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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Wyldsheed.

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Author:    Wyldsheed      
Date:      Sat Nov 18 19:12:37 2006
Subject  Getting Started

Stopping at the crossroad north of the tower, Wyldsheed turned and waved to her
family,almost falling off her horse again. Laughing happily, she catches
herself, and turns to face the road.

Spurring the animal on,she directs it north, into the plains of Heartlund. She
gently tugged at the lead rope to the pack mule, and with little protest, the
beast fell into step behind the graceful horse.

Finally on her way, armed with documents and letters of introduction, and the
well worn rapier and leather armour of the Grassland Scouts, Wyldsheed joyfully
began the journey to the High Clerist Tower, then on to Palanthas.

It still amazed her, that the old Priest insisted she take up the cause of the
Knighthood, that he believed she was chosen by the gods, or in this case, the
god her family always served, to carry on the duty of honour and service to
Kiri-Jolith. More so when her own brother was thought to be the one. When the
grey haired Holyman announced his choice, her brother almost fell over.

"She's a walking catastrophe! You can't seriously think anyone's safe if she
starts throwing blessings and weapons around? She'll bring disaster to the city!
She-is-too-clumsy!" he almost shouted.

The old cleric simple nodded, bemused and just as surprised as anyone," I know
this Lorryn,however it was she who was chosen, and it is she that will be sent
to be...trained. The gods have mercy on the Knighthood" he mumbled as an

Wyldsheed became quite upset, quickly standing to defend herself, "I am quite
capable...' she started, however, upon standing she bumped hard into the table,
upsetting the candle stand, which fell over, which in turn landed on the old
priest, which ignited his beard, which caused such a commotion, that she quite
forgot what she had stood to say.

Once the old man was extinguished, he glared at her, then sighed in
exasperation. " Why don't you go get prepared for your journey my dear?" he said
through tightly and slightly singed lips.

Author:    Wyldsheed      
Date:      Sat Dec  2 11:43:00 2006
Subject  Travels to Palanthas

While travelling to Palanthas, I came across a village with an outpost of the
Knighthood, and thinking this would be good a time as any, I would offer my
services to the Royal Advisor. Knowing they always had their hands full with
criminals and delicate situations concerning lost or pilfered items, I was sure
I could prove my worth. I entered, and introduced myself. Unfortunately, when I
bowed, my sword sheath knocked over a vase near the doorway. The Advisor
sighed,rolling his eyes, but then proceeded to give me a warrant.

"Thank you brave Wyldsheed, an Enemy of the Crown, a small child, has murdered
7 citizens,the sentence for this crime is death, you are to find this child, and
deliver the sentence"
I blinked slowly, slightly shocked," A small child? Murdered? 7 citizens?"
 "Yes, the child is located somewhere in the vicinity of a small farmhouse,good luck"

I left the Advisor's office, wondering just what kind of children they raised up
here in the northern part of Solamnia, that were so inclined to violence, and
could get away with murdering 7 people. Anyway, finding the farm house was easy,
as people were running away screaming about the killer and pointing to a small
square near a well, a sort of marketplace it seemed. I dismounted my horse,
tethering it nearby, and approached the child, my donkey following for some
reason. The child was dressed in dark blue satin shorts,a lacey silken,white
shirt with ruffles,and a blue jacket. He appeared to be of noble parentage,or
something. But when he turned those large blue eye toward me, I saw the depths
of the Abyss, two sapphire tunnels to the darker regions.

"Where's my blue hat!" he screamed, and then walked up and slapped my donkey.

Donkey didn't take to that very well, turning and launching the child with a
kick that sent him back across the square near the well, tumbling and sliding in
the dirt. Amazingly enough, the child jumped back up, screaming, up onto the
edge of the well. Obviously this was no normal child. I drew my rapier, with a
flourish I might add, and intended on pointing it at him, but in the drawing of
the blade, I must have skewered a cabbage from the produce vendors stall, and
when i swung the sword back, it shot off as if launched from a catapult,
striking the child in the chest,knocking him into the well. A long, long, too
long wail came from the falling child tumbling down the shaft.
End Part One

Author:    Wyldsheed      
Date:      Sat Dec  2 12:23:37 2006
Subject  Travels to Palanthas 2


For what seemed a long time, the wail persisted, then finally cut off.

The square was silent, the citizens looking around in what I took to be
amazement. From long practice, I stood straight, resheathed my rapier, looking
like that was my plan all along.

I swaggered over to the well, peering cautiously down, greeted by a terrible
odour. Like, rotting garbage.

It was far too dark to see down there, so looking around, I saw a torch light
mounted on a pole by the street. I fetched it, struck a flint to it, igniting it
and went back to the well. I looked down, still not seeing anything, I dropped
the torch in, about the same time one of the town watchmen tackled me aside to
the ground.

"What are you doing?" I cried, when a deep rumbling from underground shook
the village, and with a roar, a spout of flame worthy of any dragon erupted from
the well. it quickly went out, but little balls of fire were flying out of the
well and running all over town. At first i thought the Abyss was emptying all
the fire imps that lived there, but on closer observation, I could see it was a
herd of burning rats,running all over, setting merchant stalls aflame as they
expired within.

The old Town watchman looked at me, and explained."The well has been dry for
many a year now, we took to dumping  garbage down the hole, but it gets a sort
of swamp gas growing down there, so we try to keep fire away from it you see."

About that time, a larger object came streaking out of the sky, trailing smoke,
to land, splat!, in the town square. A small lump that I think was once the
child, but dead at any rate. Standing and brushing myself off, I could now
return to the Royal Advisor, and tell him of the completion of assigned task.
Moving around the burning stalls, and keeping out of the way of the people
trying to put the fires out, I returned to my horse and rode back to the
Advisor's Office.

Upon arrival, I saw the Advisor standing outside the building, looking back to
the west. I turned and saw a dark pillar of smoke from the general direction of
the village I was just at. I bowed, and informed him that I had completed my
task, executing the ,uh, murderous child. He looked at me, a strange look,
pointed at the horizon where the smoke still rose, shook his head, and choked
out a few words.

"Who, what happened...where..just who are you anyway?" he finally sputtered
out. "I am Wyldsheed L'Ombre de Lune de Auchuran, at your service m'lord"
and bowed again. The Adivsors rolled his eyes, (something he seemed to do
frequently) and uttered an oath. "By Paladin's sandals and Habbakuk's robe,
not L'Ombre de Lune!" and he groaned such that I thought him afflicted with
some plague or something.

He tossed me a small bag of coins, then quickly went back into the Office,
closing and sounding like he was barring the door. I shrugged, remounted my
horse, tucking the coins in my sash, and continued my ride to Palanthas.

I do hope they are more normal there than out here on the Plains.

Author:    Wyldsheed      
Date:      Sun Dec 24 14:27:21 2006
Subject   The L'Ombre de Lune Legacy


The Pavilion had been set up along the banks of the river Salarain. All of the
Tower's occupants gathered around, awaiting the old priest and his tales of the
past. Some rested on coarse blankets on the grass, others brought crude benches
and rough chairs. The L'Ombre de Lune family sat at the banquet table,awaiting
the event to begin.

Finally, the wizened old priest took to the raised platform, and tapping his
crook three times on the wood floor, he gained the attention of the crowd, and
began his receital.

"Hear ye now the story of the land, the story of a Tower raised by the River
Salarain by the Knight of Solamnia Lord Heltann Auchuran, accompanied by his
wife Lady Erissa and son Vattaan.

The Tower was an outpost against Darkness during the Age of Despair, when many
sought new gods to replace those they had lost faith in. Lord Auchuran was among
those who lost their way. Lord Heltann came from a log line of Noble Knights,
his courage and loyalty to the Knighthood, were never doubted. His wife, ever
the dedicated spouse,stood besdie him in adversity and prosperity.

But even the most noble, may fall prey to confusion.

When an old man, dressed in white and grey, came to the castle, and spoke to the
heir of Heltann, the young Vattaan listened to his tales of the true gods.And
learned. Lord Auchuran took offense at this, and drove the old one away.

A time came, when the Keep was under assault, goblins had visited the plains of
Solamnia yet again. One determined wretch of a goblin made his way into the
Keep, and struck out at the young Vattaan, who was only 7 years of age. The boy,
valiantly trying to aid the defenders, was struck down, and almost at Chemosh's
doorstep. The assault was thwarted, and the Lord and Lady found thier son dying.
For weeks he lay, in and out of a coma, when both parents beseeched Paladine to
deliver the boy from the dark embrace of death. Paladine heard thier pleas, and
returned the boy to the Light.

Vataann grew to be a great healer for his Lord Paladine, rising to high ranks in
the Holy Order. But as his calling drew him away, no heir was left to take up
the responsibility of the Keep.

It fell upon Sir Rycord L'Ombre de Lune, and his wife, six sons and his daughter
to take the mantle of Steward of Auchuran Tower. Sir Rycord came from a long
line of knights who dedicated themselves to Kiri-Jolith, and every other
generation of L'Ombre de Lune produced a Holy Knight, one chosen by the Sword of
Justice, to serve as His Holy Warrior.

Sir Rycord's uncle had served the Knighthood honourably, and it was thought that
his son,Lorryn, would be the next to give Holy service. But, alas, Lorryn was
chosen for the priesthood, to serve in far away Solace as His Word to the

*** At this time Wlydsheed shifted in her seat, thinking "They don't have to
sound so disappointed about that" ***

The venerable old priest continued, glancing over at Wyldsheed.

This most Holy and Noble burden, has fallen to Sir Rycord's youngest child, and
only daughter... *** The priest looks up at the Heavens, closing his eyes,
muttering a quiet prayer***

This most blessed charge, and great given to...

*** Sighing heavily, opening his eyes to look at the squirming heir***

Wyldsheed L'Ombre de Lune di Auchuran, dedicated of the Bison of Heaven,Emperor,
Sword of Justice, Kiri-Jolith. *** "May the Gods of Light show Mercy to the
Lands and the Knighthood" he added under his breath***

*** Wyldsheed stood up crying out "Hey, come on now..." but in doing so,
knocked her chair back, causing a maid to spill a taureen of hot soup on a
squire, scalding the poor boy and making him yelp and cry out noisily. Wyldsheed
blushes, looks around, "Nevermind" she says and sits back down. ***

The priest just shakes his head in resignation,stepping down from the platform.

Author:    Wyldsheed      
Date:      Sat Dec 30 22:15:41 2006
Subject   Letter to Home


Dearest Family,
  I arrived in Palanthas early and quite well, although worn from the travel.
  Palanthas is a very busy city, and quite large. So many people, and so many
  different races and types of people! But as grand a place as it is, it has
  it's blemishes, and not all of it is as safe or clean as one would expect. I
  reported to the Solamnic Hall here, and presented the letters of introduction
  and the Sealed Edict given by our Temple Guardian. A Lord Godric and Sir Ridel
  met with me, and after a lengthy interview, accepted me as a Squire to the
  Crown! I was given a few duties, mostly patrolling the streets, keeping unruly
  thugs and even more unruly teenagers and other animals in line and obeying the
  local laws. A few minor quests were also assigned, as well as much training in
  my combat skills, and a few lessons in my works for Holy Kiri-Jolith,such as
  giving His Blessings and a few rudimentary healing applications. I had been
  working hard at being a worthy member of the Knighthood, when I finally found
  out who my Patron Knight  was, or who I was assigned to actually. Perhaps
  father or one of my brothers have heard of him, he is Cormac di Solanthus, and
  I gather he is of High rank and reputation within the Knighthood, although I
  have yet to meet with him.

  So, all else is going well, I have even travelled to a few towns in my
  duties,such as Solace, A dreary place called Lemish, and Tantallon. I have
  mastered a few weapons, and am learning new skills all the time, although Lord
  Demilon has a strange habit of wandering off muttering to himself during

  I will write more when I have a chance to, and will keep you all in my
  thoughts and prayers.
          Est Sularus Oth Mithas
          Wyldsheed L'Ombre de Lune di Auchuran
          Squire to Lord Cormac di Solanthus

Author:    Wyldsheed      
Date:      Wed Feb 28 15:24:57 2007
Subject     Returning Home

I looked at the note passed on to me from Lord Railen, quite pleased that my first
duty as a Knight of the Crown would be leading an expedition to my home in Auchuran!
   Of course, I already knew the Keep's defenses quite well,having spent my first 
sixteen years there. As for the goblins, they had been quiet for a long time now.
I am to lead a column of 20 fine Knights of Solamnia, along with the neccessary
supply trains and tradesmen, to Auchuran, evaluate the Keep,(Won't father be overjoyed)
estimate any threat the goblins may pose,and make recommendations as to where 
improvements can be made.
I'm sure my brothers will have a lot of input there,as they were always giving advice
to the old Priest about what could/should/would be done if only the Knighthood had
sent a representative to our humble village.
Of course, I am not certain how the old "pulpit-thumper" will react to my return,
wearing the livery of a Crown Knight no less. I guess I should send word ahead as
a courtesy, But then again, a surprise is always fun.
I hope mother will prepare some fresh chicken for dinner while I am there. The 
kitchen here in Palanthas, even for the Knighthood, is somewhat lacking.

Author:    Wyldsheed      
Date:      Wed Mar  7 21:54:22 2007
Subject     The Logistics of Going Somewhere

So after I received my instructions form Lord Railen, a little wiry man,
dressed in a maroon velvet robe, came up to me, introducing himself as
Counselour LeRiche, movement co-ordinator for the Knighthood.
"How many Knights will be accompanying you?" he asks.
"Well , Lord Railen has assigned 20 knights to travel with me" I answer.
"Hmmm, twenty Knights,that means twenty squires,yes?" he says, eyebrow raised.
"Well, yes, I suppose, I've never really done this before."
""Ah I see,"and I swear he was positively writhing with joy.
"You realize that twent Knights and twenty Squires, will require attendants?'
I was taken aback at this, realizing my small company had just tripled in size.
"And you realize, we will require cooks, a sutler, teamsters for the wagons"
"Wagons!?!" I cried.
"Well how do you expect to carry the food and supplies twenty Knights will require?"
"I..I had thought we'd simply travel to Auchuran, it's only four days ride, at most"
At this his lip curled, looking at me with disdain.
"You expected them to sleep in the open, living on dried meat and raw oats?"
"Well...yes?" I asked confusedly.
"Where did you grow up ,girl? In a trappers village?"
I certainly did not like his tone.
"I was raised as a Grassland Scout, in Heartlund"I replied proudly.
He scoffed, thin lips smirking.
"I was close, you have to understand, my dear Chevalier,Knights do not just
 plop down on the bare ground and dine on cold provisions"
I could feel my left eye starting to twitch at this foppish man already.
"They are warriors,yes? They are accustomed to being in the field"
He actually rolled his eyes in disbelief.
"You have much to learn about moving armoured Knights, which reminds me,where
 is your platemail?"
Tapping my finger on my leather vest, I glared back at him.
"This is what I wear, I move quickly, and have no need for heavy platemail"
Then he snorted.
"Light Horse Cavalry,I should have known,hmmph, well, it is good i am going with 
you, you have much to learn about real Knights and Heavy Horse"
I was about to take offense, when I fully understood what he was saying.
"You are going with us as well?"
Nodding a bit too smugly, he indicated a scroll case on his hip.
"Yes, of course, someone has to put together this expedition to the wilderness"
I about drew my blade on him.
"Auchuran is hardly a 'wilderness', it is a proper Keep,holdin to Solamnic
Tradition!" He snorted, waving his hands.
"I am sure it is..very then, here's a few maps, and a few documents
for you to sign, as you are leading this group, you will be responsible for
the men, animals and hardware needed"
I stood shocked at all the parchment he handed to me.
"Just..just how many people are going on this..this..journey?"
He looked up, doing cypher on the clouds, as I've heard it called.
"Counting the attending priest,yoursel and myself,seventy-three in all"
I was sure my jaw hit the ground.
He nodded confidently.
"Yes, a small group, but we will get by with it"
He looked up again, then back at me.
"50 horse, plus your own and mine,20 mule, 10 oxen, and most likely one or two
Kender will be in the animal trains."
I felt the world tilt around me.
He pursed his lips at this.
"Yes, Kender, we can't seem to avoid them"
Kiri-Jolith, protect and guide me, I am leading an invasion to my homeland.

Author:    Wyldsheed      
Date:      Tue Feb 16 02:37:59 2016
Subject     This Was the Way Home, Right?

The small ship slipped into an open berth at the docks. All was bustle and noise, and some swearing. The gangway was lowered and people began to disembark, including a soldier of the Knighthood in Solamnia, but definately looking to be from southern Solamnia. She checked with the cargo-master, who assured her the horse in question would be unloaded soon. So in the meantime, she would have time to look around, see what the local flavour was like. So far there were elves, of course. This was Kurmost after all, shipping centre of Silvanost. Some dwarves, a few other humans. But nothing unique or different from any other city, just more elves. Wyld had known elves, just not so many in one place. Some of the vendors around the docks hawked their goods, some had little fire cauldrons set up, selling delicacies, and roughe fare, all giving the are a fragrance all its own. An Announcement board posted notices for hire, situations for able body workers, a couple openings for casters of various skills. One notice called for veterans to help rebuild and fill the ranks of the Knighthood. Wyld sort of chuckled at that. She had been away when the last war ended with the sad defeat of the Old Guard. Now she returned, hearing of the state the Knights were in and how some went rogue and some mercenaries. She was going to help rebuild the armies, somehow. For now, she ran messages for those few commanders still loyal the the gods that watched over them. While wandering she overheard some talk about "lizard" people and bandits, things going on out in the wilderness. Travelers being robbed or people missing. But it seemed it was not enough to motivate the army to do anything just yet. The horse had finally been unloaded, and they made their way into town. Wyld had to find the local outpost of the knighthood, and see what the situation was in this part of the land. Hopefully there would be someone there and someone with information. Otherwise the trip home would be empty handed, and her coin purse was getting much too light. Maybe she could find a situation with the traders and vendors heading east to Qualinost. She frowned a bit, that meant the Plains of Dust, but, north would be too close to the ogres or the Dragonarmies, neither who were that friendly with squires of their enemies. Yes, traveling with a caravan was sounding better each moment. Have to check that notice board or chat with some of those sutlers after her task was done here.

Author: Wyldsheed Date: Sun Feb 28 00:06:56 2016 Subject On the Way Home...Sort Of?

Looking over the Public Notice board, Wyld read the notices. Quite a few involved sea travel, loading and unloading ships. Some were for farm work, sword-for-hire wanted, and various notices for trades wanted or missing persons. Typical local things. One intersting note was more or less a wanted poster, with reward. A certain spell-caster was of interest to what was euphemistically called the "Broken Chain Enforcement" riders, a name the Dragonarmies used to hide their activities in the former lands held by the Western Kingdoms. Something to keep an eye on, if they were so brazen as to post bounties in Kurmost. That they were here at all made riding with a caravan across the Plains of Dust more desireable. About then she noticed a person in tattered and stained blue robes watching her. Where did he come from she thought. One of those 'fated meetings' you read about in legends? As she straitened her posture in preperation for an epic meeting, she felt a tugging at her cape, and a gruff voice uttering her name. She watched the blue robed being turn and walk away before looking down to see an extremely filthy dwarf, hair and beard all wild and matted. Not the much heralded meeting of heroes she had hoped for. "What...may I help you, somehow? Perhaps the direction to a reputable bath house?" The dwarf rasped and wheezed, which seemed like a chuckle of sorts. "Ye seem in need of o'bit ah help in yer direction. Here I be, at yer service." he croaked out. I was taken aback some at this, looking at him with a bit of puzzlment, I silently cocked my head questioningly. "Wot ye need ta be a'doin' is finded oout wha' happened ta them wagons, an' I be here ta help you find it out. Now let'sa get movin'!" And with that he was already waddling down the street, northish, assuming I would follow. As I was considering what had just happened, he yelled over his blocky shoulder, "Ya ken gimme yer report along the way, an' I'll gie ya' the outpost reprt for them that are in Sol'thus way." THIS was the person I was to meet? That filthy vagabond was the outpost commander? Oh Kiri-Jolith, what has happened to the Knighthood?

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