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This area is part of the Balifor region and is intended for levels 1 to 20.

Kendermore, home of the insufferable kender, is what one would expect of a city founded by them. The streets reflect the personality of the kender:

Most are not finished, left halfway through construction, and it is not uncommon to find a building in the middle of one. This city can be confusing to those that haven't learned their way around.

Although most kender's stories are fiction, a traveller here might be surprised to find how many of them are true. Famous kender relics like the Kender Spoon of Turning or Tasslehoff's dagger Rabbitslayer are known to have been spotted in the city. There is even an elderly kender who claims to know the location the the famed Uncle Trapspringer's hoopak.

Being the homeland of many of Ansalon's kender, Kendermore has all the facilities required to raise a fearless, curious young adventurer. Thinkalot's School for the Young, where one can train or practice their skills can be found just off Burrfoot Circle. Low-level characters might also find that helping clean the city of its rodent problem (be it four or two legged) is a good way to hone their skills.



Talorin, kenderkin

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