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Character Creation is the process you go through when you want to make either a new or your first character. Whether this is your first or hundredth time creating a character, this information will help you make your choices.


By What Name Art Thou Known?

Ansalon has a story line based on the Dragonlance series of books. We ask that a few guidelines must be followed in creating names.

Race Selection

Different races have different starting statistics, and also different stat maximums for magic items and training. Creation points (CP) increase the amount of experience it takes to gain a level.

Race CP Notes
Human 2 Jack of all trades, but master of none
Kender 7 Natural born thieves (but don't call them one)
Silvanesti Elf 6 Good mages and clerics, natural leaders
Qualinesti Elf 5 Well rounded in most disciplines, but not strong
Kagonesti Elf 3 Wild elves, good warriors and thieves
Dargonesti 4 Sea elves, similar to Silvanesti
Dimernesti 4 Sea elves, similar to Qualinesti
Half-elf 3 Human and Elven characteristics and skills
Neidar (Hill Dwarf) 5 Excellent fighters, decent Clerics
Hylar (Mountain Dwarf) 6 Excellent fighters
Theiwar (Dark Dwarf) 5 Excellent Thieves, decent Mages.
Daegar (Dark Dwarf) 5 Excellent Thieves, decent Rangers.
Klar (Wild Dwarf) 5 Excellent Fighters, decent Rangers.
Aghar (Gully Dwarf) 1 Stinky, lovable, Warriors and Thieves.
Minotaur 9 Natural Warriors
Ogre 9 Natural Warriors, Decent Clerics/Magi
Gnome 3 Mages well sort of when they are having a good day!
Goblin 2 Wiry little warriors and thieves, not too bright
Hobgoblin 5 Brute Warriors, not as smart as a Goblin

If you would like to see more detail about racial attributes and classes, see Racial Stats.

Choosing A Class

There are eight different classes available to choose from when you make your character. SOme classes are limited only to certain races, and each class has their own particular skills, spells, and features.

Choosing Alignment

There are three different alignments to choose from in character creation, each with their own clans, gods, and spells associated with them. The three alignments in Ansalon are;

Do you wish to customize this character?

If it is your first time here, it is HIGHLY suggested that you choose to not customize your skills and spells. We have hand picked the best ratio of skills/spells to exp per level for a new player. Customizing your skills/spells is a more advanced function of the game. If you do customize it is suggested that you keep your experience per level between 3000 and 8000.

Do you want to partcipate in Player Killing? Choosing yes will give you the option of attacking (and being attacked by) players in the game who are within seven levels of you.

Once you are in game, you can change your PK status by using the pkstatus command until level 15. Once you reach level 15, your pkstatus will be permenant.

Do you want to participate in player killing? (Y/N)


We use e-mail addresses to help players recover lost passwords, find missing characters, and things of that nature.

Ansalon will never sell your e-mail information.

If you would rather not enter your e-mail address you can just enter "none" and continue with the creation process.

What is your email address?

You are born into the world, a fresh soul locked within the skin of a young adult. Your life is what you make of it. Be strong, be weak, be proud, or be meek. The choice is yours to make. Adventures await you. Stories beg to be told. Don't stand on the fringes, jump into the world with your feet planted firmly on the ground, ready. Welcome to Ansalon, and the World of DragonLance!

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