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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Whisper.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Whisper' scribed in faded brown ink.

Author:  Whisper
Date    Tue Apr 27 00:32:56 2004

Subject  background

"Brother?  I got some food.  We're fine for a few more days."

"What?  No...he said that we'd get no more help.  He won't continue to
support 'lazy Kender'."

     *giggle* "I know.  It'll be alright, though.  Finish eating.  We
should be on the road soon.  He dropped his belt pouch as he was
leaving...when I tried to return it, he got mad."

Waking from a dream is never easy.  When the dream is a nightmare it's even
harder.  You can't tell if you've truly come awake...or if it's only a deeper
form of the dream.  I've been living a dream for a long time.

Only recently have I begun to wake up and see the reality...

My brother took care of me for a long time.  When things got really bad, he
was there to help.  *chortle*  I did get blamed for a lot of the stunts he
pulled, though...he always did hide better than I.

I remember the time he thought the cat of the Lord Mayor's wife would make a
nice mouse catcher for our home.  Of course, when he handed me the lead
attached to the cat's collar and told me to lead it home, I didn't know who's
cat it was.  I took the city guard on quite a chase when they saw me.

*beam* Until the cat scratched me and ran right through the legs of the
soldier behind me...he tried to grab the cat and keep running at the same
time.  *giggle  Tied himself into a nice little knot and tripped everyone
behind him.

*sigh*  I haven't seen my brother for almost three years, now.  I've been
looking for nearly two.  I don't know what I'll do when I find him...

but I hope I do.  I still need someone to look after me, I guess.

Author:  Whisper
Date    Tue Apr 27 11:38:33 2004

Subject  addition

I realize it is a clich, and I apologize even as I say this.  Life is not a
destination, but a journey.  For a Kender, that journey is as much literal
as it is figurative.  Often, entire lives are spent searching.  The funny
thing is...we seldom even know for what we are searching.  In my case, I think
that all I am looking for is a way to better myself.  That has been my

To learn.  To grow.  To experience.

Why?  I...I don't know.  My brother didn't know, and I doubt that he has
discovered the reason.  *sigh*  If it has been my passion, then it has
also been my folly.  While he always managed to find things that caught his
fancy, such shiny trinkets that would amuse a jackdaw but could never
hold my attention for long...  I have searched for books to read, mazes
to traverse, riddles to solve.  These are my Shinys.  Such
things are hard to come by, and are seldom entrusted to a Kender's keeping,
even for a short time.

I have patience, though.  Not as much as an elf or dwarf, for I am not as long
lived as that.  But enough.  *chortle*  How we must appear to the gods. 
Like ants to us, I would imagine.  Always bustling furiously about.  Working
at many tasks for long hours.

And in the end, accomplishing only a small bit of what we had hoped.

But, as a great Kender once said, it is the small things that add up and make
a difference in the end.

(I'm having difficulty reconciling my IC character with the one that is
presented in my stories.  I'm too goofy IRL, I guess.  Any form of
constructive criticism or comments would be greatly appreciated.)

Author:  Whisper
Date    Thu Jun 17 13:58:27 2004

Subject  conversation with a fellow Kender

I believe I have found what I have been looking for all these years.  To many,
it may be a thing of secondary importance.  To me, however, nothing could be
worth more.  I have found a home.

   *giggles when his companion picks up some misplaced fruit*

Home is not necessarily the place you live.  It isn't any single building or
area.  It's a thought.  An idea.  A group of people on whom you can rely. 
Until recently, I was pretty much alone with my own thoughts.  And no matter
how many thoughts one has, they aren't very good company.

   *peers at a merchant, acquiring several rings as they pass*

This brings me to what I have to say.  Kender should join our family.  Become
a part of our home.

I know what you are thinking.  "Why would I need a home, if I'm out on the

   Well, WEREN'T YOU LISTENING?!  A home isn't a place!  It is a
collection of fellows who can help you when you're in need!

Remember when you were accused of borrowing that lady's earrings, and you were
put in *shudder* that awful place?  A family would help to get you out.

   *pauses as his friend ducks under the arms of a guard*

Tell every Kender you see that Wanderlust is the home that travels with you.

   *rolls his eyes while slipping into an alley*

Yes.  Exactly like a turtle.

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