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Ansalon is one of the next generation text based muds that promote roleplay verses hack and slash. While we still allow plenty of pk, violence, and all sorts of monster killings... our primary goal is to promote storylines and and plots of all nature. For this reason, we provide an IC and OOC channel.

In Character This means that whether your utilizing the IC channel or participating in "in room" rp, you have totally assumed your characters persona. You talk, act, walk, and have all the characteristics of that character. That characters motivations are the primary driving force of its actions.

Out of Character This means that whether your utilizing the OOC channel or participating in "in room" or "tell" discussions...you are not assuming your characters persona. Your actions and motivations are solely that of you, the player. The player may have access to all sorts of information and game mechanics the character itself doesn't. While you, John Smith, may know all about The Knights of Solamnia...if your character "Demari" hasn't ran into one, heard stories of them, or actually had IN-GAME knowledge of them....they are ignorant. Here on ansalon we try to keep char knowledge and player knowledge separate.

TOGGLE RP: You can TOGGLE role play and have your name shown in green on the WHO list. This is just to let people know you are in a Role Play. That way the Immortals will know if they are needed to help or even just to watch and augment the RP. Also, your friends can see it and come to join in. Just a friendly way of saying 'RP ON' guys.

Ps. Leaving RP toggled simply to have a green name will eventually get you beaten by the Staff and possibly sold off the coast of Somalia. Seriously though, leave it off if you aren't in a Role Play at the moment. Thanks!

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