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Player killing/stealing/ are allowed to all players that chose to at creation, and if the victim is within 7 levels of the character. Membership in a clan does not provide any penalties or bonuses to pkilling. You do not have to be in a clan to pkill, but both you and your victim must have chosen to participate in pkilling at creation.

Here are the pkilling laws of Ansalon.


  1. No-Pkill characters will not interfere in ANY way with a pk fight in progress. This includes healing, spelling up, summoning, giving items, etc. Punishment for breaking this rule is to be slain and eaten. Second offenses may require deletion. Simple note: Check Violence flags.
  2. You must be within 7 levels to pkill or steal from another character.
  3. Multi-killing of the same character is NOT allowed. (Help multikill)
  4. When a player does PKill someone, they are to:
    1. Leave a 24 hour protection note on the war board to their clan, the pkilled players clan, and immortal.
    2. Follow any rules their clan has laid down regarding role play and looting. Non-clanned people, it's a world of kharma, what comes around goes around, remember that.
  5. Out of level (OOL) help in a pk is not allowed. (Help OOL)
  6. These rules can change at any time with out any warning. IMMs have the right to make split PK decisions. They may interpet the above rules in new or unique manners at any time, due to the nature of complex fights.


Those who engage in a pfight become flagged with a violent flag, during which several options (such as quit) become unavailable. A person who is violent may also be attacked by any one within their pkill range no matter what room they are in, including safe rooms. If someone is killed in a pfight, they get a slain flag, which protects them from further attack until it wears off.

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