The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Zanglero.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a massive tome bound in dragonskin on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Zanglero' scribed in purple ink.

Author:  Zanglero
Date    Sat Mar  2 14:15:52 2002

Subject  Leaving Silvanesti

I was born a century ago in the forest of the Silvanesti.  I had the
unfortunate luck to be born into an exiled family.

My family was cast out of the elven society because of my father.  He was a
dark mage.  On the night of his death all his wicked monsters escaped from his

The monsters ravaged the city for 3 days before they were destroyed.  When
brought before the Council my pregnant mother confessed to knowledge of my
fathers evil ways.

She was cast out with only a sac of clothes on her back.  She wandered the
forest for days, when she met a kindly human mage.

He wore robes of the purest white.  He took her to a small hut in the forest. 
It was a place he used to reflect and gather his energy.

He helped bring me into the world.  As I grew up he became a father for me. 
He often left the hut to visit his colleagues in the Conclave.

I begged him to take me on these trips but he refused.  He told me nothing of
the Conclave.

As the years past he aged.  He left this world in the winter of my 30th year. 
My mother died in the spring from heartache.

I was merely a child alone in the woods.  I gathered my things and wandered
hoping to find the city of Silvanesti.

I found it, but I was not accepted.  I learned about what my father was.  I
was confused by this and sought guidance.  I would not find it in Silvanesti.

Using old maps I was able to find my way to the great city of Palanthas.  I
wandered confused and lost until the heat and dust caused me to pass out.

When I opened my eyes I was in a beautiful temple.  A w hite robed cleric
stood over me.  "You are lucky i found you young elf.  Some theives were
headed for your things"

He gave me water which I guzzled gratefully.  He taughy me the ways of the
city and gave me shelter.

It was through him that I enrolled myself in a school of Magic.  That brings
us to the present, in which I am seeking to enter the conclave and pass my

Author:  Zanglero
Date    Fri Jun  7 22:00:06 2002

Subject  An Entry into Zanglero's Journal

(this is not a long story, cause i figure Rping is best left to the IC
channel. Anyways ) I have spent many hours, locked within the Great Libraries,
reading and reading.  I have come across something interesting.

It seems that the magical possessions of Lorac, Speaker of the Stars, have
never been found.

I have made it my mission to search these items out.  As that is something
will please Solinari, and perhaps make him take note of me.

I spoke with Tarantel today, I mentioned that it seems to be a Librarians job
to dig the answers of forgotten questions out of dead mages minds. He warned
me tha some of  the secrets of the past are best left secret.  This is
probably true.  But the word some implies that there are other secrets that
need to be brought to the light.

This is the way I choose to look at the situation.  I will find the answer to
this question.

Zanglero Silhanilas

Author:  Zanglero
Date    Mon Jul 15 19:20:55 2002

Subject  Zanglero's Rage

Zanglero was headed to the Great Library in Palanthas.  He was returning some
tomes he had borrowed.  He came to the locked door to the restricted section. 
This was the area of the Library that only Librarians could enter. Pulling out
his key he unlocked the door and entered.  Approaching the desk within he
stopped dead in his tracks.

Sitting there reading an ancient tome was Taurenthalas the Black Robe Adept. 
This was a young elf who Zanglero had had problems with in the past.  "You
are aware *sneering* Adept, that this is a restricted section of the Library?

The young mage ingnored him and continued reading.  "This is a restricted
section, it is to be accessed by Librarians only, Leave now Adept."

Continuing to read, Taurenthalas spoke, "You disturb me, leave me."
Glaring icily at Taurenthalas, Zanglero reached into the well of power
within himself and using it snatched the book and floated it back onto the

"Do not presume to order me around Adept, My rank is to be respected.  You
WILL leave now." Taurenthalas looks up casting his own icy glare upon

He does not however get up to leave.  Finally, Zanglero has had enough.  Using
his power he wraps it around Taurenthalas and begins to force him gently out
the door.

Words of magic spilled quickly out of Taurenthalas' mouth, A bolt of power
slammed into Zanglero, he flew backwards and slammed into a bookcase sending
the books flying.

Stumbling forward Zanglero tried to regain his footing, however before he
could, Taurenthalas had him wrapped in thorned vines, wrapping tightly around
him stabbing into him deeply.

Zanglero screamed in pain as his blood soaked his robes, staining the dark
red.  "See the power my god grants me.  Do you see how weak your god is?  Do
you see Zanglero the Weak?" Taurenthalas cackled.

Focusing himself Zanglero smashed the vines apart, in the same breath he flung
a bolt of white light at Taurenthalas.  The bolt took him by surprise but the
dark mage managed to deflect it.  Thinking quickly he cast a fireball at the
bloody mage.

The fire shot into Zanglero's body, he flew back into the smashed bookcase,
the books around him ignited, his body began to sizzle, the heat was intense.

He closed his eyes, the pain growing more and more intense.  "Let the
darkness consume you Zanglero, let it swallow you up, there is power in it."
came the voice of the dark mage.

All Zanglero had was the darkness.  The light was distant, it was calling him.
 He couldn't reach it.  There was nothing for him but the darkness.

Something else was calling him, something deep in the darkness.  It came
forward, the pain came to a new height, there was nothing but the pain.

He could do nothing, he reached out to the darkness, it swallowed him.  He
felt as if he had drowned, he couldnt breathe, in that moment, that one
spectacular moment, Zanglero had found his rage.

Years of repression, years of anxiety, and years of dark thoughts welled up in
him, thay gave him power.  "Yes, feel the darkness, let it give you its
power, let it heal you." came the dark voice again Zanglero struggled
against the drowning tide, he wrenched himself to the surface.  The pain
screamed at him again, he was still burning.  He harnessed the darkness. 
Using it he ended the fire, ended the pain.  He felt his wounds healing.  He
opene Taurenthalas stood gloatingly over his wretched form, "See what I have
done for you, See the power i have given you.  Look at yourself, you live
because of the dark moon.  You must serve the dark moon.  He has given you
your life"

Zanglero stared down at himself in horror, he was wrapped in robes of black.
 He could not pull his eyes from himself.  His mouth fell open in a silent

"I must go to inform my superiors of your fall Zanglero, Welcome to the
Black Robes," Taurenthalas cackled as he left the room.

Tears fell from Zanglero's eyes, they would not end.  He stared at his robes,
then at the hideous scars that covered his arms.  The tears would not end.

Author:  Zanglero
Date    Mon Jul 15 19:22:28 2002

Subject  Zanglero's rage, (the last 3 lines oie)

Zanglero stared at himself long into the night, his tears soaking his robes,
feeling nothing but regret at his fall from the light.


OOC, i realize that the tense in this story is wacked out, sorry for that. 
well, i hope this leads into something exciting, later kids.

Author:  Zanglero
Date    Fri Jul 26 12:44:56 2002

Subject  ME!! (again)

Archmage Tormack entered the Tower Courtyard to find the corrupt Zanglero
staring listlessly, with tears falling down his face A slight frown came
across his face as he aproached the wretched form of the Librarian.  Zanglero
looked up at him with bloodshot eyes.  "I have a question for you Initiate."

"Yes, Archmage?" "Why have you denied the sweet light of Solinari?" Tormack

"I had a moment of weakness. All my life I have hidden my emotion.  It has
built up in me.  Taurenthalas exploited that."

At this moment Hahn, Zanglero's former apprentice entered, he was shocked to
see these two particular mages conversing.

Tormack glanced down at the black robe and spoke, "You fell into the trap of
an Apprentice."

Staring up into Tormack's eyes, Zanglero replied, "A trap is a trap, the
point of it is to remain undetected until it is sprung.  It does not matter
who sets the trap.

Tormack considered this for a moment, Then Zanglero spoke again. "I must
escape this darkness.  I can feel it eating my soul.  Can you help me?  Please
wont you help me." Zanglero fell to the ground sobbing.

Tormack stared shocked at this for a moment, "I am not sure you truly wish
to be saved.'  Hahn spoke.  "The light will forgive all, I believe he wishes
to be saved."

"May I cast a spell on you Zanglero?" Tormack asked.  Zanglero nodded, and
Tormack began whispering.  A stream of light shot from his fingers and into
Zanglero's chest.

Tormack closed his eyes as he delved deep into the darkness that surrounded
Zanglero's heart.  Slowly he began to uncover the light.  It was there, but

Tormack let the magic go, "There is light within him still, but it is slowly
being destroyed." Zanglero was still at Tormacks feet, sobbing wretchedly,
"please help me.  I cannot fight this on me own.

Tormack nodded slowly, and began uttering the words of magic again.  An aura
of white jumped into being around him.  Then around Hahn.  The power of these
auras jumped into Zanglero's wretched form.

In the darkness of his mind Zanglero felt a presence, in the distance he could
see a bright light.  He began clawing at the darkness.  Struggling to reach
it.  At that moment however, Taurenthalas entered teh courtyard.

(stay tuned for part 2)

Author:  Zanglero
Date    Fri Jul 26 13:12:20 2002

Subject  redemption, aka ME!!! (again) part 2.

Taurenthalas saw the writhing form of Zanglero on the ground, and the two
White Robes above him.  He rushed forward.  "What are you doing.  Attacking
a member of the Conclave within the Tower walls, Stop. Now.

Hahn struggled to speak, waves of nausea passing over him from Tormacks
spell.  "We arent harming him we are saving him." Taurenthalas knelt down
beside Zanglero, examining him. Hahn clenched his teeth, "Leave his side,
your corruption is what we are saving him from."  Taurenthalas knelt down
and whispered in Zanglero's ear, "Remember the hatred, the rage, the power
it gives you.  You have felt it.  Remember it all."

In Zanglero's mind the blackness suddenly had more hands, it was clutching
him pulling him away fromteh light.  Summoning all his strength Zanglero
fought.  The darkness kept whispering the words of Taurenthalas The darkness
snapped out at him and grabbed him again, Zanglero fought and struggled.  But
the darkness was too strong.

taurenthalas spoke to the White Robes, "he is mine, you shall not take him.
Pathetic White Robes' "It is his choice, his alone what god he worships, not
yours." Hahn muttered.

Those words echoed in Zangleros mind.  They gave him strength he fought wildly
against the darkness.  he broke free and soared to the light.  It enveloped
him and soothed his aching soul.  Taurenthalas saw a white aura surround
Zanglero Taurenthalas knew he had lost.  He spoke.

"You have felt the power Zanglero, you have known it, you will always lust
after it." he cackled.

"The only thing I lust after right now Taurenthalas, is your absence"
Zanglero stuttered through blood soaked lips.

With that Zanglero passed out, exhausted.  Taurenthalas stood. "You have
struck down a Black Robe within the tower.  I will see that both of you are
punished."  Tormack and Hahn smiled a tired smile.

'I asked him permission to cast every spell i cast on him" Tormack said.
"He asked to be saved.  You have nothing to charge us with" Hahn smiled.

Taurenthalas' eyes brightened with anger.  He spat out a magical incantation
and shot a bolt of lightning at the fountain, which exploded in a shower of
broken marble.

"I challenge both of you to a duel, for him.' Taurenthalas glanced down at
the broken form on the ground.  hahn laughed. "It is his choice not yours."
{ Taurenthalas, intensely angry at this point, said, "We will meet again, I
will punish you weak White Robes for your actions today."

Stay tuned for the much shorter conclusion.)

Author:  Zanglero
Date    Fri Jul 26 13:21:08 2002

Subject  ME!!! (again) the end, finally

After Taurenthalas left, Tormack called the healers to see to Zanglero. 
Eventually the broken librarian woke up.

Upon opening his eyes Zanglero saw only shadow.  "What is this.  I see
nothing." Ever Patient Tormack replied, "You have been blined my friend. 
I will send for the healer, we will try to remedy it.

Zanglero nodded his head, "Do not send for the healer.  This is my
punishment for my lack of faith.  It is Solinari's Will.  I will accept it."
Hahn looked up. "Wont this affect you, as a librarian?" "Yes, but I will
find a way to continue my work.  Regardless of my .. ailment."

Zanglero spoke to the mages near him.  "I am eternally grateful to you
both.  You have allowed me to return to the blessed light.  Thank you."

"Welcome back my friend" Tormack said as he patted Zanglero on the back.

Well, there you go.  it probly has a bunch of inaccuracies, but i think it
is pretty good since i was working from memory, if any of the 4 involved have
a problem just note the change or something.  my fingers hurt.

Author:  Zanglero
Date    Fri Aug  9 21:46:01 2002

Subject  The Aggressive Mage

Where shall I begin.  It was not exactly the most noble attack, nor was it
deserved.  But it did happen, let me tell of it.

Taurenthalas the Arrogant attacked me while I was returning the Great Library.
 After sarcastically mumbling about power he cast a spell of blindness on my
Raven Allusi.  With her sight gone, so was my own.  And Taurenthalas knowing I
was sightless Taurenthalas the Arrogant attacked me while I was returning the
Great Library.  After sarcastically mumbling about power he cast a spell of
blindness on my Raven Allusi.  With her sight gone, so was my own.

I will spare the senseless details of the attack, I did manage to wound him,
even with my sightless attacks.  However he bettered me, and with an attack of
bitter cold cast me to the ground. He left me after gloating of his power. 
Flaunting his arrogant self to those around him he left me there nursing my

So here I sit, being nursed by the kind Aesthetics.  I tell you this not to
express my rage.  But my sadness.

How can one so arrogant and cruel be a member of the Conclave.


(ooc, was pretty cool, had us both down to 2, i took the hit though, was a
good time.  this story doesnt actually go out to anyone unless i tell them (if
you were confused) anyways, was fun, thanks Taur.)

Author:  Zanglero
Date    Fri Sep 13 21:00:54 2002

Subject  Meditation

*An entry into the blue bound journal* I have returned, it is an odd
feeling to be out of the forest, to return to this stone tower.  In my time in
the forest I managed to learn a great deal.  The first few days were slow, and
my attempts at using the magic failed.

That night a great sleep fell over me, I dreamt dreams where I was lost in the
forest searching for an exit. The forest did not harm me, I slowly realized
that it was guiding me somewhere.  And I surrendered and allowed myself to be

The forest led me to a tower, and marvelously tall tower.  As I entered it I
felt a great presence pass into me.  I recognized it as the very thing that is
magic, that everpresent force that is sometimes so think one could almost
touch it.

As the magical force wrapped around me I smiled and gave in.  I woke from the
dream with a new understanding of how the so called "Wild Magic" works.

"Wild Magic" cannot be controlled, it must be guided and gently moved in a
direction.  I began to meditate that day with a new understanding.  I spent
many days after not trying to bring the magic to me, but to go to the magic
myself.  Several days later I felt the presence I had felt in the dream.  I
chased it and danced with it above the forests and valleys in my mind. 
Letting it surround me, and surrounding it, freeing it and gathering it.  A
dance that seemed infinite and endless.

The next day I felt ready to use the force.  Placing my hands over an acorn
I encouraged it to grow, slowly convincing the force to make the seed grow. 
Soon I felt the tickle of a tiny sapling brushing my fingers.  It had worked.

I encouraged more and more, and the tree grew strong and steady.  I let the
magic leave and before me was a massive oak.  I rested then. The exertion
having taken a great deal out of me.

I spent the rest of the little time I had in the forest learning to encourage
the magic.  I now have an ability to use the Wild Magic.  Not at all like the
Wild Mages, but certainly more than I had ever thought possible.

As I returned from the forest I noticed that I could understand more the
relationship between myself and Allusion.  The "Wild Magic" has deepened my
understanding of the creatures of the land. Allusion means a great deal more
to me now, she is more than just my sight, she is my friend.

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