The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Wygz.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a massive tome bound in dragonskin on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Wygz' scribed in unearthly green ink.

Author:    Wygz           
Date:      Thu Apr  5 14:41:25 2018
Subject     An Odd Arrival

The harbour master sits on his stool in front of the writing desk holding the mooring manifest. He lets out a heavy sigh, then looks up to the sinking sun. A smile crosses his face as he realizes his shift is nearly over, but the smile turns to a frown as another small boat sails into the Bay of Branchala. Clearly an elven ship, which was odd these days, but this one is very peculiar. Its sails are a dark grey with a white quilted pattern. Interconnected in that pattern is a symbol that looks like an open book. The hull itself is of elven make, but there are odd runes about the entirety of it. The heavy set man watches as the boat comes closer, seeing the pilot is the only person on the boat causes his eyebrow to rise. As it approaches, the sails seem to furl themselves. The boat comes into moor and stops just shy of touching the dock itself and the elf pilot steps off in a single fluid motion. It is at this time that the harbour master realizes that the elf has been reading a book the entire time. The man stands mouth agape as the elf casually walks by, his head in his old book. The pilot is peculiarly dressed with a sort of matching jacket, vest, and trousers. He holds the book in one hand, and in the other he has a sort of parasol held along with his luggage. The man comes back to himself and calls out to the elf, "Sir, excuse me, sir." Then again louder to break the elf's attention, "Oi, elf!" The odd elf stops, then seems to finish the passage he is reading before looking up with a pleasant smile, "I am sorry, sir, how can I help?" The harbour master finds himself swallowing his annoyance as if unable to remain frustrated at the elf, "There is a mooring fee, sir." The elf starts at this, then looks back at his boat. "My goodness, thank you for reminding me, I had completely forgotten." The human finds a loss for words as the pilot walks right past him again towards the boat. The suited elf sets his luggage down then waves his umbrella at the boat a few times and suddenly it is no longer there, or so the man thinks. The elf then walks to the edge of the dock where the ladder stands. Then, setting his book and umbrella on the dock, he climbs down the ladder. When he climbs back up, he is carrying what looks like an identical model of the boat. He opens his portmanteau and tucks it inside, despite the obvious lack of space based on the bag's dimensions. The peculiar elf then takes up his things and gives a broad smile to the man. The elf walks up to the man, the large man's mouth agape once more. The elf, still smiling, presents the old book he has been reading to the harbour master, "For your troubles, and would you mind pointing me in the direction of the great library?" Without saying a word, the harbour master points towards the direction of the library and watches as the elf begins the walk down the docks then into the city, reflecting on the peculiarity of the encounter. After the elf disappears from sight, he looks down at the title of the book, 'The Wonders of Istar, and Other Reasons to Visit the City of Virtue'.

Author: Wygz Date: Tue May 1 19:58:45 2018 Subject A Declined Request

The Aesthetic makes her way through the hallways of the Great Library at a brisk walk. She reverently holds a folded sheet of paper in her hands, its edges fluttering slightly as she makes her way back to the entrance of the building. She slows down and collects herself before turning the corner and entering the large entry hall. In a corner of the room, sitting in a cushioned chair and reading an ancient book is an elf in peculiar garb. She gets within a few feet of the elf, expecting him to react to her presence. Instead, the elf continues reading the old tome as if he was completely unaware of his surroundings. The Aesthetic clears her throat once, then twice, then finally speaks, "Sir?" "Oh, excuse me," the elf says, as he plucks his bowler hat off his knee and stands, "It seems I was lost in my book. Shall we go see him?" The elf gives the Aesthetic a delighted smile as he peers deep into her eyes. The woman breaks the elf's gaze and looks down as she reaches out her hand, presenting the slip of paper. "The Chronicler will not see you now. He is much too busy at the moment." "Oh, of course," the elf says, unphased by the declining of his request to see Astinus. He opens the small sheet of paper and reads its contents, a small smile crossing his face. "Tell him that I understand, and will return," he says as he refolds the piece of paper and places it in his book before snapping it shut. As he shuts the book, the Aesthetic is able to make out the title, 'Sir Loren Soth, Protector of Pilgrims'. She eyes the elf as he tucks the book into a pocket inside his odd jacket. As she eyes his clothing, she notices the open book pin on his lapel and her eyebrow rises. The elf reaches down and retrieves his luggage from beside his chair, and with a nod states, "Well, thank you, Miss. I hope to see you again soon." He turns on his heel and makes his way to the exit. He opens it, then stops as he notices the rain outside. He replaces the bowler hat on his head, then pulls out a black umbrella from between the handles of his portmanteau. With luggage back in hand, he looks back and gives a wave for the Aesthetic, then opens his umbrella and steps out into the rain, disappearing into the haze.

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