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Combat awareness is a skill that you use automatically. It helps you to thwart disarms, dirt kicks, arrows/ranged attacks. It also helps you be able to retreat (new command, same as flee) in a particular direction. Advanced awareness in, available soon (found skill).

Combat Awareness & Advanced Combat Awareness Help you:

Advanced Combat Awareness is available to be found at levels:

The Warriors guild in Palanthas might have more information.
-This is how it appears on my warrior, I am unsure how to proceed with the quest at this point.

Gaining the Skill

I checked the Warrior's Guild in Palanthas fairly thoroughly and did not discover any hints, speech activated mprogs, or any other expected way to start a quest. Checking on OOC got me few responses, most from people who had no idea about the skill. Potentially useful (or misleading) comments are posted below:

Other Responses:

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