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Clerics are the most defensively orientated of all the classes. Most of their spells focus on healing or defending the faithful, with their few combat spells being far less powerful than those of mages. However, clerics are the best class by far at healing magics, and they posses an impressive area of protective magics, as well as fair combat prowess.

Clerics receive a +3 bonus to Wisdom.

Cleric Skills

Clerics have access to several skills with only a handful dealing with combat.

Skills Level CP
Mace 1 Default
Scrolls 1 Default
Staves 1 Default
Wands 1 Default
Flail 1 3
Swimming 1 3
Meditation 6 4
Danger Sense 10 3
Endurance 12 4
Quarterstaff 15 4
Blind Fighting 20 4
Fast Healing 29 6
Second Attack 32 6
Surge 38 3
Haggle 45 6

To gain all skills for a cleric would total 46 Creation Points.

Cleric Spells

The cleric's main focus is spells and clerics are the best healers in the game in addition to having access to many buffing spells.

Spellgroups CP
Attack 6
Benedictions 5
Creation 5
Curative 5
Detection 6
Elemental 8
Enhancement 6
Harmful 4
Healing 4
Illusion 6
Maladictions 7
Mental 7
Protective 8
Transportation 8
Weather 7

Complete Cleric Spell List
To gain every spellgroup for a Cleric would total 92 Creation Points.

Cleric Default

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