The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to the private room of Zivilyn. As you step inside you feel as though you were transported through time and across a great void... The room is made up with murals to appear as...

Zivilyn's Treehouse

A gargantuan vallenwood grows in the middle of this fertile valley, secluded from sight by even larger mountains on all sides. A great many of its roots are exposed, allowing entrance for those who dare to tread the dangerous path. Although larger than any vallenwood upon Krynn, this tree seems to have been made to climb in, with branches small enough for mortal man to grasp low down upon the trunk. A low branch forms a small desk with a moss covered seat, it looks quite comfortable.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Zivilyn.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a leather bound tome with glowing glyphs on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Zivilyn' scribed in glowing blue ink.

Author:          Zivilyn
Date    Wed Sep 28 12:48:46 2005
Subject  Adventures in Teleporting!

Buxus OOCs 'will teleport also take my pet with me?'
Divino OOCs 'dont think so dont really rember though'
Galaphale OOCs 'dunno'
Buxus OOCs 'hmmm sorc would know..'
Buxus OOCs 'lets find out'
Buxus OOCs 'ahh if I mount it, it has to'
Galaphale OOCs 'that's what she said.'
Buxus OOCs 'or I end up crashing into the ground with my bottom first.'
Buxus OOCs 'wish me luck'
Buxus OOCs 'ahhh interesting'

--> Buxus got toasted by The Crystalline Dragon at The Crystalline Cave [room 27051]

Buxus OOCs 'omg I instantly died in... the crystaline cave.'
Galaphale OOCs 'did we mention teleporting is dangerous?'

Author:          Zivilyn
Date    Tue Oct  4 12:25:11 2005
Subject  Backstabs with UZI's: A How To.

One day in Zhan many moons ago...

You leap from the shadows and attack Palagnos!
Your backstab COMPLETELY DESTROYS Palagnos!
Palagnos is DEAD!!
You receive 0 experience points.
--> Palagnos got toasted by Zivilyn at The Alcove of Healing [room 9806]
You hear Palagnos's death cry.
(Glistening) A Lizzard Man's Eye falls to the floor.

Your backstab COMPLETELY DESTROYS Palagnos!
Palagnos is DEAD!!
You receive 0 experience points.
--> Palagnos got toasted by Zivilyn at The Alcove of Healing [room 9806]
You hear Palagnos's death cry.

You OOC 'Oh shit'
(note to self: never backstab someone where they recall ;)
I dug this up and had to share, we all got a huge laugh from it
As I quickly started getting rid of rot timers on his equipment heheh.

Author:          Zivilyn
Date    Tue Oct  4 12:33:25 2005
Subject  Dwarf Power!

This was ages ago, but we've had so little bloodbaths lately.. I wanted people to remember how ;p

The Dwarf Wars...
So one day the dwarves all came together and decided to retaliate...

[   Theiwar  ] * (VIOLENT) [7 Kingdoms] Avinor BloodForge HATES KoT with a passion.
[            ] * Lethias
[   Human    ]   [ Solamnic ] <L> Grand Master Teldor Rosenguard, lives in a haunted house
[ Dark Dwarf ] * (VIOLENT) [   KoT    ] [Skull] Rinz Steelraze, Dark Mystic of Tamex
[  Half-Elf  ] * (VIOLENT) [7 Kingdoms] Ambassador Wizard Renli Lensford says 'I am Batman'
[            ] * [ Solamnic ] [Crown] Sir Halon D'Uthan, Knight of the Crown
[            ] * (VIOLENT) [7 Kingdoms] <R> Malen [  Shadow  ] Arm Of Morgion.
[            ] * Khin.
[   Neidar   ] * (VIOLENT) [7 Kingdoms] <R> Delve Anavin, the Hand of the Kingdoms
[            ] * <Helper> [   KoT    ] <L> Dark Warrior Konan Wolfclaw Highlord
[ Gully Dwarf] * (VIOLENT) [7 Kingdoms] Minak o` the Spoon
[ Gully Dwarf] * (VIOLENT) [7 Kingdoms] Flubig throw rat poo at Minak
[   Human    ] * <Helper> [   KoT    ] [Skull] <L> Saige - Lord of Night, [LoD]
[  The Rose  ]   [Holy Order] [Light] <L> Majere is looking for a few good monks!
[  Half-Elf  ] * [   KoT    ] Brint needs to talk to Gilean

GULLY BLIND! RUN GULLY RUN!!! And yes, I used to be...

Author:          Zivilyn
Date    Tue Oct  4 13:00:57 2005
Subject  Days of Bloodshed and Greatness

Ahh the times of hapless victims and senseless violence....
(September of 2003)

[  Minotaur  ] * (VIOLENT) Keraz Ohn Koraf
[   Theiwar  ] * (SLAIN) [7 Kingdoms] <R> Thrak think you're better than me?
[            ] * Guivera
[            ] * Veldmar D'lorth
[  Half-Elf  ] * [   KoT    ] [Lily] Brint Grinstable, [Dark Mystic] <L>
[   Human    ] * Lochlainn -The quietly defiant
[   Human    ] * (VIOLENT) [Holy Order] [Balance] Jonis Lyrestrum, Guru of the Flame
[   Human    ] * (SLAIN) [   KoT    ] [ MoD ] Leften Gitane.
[   Human    ]   [ Solamnic ] <L> Grand Master Teldor Rosenguard
[   Neidar   ] * (VIOLENT) [   KoT    ] [Skull] Rinz Steelraze, [Dark Mystic] <L>
[   Human    ] * [ Solamnic ] [Crown] Covalk Yrguthen
[            ] * [ Conclave ] [White] Wizard Tarantel Essenceflair
[ Silvanesti ]   [ Conclave ] [White] <R> Zanglero Silhanilas [Librarian]
[   Human    ] * (KILLER) [ Conclave ] [Red] Illusionist Ekkana Rallienk is NEKKED!
[   Kender   ] * (THIEF) Drewcila say's " U have Awoken the Demon In ME
[            ] * Palagnos.
[            ] * (VIOLENT) (THIEF) Gleep not borrow good :(

My trusty old Mino in the fray! I can't remember who he killed though, ah the fun...

Author:          Zivilyn
Date    Fri Oct 14 01:35:02 2005
Subject  Ramblings of two Crazy's

Late at night, two guys with too much time on their hands...
Sargonnas says in Common 'I'd still rather see ingredients tho ;p'
Sargonnas says in Common 'and ingredients into the more powerful spells'
You agree absolutely.
Sargonnas says in Common 'no ingredients for minor ones at all'
You say in Common 'me too, if only we could just code all day and not work'
Sargonnas is laughing out loud!  REALLY!
You say in Common 'Wouldn't that not suck'
You nod sagely. 
Sargonnas says in Common 'i dunno, die of carpal tunnel'
You say in Common 'Heheh'
You say in Common 'speech to text'
You nod sagely. 
Sargonnas says in Common 'i think i'd rather die in the sack with a hot latina'
Sargonnas nods sagely. 
You say in Common 'NO DAMNIT I meant a brace not a bracket..'
You roll on the floor, laughing hysterically.
You say in Common 'Lol that too'
Sargonnas says in Common 'i think the speech thing while coding you'd like
                          summon the devil himself :P'
You roll on the floor, laughing hysterically.
Sargonnas says in Common 'bracket comma bracket 
                          COMMA!!! *poof* I will eat your soul!'
You say in Common 'rofl'

Author:          Zivilyn
Date    Wed Nov  2 12:32:14 2005
Subject  Friendly competition

[    Aghar   ] * Malloc Coddington the VI
[ Silvanesti ]   [ Conclave ] [White] Silthanos, Xantor's Apprentice.  
[   Human    ] * [ KoT ] [Lily] Khin?!  Hong Kong Fuey!  
[  Half-Elf  ] * [ Conclave ] [Red] <L> High Archmage Khyldes 
[  Solamnic  ] * [ Solamnic ] [Sword] <R> Lord Griffon Tildas
[   Handler  ] * [Wanderlust] <L> Cousin Branchala isn't iaw.  He's not in any window.  
[ Kagonesti  ]   [Wildrunner] Hilcaia Leion the Knight Protector
[  Half-Elf  ] * [ KoT ] [Auxiliary] Nyda, loyal to Darkness...  
[  Immortal  ] * [ QuestGod ] Sirrion [Next Quest: TBA!  ]
[  Half-Elf  ] * [ Conclave ] [Red] Masticore when the going gets weird...  The weird go pro.  
[    Ogre    ] * Gruch the Chosen of Gonnas
[ Abanasinian] * [ Conclave ] [Red] <R> Highmaster Antius.  
[  Half-Elf  ] * [Holy Order] [Light] <L> Chosen Prophet, Sobleski.  
[  Dork Elf  ] * [ Conclave ] [Red] Elder Xantor says 'I know this, its the Blue wir..  '
[ Dire Moose ] * Caribou have nothing on Sargonnas the great!  
[   P.I.M.P  ] * [Holy Order] [Light] <L> Majere dartained your sister with dartain.  
[  Ergothian ] * [ Solamnic ] [Sword] <L> Lord Kael Encuintras
[Dragon Queen] * [ KoT ] <L> Takhisis, taking over Krynn, one city at a time
[  Half-Elf  ] * [Wildrunner] [Windrider] <R> Master Calligrapher Snefru Maleekee, Senior Lecturer at UGil.  
[   Human    ] * [ Solamnic ] [Sword] <R> Lord Elarik uth Navar
[  Kagonesti ]   [Wildrunner] [Windrider] Raina - Mistress of Shadows
[ Duke-Nukem ] * [ Solamnic ] <L> Paladine hates TELNET!!!  
[   Human    ]   [ Conclave ] [Red] Laucian, apprenticed to Master Gemtyr.  
[  Half-Elf  ] * [ Solamnic ] [Sword] Aliran is headed 2 happy now!  
[  Rustlord  ] * [ Shadow ] <L> Morgion 
[   D.I.T.R. ] * [Mercenary ] <L> Shinare.  
[Old Man Tree] * do_function ( Zivilyn, &do_improve, "Ansalon");  
Players found: 27 
Aliran grats 'It's like when a 101 beat up a level 1' 
Aliran grats 'You don't call that a competition do ya' 
Gruch grats 'rofl, We're OOL of Jensalon'  

Author:          Zivilyn
Date    Mon Jul 10 16:09:19 2006
Subject  Newbie Goodtimes ;)

Frappy Newbietalks 'where are you?'
Sarlenna Newbietalks 'Just west of the Gates of Tantallon, now.'
Frappy Newbietalks 'ok stop moving'

WISE advice, Tantallon can be really mean. ;)

Author:    Zivilyn        
Date:      Thu Oct 12 14:53:06 2006
Subject  CO2 Poisoning

Chemosh: i was taking a leak at school today, and this guy walks
    in, goes to a shitter, i hear him sit down and then he
    goes (really loudly) "i'm sorry"  i'm like who the hell
    is he talking to
Chemosh: then i hear the wettest fart in the world, a splash and
    the stink hit me like a 40 foot wave
Chemosh: i almost puked
Hiddukel: ahahahahahahha
Morgion: :/
Hiddukel: He was talkin to you!
Chemosh: its funny because he apologized before hand
Hiddukel: Yes.
Hiddukel: It is.
Chemosh: i realized that after Hiddy
Hiddukel: Oh, I bet.
Hiddukel: I bet it hit you as you crawled out of the 
    bathroom like an army ranger.
Zivilyn: rofl
Zivilyn: Damn that's hilarious Chem!
Hiddukel: "Oh, that guy was talkin ta me, gee."
Chemosh: i ran out
Zivilyn: Cryin fer mamma ;)
Hiddukel: Pity. You got carbon monoxide poisoning then.
Chemosh: basically

Author:    Zivilyn        
Date:      Thu Oct 12 16:47:50 2006
Subject  Reason Number #115 why I love Ansalon

Noor OOCs 'wolves eyes are freakin Awsome'
Lelthas OOCs 'Testicles of a newt aren't bad either.'
Noor OOCs 'Okay....'
Lelthas OOCs 'You think I'm lying, don't you.'
Noor OOCs 'Honestly i dont wanna know'

Author:    Zivilyn        
Date:      Thu Nov 30 13:53:24 2006
Subject  Mudding in class :)

--> has connected (Room 1093).

global> Ace. This is your teacher, look up here please.
global> I asked you not to mud during class.
Marcus OOCs 'WHAT'
Marcus OOCs 'hahaha'
global> I'm completely fucking with you btw :D
Ace OOCs 'No way.'
You OOC 'ROFL hehehe'
Ace OOCs 'Oh shit... I am in class.'
Marcus OOCs 'I was mudding during my computer science class'
Ace OOCs 'That scared me beyond belief.'
You OOC '<-- completely hilarious to himself :)'
Ace OOCs '= O My teacher was glaring at me when I looked!'
Ace OOCs 'That scared me to hell. = ('
You OOC 'You want to know something funny? EVERY single IT person I've met so
far in the industry... has or used to Mud :)'
You OOC 'Rofl, sorry Ace heheh'
You give a Tee shirt reading "I will NOT Mud in class.." (100 times). to Ace.

Author:    Zivilyn        
Date:      Wed Dec  6 11:15:33 2006
Subject  The Saga of... the 'Wild?'.. runner?

Someone grats: What? An elite unit of elven super ninja archers who
defend the borders of elven nations of all intrusion, striking fear
into the hearts of all who approach their borders? YES!, They should
dance naked in the woods too!

Someone else grats: Don't forget, they don't really LIVE in the elven
forests, they reside in a magical land with faeries and unicorns.

This story does not reflect the views of Ansalon, nor any present or
past idiot imps, or lame role play.

Author:    Zivilyn        
Date:      Tue Dec 12 15:29:39 2006
Subject  A Checking Account


A crusty old man walks into a bank and says to the woman at the
window, "I want to open a damn checking account."

The astonished woman replies, "I beg your pardon, sir. I must have
misunderstood you. What did you say?"

"Listen up, damn it. I said I want to open a damn checking account

"I'm very sorry sir, but that kind of language is not tolerated in
this bank."

The teller leaves the window and goes over to the bank manager to
inform him of her situation. The manager agrees that the teller does
not have to listen to that foul language.

They both return to the window and the manager asks the old geezer,
"Sir, what seems to be the problem here?"

"There is no damn problem." the man says. "I just won $200 million
bucks in the damn l ottery and I want to put my damn money in this
damn bank."

"I see," says the manager, "and is this bitch giving you a hard time?

Author:    Zivilyn        
Date:      Mon Mar  5 14:43:44 2007
Subject     Steak

Chemosh says in Common 'so i'm in the kitchen and there is this Rib eye
steak nicely thawed'
You clap your hands together.
Chemosh says in Common 'I put it in a pan'
Chemosh says in Common 'I put some potatoes in there'
You snicker softly.
Chemosh says in Common 'some onions, carrots, who knows, it's all good'
You clap your hands together.
Chemosh says in Common 'little bit od montreal steak spice'
You sob quietly to yourself.
Chemosh says in Common 'now it's only 3:30.  i eat about six, six thirty'
You nod sagely. 
Chemosh says in Common 'that means it's gonna sit in that low temp and
cook for 2.5 hours, maybe 3.  '
Chemosh says in Common 'It's gonna be cut able with a fork'
You nod sagely. 
You say in Common 'crock pot'
Chemosh says in Common 'The point of this story?'

Chemosh says in Common 'YOU DON'T GET NONE!  bitch!'

Chemosh looks around and whistles innocently.
Chemosh has left the game.

Author:    Zivilyn        
Date:      Mon Mar 19 23:46:06 2007
Subject     A cookie for you!

Chemosh says in Common 'My project on reeducating Bulthar is coming along.'
Chemosh says in Common 'When he logs in Bulthar his marauder i give him a cookie'
Chemosh says in Common 'Now I'm giving his alts poisoned cookies.'
You roll on the floor, laughing hysterically.
Chemosh says in Common 'His playing of bulthar is up 26% this week'
Chemosh says in Common 'I'm going to put a cookie jar in the clan hall'

Author:    Zivilyn        
Date:      Wed Apr  4 21:43:13 2007
Subject     Immortalized Chickens

Koske OOCs 'fuck my chicken caught on fire :/'
I HAD to save that for posterity :).
Go go Ansalon!

Author:    Zivilyn        
Date:      Mon Jul 16 19:51:23 2007
Subject     An old friend wanted a popsicle

You jump up from behind some grass and attack Thalden!
Your backstab COMPLETELY DESTROYS Thalden! (5742)
Thalden is DEAD!!
You receive 0 experience points.
--> Thalden got toasted by Zivilyn at Blinded by the Light [room 32566]
Thalden's fingers are seperated cleanly from his hand.
The sun rises in the east.

Um, oops!
24 hours protection to Thalden from me and the Imms.

Author:    Zivilyn        
Date:      Wed Aug 22 18:47:03 2007
Subject     Laughter

You OOC 'north of palanthas frances dances in his neato :)'
You OOC 'is the isles'
Frances OOCs 'I am a SHE!  (But thank you)'
You OOC '*adds a 'ca' to the end of your name* *inno*'
Lelthas OOCs 'That's what they all say. Then suddenly BAM with the penis.'
Brim OOCs 'wtf'
Taan OOCs 'lol'
You OOC 'omfg that made me laugh so hard I couldn't type heh'
Ps. No offense to Frances, it was just hilarious :)

Author:    Zivilyn        
Date:      Tue Nov  6 17:23:39 2007
Subject     Chemotherapy for Kender

Chemosh: Want to hear my theory about kender?
Chemosh: I think kender sex involves group orgies all the time.
So a kender couple is getting it on.  In walks some friends.
They don't beleive in knocking or locks
Chemosh: Ohhh, hey that looks like fun, hey that looks interesting,
hey while she's busy lets go through her things
Chemosh: BAM, 50 naked writhing kender, 
half who can't speak for the first time ever.

Author:    Zivilyn        
Date:      Wed Nov 21 19:59:11 2007
Subject     Fixing the plumbing in Imperial Square.

(I'm wizinvis and checking fountain code and...)
You get a fountain.
Dither has arrived.
You eat a fountain.
Dither walks south.
Dither has arrived.
Zivilyn: ROFL
Dither says OOCly 'wtf?'
Hiddukel: shhh
Dither utters the words, 'yrl'.
Dither's feet rise off the ground.
Dither flies south.
Hiddukel: Stay very still. His visual acuity is based on motion.
Zivilyn: heheheheh
Rofl, I love this place.

Author:    Zivilyn        
Date:      Tue Dec  4 22:30:26 2007
Subject     Violence!

What a fun day!
----------------------------------- Immortals ---------------------------------
[MincingFairy] * [Wildrunner]  Majere.
[ Coffee Can ] * (W) Paladine is looking for lunch...
[Old Man Tree] * (I) Zivilyn is cleaning, in and out
[ Goat Daddy ] * (I) (W) [ Marauder ] Chemosh.

------------------------------------ Mortals ----------------------------------
[  Solamnic  ]   [ Solamnic ] [Rose] Lady Aramynia uth Lethlan
[ Silvanesti ] * (SLAIN)  [Holy Order] [Light]  Dither.
[   Human    ]   [Dragonarmy] [Green] Captain Dante Seth Commander of the WolfBound
[   Kender   ] * [Holy Order] [Light]  High Priestess Emla Thumbfingers  =^..^=
[ Nordmaarian] * (VIOLENT) [ Conclave ] [Black] Arrisk Darkhaven, back to wreak havoc.
[ Highlander ] * (VIOLENT)  [Holy Order] [Dark]  Nightlord Talvidas Cereal Humper
[   Neidar   ] * [  Shadow  ] Thrak's guitar wants to kill your mama.
[   Arktos   ] * (VIOLENT) [Mercenary ]  Grand Master Angor is perm silence.
[   Kender   ] * (VIOLENT) [Wanderlust] Kiania.
[   Kender   ] *  [  Mariner ] [Bilson]  Blern says 'You the Mon'
[   Theiwar  ] * [Dragonarmy] [Green] Athin Kantiran is a Renegade. Do something.
[  Minotaur  ] * (VIOLENT) [   KoT    ] [Lily] Vishar is spamming iaw
[  High Elf  ] * (VIOLENT)  [Holy Order] [Light] Galvin +--+Is+--+ D.J. Hippo
[   Human    ] * (VIOLENT) [  Shadow  ]  Voice of H'rar Makarth.
[   Human    ] * [Dragonarmy] [Green]  Highlord Saige says, "I AM THE LAWGIVER!"
[  Ergothian ] * (VIOLENT) (KILLER)  [Mercenary ]  Shronius.
[   Arktos   ]    [ Conclave ] [White]  Highmaster Drellius Emeralins, The Emerald Magician
[    Ogre    ] * [ Marauder ] Murik Iceshard
[  Solamnic  ] * [ Solamnic ] [Crown] Oisin.
[ Nordmaarian] * (VIOLENT) [ Solamnic ] [Sword] Tellumaelnor the Conversation Killer

Players found: 24

Author:    Zivilyn        
Date:      Wed Jan 30 07:31:43 2008
Subject     Late night sillies.

Orryn OOCs 'bah. I hate dying. Really makes the whole leveling up process 
that much more difficult.'

Orryn OOCs 'later guys'

You OOC '*nod* taking that out'

You OOC 'j/k :)'

Orryn OOCs 'Thanks :D'

Chemosh OOCs 'rofl'

Author:    Zivilyn        
Date:      Thu Feb 14 00:47:14 2008
Subject     In the spirit of St. Valentine

Brim: can i get an object follows me around, and has a prog which
allows me to go inside it :P
Zivilyn: We call that a girlfriend
Zivilyn: the prog is 'give diamond'
Fraust: lol
Brim: well i really dont see my wife coming home any time soon
Talvidas: Zivi, I just laughed so hard I cried :P

Author:    Zivilyn        
Date:      Mon Dec  1 22:31:37 2008
Subject     Rofl, mid-day zingers

Avery OOCs 'thistleknot why are you a helper'

Avery OOCs 'aren't you always asking us for help :P'

Thistleknot OOCs ':) Cause I help people when I can.'

Tnaxz OOCs 'Failhelp is fail'

Acaydon OOCs 'you can help me thistle'

Thistleknot OOCs 'What do you need Aca?'

Acaydon OOCs 'silence'

Acaydon OOCs 'that was too easy'

Author:    Zivilyn        
Date:      Mon Jan  5 21:45:18 2009
Subject     Holy Conclave of Mages!

Ansalon Player Port was last started up at Fri Jan  2 21:11:29 2009

Current as of Mon Jan  5 21:35:14 2009
Updated once per minute.

------------------------------------ Mortals----------------------------------

[   Human    ] *  [ Conclave ] [Black] Spell Master Tarones Undet
[  Minotaur  ]    [ Conclave ] [Black] Takyr the brother.
[ Dargonesti ]    [ Conclave ] [Red] Ursula the Water Mage
[            ] *  [ Conclave ] [Red] Ciskei Iz the 7th letter of the alphabet
[            ] *  [ Conclave ] [Red]  Archmage Leodas says "It won't answer. It's a gazebo."
[            ] *  [ Conclave ] [White]  Highmaster Elinos!
[  Half-Elf  ] *  [ Conclave ] [Red] Lynx
[  Nerakan   ] *  Merek Evanstrom.
[   Kender   ] *  Leaflock is fishing!
[            ]    [ Conclave ] [Black] Magus Sakwar is the worst mage EVER!
[            ] *  [7 Kingdoms] Lasher the

Players found: 11
Helpers found: 5

Author:    Zivilyn        
Date:      Sat Feb 21 05:32:48 2009
Subject     Friday night!

Ansalon Player Port was last started up at Fri Feb 20 20:12:47 2009

Current as of Sat Feb 21 05:29:01 2009
Updated once per minute.

----------------------------------- Immortals ---------------------------------

[Big Red Moon]    [ Conclave ] [Red]  Lunitari is Semi-AFK, cleaning house.
[Old Man Tree] *   is hiding from Bikini girls at North Pole
[  Solamnic  ]    [ Solamnic ] [Sword]  Kiri - Jolith

------------------------------------ Mortals----------------------------------

[  High Elf  ] *   [Holy Order] [Light]   Crystalwind * Prophetess of Mishakal
[  Plainsman ]     [ Conclave ] [White] 'rihn
[  Half-Elf  ]     [Wildrunner]  Ji'jin
[    Ogre    ]     [ Conclave ] [Black]  Highmaster  
[  Half-Elf  ] *   Lynx bad command or file name
[  Half-Elf  ] *  [ Conclave ] [Black]  
[ Dargonesti ]    [ Conclave ] [Red]  the Water Mage
[ Silvanesti ]     [Holy Order] [Balance]  is spamming nexus
[   Kender   ] *    is fishing
[  Minotaur  ] *  Galdar the Berserker
[            ] *  Guldor 
[  High Elf  ]    [ Conclave ] [White]  mage for hire
[            ] *  Kieran.
[  Ergothian ] *   Kallites is working on 2 four page papers...
[            ] *   Miedo
[   Kender   ] *  [Wanderlust] Azarak the Woodsman
[   Kender   ]     [Mercenary ] [Merchant]  Leaftoe
[ Silvanesti ]    Vasher.
[            ] *   Eithos, Apprentice to Elodin the Cold
[   Kender   ]     [Wanderlust] Uncle  HappyTrailzzz Zol-Kendi /AA\ 
[  Nerakan   ] *   Evanstrom is watched over by Crows.
[   Kender   ]    [Wanderlust] Twig LeafMender
[  Half-Elf  ]    Shanyr is AFK
[  Solamnic  ] *  [ Solamnic ] [Crown]  uth Erhlich, of the LIGHT.

Players found: 27

Helpers found: 12

Author: Zivilyn Date: Mon Apr 6 21:27:30 2009 Subject Words of Wisdom from Pappa Tree Solinari says 'stupid question, since it's been so long' Heh. You say 'You first tell her she looks good, then start flirting' You say 'I'd suggest wine, and a movie' You agree absolutely. You howl at the moon. Solinari says 'Hahaha' You dodge Solinari's attack. Solinari's punch MASSACRES you! (50) That really did HURT! You sure are BLEEDING!! Solinari's punch wounds you. (18) That really did HURT! You sure are BLEEDING!! Solinari is in excellent condition. You roll on the floor, laughing hysterically. You say 'omg that was brilliant' You agree absolutely. Author: Zivilyn Date: Thu Jan 21 20:32:32 2010 Subject Trouts, carp and potions Lynx ICs in Common 'Yes, Prepare healing drouts.' Kesh OOCs 'drouts?' Segwarides OOCs 'draughts' Lynx ICs in Common 'They will be most needed, along with draughts of sanctuary.' Etilyn OOCs 'fancy talk potion' Kesh OOCs 'I can understand draughts, but is drouts a real word?' Lynx OOCs 'blah :p' Kutaka OOCs 'no' Kesh OOCs 'didn't think so.' Kutaka OOCs 'trouts is' Kesh OOCs 'and carp!' Segwarides OOCs 'good eats, bit boney' Etilyn OOCs 'back to fish slapping again?' ---- Fin! Author: Zivilyn Date: Tue Feb 10 17:01:39 2015 Subject test


The Storytellers of Ansalon, The DragonLance MUD

Astinus points to the massive wall of books behind him and bids you to make a selection.

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Astinus mentions 'We have had over 842 storytellers on Ansalon pen their epic stories here for all to read.'