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This area is part of the Solamnia region and is intended for levels 1 to 101.

The famed city of Palanthas has many things for many people. Whatever a person can want, can generally be found somewhere in Palanthas.

Whatever your occupation, from mage to warrior to cleric and everything in between, you can find the proper training just down the street.

If you need armor repaired, Bilkorn the armorer is east of Imperial Square on Platinum Street ready to accept coin to repair it.

The Magic Shop and Jeweler face one another from across Steel Street, south of Imperial Square, and if you continue south a bit to Ruby Street you'll also find the bank.

Palanthas is also a center for player-owned trade. The player-shops can generally be found in northern Palanthas along Garnet Street, and are as varied as their individual wares. When you can't find what you want in a normal shop: try a Player-Shop.

The city also contains a modest temple to each god of the good pantheon, which are spread out over the entirety of the city itself. Contrasting this, however, is the Tower of Palanthas. People are advised to avoid this dark place at all costs. Those who can get past the terror that prevents most from entering generally do not find it an agreeable place.

It is rumored that a den of thieves exists somewhere in the city, though the Town Guard with not confirm this.

When travels have you weary, the Great Dome of Palanthas is a fine place to rest. It is located north of Imperial Square. If you're feeling hungry, just west of the square you'll find a bakery and butcher's shop. Feel free to drink from the fountain at the square to quench your thirst. If you thirst for adventure, the Royal Advisor is located above the pit in the Great Dome and usually has a task that needs to be done.

If city life no longer entertains you, you can always migrate outside the city to the sprawling countryside that surrounds Palanthas where it doesn't meet the water. Roads east will take you to New Thalos. Roads south will take you to Yarus and the High Clerist's Tower. If you do not feel like leaving the city, The Smilin' Mug Tavern will help you drown your boredom in ale across the street from Jax's weapon shop, on Diamond Way. Or you could venture into Central Palanthas, whose entrance is located on Garnet Way. If this help file is not enough to help you find your way around, the map shop west of the square on Platinum Street will have what you need to eliminate your confusion.




pitbull, aristocrat, sanitation

Notable Equipment

Connecting Areas

This area connects to:

Central Palanthas


Eastern Road

Outskirts of Palanthas

Palanthas Seas

Palanthas Sewers

Road to Yarus

Shokian Grove

Thieves Guild

Zeboim Caves

Other Connections

Boat to Qualimori

Boat to Lacynos, Two boats actually.

Boat to Sanction

Boat to Stone Rose

RP Control

It is currently under the control of: The Knights of Solamnia

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