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Money in the world of Ansalon is different than most fantasy role-playing games as there is a shortage of iron and steel.
This combines with the fact of the war efforts and places steel coins at a higher value than gold.

Ansalon's coins, Abbreviations and values:

Platinum = pp
Steel = st
Silver = sp
Gold = gp
Copper = cp

A Table of Coin values:

1 pp = 100 st = 10,000 sp = 1,000,000 gp = 100,000,000 cp
1 st = 100 sp = 10,000 gp = 1,000,000 cp
1 sp = 100 gp = 10,000 cp
1 gp = 100 cp

Your character will start off with a small pile of coins in his Newbiepack.
Get coins pack to see how many.
Sometimes even a silver piece or two have been found,
although usually it's gold and copper.

See also: Gems, Banks

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