The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Whastryk.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a heavy leather-bound book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Whastryk' scribed in vibrant blue ink.

Author:  Whastryk
Date    Thu Jan 31 23:52:44 2002

Subject  The History of the Black Kite

Whastryk Kite grew up in the small town of Haven, among a normal merchant
family.  Whastryk did have a privaleged youth, and he enjoyed it much.

At the age of 15, Whastryk and his family visited a Magic show, the mage was
casting simple cantrips, but who would know?  Whastryk was immediately

Whastryk sat there and gaped as the magic user perforrmed sleight-of-hand and
illusion magic.  The adrenaline flowed through Whastryk's veins and his body
quivered with anticipation... "I am going to do that one day"

After the Kite family returned from the magic show, there was a little
conversation among them about it; "Whell, that was fun, wasnt it?" "Yes, quite
entertaining" Whastryk said nothing.

A few months later, the same magician returned and this time Whastryk did not
attend the show, instead he snatched the opportunity to visit the mage's
carrage and tent for himself.

Whastryk did not expect the mage to be there, and he wasnt.  As Whastryk
entered the tent, he noticed a locked footlocker at the end of the mage's cot,
a something of a misled youth, Whastryk laughed at this and easily picked the

Upon opening the chest, a brilliant flash of light erupted and blind Whastryk.
 Whastryk was only momentarily blind, however and he had no other visible
damage done to him.

Further examination of the contents of the chest revealed it had a false
bottom.  Grinning like the sly teenage boy he was, he popped up the false
bottom with a short knife, revealing several books bound with black as night

Inthralled he slowly reached out grabbed one of the more important-looking,
older ones.  At this time, a ordinary human would have been writhing in agony
from having touched the dark spellbook.

Whastryk did not open the book yet, he knew time was running short, so he
replaced the false bottom and the rest of the contents and closed the
footlocker, he could not lock the lock, but he set it so the lock looked

Quickly Whastryk hurried home and emptied his nights plunder into a secret
place where various other plunders were stored.  Whastryk then continued to go
to bed, since he had told his parents he was feeling ill.

That night, Whastryk had a most erie dream.

Author:  Whastryk
Date    Thu Jan 31 23:53:16 2002

Subject  History of Whastryk Kite part 2

Walking in a open field, Whastryk is at least 10 more years older, and clad in
robes of the darkest Black.

A Army of the most foul creatures he has ever seen starts to rush past him,
not even taking notice of his presence.  Whastryk does not know it at the
time, but those are the evil forces of the Knights of Takhisis.

Behind them come the renowned Knights of Solamnia with Brilliant shining
armor and gleaming swords.

In the next instant Whastryk is in a library, surrounded by people clad in
brown robes, and next to him there is a ageless man, clad in white robes,
writing franticly, endlessly.

He seems loathe to stop writing, but nevertheless he looks up and says "Who
are you?"

After a moment Whastryk replies "I am the Dark Kite!" and in a much more
awry and hideous tone "Fear me for I will be the bane of you in due time!"
Whastryk was apalled at his own words.

Some other force seems to be in control of this dream, and no matter how hard
he struggles, he cannot control his own actions.  All of a sudden, the
dizzying scene stops, and all goes black...

"Why do you resist?" Booms a voice, deep and dark. "You chose this path
tonight, your actions have chosen your lifes work" A beautiful but terrible
voice says.

"Whastryk, you wish for power, you cannot lie to yourself any longer, the
mage you witnessed was but a initiate of the order, barely capable of the most
simple spells" said a voice, sad and soft.

"You must choose Whastryk, which of the orders you will follow, for you will
follow one, that much is known.  Follow Nuitari and the magic will flow freely
through your veins with much ease"

"Choose Lunitari or Solinari and the magic will flow more reluctantly,
though it will be more potent."

And in the next instant, evil reignes supreme and the dream was over.

That morning, the pages of the spellbook were open to Whastryk, one the first

Thus concludes the deciding factors in Whastryk Kite's life, the rest up
untill now is History.

Author:  Whastryk
Date    Fri Feb  1 21:11:09 2002

Subject  The coming of darkness

The compnents for this spell had taken days to find, searching in the area
around Haven, he eventually found the numerous components  needed.

Whastryk had never been more focused in his life, he was prepared for this
moment, mentally and physically.  Only a low-ranking mage at this point, he
was sure he had the knowledge and power to complete it.

Sitting at his makeshift study in the mansion of his late father, Whastryk
prepared the components and studied his spellbook for the last time before the

His eyes scanned every letter, every detail of the incantation, which was over
five pages long.  He would have to pronounce thos to the letter, or his spell
would fail and he would likely die.

After many long hours of arduous chanting, Whastryk was readdy to pass out,
but he MUST not falter in his concentration, at this stage it would be lethal.
 When all hope had faded and he thought he had failed at his spell, a smidge
of fire appear appeared floating in mid-air.

At this he was hopefull, then two hellhounds appeared instantly!  The Dark
Kite's carrer just took a turn for the better.  He stared at the vicous
abysmal hounds with intense, burning desire for power, "you will start the
Reign of Terro r"

The hellhounds immediately anticipated their master's thoughts and
disappeared.  They were to fetch stone Gargoyles from the demon plane. 
Whastryk would worry about controlling them when the hounds were successfull
at retrieving any, a control s control spell is much more simple than a spell
of summoning.

It would take the abysmall hounds quite a long time to convince any gargoyles
in their natural, tempremental state to come the plane of mortals.  Whastryk
knew this, so he cast a spell of shield around the summoning pentagon and lay
down for slee p

The story of the Black Kite continues.....

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