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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Zlik.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Zlik' scribed in dark grey ink.

Author:  Zlik
Date    Sun Jan 13 17:12:03 2002

Subject  The hardship of adjusting.

Zlik had been forced to flee his home in Taladas. He moved from town to town,
living in the sewers when needed, the peasants were not very accepting of a
Bakali in these parts, not any parts truely.

The sewers gave little comfort to the life Zlik once led, a fighter for his
family, and a master or weaponry. Hunting his swampland for creatures worth
his time, now, he hunted rats...rats, he hated rats.

Eventually Zlik ended up in a city that looked like it had been a war for
years, building were crumbling, there were armored men everywhere, the people
had the look of fear in thier eye, Zlik knew that look well.

This city was Palanthas, here he was not denied enterance, mainly because he
hid behind his cloak, but also because this was a place that seemed open to
many various people and ideas.

There were clerics abundant, healers of thier god. And every now Zlik would
see one who knew the arts of magic. A weird place he thought, but he didn't
give it a second thought and accepted it.

The first person he spoke to was a woman, named Silver. She informed him of
swamps to the south of this city, which she called Palanthas. And in fact his
intuition of the war had been true, a war had, and was being faught in this
part of the land Not really concerned with the war, he went on to converse
with this woman for a short while, but eventually headed south to seek out
these swamps. It had been weeks he had lived in these swamps now.

Every day his anger grew, his home swamp had been ravaged by invading
minotaurs, who were not even concerned with the land, but only a path through
it to make invasion of some city easier.

Every day he only thought of his revenge, and how the minotaurs would pay, and
how he would have his home swamp back some day, but until then, this swamp
would have to do. Soon he thought he would seek that woman out again, he
enjoyed her company

Author:  Zlik
Date    Mon Jan 21 13:43:11 2002

Subject  I don't have a good subject. Deal.

Zlik had been spending more and more time in Palanthas, drifting away from his
lifestyle of the swamp. It was no longer his home, this swamp was not the
same, his people were missing.

Zlik grew desperate by the day looking for a way to pay those Minotaurs back
for what they had done to his people and his land. At this point Zlik was
willing to give his life if it meant a chance at revenge.

And so, Zlik told people who inquired his story, the trials and tribulations
of what happened, most people were interested but cared not to help. One day,
a man named Thyrix approached Zlik, that day his life would change

This man spoke of a group of people he knew who would be willing to return his
land and pay back these minotaurs and asked nothing in return, until the job
was done. This, was an offer Zlik could not refuse, he would give anything.

Thyrix and Zlik set a date to meet, Thyrix had arranged for a ship to set sail
and would arrange these men he knew. Zlik had jumped in to the deal hastily,
but nothing they could ask for payment would be beyond what this would be
worth to him.

And so the day came, Zlik met Thyrix, and suprisingly only two other men,
although Zlik attempted to explain they would need a far greater army, Thyrix
insisted they would not. That day they set sail for Taladas.

Zlik met and spoke with these two men on the trip, sparingly. One was named
Thearn and the other Malen. They both kept thier distance from him, and it
seemed like the trip took years, the anticipation grew with each passing day.

Finally they arrived in Taladas, Zlik led them just outside his
homeland..ravaged by the minotaurs, they were no longer there although, they
had just wanted to pass through the swamp easily to lay seige upon some town
to the north.

And so, Zlik took them there, once there they all saw that the minotaurs had
taken over the city. Zlik looked to Thyrix for a battle plan but Thyrix just
shook his head and told him they were making camp for the night.

Zlik was upset they were not attacking, but he was patient, he would have his
revenge soon, he could not sleep. Zlik got up and walked for a bit, staring at
the city and those damn minotaurs. In his walking he noticed Thearn and Malen.

They were not asleep either, in fact, they seemed to be deep in prayer, both
hands held, chanting together in unison. Zlik watched from the bushes as these
two called upon thier god and brought forth a sleek line of dust that headed
into the city Zlik now understood why they would not need more men, these two
were clerical agents of some kind. When the ritual was finished Malen and
Thearn began to head back to camp, as did Zlik.

Awaking the next day, Thyrix led Zlik in to the city, the minotaurs lay
helpless at his feet, some blind, some already dead, some had boils upon thier
fur, each with disbelief in his eyes as he felt the twinge of pain.

Thyrix nodded toward Zlik and he headed back to thier camp with Malen and
Thearn, meanwhile, Zlik would finish the job that the clerics had begun. Not
one Minotaurs survived Zlik's blade, those that were already dead, he made
sure of.

Author:  Zlik
Date    Mon Jan 21 13:51:52 2002

Subject  Uhm..the conversion.

Zlik headed back to camp, there Thyrix, Thearn and Malen awaited. They would
tell him of the debt he had incurred, but he didn't care, the death of the
minotaurs would forever live like a sweet blessing in his mind.

Zlik threw a questioning glance at Thyrix when he returned. Thyrix knowingly
informed Zlik that all he required for payment was an amount of steel they
could work out, Zlik only nodded slightly.

Then Thearn spoke up for only the second time since Zlik had learned his name.
Him and Malen explained to Zlik that for the task they had performed he would
pay with his life, not in death, but he would devote the rest of his life to
thier cause.

Thier cause was that of Morgion, who Zlik knew better as plague handed. Thearn
and Malen began a ritual to give Zlik his rites of a follower, the agony and
pain Zlik experienced could never meet the satisfaction of his revenge. And so
it began.

Author:  Zlik
Date    Tue Jan 22 21:28:35 2002

Subject  Sweet taste of revenge.

Kroog lay on the floor. Boils could be seen protruding through his fur. His
horns chipped from the long battle. Zlik tasted the victory down to his very
soul. All minotaurs would pay, in time.

Kroog had been the first, outside of the village he lay waste to, the first
one after his conversion. He didn't fall quickly, nor easily, but
nevertheless, Morgions fist brought him to his knees, and then, he fell

Zlik bested the minotaur for two reasons, the first and obvious being that he
was a minotaur and the plague he would now live with was even far above what
he deserved.

The second, being that Zlik had heard talk that Malen, the cleric he newly met
was hunting him also. This, he thought, would make himself look good in front
of his new God and followers, yes, this would bring him prominance and

Zlik went to sleep that night with a lock of Kroog's fur in his hand, and the
picture of his body laying upon the floor in his head. His revenge had only

Author:  Zlik
Date    Wed Jan 23 16:56:33 2002

Subject  Morgions force.

Zlik slipped in and out of his swamp. Yes, his swamp. He had begun his
revenge, first upon the minotaurs which had killed his brethen and now he
would take it upon the world.

Zlik would take his revenge upon all, through his new god Morgion. His
newfound power over disease and decay would aid him greatly, along with his
new allies. Zlik had begun recruiting for the day, his day, to return the
favor to the world.

Most the Bakali had joined, soon the ogre would come around, and then he would
gather with would all come together then.

Zlik stared distantly into the swamp, searching to find a most precious ally,
eventually his mind returned from the drifted thoughts of revenge and back to
his work in front of him. Soon he hoped to have a powerful ally.

Author:  Zlik
Date    Wed Jan 30 23:48:08 2002

Subject  Morgion and his blessing.

Zlik stared at the clerics unconscious body before him. The whore
goddess...Mishakal she was called, this was one of hers. That meant that there
was a trophy for the taking upon the corpse. The symbol.

The whore's followers all hated the shadow...maybe more than anything. Hated
and feared. The shadow were the ones who would hunt the whores followers until
they no longer existed, and then she would no longer exist.

Zlik had one a victory over one of the whores followers today, Larukon. The
shadow had been after him for some time now, and today Zlik's spear ended the
hunt. The whore would soon realize she could not match the power of Morgion.

Larukon knew it, soon she would too. Before Larukon's eyes drifted back into
his head, Zlik saw the fear as his blood stained his robes, he would live,
unluckily for him. Zlik left, not speaking, but only nodding toward the
clerics kender compani companion.

Author:  Zlik
Date    Thu Jan 31 14:14:24 2002

Subject  Corruption.

Zlik entered his temple. Constructed by his ogres followers for worship of
Morgion, this however was his personal temple room. The ankh began to glow a
bright blue color as Zlik layed it upon the sacrificing table.

It was the infinity holy symbol of Mishakal, bestowed by the whore herself
upon one of her chosen followers, Larukon, was his name. No longer would it be
his although, now it was Zlik's and what was Zlik's was Morgions.

Zlik began reciting the prayer that would not only give Zlik the power
bestowed within the ankh, but would also appease his god. As Zlik went through
the ritual the ankh transformed, from a bright blue color to a tarnished,
rotten blue.

It was complete, and the power was his, thanks to Morgion.

Author:  Zlik
Date    Fri Feb  8 13:27:07 2002

Subject  If a KoT falls in a pit..will the shadow find him?

Zlik slipped out of the swamp as he heard voices. Peering into the forest he
spotted a lone figure, battle dark elves, slowly the figure headed into a
cave. Zlik, curiously followed.

Following the knight silently Zlik watched as he struck down elf after elf,
though he wanted to join the man, he knew far better spoils awaited if he were

Then quickly the figure disappeared, moving closer Zlik noted the knight was
now in a pit of sorts, Zlik saw his chance and quickly robbed the knight of
his money and went on his way.

Zlik dropped a few rats into the pit, sprinkled with the plague for good
measure when the man awoke.

Author:  Zlik
Date    Sun Feb 10 12:41:06 2002

Subject  Third time's a charm.

Zlik stood outside the docks of the city called Palanthas. He knew the
minotaur would eventually arrive. He had battled the minotaur fiercely twice
before, never resulting in a defeat, only a draw both times.

Each day his anger grew, he thrived off of it, his desire greatened and his
power increased. The bakali's name had been spreading in the minotaurian
circles, he had claimed the lives of quite a few minotaurs now.

This one was not only a former knight of the queen bitch, but he was a worthy
challenger. Of course, Zlik knew eventually he would claim his prize over the
minotaur, no minotaur could match the hatred and revenge zlik sought.

Soon the minotaur appeared, all these emotions ran through Zlik, desire,
greed, hatred, lust, fear and but mainly revenge. All he could picture in his
mind was his village, burning, bodies everywhere, his race near extinction.

All because of the minotaurs. Soon enough, before Zlik knew it the battle was
over, the minotaur lay sprawled before him on the ground. Quietly Zlik nodded
with satisfaction, not exactly recalling details of the battle, only knowing
he won.

Zlik went upon his way, to practice his skills, knowing there would be more
battles in the future.

Author:  Zlik
Date    Sun Feb 10 20:50:54 2002

Subject  Warning.

Zlik strode out of his swampland south of Palanthas. He was on a mission to
make his presence felt. Soon everyone in Palanthas would know of him. After
that, who knows.

Zlik had now slain at least two minotaur warriors, one a former knight of the
queen bitch, a human knight of the queen bitch, a mage of the robes, and a
cleric of the whore mishakal herself. Yet not many had acknowledged him.

In fact, very few even had heard word of him. So now, Zlik would proclaim
himself as a force to be reckoned with, those who did not take heed and accept
his agreement for a safe life in exchange for monetary compensation would die.

Etched into the fountain at Palanthas Imperial Square

I, Zlik, proclaim that any of those who travel the roads south of Palanthas
shall pay a fee of 10 steel a week, for thier own personal safety and that of
those they travel with. If you do not heed this warning, may your god have

Author:  Zlik
Date    Thu May 30 17:23:47 2002

Subject  Zlik returns.

Zlik had been idle too long, he had not communed with his god in so long, he
did not even remember. He could not remember the last time he had dedicated a
slaughter to his lord. Training was becoming old, he was ready once again.

Zlik found home in the swamps south of the wretched human city called
Palanthas. He did not care for the city, humans flooded into the city and it
was guarded by the pitiful knights Zlik had come to hate.

Today he would return to that city, and he would dedicate a slaughter to his
God, he wanted to be in good favor, once again.

Zlik stood over the unconscious man, his armor gleamed in the bright daylight,
it annoyed Zlik. In fact, everything about the man annoyed Zlik. He was glad
he defeated the foe so whistfully, it had been what he was missing.

He then sat over the body and prayed, he prayed for an hour and then he left a
gift for the knight. The knight would awaken soon, although he would wish he
were dead, he would be better off. Perhaps the clerics of this man's order
would cure the disease, this Zlik could not be sure, he had been away awhile
and his curse may have been weaker for it.

Before he left, Zlik bowed down and cut one of the knights ear's off to take
with him, he did not care for the man's belongings however.

Author:  Zlik
Date    Sat Sep  7 14:39:18 2002

Subject  The return

Zlik stood over the crumpled body and watched as it moved slightly, barely
"What's wrong?" asked Malen, the dwarven cleric.
jussst continue." replied Zlik.

Malen began uttering prayers to the Black Wind and soon Zlik felt the power
fill the room. He felt his God's power all around him and for the first time
in a long time smiled, slightly.

Malen continued his prayers becoming louder and louder, Zlik did not care, the
power surrounded him, engulfed him, he heard nothing. The figure on the floor
began to glow, surrounded in a sickly yellow flare.

Malen then walked toward the figure and began tracing a drawing upon his
shoulder, once this was complete he went and did the same to Zlik. Zlik
noticed the tracing flared bright red for a second but then faded.

"It is complete, what you have asked, I must go, other things must be
attended to." said Malen. Zlik only replied with a nod and then turned to
the figure upon the floor, flickering his tongue from side to side with

When Zlik looked back up Malen had gone, but he didn't care, soon Zlik would
be the favorite of the Black Wind once again and be the most powerful, soon,
very soon.

Zlik picked up the body, soon he would carry the man to Palanthas and leave
him there, the man would not remember anything, but Zlik would know
everything. Zlik thought to himself about what power and knowledge the future
held for him.

"Sssoon my God, I will rissse up once again." Zlik whispered softly as he
carried the man out of the room.

Author:  Zlik
Date    Sat Sep  7 15:44:39 2002

Subject  First blood.

Zlik had been warned by Decred not to enter the city of Palanthas, but he
entered anyway. Zlik hated taking orders, especially when he knew he could
take care of himself, unlike some silly thorn mage who got captured.

Zlik wouldn't have entered anyway, but he was trailing a solamnic knight. Zlik
decided to go for it and took a short cut through the swamps to beat the
knight just outside the city of Palanthas in time to ambush him.

The knight faught, somewhat bravely, he battled until he realized that he
stood no chance, then he began to run. The knight almost made it far enough
into the city of Palanthas that even Zlik did not follow, but Zlik caught him
before he did so.

The battle was rather short, and Zlik was fairly disappointed by the knights
poor training, Zlik was barely even touched.

Zlik was upset at the short battle and decided to leave the knight with a
little 'gift', as he ran away from the unconscious man while guards approached
he knew sores would be appearing and the plague would take hold.

The Black Wind would be proud, and the knight healers would be worried once
they saw the type of plague the knight carried, perhaps even a few people in
the city would be infected with any luck.

Zlik was bothered a little bit as he left the city, he knew that knight, his
name was Covalk and he had once forced Zlik to leave the city with Dartain,
killing this one made him feel better.

Author:  Zlik
Date    Sun Sep  8 20:56:29 2002

Subject  Second..and maybe third blood!?

Zlik does not find humor in many things, but today he found a lot courtesey of
the knights. Zlik had seen the knight they called Bevier on the outskirts of

He barely knew of the knight, but he knew his skill had been reported as being
decent, at least, it couldn't be worse than the one they called Covalk, or
could it he thought as he watched the man.

However, Bevier went inside the city of Palanthas before Zlik could find a
chance to attack the knight, but soon, Covalk exited. Zlik knew if he attacked
Covalk, Bevier would be fast behind.

So Zlik jumped upon the unsuspecting knight and quickly laid him unconscious,
waiting for Bevier to come as Covalk's pages had ran away when he attacked.

Soon Bevier did in fact answer the call, however this was a great
disappointment, as Bevier faught even worse than Covalk and ran away quickly
to the sanctuary of Palanthas.

Only did Bevier return with his wounds fully healed by the clerics of his god
did Zlik become impressed a bit by Bevier, however, Zlik quickly dispatched
this attack and Bevier ran away once more.

Zlik knew Bevier would not be returning this time, however as soon as Zlik
went to turn away, Covalk awoke and gave a half-hearted attempt to strike

He was quickly dispatched and laid unconscious once more, Zlik defeated two
knights by himself without aid, how sad could this knightly core be becoming
he wondered as he strode off back into the swamps.

Zlik paid homeage to the Black Wind that night with the triumph of his
embarassing victories, perhaps the Palanthian citizens would soon realize how
weakly the knights really are.

Author:  Zlik
Date    Thu Sep 12 07:04:22 2002

Subject  The disease in the night.

Zlik quickly flew between alleyways, even though he wasn't permitted within
the city of Palanthas he knew every pathway because he was inside the city all
the time.

The Solamnics couldn't stop him, some of them had already tried, and failed.
Zlik quickly reached the center square and withdrew his blade as he slit the
throat of an unsuspecting squire.

Next Zlik withdrew a bag from his belt and poured the contents into the city
fountain and spoke these words, "Sssoon no one will be able to ssstand, and
then they will all be under my command."

Soon as he finished Zlik heard a faint voice from behind him, he turned around
only to see a small human female, she was brave indeed to stand up to him.
Zlik withdrew another bag and threw it at her, it hit her in the chest and
sprayed everywher Boils appeared and she soon fell to the ground, Zlik heard
knights coming now and decided his mission was accomplished and he jumped into
the sewers making his escape, knowing the city would soon be in ruins.

Author:  Zlik
Date    Mon Sep 16 15:29:18 2002

Subject  Shooting fish in a barrel.

Zlik followed Thrak's directions to the place they were going to meet, he
scanned the area carefully finally seeing his friend in the shadows. Zlik
nodded and Thrak quickly led the way.

Thrak knew the opponent and his surroundings well, Thrak had been following
the man for days now, scouting his daily actions, awaiting the time to strike,
today was the time.

The target was one of the forest bunch, Zlik knew little about them, but he
did know they were a disgusting bunch who he would gladly dispose of if the
Black Wind deemed it so.

Eventually Thrak stopped and motioned for Zlik to come closer, they stood in
front of a forest Zlik had never seen, "This is Zhan" Thrak said and then
moved onward.

After a slight journey inside Thrak stopped again and motioned for Zlik to be
ready and he signaled that thier target was near, Zlik scanned the area and
saw the man, this would be a very easy target indeed he thought.

Zlik withdrew his weapons and flanked the man, quickly striking him before he
heard the faintest whisper and soon Thrak moved in from behind, then it was
all over and the man lay unconscious at his feet.

Zlik snickered slightly, another disapointing battle as this opponent proved
worthless and proved no challenge what so ever, in fact, Zlik noted he did not
have one single scratch on him, how sad he thought.

Thrak and Zlik quickly exited the forest before others were alerted by thier
presence, Zlik hoped one day the Black Wind would call for more annihilation
of this forest bunch, they were easy targets and he could use his blindfolded
combat tactics

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