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Soldiers of Fortune, mercenaries, brothers in arms are we. Bound by a lust for adventure and money we hire our sword-arms (and spellbooks) out to the highest bidder and when the order is given down our host descends onto our patron's foes. We are traders in war and for steel we deal in death.

The Mercenary Clan accepts almost anyone into its fold. Members of the clan are expected to obey their superiors and honor their contracts. Beyond their contracts, and the specific edicts set out by the clan, they are free to do what they will. Mercenaries can, and have, honored contracts set by two different factions yet never will the clan accept a contract that will result in Mercenary fighting Mercenary of the SAME BAND.

Those who join do so out of a lust for adventure, a thirst for steel, a quest to find a disciplined way of life amongst a variety of reasons.

Races: Any.
Class: Any.
Alignment: Any.
There is no PK requirement to be part of the clan.

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