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Alignment Good
Other Names Astra (Qualinesti), Baradin (Irda), Bardilun (Thorbardin), Bran (Ergoth), Estarin (Sea Elves), Bah'Mut (Istar), Gardener (Mithas), Songmaster (Goodlund), The Song of Life, The Bard King
Symbol A golden harp or a wooden flute
Avatar A kender, a bard or a songbird
Constellation Harp
Colors Yellow and green
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Branchala, also known as The Bard King, the Song of Life, and the Songmaster, represents the godly power of inspiration. He encourages souls to rise to greater heights of happiness and beauty. He is the patron of music and poetry. Branchala's earliest endeavors were to make Ansalon a place of romance and esteem by bringing art and song to Krynn's mortals. He is closely allied with Habbakuk, and their followers often work together. In addition to his alliance with Habbakuk, Branchala works with Mishakal. He can be at odds with Kiri-Jolith, Majere, and Paladine because of their lawful tendencies and Branchala's chaotic ones. Among the gods of neutrality he is closest with Sirrion because of their joint interest in art and creativity. He opposes Chemosh, Hiddukel, and Morgion the most among the gods of evil.

Branchala's music is said to be that of the souls of all who live. The melodies he creates are so intense that nobody can ever remember the depths of feeling they produce in their listeners. It is said that his music resides in us all and that all hearts beat to its unknown melody.

Branchala loves music, singing, dancing, and merriment. He seeks singers, and storytellers to spread the news of the good in the world. He encourages Ansalon's folk to be happy and healthy in their lives.


Branchala is a god of inspiration and because of this he is often worshiped by bards, minstrels, performers, actors, actresses, etc. He is also held in esteem by elves and kender. Followers of Branchala favor bright, joyful colors but particularly favor the colors of their god, yellow and green. Followers of Branchala strive to make the world a better place by bringing joy, merriment and happiness to the creatures of Ansalon.

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