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The following script will give info in a little window on the side so you don't have to scroll around all over the place to see how far you've gotten spamming something. Also it will timestamp progress so you can gauge efficiency.


  1. Right click and download the below file
  2. Save the file to your MUSHclient\worlds\plugins folder
  3. In MUSHclient click File -> Plugins
  4. In the Plugin Manager that pops up click "Add" and browse to your MUSHclient\worlds\plugins folder, select AnsalonMWSpamCapture.xml

AnsalonMWSpamCapture.xml [1] <-- Click this link, and on the next page, right click the AnsalonMWSpamCapture.xml link at the top and save as


  1. If the window is popping up, but nothing is getting captured make sure you have triggers turned on.


This plugin will echo the following:

A big thanks goes out to Loror for making this plugin possible.

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