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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Zeboim.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Zeboim' scribed in vibrant orange ink.

Author:           Zeboim
Date    Tue Mar 28 15:28:34 2006
Subject  The start of a very bad day.

Eyes turn up to the sky as shadows fall across the land.  Mothers of
children call out of windows for children to come inside.  Where the sun
was shining, it is now a greenish-grey color.  Soon rain falls roughly,
small hail stones fall.  People run into homes trying to not get wet. 
Old timers can be heard saying they hav'ent seen a storm like this in
sometime. Lightning licks the tops of trees, people pray that a fire
will not start. Its looking like a start of a very bad day.....
ooc: Write stories, rp the storm and we shall see what happens next.

Author:    Zeboim         
Date:      Fri Aug 27 12:16:54 2010
Subject     And the Docks fell Ill. Palanthas

Month of Spring Rain, Day of Winged Trade. Palanthas Docks.

The darkest part of the night is gone. The fishermen ready their tools for
the long day ahead. Merchants run around with goods brought from distant
lands, readying themselves for a day of sales. Today is a good day to trade.
Shinare smiles on most of them as their pockets are filled with money. 

A dim light can be seen to the west. The sun finally arises from its
slumber. Sails are brought to life with the warm colors that shine upon

Suddently, a chill runs through the fishermen's spines. No cloud can be seen
at the sky, but there is a deep sense of bad weather comming. The air is
stale and there is a deep silence throughtout the docks. Everyone is
suddenly standing still, waiting for something that they cannot explain.

A Strong gust of Wind hits the docks and awakes the sails from their
torpor. Paper and leaves fly about and carry with them dust and mist. As
everyone shelters their eyes from the dust, they listen more intently to the
howls in the wind. A fowl voice seems to whisper in it, but no one can
really make out the words. Canvas are ripped from their stands, fruits and
fish seem to have been blown by the wind. Chaos can be seen througout the

The wind dies and all that is left is the misery of a small tempest. Sailors
and Merchants alike stare at their spoiled goods. Everyone seems now too
busy picking up the pieces that no one takes a second to look at the

As minutes pass, a strange smell can be perceived. Those attentive enought
can see some strange vivid green color arrising to the surface of the water.
In a matter of minutes, the whole coast is colored in a bright green color. 

Author:    Zeboim         
Date:      Sun Aug 23 18:55:17 2015
Subject     Black Clouds and Blacker Sails Part I

Young Bartholomew Cassidy struggled to stifle the yawn that caused his thin shoulder to shuddered as he drew in his breath. Using his free hand, he vigorously rubbed his face, trying in vain to massage feeling back into his cheeks. He did, however, manage to finally wipe the sleep from his eyes. Thank the gods, I can see again. Just in time to light these miserable lanterns. He adjusted his hat and shrugged his long lamplighters rod into a more comfortable position on his shoulder, thankful for the warmth of his thick guild cassock. Young Bart was lagging behind again, it took until just before rising light to light his way to the harbors. He envied the older guild lamplighters who were assigned duties as the sun set If could be worse, Young Bart thought to himself, I could be a fisherman, smelling like that shit all day.. He scanned against the dark, looking for any sailors on the docks where he ended his route every morning. But no boats were launching this early, they would wait just a little longer. None of the ramshackle fishing boats would risk navigating by stars, even if they knew how. He strode quickly across the creaking wooden boards, eager to finish his work and listening to the lap of the waves against the pier. Poor Young Bart was never a brave lad, and he was particularly wary of the dark and frigid ocean below him. Old Bart had been fond of the sea, though he was most fond of the drink in his later days but Young Bart never inherited his fathers joy, preferring the solid land to the unpredictable temper of the waves. And when Old Bart failed to return home after a difficult and treacherous storm, Young Bart never seemed to forgive the harbor. The fog was rolling thick, the few candles that were lit at the entrance of the harbor did little to illuminate the young mans way. He disliked these duties the most, he saw little point in maintaining the candles that never took. But old Master Jaynce always seemed to know when Young Bart forgot to light them, so the thin boy sighed and carried on. As Young Bart neared the edge of the pier, he noticed the faint light of the candle, flickering weakly in the mist. It wavered and danced, blinking in and out on the verge of death. Young Bart frowned, muttering to himself That light cant still be lit. It should have gone out ages ago. He hurried to the furthest post and was surprised to find a full, thick candle set in the lantern. It was squat and ugly, and burned with a certain spice Young Bart managed to guide his pole into the lantern and fetch the strange candle without too much difficulty. He made a face, the candle felt oily and strangely heavy in his hand Taking it in both hands, he felt deep gouges marring one side of the candle. He brought his own lantern closer to his face and squinted against the wavering light. A crude skull, crossed with twin bones scarred the candle. Young Bart tightened, his fingers deforming the candle in his hand, and his heart skipped a beat. A rough voice growled behind him, sounding like slow gravel ground together. The hairs on the back of Young Barts neck stood up. Hello there boy, thank you for finding my candle. And then the voice chortled wickedly.

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