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Alignment Neutral Evil
Other Names Aeleth (Ergoth), Chemos Jotun (Icereach), Dron of the Deep (Tarsis), Khemax (Thorbardin), Orkrust (Hobgoblin), Lifebane (Minotaur), Lord of Bone, Lord of Bones, Lord of Death, The Black Goat
Symbol A Yellow Skull
Avatar A handsome man in a black robe or fine clothes with a small obsidian sickle, a lich in rotting finery with a small obsidian sickle, a cadaverous figure in funeral robes, a bloated satyr with a goat skull head.
Constellation Goat's Skull
Colors Black and pale yellow
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Chemosh is the master of the undead and is representative of fatalism. Chemosh hates life, thinking it a gift wasted on mortals. He festers within the hearts of mortals, trying to get them to give up the shell of mortality and move on to the next stage in the soul’s journey. Chemosh tempts mortals with the promise of “immortality.” In reality, he is condemning them to an eternity of undeath as his slaves. This is Chemosh’s way of mocking life. Chemosh opposes Mishakal, who stands as a champion of life, as well as the rest of the gods of good, and is often also in conflict with Chislev and Sirrion. Chemosh was brought from Beyond during the time of creation to serve Takhisis. He alone was given the right to sit at the Hall of Soul’s Journeying to witness the passing of the dead.


Almost all of the undead in Krynn swear allegiance to Chemosh. Chemosh's living followers include necromancers and people who are afraid of death. Devotees of Chemosh are given the task of raising undead and offering their lord's promise of "immortality" in exchange for their soul.

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