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In this page, we are trying to make a list of where all the Temples to Worship are. These temples can only be entered by a character following that particular God.

God's Temple Location
BranchalaLocated in Kalaman. North of the park.
ChemoshSouth gate of Neraka.
Chislev*** (not entirely sure) North west side of Darken Woods.
GileanLocated in Palanthas. From Pal pit 8s, 4e, north. It's north from Library.*
HabbakukJust south and east from Foghaven, North part of Isle of the Pirate Lords
HiddukelSouthwest Sanction.*
Kiri-Jolith Southern end of Solanthus.
LunitariNorth of Garnet.
Majere Knight's High Road, south of HCT.
Mishakal West of Palanthas. All west from central square.
MorgionRight out the north gate of Sanction. North of Sargonnas's.
PaladineSoutheast corner of Garnet Street in Palanthas.
ReorxSouth end of Tarsis.
Sargonnas Right out the north gate of Sanction.
Sirrion located on the north trail at Lantern.
SolinariEast of Caergoth's Port.
TakhisisDown from the portal in Neraka.*
ZeboimNorth west out of Palanthas. Just before Zeboim's Caves.
ZivilynAt Northern Kharolis Foothills South of Solace.*

Known locations but unknown god: Knights road south of palanthas.

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