The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Yanlin.

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The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places an elegant book bound in elf-skin on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Yanlin' scribed in rich grey ink.

Author:  Yanlin
Date    Sat Jul  9 16:37:01 2005
Stamp   1120945021
Subject  Background

Yanlin spent most of his childhood alone and confused.  He wasn't told much
about his parents.  His mother had fallen in Love with a young elf that had
befriended some human travellers and was deemed a Dark Elf.  Yanlin did not
even know why his father was considered a Dark Elf.  His mother had died
shortly after his birth.  He was raised by one of the richest Elders in all of
Silvanost.  Everyone acted as though he did not exist and he never knew why. 
He would spend entire days alone in the Elders private Library.  Yanlin read
everything he could get in his hands.  The Elder felt bad for him and tripled
the size of his Library to keep Yanlin happy and occupied during the time he
had left in Silvanost.  The Elder knew Yanlin would leave because nobody could
stand to treated the way they treat him.  The Elder spent most of his
remaining fortune on books teaching of Solinari and the path of pure magic. 
The Elder called Yanlin into his bedroom and explained what he hoped never
would.  The Elder was losing strength and was leaving this world behind.
Yanlin learned for the first time why the other elves treated him differently.
The fact that he had no parents was not the reason as he had suspected.  His
father was considered a Dark Elf and he would always be treated with distrust.
The Elder explained how his father had really done nothing wrong but help some
travellers get through the Nerakan forest and to Palanthas.  Yanlin's mother
had gotten personal letters from his father and the others demanded that she
give them over to them.  Fearing that they would hunt him down she burned the
letters and refused to call him a Dark Elf.  They immediately started treating
her like an outsider.  She went deep into depression that caused early labor.
After her death the Elder took Yanlin in to teach him of the beauty in life
and love.  The Elder hoped to educate him and make him independent and good
natured. With his dieing breathe he said "May you have the strength of
Paladine, and be guided by the light of Solinari."  Yanlin read everything on
Solinari and began teaching himself magic.  His skills grew rapidly and one
night while sleeping he dreamed of travelling west to join the Conclave.  Off
in the distance he saw a silvery light getting larger until he realized that
it was a Griffon.  After the Griffon landed a rider climbed down and walked
toward him.  Yanlin looked around for an escape route until the most beautiful
male voice rose into the air and froze him.  "You are needed to advance the
ways of pure and good magic and should seek the Conclave to further that path,
and remember I will be watching." Yanlin woke and decided to leave Silvanost
immediately in order to follow the light of Solinari.  Yanlin was determined
to clear his family name and be considered an asset to elven heritage.

Author:  Yanlin
Date    Sat Aug 27 23:02:07 2005
Stamp   1125201727
Subject  secret Elven magic I


During my studies I knocked over a book labeled "Slug Recipes."  I wiped off 
the dust and was about to replace it on the bookshelf when a piece of parchment 
fell out.  It seemed to be a map with the title "Hidden Magic of the Elves." 
Being around so many humans must have changed the way I think, because I 
did not act like an elf in the days that followed.  I should have taken the 
map directly to you but now I am glad that I did not.  I explored the area 
of the map which took me to the edge of Qualinost.  I tried to be careful 
not be noticed as I passed a Wildrunner encampment, however I may have 
been noticed.  I do not believe they know why I came here, but i fear they 
tracked me into the secret entrance.

Hidden by tree branches and mud one hand deep, I was able to find the 
entrance just as I noticed the Wildrunner scouts on my tail.  I knew that 
I couldn't stay ahead of them long enough to make it back to Wayreth so I 
entered the secret cave.  The cave seemed much larger than the mound in 
which the entrance was hidden.  I wish you could have seen the writing on 
the walls, it was so majestic and artistic.  It was written in a language 
I had seen before, however i did not immediately recognize what the 
symbols meant.  With time anyone could decipher the meaning, but I had 
very little time.  I spent the last few seconds I had memorizing 
everything on the walls.

After what seemed like a very short time I heard voices that sounded 
like the were speaking Qualinesti.  I was continuously studying the walls 
until I heard them start to enter the cave.  I heard a rumbling much 
closer to me and i jerked around.  The ground took shape at my feet and 
became a large ogre-like figure, it held up a rock hand toward one of my 
followers "You do not belong here!"

At this point, I was wondering why did he not try to stop me from 
entering.  Well this question was answered quickly.  The lead follower 
made it past the golem without drawing attention, which caused me to 
pinch sulfur.  Fear of the golem kept me from casting the spell.  The 
lead follower was just about to grab me when I avoided his grasp by 
stepping deeper into the cave.  The golem began speaking again "Elves 
only, you may not enter."

Author:  Yanlin
Date    Sat Aug 27 23:03:20 2005
Stamp   1125201800
Subject  secret Elven magic II

The second follower looked elven to me, but must not have been pure 
elven.  He took another step into the cave and the golem screamed "You 
were warned!"  Rocks started flying toward the second follower and 
exploding.  The ground started shaking and the entrance became sealed and 
the followers were both hidden from my sight.  The were either buried in 
rock, dead, or my infravision was failing in that cave.  I felt around in 
the cave for days in darkness remembering the writing in my mind.

After realizing that I was not going to be able to get out on my own, I 
began praying.  I asked Solinari to be my guiding light and aid me in 
getting out of the cave.  My prayer may have been too effective.  I am 
beginning to think I am on the surface of a moon.  I feel the magic has 
grown immensely within me although I have not gotten complete control yet.  
I had no ink so I produced some magically and this has been the easiest to 
read in three days though i do appologize for the color.  I believe I was 
able to remember all of the writing on the walls of the cave.  I have been 
writing it down on scroll parchment for the last week and I think I have 
it all.  As soon as I finish this letter I will try to get back to 

Your loyal Apprentice,

Author:  Yanlin
Date    Sat Sep  3 18:54:40 2005
Stamp   1125791680
Subject  secret Elven magic III


Many days have passes since my last letter.  I have found the source of the
writing on the walls.  I asked Solinari to aid me in translating the text. I
found myself in my homeland even though I thought I would never return. I have
returned to the elders library which had been left to me when he died even
though I was unaware.  He had many texts that dated back far to allow me to

I have found out that it was written in an ancient language related to
Silvanesti, Qualinesti, and magic.  It seems that it was a historical record
of magic concerning the ability to magically create an intelligent golem. 
Someone thought the magic was too advanced for the time but needed to be
mastered in good time.  It must have been an elf that knew that the Qualinesti
would not accidently find it.  I believe he also wanted it to be found by an
elf with magical knowledge but not be able to use it right away.  This is why
it was written in a nonexistent language.

The elves of the time outlawed the use of the magic because they did not know
how to totally control the golems.  Not only were the golems intelligent but
they were able to learn and began using magic.  The elves feared the power of
the golems when they started copying the mages.  I have been researching the
possibilities of controlling the golems and being able to harness the magic
within them.

Because the golems are created by magic, I do not believe they can go against
magic.  I am trying to determine if adding magical rules that the golems are
bound by in the incantation would prevent the golems from learning magic and
therefore prevent the feared problems.  It seems the golems were magically
bound to never attack without specific command from its master, however it
could cast a fireball at a chair on its own.  This could be very dangerous
unless we can find a safe solution.

Your Loyal Apprentice,

Author: Yanlin
Date:   Mon Sep 19 16:06:20 2005
Subject  Secret Elven magic IV


The Qualinesti have found out about my research.  They have alerted my 
people and I left the library before they could confront me.  I was on my
back to Wayreth and determined that I was being followed again.  If I had
the ability for magical transportation, I would be reporting to you in 

I ran from the followers into a desert and seemed to shake them from my
trail.  Now I seem to be lost and will make it out in due time.  I am 
searching for a way out at this very moment and writing and walking at 
the same time. 

I have made significant progress with the golem magic.  It seems I am no
longer skilled enough to continue.  With the resources available in
Wayreth, I will be able to show you my work and continue making progress.

I have just found some buildings, I will be in Wayreth by the end of the

Your Loyal Apprentice,

Author:           Yanlin
Date    Sat Oct  1 12:02:30 2005
Subject  Secret Elven Magic V


I fear that there is more politics involved than originally estimated.
I was able to lose my trackers and made it to the forest of Wayreth when 
I realized that that something was not right.  I have disguised myself
and have been spying on the encampment of elves that keeps following me.  

I have found out some very interesting information.  The Qualinesti are 
not trying to stop me it is some other forest army.  There are many 
races involved including elves.  It seems that my research is wanted by 
them because they are trying to steal all that they can.  It seems that 
there is a Kender with a low self image and no actual talent trying to 
take things that do not belong to him.

My people have been fooled into thinking that getting my research and 
turning it over will improve relations with the Qualinesti.  Since it  
is not even the Qualinesti looking for me, they will figure it out in 
time.  I must stay in hiding until my people realize they have been 
deceived.  I will continue to gather information on this army.

Your Loyal Apprentice,

By the Way, I hide my research and will retrieve it before returning.

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