Charm Person

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This spell, if successful, causes the victim to follow you and to take orders from you. Use ORDER to order your charmed followers.

You are responsible for the actions of your followers. Conversely, other people who attack your followers will be penalized as if they attacked you.

Pointer: When entering a room with like-named mobiles, you will find yourself trying to charm already charmed ones unless you use the following syntax: cast charm 2.squire (etc) so if you have 2 squires already... cast charm 3.squire (and on and on).

Another helpful tactic to avoid massive fights with mobiles is to order all sleep, this will make it so that if the mobile makes it's save and attacks you, the rest of your charmies don't agro it and destroy it. It attacks? Flee, and come back, order all sleep again, try again.... Pages from the mages.

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