The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Yaden.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places an elegant book bound in elf-skin on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Yaden' scribed in dark purple ink.

Author:  Yaden
Date    Sat Jan  4 04:37:21 2003

Subject  My pledge to Takhisis.

Magic, all my life I have wanted nothing more than to grab hold of it and have
it consume me. To do so I always thought that would mean joining the Conclave
and finding my place there.

While growing up and studying magic, I was approached by one or two mages, at
random, asking and looking over my power and potential. (Actually only one
'Claver, Arrisk, thats it.)

Then one day I was approached by a member of the Knights of Takhisis, Aurel.
He told me there was another way to find the power that I so desired, knowing
that in most all mages' hearts sits that yearning for power.

I listened to what he said, and everything seemed to click. After he started
talking about Takhisis in specifically, I was won over. Finding a path that
could dilver me up to this wonderful goddess made too much sense.

After that day, still not totally knowing what Takhisis was about, I decided
to let the Conclave have one last chance to apprentice me, when I found that
none was forthcoming, I waited patiently for Aurel's return, which didn't take

He greeted me with nice words, waited for my agreement about joining, and
whisked me away to the keep of the Knights. There I took my vows, with vigor,
and waited to be accepted or denied.

Knowing the Conclave's feeling on mages not within there ranks, going as far
as to calling them Renegades, I decided to make a pledge of my own. There, in
the halls of the Knights of Takhisis, I made my own silent pledge.

(Maybe I'll tell you what my pledge is, maybe I won't, whats it to ya??)

- Yaden, Prodigy of Lord Sidholt.

Author:  Yaden
Date    Sat Jan  4 05:23:18 2003

Subject  Run in with a "Raith".

I was strolling the walkways of Solace one day, and I walked into a random
store. This store was filled with items galore. Something caught my eye and my
senes, and I picked it up.

It was a flame torch, I immediately felt a throbbing of it, and it registered
quickly. I then asked the owner where it came from.

He said, "Some elven mage brought it to me earlier today, boasting about how
easy he came about it and how he was getting more."

I immediately froze, silently thinking, "Did he say getting more?". Suddenly a
memory appeared to me, clear as day. It was of my day taking my pledges and of
the silent pledge I gave.

I hurried to the door, there I stopped and hurled the flame at the yelling
storekeeper, hoping not to injure him. Having visited the Drow recently, I
knew very well where those flames were from, and with Takhisis' help, I'd find

Find the entrance to the Drow area, I entered eager at what I might find. I
crept through the halls, a spell of sleep on my lips, a searched.

There!, a flicker of light, I stepped into the room and caught him by suprise,
almost instantly the words and power of magic were flowing through me, forming
a spell of sleep. Instead of succeeding I failed, utterly, and he immediately

Both our weapons being enchanted, we were both blinded, after this wore off I
searched for him again and found him, attempting to cast a spell. There I
began casting spells of blind and finally remembered the last spell I learned,
Acid Blast.

I could feel the power rushing in me as I began the words to the spell,
uttering the last words the power of Takhisis rushed out of me, jolting me to
the floor. When I was able to stand up, I saw my foe unconcious on the floor.

Pity took hold of me then, as I was getting up and brushing myself off. Pity
at the sight of his badly scared face, the effects of the acid blast. Thats
when I decided to leave him be, if his mind was strong enough to hang on, he'd

Once again, uttering the words of magic, still amazed at the power Takhisis
had granted me, I cast a spell of recall, not fleeing hurriedly, but rather
leaving proudly.

[ Thorn ]  Yaden Varick

Author:  Yaden
Date    Sun Feb 23 01:37:25 2003

Subject  Lyrac

Walking the halls of the Gerighelm palace I was pleasantly suprised to see a
flash of a light and the appearance of Lyrac of the Conclave.

Being ever alert I began casting immediately, through the grace of Takhisis my
spells landed, one after another.

Giving the mage nowhere to run, I knocked him unconcious, before having time
to bind his fingers and hands, I was set upon by the guards that patrol the

Being Chargrined from this fact, but smart enough to know my bounds, I
immediately recalled to the sanctuary of Takhisis, where I began a deep and
long prayer of thanks.

(24 hours to Lyrac, we were fooling around and he accidently died, but KoT are
honorable folks and we do whats right, which is a story/protection notice, in
this case.)

-Yaden Varick, still Sidholt's Prodigy.

Author:  Yaden
Date    Sun Feb 23 13:18:26 2003

Subject  Challenge given, challenge accept.

The day in question had found me memorizing spells, not all for
fighting-based, but enough were. Sitting at my desk, I found myself being..

No other words for it, seeming as how strong it was, I immediately thought it
was my Patron, Sidholt. I quickly jumped up, and felt the flow of magic
through my limbs, as i gated to a stop near the origin of the summons was.

my black-silk robes flowing, I walked to where I calculated the magic of the
summons eminating from, and was immediately assaulted by the sight of the..
Mage.. Tanthalis.

Having never seen him personally, I knew him only by the description I gleaned
from Raith, his Apprentice, and my former foe.

I could feel the energy crackling from him, and knew my magic awareness was
raising. The verbal swordplay began shortly there after.

Only one thing could be done with the situation, we began laying plans on a
duel, a duel of men, but more importantly, a duel of mages.

After all rules were finalized, he delivered one more verbal blow, and left. I
just smiled to myself, bidding my time, knowing his was short.

I showed up at the appointed place, my spells in place. I was lacking some of
the finer fighting spells, but it didn't matter, the heat of the battle had
taken hold of earlier that day.

After that I don't know what happened, I saw magical acid flung my way, and it
all becomes a blur.

I remember ferverently casting acid spells of my own, and suddenly I was
struck with calm, and all became clear.

Knowing I couldn't win a head to head battle with this, this Tanthalis, I
decided to take another tactic. I waiting patiently in the city we had chosen,
then when I saw my prey, I casted a spell of sleep.

The joy I felt, when I felt the magical build-up release, knowing that
Takhisis had granted me this power, I was overjoyed.

Keeping my calm, I dove into the next line of attack, I began throwing spells
of poison and plague on him, spells of weaken and slow to bring him closer to
my condition.

After all was finished, I had nothing left but to attack, I recited the
strongest attack spell I knew and let lose, he fell soon there after.

I stood over my fallen foe with ever-building joy, thinking I'd be able to
bound him and wisk him to the hall of Takhisis, but I was mistaken, this mage
was a prepared one.

I noticed him slip further into unconsciousness, walked over and was going to
begin applying the rope, when suddenly his body began to vibrate and fade from
view, till finally he was gone.

I still am not quite sure what he did, but I don't he escaped me in the end.
In all things I was overjoyed at Takhisis' power that allowed me to be
successful, sent her a quick bu t thankful prayer, and gated away.

con. It was a good fight, I think we Both had fun and I would like to say that
Tanthalis is not a whinner, and I applaud him for that.

Author:  Yaden
Date    Sun Feb 23 23:55:34 2003

Subject  The Bloodlust

After the demise of the mage Tanthalis, with the taste of victory upon my
lips, I entered a bloodlust-type state.

After fleeing and returning back to my study, I immediately retrieved my
crystal ball, and began scrying all the known areas that are held by the
damnable Knights of Solamnia.

My thirst for blood was returned with ferver as I located a "Knight" of
Solamnia, Kalakas. With Kalakas I also spyed, what I believe, a companion of
his, Ardal.

My mind raced as I wondered at what I should possibly do, the night was late
and I could sense no other Knights of my order about, no one to confer with,
so I acted accordingly.

First I went out and charmed all that I saw, I then held a reagent in my hand
that allows for the portal spell to be casted.

After checking to make sure those protection spells, that I still had
available, were intacted, I portaled to the Knight.

After I stepped through the gate, wondering what might happen, the Kalakas
immdiately fled the area, leaving me distraught and still seeking blood.

I glance over and noticed that his companion hadn't done the same so I began
by having myc harmies attack him.

I was astonished to see that my foe, which I later learned was a WildRunner by
the name of Ardal, was battling my charmies, and winning.

A look of pure chargrin spread acrossed my face as I wondered at what to do,
my spell were exhausted and I knew I could not face this sword-wielder with my
"faithful" pets.

Against better judgement I began letting lose lightning bolt after lightning
bolt, the only attack spell I had left, having faith that my Queen would
sustain me, and she did.

After the third bolt, although I wondered how he lasted so long, the
WildRunner slumped into unconsciousness. I left him there, in hopes that the
valiant fighter would be found by his companion.

I gated away, pitying Ardal for the company that he kept, but feeling blessed
to have come out through both fights nearly unscathed. After a 2 day fast,
mostly consisting of prayers of thanks to my Queen, I began my search anew.

-Yaden Varick.

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