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1. 4000 Diamonds (base cost)

2. A list of players for EACH ship.
   There must be a minimum of 5 PLAYERS for each ship for every PLAYER under
   10, the ship costs an additional 500 diamonds for the NPC crewman.

3. A proposed SHIP NAME (these must be imp approved)

4. A proposed SHIP ROLE PLAY
   This includes any requisite races, classes etc. And the general ship RP.

5. A proposed SHIP berth (location)
   Additional berths cost 1000 diamonds.

1. Each ship will be a subclan of Mariner (handy subclan channels)

2. Each ship will be autonomous (diamonds, recall spots, equipment etc)

3. One main location will have the clan required healer/safe room
   Additionals can be purchased (see help prices).

4. Mariners recall depending on thier ship (not TO the ship, but to that
   subclan hall, aka Stier's warehouse etc)

So you have 8 players, and want a ship called the Vanderkaum, to be berthed
in Palanthas. Role play is a merchant ship. Any race, any class.
Your cost: 4000 diamonds, 1000 diamonds for the missing 2 crewmen.
Total cost: 5000 diamonds

Once approved you get: 
  1-10 room ship/dock built off the docks of Palanthas 
    (or another approved port city),
  2 NPC crewmen to help run the ship.
  Normal clan prices apply when expanding the ship or the dock.
(the dock may include warehouses etc) This ship can have longboats as a
means of returning to the dock, or gangplank etc. You may also expand the
ship by building (see normal costs in help roomprice).

The main Mariner safe room is a side room off the Rusty Rudder in Palanthas.
This room will be outfitted with a healer, safe, and Mariner only, with a pit.
Additional pits cost only as 1 item (container) at 100 diamonds, and may be
placed anywhere on the ship or dock.

See also: Mariner Clan Book]

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