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AutoSave- With AutoSave on, your character will save automatically every time he gains experience, improves in a skill/spell, levels etc.

AutoAssist- With AutoAssist on, your character will automatically help out in fights with others in his group.

AutoExit - AutoExit on will let your character see the cardinal directions of exits in the room, as well as open portals or doors.

AutoGold - Take the money! AutoGold lets your character automatically loot any coins on a corpse after killing it.

AutoLoot - Automatically loot items off corpses of mobiles or characters you get the killing blow on.

AutoSac - Sacrifice corpses automatically. Best used with autoloot/autogold so you don't sacrifice a corpse full of valuables.

AutoSplit - Whenever you get any money, you will split it evenly with other PC's in your group

AutoPeek - For those with Peek skill. Automatically try to see what a person is carrying.

Compact mode - Simply type compact to toggle on/off. Short/long inventory lists.

Prompt - Toggles your prompt on and off.

Combine Items - Combine will toggle this option on/off. TO see (13) a small bag, or see the same line 13 times. Almost everyone keeps this on.

See Also: Toggles for more information you can turn on or off.

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