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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Zhellik.

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Author:    Zhellik        
Date:      Sat Aug 22 05:40:31 2015
Subject     By Chance of Fate

Nestos sat in the corner of the tavern, his back to the wall. He took a few puffs of from his ornately carved pipe as he listened to the man dressed in a Dragonarmy uniform. He nods along as the man speaks to him, then spoke as the man finished, "Good. Find out more. I want to know what is going on with the Blue Wing. I hear the Baroness is doing something, try to find out what it is." He then made a dismissive sign with his hand, and the soldier slunk out of the tavern. The Dark Elf picked up his wine then pulled out a few pieces of paper from his red robes covered in interlocking black runes. The Highmaster pulled his hood back, revealing his pointed ears, and began to read from the pieces of paper, burning them as he finished each. As he was reading the final note, a large hobgoblin stepped up to his table and jarred it enough to knock the wine over, spilling it on the parchment. Nestos looked up slowly, locking eyes with the creature, "Is there something I can help you with?" The hobgoblin snorted at the mage, "An elf, huh? We do not like your kind here. You better get moving along, scum." The dark elf looked at the hobgoblin, a cold malice in his eyes, "I will not." He stated matter of factly. The hobgoblin's face flashed with rage and he grasped the table, throwing it to the side as he stepped up to confront Nestos. Zhellik could honestly care less for elf or for hobgoblin, or anything else for that matter. Marked by travel and heavy of foot, he made his way into the Inn just in time to remove his helm and get an eye full of uppity elf. He sucked in a slow breath, already starting to get the feeling that praying for it -not- to be one of -them- would do him no good. Not even time for a drink, eh? He shifted, watching for a moment to gage the situation. Here we had some typically ill-humored hobgoblins and an elf. Hn. He glanced to the ceiling briefly as he made a full turn towards the rising incident, never questioning or complaining... But -sometimes- he -did- have to wonder. Nestos grimaced at the mess caused by the table being thrown, specifically the pipe he had been smoking going along with it. He then looked up to the hobgoblin, not bothering to rise from his seat, "I do hope it is not broken, and huff and puff all you want, I will not be leaving." This seemed to have made the creature even more angry. The monster stepped up to the dark elf, and grabbed him by the collar, lifting him up to eye level, "Very well, I will make you leave." The mage looked at the hobgoblin, his face never having changed from being picked up. "I will give you this one change to right the wrong here, but just the one." As Nestos spoke, he discreetly began picking through a pouch on his belt. He spied the half-elf over the hobgoblin's shoulder, and prepared a spell for the man in case he decided to help out the goblinoid. He had a gut feeling, not too much louder than the one announcing his empty stomach. He squared up and rolled a shoulder, as he got the measure of the Hobgoblin not far before him. These things smelled to the mountaintops and were foul to work with...Also somewhat vicious to deal with. He let his grip on his helmet shift, causing the guard to suddenly and very efficiently take on new purpose. He didn't just jump right in, though. He didn't want to make a mistake. He was pretty sure it wasn't the Hobgoblin that he sought. He prayed that it wasn't. It shouldn't be. There was nothing spectacular about it. This elf, however...He stood out. He didn't say a word as the man talked the beastie right into a royal pain in the ass, but he was ready to do -something- as soon as was -necessary-.

Author: Zhellik Date: Sat Aug 22 05:45:53 2015 Subject By Chance of Fate (Part 2)

Nestos watched the half-elf intently, trying to decipher his intentions. He did not have long however, as the hobgoblin took his moment of inattention to bring a fat fist square into his nose. The elf lulled for a moment as he went into a daze, and blood began to pour from his nose. The daze was gone quickly, but the dark elf's face went from cool and collected, to fury in a heartbeat. He reached up with the hand that was in his pouch and grasped the creature's arm still holding him up as he whispered a word. Almost instantly, the spell began to work as the blood that gushed from his nose stopped and the hobgoblin let him down, unable to hold his weight any longer. The creature's skin began to draw tight around his bones, and he bellowed in pain, trying to get free of the mage's grip. Nestos grinned at the creature, having had no problem holding him in his weakened state. He slowly removed his dagger from its sheath so the hobgoblin could see and buried the black rune inscribed blade in the goblinoid's chest. The hobgoblin looked down at the the dagger, then back to the elf before collapsing. It is then that a number of others in the tavern stood to confront him. He could see it clear as day by then and, prayers answered, did what any man in his position would do. He knocked one of them upside the head with a well aimed helmet. Seemed perfectly reasonable to him, given the circumstances. Sometimes it was best to let others use their words to defuse a situation, but he quickly got wind of the fact that this was most certainly -not- one of those times. That being the case, he followed shortly behind his helmet with an equally well aimed fist. He'd enjoyed a peaceful journey thus far, though it was not without its hardships, but this sort of chaos had it's own therapeutic appeal. There was nothing quite like breaking most of someone's face with well-made and heavy-driven gauntlet. Zhell knew it really didn't matter if he enjoyed it or not, though. This was simply something that must be done, which was why he was already reaching for that chair. Steel would surely be a costly mistake, so he wouldn't be the first to pull it. This, was likely to get messy enough. To top it all off, he -still- couldn't even be -sure- this was the right path. Nestos watched the creature crumple to the ground, then looked surprised to see the man he thought he would need to deal with next, jumped in on his behalf. He grinned as the man stepped in and all but crushed one of the new challenger's faces. However entertaining the show was, the dark elf looked to the next man who had decided to step into the fray. He took a step back from the few wild punches that the man threw, then ducked a final. He smiled at the attacker who growled and unsheathed a short sword from his belt to come after the mage. Now ducking and side stepping to keep the blade from hitting him, he reached down to his belt again, this time pulling out a wand. He was forced to have to keep retreating, until finally he levelled the wand at the man as he spoke a word. Nestos watched as several dark orbs flew out from the wand to land squarely on the assailant's chest, causing him to scream, drop his sword, and fall to the ground clutching his chest.

Author: Zhellik Date: Sat Aug 22 05:48:11 2015 Subject By Chance of Fate (Part 3)

Zhellik was only partially aware of what he had just seen. Surprised, but not shocked, he took down a potential combatant with a two-handed swing of the chair only to be rewarded with a shot to the kidney from the side. He wouldn't be so scrappy in the follow-up to that one. Without much time to consider it, he found himself about two unfortunate people away from the mage as his shield found itself in his capable grip. He swung it for the face of his assailant with the brunt of his weight adding to his strength. As for the steel? Zhellik heard it, but he didn't see it. He didn't -need- to see it. In moments, this was likely to get just as messy as he expected was possible. So, stepping over the stunned creature, he came around with full intentions to bash the man who was unfortunately between he and his intentions into a heap. And, In the back of his head amidst all of this chaos, Zhellik seriously still hoped this was the one. It had better be, or he was quite possibly screwed... (To be continued in separate stories...)

Author: Zhellik Date: Tue Sep 8 21:48:20 2015 Subject Up To His Ears

One thing was for certain: This half elf was up to his ears in bullshit. It was the way of things, after all. Always something. No rest for the wicked. Blah blah blahdy blah blah. The fight was good. It got the blood rushing and took his mind off the sheer ridiculousness of what was occurring. He quit asking why a while ago. There were never answers anyways. He never stopped wondering. The Gods were quite clearly out of their minds and, if that was true, he didn't want to know what that made out of him. Tonight it made him a criminal. A soon-to-be convicted one. Yes, kiddies, this was the fruit of the Gods' great plan. Otherwise known as prison. Here he thought it couldn't possibly get worse. He should have known better, to be honest. Whoever they were, they had a wicked sense of humor and the bedside manner of a drill sergent. Everything ached as he stretched there on the least disgusting part of the floor. Not that it mattered, really. He'd come in giving them hell, for certain. Why, you may ask, would you piss off the people who had you and your new charge (that doesn't even know you exist yet) in custody? That would probably be because that god-forsaken mage only made it half way here and bailed on him. Given, he wasn't obligated to him in any fashion. He didn't take it personally but he did just about lose his shit when he lost the target. How in the Abyss was he supposed to keep an eye on an elf who was so slippery that he could've called it artistic if he wasn't so distracted getting the crap kicked out of him for resisting arrest. Ok, so it probably was his fault. He didn't usually lose his shit like that. He should've known there wasn't a damned thing to be gained by it and he wasn't about to point out the reason he was figuratively flipping kittens and tables. Still... Blame, at this moment, was worth about the same as the air one might use to place it. He could feel the eyes on him, heavy as the day they first fell upon him. He knew they had to be finding some sort of amusement in this but, to him, the humor was lost. "I hope you're either finished with me or you have some sort of plan or I'm out of luck. Did you know this was going to happen?" He assumed so. Why wouldn't they? This was either part of the plan or the path home. He was unanswered, of course, and would have rather been able to put his money on the plan rather than the end, surely. Sitting up, he sighed into the darkness of his enclosure, the stale air and fragrance of those who came before was just lovely, too. If he had to sit here too long, he might change his mind on his horse to win, though. He'd slept in worse, but you could leave those places. This one...He was pretty sure he would be in for a while. The legal system of Neraka wasn't something he had much faith in when it came to expediency or fairness. Still... Despite his predicament and semi-dire circumstances, he had a surprising lack of panic to him. He was cross and out of sorts, damning all of this...But he had that same familiar certainty keeping his head above water. He just felt like it was fine. Sure, people got executed here for all sorts of things, but he was going to...What? Well...Probably the thing everyone who felt a connection to the divine would. He leaned back against the wall and proceeded to continue what appeared to be talking to himself. If people thought he was off his rocker then all the better. They would leave him alone. "...Son of a...Was it even him?" Was it? It felt right...But he was infinitely more fallible than the divine. No...It had to be. He could tell this wasn't a punishment. It didn't hurt enough. What was it, then? "Is this because i said you were crazy?" Oh look who's talking, buddy. "I was just kidding...You could toss me a bone here, you know. It's not like I ever ask for much." Oh Gods, what now...

Author: Zhellik Date: Tue Sep 8 21:49:37 2015 Subject Up To His Ears (Part 2)

Story + There was something outside the cell, or rather, someone. He heard the keys and hit his feet. "Forget what I said, I love you. I don't care what they say about you." Zhell, No one said anything about her. You don't even know who she is. Or that it's even a she. What he did know, was that things were about to get interesting. He could just tell. Considering he wasn't oracular, he nailed it pretty well. Assuming the guard giving him a wary eying wasn't about to take him out back like a lame horse. Thankfully, he managed to keep his mouth shut and his head down all the way out. He didn't even get so much as a slap on the wrist. He was missing his cash, but he got his steel back. He could get more cash. As often as she took from him, she continued to light his way. He didn't say a damned thing to him of use when they were out the back, and he felt safe in asking what was going on. All he got was a vague nod and a even less useful response of, "Let's just say someone up there is watching out for you. Get lost." "No shit." Tossing his bag over his shoulder, he rolled his eyes upwards and made his way down the back alleys.He didn't need to be told to scram twice. Also couldn't hurt to keep it on the down-low for a day or two while he tried to figure out where that damned elf went. In place like this, that could take forever. Just a day in the life...

Author: Zhellik Date: Wed Sep 9 04:19:59 2015 Subject Convenience

The large raven watched the half-elf from the roof of a building overlooking the alley, quorking quietly at the mercenary. It hoped along the roof a few feet then flew to the other side of the alley, still watching the man. It continued to follow the man flying from roof to roof, not caring to hide its presence. Finally, it hopped into the sky and with one last quork, flew into the night. Nestos came out of the trance and took a few steps down a small alley, then turned onto another just in front of the mercenary, pulling his black hood back to reveal himself. After doing so, the large raven swooped down to land on the mage's shoulder, looking to the half-elf and quorked again. It turned its head as if studying the man with more intelligence than it should, as it master grinned at the man, awaiting a reaction. Zhell should have probably been put off by the strange actions of the bird, but he just kept an eye on it in case it turned into a person or decided to do something symbolic. It was one of those days, you know? When nothing came of it, good or bad, he continued along his path idly making sure he wasn't missing anything else from his valuables. Not that he had much of worth aside from the gear he got back. "Well. This is certainly convenient..." There was something to be said for the hand he was being dealt this go. Really. Zhellik couldn't have hoped for a better one when the mage made himself known. And there was the bird. See? Divine hands were just all up in this place today and the sun wasn't even up yet. Sighing out a slow breath the man let the bag drop by his foot as he got a better look at the other one. Nestos leaned on the charred looking vallenwood staff with silver sigils. The raven bobbed its head a few times as it looked at the man then, leaping into the air flapping its wings, climbing out of sight. "He is very protective," the dark elf said nodding to where the corvid had disappeared into the night. Nestos studied the half-elf quickly before speaking, "You helped me in the tavern, and not for the thrill of the fight. Why?" The elf looks to the bag on the ground, wondering what all his man managed to get back to the mercenary, then looks back to the man. Zhellik didn't get it all, that's for sure. Guards have sticky fingers as often as thieves. He wasn't complaining, though. He did get the important parts back. Reaching up to rub the back of his neck as he watched the bird go, he let his gaze drift down and past Nestos as he spoke. "That...Is a complicated question. Eyeing the stranger, he tried to get a measure. This what he came for? It was clear, to him at least, that he was. So...He just let him have it without spin or eloquence, "You'll think I'm off my head, but I think I'm on a mission from the Gods." Oh yeah, Zhell. That's not going to put him off. Nestos grinned widely, clearly attempting to hold back a laugh. "I see no reason you would be crazy." The dark elf, now in control of his mirth, shrugs his shoulders and makes an inviting gesture down the alley, "The gods like to send us mortals running around for quite a bit. What is it that you think is your mission?" Nestos turned and began to walk down the alley, towards the direction he indicated. Every so often, he looked up to the sky, no doubt peering at black moon that his colleague would be unable to see. "More importantly, how does it involve me?" He wasn't surprised by the laughter, it wasn't the first time he'd gotten that one. He let him finish and then fell in with the other as he struggled to make heads or tails of it. He honestly couldn't even imagine. Maybe if he knew who was driving this loose carriage he could make a guess. As it was, Zhellik didn't have a clue. "No idea. I don't even know who you are, but you being alive seems to be as good as any to start. They don't exactly give detailed instructions. Unless you have any ideas...?"

Author: Zhellik Date: Wed Sep 9 04:23:50 2015 Subject Convenience (Part 2)

Nestos looked at the man, wondering what the gods would want from him. He then turned his attention to pulling out and preparing his intricately carved pipe. He held his thumb over the bowl as he spoke, "Interesting. If it truly is a god, I would like to know why it wants to point you at me." The dark elf spoke sincerely about the possibility of divine intervention, then he grinned broadly, "If not, you may just be mad." He removed his thumb from the bowl of the pipe, wisps of smoke following. Nestos brought the pipe to his mouth and took a few puffs. "What do you plan to do as you try to discover your mission?" he asked, letting out smoke as he speaks. Zhell didn't have much of a plan for that either. He was generally rather flexible in his plans. He gave a shrug, shifting the weight of his bag up onto the one shoulder, "I came here looking for you, whether i knew it or not. Shortly after I'm in irons and then back out at your side. What do you think I'm here for? Your guess is as good as any." He paused a moment in his walking to try and get a {feel for all of this. "I'm working on that. Who are you, again?" Zhellik really needed to get some facts here. Nestos took a few puffs then exhaled before responding, "My name is Nestos. And no matter the reason, I do appreciate the help back at the tavern." The dark elf made a thankful gesture and grinned at the man, "As for what...I could not say what the gods might want from you, but I would certainly be willing to help you figure it out. You are a mercenary, correct?" Nodding, Zhellik looked down at himself, "I prefer soldier of fortune." It just fit better these days, "At the moment? I'm whatever you want me to be. Eh...Just about." Nestos just wasn't his type, to be honest. He made to catch up to the mage, "I'm Zhellik...Tultera." Huh. Is this the one my life was spared for? What's it going to cost me...? He couldn't keep himself from staring in thought as they walked, "For now...I'm to assume that you are my priority in all things." This was probably it. Nestos was the face of his death...But it didn't particularly bother him. He was technically a walking dead man the moment he'd embarked on this journey. He kind of figured he'd be taller, though. (Thanks for the story and RP Nestos! I love this stuff-)

Author: Zhellik Date: Thu Nov 5 16:01:54 2015 Subject Sleep Well

I'm... Drowning? No, suffocating. A little of both. Flashes came to him in the haze as he struggled for breath, blood filling his lungs as he struggled to figure out what had happened. The blows were still coming, but he was above that. Separated from the pain... And then he wasn't. They were gone and it'd been hours of slow bleed. He hadn't the strength to move. He could feel creatures of the earth crawling up and over his sand-torn skin. Insects gnawing at his brain with that incessent buzzing. Buzzing. Whispers. It all echoed off the inside of his skull. There was someone else, someone still alive. Barely, but he could hear their gasping whimper. Was it an ambush? Heheheh...Bushes. Like roses... Like the vines of thorny roses overtaking their corpses, entrapping them and swallowing them up. There were...Lilies too...Then worse. It was almost beautiful to watch until he was suddenly feeling what was left of his lungs filling with noxious gas. Could he even call it life, that it was choking out of him? That would explain the dizzying gasps that came as he woke with a start, drenched in sweat and aching everywhere. Why he hurt was no surprise, he was still recovering... A dream. Just a weird and viciously horrible dream. Then why, my friend, does it itch so much? Itch? Stings... The scent of blood hit him about the same time he looked down to see the tears in his skin. Everywhere. It was like he'd been fighting with a rose bush. ...What in the Abyss?

Author: Zhellik Date: Tue Dec 8 23:13:17 2015 Subject Examples (Part 1)

Lanfer silently stands in the door way of his small estate alloted to him by the Emperor. It was amazing how quickly they had all trusted the ex Solamnic. How they had given him more then free reign within the city to curb this dissent that had begun to brew at the behest of the Conclave of mages. He knew Ayasana had played a large part by speaking for him and he thanked her for it. He smoothed the wrinkles in his shirt and ducking his had entered into the fading daylight. He watched as nearly fifty blue army solders formed around him. They followed him and his orders, "Another group who would spill their blood for him" He mused. Another group of men who he would lay awake at night after telling their loved ones they had felled while defending the life they held so dear. He knew the rest of his men were in the square, and a few others with Sirene. Taking the first step every single one fell into step with him as they twisted through Sanction. He stopped only for a moment as the group came to the spot just outside the square where he had requested they detain Sirene. What had transpired after he had left that room was beyond him. "Had she really the hatred to let her die?" He could not get that thought out of his head. Nodding to her as the blue wing enveloped her and her guards he looked down to her. "Are you ready for this girl?" He said perhaps a bit to gruffly. Sirene has a whirl of emotions on her face. She's -trying- to be meek and deferential and just accept this but... Making Zhell take her lashes... She looks to Lanfer, forcing her face to be as blank as she can, but a fierceness she can't hide from her eyes. "Of course I am." Zhellik was too. Bound and waiting under guard, he was strangely serene for a man about to get a hundred lashes in front of a crowd. Still waters. He had his head back, eyes closed as he settled into this mild storm's eye. Your plans are going to make a masochist of me- Equal parts this and circumstance, this he knew, but it always came with handcuffs. There was a forming pattern here...But complaint didn't even get close to hesitance. He was was -way- too ok with this. Nothing's free. Yada yada, on with the show- Wait... There it was. Those damnable clicking heels echoing off the inside of his skull brought rise to a wry smile. Well hello there, precious- Lanfer nods again to Sirene and moves forward into the great square of sanction with out another word. He hears one of his guard offer her a slight reprieve by telling her this would be over shortly. He would be gone by morning for speaking out of place Lanfer thought as he took a quick note of the mans face. As the blue wing pushed through the throng around the square it became obvious to the Sub Commander his people had done well in gathering the people there. He noted the fact there was barley room enough to push people back as the column moved into the center of the square and then formed a small ally for Lanfer and Sirene to move down to the platform at the end. On this plat form sat a set of stocks and five pyres. The posts has no patrons at the moment, but he knew they were waiting behind the scenes for his call. Doing his best to press out the creases in his shirt, Lanfer ascended the stairs and walked towards Zhellik. He looked the man in his eyes weighing him. "Do not cry out boy, keep your head about you and you might live to speak to me another day." Lanfer wasn't sure why he offered the man the words, but there was something about him that struck the knight. He turned and watched as the two guards assigned to Sirene motioned for her to also ascend the stairs to the platform. Sirene ascends the steps as she is bid, taking each step with purpose. Hands clasped in front of her, she keeps as strong a face as she can muster. Of course she's scared, and of course she's even more angry than scared. But she disobeyed the emperor and this is the price. She is -well- aware of that the price could be far worse. And so she steps to where she is bid.

Author: Zhellik Date: Tue Dec 8 23:17:41 2015 Subject Examples (Part 2)

Zhell felt the old knight coming before he heard him, and it drew his attention from whatever internal musings he had been lost to. He didn't say a word back, but he made no secret of the fact that he'd heard him, eyes working over him again with a keen clarity. It was brief, for he went back to his own thoughts rather quickly. There wasn't a hint of reluctance or defiance to him. Planned or not, this was the piper to pay and, for the end game...? Pocket change. Really painful pocket change- Complaint was just a humor one needed to survive the wild ride he had going here. He felt like this was no less a test than the rest of this insanity... Of course...None of that had anything to do with Lanfer or Sirene. They could be damned for all Zhellik cared, just like him. Lanfer took stock of the setting on the stage. The players were there, and the supporting cast was waiting in the wings. The time had come for him to address the crowd. Turning his back for a moment he hefted a sigh he hopped no one was able to see and turned and looked out over the massive crowd that had gathered. Here were lords and ladies elbow to elbow with artisans and beggars alike. It never ceased to amaze the old knight how such gruesome acts could draw a crowd in such numbers. Taking a deep breath Lanfer began, "Citizens of the great strong hold of Sanction, the Queen has invited you into her embrace this evening and you have answered her with you allegiance. In a time pocked by an invasion of disease brought about those within the fold of the Conclave you have braved your fears to gather to see the Queens Grace." He stopped to look around the stage once more before continuing, "Today you have been brought here to see that her judgment does not only hold you accountable. It hold her army just as firmly within the law as we demand from you all. It hold our obedience as firmly as we ask from you. You know that you could rebel and take your chances. You could fight her, but another army will come. They will destroy your idols and force their ideals on you. You will live in hell and wish that you had not chosen the path you have. I see sensible people here." He turns to Zhellik and nods to his guards who begin to slide him into the stocks set up beside him. "This man is a member of the army who has broken our rules. He has been charged with deterring a member of the army in ways that have been deemed unsuitable of a man of his rank by the Emperor. His consort stands here to witness his punishment as she herself deferred her punishment to double his." He looks between the two. "Do either of you have words to speak before your city's people?" Sirene did not choose to put the punishment onto him. She did -not- and was totally willing to take the punishment and she very much wants to say something about that. And that is -not- what she should do at this point. She gives Lanfer a grim smile, then shakes her head and starts muttering in Silvanesti. Please, please Sargonnas, don't let Zhell speak...If stopped from speaking, Sirene will have the prayer in her head. Zhellik generally had -plenty- to say. Sirene knows him too well and he really should have been more careful about that. Sloppy- He opens his mouth, being ever so cooperative with the whole stocks ordeal. Hm, never had the stocks before. Kinky... Anyways... Zhell takes in a breath and clears his. Are you seriously kidding me, where's my goddamned voice? Yes. There's the briefest of confused moments there on his face before he smiles at Sirene like he'd like to pet her pretty little head off. He shakes his head. Nope. I clearly have nothing to say- Not I. He knows what you did, you little tiger. Brat! He kinda likes it, too.

Author: Zhellik Date: Tue Dec 8 23:20:21 2015 Subject Examples (Part 3)

Lanfer looks between the two as they pass on their chance to speak, holding for one more moment as he pieces what Sirene had muttered in Silvanesti together. It had been years since he spoke it openly, but she had taught him well all those years before. He nearly chuckled when he realized she was protecting him, even now, even in front of him. Turing his gaze back over the crowd he lifted a hand to quite the murmurs that began to arise. "They have passed their chance to offer their sorrow for doing what they have done. The Queen will not tolerate disobedience with in her fold, and we have sword to protect you from any who wish to go against her will. One hundred lashes shall befall this solider. Fifty for his crime against the empire and fifty that she was unwilling to take." He nodded to the men around Sirene and they move forward with her to place on her knees eye to eye with Zhellik as the executioner began. He knew he was strengthening the bond these two shared by placing her there, but he hopped seeing him in this way would make her think twice about doing something to draw the emperors gaze again. At least in this way. By the gods, how was he suppose to be made to do this to her. He knew a blessing in a curse when he saw one, and somewhere in there he was probably grateful for her prayer. He had and would continue to take some big hits, but he wasn't blind to pain. This, he was fairly sure, was going to hurt. Blessings and curses, inside and out...They were all, in the end, a pile of tests and trials. They all had them. Sirene, he and even this Lanfer creature. He kept his eyes on hers but the 'bond' between them wasn't really of importance here. How bright were you going to burn again, priestess? A little rough in bedside manner, but this will do -nicely-. Was he going to make a scene of this? You're damned right he was. Pity the best scene that spoke the loudest was the lack of one at all. This, for once, he could do. He had a pretty good trainer when it came to pain tolerance. Lanfer did his best not to duck his head as the first lash landed, and then a second and third...The succession of times the rather brutish man laid the whip across Zhellik's backside was hard to hear. It was harder still to know the divide he was creating. Leaning in he spoke in Sirene's ear, "Do not cover him with anything that dulls this." The message was short but he hopped she knew it would only make it worse for him in the end. He had been given order to not put her under the whip. He wondered what the Emperors decree meant. Why was he protecting her? He knew it had nothing to do with him. He knew she would have taken her lashes and perhaps made less facial expression then Zhellik was doing now. Whirling quickly on the crown he began to address them again. "And if we hold our own to this standard what should we do to those who look to drive a wedge in our lives? Those who wish to aid the usurpers of the Queens power? Those who stand against us?" He looked around at the crown as they spat our hatred. Some called for death to those who stood against the Queen. Others screamed for blood. It was hard not to shake his head at the blind faith people put into things. Lanfer moved away from Zhellik and Sirene somewhere near half way though and had his men bring the Tavern owner and his family onto the stage and begin to tie them to the pyres. Sirene does not say one word to Lanfer's whisper. And she does not pray for any dulled pain, of course not. She's not even going to look at him anymore, she's going to stare right at Zhell. As the first lashes come, there is a flinch with every crack, but after a few, she holds herself. Clenches her teeth to keep from crying out. She will watch Zhell and let -him- see how bright her hatred burns because of his sacrifice.

Author: Zhellik Date: Tue Dec 8 23:24:02 2015 Subject Examples (Part 4)

Zhellik had her daintily formed hands holding his mouth at bay for a graceful amount of time, which was good because he might have taught the sailors out there a few new words on the first one. That smarts. Still. He had his focus, his plans and his sheer stubborn will to get him this far. He wanted a fire from a match, and here it was. Literally. Figuratively. The whole deal all in a nice little bow. He was aware, as was Sirene likely, that the grace of her fiery friend had slipped it's grip by then. He was having to put some effort into keeping it all down. By some, we mean a lot. Silent wasn't the word, but he'd be damned -twice over- if he was going to share this exquisite view with anyone but her. Hold up, folks, it's not Sirene. Sirene? He hadn't seen her since they were a quarter in. This one was making himself at home in these sadistic displays more and more. This wasn't really as much of a punishment as they might think. No, to Zhellik this was almost a religious experience. Then again, no one had a -clue- what this psycho was on about half the time anyways. Their loss. Lanfer looked on as the bar keep, his wife and his three children were secured to each of the five posts in the middle of the five wooden pyres. He did his best to ignore the sound as each lash found its mark on the Red soldier. He had done well to keep his mouth shut, orders had been given to serve another fifty if the boy cried out and even though Lanfer knew that another fifty could kill him he would follow his orders. He began to speak once more as the last of the hundred lashes were brought down on the man. His back side was bloody, but he had made it through. Lanfer found himself offering his thanks to his goddess that he did not have to continue on him this night. More tactful approaches could be taken if he was given the chance later. "And if we punish our own like so h should we punish those that invite the traitors gaze? How should we deal with those who harbor mages in this city?" Lanfer paused for a second to gage the crowd, reading the people before him. "How should we treat those who helped them kill hundreds of our own with such a vile tactic as disease? This family before you has done this and more. They plotted to take a Knight of your army and they harbored some of the mages that brought death upon us." He grabs a torch from one of the blue wing members, satisfied with the darkness that had enveloped the square. "The Queen has called for their souls. She will judge them, and her alone. We shall cleanse them here and send them to her embrace to be judged of their sins." The bar keep began to protest the acquisitions, but not before Lanfer lit the wood at his wifes feet. He let her burn a moment, taking in her screams, watching the man watch his wife die. He then lit the wood under his feet, though to his surprise the man mad no cry as the skin melted from his bones. He turning a bit unhappy the man had not cried out he nods to the guards in charge of Sirene and they pull her to her feet and force her forward to Lanfer. Handing her the lit torch he motions to the three remaining Pyres. The children, not 18 years between them stand whimpering. "You will light the last three and show the Queen your devotion. You will show her that you know her plan is your course." Sirene isn't seeing Zhell very much once the rest of the lashes start again. She has her own visions there, seeing in his eyes things that are in store. She is hurt, shaken by all of this, but the fire is burning within her.

Author: Zhellik Date: Tue Dec 8 23:26:23 2015 Subject Examples (Part 5)

Zhellik did manage, though how he'd never be able to tell. He needed to hold his tongue for more reasons than his skin...What was left of it. The pain burned through him, intoxicating his senses as the whispers and echoes had wrapped about him, faces lingering only in the brief dark spots. He wasn't much of a spectator by then, of course, and though he'd kept his silence, he hadn't kept his feet as well. Half in and half out was the flavor of the moment and that was pretty much all she wrote. Zhellik was going to make the Doc a wealthy woman if he kept this up... Sirene doesn't need to be forced much as she is brought to Lanfer. She is here and she will show them all that she will serve. She serves Takhisis, but she serves Her through serving Sargonnas. Her forced calm breaks slightly when Lanfer hands her the torch, showing a hint of a smirk. She turns to the remaining three pyres, taking one step just to get slightly away from Lanfer, then raises her other hand and calls down fire, shooting from her hand to the center pyre. If not stopped, the flames will reach out and spread to the other two pyres. She is not a mage. Not of the Conclave. There are gods other than the moons here that have great power, and she can show that. Lanfer lets a grin pass his lips and the other pyres catch.She was stronger then he had known, more refined. And it seemed anger and fear brought it out ten fold in her. He tried to block out the children's screams as he pondered over this. He hadn't expected her to step forward so willingly to send these kids to their death. He wondered if it was the setting or if it was the very reason she could let her own mother be taken. Either way he couldn't pretend he was not impressed. He motions to the men near Zhellik and then release him from the stocks and stand him on his feet not waiting to see if he catches his balance before letting him go to move on to the pyres to make sure they didn't catch the entire stage area and lite the entire square. Lanfer addressed the crowd once more, "When the Queen asks for life she receives it. You are my messengers," He motions to everyone before him, "Either you stand with us or you stand against us. We can step aside and you can take your chances with the mages, or the Solamnic, or what ever lord raises the army needed to put you all in submission. OR! you can support this army and this cause as they protect the ideals you hold dear. As we protect those people you love. As we give OUR lives for you. That is your choice. The blue wing will pay handsomely for any leads to other mages and mage sympathizers in this city, but be warned, false information will lead you here, to this stage." Lanfer looks round a moment at the faces in the crowd. Swelled with today's blood letting. "May the Queen guide you my friends." With those final words he exits the stage not giving another look to Sirene or the whipped Knight. A group of 20 knights surround him as they make there way from the square leaving the remaining knights to make sure nothing erupts in his absence. Sirene hears Lanfer, but is not really listening. Hasn't looked to him once since she turned from him, just stares at the pyre, holding her torch. She sees fire and hears screams here, but she can't even tell if they are past, present, or future. She will watch those flames burn brightly until they consume that weakness from her. This world will burn, one way or another. (Thanks for writing this scene out with me, guys. It was a good RP and, though time didn't allow for it to be Global, we're going to post it up because it's relevant stuff people should probably know happened- Yay, RP Logs. ^_^)

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