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An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Zeitler.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a pamphlet on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Zeitler' scribed in vibrant white ink.

Author:    Zeitler        
Date:      Thu Jan  1 03:16:57 2009
Subject     A strange day..

Something happened, something very strange. It cannot be explained by
conventional wisdom. All that I knew is gone, I was trapped within the
confines of something for so long, and within something on the moon none the
less.. Where I am I do not know. It feels as if it has been so long, my
family must have stopped looking for me long ago and for some strange
reason, I feel as if my father and I have become a single entity, without
ever even meeting him. I awake in some strange school in a land I do not
know, what has happened and where am I? I'm greatful that I have been
released from the hell I was confined to. There's a fellow here who hands me
a wooden staff and points to a door leading into a pit within which are
creatures I've only seen in fairy tale, is this some kind of dream? Why
can't I wake up.

Last thing I remember was fleeing my brothers house, his roomates had been
replaced by some type of illusion and I was being targeted. It's as if time
kept resetting and it was counting down to my death. I walked for hours into
a city to the east, in the morning I approached a homeless shelter where I
was offered food and warned of temptations by the devil. After eating I
walked outside to a column of people running towards a bridge. Apparently
they were running some marathon, all of them were tagged with numbers, I
decided to jog along with them. I followed them along a road which decended
into a tunnel, once we reached the other end of the tunnel, we reached a
bridge. By the time one had reached the center of the bridge, the fog made
it so you could not see either end. The bridge went to an island and turned
around, leading back to the mainland. Once I got back across the bridge the
marathon continued along the shores of this lake, the fog was still very
thick and I ran until reaching mile 19. My feet were getting tired, so I
started walking back towards the city. The wierd thing was that, the
marathon kept repeating at mile 6, people kept on re-running the marathon
without even knowing it. It was at this point that I became frustrated, then
all of the sudden a bus showed up. The cost of the ride was $300, way more
than I had, but the driver let me ride none the less. The bus took me into a
part of town that was essentially a loop. Something one could not get out
of. After a few hours I became frustrated that I could not escape and
decided to walk into a church, there I found an old women sitting at a piano
playing the same series of notes over and over again, as if stuck in a loop.
I interrupted her and asked if I could play a song, I sat down and played a
moonlight seranade I had learned as a child. It seemed to touch the women in
a way that was strangely familiar to someone else I had played for in the
past. The women seemed almost sad, she told me about a boy she had loved in
the past, but he never noticed her because of how quiet she had been, I
couldn't help but think I somehow knew this women from my past. After
playing for her, she offered to buy me a cup of coffee across the street, I
was confused as I hadn't seen a coffee shop while wondering around the
looped part of the city I was in, it was like a mobias strip. She took me
across the street to an elevator that only went down. This scared me as I
thought I was about to go to hell, yet I didn't want to be stuck in that
loop, so I went. It opened up onto another street level outside the confines
of the loop, I was relieved. However the people in this area of the town
could read my mind. They immediatly began reflecting aspects of my
subconscious back at me, tearing into any shame or guilt I had acquired up
to that point. 

to be continued.. 

Author:    Zeitler        
Date:      Thu Jan  1 10:10:28 2009
Subject     Introduction to the Magicks

Confusion has begun fading out of concept now as the need for survival
has kicked in. Upon arrival into this city I was befriended almost
immediatly by an Ogre halfbreed. I feel as if I'm walking through some
extended dream. I've come to realize now that the body I was placed within
is not my own, rather that of a stone cutter that had been struck by
lightning several months prior to my arrival here. My knowledge of this
fellow prior to my arrival is foggy at best, and it seems as though the
accident had left this host in a handicap of sorts, my arrival seems to have
restimulated an aspect of his brain that wasn't firing. Although alienated
from much of the society that my body was once part of, I know now that I've
been placed on another tangent of existance entirely, one that consists of
controlling the very strings that compose reality. 


I walked up to a man on the corner holding a sign reading Have a nice... 

The man seemed to know me on a very profound level, as if he had been
someone I knew from childhood, he took one look and me and grinned in a way
that scared me to my core. He whispered something into my ear and it was at
that point that I knew why I was where I was, sitting on a street corner in
Hell, chatting with a War vet.

Several months prior, in my previous existance, I had been talking with a
friend late one night, when the fellow began telling me of something he
could not forgive himself for. The murder of 28 people on another continent
under the consent of a state institution in the name of "peace", his name
was Craig, after he told me this I said something that started a chain of
events I hadn't anticipated.

I told him "If I were God, I'd forgive you for what you had done"

A week later, he died of a brain annurism at the age of 32. 


I smack my head on a low cieling, I'm inside some kind of box. Damnit,
another nightmare. 

Coming to..... I wake up next to a familiar face, a women who has helped me
time and time again for several years, I "know" her very well, she is the
only one that remained after this hosts strike. She knows about me too, come
to think of it, she was the one that helped me escape the hell I was in. Her
name is Christle. 

Christle is a skilled stone cutter, her lessons in faceting come as a form
of meditation in an already swirling reality from what has taken place up to
this point. Little did I know at first that the simple act of creating these
reflective surfaces, have opened up an entirely new world to me. The first
stone I created while meditating on a form of energy healing I had become
accustomed to. This healing form was called Reiki. This green stone shimmers
with an indescribable hue, the hundreds of faceted surfaces reflecting every
aspect of the energy put into it. Every morning I awake feeling rejuvinated
by this stone, I've realized now that different aspects of thought can be
contained within unique reflective geometries preserved within faceted
stones. As such, Magick has been unlocked.

I am now a mage. 

Author:    Zeitler        
Date:      Thu Jan  1 19:36:52 2009
Subject     A lesson in Magick..


The old women I had played piano for in the Church led me to the coffee shop
across the street as she had promised. Inside this coffee shop the people
took a particular interest in what I was wearing. They knew about every
aspect of my being, and every thought I had was projected through them. It
was as if I could control the situation in the room through a controlled
interpretation of metaphors. The women took notice of the confused look on
my face and said, "Aren't Synecdoche's great?"....

Bewildered, I turned to the women and asked what she meant, she told me that
"Synecdoches are a form of simultaneous understanding via the interpretation
of metaphors, they are what connect you with the Moons." 

"The moons?" I beseeched.. It was at this point that I noticed a number of
people in the shop wearing insignia representative of several moon phases.
The women smiled and signaled me towards the coffee vendor where I placed an
order under the premise that the women was buying me a cup of coffee. 

It was at this point that the fabric of space-time ripped open and my first
lesson in magic came into being. The women had not yet told the vendor that
she was buying me a cup of coffee, and after I was handed the cup,
everything went on. Only this cup of coffee was not paid for, and the vendor
seemed uninterested after handing me the cup. I tried to correct the vendor
but they seemed confused when I told them of the mistake, as if the
transaction had never taken place. 

Confused, I turned to the women, she winked at me and smiled, saying "assume
nothing, and always remember that the entirety of existance works in threes"


I wake up to the sound of rain pounding down on the roof overhead. A coat of arms bearing a White Moon has been placed on the desk across the room during the night. 

Author:    Zeitler        
Date:      Thu Jan  1 22:35:02 2009
Subject     The Dream of Threes...

The Dream of Threes..

I awake within a dream sitting upon a column that stretches into what seems like infinity. All around me I hear the voice of the Old woman frame the church, telling me to remember the threes..

Almost immediatly, hundreds of other column begin shooting from the abyss skyward, there are arcane inscriptions upon these columns, yet I'm able to interpret their meanings..

Solinari, Lunitari, Nuitari..
Omnipresense, Omniconscious, Omnipotence
Destroyer, Redeemer, Sustainer
Unfolding, maintaining, concluding
Mother, Father, Child
Mind, Body, Spirit
Past, Present, Future
Birth, Life, Death
Light, Heat, Life
Do, Fa, Sol...

Out of no where a voice asks what I'm thinking about and I awake in a cold sweat..

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