The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Yvain.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a worn book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Yvain' scribed in light red ink.

Author:  Yvain
Date    Thu Jan 30 21:41:34 2003

Subject  The Dark Zealot. (Beginning)

With the details and Orders given me by my Patron, Commander Saige, I set out
at dusk the next day with the honored (if not somewhat slow) Sir Darthrow.

I packed a heavy knapsack full of various necessities, including; 3 canteens
of water, several tasteless iron rations , a change of clothing, and a few
small game traps for hunting should the rations run out.

I had my usual armaments and protective gear.  I sheathed my 2 handed bastard
sword upon my back, 2 war axes at either side of my waste, a long dagger in a
leather throng strapped to my left wrist, a war hammer which I had strapped to
my mount--

just in case, a human sized 2 handed sword which I could easily heft one
handed sheathed at the left side of my ribs, and my blessed shield of obsidian
which had reflective capabilities to take advantage of the sun were it angled
right in a skirmish.  I was not one to be caught wanting in a fight, my days
in Mithas taught me well never be caught unprepared.

Sir Darthrow had given me strict orders to stay at his back should these
bandits pop up, he also did not want to be caught off guard...

Though I was armed to the teeth as most warriors would be, I leaned more
heavily towards the spiritual side, my abilities were beginning to grow daily
as I practice my prayers, my healing abilities were also growing as well.  On
this trip

I had a dark feeling I would be pushing those new found powers to the limit
and beyond.

I adjusted the padding underneath the the chained arms and leggings I had
custom made for me.  It's not often you find armor for a minotaur in the human

I wore no gloves as to keep the link for healing from my hands more direct.  I
had a plated gorget which extended to my left shoulder, it was a work of art
as the hinges and clasping plates were designed to not cut down mobility.

The shoulder plate which was connected to the gorget had several small spikes
attached to it, so if I were to "bear hug" an enemy would be in dire crisis.

After the inspection of our equipment and supplies we mounted up and egressed
to begin our mission.

We didn't talk much, Darthrow and I.  But I had ideas as to what he was
thinking.  We kept our eyes wide open and scanned the road in quiet
contemplation.  We were making our way to the last sighted area the thieves
were spotted in.

We kept a steady brisk pace, just enough so we could move to an area, scan it,
and continue on.

Darthrow assured me he was skilled in the art of tracking, I had meagure
knowledge of it, but he was more experienced.  We finally spotted the area
where reports last placed their attack.  I dismounted as did Darthrow and we
scoured the area to search for anything suspicious.

Several hours and we found nothing.  So in that respect we decided to head to
Neraka and ask for any more information.

To be continued....

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