The Great Library of Palanthas

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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Yuri.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a miniscule pocket book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Yuri' scribed in deep brown ink.

Author:  Yuri
Date    Tue May 14 12:14:46 2002

Subject  My Journey Begins

*The door slams open to a rather small hut and a small figure plops himself
down on his study table. With quivering hands he begins to write whole
hearted* THEY CALL US HAPPY, so you want to hear a Happy tale of

I shall share with you one of my journey I have just completed.

It all began rather cheerful as a matter of fact. I was browsing in Jenna's

If anyone has ever been in The Three Moons, you would understand why it was a
ordinary visit.

I am getting carried away, As I was saying. I was browsing when i came across
a shiny pendant.

As I began to graze over it, the pendant emmited a faint hum and glow almost
telling me to take it.

Being a good citizen I knew it was stealing to take it. So borrowing isnt
stealing right?

All of the sudden Jenna's hands were sternly grabbing mine. I didnt know what
to think.

She warned me "Do not take this pendant for it expresses great power, You
being a Kender would be caused incredible pain." I asked her what all magical
powers is possesed, which she denied to explain. Just made it very clear not
to purchase. I agreed with one of those corny smiles "kender" throw around as
if they arent going to do anything that they turn around and do anyway.

So I exited the store and hopped my merry self all the way down toward the
Magician's guild.

I was almost there when I felt a warm glow in my pouches. I reached my hand
down to see what is was.

IT WAS THE PENDANT! How did it get in there I wondered!? I was just about to
take it back when I turned around to notice I was beside the Shoakin Grove. I
knew my old friend Dalamar lived there and then began to wonder I havent
visited him in so long. When it hit me, this was the place that could scare
anyone, ever KENDER. As I stared blankly into the grove I realized I didnt
have the sick feeling in my stomach any longer. So I did want any interested
kender would do, I checked it out.

I hopped into the grove looking for somthing to stick into my pouches just to
show I was even here.

The only thing was all the shubbery and all its glory was dead. How perculiar.

I thought nothing of it and began to walk toward the tower when in a large
flash Dalamar appeared!

"DALAMAR!" I exclaimed. "Its me Yuri! remember me?!" He nodded unamussed. then
great sencerity asked "How did you get into the grove?". "Its all sorta funny
ya see, I was browsing in Jenna's shop He put his cold steel like fingers to
my lips as to tell me to shut up. "The only way you could have could have
entered was using the pendant of safe passage." "Yuri you do not posses this
pendant do you?".

I slyly pulled the pedant out of my pocket. This was my worst mistake for
which I know now.

He angrily yanked the pendant from my grasp. "You silly little fool!, You must
be punished."

Then along with time Dalamar was gone. I looked around to realize where I was,
the same place.

The uneasy feeling began to rise to my throat and it felt as I was going to
lose all of my 3 helpings of spiced potatoes. I tried to hide from somthing
that wasn't ever there or so it seemed.

As I began to walk back out of the grove it turned into more of a maze. Fog
had covered the floor and and also filled the night sky. Suddenly I lost my
balance and fell to the ground with a loud thud.

The ground shot vines around me and held me tight. Three skeleton warriors
appeared and I counted five lynch's One warrior raised his sword upright and
come slashing down to cut off my topknot!

This struck me with somthing I have never felt before and surely didn't like
what so ever.

The sickness was great in my stomach and there I was scared. I mananged to
wiggle out of the ropes just to be caught by another warrior swining his
massive steel and striking me in the arm.

Another swing by another warrior slicing the rest of my topkot followed by
another chopping my leg nearly off.

I manged to escape for my life and ran back to my house to hide forever from
the darkness that follows me. *Yuri unsheathes his dagger proceeding to cut
the rest of his hair from his bloody scalp*

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