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ZZ00005 Feb. 19 10.41.bmp
This plugin makes everything in combat pretty colors so you can easily see what's happening at a glance. This will support most stuff as a mage, probably very little with any other class. I am adding stuff as I go.

Please note, this script will change your custom colors, NOT your ansi colors, so all normal colors will stay the same, but anything that uses custom color will change. The triggers keep evaluating, so you can make additional triggers to whatever text has been colorchanged. This script also adds some aliases that make it easy to manage colors on your own.


  1. Right click and download the below file
  2. Save the file to your local folder
  3. In MUSHclient click File -> Plugins
  4. In the Plugin Manager that pops up click "Add" and browse to your local folder, select Kender_Mode.xml
  5. Type resetcustomcolors

Kender_Mode.xml [1] <-- Click this link, and on the next page, right click the Kender_Mode.xml link at the top and save as


  1. Please note Ekkana on ansalon

resetcustomcolors - resets custom colors 1-6 to support this plugin
changecolor * * - changes color %1 to %2 (ex. changecolor 1 green, changecolor 3 #7CCD7C)
scriptcolor * * - changes the custom color used for scripting notes to custom color %1 and changes the color to %2
changename * * - changes the name of custom color %1 to %2 (ex. changename 4 fails)

Please note to ekkana with any output you'd like to see changed. Please include an exact copy of the output you were given. We need everyone's help to finish this!

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