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by Barbara Leal.



The High Clerist's Tower is another famous landmark of Ansalon. Built by Vinus Solamnus in the Age of Dreams, it has stood for many years and survived many attacks, not the least of which was during the War of the Lance. Located between Palanthas and the rest of Solamnia, it marks an important part of a journey through Solamnia.

The tower itself has five levels, and from the base to the top, they only get more and more difficult to traverse. Lower level players can be assured of better success at the base of the tower, and a higher chance of dying as they go up each level. The mobs will become more aggressive and tougher to kill, and the traps will become more numerous.

There are rumors of a powerful creature living at the top of the tower, which is also said to be haunted. There is also a rumor of a powerful item somewhere in the High Clerist's Tower, though it will not be substantiated affirmatively in this helpfile.


These maps were made by Brim.


pocket gopher

Notable Equipment

Connecting Areas

This area connects to:

Solamnic Plains


RP Control

It is currently under the control of: UNKNOWN

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