The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Zignus.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a metal bound tome on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Zignus' scribed in earth-colored grey ink.

Author:  Zignus
Date    Tue Jun  4 21:03:31 2002

Subject  zignus

It was a chill night in Qualinost, as screems filled the air. On this night
Zignusolanth was born. His mother died giving birth to him, before she could
even hold him in his arms. Being a half-elf didn't help him much in the elven
society. He was raised by his grandmother, one of the oldest elves in Quali-
nost. By the time he started to attend school, he had already gotten into
fights with the other children. Everyone mocked him for being a half-elf,
ridiculed him to the point where he could take it no more. At age thirty his
grand- mother passed away, leaving him alone in the elven society. He attended
her funeral, something that may have been better if he went in private. Many
of the people blamed the death of the beloved woman on him. Saying she died
because of his cold heart. The elves gave him a hate-filled gaze as he said
his farewell. He left the funeral early, seeing he had no one to stay there
for. What he did not notice however was that someone decided to leave in the
same direction as him. About half way down the trail he was hit in the back of
the head. Knocked forward on his face, his hand quickly sped towards the
hidden blade in his boot. He sprung to his feet, blade in hand to confront the
foe. It happened to be a snaughty elven noble, who he had never gotten along
with. Without any exchange of words the elf flung himself on Zignus, who
attempted to counter it, bring his blade up to drive away the fool.
Unfortunately he continued his attack, driving up against the dagger right
into the chest.

Before Zignus could sort the mess out, an arrow flew and hit him in the arm,
and another elf jumped out infront of him. Zignus dropped his blade and raised
his hands in a defensive position. The elf smirked and hit him with the hilt
of his sword, knocking Zignus out cold.

Author:  Zignus
Date    Tue Jun  4 21:17:41 2002

Subject  Zignus:Continued

When Zignus awoke, he was in a dark cell, which his eyes quickly accustomed
to. He sat there sorting out what happened, getting his story straight. He had
only been defending himself, this was not his fault. Before long a guard came
along and took him before the court. There he was tride and didn't really have
a chance to defend himself. He was banished for the murder of an elven noble.

Without being allowed to gather his belongings, a group of guards took him to
the border where the yet again hit him with the hilt of a sword, knocking him

Author:  Zignus
Date    Tue Jun  4 21:25:44 2002

Subject  Zignus:The Vision

A form adorned in armor of the Dark Queen marched through the forest,
following a narrow trail. An arrow flew his way, which he quickly deflected
with his sword. Grabbing a dagger at his side he through it into the brush
where he heard a loud gasp and a thump as a body hit the ground. He heard a
slight russle of leaves and then all was silent. He waited there, knowing well
not to pursue an elf into the forest. Before long he heard a screach as a
gryphon appeared with an elven rider. The rider attacked, with the gryphon
snapping its beak at him as it flew straight at him. He brought up his sword,
adorned with a glowing black gem at the hilt, and cut through the head of the
gryphon, driving it up all the way through. The gryphon came to an abrupt stop
and fell to the ground. The elf jumped off the gryphon and attacked before the
beast landed, sending a series of attacks at the knight.

The masked death knight blocked each blow with ease then threw his weight into
his shield, which knocked into his opponent, knocking the elf to the ground.
He then brought the tip of his sword to the throat of the defeated wretch,
standing above him with a vigilant gaze. He took off his helmet to reveal
himself to the elf. Zignus finished the drive of his sword, killing the elf
mercilessly. A sharp pain errupted in Zignus' arm as he woke with a start.

Author:  Zignus
Date    Tue Jun  4 22:41:30 2002

Subject  Zignus:Journey

Zignus looked down at his forearm, wincing as he moved it around to examine
it. There, on his forearm was a strange tattoo, shaped like that of a
five-headed dragon. It glowed a faint black and pounded in pain, making it
extremely difficult to concentrate. He sighed, as he remembered his dream, he
had accepted the Queen's bargain, do her will, and get his revenge. He looked
to examine his arrow wound and found it to be completely healed. He was
completely healthy, and felt better then he had since before his grandmother's
death, except for the pain on his arm. Slowly he took to his feet and walked
out of the forest onto a road. He looked about, looking at the sun determining
to determine which way was north, then started for Solace. Upon his arrival,
he stole some travelling equipment and some steel, and started on his journey
towards the Khalkists, where he heard Her Knight's were residing. He stole
what he needed, of those unsuspecting, and eventually made progress.

With sheer determination he learned to become one with the earth, like his
elven heritage. Yet his broad human physic helped him blend into the human
world. Slowly and surely, he eventually made his way to the Khalkists. Upon
arrival, he killed a bear for its cave, and made the cave his home. There he
would train, day after day, until the time came...

Author:  Zignus
Date    Thu Jul 18 23:57:51 2002

Subject  Normdaar

It was hot, really hot, not hot to just cause you to sweat, but hot enough
burn your skin alive. The woods were dead silent as I rode through them, as if
all the sound were muted for miles on end. No birds chirpping, no squirrels
running along the branches, nothing, just silence. I heard a stream not to far
to my right, and dismounted, leading my stallion, Black Lightning, towards it.
I let him drink the water there, and rested against his back, taking in the
shade, and the slight breeze that blowed in from the north.

I began to doze off, before I even knew what happened, I had my sleeping gear
unpacked and set up, and I was asleep. It was as if someone else was in
control of my body and I was a passenger. I watched, waited, hoping for
something to stir my adrenaline, silence. Half asleep, yet half awake, I lay
there in the night, trying to rest before the scorching sun would rise again
in the morning. *CRACK!* I jumped to my feet, swords armed, and ready for what
was to come, but nothing came, as I stood there paranoid in the night. Was I
imagining things? Convinced that I must have dreamed it, I began to sit back
down. *CRACK!* There it was again, I jumped to my feet and this time, let my
elven eyes pierce the darkness, searching, waiting, yet nothing came. It was
like this all night, not a minute of sleep.

--------------End of Part 1--------------

Author:  Zignus
Date    Fri Jul 19 21:13:23 2002

Subject  Normdaar Part 2

The night faded away as the sun began to rise, bringing light to a new day. I
was tired, I fell asleep dozens of times on my feet while loading up my mount.
Mounting, I whispered, 'North', into his ear, and collapsed under exhaustion.
I had no sleep the night before, nor the night before that.

The crackling noises continued throughout the nights, not leaving me a moments
rest. I slept, finally not able to take it anymore. Slept for minutes, days,
who knows. Thats not important however, what is important is where I was when
I awakened. I attempted to stretch as I woke up, only to find my hands and
feet bound, and my wrists burned like the abyss. My eyes darted open and I
began to survey my surroundings. It was dark, very dark, my elven sight could
not hope to penetrate this pitch black abyss. I groaned, feeling utterly

'Shh! You'll bring them on to us!' A voice whispered somewhere to my right.

'Where am I?' 'You are trapped, now shuttup, you'll learn more as time goes
by.' I collapsed again, unable to think, to act, I felt like a newborn babe.

-------------End of Part 2---------------

Author:  Zignus
Date    Fri Jul 19 21:33:02 2002

Subject  Normdaar Part 3

It had been months since I was captured, though it felt like years. The vision
my Queen had given me was deathly accurate. Here were her soldiers, captured
and packed like sheep in a pen. I was being held prisoner in Cedalford, and my
mission was to free the others. This I knew beyond a doubt, yet if I was the
one my Queen chose, why was I captured? Questions like this ran through my
mind daily. Why me? How? After a few months I stopped feeling sorry for
myself, and began to look for patterns in behavior of our captors. They were
deathly afraid of the light, I once scratched my boots causing a spark, and
they all dispersed out of the holding area. This had to be the key to escape.
They did checks on us three times a day, morning day and night. Though
sometimes they wouldn't leave, to monitor our behaviour.

Before long I had a plan...My boots had a steel tip on them, and it was sharp
enough to cut these ropes loose. Once free I was convinced I could escape, and
free the others. I don't know what day it is, but I felt it was time, a
feeling in my gut. I lay on my back, and when I was convinced that no one but
the hostages and me were in the room, began to cut the ropes with my boots.
The ropes were made of something different, they wouldn't cut like normal
ropes, and progress was slow. I had to be careful to not get caught when they
did their roundly checks though. It was a week, maybe two, before I freed
myself. I don't know how I was able to keep time in this dark prison, but
somehow everything made sense.

------------End Part 3---------------

Author:  Zignus
Date    Fri Jul 19 21:39:51 2002

Subject  Normdaar Part 4

I hid to the left side of the door, so it would hide me when it opened. I
waited. The minutes counted down like hours, and sweat began to trickle down
my face. There was noise behind the door, all was silent. The prisoners, all
veterans of war, did not make eye contact with me. Though their ropes were
tied, they hid them behind their backs so that nothing would seem suspicious.
The door opened, and it came walking, half crawling in. It looked at everyone,
and cackled evilly. I snuck up behind him...slowly...almost there...


I had him in my lock, strangling him until he ceased to move, and then some.

I peaked outside the door, it was a little lighter, but barely. I could make
out two guards at the end of the hall, talking in their own tongue. I nodded
to the man, who seemed to lead his men, he was named Vormse, Captain Vormse. I
shut the door quietly and motioned him to the corner. I need to know, or else
we will never get out of here alive. What in the name of the abyss are these
things, and why are they holding us here?!

The captain, sighing softly, began to whisper softly, and began his tale.

Author:  Zignus
Date    Fri Jul 19 21:46:45 2002

Subject  Normdaar Part 5

They...these things, are some sort of deformation of dwarves I gather. We are
underground now, underneath Cedalford. They seem to be mining something, and
at first they weren't so bad. We lived here in Cedalford with them for years,
until they discovered the orb. The orb... everyone within a certain radius of
the thing does not age. I was to guard this for Lord Ariakas, once he won the
war he would hide it in his castle, and live forever...Be the Emperor of

I failed him though, and now he is dead, for it has been many years since the

They took us in our sleep, and it has been like this ever since. They don't
feed us, don't need to because the orb keeps us alive...That is my story.

--------------End Part 5---------------

Author:  Zignus
Date    Fri Jul 19 21:55:35 2002

Subject  Normdaar Part 6

I left the men and scouted ahead, killing any of the things that I saw. I had
recovered my weapons from the room over. I was on a rampage. I went forth,
torch in one hand, and sword in the other. They cowered back like the cowards
they are. I killed them mercilessly, and searched the premises for the orb.
Yes... the orb, Takhisis wants it, it is why she sent me. She will have it
soon...very soon. I heard yelling not to far off. Many of the beasts had
gathered to attempt to stop me, they were also guarding a door.

I charged in, slaying them all, they were all petrified of the light, they
stood no chance. I unlocked the door with the keys off a corpse, and there it
was, glowing. The room was dusty and there were cobwebs all over. It seems
they never came here because of the glow. I chuckled to myself, fools.

I grabbed the orb and ran back to gather the men. They stood there staring at
me in amazement. Here I was, their hero, garbbed in the blood of their

I realized here and now that these men would die for me with so much as a
word. I beckoned them to follow, and we charged up the tunnel, escape was in
our reach.

-------------End Part 6---------------

Author:  Zignus
Date    Fri Jul 19 22:00:34 2002

Subject  Normdaar Part 8

The light! Oh I never thought I would be so glad just to bathe in the light.

It has been almost half a year since I last breathed the fresh air. I whistled
for my horse, hoping it may be in the area, if it escaped, and waited. Before
long I the ground began to tremble, and the beating of many hooves could be
heard. Two Hundred horses followed one pitch black stallion, it seems Black
Lightning had made some friends during my capture. The men cheered as they all
had a mount, and I chuckled softly, thinking how perfect everything had turned
out. With the orb in my pack, we rode home, we were free.

Author:  Zignus
Date    Sat Aug 24 19:37:30 2002

Subject  My Capture

Today I was attacked by the wretched Solamnics. They surrounded me while I was
minding my own business, attempting to force me out of a city that does not
wholly belong to them, asking me to bear a message that all of my brethren
will be imprisoned if they are caught within the city walls from that point

I told them that I would bear their message, however I would not leave until
the time suited me. The Lord Knight Dartain rushed in at me, unable to contain
his anger, and I cut him down. However I underestimated his will and he began
to push me back. We fought for what seemed hours, and then he wounded my
tattoo, the only thing that could keep me together. After then I was
delirious, striking blindly at anything that moved. I fell to him, and now I
lay in their dungeons, but not for long.

Author:  Zignus
Date    Sat Aug 24 19:49:25 2002

Subject  Escape Attempt #1

I woke up with a pounding headache, barely able to keep my eyes open. Looking
around, I saw that I had been put into a rather small cell, with a little bit
of light piercing the darkness from underneath the door. Crawling forward I
studied the door, seeing if their was a lock from the inside, or some sort of
way to get out. Finding none, I sat back down and began to formulate a plan of

I lay down, and closed my eyes, making it seem that I had not yet waked from
my healing sleep. I began to groan in pain, and then began to yell, and
shortly after I started to shout. Not to long after, I heard footsteps coming
from above.

The door creaked open as someone entered the room. Putting my plan to action I
began to convulse, faking a seizure. The person ran forward attempting to help
me, and grabbed my arms. I opened my eyes, and reversed his group, and spun
him over. Landing on top of him, I got a lock on his adams apple.

'You move, or make any noise, and you die.' As an answer to my command, he
stared ate me with hatred, but made no noise.

However the guard outside heard the scuffle and ran in. I hoisted the knight
up, and put him between myself and the guard. The guard began to circle me,
searching for an opening.

'Stay back!'Screamed the knight, as I began to tighten my hold on his
throat. The guard doing what he was told, began to step back a few feet, but
still had his sword pointed at me.

'If you come any closer, the knight's life is forfeit.' In answer, he
lowered his sword, but stood blocking the doorway. I heard more guards coming
down the hall way, and cursed as my chances of escape vanished. Muttering a
curse I shoved the knight forward, giving up in the attempt.

Without losing a beat, the knight charged at me and pinned me to the ground.

'I could have killed you, wretched Solamnic, but I let you go, you should do
the same.' 'And I could have let you die.'The knight said in response as
he put some cuffs on my arms to further restrain me. Noticing a keywhole, I
let him cuff me to the wall.

'There is your food for the day.'The knight said, breathing heavily as he
exited the cell. Muttering a curse I kicked the food at the door, too late
realizing that it would be my only food for another day. Sighing, I sat back
down on the ground, and closed my eyes in silent prayer.

Author:  Zignus
Date    Sun Aug 25 00:37:24 2002

Subject  The Meeting

I heard footsteps down the hall, and shortly after the door creaked open. I
opened my eyes, and let them adjust to the light. Lord Teldor stood before me,
a letter in his hand.

'Good day to you, Sir Knight.' He saluted me.

I nodded at him, not knowing why he was here, but suspecting it to do with the
letter. He follows my gaze and holds up the letter infront of me.

'Ahh yes, I have something for you. We met with two more of your order this
day, and they agreed to leave the city on command. However Sir Sidholt handed
me a letter that he said was to be delivered to you. So here it is.' I took
the letter from his hand, and recognized the seal. Breaking the seal, I began
to read:  Surely there must be a way we have not yet thought of

It cries It Demands It says that there's a chance

It will not say "no."

A letter of encouragement, much needed. I crumpled the letter and through it
on the ground, pretending it was nothing but something to entertain me. Lord
Teldor smiled, asking if Sidholt was a friend. Where upon I told him he was
simply an ally, we had mutual interests, and we understood eachother. With the
business completed, he asked if I needed anything else. I told him of the
unnecessary roughness Lord Rek had shown me after I had released him. He
promised to look into it for me. Afterwords we talked for a bit more about my
battle with Lord Dartain.

'Is there anything else you require.' He asks.

I looked at the overturned plate on the ground and looked up at him hungrily.

'Perhaps some more food could be brought...I seemed to have...finished with
the previous plate.' He frowned at the waste, but agrees to bring me some
more food, and turns to leave.

'Perhaps you could bring a fork to eat with?' I said, thinking of the lock
on my cuff. In a few moments he returned with some stew, a loaf of bread, and
a cup of water.

'Is this suitable?' 'I will remember your kindness Lord Teldor, it is
suitable indeed.' I said as I looked down at the food hungrily. With that he
turned on his heel and left the room. I devoured the food and sat back down,
beginning to develop another plan.

Author:  Zignus
Date    Sun Aug 25 02:07:24 2002

Subject  Escape

It must have been night, for the dungeon was absolutely quiet except for the
other prisoners snoring. I took the fork that I had gotten earlier and began
to work at that lock on the cuffs. A few minutes later, a slight click came
from the cuffs, and they popped open. I kept my hands in them however, and hid
the fork behind the palm of my hand. With a grunt, I jumped and made a loud
noise, hoping to attract attention. Before long I heard the footsteps of
someone coming down the hall, uttering curses about the damned prisoners and
lack of sleep. The door unlocked and light pierced the doorway from the hall.
A head pops through the door.

'Whats all the racket about?!' I lay still, waiting for him to come
closure, not daring to even breathe. The knight confused by my reaction,
inched forward, and gave a prod with his boot.

I spun to life and dragged him to the ground, and with a blur I was on top of
him, and wielding my mighty fork, I put it to his throat.

'You make any sudden movements, or any loud noises, and your dead, got it?
Nod if you do.' The knight nodded, with a hate-filled stare in his eyes. I
took the cuffs and shackled him to the wall. Then I began to strip myself of
my armor, and stripping him of his. I put on his armor, and put mine on him,
hoping no one would notice me gone until morning. I walked out of the door and
shut it, and began my escape from the keep. I walked calmly passed the guards,
being careful not to look directly at anyone. I was almost out until a squire
by the looks of it, saw that something was amiss. I continued to walk out, and
soon I was on the streets of Palanthas. I knew however that my escape would
not go unnoticed long.

(Thanks Bevier for helping me rp)

Author:  Zignus
Date    Wed Sep  4 10:27:30 2002

Subject  Test:Part 1

Sighing, I begin to walk to the edge of the destroyed town, where my dragon
awaits me.

'Deathbolt...I believe this is something I must do alone, your large size
will only give us away. I need you to return to Storm's Keep, and inform them
of what has happened. Do not return until you hear my calling.' The blue
dragon looks at me steadily, then jumps high into the air and departs, heading
in the direction of the keep. I turn around to look over the massacre, seeing
the acid-burned bodies on the ground. I turn away, this type of slaughter
making me sick to my stomach. What type of monster could kill like this,
without feeling, without remorse. Sighing, I turn to look again upon the
scene, and walk towards a small building where I see a shovel. Taking the
shovel, I begin the long strenuous task of burrying the dead, the innocent.

(To be continued...)

Author:  Zignus
Date    Wed Sep  4 10:37:27 2002

Subject  Test:Continued

I wiped the sweat from my eyes as I finished digging the last grave, sighing,
I gently picked up the little girl. Her head was caved in, probably from a
mace, and her clothes were half way torn off, ravaged. My tattoo glowed as her
bright blue eyes stared straight into me.

Suddenly I was no longer standing amidst a destroyed village, I was no longer
me. I heard singing and laughing, as children played all around me, the little
girl chasing a boy around the village square. A large shadow covered the
village, and I immediately look up, thinking it to be Deathbolt returning.
Except it was not Deathbolt, this was a sleek black dragon, a renegade. It
swept passed the village once, and turned back around, diving low. The
villagers screamed, mothers running for their children. The black dragon
swooped down and spat acid at building after building, each building
collapsing as the acid ate it away. A battle cry sounded as a small army of
men ran in, blades held high. Dressed in black dragonarmor, they began their
slaughter, killing the fathers, and raping the women. The little girl had
hidden herself in the well, her mother's dead body covering the entrance. The
battle was over before it began, and the noise died down. The little girl
began to mourn, and the apparent leader of the army stopped his looting to
look up. A sly grin crossed his face as he began to walk towards the well. I
ran at him, trying to tackle him, but ran right through him. He kept on
walking straight towards the well, and threw the corpse of the girl's mother
off the entrance. He laughed wickedly as he pulled the bucket up. The girl
tried to run, but he grabbed her dress, ripping it off of her. All of them
laughed, they loved this, they lived for it. I hated them, I wanted to kill
every single one of them. The captain picked her up, and banged her against
the well, he began his work. I could not watch any longer, and shook my head
trying to clear it. When I looked up again I was once again surrounded by
graves, a single tear ran down my face as I vowed revenge.

(To be continued...)

Author:  Zignus
Date    Thu Sep  5 11:33:35 2002

Subject  Test:continued

It was night when I resumed my journey, following the trail silently. Lunitari
and Solinari, both in high sanction, lighting my way through the forest. The
trail, that I had been following for days, leads north, to the Khalkists.

I could only suppose that the dragon has its cave there. Sooner or later I
knew, I would catch up, but what then? How would I defeat an army, yet alone a
dragon. These thoughts raced through my mind, doubts and worries, how could
they not? To each of these questions I told myself, 'She is watching, She will
show me the way'. That is all the encouragement I ever needed.

'CRACK!' I stopped mid-step, something had cracked a branch or a twig on
the ground, and it was not me. My elven eyes pierced the darkness, searching,
seeing. There, not even a hundred yards in front of me, was one of them. He
walked around clumsily, gathering firewood. I could kill him so easily, but I
stopped my urge. If I killed him now, he would not return as expected to the
army, and they would send more men out. I waited till he left. I quickly
retreated a few hundred yards and sat, thinking, praying.

(To be continued...)

Author:  Zignus
Date    Fri Sep  6 12:19:01 2002

Subject  Test:Continued

I had been watching them for days, seeing their routines, and counting their
numbers. They counted 47 in all, plus the dragon, which visited them once a

The captain seemed to stay in his tent mostly, and came out only at night to
join the drinking and the abuse of the women they had abducted. One by one,
night after night, the women were raped, then killed. I watched in horror as
these precedings happened, and slowly a plan began to form. I went back to my
hiding spot, and looked at my supplies. I had a shovel, my daggers, a bow,
some arrows, some rope, armor, and some poison. I worked day after day,
without break, the simple cause feeding me enough energy to keep going.  I
built dozens of lethal traps, setting them all over the forest. With my traps
set, all I had to do now was prepare myself, mentally and physically. I ran
the procedure over and over, making sure I did not fail when the time came. I
learned the terrain, making note of any change in elevation, and where each
tree stood.

I found places to hide incase they were ever hot on my trail. I learned my
'obstacle course' so that I could run it with my eyes closed. I would strike
at them and kill them, before the dragon returned for its weekly visit.

Author:  Zignus
Date    Sat Sep  7 13:07:16 2002

Subject  Test:Continued

I sat atop a tree, watching them, waiting for the captain to walk out of his
tent as he does every night. He would be dead before he stepped outside.

My bow in hand, notched and loaded, I waited there. The flaps behind the tent
began to move, as I quickly released my arrow. I heard a gurgled scream and a
thud, and then the camp came to life. Showtime. Almost immedietly someone
pointed to the tree, and arrows zoomed above me. I scrambled down the tree and
waited for them to follow. I three arrows loose at once, and three of them
fell down dead, arrows through their eyes. The rest pushed them aside and
continued to chase me. I ran through the forest, slow enough for them to

I jumped, avoiding one of my traps, and heard a muffled yell as someone fell
through it. I continued to run, knowing they were still right on my heels.

I took out my blade and cut a rope as I ran passed a tree. A huge spiked
branch zoomed backwords, hitting someone smack in the face. Suddenly it was
quiet, something was not right. I knew I had not killed 47, had they been
called back?

I turned around and snuck carefully back towards their camp, taking note of
how many I had killed. There were three that were killed by the branch, and
four more that were still clutching to life in the spiked pit. I ended their
pain quickly and continued on. I had killed 11 of them, reducing their number

I hid behind a tree and looked towards the camp. All of the men were assembled
and circled around something, the dragon.

Author:  Zignus
Date    Sat Sep  7 14:17:32 2002

Subject  Test:Continued

I stood there watching, unable to repress my disgust with the beast. It was
fat, bloaded, it was the type of dragon that Takhisis would not approve of in
her army in any case, whether it be a renegade or not. Suddenly the men began
to scramble back and run. The dragon began spewing acid at them, and eating
those in range. Before long all of the men were dead, and I stood their in
horror, frozen, unable to move. When its work was done it began to jump into
the air, ready to leave, but then it stopped. It turned its head slowly and
looked my way, it had found me somehow. Gritting my teeth I stepped out into
the open, trying to repress the dragon fear. A sly grin fell upon its face as
it gazed upon me, one of amuzement, and hunger.

'So you are the one who slays my men, the one who makes a mockery of my
army?' 'I make a mockery of you, not your army.' 'Oh, you do now? We
shall see...we shall see.' 'By order of my Queen, I order you to surrender
yourself to her, or I will be forced to end your miserable wretched life.'
At this the dragon hissed, and approached my threateningly. I knew it would
decline my offer, I would be forced to kill it. But how?

'You miserable half breed dare to threaten me? Do you know who I am?' 'I
care not who you are, you have two choices, die now, or die later.' It
hissed and spat acid everywhere, I dodged left and right, barely able to stay
out of the fray.

'Stay still you wretch!' It continued to do so for another five minutes,
destroying everything around it but me. Finally it gave up the attempt and
made a leap towards me, hoping to devour me whole. I drove my long bladed
dagger through its jaw and jumped back as it screached in pain. I used this
opportunity to rush the dragon, hoping to mount it. It bit my leg half way
through my climb, dragging me off of it. I cried out in pain as I flew through
the air.

'You will pay dearly for that, Half-Elf.' My wounds were already closing
as it slowly came my way, thinking me immobile.

I slashed my dagger in its face, scratching its eye. Jumping to my feet I ran
behind it yet again, this time grabbing hold of its tail as it jerked around
trying to fling me off. I got out my other dagger and began to stab my way up
the scaly hide, pulling myself up with each wound that I made. It screached in
pain, never having felt this type of pain. For the first time in it's long
life, the dragon was afraid. It flew up into the air, with me on its back, and
crashed through the trees, banging me against anything it could, trying to
writhe me off. The pain seemed to dissappear, with only my goal in mind. I
climbed forward somehow, and made my way towards is huge head.

With one hand around its horn, and the other wielding my dagger, I stabbed

The dragon suddenly stopped writhing, and stopped flying. My blade had bitten
through its brain, ending its miserable life. We crashed through the canopy
and landed with a loud thud on the ground, I rolled off, barely on the edge of
conciousness. I tried to examine my wounds, broken ribs, gashes along my legs
and arms. My head kept pounding, and the pounding was the last thing I

Author:  Zignus
Date    Sat Sep  7 14:21:46 2002

Subject  Test:End

I awoke with a start, my head still pounding, but my wounds considerably

I attempted to stand but fell back down, and lost conciousness again. I kept
going in and out of reality for what seemed like days, each time waking up
with less wounds. Finally after what seemed like eternity, I was able to blow
my horn, able to call for my dragon. I collapsed again. When I awoke next
time, I was at Storm's Keep, in the healer's tent, with a sigh of relief I
closed my eyes again, I was home.

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