he was
about to inflict. Silently walking up behind the mage a gutteral prayer was
screamed to boost battle abilities and Kallites swung his mace hard at the
mage who had heard the scream and quickly ducked out of the blow. Apparently
the mage had readied a spell because before kallites could react he was
seared with a violent array of fireballs aimed directly at his chest. With
little to no time Kallites turned sideways, in order to make himself as
small of a target as possible, and escaped the main force of the fireballs,
retaliating with a fire of his q own, conjured from the souls of hell.
Blocking the fangs wielded by the mage kallites again swung, full force at
him with his mace and met his targets arm with a bone crushing snap which
made the mage squeal like of a girl who just had a frog dropped on her which
made kallites smile a horrible smile. 

As the mage rose and tried to run kallites gave chase through the city of
palanthas, being cautious of avoiding the many guards roaming the streets,
and saw this mage run through the docks and start swimming. Kallites thought
it best to just watch as the mage struggled to swim with one arm and waiting
for the man to barely stay afloat, Kallites comandeered a nearby boat and
went to deliver one final blow to the mans chest rendering him unconcious
and drowning, satisfied with a days work Kallites pulled the mage aboard and
left him at the docks unconcious, bleeding, and suffering from multiple
oozing boils as a parting gift from H'rar. 

Sender  Patrown
Date    Wed May 27 03:42:11 2009
Subject   (SLAIN) [ Conclave ] [Black] Volath the Dark

A small gully dwarf, dressed in a white robe, wanders
around the middle of Palanthas. Lazily grasping his
stick, he pokes around aimlessly at the trash on the
ground. It was really hit or miss, as he isn't even
looking down. His eyes roamed around the Square, taking
everything in. To his left is an old married couple;
to the right iss a squirrel digging furiously at the
ground; behind him iss an odd sound like a scuffle and
a muffled cry. He goes on observing Imperial Square
and poking about with his stick.
An old married couple shuffles down the cobblestone
lane. The old woman keeps her hand on her husband's
back, as he leans heavily on his cane. They whisper
lovingly to one another, about the various sites. He
points out the squirrel pounding the ground. She shows
him the dazed gully dwarf. They laugh together as the
gully pokes himself in the foot. As the wife continues
to look around, the husband stops walking. He sees a
confrontation that looks tense. A man in plain clothes
holding a leather bound, black book is in the face of
a black robed figure. As the old man hurriedly pokes
his wife, the fight breaks out, and the wife turns to
see the dark robed figure being dragged off down an
alley. Her cries for help nearly fall on deaf ears.
A young man is striding confidently around the Great
Dome in Palanthas. His chest is puffed out as he
proudly displays his new markings. He was just taken
into the Knighthood of Solamnia. His father had been
so proud when he'd told him. He was the first in his
line to be accepted since his great great great great
grandfather. As he walks outside, he recalls the
tears in his mother's eyes as she saw his insignia.
He looks around Palanthas, ready and willing to
guard the city with his life and his honor. To his
surprise, he sees an elderly couple in apparent
distress. The man is pointing to an alley, and the
wife is hysterical, screaming and crying. The newly
appointed squire follows the man's finger line and
see two legs being dragged into an alley. Drawing his
sword, he races into the alley, where he sees a
gruesome sight. The figure on the ground is clothed
in dark robes. He is covered in so much blood it
appears to be an accessory to his outfit. Above him
stands a man, grasping a leather bound black book.
As the young boy met eyes with the man, he weeps. He
weeps not for himself, but for the tears he knows
will flow from his mother's eyes. Tears, this time
for a much different reason.
Five bodies were later found in an alley just ouside
of the Great Dome of Palanthas. An elderly couple lay
one atop the other, a cane found in the middle of the
road. A gully dwarf was slumped against a wall, his
stick lying useless across his lap. A young boy, new
to the Knighthood was found on face down in a puddle
of blood; it was not his own. Next to him was a dark
robed man, the owner of the blood; he was also the
only one that had survived the brutal massacre.
24 Hours to Volath from Patrown.

Got you in the zone.

Sender  Kothe
Date    Mon Jun  1 04:55:36 2009
Subject   Volath,Kaede

Being I was low on money and down on my luck I decided to visit an old
friend of mine. He usually had some odd jobs that altho weren't very hard at
all most of the time paid well. He started to tell me of a book called The
Time Forgotten. that he needed to take to a dragonarmy mage but couldn't
find the right man for the job. I told him that I would gladly steal this
book for him if the price was right.. he drew me a figure on a piece a paper
and i gave him a sly smile in return.. It will be done i told him. I spent a
couple hours casing the place to make sure I would be able to do it without
much of a problem. I wasn't sure where the book was but i knew somewhere on
the 3rd floor. So I went in and looked around i found where the book should
have been but no sign of it.. I looked around a bit more and noticed a dark
robed man in the corner with a stack of books in front of him. I strolled
over ever so gently and began to whistle as I looked at some books near him.
I could tell he was getting agrivated at thes and started to hum a song i
knew would send him over the edge.. He stood and turned to me.. "This is a
place of peace an d study" I started to close the distance between us and
glanced down at the stack of books to make sure i knew exactly where the
book i wanted was. I rested my hand on the stack of books and gave it a
little shove just enough to push the ones i didn't want on the ground.
"sorry sorry my man It was assuredly an accident" I stated. I picked up the
books and on the way up I hit the table with them and dropped a large heavy
one on his foot. He yelped in agony and reached down to rub his food and so
i grabbed the book I wanted and started to be on my way out. Just then a
large burst of air struck me in the back knocking me to my knees. I rolled
into another Isle of books hoping to get outta here before i made him even
more furious but all I found was another black robe grabbing me by the
collar and hauling me up. He hollared something about a thief and I kicked
him as hard as I could in the shin and took off around another isle just as
the first mage came running in. I slammed into the bookcase as hard as I
could toppeling it over and trapping both mages beneath them.

The end 
24 to Kaede and Volath from Kothe

Sender  Luerk
Date    Tue Jun  2 22:47:37 2009
Subject   Dragon's Eggs: Deckhand Rumble

 Highlord Luerk Trell clutched the rough wooden railing of "The
Leecher", watching as her sister ship slowly headed into the dark tempest.
Cursing the foolhardy captain, Luerk glances back to the encroaching fleet.
The Solamnics were quickly closing the distance, but the increasingly choppy
waves would slow them. Perhaps some of the eggs could be saved then...

The Highlord barked orders, calling his few soldiers to arms. He then urged
the captain to offer a prayer to Zeboim, to beg for the sea goddess' favor.
Luerk doubted if anybody would survive the enormous storm. 

... Luerk was in the hold, searching for Gold Dragon eggs to save when the
first Solamnic men boarded. The Highlord frowned, having only managed to
secure a single box of healthy golden eggs. But soon the ship would be
completely overrun. Wrapping the crate in his cloak, Luerk began preparing
his escape. With a bit of charcoal, he etched sigils drawing up an arcane
portal. But before he could finish, a Solamnic sailor run through by a
Dragonarmy captain tumbled down the steps in the hold. The flailing body
slid into Luerk's unfinished runes, ruining the spell. 

The responsible captain appeared in the stairway and wretched his sword
free. "M'lord, the vessel's been overrun! We adn't anticipated a Solamnic
priest to orchestrate the attack!" Luerk silently cursed before replying,
"Rally the men as I engage the knight. We cannot afford to lose our cargo""
Following the captain up, Luerk prepared his defensive spells. A cleric of
the knighthood would not be an easy adversary. 

Sender  Luerk
Date    Tue Jun  2 23:32:01 2009
Subject   Dragon's Eggs: Deckhand Rumble II

 Highlord Luerk Trell and the Solamnic Knight High Clerist Alenth crashed
in a furious battle aboard "The Leecher". The knight held the upper hand in
combat, though the ship's violent rolling kept the man from landing a
critical blow. Highlord Trell, unprepared for such a powerful foe, also
struggled to maintain his spells in the turbulence. Very nearly, his
protection slipped as an enormous wave smashed against the ship. Only the
knight's own faulty footing kept Luerk's skull from being crushed. The two
battled, arm against arm and divine against arcane. The Clerist countering
the Highlord's every spell with a prayer of his own. 

The High Clerist called out as he advanced with mace help aloft, "Surrender
and relinquish the stolen eggs, there is no escape thief. " Highlord Trell
avoided the heavy blow, dancing around the encumbered knight. "But what will
I have for breakfast? You shouldn't be so cruel!" Luerk retorted. Snorting,
the knight hefted his mace to charge again.

The knight might have been successful, but for the sudden lurch of the ship.
The knight was thrown to the deck, and Luerk stumbled to his knees. The ship
had run aground on sharp rocks and was quickly taking on water. High Clerist
Alenth steadied himself on one knee, and surveyed the situation. Calling for
his men, the Clerist ordered a surge for the hold. "Secure as many eggs as
possible! We cannot lose anymore than we already have!" The few remaining
Solamnic sailors rushed the hold, and disappeared into the hull. 

Snarling, Highlord Luerk Trell steadied himself and rallied his own men.
"The Queen demands your lives now! Offer up your prayers!" And in his fury,
Luerk cast his last remaining spell. "Mrotsrednuht Retaerg." The world stood
silent and motionless as a single monstrous lightning bolt struck the ship,
sundering the vessel. 

(OOC) 24 hours protection to Alenth from Dragonarmy and Conclave.

Sender  Ainuna
Date    Mon Jun  8 16:40:21 2009
Subject   Kamafal: Lessons in Understanding

Kamafal was going to cost them time getting on the road with his stunt.
Although she was upset with him, Ainuna could not help but be proud of the
warriors brute deadly force. He was savagely strong and she could not deny
that he had so far been mostly useful to have around. 

She sat alone in a hidden shadow of the cave watching him work. She had
given him the task of sharpening their blades and taking extra precautions.
She could easily move along the road without being noticed by anyone hardly.
But, with Kamafals size, stealth would prove difficult. She worried about
more patrols. In the future she would make sure the ogre learned to clean up
his messes better. They could not afford to be tracked or hunted for

She stood up and wandered around the cave. She wanted to take one last look
through the equipment and get on their way. Kamafal smiled at her with the
same crooked smile he always did. How could he be so satisfied with himself?
Did he understand what was what was at stake? 

The longer she watched him the more upset with him she became.  "Lunk Head,
come here" . By the time he reached her her anger boiled with in her.  "This
stops now!!! We need to travel almost unseen and unknowen for the moment and
you go off and smash in a few skullspractically inviting in trouble!!!". 

He looked at her as if he seemed confused with her reaction. Her rage boiled
over. She reached out and smacked him. Ainuna almost never lost her temper
but could not hold her anger. She continued to hit him. When he still would
not hit her. He shrugged away from her with each punch. 

 "Fight Back LUNK HEAD!"  He would not though. Soon he anger slowed and she
regained composer. Kamafal lay at her feet, bruised badly. She called for
the shaman in the next room.  "Quickly see to his wounds. We leave in an
hour. See that he is fit to travel."  

She looked again at Kamafal, who just looked back at her with a look of
confusion.  "I need you to understand what I am trying to say. If you cant I
will have no need of you. Killing senselessly will get us no where near my,
I mean our goals.  She turned and left him lying on the ground. 

Sender  Kamafal
Date    Mon Jun  8 16:45:36 2009
Subject   Ogre's Can hunt yah know?

Kamafal was becoming impatient; Ainuna was doing so much to prepare for
the journey that Kamafal was becoming restless. "Ainuna, Can we leave yet?"
but Kamafal quickly dropped it when a scowl crossed her face. Kamafal back
up a step and went to sit down. "Why don't you go hunting you great lunk
head?" Ainuna looked at him smiling, "But for god's sake don't get seen,
Last thing we need is another mess, or even worse you getting hurt. We leave
today don't mess that up!" Nodding the whole time Kamafal grinned. Over the
last little while some of the goblins had been showing him how to hunt by
using a crossbow, never of course letting him go alone because he was to
large and noisy and would scare everything away. On his way out of the cave
Kamafal grabbed the largest crossbow in the pile and started out into the
woods. Like most of the goblins had predicted Kamafal would scare all
wildlife away but what they hadn't considered was the possibility of
something that wasn't wild. 

"What is that noise? Show yourself!" Kamafal heard the yell slightly to his
left. Quickly kneeling to one knee like he had been taught he loaded a bolt
and aimed. Just coming into sight was a man is shinny silver armour. . Not
hesitating Kamafal released the bolt which stuck the man in the armour
making a noise akin to a thunderbolt. "Die fou..." the mans words were cut
short, falling to the ground completely stunned and half conscious. Standing
above the completely helpless silver armoured man Kamafal raised his axe,
and then stopped. Remembering what Ainuna had said about a mess Kamafal
sighed. Raising the handle he hit the man in the head rendering him
completely unconscious. Raising his axe in the air he gave a long Howl.
Smiling at him self he through the man over his shoulders without any sign
of stress. 

Ainuna watched Kamafal walk into the cave something large slung over his
shoulder. Smiling to herself, she though maybe that big oaf could hunt after
all. Her thoughts were cut short when a flicker of campfire hit the silver
armour reflecting throughout the cave. "You Lunk head buffoon! What have you
done now." Walking over to Kamafal as he dropped the figure to the ground he
looked up and smiled "No mess, this for you." Looking up at Kamafal amazed,
Ainuna grinned "You did something right for once you big oaf. We can ransom
him off unlike the last victim of yours. It will definitely get us some easy
grub." Looking around Ainuna yelled at a pair of goblins who had wandered
over to see the knight. "Grab some rope you stupid fat lunk heads! Tie him
up". Patting Kamafal on the back she said "good work" then walked back over
to her stone table continuing her preparations. 

Sender  Segwarides
Date    Tue Jun  9 01:32:07 2009
Subject   Trails and Trials

After a good deal of time of hard riding and listening to further details
from Railen, the group of Knights and their squires made good time. The
squire was in good hands and would heal. Now the objective was to find this
band and make certain that they would not pillage or ransom others. The
mistakes of one would not be repeated with this band. Having been a skilled
tracker since before his joining the Knighthood, he found slight signs and
tracks of a group of goblinoids near where Railen had bartered. An ogre was
clearly among them, but it was difficult to tell more numbers, but a sizable
group none the less. Trailing behind the group, the band of Knights took
caution to make certain no innocents were in danger. Seeing that the ogre
had split off from the end of the group and head into the hills and crags to
the north of Tarsis, Segwarides offered to scout after it. Railen
reluctantly agreed, but said a word of caution stick in Segwarides' mind.
"The squire was taken by the ogre with a large crossbow, mind when you go
and how you come upon him. Remember, Est Solarus oth Mithas, as we have

Nodding at Railen, Segwarides dismounted to better track the ogre and to be
able to make quicker tactical choices when they were needed. The ogre
obviously didn't believe that he was in danger, for he left clear markers of
his passing. Steadily following, Segwarides soon found the ogre battering a
hapless mountain goat, muttering something about a "...nuna", but it is of
no matter. The crossbow was strapped to its back and the defenseless goat
was being beaten with the flat of a large axe. Setting himself into a ready
stance, he calls at the ogre's back. "Hold, beast. Your days of rampage in
these lands are done. Turn and face me, for I am Segwarides T'orgh, and I
will see the will of the Triumvirate done." The ogre gave the slightest of
starts when it was called to, he holds the axe raise above its head as it
turns slowly around to see that it faced a mere boy. Grinning in a way that
only an ogre can, it barked something at Segwarides in what could have only
been the language of the goblins. Seeing the shift in the ogre's feet,
Segwarides gave the Knight's Salute and prepared for what would be mortal
combat with a being that was clearly twice his size. 

A swift charge from the ogre brought that great axe swinging at his head
incredibly fast, but easily dodged. Drawing himself out of the ready stance,
he began to pace the beast until it could be dealt with safely. Preferring a
sword and axe over the use of a shield came back to haunt the young squire
when the ogre's axe found purchase in the solid stone near his head. That
blow cost the ogre a moment to pull it free, and that was the moment
Segwarides was waiting for. Swinging his axe up into the beast's armpit gave
a grunt of pain and slight surprise and forced the ogre back. Mixing a sword
thrust and parry against the now wounded ogre, Segwarides paced him back
until he was on more favorable ground. A few more sword thrust and the ogre
staggered back as he brought a weak horizontal sweep of his axe. A clear
note sounded as the axe heads met, notching Segwarides' blade, but the parry
was true, followed by a solid thrust into the ogre's thigh. The over
balanced ogre took a single step backward before falling to the ground and
sliding over the end of the cliff face. Rushing to near the cliff's edge,
Segwarides could not see the fall of the ogre, but spotted blood stains
nearly twenty feet down the face. Satisfied that the ogre was dealt with,
Segwarides went back to find the rest of the Knights and reported what
happened with the ogre. The Knights could not find the rest of the goblin
group, so they returned to find Segwarides in case he was in need of help.
With nothing left to do, they started back to check on the wounded squire as
fast as they was able to make speed. 

Sender  Menoch
Date    Tue Jun  9 20:22:57 2009
Subject   Dreis

Palanthas was a dangerous town for an ogre. Menoch was not the smartest
of ogres, but he knew that the guards, with their shiny swords, and bright
armor, posed a threat to him. He hid, his cloak pulled tightly around him,
in the shadows by one of the warehouses down at the docks. The guards did
not come here often, and he blended in well with the variety of sailors who
drank, diced, and otherwise mingled around the area. His business in
Palanthas was private, but the larger cities did have their...benifits...
His musings were interupted as a young man triped on a loose board in the

Over the laughter of the dock workers, Menoch heard the jingle of coins as
the man picked himself up.

The man walked on, and Menoch followed. The man seemed lost, and did not
notice as the ogre came behind him and thumped him solidly with his club. 

Rummaging through his pouches, Menoch realized there was nothing worth
taking after all. 

OOC:  24 to Dreis from Marauder

Sender  Kiyohime
Date    Tue Jun  9 23:27:13 2009
Subject   Ooops!

I was standing on the road through the plains, watching a colourful
sunset. All was at peace. Well, for a few minutes, anyway. A horse riden by
an obvious mad man came over the rise, at full gallop, right towards my ox
and cart. I tried to warn him, but, it was too late. The horse made an
amazing leap over the ox, but, the man did not follow quite as well, having
left the saddle mid jump. The horse landed gracefully, but, alas, the rider
fared less well. I suppose I could be at fault, maybe, so, I healed the man
as best I could. He stood, dusted himself off, turned and ran right into the
side of the cart. This just wasn't going to be a good day for him. 
25 hours to Patrown from myself and Holy Order.
Removed Killer, first time my pet "slayed" him, second
time we got it right. :)

Sender  Locki
Date    Thu Jun 11 22:54:43 2009
Subject   Dreis

Laying on his bunk, in the cabin of a ship traveling towards Palanthas,
circling 2 marble dice in one hand, his mind awash with the death of his
friends, his family, when he heard footsteps, pass by outside the door. He
bolted up to listen by the door, could this be the assassin who had killed
them, come to finish him off, if he didn't act before they reached port, he
might lose his chance forever. Waiting for the footsteps to pass, Locki
silently slips out and follows the cloaked figure ahead, slipping a silk bag
into his hand, as the figure slipped into a room, Locki jumped, the bag
going over the head of the assassin "what the? mffffgah.." Pulling two
strings on the bottom tight, the bag clamps right around the murderer head.
A narcotic laced into the cloth quickly taking affect he drops to the
ground. Locki yanks the bag off, leaps onto this vile creatures, pulling out
an Ivory dagger, and brings it down for the kill, when he suddenly stops.
The figure wasn't cloaked, he was robed, in the order of the magi, though
that still made sense if magic had been involved. But now that he paused and
looked at the man, he recognised him, what was his name, D, Dreis, yeah
Dreis. Locki Blinked and rubbed his eyes, trying to get a grip of himself,
he looked at the dagger in his hand and the sleeping mage under him. "Ah
crap, i nearly, oh gods. Ah sorry, not that you can hear me." Locki looks
around nervously thinking what to do next, he really didn't know the mage
THAT well, besides how would he explain it. He lifted the limp form onto
it's own bunk, before quietly closing the door and returning to his own
cabin, he layed back down, circling two marble dice in his hand, shuddering
at how close he had come to kill someone who he had no reason to. 
24 from me, nothing looted.

ooc We were lvling, he used an area spell, i was changing music in another
screen on laptop, next thing i know i was vio and he was slain

Sender  Ahmaria
Date    Fri Jun 12 03:10:44 2009
Subject   Valek

Ahmaria was spending the day in Palanthas when she decided to visit the
old guildmaster who had known her family for so long. As they talked a black
robed figure appeared in the room with them., f Ahmaria took no time in
reacting and drew both swords. Able to catch the mage by slight surprise he
fell in no time. 

"Sorry to cut our time short dear friend. She kicked the unconsious mage and
added, "I hope you will not mind if I take him back to the Wildrunners with
me. He may know something about my mother."

As they flew toward her home, she felt a sense of urgancy. What if this man
did know of her mother and sisters? She hoped some answers would come of the
days events. 
24 hours to Valek from myself, Wildrunner, and Windrider, please jail. 

Sender  Menoch
Date    Fri Jun 12 07:40:04 2009
Subject   Dindom

Menoch was simple, even for an ogre. Each day, he slept late into the
afternoon, when he would rise, eat and walk to the docks, which were near
his meger apartments. 

He worked as a day laboror: working to shift the freight that came in and
out of the bustling port of Palanthas. He was lazy but still strong. They
would work far into the night, after which he would receive his pay, then go
and drink at the taverns until he stumbled back to his quarters to sleep it
off. Today, Menoch was in the process of walking back from the taverns, when
he saw a dwarf eyeing him. His head full of ale, and his hands clenched
around his sword, he glared back at the dwarf.

The dwarf continued to stare, and Menoch grew angry through his ale-fog. He
drew his sword and advanced on the dwarf. The Neidar doged his initial,
clumsy slash, ducking under to rake Menoch's back with his daggers. Menoch
roared and turned, swinging wilding. The dwarf backed away, eyes on the
flailing blade. The dwarf tried again to duck under Menoch's sword, but the
backswing caught him accross the crown of his head, dropping him to the
ground. Menoch sheathed his sword after a few tries and stumbled his way
back to his apartment. 

24 to Dindom 

Sender  Acaydon
Date    Sun Jun 14 01:12:09 2009
Subject   Friendly Duel

I was walking through the city of Palanthas that loathsome place infested with
those damned Solamics. I came across a reasonable fellow who challenged me to
a duel, the lout never had a chance. I came in quick confusing the poor guy with
an array of spells and even blinded him at one point. While he was running around
blindly, dazed and confused I peppered him with a few well placed lightning bolts
and only after he was knocked unconcious did the guards become roused. I
Did a quick inspection of his person and found him to be a knight of the 
Solamic order. I counted my blessings at taking some long warrented revenge
upon one of their order. It had to be savored on the run however as the guard had
quickly closed in. I carried myself away magically, taking nothing of his meagar
gear in my haste.

Some time later, I returned home and thought of the days lucky events that
had been placed so deliciously in front of me. It was all coming together, finally.

24 to Tellumaeunaslkfalsdkfa (get a shorter name man!) from Acaydon and mine

Was honestly just a quick and fun, harmless duel. I'm sure he'lll send the hounds
next time! :)

Sender  Ashever
Date    Wed Jun 17 00:37:55 2009
Subject   (Slain) Ainuna

Ashever rolled beneath a violent slash then immediatly pulled his knees
close and tucked beneath another. He had been tracking the goblin for days
and had caught up to him just outside the great city of Palanthas. When
arrows failed he was forced to go hand to hand with the creature whos
vicious and wild attack had him seemingly reeling. The goblins enormous twin
daggers plummeted into the ground next to him and as he pulled them from the
ground. He roared with rage as dust plumed into his face. Ash kicked at its
knobby legs and as they gave way Ash drew his own daggers and crossed them
at its throat as he rose in a spin. A split second later, the young elf
thrust his daggers forward drawing sprays of dark blood from his foe. It
toppled face first into the dust, bleeding profusly. Ashever regarded it for
a moment, noting that none of the wounds were deathblows. He shrugged to
himself then dragged his dagger lighly over its scalp and pulled. A hairy
piece of flesh gave way. He would be rewarded well by the city guard and
whether or not the creature died, he would remember not to come near this
city again. 

(24 hours from wildrunner to Ainuna. Nothing looted. Enjoi)

Sender  Odessa
Date    Fri Jun 19 02:10:37 2009
Subject   Dindom

On my way to the tower of Palanthas i became aware of a small figure
following close behind me. Intuition. It had been hours since i had embarked
across Palanthas for the tower and as i trudged down this small alley way, i
heard his footsteps. I spun quick ly with the words of magic on my tongue.
They drifted out almost tangibly and encircled the small man who i could now
identify as a dwarf. he was stricken by my words shocked at first, as though
he could see them...Then a moment later he was fast asleep. I quickened my
pace toward the tower. I had forgotten that these are dangerous streets for
a pretty young elf like me :} 


Sender  Leodas
Date    Wed Jun 24 21:46:59 2009
Subject   Galvin

As the Archmage of the Red entered the main courtyard of
the Tower of Wayreth, he caught sight of another red robe,
Egam, come stumbling in. The man had a cut above his left
eye and looked dazed. The Archmage stood there, both
eyebrows raised, looking on curiously as the red robe
approached him. With a light chuckle, the Archmage spoke:
"The courtyard is dangerous?"
Egam followed his bow with a nod, "Archmage. Tarones
and I were following up on rumor of a renegade in
Thorbardin, when we came under attack from an elf. I do
not know his cause or reason, but he has been waiting
there each time we tried to return."
The Archmage's eyebrows remained raised as he took in
the situation. He nodded as he spoke his response, "The
problem will be resolved."
Simultaneously, Retired High Archmage Jendaron entered
the courtyard and hailed the Archmage of the Red. As
Leodas turned, Jendaron spoke: "Greetings Archmage.
Have you heard word of this elf attacking our mages? I
was confronted with this news today by Tarones."
A small smile played on the Archmage's face. "Indeed?
I was on my way to Thorbardin. Care to join?"
The black robed figure nodded with a menacing grin. "Of
Moments later, the two of them stood over the unconscious
form of the instigator. The red robed figure peered down
from his hood as he spoke, "From what Egam said, I
really expected more of a challenge."

The black robed man shook his head slowly, "Aye. A bit
more, but I wasn't worried."
"Of course not."
Soon, the elf, identified as Galvin of the Holy Order of
the Stars, lay curled up, drooling and muttering in his
sleep. Jendaron gave him a swift kick to the gut. The elf
got up and started screaming and running around, bouncing
off the walls in his effort to escape. The two mages
stood there, arms crossed, watching him in amusement. The
Archmage of the Red was the first to speak, "Come, we
cannot have him draw attention. We mages are not the most
loved on Krynn currently."

Jendaron nodded and the two of them, simultaneously,
reached out and began laying into the elf with a myriad
of magical missiles. Unfortunately, the suspect-turned-
victim finished himself off. In his efforts to escape
and severe confusion, he tried to teleport out, and
caught his robe on fire. The two mages took a couple
magical trinkets that dropped from his burning pouches
and left.

The Archmage of the Red and Retired High Archmage of the
Black arrived back in the courtyard of the Tower of
Wayreth. Egam was seeking treatment, and as they headed
past him, Leodas gave him a small nod, as if to say it
was taken care of.

24 Hours to Galvin from Conclave

Sender  Shizuru
Date    Sat Jun 27 07:31:11 2009
Subject   Fra-ctured-ticide

So I was sitting at the table, well, near it anyway, practicing my bow
draw. Now, big sis said never do that in the house, but, she had her back to
me, cooking and reading one of those spell books she always has lately. So
anyway, I had an arrow set, pointing out the window, when I heard Meriele
mutter something. Practicing encantations probably. But, it sent a plume of
fire up and out in my direction! 

Well, she had turned around, as I dived away, but, well, I let go the arrow,
and, ummmm. You see, the fire was after me, and, and well, The arrow went at
sis, so, not really MY fault. Sooo, it hit firmly..into her spellbook she
held in front of her chest. I stood there, my hair smouldering a bit,
staring wide eyed at her, standing there with an arrow protruding from a
book just over her heart, wide eyed. 
Her eyes rolled back, then she sort of, fainted.
I was soooooooo in trouble.
Meriele and I were leveling together, when she *forgot* that maybe 
an area fireball was not the wisest thing to throw around. I sort of 
cut her up kind, kind of. Sorry ,big sis.
No, *snicker* I mean, really, I am sorry.
24 hours to Meriele, from myself and Wildrunner. *snicker*

Sender  Meriele
Date    Fri Jul  3 10:44:49 2009
Subject   Athkanar dirty little deeds.

The storys reached the tower of a young minotaur who killed a young
solamnic knight and was moving though citys. Knowing at the moment the
alignment with the white tower with the knights them self being weak Meierle
figured she would help hunt down the problem. 

Softly she begain to chant the spell of transport to take her to where the
minotaur was last seen. 

Quickly she steped though the gate she created and there was a giant
minotaur attacking another person on the street of the city of garnet.
Quickly she begain to cast her spell to lullie the big beast into a slumber.
Not taking any chance with the beast she quickly begain to work her magic to
keep the beast down while she could trasport him. 
Afther a few minites of casting felt like hours to her as she placed the 
final touch on the spell and sent the best off to the knights door step.

Sender  Luerk
Date    Mon Jul 20 19:33:48 2009
Subject   Not In My Forest

As the Highlord's mount snaked through the air, taking its time to soar
through the lazy clouds, Highlord Trell himself reached out into the
twisting hallways of the Arcane. He surveyed the sickly forest below,
watching his supply train inch along the main route. This particular caravan
of wagons and supplies was incredibly important, and the Highlord watched it

The nuisance of guerilla elves had escalated into an annoying threat. First
patrols were picked off, then outposts and towers. And finally, supply
trains were targeted. More often than not, the trains survived but most
likely with only sixty to sixty-five percent of the original personnel. The
supply rate was even lower. 

Tired of the increasing loss, Luerk reorganized scout deployments to include
arcane-users as well as trained woodsmens. The number of scouting parties
lost fell, but Luerk could not afford to lose wizards and magi so often.
Looking for a way to quell the insurgents quickly, Luerk ordered a caraven
twice as large to carry supplies to his outposts. Apparently, the Highlord's
own prescence kept the elves at bay. 

Urging this mount higher into the clouds, Luerk uttered his incantation.
"Caravan Navarac ' Tropelet laiudividni"

Sensing the great slithering dragon veer off back to its lair, the elves
readied their attack. They expected a much deadlier fight, but the
opportunity to sabotaging a train of this size was too rare. To them,
they've been fighting a winning battle. No one knew the woods better than

A signal from the commander brough their bowstrings taunt, sharp and stright
arrows aimed for beating hearts. With a owl's call, the line let fly! Before
the dragonarmy fools know what was happening, the second line let loose. 

*** *** ***

Sender  Luerk
Date    Mon Jul 20 19:46:07 2009
Subject   Not In My Forest: Part 2

As the insurgent elves continued to rain death through the foliage, the
lowly dragonarmy transporters scrabbled for cover. But the elves never saw
it coming, never expected the supplies to be something other than cloth, ore
and bread. A soldier grabbed a flap of a wagon, and ripped it away. Inside,
several clerics of Takhisis chanted and swayed in unison. 

Some of the elves burst into flames, screaming in agony as they lit their
beloved forest. Others glowed with a sickly blue light, highlighting their
prescence in the shadows. Still others were crushed alive by some unseen
force. The sight was gruesome to say the least. And Highlord Luerk Trell
grinned pleasantly as he tore asunder a young elf's mind. In side one of the
wagons himself, he directed the onslaught like a master tactician.

The young elf gurgled on his blood as scrambled to escape. The prescence of
another in his mind was overwhelming and all he could do was claw like a
wild beast desperate to escape. Highlord Trell guided the young elf
careening over a chasm, hopefully to finally rest.

It might be some time before the elves muster another attack.

(OOC) 24 hours protection to Ashever from Dragonarmies and Conclave. Killer
removal, nothing looted. And I quote "Ashever appears to be muted." 

Sender  Luerk
Date    Tue Jul 21 06:07:50 2009
Subject   Grubby Fingers, Grubby Hands

As dark rainclouds began to roll over the bright white moon, Highlord
Luerk Trell roughly nudged the beaten thief with his foot. The flatulent
dwarf, his eyes swollen and missing several teeth, groaned and rolled over.
Making a face at the terrible smell, the Highlord covered his elegant nose
with a sleeve and bent down. He gingerly tugged at the large, blue-metal
chest the dwarf was laid on. But the prize was much too heavy to be lifted
with one hand. Muttering about the stench, Luerk swiftly and unceremoniously
flipped the dwarf off. "It's a miracle these fellows procreate." He reached
around the cold, smooth metal of the box and grunted as he hauled away his

Before he could step away, the dwarf shot out his hand and caught his
assailant in vice-like grip. "Where'ya goin' wid me pillo lass?" The
befuddled thief cried in his coarse languge. Horrified at being mistaken for
a wench, Luerk swiftly kicked the dwarf in the head. "Lay still fiend!
Haven't I battered your wretched coil enough?" 

Gathering the shipwrecked eggs had become quite a nuisance. Quite a few had
been rescued from the depths of the wreckage, but still others founds their
way into the deepest, darkest corners. The Dragon Emperor demanded them
returned at any cost. 

(OOC) 24 hours to Thez from Dragonarmy and Conclave. Setting traps ftw.

Sender  Aurelis
Date    Sat Jul 25 20:10:10 2009
Subject   Chicken Fried Steak

A slobbering drunkard roamed around the innards of
Palanthas, the stench of his foul breath disgusting
all he came in contact with. The giant minotaur was
slurring his speech and stumbling around, a mug full
of beer sloshing in his hand. Shortly, he was running
into vendors, wreaking havoc and causing mild forms
of destruction.
Squire Aurelis was the first to arrive. What he saw
would have been amusing to nearly all spectators:
the drunken minotaur was stumbling around, trying
to swat at the missiles that were flying at him. The
exasperated vendors were using their ruined wares
as projectiles. However, to the minotaur, the apples
and bananas, the toys and the shoes, were all a
mere nuisance. He swatted them like flies as he ran
headlong into a wall.
Within no time, Squire Aurelis had him face down in
a gutter. His head was bleeding, one of his arms was
broken, and he was vomiting uncontrollably. Several
local guards arrived on the scene and helped the
minotaur to his feet, where they'd be taking him to
the jail until the morning. The squire glared daggers
at the minotaur as he helped restore order to the
unfortunate vendors.

24 Hours to Derseth from Solamnic

Sender  Leodas
Date    Thu Jul 30 05:50:34 2009
Subject   Ahmaria

The High Archmage lounged casually against the back of
a bench. The massive dome of the central building of
Palanthas rose high above him. It wasn't the most well
thought out of his plans, but it had the highest chance
of complete success. On the other hand, it also had the
highest chance of complete failure. The gray area in
between didn't matter much. Any moment Segwarides
would come strolling underneath those massive arches.
Until then, the High Archmage of the Red would wait
patiently, appreciating the splendor of the dome's decor.
A short time later, an elven female came strollng into the
domed building. She carried a roll of parchment in her
hand and scanned about furiously. The High Archmage
was quick to take note and raised his hood further over
his head. Unfortunately, he wasn't quick enough in his
actions. His movement had caught her eye, and her eye
had caught his. As she quickly unrolled the parchment in
her hand, scanned it, and looked back at him, he rolled
his eyes and stood from the bench. He assumed she
realized she was outmatched, judging by the way she
turned and sprinted away, undoubtedly to alert the
proper authorities. Well, the High Archmage couldn't
just stand there and wait for a convergence of Knights
to rain down upon him. Oh wait, yes he could. However,
for the sake of the dome's beauty, he chose to leave
It wasn't long after that he spotted the same elf, a
Qualinesti elf to be sure, sneaking out of the city after
having reported to the Knights about the arrest warrant
they had posted. It appeared that his subsequent letter
and arrest warrant for the Knights of Solamnia was
having little affect on the populace of Palanthas.
Fortunately, he hadn't wagered anything on the
success of these notes. However, he did intend to see
to it that this little snitch would pay a price. She was
soon unconscious in the brush on the side of the path,
several bruises covering her face and body. No, there
was no mercy when it came to females. If she wished
to partake in businesses such as being an informant,
well, she would have to risk the consequences.
She was just a Qualinesti elf, after all.
24 Hours to Ahmaria from Conclave

Sender  Leodas
Date    Sat Aug  1 00:23:36 2009
Subject   Athin

It appeared, for now, that Segwarides was out of Palanthas.
Unless his informant was incorrect, rumor had him in the
dwarven kingdom of Thorbardin. The High Archmage had a
friend in those parts. If anyone would know of a Knight's
arrival, it would be Thaeden, the deep dwarf. Unfortunately,
the High Archmage was unaware that his acquaintance had
gone mad.
"So, a Knight has come through here? You're sure of it? You
don't know his name do you?"
The dwarf nodded vigorously, "Aye, 'e was like me. Went off
through the north pass. Where the thanes are buried, ya
know? Nasty business, that place. Ya 'e was 'ere and there.
Ya 'ere 'e was alright. Not anymore though. Ye can be sure
o' that."
The High Archmage pursed his lips, attempting to make the
jumble of words somewhat coherent in his mind. Deciding
not to pursue the matter any further, he reaffirmed the
Knight's direction, "North you said?"
Again, the dwarf nodded vigorously, "Aye friend, the pass
to the North. North he went not South. West and East..
tsk tsk, how uncouth."
The High Archmage raised one eyebrow before nodding
to the dwarf. As he left the stone abode, he shuddered.
He tried not to think about the ceiling over his head
being composed of thousands of tons of rock, eagerly
waiting to crash down and bury him. A shake of his head
and the image was gone. The dwarf watched all of this
with a curious eye, while he continued sweep the walls
with rake.
To his surprise, the situation turned out more favorably
than if Segwarides had actually been there. By now, he
highly doubted that, considering he was surrounded
by dozens of walking skeletons, ghouls, and spirits.
Chemosh's breeding ground, no doubt. One stood out
above the rest. Or, rather, below the rest. Covered in
shining black armor stood a renegade dwarf, often going
by the name of Athin Kantiran. The High Archmage
approached the dwarf from behind and said, "Hello, Athin."
To his credit, the dwarf didn't jump and didn't run. He did,
however, turn around calmly. A wry grin stretched across
his face as he looked up at the High Archmage, "Hello,
Leod...pfft phaw what was tha- oh."
He slumped to the ground, unconscious. The red robed
figure smiled. Unfortunately, another member of the
Dragonarmies was there as well. He leapt at the back of
the High Archmage, daggers shining ominously. They
stopped six inches short of the man, rebounding with
a clang, as of metal on metal. The man rushed past
the High Archmage with a growl and kicked Athin in the
face, instantly waking him.
However, as he ran past, the High Archmage stuck out
an arm, launching a pinch of white sand into the air.
His mystery assailant fell face forward. In the meantime,
Athin had fled into the dark caverns. Furious, he turned
his attention back to the unconscious man. The two
had met before. He was surprised the man, Khin, had
been so brazen as to attack him. Suddenly, the man
began to shimmer and slowly disappeared. Athin's
horrendous, cackling laughter filled the chamber from
all sides. The High Archmage was fuming.
A challenge then. That was the way the High Archmage
saw it. He shook his head, thinking. Caves did not sit
well with him. He needed light. Even his elven eyes could
not penetrate deeply through this darkness.
Regret immediately flooded through him. He was completly
surrounded by undead, who turned to him, focusing on
the light. As he quickly extinguished the light, he caught
sight of the hunched over dwarf, muttering to himself.
He launched a large fireball in that direction, scorching
skeletons on the way. Their eyes turned to follow the
streaking ball of light as it whizzed past the dwarf. Almost
immediately another fireball followed, directly at Athin.
The Dragonarmy soldier leapt out of the way. To his utter
dismay, he landed on a skeleton that promptly began
wrapping its arms around him. The High Archmage
smiled as the dwarf attempted to wriggle free. He poured
several oils into a pouch and tossed it to the squirming
dwarf. It landed beside him. With a wry smile, the red
robed figure raised his hand and launched a fireball at
the bag. It exploded and burned alight. He watched as
the undead turned their attention to the light..and
the unfortunate dwarf.
As the undead slowly closed on Athin, the High
Archmage disappeared, his voice echoing through the
chambers, "I do not know where your partner is, Athin,
but I would like to see him rescue you this time. May
Takhisis keep you forever in the Abyss."
A cruel laugh left his lips as he saw the dwarf's face fall.
"Goodbye, Renegade."
24 Hours to Athin from Conclave

Sender  Egam
Date    Fri Aug  7 05:46:33 2009
Subject   River of Tears

The hunt. There is no greater thrill than the rush of adrenaline as you
stalk and cut your prey like a scythe before wheat. Each prey has its own
challenges and opportunities. Some dare you to challenge them, others are
more elusive and stay in the shadows, like my current prey. 

The stress of pouring over the tome that I had searched for weighed greatly
on my shoulders and I needed a release. My target had been one of my
choosing for quite some time and I tracked his movements carefully. 

Like all men, his mind was easily swayed between good and evil, a balanced
scale. His life however had turned dark swiftly and without remorse. His
life had been thrown out of balance and thus causing a shift that was
unacceptable. After a week of constant watching, he finally scurried out of
his hole into daylight. I immediately called upon my powers and surprised
him. He fell swiftly unto my onslaught of magic, completely unready for such
an attack. 

My deed had been done, and a minor shift towards total equilibrium was

Sender  Egam
Date    Sat Aug  8 15:04:17 2009
Subject   Makarth

I have no idea what I have started. That my actions from yesterday would
carry a burden onto the conclave of mages to today and possibly the future.
A fellow mage had come to me and told me what I already suspected, firming
my suspicions that a dark shadow might fall over us. In his mind its kill or
be killed. I chose the former. That friend and I, we gathered up our
strengths to go against the leader, the very heart of what he claimed would
come after us without mercy. 

It was no easy fight. It went back and forth, causing us to flee at one
point before a subtle shift in the magic became our ally. In one moment I
tore down his defenses and strike with my staff, striking down my foe. Out
of respect I took only a mere trophy and I left the rest, hoping the
hostilities died with his defeat. 
ooc: 24 hours protection to Makarth from conclave. Thanks for the assist Cisk.

Sender  Meriele
Date    Tue Aug 11 23:46:58 2009
Subject   ( story for mazerith)

Meriele slolwy walks out of the solamnic's higher clerics tower afther of
hours of trying to talk with the knights of Solamnia. The sounds of a words
of magi hit her ears as she leaves the keep . Quickly she moves to the sound
of it to see her former master casting and trying to protect him self from a
battle with a wild elf. Quickly she aided her former master with her own
spells till the young elf layed still and the dust settled over the body.
Quickly she grabs the arm of her former master pulling him away before more
could come of this with the knight hood. 
 ( this was  from the war before this same protection and all no loot)

Sender  Dizzy
Date    Wed Aug 26 02:42:15 2009
Subject   Pipe Smoke

Here I was, minding my own business, finding things people left in their
pockets that they clearly forgot about when I saw a minotaur and an elf
dancing! At least it must have been dancing, but between smoking my pipe,
feeling lightheaded and the smoke who knows what it was! 

So I danced over, coming inbetween them swinging a mace around in the air my
eyes closed when I heard a thud and the minotaur was dropped down beside me.
Weird, I don't remember him being tired, but he quit on me and decided to
take a nap. 

I, on the other hand, still wanted to dance so I chased after the elf! I
jumped on his back while he was running, putting my hands over his eyes.
That led him to crash into a wall, silly elf. His boots looked
uncomfortable, so I borrowed them to get them repaired. I still want to

Sender  Tollas
Date    Thu Aug 27 00:10:33 2009
Subject   The drunken night.

A night at the inn of the last home. Fun, ruckus, and mischief was to be
had by all. We sat, drank, sang, and were merry except for one. A mage that
sat in his corner sipping his wine and cowling at the world. When asked if
he wanted a beer he simply growled and shook them off. When asked to sing or
partake in the festivities he did the same. After a long night of fun and
merriment i left the inn to get some rest for i had a hard day of training
ahead of me. I went to my normal meditation spot saying hello to the
ferryman as i passed. Just after the ferryman i saw the mage from the
tavern, asking him what his problem was, obviously I was inebriated and felt
a bit of aggression. He did his normal scowl motion and i lost it. After a
furry of punches from me to him i finally realized what i had done, at that
i promptly stopped looked around to see if any had seen what had happened
and promptly left, to repent for my misdeeds. 

Sender  Tollas
Date    Thu Aug 27 18:38:19 2009
Subject   The minotaur.

During my meditations and repenting for the heinous act from the knight
before i was disrupted by a minotaur tromping along the sweet glade i had
been meditating in. At first i was shocked there was a filthy minotaur in
these parts, let alone destroying the precious forest i had come to know and
love. This filthy cow was doing three things wrong. 1) Disturbing my
meditations, 2) Destroying my forest, and 3) Claiming to be a follower of
mishakal. Everyone knew these beasts were loyal to none except for their
precious sargas and possibly the sea wench. I asked him for him to prove his
faith and show me a medallion of some sort to prove that he was truly a
follower of the healing hand. Without any warning his hand darted into his
robes, I instinctively reacted by swiftly upper cutting this beast in his
fowl jaw before he had a chance to pull any weapon. After i knew for sure he
was good and unconcious i pulled on his brutish arm to see that he had only
what i had asked for, the medallion of mishakal. "Damnit, here we go again."
was all i said as i walked away. 

Sender  Tollas
Date    Thu Aug 27 18:38:44 2009
Subject   forgot it again....

24 to xiz from HO and myself.

Sender  Tywin
Date    Thu Aug 27 19:46:37 2009
Subject   Tywin : Xizegue

I was taken by surprise, rat-less, cheese-less, and utterly unprepared
things were looking grim, after a sleepless night in a barn my spirits were
low.a hunter must be prepared, must all wise keep in tune with his
surroundings. there was one cure i know, not a potion, or salve, nor
comforting word from a lover. i had to HUNT! and what better target for my
deadly affections then the dastardly figure who accosted me the day before
last. where to look, where to start...well at the beginning would be
appropriate. (I'm a hunter, yes!?) and thus i ventured to the scene of the
crime, to look for clues, for a trail, some sign of my attacker's footsteps.
after careful examination of the ground, i found the crumbs of our melee, i
followed. we covered much ground in our little dance, me fleeing and he
chasing. i ended up at a side street, a narrow path between two buildings,
and there on the ground, i saw a peace of talisman, often held in the hands
of clerics, HA-ZA a clue! i went forth to their guild, and waited and
watched for my pray to show his face, he must ....sooner or later. much much
later i saw the figure i know to be my foe emerge from the main doorway and
walk eastbound now, in the shadows, i could see, he was of the horned cow
race. not much dealings with that race for me. you didn't see much of them
in the dark woods where i grow up. i decided i would bide my time, and try
to strike outside of town if i can, those pesky guard pack quite a punch and
are found of interfering in fights. this i learned while trying to practice
my bow on a street cat in garnet. i shall not boar you with this cows
dealings in the city, suffice to say it eats and drinks, and occasionally
buys a map. midday had come and gone and finally it seemed my enemy was
leaving the city . i waited for him to exit the gates. i was ready to pounce
allmost time... any second... i lurched from the bushes paddling ever
silently towards him, and struck from behind! he turned, dazed. mace in hand
and the battle was on seems in these 2 days we had been apart, no miracle in
his fighting skills had occurred. leaving me in my comfortable dominance, i
was overtaking him quickly. he tried to mouth some words, a spell no doubt,
i began to feel a little sick but the sensation past. i saw his eyes, he
know he lost, he know he must run, but i was quicker, i tripped him (not
very cordial of me i know), he fell. i finished it. having won i gazed on
his body with satisfaction. i realized i was still quite close to the city
gate, and some random guard might show. i left quickly leaving his corpse as
was. i didn't need anything from him anymore.. 
( ooc: 24 hour protection for Xizegue from me)

Sender  Lyndol
Date    Fri Aug 28 17:17:30 2009
Subject   Xizegue

The sun's rays were sliding over the buildings of palanthas at the
end of the day as Lyndol took the first steps out of the warehouse.
It had been a long time since he had walked through the city,
and he missed the sights and smells of Palanthas.

As he walked past the drinking establishments and restaurants, he 
heard a commotion up ahead.  A woman screamed and several things 
crashed to the ground.  Lyndol quickened his pace to see what
was happening.

He arrived at Imperial Square to see a terrifying sight:
A rampaging minotaur was running wild, attacking everyone in

Lyndol froze for a moment, fear in his chest.  But the power
of Kiri was with him, and he knew what had to be done.  Uncoiling
his whips, he walked slowly towards the rampaging beast.

As the enraged minotaur spotted him, and charged, Lyndol stood
his ground, feeling the beating of his heart grow rapid.  As the
beast bore down on him, he ducked under a wild swing and wrapped
the enchanted whips around the beast, searing its flesh.  

Roaring in pain, the minotaur turned, and Lyndol gave the whips a 
single pull, which tangled the beast's feet, bringing it to the 

Lyndol quickly tied the whips off, pinning the great beast.  He
then gestured for the local watch to move the Minotaur to the 
holding cells.  

OOC:  24 hour protection to Xizegue from me and mine.  

Sender  Alenth
Date    Wed Sep  2 05:57:31 2009
Subject   Luerk

The end of summer was here, and the first breath of the cool breath of
fall was in the air. Alenth groaned slightly in the saddle of his horse. It
had been too long since he had ridden anywhere, and the road from palanthas
to the High Clerist's Tower was not a short trip. He looked around him,
seeing the company of knights and squires that were under his command. 

He smiled slightly remembering when his position in such a procession would
have been much different. He glanced up at the sun, feeling the sore muscles
that ran up into his back. The duties of the High Clerist did not require
much traveling, and the trip to Palanthas had been fruitless. It was time to
return to his offices.

He was mulling over the response of the Lord of Palanthas to his request to
set up a more perminant garrison there. The Lord's response seemed illogical
in the face of the increased raids that had been plaguing the area recently.
Alenth sighed, wondering how the knighthood was supposed to protect a land
that seemed so unwilling to accept help. 

A cry from the front of the line caused him to turn and squint against the
sun's glare. Up ahead, dark-cloaked raiders were decending the crest of the
hill nearby. Dozens of them. Charging for their band. Alenth had not spent
so much time behind his desk that he failed to respond. 

"Form ranks! Pikes to the front. Knights, prepare for a charge! Hold, damn
your eyes! On my order!"

The knights responded quickly for all that many of the men were untrained,
and untried. The pikemen, with thier long weapons, formed lines three deep
in front of the mounted knights who were swiftly forming their own ranks,
ready for the charge. They had barely formed their battle lines before the
first wave of the raiders were on them, their bodies folding and falling on
the waves of solamnic pikes. 

"Watch the left flank!" Alenth called as the pikemen collapsed under the
sheer number of raiders. 

"Knights! To me! Charge!" Alenth yelled at the top of his voice, his
iron-plated mace held aloft as he charged towards the collapsing flank. He
struck the first blow himself, crushing the raider's head with a single
blow. Then he was past the line, and charging on. A lone man stood, horse
tethered nearby, arms raised, chanting loudly. Alenth bore down on the man,
but a bolt from the man's hands shattered the ground before him. Alenth
leaped from his horse, falling to the ground and rolling to his feet. The
man looked at him, eyes blazing and once again pointed at Alenth, this time
with flames in his hands. Alenth charged, swinging his mace wildly. He
struck the man a glancing blow, knocking him uncontious.

At that moment, more raiders poured from the trees, at the same moment that
the rest of the Solamnic charge arrived. The two forces clashed, fighting
fiercly. Alenth turned to direct his men, and saw the raiders dragging the
stiring body of the mage he had just downed into the woods. He started to
call an order to his men, but a thrown rock knocked him on the head, and he
knew only darkness. 

By the time he recovered, the battle was over, and the mage had been dragged
away by the raiders. Alenth directed the column continue their march. 


OOC:  24 hours to Luerk from The Knights of Solamnia

Sender  Ahmaria
Date    Thu Sep  3 05:18:21 2009
Subject   Alenth

Ahamaria stood high on a branch looking out over the treeline. Her
griffon had left to hunt his own meal and she was enjoying the view. Scaning
the folliage she spooted a glint coming through the trees. 

Looking back toward the village, she held her breath a moment and decided to
investigate. It was too early for her own patrols to have returned. The
shine reflected again throught the trees, closing the distance between her
and the intruder. 

She could smell something foul as the wind blew from behind the unknown man.
At that moment she cared note why or who he was, only that he was
trespassing. The man had obivously slain something and recently. The goblins
had retreated weeks ago. Fearing for the men she had orderd out on patrols,
Ahmaria raised her bow. 

He stumbled in to the area and she fired, lodging an arrow in to his
shoulder. He turned wildly about looking for where the arrow had flown from.
Ahmaria gasped and lowerd her bow. With the man closer now, she could make
out the markings on his armor. He was on of the knights of Solamnia. 

She hurried down the tree and to his side as he collapsed. As carefully as
she could she removed the arrow from his shoulder. First breaking the head
off and pushing it back through. Praying to Mishakal to heal the man, she
was able to stop the bleeding. 

He remained uncouncious as she struggled to lift him over her shoulder.
Ahmaria carried him in to the village to be healed further. By late after
noon, the still unconcious lay over the back of the griffon Rixbreeze. "Take
this man to Palanthas. They will know who he is there. See that he remains
24 hours protection to Alenth from Ahmaria Wildrunner

Sender  Dizzy
Date    Thu Sep  3 17:36:26 2009
Subject   Gorin

I was sitting cross legged, looking through borrowed and discarded items
to return to their owners or add to my collection of stuff. I'm very proud
of my stuff and I want to have the most different kinds of stuff around.
That is when things got crazy, as a minotaur and dwarf came running in,
playing tag with their swords. It was hard to see through the smoke rings I
was making from my pipe. It didn't look that friendly, but it was
interesting and so I decided to go for just a look, I swear! 

The chasing and running back and forth was very exhausting, and I was about
to give up and have a nap when the minotaur fell over and had a nap first.
He did look very tired. I decided to make it easier for him, so I happened
to borrow a bag of coins or two, just to ease his weight. I should give it
back to him soon. Which one was he again? They all look alike. I patted the
poor cow on the head and left a clump of grass by his mouth as I followed
the dwarf back to the lovely dome. 

I like to play with other people sometimes, and these play-jokes kinda go
wrong. I think playing tie up the dwarf is a bad idea after what just
happened. With his back turned, I pulled out a small piece of rope and tied
his boots together as he leaned on his staff. Since he was playing tag
earlier, I pushed his back and yelled "You're it!". He fell over and cursed
loudly. It was not good for my ears. This forced me to take the pipe out of
my mouth and hit him until he stopped cursing. Then he decided to go for a
nap too. He seemed like he had a lot on his shoulders, and the top of his
back was exposed. 

Clearly, the piece of bright pink cake on top was a heavy burden (it coulda
been fruit cake) so I decided to borrow it to ease his burden. The icing on
my lip got there by accident! I swear! 

Sender  Kutaka
Date    Fri Sep  4 03:21:34 2009
Subject   Gerrick

Back on the streets of Palanthas after a short absense, Kutaka was on his way to
Imperial Square to catch up on the latest gossip when he caught sight of something
tall and bright white out of the corner of his eye. In disbelief he turned to see
none other than the same fainting elf that caused him to leave town in the first place.
Grinning at the dumb luck, Kutaka walked straight up to the blasted elf and pulled on
its robe. Turning, the elf saw him and immediately bolted. Unfortunately for the
mage, white is a very easy color to follow in a crowd and before long he thought
himself safe and moved off the streets to rest. Appraising him from a distance
Kutaka noticed the elf had already replaced what was stolen last time. Approaching
from behind, all it took was a trip and quick strike to the throat to subdue him.
Grabbing the elfs possessions, Kutaka whistled to himself as he made his way
to the Smiling Mug.
24 to Gerrick from Shadow and 7K

Sender  Gorin
Date    Sun Sep  6 04:50:06 2009
Subject   Xizegue

Palanthas was not a safe city for a Black Robe.  Between
the Solamnic knights, and the general stigma surriounding the 
Tower of High Sorcery that now lay defunct, it was generally
considered unhealthy to allow one's alligience to be known.

Gorin considered this as he walked down the streets of the city,
a travel-stained robe pulled close around his body.  He longed
for the abilty to utilize the spells of transportation, but he 
knew that any attempt to cast those spells would tear him apart.

So he walked.  

He was tired and soaked from the rain, looking only for a warm 
inn and perhaps a glass of ale.  He was on the way, when a furry
form bumped into him, knocking the short mage to the ground.  
He could feel water soaking through the cloak he wore, and felt
the white hot fire of rage.  

He looked up, and saw a minotaur standing there, glaring down at
him.  "Watch where you're going, little man."  the beast
growled.  Gorin snapped.  

Grabbing some of the sand from his pouch of spell components, he
threw it into the air at the minotaur, who stumbled and fell, sound
asleep.  Gorin stepped past him, kicking him solidly in the ribs.

He could really use that ale.

Killed him.  24 hours from conclave and from 7k

Sender  Larukon
Date    Tue Sep  8 01:56:32 2009
Subject   Rona

I felt the nervous energy building up within my body, a thousand
questions burning my mind. I took a deep breath to settle myself, running a
knife along the inside of my arm. My body settled down immediately and
fascination took over as I watched the blood drip down from my fingertips
before healing the wound. I was as ready as I'll ever be, and once again I
put my faith in Zeboim and get ready to offer a sacrifice. 

With the power built up in me, I set out and called forth the power of
Zeboim, weaken than before, but gaining in strength and I knew this battle
was over before it started. The minotaur appeared before me, stunned in
surprise as I struck at the face, a satisfying gout of blood spraying and
misting off the face. To my surprise the minotaur rolled with the strike and
ran past me.

Cursing my rusted brain, I gave chase, corning the minotaur once, twice,
only to give glancing blows as it faded into the crowd. I raised my voice,
shouting across the crowded plaza, "Show yourself! Do you have any self
respect? I will make you suffer beyond your imagination!" The futility of my
shouting was apparant to me, as was Zeboim's lack of faith in my juivinille
attempt at running down a simple cow. 

A last ditch attempt as I blinded stepped through divine powers of instant
transportation I appeared in front of the wounded minotaur, and lashed out
in hopes my lack of hesitation would get past any trap set. Luckily, the
minotaur was not prepared and a final blow across the jaw sent the minotaur
into unconsciousness. Lazily I dragged a finger through the growing pool of
blood, bringing it up to my mouth where I licked it off. 

"The test was a success mistress, although I'll admit I need more work." I
easily snapped off the tip of the horn as a trophy, placing it in a pouch at
my waist. Although I had completed my test, I would still retain some
independance from Zeboim, if only for what little sanity I had left. Using
my powers I restored the minotaur, enough so that it would wake in a
OOC: 24 hours to Rona from Mariner. Nothing looted.

Sender  Eban
Date    Fri Sep 11 20:40:08 2009
Subject   Mage battle

So this was Palanthas. The Jewel of Krynn. He was not impressed by what
he was seeing. Too many people for such a small place. He was walking down
the streets ready to leave this place behind, when he was accosted by a
white robe mage. The mage was apparently trying to impress his friends as he
attacked, lighting surrounded his hands, as he grabbed hold of me, sending
jolts of energy through my body. I was able to break his grasp, and calling
on the power of the Dark Lord, I showed him the true power of the heavens,
as I rained bolts of lightning down upon him. He was soon gasping for
breath, lying unconcious in the road. Where I left him and the city behind. 

Sender  Alenth
Date    Sun Sep 13 02:55:35 2009
Subject   Kiyohime

"So as you can see, madam priestess, the knighthood still stands ready to
assist in the fight against the coming darkness."

The sun beat down on the training grounds as a young knight walked the area
with the High Priestess of Mishakel. 

"Your clerics would be invaluable in assisting us, even if it was just to
heal the minor injuries incured during training..."

The young man nodded towards a tent set up for men nursing broken limbs, or
holding wet rags to bloody noses. Kiyohime nodded slowly looking towards the
tent of injured knights and squires. 

"I see...yes...Mishakel frowns on acts of violence, but even the goddess
understands that sometimes it becomes necessary...of course. I will send
some of the acolytes over to you. They will assist in healing the wounded."

The young knight smiled at the news. "Thank you, Priestess. I--" But at that
moment a loud curse came from the direction of the training ground, and as
they looked towards the sound, a large mace flew straight towards them. It
struck the high Priestess between the eyes, and she fell to the rough
cobblestones, out cold. A man ran from the training grounds towards them,
and the young knight blinked as he saw the man wore the emblem of the high
clerist on his chest.

"Damn thing slipped after Lord Ulther disarmed me. I got him good though.
Right cross to the jaw." He chuckled a bit before seeing the prone form of
the High priestess on the ground. "Aw, shit. Of all the...come on, lad.
let's get her out of the heat. we'll bring her around." Together, they
carried the limp form of Kiyohime inside. 

OOC:  Killer removal from Kiyo.  See?  You can write warnotes for anything.
24 hours from me and the rest of the sols.  Pkayz ftw.  

Sender  Segwarides
Date    Sun Sep 13 17:31:28 2009
Subject   Kaede v.2

Walking through the streets of Palanthas, making certain that the growing
unrest is kept within the city proper, Segwarides spotted a suspecious
looking perosn walking down a street toward the local mageware shop. After
the last encounter with the Order of High Sorcery, Segwarides has been ever
wary of them. Informing the loal milita of his intended course of action of
observation of the individual, Segwarides walked off to watch, and no more.
After nearly an hour of monitoring, the individual finally noticed she was
being watched. Bolting toward the eastern gate like a startled hare,
Segwarides was soon on her trail. Something seemed amiss when he cleared the
sight of the city walls, for all the birds had stopped their songs.

The black robed stranger walked out from behind a tree in a provokative
manner to smile at him before raising her hands in the complex gestures that
could only be a prelude to a spell. Reacting suddenly, Segwarides shoulder
blocks the mage out of her casting, then subdues her for questioning before
she could even utter a curse. 

OOC: This was the story of the pk from last night. Kaede has not been pked
by me again. 

Sender  Lyndol
Date    Mon Sep 14 17:47:44 2009
Subject   Gerrick

Dusk was falling in the city of Palanthas, long fingers of light growing
shorter accross the rooftops of the great city. 

Lyndol stood in the shadows of the tavern, face hidden by his cloak, eyes
alert, watching. He had seen the man enter. He knew it must be him. Must be.
The light of the fanatic burned in his eyes, and his hands clenched and
unclenched on his unshethed dagger.

He knew the man from the wanted posters he had seen the solamnic knights
place around the city: 

Wanted: Kilanthas. For: Murder

He knew the man was inside. He would wait. He had all the time in the world
to wait. 

He held his dagger firmly in his right hand. Eyes still on the tavern, he
slowly...almsot without knowing he was doing it, drew the blade lightly
accross his left forearm. He drank in the pain, feeling his ferver heighten.
Kiri would smile on him today. He could feel it in the pain. 

The door to the tavern swung outward, and the man exited. He turned and
walked slowly down the road, not showing any evidence of drink. Lyndol
hurried after him. 

The man turned a corner, and Lyndol followed. As he rounded the corner,
Lyndol stopped. The man was nowhere in sight.

Lyndol felt disappointment and shame creap through him. He had displeased
the gods again. Kiri would not smile on him this day. As he turned to go, he
saw a flash of cloak. Yes! the man was there!

Without thought, Lyndol charged in. He attacked from behind, tripping the
man so that he fell face forward. The man's head struck the cobblestones,
and he lay still. Lyndol rolled him over and gasped in shock. It wasn't
Kilanthas. It was an elven mage Lyndol didn't recognize. 

He ran off into the night, leaving the elf lying there. 
OOC:  Caught Gerrick out in the open.  No loot or anything like that.  
Gerrick has 24 hours of protection from me.

Sender  Gerrick
Date    Mon Sep 14 21:55:16 2009
Subject   Traitor

After my last happening with Smasher, Someone I thought was a good
friend of mine, but had tried to kill me in cold-blood. I saw him down the road
today. Emotions rushed into me like a wave. Being the White robe I am, I put
all those emotions beside me. I walked up to him and asked him why he
betrayed me. He didn't answer, he was shocked to see me alive. I said answer
my question, but he didn't answer. I pushed him on the ground and started to
walk off. He started to follow me. I tried to dismiss him, but he wouldn't
leave well enough alone. So I made him stop following me by turning him to
stone. I walked off like nothing had happened. 
Smasher 24hrs from Conclve

Sender  Blaine
Date    Wed Sep 16 02:18:20 2009
Subject   rinald * the story*

Slowly i walked my way thought palanthas with the load of Equipment i
was order to take and have repaired. Afther spending a few hours waiting for
the breast plates and shields to be repaired i decided to take a walk. 

Slowly i made my way along the streets of palanthas when i noticed a figure
following me. I cam to a stop near the grand squar of palanthas to take a
drink from my flask. When i saw an ice ball coming at me. With out thinking
i moved my own shield up to block it, and before i knew it i was being
attacked by the same figure who was tailing me. Though this fellow was not
well trained from the way he moved back and forth i did my best to try and
stop him from hurting anyone. 

The fight it self didnt last long though it went longer then i wanted it to
go. When the chance showed it self to place my shield into the face of the
man, i didnt even stop to think knocking the poor man out cold. Quickly i
gather my self and the man and begain to make my way back to the keep to
place the young man in jail to rest the night and find out why he would
attack me. 
 24 hours from my self and solamnic  everything returned and asking for jailing.

Sender  Kiyohime
Date    Wed Sep 16 02:40:50 2009
Subject   Blaine di Caela

Coming up the street in Palanthas, I heard the sounds of a dispute
nearby, so I went to investigate. As turned the corner, I saw a man in the
livery of the knighthood standing over one of our newest acolytes, one
Rinald of Paladine. Suspecting the worst, I tapped the lad on the head with
my staff, forgetting the weight it deceivingly held within its crystal form.
He went out like a candle in a storm.

Now what?" I asked myself.

Well, we will have to let the courts settle this one out. I will discuss
this with our liason officer from the knighthood.

24 hours to Blaine from Holy Order of Light. 
Removed Killer

Sender  Menoch
Date    Wed Sep 23 20:45:17 2009
Subject   3 sols

[ Solamnic ][---] * (SLAIN) [ Solamnic ] [Crown] Etilyn di Delgaard
[ Solamnic ][---] * (SLAIN) [ Solamnic ] [Crown] Uther uth Yugar
[ Solamnic ][---] * (SLAIN) [ Solamnic ] [Crown] Blaine di Caela

The shadows lengthened over the empty spires of the High Clerist Tower.
Once, this great fortress had been built to hold off advancing armies,
defending the city of Palanthas against all foes. Now, a bare skeleton
garrison of inexpierenced knights held the once-mighty fortress. The level
of decay could be measured in scavengers, as each night a veritable horde of
them decended on the fortress, salvaging anything that might be of value.
The knights were too few to stop them. 

Menoch prowled the discarded buildings of the fortress with a goblin.
Grimjaw wasn't the brightest companion, but neither was Menoch, so the
pairing worked well. They were in the process of pulling a fine, if
dust-covered, tapestry off of the wall when a muted bootstep outside caused
them to freeze. The knights might be few, but they were fearsome fighters. 

Menoch gestured to Grimjaw, indicating that they should hide behind the
door, and attack whoever it was when they came in from behind. Goblins and
Ogres are not known for either their cunning plans, or any sense of fair
play. They framed the door, Menoch on the right Grimjaw on the left, and
waited. After a moment, a young squire stuck his head in through the door,
and spotted Grimjaw, standing poised and ready to strike. He quickly ran the
goblin through, while shouting for reinforcements. 

"Alarm! Goblins in the barracks! Alarm! Up Swords!" 

Menoch quickly thumped the guard over the head, and moved towards the exit
of the keep. It would be difficult, but there wern't enough knights to hold
all of the exits. 

Just as he rouned a corner, he came face to face with two other squires,
their leather armor dull in the moonlight. They each gave a yell and charged
the tall ogre. He parried a blow from one while taking a graze on his arm
from the second. He swiftly backhanded with his swordarm, and knocked the
second one in the side of the head. He then headbutted the first one, and
ran, leaving them on the cold flagstones. 

OOC: Got all 3 of them.  24 hours from Marauder.

Sender  Zopzer
Date    Sun Oct  4 21:13:56 2009
Subject   Etilyn

It was barely a day since the skirmish in Tarsis with the Knights of
Solamnia. Zopzer and a handful of soldiers had been detailed to return to
Tarsis and recon the area while leaving as small a footprint as possible.
Little detail was given, but rumors spread amongst the soldiers mentioned
something about the Emporer having not returned yet from Tarsis. Zopzer set
out towards Tarsis right away with the small contingent of goblins. He
figured it was no coincidence, as a hobgoblin himself, that he was usually
sent with the smaller and less intelligent goblins. It was easier for him to
lead them than it was for most others. 

After a short march back to the city, the small squad arrived just outside
the gate. Conditions were good for a stealthy recon; the sun had already set
beyond the horizon. Thick cloud coverage shut out any sign of light usually
showing from the moons. Zopzer stopped the squad for a quick halt in order
to go over the plan and rally points. 

"Lahrag, take the others around and in from the west side of city. I will
enter ahead." Zopzer said. "Use caution and don't let yourselves been seen.
There's a ton of those damned tin cans occupying the city." 

Lahrag nodded and beckoned the others to follow him. "Oh and meet back here
in exactly one hour!" Zopzer whispered loudly to the goblins as they snuck

Zopzer, being twice the size of his goblin counterparts, had a difficult
time remaining unseen by the Knighthood patrols roaming the city, but so far
so good. It had been almost an hour since he entered the city and was almost
time for him to return to the rally point. His search and efforts had
yielded nothing useful other than the information that the Knighthood was in
force in Tarsis at the moment. But then again, this wasn't exactly a secret
at this point either. He worked his way back towards the secluded area from
which he had entered the city. He weaved in and behind buildings and alleys,
doing his best to keep to the shadows. 

As he poked around a corner before dashing across a narrow and dark
side-street, he couldn't believe his eyes. Walking down the side-street away
from Zopzer was the squire he had had the pleasure of bumping into outside
of Palanthas. She looked pre-ocuppied, probably on an errand of some sort
for her patron. Zopzer grinned and muttered silently to himself, "So we meet

Zopzer's lust for blood began to overcome him and he was soon charging
straight up behind the young squire. He drew his sword just in time to give
forth a strong thrust towards her back. Hearing him coming, the squire
turned in time to deflect his blow off to the with a sword of her own.
Immediately pulling his arm back, he landed a hard elbow straight to her
jaw. The blow caught her off guard and caused her to falter and hit the
ground. She quickly scrambled to out from under Zopzer's gaze and back to
her feet, but to no avail. He knocked her out cold with a swift boot to the

He was amazed at the skill in which he had overcome this soon-to-be Knight.
He lifted his sword high above his head in order to come down and swiftly
remove hers, but a soundless voice inside him told him to stop. He
immediately remembered his orders to gather information. Realizing it was
his duty to bring the fallen squire back to his commanders for
interrogation, he grumbled and sheathed his sword. Grabbing a hold of the
squires feet, he drug her along behind him and out of the city. The goblins,
surprisingly, were at the rally point waiting on him, but said nothing as
they saw the girl being dragged behind him. A simple nod was all it took
from Zopzer and the small squad was gone as quickly as they had arrived... 

OOC: 24 hours to Etilyn from DA. Please Jail. Nothing looted. 

Sender  Alenth
Date    Mon Oct  5 21:36:34 2009
Subject   Rona

The skies were growing dark with rainclouds as Alenth stepped into the
street. Although the knighthood forbade disguises, he clutched his traveling
cloak close, and wore no armor. His mustache itched as he walked the streets
of Sanction. All around him, goblins and ogres walked openly, and he cringed
at the thought that these creatures might once again be let loose on Krynn.

The bar where he was to meet his informant was up ahead, and he trudged
slowly to it. He pushed back the door just in time to see a woman strike his
informant over the head with a large mace, crumpling him to the ground,

As she was fumbling through the man's pouch for the document that Alenth
knew he carried, Alenth knew she must be stopped. That document contained
information of troop movements of some of the armies to the north. He
charged towards the woman, grabbing a chair as he ran.

He brought the chair crashing down on the woman's head, grabbing the scroll
from her hands as she fell. he ran out the back door and into the street. 


OOC:  Killed Rona, I don't think she was at the keyboard.  24 from the Knights of Solamnia

Sender  Eban
Date    Fri Oct 16 19:06:31 2009
Subject   Xizegue

I was in need of a few items before I was ready to join my comrades in
the desert, and I knew of only one place to get them. I travelled through
the corridors of magic, and arrived in the city of palanthas. Not a friendly
city for one of my kind I knew, but the only place I could get what I

I travelled in the shadows as much as possible, keeping myself hidden as
much as possible. When I noticed a large figure approaching out of the
corner of my eye. Knowing he was a minotaur, I wondered how he walked the
streets of this city openly, given h his race was considered evil by most
races upon Krynn. Thinking I may have found an ally within the city I
approached the creature, revealing myself. I noticed too late the medallion
hanging from his neck, the twin tear drops pressed together, marking him a
priest of Mishakal. He wasted no time as he called upon his godess, her
power was strong and I found myself without my voice as I tried to cast a
spell to hide myself from him. I knew I had only one option left now, to
stand and fight, though it may mean my death. I felt the dagger release from
the leather thong that held it against my arm, and slide gently down my arm
into my waiting hand. I screamed as sores appeared on my skin, and I felt my
strength slip away, and the minotaur approached smiling thinking he had the
advantage. And indeed he did. He came in for the killing blow, as i was weak
and unable to speak, I saw the steel mace as it came towards me and tried to
dodge, but was too slow, and i braced for impact, yet felt nothing, Suprised
by this I looked and noticed my familiar had pounced upon the minotaur,
scratching and clawing at his face, effectivly blinding him. 

I smiled, my familiar had rescued me, as I circled behind the minotaur and
slid the dagger into his spine, twisting the blade as he fell to his knees,
unable to support his massive weight, withdrawing the dagger quickly, before
he snapped the blade as he fell. I flipped the dagger as I held it by it's
blade, and slammed the pommel against his head knocking him unconcious.
Grinning I limped away, taking his fine weapon with me. 

24 to Xizegue from DA
only took his mace

Sender  Alenth
Date    Sun Oct 25 21:01:14 2009
Subject   Rona

It wasn't often that the duties of the High Clerist took him to the
outskirts of thorbardin, the mountain being closed to most non-dwarves.
However, the knighthood had decided that a tour of many of the areas of
Krynn would be benificial. So here he was. 

The third week of their trip dragged on, while the summer sun beat down on
them. Alenth, astride his warhose, could feel the aches that were the sign
of the inactive rider. He needed to get out of the High Clerists Tower more
often, these trips were becoming more and more of a physical trial. 

They stopped for the night at a small town. As Alenth was tending to his
horse, he heard a noise behind him, and saw a black-robed figure dropping a
package into the well. Alenth could smell the rotting meat from where he
stood. The meat would rot in the well, and poison the town. Alenth charged
the figure, swinging his mace. As the figure turned at the sound of his
charge, Alenth thumped a solid hit to the figure's

head. The figure fell to the ground without a sound. Later, after blessing
the well, and hopefully removing the filth, Alenth beheld the figure in
chains now. The woman looked up at him with hateful eyes. 

"We will take her with us. She will make an excellent prisoner." 


OOC:  24 hours to rona from Solamnic.  No loot or Jail.

Sender  Eban
Date    Thu Oct 29 08:08:04 2009
Subject   Rona

I had just left the tent of the Lady Ayasana, who was directing this
search for the lost emperor. I had my reservations about the solamnics
intent to let us wander around the plains without keeping an eye on us. It
was due to these suspicions that I first decided to check upon the groups
already out in the desert. Using the hallways of magic I made my way across
the sands effortlessy and stepped out a short distance behind the first

I stayed a safe distance behind them, not wanting to alert the rear guard,
and cause a panic or get myself killed. Merely wanting to ensure they
weren't being followed. I hid my presence with a quick cantrip, and followed
behind a half mile from the rear guard. Scanning the area around I noticed a
large shadowy figure stealthily following. I assumed my fears had been
correct, as I silently floated around behind the figure, only to see she
wore no marking of a solamnic. And indeed as I drew closer she bore the
resemblence of one I had fought before. I recognized the race as that of the
minotaurs, a race favored by sargonnas. I approached her to ask why she was
here, but as I approached she drew her weapon and glared towards me. I knew
there would be a fight coming soon. I cast another quick cantrip, that would
carry my voice to the closest of the rear guard, and gave him warning, of
the spy it seemed who had been shadowing them. Then turned my attention back
to the approaching figure. 

Reaching into a pouch at my side, I pulled out a small vial of burning
liquid, as I drew the arcane symbols with my other hand, and spoke the
arcane words that caused the liquid to boil and expand. I raised my hands
and threw the vial towards the approaching figure as I noticed another
figure approaching quickly from behind her. The vial exploded in mid air
right in front of her, he screams echoing through the area as the acid ate
at her leathery skin. But she kept charging weapon held high, I cast a
defense spell to protect me from her blows, and as her weapon approached it
bounced harmlessy away to the right, as i moved to the left and drew my
dagger. Keeping her vision blocked to the approaching guard and keeping her
attacking me until the battle could be joined. Her weapon rose again as she
charged in at me, my shield was still in place but with every strike it
weakened some. The guard was now close, and the first dagger I beleive took
her by suprise. As the approaching guard threw it from nearly ten yards
away, it struck her squarly in the back, causing her to roar in anger as she
turned to meet this new threat. I soon heard the clang of steel as their
weapons struck each other, the parrying and dodging continued as I cast one
spell after another causing the embedded dagger to dig deeper into her body.
Using all the concentration I had, and the fact she was engaged in combat
with the guard, i moved my hands controlling the dagger as it cut through
muscle, bone and ligaments. Her movements slowed with each passing second as
the damage done from the acid, the blows the guard landed, and my magic took
its toll on her, until with a final swing of her weapon she collapsed to the
desert floor. 

 ooc: Zopzer and I caught Rona in the open....again. 24 from DA and

Sender  Zopzer
Date    Fri Oct 30 08:53:03 2009
Subject   Rona

Zopzer pulled a small dagger from the back of the motionless body in the
sand and dirt. The dagger left a flesh wound at best Zopzer determined. He
nudged the arm of the massive minotaur -- it flopped lifelessly. Zopzer
smirked at the ease in which he dispatched the minotaur and nodded at Eban.
The other soldiers were over the event and began back towards the main
patrol, but Zopzer grabbed hold of his trousers and paused. He looked
towards the marching patrol and then back at the body. He wondered if he had

Just as he decided to suppress his urges and catch up to the patrol, the
minotaur grabbed hold of his leg and swung him to the ground! The minotaur
lumbered quickly to her feet. At the same time, Zopzer made his way back to
his. The minotaur staggered forward at Zopzer, swinging her weapon wildly.
Zopzer quickly deflected and reversed the attack with one of his own,
landing a heavy blow to the already injured minotaur's dome. A few of the
recruits in the rear of the patrol caught glimpse of the short scuffle and
ran back to the scene in time to see the minotaur hit the ground... again. 

Zopzer motioned to the body in the sand and barked an order, "Carry her to
Commander Ayasana. Tell her this beast has been trailing us for some time.
Perhaps she has some information." 
OOC: 24 to Rona from DA. Nothing looted. Please jail.

Sender  Lahrag
Date    Sun Nov  1 01:44:00 2009
Subject   Two birds, one stone.

We were prowling around the plains of dust, we'd just come back from a
long excursion into the blasted desert and were given a reprieve at Stone
Hall, a foul place located on the outskirts of the plains themselves. It was
a lot better than the blasted desert that's for damn sure. It happened
quickly, we were walking the streets late in the evening and a priest or a
mage (I can't tell the differences, they all blab their mouths and stuff
happens, usually bad stuff) came out of a thin air. He was nearly struck
dead on the spot, but he had a clearly displayed emblem from the

He carried orders and made quick work gathering the troops around us. Within
moments he'd opened a portal and ushered us in. It seemed we were about to
embark on a quick foray to eliminate a high priced mark. It went off without
a hitch. We were standing around clapping shoulders roughly when a portal
screamed open.


Out of no where a small army of creatures poured into the area and
immediately attacked the nearest officer. I wasted no time in dispatching
what seemed to be a priest of some kind, controlling these obviously
diseased (mentally) riddled beings. It took a few good stabs and then it was
chaos. We didn't lose a single soldier and in the end the priest ran for his
life, I quickly followed the thick trail of blood and dispatched the wretch
before he could muster more mind controlling poisons. As I laid him low with
the pummel of my blade I noticed a small symbol sewn into his tattered
robes, it looked like Morgion but I couldn't be sure. It was probably
something to do with that last priest we had locked up not long ago.

It was for the higher ranking officers to figure out I decided and ran back
into the midst of the still ranging battle. Before many moments we rallied
and met back at the safety of our camp.

24 hours to Makarth from Lahrag and Dragonarmy, to be jailed per orders of
the higher ranking officers. 

Sender  Lahrag
Date    Sun Nov  1 01:58:08 2009
Subject   [FWD] Two birds, one stone.

We were prowling around the plains of dust, we'd just come back from a
long excursion into the blasted desert and were given a reprieve at Stone
Hall, a foul place located on the outskirts of the plains themselves. It was
a lot better than the blasted desert that's for damn sure. It happened
quickly, we were walking the streets late in the evening and a priest or a
mage (I can't tell the differences, they all blab their mouths and stuff
happens, usually bad stuff) came out of a thin air. He was nearly struck
dead on the spot, but he had a clearly displayed emblem from the

He carried orders and made quick work gathering the troops around us. Within
moments he'd opened a portal and ushered us in. It seemed we were about to
embark on a quick foray to eliminate a high priced mark. It went off without
a hitch. We were standing around clapping shoulders roughly when a portal
screamed open.


Out of no where a small army of creatures poured into the area and
immediately attacked the nearest officer. I wasted no time in dispatching
what seemed to be a priest of some kind, controlling these obviously
diseased (mentally) riddled beings. It took a few good stabs and then it was
chaos. We didn't lose a single soldier and in the end the priest ran for his
life, I quickly followed the thick trail of blood and dispatched the wretch
before he could muster more mind controlling poisons. As I laid him low with
the pummel of my blade I noticed a small symbol sewn into his tattered
robes, it looked like Morgion but I couldn't be sure. It was probably
something to do with that last priest we had locked up not long ago.

It was for the higher ranking officers to figure out I decided and ran back
into the midst of the still raging battle. A couple of guards went to get
the prone figure as I rushed ahead to the front lines. I glanced back and
noticed the priest was on his feet and within moments had vanished, running
up into the near by forest. 

Makarth was jailed, released, voided 24, etc. see Luerks previous warnote. 

Sender  Zopzer
Date    Sun Nov  1 03:47:38 2009
Subject   Lynx

A quick break in Stone Rose was just up Zopzer's alley. Marching through
the sandy plains and brawling with hefty minotaurs, Zopzer was anxious to
sit down and have a mug of ale. He sat down in the dim tavern and kept
mostly to himself. Too many goblins asking too many questions did a number
on his mental stamina after a while. The tavern was full of the Queen's
soldiers. Zopzer sipped his ale and watched as whore after whore was led
away into a dark back room -- a good night for them. 

A few hours passed and the patrol began filtering out of the tavern and back
to the rally point just outside of town. Zopzer followed, but soon had to
pee. He decided the alley off to the left would make a perfect spot to
"drain the lizard". Finishing up, he headed back out of the alley to catch
up with other soldiers that kept on walking. What he saw across the street,
though, stopped him in his tracks. A man wearing a long, flowing red robe
had one of the newer recruits pressed hard against the wall. It looked as
though he was questioning the guy, but Zopzer couldn't hear what he was

Zopzer began to step toward the robed man slowly, mentally sizing the man
up, but before he took even a few steps, a handful of goblins charged from
down the road. The man let go of the young recruit, letting him fall
lifeless to the ground. He turned towards the goblins and held his hands out
to his side. Strange words poured from the robed man's mouth as smoke began
to rise slowly from the ground. The goblins slowed their charge as the man's
incantations grew louder. His eyes blackened as a wall of flames grew from
nowhere in front of him. 

Zopzer thought to himself, "Ugh. This isn't going to go well..."

Zopzer stepped out of the alley and picked up a charge straight for what was
obviously a powerful mage. He knew he had only moments before the mage would
finish his incantations. Just as he got right up behind the mage he swung
his hammer at the mage without slowing his pace. The hammer connected square
against the side of the mage's head, knocking him promptly to the ground.
The wall of flames fell quickly and dissipated even quicker. Luckily for
Zopzer and the dumb goblins, the mage was unconscious. Zopzer knelt down and
pushed open the front of his robes... his eyes widened instantly. 

Zopzer looked to the nearest recruit and said sternly, "Send for the
Commander at once... tell her I've captured a High Archmage..." 

OOC: 24 to Lynx from DA. (He was jailed and bailed already. Good game.)

Sender  Lahrag
Date    Mon Nov  2 22:38:56 2009
Subject   A Chance Encounter

It was a rough scuffle outside the tavern. A sailor, obviously drunk
began the brawl at first but before long, and out of no where the same
Archmage we had a run in with not long ago joined the fray. It was complete
chaos but after a few frantic moments the group with me had things under
control. I took a chance and tried to knock the mage out while he was
distracted with some of the other goblins. It worked but not before one
goblin took a nasty fireball and was turned nearly to ash instantly. I
absentmindedly rubbed at the figurine in my pocket, silently thanking my
good fortune with that deadly spell. 

After the mage was out cold we had to scurry around for the drunken sailor.
He was a bit more troublesome and after a long search he managed to elude us
for quite some time. He probably went back to his ship to sleep it off. I
quickly split from the group to cut him off and after a while of searching
some back alleys near the docks I ran into the fellow again. He was tough,
and took a pounding. He dashed away again, leaping over the side into the
waters below. I glanced over but saw no sign of him and after a few moments
went back to the local inn I was staying at to clean up after the brawl
earlier that evening.

To my surprise there were some officers waiting for me at the inn, with the
Archmage in tow. It was not that surprising that the group had bound and
gagged him for the superiors once I thought about it. Shortly after that I
cleaned up and caught dinner in the common room. It had been a good night to
be a goblin.

24 hours (about 5 hours ago, life happens) to Lynx from Lahrag and
Dragonarmy, please jail. 

Sender  Kiyohime
Date    Tue Nov  3 04:32:01 2009
Subject   Things that go Moo in the Dark.

So I began my travels to the Qualinesti lands to visit this High
Archmage, who had urgent need of my council and opinion of the situation
regarding this new Dragonarmy threat. I had no idea what possible input I
could have on this matter, it being something more suited to the noble
Knights of Solamnia than the Temple.

But, I would honour the request, and truthfully, it got me out and back into
the forests, if only for a bit.

I had wound my way through the mountains, coming across a mist shrouded
valley. This region seemed gloomy, and felt as if a dull, cold prescence
gripped the land. I became aware of vague silhouettes, barely noticeable,
wandering in the fog. I saw a distressing sight, one of restless souls and
undead beings roaming in the mists. For the most part, they ignored me, but,
as I continued, one or two of them would hurl themselves at me, attacking
randomly. I did my best to fight them off, but, the valley seemed endless.
Finally, one great spectre arose from the earth, a stout skeleton, eyes
burning. I fought as best I could, but this one was much more powerful than
the rest. 

It was relentless. I had no choice but to call down the power of the heavens
upon it. A powerful invocation of my Goddess's power, unleashed against the
ghoulish thing, and the area around it. It screamed, damaged, but not
destroyed. The divine strike did have the effect of driving it away, and of
burning clear some of the mist.

It was then I noticed a largish figure, struggling to stand, but collapsing
back down. It was of the minotaur race, driven into the ground by the force
of my holy prayer. I quickly went to see if the creature was still alive,
but as I approached, I noticed the still lingering aura, a red glow caused
by the strike, identifying it as a denizen of evil intent. I approached
cautiously, wary of this beast now, wondering how it happened upon this
place. As I began to kneel down, I caught sight of a device that sent chills
down my back. A rough medallion bearing a crude etching of what could only
be described as a rat's paw.

Slowly standing, fighting my own fear, I was torn between wanting to destroy
this creature, and my duty to heal it. This, this thing represented all that
my Order and I fight, Fear, disease, famine. And here it was. Not hiding in
some sewer, but wandering about the lands, as I was. 

I fought back the trepidation I felt, knowing that giving in would give it
and it's Master some feeling of victory. I began chanting the words of
healing over it's frame, careful not to touch it lest some vile sickness
leech onto me. I gave it strength enough to be almost awake, but stopped at
that point, letting natural healing run it's course. Standing I looked
around me, satisfied nothing would enter the circle created bt the holy
smite for some time. Enough until this brute awakened and could make it's
way on it's own. I blessed the area closest around the Mino to ensure it
wouldn't be disturbed, then made my way back to the road, and continued my
journey. This was the Darkness I was warned of, now my way was clear. 

Sender  Luerk
Date    Sat Nov  7 21:54:32 2009
Subject   Hostile Encounters

The Emperor of the Dragonarmies stood atop the sandy dunes, a solitary
figure buffeted by the furious wind of an oncoming storm. His cape and long
hair whipped like living creatures, angry and hostile. He squinted through
his grotseque highlord helm, arms crossed over his chest. Below him, his
armies laid waste to a Solamnic supply line. The caravan departing from
Tarsis barely stood a chance, as goblins, mercenaries and army soldiers
overran the Solamnic defenses. Camels and men lay strewn across the sand,
their blood seeping in the desert. Only a few pockets of resistance
remained, two solitary knights in gleaming armor. The Emperor shifted,
bristling with eager to engage his foes. He delighted in the mayhem, that
his Queen would be most pleased. But he sought one knight in particular, one
who felled him one before. But the High Clerist was nowhere to be found.

The Emperor continued observing his underlings for a moment longer, noting
the excellent command of one Yrkril and the savagery of the hobgoblin
Zopzer. They were ruthless in their pursuit, taking pride in pure tactical
domination. Satisfied that his plans were completed, the Emperor raised to
hands to the heavens, intent on ending the battle by his own hand. And he
began to glow with a sickly light, he was interrupted! A disturbance in his
awareness shook him from his trance, as several newcomers entered the fray.
A dwarf, a human warrior, a magi and another cleric appeared through some
unknown means and further complicated matters! In the confusion, the Emperor
could not be sure, but it seemed as though the three were not all allied.

Growling through his mask, the Emperor hefted his mace aloft, continuing his
prayer. The heavens crackled and hummed with divine presence, unholy
energies swirling above the battle. And the Emperor left to engage the
remaining knights himself. They would be be valuable prisoners indeed...

(OOC) huge battle, lots of deaths and fun. 24 hours protection to Segwarides
and Gaelehad from DA. Nothing looted and please jail both. Rona, Joreous,
Elinos were also involved. 

Sender  Dindom
Date    Thu Nov 12 04:38:27 2009
Subject   Gobbos in palanthas?  Lies! (Gruuk)

So I was just strolling along, minding my own business - thinking about
the decree from the King that all Dwarves must go back to Thorbadin. But not
this Dwarf. This hill Dwarf ain't no stinking coward, run to hide under his
mountain.... "No, I think I'll claim whatever gobbo heads I can in this
war..." Dindom muttered to himself under his breath. 

Ever since he was a young lad, Dindom was under the constant impression that
he was being stalked. Why anyone would want to stalk him, no one will know.
So he kept to himself, slinking about... always weary, always cautious. As
it so happens, this was a good day to be weary, because not long after being
about his business, Dindom caught the unmistakable scent of vile Goblin near
the great library of Palanthas. Dindom is reminded of a traditional Dwarven
marching song that his King had once tought to the troops.... "I kill two
gobbos in the morning, I kill two gobbos at night I kill two gobbos in the
afternoon, it makes me feel alright I kill two gobbos in time of peace, and
two in time of war I kill two gobbos before I kill two gobbos, and then I
kill two more"

as soon as Dindom was done smiling to himself and recounting the marching
song, he found the stray Goblin. What a goblin was doing in Palanthas, he'll
never guess. But Dindom isn't much of a thinker, and leaped from the shadows
and attacked, quickly rendering the Goblin helpless and unconcious.
Afterwards, Dindom merely went on his way, hoping that the Gobbo he just
attacked would one day grow strong and avenge his honor. "Waiiiitt a
minute.... Goblins have no honor! Hah!" Smiling to himself at his joke that
no one heard, he went to the confines of his guild hall. 

Sender  Kiyohime
Date    Sat Nov 14 20:33:04 2009
Subject   A Visit to Vingaard

I enjoy getting out of the Holy Order Temple, and visiting the various
shrines and smaller temples honouring my goddess. I especially enjoy the
visits to the cities the Solamnic Knights care for, as they are generally
the most well ordered and cleanest around, outside Silvanost.

Today I was being escorted by Marshal of the Crown Segwarides and the
paladin Knight Postulant Gaelehad (he of Kiri Jolith, Sir Segwarides of Lord
Habbakuk). I was mildly surprised by such a powerful cavaliers, but, with
recent events as they were, the Lord of Vingaard was quite insistent.

We found the humble temple, and were greeted warmly by the priestess who
cared for it. I spoke with her at length about the daily works, while the
two Solamnics waited patiently by the entrance. After a bit, I noticed Sir
Segwarides constantly looking out the doors, concern on his brow, leaning to
Sir Gaelehad and whipering something urgent. I thanked the priestess for her
report, and went over to him, inquiring what the matter was. He took a deep
breath, mulling over the situation, and informed me that he believed two
assassins from the dreaded Dragonarmies were here, in Vingaard. He was
certain that they were aware I was visiting, and saw this opportunity to
disrupt the alliance of the Church and the Knighthood, as he was also a
target of theirs. Sir Gaelehad was an added bonus for them, as they despised
the work of the Holy Paladins as well. 

Well then, I told them, we shall meet this threat together, yes?

He looked at me, horror in his eyes. No, no, he insisted, I shouldn't be put
in danger, I should stay in the Temple. 

I promised I would stay behind them, and do what I could to aid them. I was
not going to allow anyone to be harmed protecting me, and not at least lend
a hand in that protection.

He finally acquiesced, and we went forward to meet the threat head on. 

A battle ensued, involving Zopzer, Lahrag, Luerk, Gaelehad, Segwarides and
myself. I slew Zopzer, but was FB'ed at the time, Seg slew Lahrag, and we
managed to keep Luerk at distance. Zopzer was jailed, and Luerk authorized
ransom. 24 hours to Zopzer from Holy Order.

Thanks for a good battle DA, hopefully no sour feelings. 

Sender  Segwarides
Date    Sat Nov 14 21:34:23 2009
Subject   Attack within Vingaard

Conversing quietly with Gaelehad while the Lady Kiyohime spoke with the
resident priestess was a trial of patience when slowly but surely the street
located outside the temple cleared of people. Noticing a pair of shadows
lurking from across the street, Segwarides made Gaelehad aware of the fact
without drawing attention to himself. The Lady Kiyohime noticed the
concerned look, but completed her task. Walking over to stand with her
current escorts, Lady Kiyohime started to leave the holy confines ahead of
Segwarides and Gaelehad. Only a quick grab from Segwarides stopped her, but
it provoked the ambush none the less. It was a pair of Dragonarmy soldier,
familiar ones at that. They were the ones that took part in the attack near

A violent clash happened between the pair of Solamnic Knights and the
Dragonarmy soldiers, with the Lady Kiyohime standing in sudden shock. Seeing
a vicious slash against Gaelehad shook her free from her startlement and she
began to call upon Lady Mishakal to bring benidictions to her escorts. The
brutish hobgoblin came swinging a heavy hammer and the short goblin came
scrambling at an angle to flank the Lady Kiyohime. Shouting a command word
while raising his hand above his head, Gaelehad called upon his Lord
Kiri-Jolith to aid him in the defense of the people. A holy fury started to
rain down upon the goblinoids while the Knights split off to keep them in
front of them. The larger hobgoblin pushed Gaelehad backward toward
Kiyohime, but took stinging hit after hit, before being clubbed in the side
of the head by her staff. While this took place teh goblin broke free of the
melee to crawl behind some boxes across the street, as Segwarides charged
after, it jumped over them in an aerial attack. Being knocked forward into a
roll, he came up with his sword leveled before him and a wicked cross chop
from the axe into the goblin's ribs. A slight gasp was heard before it fell
before the Knights, beaten, but breathing. 

Sender  Konan
Date    Wed Nov 25 01:05:11 2009
Subject   Ciskei

As I walked through the barren streets of the once great Lord City, not a
sound could be heard except the hollow click of my hooves on the cobbled
streets. The bloody battle which occured in the days before was just a
distant memory. The few bodies which had not been cleared from the street
filled the air with the stinch of rotted flesh. It was a good smell. As I
was examnining one of the poor souls who was lost at the twilight of the
siege of the city, a familiar feeling trickled down my spine. I could hear
thos awful words... the words I cursed every day. In the distance the silent
whisper of the arcane arts was audible. Suddenly I found myself locked in
battle with a figure clad in scarlet red robes. The slender elf grinned as
his whispers grew into shouts. The battle did not last long. Once the mage
knew he could not stand toe to toe, he fled. Not knowing what brought on the
attack, I walked into a cramped building to my left to gather my thoughts.
Just as I realized it was the local training grounds, the scarlet robed elf
appeared through a whisp of smoke and attacked once more. This time the
battle was decided. As the foe lay unconcious at my feet, one thought ran
through my mind... This war was not over. Quickly I left the elf to recover
and returned to my patrol. 
(24 Hours From DA)

Sender  Xantim
Date    Wed Nov 25 02:10:15 2009
Subject   Evil in Solamnia

Xantim crouched low in the shrubs... watching the battle around
Thelgaard. In particular, he notices a human woman in leathers... cleaning
up, finishing off the wounded. She doesn't descriminate. Solamnic or
Dragonarmy. I can sense an aura of evil, a sort of gloom about her. She
doesn't descriminate. Solamnic or Dragonarmy... this woman needs to be
stopped. With Habbakuk, this woman needs to be stopped before she harms
someone innocent. 

Xantim of Qualinost
(OOC: killed Firewyne in Thelgaard, nothing looted, 24 hours protection from WR)

Sender  Ciskei
Date    Mon Dec 14 20:21:15 2009
Subject   Lynx

A spell went awry while sparring with High Archmage Lynx, a whisp of rogue
energy whipped past my head and as i ducked i yelled for the high archmagus
to do the same. focused on the spell he was chatting, he was unable to
respond to my warning and was struck across the face by the bolt and taken
to the floor looking down at his unconcious bleeding body i decided
something must be done. i called for a hand.. and the ghastly apperitions
appeared to carry the downed man away. I shook my head, shoulda ducked
master lynx; }

The Masta and seventh letter G 

(24 hours to lynx from conclave red....apparently he got annoyed with me
filling his inventory with useless items and proceeded to whoop me with
magic missles. luerk came to my aid and we dropped him.hohoho) 

Sender  Luerk
Date    Tue Dec 22 20:32:59 2009
Subject   Fugitive: A Lanfer Story

Emperor Luerk Trell of the Dragonarmies knelt to the ground, slowing
dragging his delicate fingers along the rough surface of Steel Street. He
chanted softly, opening his mind to the divine auras. The fugitive solamnic
was not far, the afterglow of his god remained ... warm as it were.

Finally the dark elf rose, he tugged on his uniform slightly and gripped his
foul mace. He issued quick orders to the phalanx of Dragonarmy guards,
posting them around the Great Dome of Palanthas. "The knighthood grow too
bold in the Queen's city. Call the tracker Zopzer, I plan to rid the world
of their stench."


Zopzer the hopgoblin tracker howled with glee as he launched himself at the
Solamnic. With a wicked snarl, he bowled the man over and began to claw in a
frenzy. When the Emperor emerged, the knight had little chance of survival.
Emperor Trell glowed with a sickly aura, funneling the final wrath of his
queen. He smote Lanfer with his mace, pummeling the man violently. In the
back of his mind, he was aware of others entering the fray, but he
concentrated only on his hated foe.

When the man finally offered no further resistance, the Emperor relented.
His face was splatterd with blood, and his mace dripped black. Calling for
guards, he knocked the Solamnic's weapon away. "Bind him. I'll see to his
imprisonment myself.

Thank you. 

Sender  Zopzer
Date    Tue Dec 29 15:22:28 2009
Subject   Etilyn

It had been a few days since the last skirmish within the walls of
occupied Palanthas. I continued my nightly rounds through the city. My
mission was simple: Crush any opposition still remaining within the walls of
Palanthas. On this Day of Haerple in the Month of Toe-Freeze I did just

Picking up on strange and unfamiliar tracks, I gripped my hammer and
followed them with haste. Down the road ahead was a young Knight dashing
from building to building, attempting to remain unseen. Unfortunately for
this Knight, they had failed. I quickly engaged the intruding Knight,
chasing them wildly through the streets before finally overpowering her. 

OOC: 24 to Etilyn from the Queen's Army.

Sender  Ciskei
Date    Tue Dec 29 22:46:51 2009
Subject   Luerk

Ciskei stared out over the small road from his spot perched atop a roof of
palanthas' lesser suburbs. During the battle he had rained down flaming
arrows, six or seven at a time upon the unexpecting members of palanthas'
resistance. Former knights, citizens and angry young men formed meat of
these resistance cells and for the last few days ciskei had been
commissioned by the dragonlord himself to locate and help destroy these
groups. This was the last of them, for now. The Dragonlord was even in
attendance to witness the annihilation. Sweat covered, bloody and, stinking
ogres now howled and ripped the bodies apart. Armor crackled as the last
surges of his power left them and disappated into the ground. His attention
strayed back to the ogres, after he heard screams like fren zy. They had
become bored it seems, for they pressed forward attacking anyone unlucky
enough to be about the streets. The people would be massacred by these
brutes. Ciskei peered down at the dragon highlord who was grinning widely
back at him. why were the beasts not being heeled! 

Sender  Ciskei
Date    Tue Dec 29 23:53:50 2009
Subject   Dragon Lord Luerk

Ciskei stared out over the small road from his spot perched atop a roof
of palanthas' lesser suburbs. During the battle he had rained down elemental
arrows, six or seven at a time upon the members of palanthas' resistance.
Former knights, citizens and angry young men formed meat of these resistance
cells and for the last few days ciskei had been commissioned by the
dragonlord himself to locate and help destroy these groups. This was the
last of them, for now. The Dragonlord was even in attendance to witness the
annihilation. Sweat covered, bloody and, stinking ogres now howled and
ripped the bodies apart. Armor crackled as the last surges of his power left
them and disappated into the ground. His attention strayed back to the
ogres, after he heard screams like frenzy. They had become bored it seems,
for they pressed forward attacking anyone unlucky enough to still be about
the streets. The people would be massacred by these brutes. Ciskei peered
down at the dragon highlord who was grinning widely back at him. why were
the beasts not being heeled! It was appaling. This was not what he was here
for. He had been promised power by takhisis, his loyalties now in question
by the leadership of the conclave he would find it hard to advance further
through the ranks. He eyed the Dragon Highlord and yelled down at the dark
figure with a magically amplified voice "Tell me, what you would do with a
destroyed city Dragonlord. This destruction is worth nothing to anyone. I
cannot help you to this end." The D The dragonlord turned his back on the
scene to walk away, his voice rang back as his guard fell behind him "You
have your orders magus, you have my offer to consider as well. I'll see you
when you've decided to join our camp for good." Ciskei shook his head
mournfully, his attention divided between the screems of dying men women and
children being slaughtered by the frenzied ogres, and the flippant dragon
lord. He notched three arrows, the touch of his fingers sent elemental power
into each as he drew them back with his bow. He had made a decision now, no
one would take this city with his help. "I believe my decision has been made
Dragon Lord." Ci Ciskei released the three arrows as the dragon lord and his
entourage turned at the seething sound crackling through the air. Both of
his bodyguard went down immediately The dragonlord was struck square in his
chest. before he had the chance to respond ciskei had released a barrage of
six. They didn't appear to pierce his breast plate, but The Dragonlord still
went down, lightning electricfying hsi body making it convulse spastically.
"Like i said, i wont be helping you to this end anymore....i thank you for
your offer though." He hopped down a story onto another rooftop, loosed
three more missles as he walked to the ledge he heard them pierce og ogre
flesh. Six more went flying, five more bodies hit the ground. Ciskei took a
sarcastic bow toward the Dragonlord, hopped down another story onto the
ground after felling two more and sending the ogre unit into panic. He
strode quickly past the Dragonlord, picking a small pouch off his armored,
incapacitated body and gave a snide grin at the furious Dragonlord. 

Ciskei - The 7th letter of the Alphabet

(24 hours to luerk from the conclave. nothing looted but pride.)

Sender  Railen
Date    Thu Dec 31 04:20:53 2009
Subject   A Strange Surprise.

Railen sat alone in the trees, running a sharpening stone across his
sword. The time ahead would be rough, so he was taking a few moments to
himself. He sets the stone aside and takes a long swig of the flask that set
beside him. Suddenly he hears a stranger approaching and raises, somewhat
unsteadily to his feet and grabs his shield and sword. He waits silently for
the stranger to appear and when the man does Railen readies himself. "Who
goes there?" Railen asks in a loud, slightly slurred voice. The man looks
startled and and draws a dagger. Without warning the Man leaps at Railen,
who easily moves away from the small blade then with the flat of his sword,
he disarms the man.

The man stumbles back and curses, then he straightens and starts to mutter
an unknown langauge while digging into a pouch on his belt. Railen curses
and knowing he couldnt reach the man in time, he draws back and hurls his
shield at the man. The shield beams the man straight in the face and he
topples over, unconcious. Railen smirks and bends down to pick up his flask.
"I cant believe that acutally worked." He mutters before taking a swig of
his flask. He sheaths his sword and tuckes the flask away, before making a
makeshift rope and gag from the mans robe. He binds and gags the man before
reteaving his shield and grabbing the man by his robe. "You sir, are comming
with me. I so hope you dont mind. Id like to ask you a few questions." He
says as he starts to drag the man back to the camp, a grin on his face. 

(ooc: Me and Lajiwan fought, it was just for fun. 24 hours to him from Me and Sol.)

Sender  Kiyohime
Date    Sun Jan  3 18:54:44 2010
Subject   Cows in the Mist

It was a dark night, none of the moons were out yet.
A thick mist lay low across the fields. I carefully climbed the
solid old fence, looking this way and that.
The slight odour of cow poop blended with the aroma of cedars around
the pasture.
I saw my prey, a snoozing cow near the gate.
Carefully and quietly I slinked around behind it.
It was snoring fitfully as I drew closer.
Slowly I reached up, and gave a quick shove.
The beast staggered, flailing it's arms...wait a second...arms?
On a cow?
With a great bellow, it fell over, successfully tipped.
I then realized I had just tipped over the famed and
reknowed Rona Lina, Bovine, er, Minotaur Extrordinaire.
I ran for the fence, the thumping of heavy boots behind me.
I jumped the fence, clearing it easily.
Rona hit the fence, knocking herself back easily.
 Words I can not repeat here spewed from behind, as I made 
my way back to the Temple.
Mission Accomplished.
Rona's Earthquake made me slip and bang her head with my Staff.
24 hours to Rona from Holy Order Light...all in good fun. No Loot or anything.

Sender  Lajiwan
Date    Mon Jan  4 06:43:36 2010
Subject   Pikes Demise

Earlier in the day i had been involved in a small scuffle with a man in
palanthas. We were arguing about where the best place to train was. i felt
garnet had nice things to offer, but he scoffed at me and said neraka was
far better than that craphole. the argument became heated and before i could
calm him down this person jumped at me, dagger in hand. I defended well, but
without my potions his magic was too strong for me. I woke up a few minutes
later with some serious bumps and cuts. luckily all my possesions were still

Now as i was walking through the vallenwoods of solace admiring all the 
beautiful trees and wildlife i saw him again. This time i was better prepared.
The instant i saw him my right hand darted towards the dagger on my hip, and
my left hand darted into my cloak, reaching for my potions. I crept along
following his every move. When the opportunity came i took it, i jumped out 
of the bushes and attacked. Caught offguard his wimpy magic failed him.
I felt my dagger plunge into his soft flesh more than once.
He crumpled over in agony, blood dripping from his mouth. I took everything 
he had, and gave him a full cavity search. Then i left him for
mother nature to finish off

24hrs to pike from me and my dagger

Sender  Rurik
Date    Tue Jan  5 00:19:36 2010
Subject   lajiwan

I tried to borrow a potion he was carrying as i saw him walking through
palanthas, just to see it...but he lost his cookies right there and then!
Well he chased me around for awhile and until i dissappeared into a hole in
the wall that apparently he couldnt even see! So as he was walking away all
frustrated, i stuck my leg out, and he tripped over it. I'd never seen such
a TRIP! See you next FALL Lajiwan! 

RuRiK BoBCaT SuPr3me
(24 hours to lajiwan from MEEEE and Wanderlust! took potions!)

Sender  Eirith
Date    Wed Jan  6 22:36:59 2010
Subject   Railen

Eirith grinned heavily as he surveyed the bodies of fallen resistance
members before him as his comrades screamed with rage and pounded upon their
chests. Being the largest, he silenced them by pounding fiercely upon his
chest. They stood in awe, he had taken out twelve humans himself, one
appeared to be a knight. They had come here as an escourt for the Dragonlord
Luerk, to destroy a final resistance cell situated here in the sububrbs of
palanthas. A mage had rained arrows of static, ice, fire, and electricty
upon their foes. The arrow damage was far mo fatal than his sword. No
matter, he was hungry. Eirith howled loudly to regain the group's attention,
they howled back. They 'were still bloodthirsty. He looked back to the
grinnning dragonlord. His head reared back and with a great yowl pointed his
sword out, the goblins scattered and began to attack anyone in sight. The
streets of palanthas would run red today. The Dragonlord himself would
witness their chaotic fury. 

Eirith The Hunta

Sender  Luerk
Date    Sun Jan 10 18:52:59 2010
Subject   Disease in the City

Lord Luerk Trell, The Prophet of Takhisis, strode down the grimy alley,
lightly splashing muck and refuse with each step. In his hand to gripped a
gruesome mace, alright dripping dark blood. Since the capture of Palanthas,
shadowy organizations have been growing bolder. And Lord Trell suspected
fanatics of Morgion to be responsible for the recent outbreak of disease.

He had read reports of this ragged looking minotaur before, and was not very
surprised to see her roaming the streets in the night. He confronted her
once, and attempted to "reason" with his mace. But she fled with surprising
speed for one so sickly.

But she fleed foolishly, trapping herself in a dead end. Lord Trell rounded
the last corner and found the beast cowering. "Come now, don't be afraid."
hissed the Prophet, as he hefted his mace.

Sender  Alenth
Date    Mon Jan 11 13:18:37 2010
Subject   While Walking Through Urione...

The arm of Paladine must reach far at times. 

Alenth strode through the streets of Urione, enjoying his retirement. It
wasn't often that he had been able to travel for pleasure ever since he had
been a recruit. Of course, this was hardly merely for pleasure. Alenth was
still a knight, and he would be reporting on the status of the city to the

As he stopped to examine the local buildings, he noticed a dark-robed figure
dart around a corner. Curious, he walked quickly to where he had seen the
figure vanish, and witnessed a dark cleric running away from him. 

Though age had colored his hair, and wrinkled his skin, Alenth's grip on his
mace was still firm. 

"For Paladine!" He roared, and charged. It was over quickly. 


OOC: Caught Rona moneyrunning, while AFK. When asked if she would prefer
looting, or jailing, she opted for looting. 24 to her from Solamnic and

Sender  Ciskei
Date    Tue Jan 12 22:54:51 2010
Subject   Tesnos

Caught a Kagonesti outside of his precious forest today, escourted by two
knights, i called out for the elf to lower his head as he of a far inferior
race. With his refusal i found myself enraged and called forth a fireball to
strike them. It struck the wild one in his chest, and sent the two knights
sprawling. One knight, the female, was knocked unconcious by the blast the
other drew his sword and stood ready over the two bodies. Not favoring my
luck against all three i muttered a transportation spell and found myself a
ducking through the gathered crowd to escape the scene. I'll return for the
others later... 

Ciskei the 7th Lettar baby, G

Sender  Luerk
Date    Wed Jan 13 19:26:46 2010
Subject   Betrayal repaid

The Prophet of the Dragonarmies smiled pleasantly as he approached his
fallen victim. He spread his arms wide, as if to welcoming an old friend.
"Come now, is that any way to treat old comrades?" The Prophet chortles to
himself, and begins to glow with an unearthly light. The fallen enemy, a
hulking minotaur clad in black robes, shudderes and heaves violently.

"The Queen is most displeased with your betrayal Crag, and she longs to hold
you in her arms again. Why have your forsaken your family, hmm?" The Prophet
hefts his mace, knuckles white against the strain. The Prophet swings back,
looping his mace around for a finishing blow. The mace hums through the air,
cutting the wind in it's path. The minotaur gurgles, feebly trying to warn
off the oncoming blow with bloodied hands.

But the mace shatteres only cobbled stones, sending dust and fragments up in
an explosion. The black robed betrayer grinned as his astral form slipped
through the pavement. With his last ditch spell, the minotaur escaped his
execution. Luerk frowned at his lodged mace and watched the last visible
fragments of his foe disappaered.

Sender  Ciskei
Date    Wed Jan 13 23:10:08 2010
Subject   Lahrag

Another teleportation spell found the Highmaster within a new territory. He
shook his head, wearily recovering from the trip and scanned his new
surroundings. Large minionish creatures lurked around in packs while their
sergants and generals shouted military orders at them in harsh tongue. He
was in Neraka now. Ciskei walked confidantly through the streets, head high
as creatures began to notice his presence. Highlord Luerk would be surprised
to see him after their last encounter. If he was here that is. Growling
beasts kept their distance, warded off by his aura, as he made his way
toward their great temple. Only the human guards did stop him at the gate
but and kept at a distance "Im here to see the Dragon Highlord{
" they looked
at eachtother "The former Dragon Highlord stepped down but is still within
the service, though he is not here" one said with a thick accent. Ciskei
glared "Then i will see who is in charge." He pushed past them and heard
swords leave their sheaths "The army has been mobilized to palanthas you
know you may not enter" Ciskei drew dagger and lightning shot from his open
palm and smote one of the gaurds "bring me your commander then" The
terrified human scurried ahead of ciskei. This was his first time in the
temple, he assumed it was more busy when the full army was here. As he
marveled at its high ceilings there became a disturbance beside him, a
ripple of magic, and a new figure appeared there in its wake, cloaked in
black "you were summoned to the tower, what are you doing here Ciskei."
Ciskei bowed at the new figure " Ralmus." then shook his head "I came for
the items i was promised from the Dragon HighLord. I'll return as soon as--"
Just then, A troop of armed men barged through the north door a hideous
goblin at their head clad in astounding armor, their armor jangled as they
sprinted, sword drawn at the two "defile our lady Takhisis' temple with your
presence Magus Ciskei!?" The goblin shreiked "We were told you betreyed the
Former High DragonLord" It licked its lips "Your head will be a worthy
sacrifice!". Ciskei drew his bow from the sheath on his back and knocked
several arrows at once looking at Ralmus, who shook his head "you're on your
own Highmaster..." Another troop appeared behind them and Ciskei's eyes
widened, Surrounded. The goblin cackled to himself as more and more men
poured in to encompass them in a circle. "I hope you change your mind Arch
Magus. You'll die here too" The ring of men and troops around them began to
close in. Ciskei touched his forehead and began to mutter, his arrows lit
with fire and lightning. His body spun his body in a circle as members of
the troop dropped dead and sizzling before them. He continued notching
arrows and firing as the ring of men an goblins around them continued their
advance. lightning crackled from Ralmus' body ne arby and ciskei smiled,
enthusiastic. Now men an goblins were dropping like flies, though more and
more were coming through they were within paces now. He dropped his bow and
pulled for his dagger, glowing with power. The ring closed in and the two
now stood back to back, bolts of lighting and fire still pouring from their
bodies. Ciskei dug his knife out of one of goblin, then a human, let loose a
blast of searing lightning into those left before him then s tared, heart
racing, looking for any that were still alive. Nothing, though he could hear
footfalls of more approaching. He suddenly felt something hot on his side,
stared down at a large knife protruding from his torso. It ripped out of his
bo dy and searing pain shot through him, he turned to see the arch magus
place a hand on the back of the lead goblin's head and utter an incantation.
The creature fumbled around dizzly with confusion. Noticing the regular
troop were gone. Ciskei turned with his own spell, the words hot on his
lips. The creature shook its head, and its eyes glazed over. it stood
staring grogily at the Highmaster. 

Sender  Pike
Date    Tue Jan 19 09:12:42 2010
Subject   gruuk again

(he attacked me )

One day I was walking down the street like i love to do on every Monday at 8
o'clock in the morning. I always like to say hi to my master and some of the
other people I know. some people like Lynx, Lajiwan, and Ciskei. This day
was different. Today i saw someone new. I cringed at the sight of this ...
this ... thing. It was the ugliest thing that I have ever seen. I could tell
that I could kill it easially and so I attacked. I judged right, I didn't
even have to try. I took two or three swings and ... presto... it was dead.
I didn't have very much pride in killing the goblin so it wasn't really
worth it. I didn't have much use in the horrible equipment that it had so I
left it there. It looked as though it was half way done rotting. 

(24 gruuk, again, conclave, pike) 

Sender  Lynx
Date    Wed Jan 20 04:59:37 2010
Subject   kutaka

As I sat in my chambers a disturbing message was dilivered to me. A dwarf
was assulting members of my order. This could not be accepted, and so I
gathered a possie of high ranking members to deal with this. The Solmanic
Knights were consulted, and one was brought along to pass judgement. The
offender was throughly thrashed and his belongings removed. 
24 hours from conclave
all rped out on the ic chan, good fun.

Sender  Dindom
Date    Mon Jan 25 06:02:28 2010
Subject   Ralmus

The sounds of combat disturbed the peaceful calm of the day as Dindom sat
in his shop, sipping ale and going over the inventory. "Strange sound to
hear in the uncontested territory of palanthas" Dindom mused to himself...
"A Dwarf and A helf-elf are fighting at Imperial Square!" A street urchin
yelled as he ran by. Grabbing his dagger and sword from the countertop of
his modest shop, Dindom jumped into action, saying "Oooo, I wonder if it's
any exiles.... traiterous basterds"

As he arrived on the scene, he noticed that the dwarf happened to be a
middle-ranking Dwarf he had noticed around the Kingdoms at several points in
recent history.... Not having any of this nonsense, Dindom quickly jumps
into the fray, disturbing the magical sleep that was induced by the mage
offender. After a short while, the mage showed back up.... with a cleric
friend. So after a few rounds back and forth between Dindom, Kutaka and the
Strange magicy users with one of them left unconcious, Dindom decided he
needed to take a nap and crept into the back room of his shop to lay down a


Sender  Luerk
Date    Tue Jan 26 07:40:23 2010
Subject   Lord's Report: Palanthian Hostilities

Lord Luerk Trell, Prophet of the Queen, frowned disapprovingly at the
crumpled body laid out before him. The human magi, clad in red robes of the
Conclave, lay motionless on the cool cobblestone avenue. The lump of flesh
smouldered with an eerie purplish smoke, some strange arcane spell gone
awry. Gingerly, the Prophet nudged the hapless boy with his toe. "Oi, no
loitering. You are in violation of Dragonarmy Common Law seventy-three

The body made no response, and Lord Trell frowned again. He tapped his foot
impatiently, his elvish slippers slapping against the stone pathway. "Surely
the Conclave could send a more competent apprentice to test my might."
Sighing heavily, the Prophet plucked his spiked mace from the back of the
magi. The embedded head withdrew with a sickening "shlick", and blood
dripped from spike tips. "Pity, he very nearly completed his spell of mass
displacement. I should send his master a note that he mispronounces his
"aww" vowel. I'm sure he'll be along shortly."

The Prophet of Takhisis hefted his mace over his shoulder and continued
along the way, humming pleasantly to himself.

(OOC) 24 hours protection to Pike from the Dragonarmies. 

Sender  Ciskei
Date    Fri Jan 29 22:24:50 2010
Subject   Kutaka

In a bar near the docks of Palanthas a tall young man shrouded in plain
robes sat, sipping cold wine. The pub is a known hangout for the scourge of
this city and as such is populated by liars and thieves, the cutthroat sort.
In recent days, the robed man had had to hide his face, his elven heritage a
give away. He'd become notoious in this city, hated by the occupying Dragon
Army and wanning Solamnic Forces. Bounties had been posted, and recognition
in this town had recently meant conflict.

The robed man beckoned for a serving girl, having finnished his glass. He
placed something in her hands, she walked away, skipped a little at the
amount of coin he had given, then dissappeared behind the bar. He sat lost
in thought until she returned with a bottle of his firebreather wine. She
poured a cup, smiled, and left him be. As the man drank, people of all sort
passed his table. He barely noticed the noise, casually sipping at the
glass, unti l a drunken man slammed into him spilling the blood red sauce
all over the table. The robed man stood brushing red wine off his robes, and
as the waitress fretted over the stains on his robeing, he frustratedly
brushed her away. Then decided just to let her go at it. It was then that he
felt his pockets lighten slightly and out of his peripheral, caught a glimps
of a tiny fleshy hand leaving his pocket. The man whirled quickly and caught
the thief's grotesque hand as it retreated. For a lanky man it was obvious
that he was quite strong as he pulled the scurrying theif into view. Red hot
hatred rose in the robed man's eyes. A small beady eyed dwarf swung his free
fist, a dagger clutched between bulbus little fingers, at the man who
whirled to catch it and with a twist threw both weapon and dwarf to the
ground. "That is mine, dwarf." He glared downward as a tangible aura of red,
white, and black rose poured out of him like steam. He stole his tiny amulet
back, as the small creature cowered back across the floor cursing and
struggling, trampled by the legs of patrons in the packed bar. The robed man
sneered as he dropped an uncaring handful of coinage into the serving girl's
hand as he pushed his way to the front door. He hated these dirty, dark
places anyway. 

The 7th Letter

(24 hours from the Conclave to Kutaka. Thanks for the equipment.)

Sender  Luerk
Date    Sat Jan 30 02:18:24 2010
Subject   Increased Hostilities

The prisoner and his accompanying guards came to a halt before the large
ornate doors of the Lord Mayor's Office in Palanthas. The double doors were
wooden, carved and decorated by master artisans. Tastefully done, the door
is embellished with Solmanics motiffs -- king fishers, roses and golden
crowns. Pausing before the closed doors, one of the younger guards shuffled
uncomfortably. He hesitantly reaches out to door, but waits. He is afraid to
disturb the Lord, who does not take lightly to being bothered with trivial
matters. But an older guard, one holding the prisoner in check, nods, and
the first guard knocks lightly. He clears his throat and swallows. From
inside the officer, a melodious but serious voice answers. "Enter."

Turning the polished silver handles, the guards escourt the prionser inside.
Inside the office is no Solamnic official, nor even a human. But rather, an
elf. Lord Luerk Trell, Prophet of the Dark goddess Takhisis sits at an
impressively large desk. "Forgive our intrusion m'lord, but we captured an
elven spy within the city. He may be in league with the Solamnics knights,
and as ordered we have brought him straight to you."

Lord Trell glanced up from the piles of reports on his desk, eyeing the
beaten and tired wild elf. He does not stop writing with his quill, but says
"I doubt the knights are in league with savage brutes. But nontheless, lock
him up. I don't approve of this vagrant wandering my city."

(OOC) 24 hours protection to Tesno from Dragonarmies. Nothing looted, but
please jail. 

Sender  Kesh
Date    Thu Feb  4 10:29:49 2010
Subject   Revolution: Red Light District

Kesh Greyhem grinned, wagging two fingers at the aged bartender. "C'mon
Kurno, how's about another round for my friend and I?" The bartender, Kurno,
muttered gruffly, setting down the dirty mug he was cleaning. He tossed the
even dirtier rag at Kesh, who laughed as he playfully swatted it away. With
much clinking and swearing, Kurno slide two sloppy ales down the counter.
Kesh grinned again, saying "Put 'em on the tab old boy!"

Kurno cursed, waving off the insolent lad.

Kesh made a face before wisking the drinks away to his table. He set down at
a table occupied by an old dwarf and a rough looking minotaur. "If you can't
believe his story Maynard, dribble this down your gullet and stay awhile."
The minotaur cocked his eyebrow midswig, eyeing the boy skeptically. He
quickly drained the pint and asked "You've got a story better than a
one-legged kender giving the Solamnics the slip?" 

Kesh flashed a cheeky grin and winked. "I was once solicited *wink* by a
wild elf. 'Cept I didn't know she was in fact a he, which needless to say,
further complicated matters." The dwarf coughed on his ale, struggling to
hold back his laugh.

"I've got to hear this ... " snickered the dwarf, wiping away the dribble on
his face. The minotaur, Maynard, chortled and asked "The elf's name wasn't
Mazerith was it?" 

Kesh paused for a moment, then shook his head. "No, I think it was Ulvak.
Strange name. Anyways, it all began with that shifty chap by the docks.."
The lad continues with his story, entertaining his drunken friends.

(OOC) 24 hours protection to Ulvak from me. Cash and a coupon looted. 

Sender  Kiyohime
Date    Sat Feb  6 23:06:45 2010
Subject   Wiglaf

Things were just so chaotic since the war with the Dragonarmies.
We were still trying to heal the wounded, both body and spirit.
Some were still taken with the dragonfear sickness, and were 
proving to be most troublesome.
One such patient was one of the Knighthood's own.
So taken was he by the sickness, we had to restrain him, lest he harm himself.
He would toss and turn all night, crying out..
  "Thar be dragons! Thar be dragons!"
It was keeping the rest of the patients awake, something had to be done.
I tried various potions...all they did was slur his speech.
    "Thaaarrrrrsshhh beeeeeedragonshhhhh"
I tried spells....
Ok, so haste wasn't one of my brighter ideas..
Finally, one day, he broke free from his restraints. Running amok
around the encampment (sans attire, ew) scaring everyone.
Sighing heavily, I resorted to a tried and true method. 
A quick rap across the forehead with Mishakal's Wonder Staff and
he began to rest quietly. After a few minutes of embarrasiing applause 
from the rest of my fellow priests. I retired to my quarters, writing
a report to Sir Lanfer, as to the status of his recovering troops.

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