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Gems are a form of lightweight currency that you can carry and quickly exchange for cash at any Shops in the game.

Gem values are as follows:
Garnet: 1,300
Pearl: 1,500
Opal: 2,200
Emerald: 5,100
Ruby: 7,200
Diamond: 10,000
Star Diamond: 1,000,000

Gems can be used as a light-weight currency (sell [type] to get quick cash).
They can also be used to charge staves for that boost mages love.
You can do anything you can with coins, with gems:
Drop 3 emeralds, get 4 opals pile, give ruby Joe etc.

Star Diamonds do NOT stay on your corpse, they go back to you, period.
These are the currency of building and can not be stolen/looted etc.

To see your current supply of all gems, type WORTH GEMS.

See also: Money, Banks

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